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Tp|i rov?: Itiiulln? left to right?illlrtt, nunrturbuck i Slrsler. right hr' *nrkv nrr _i. T>,._,. 4 . , _
_._ - _?-? hn.^cif, SE?f?^? -Vberneth.v, right tack.., Dean. U-tt goard, W.ntOO.
tGonUnued Krorn First rage.)
eey. replying t-< i? request tor h state?
ment from lilm said:
* Statcme.nl of Coaches,
' I feel that I have a good team, and
1 know that the men are In good phys?
ical condition We are going to put
tin the hc-st tight wo have In us. and
it we are defeated It Will be because
we have met'a better team. Training
has boon goln? steadily on, and In
view of the fact thai we will prob- i
ably have a faxt Huld to play on? ,
something which ws have not had be- i
fore this year?I believe that we will
put up a better gamei than wc did In
Georgetown under horr'ble conditions." j
Branch Bocoek made practically tho
same statement He said: "Tho team
is In good shape and ready to put up
the best light of tho seuuon. Vic are
going to try to win. It Is going to be ;
a hard fight, and I do not underestl- j
"mate Virginia's strength. I saw. tho
game In Georgetown, and I know that
Vlrtrlnla has a fast and steady team :
Carolina will fight to tho finish,
and If we are beuten wo will accept
? our defeat gracefully and try again ?
j next year." j
Ilefuac to Give Informntinn.
I All of/which when summed up makes j
j about as much positlvo Information
us might be 'balanced on a pin head,
j These two coaches?Yancey asd Bo- '
[ cock?are masters 01 tho game. They I
' are both strategists, and both know
tho value of speed. Therofore the two
I elevens which will clash this after?
noon will be ag fast as It Is possible
to make twenty-two muscular, well
built athletes. Both Yancey anil Bo
cock know the new game well. They ,
are practical young men, With keen j
eyes and are chock full of football
knowledge, and they are not going
to give out any advance information
for tho benefit of those who might ,
want to wager.
For the out-and-out student, alma !
mater is going to guide his choice.
Win or lose, in defeat or In victory,
ho Is first, last and all the time for
"his" tenm. Tho outsider doesn't
count much. Those who feel that they I
must place a bet are referred to tho
mythical prophecies of comparative
scores. However, oven from this stand
point they have little to go on, for
Virginia and Carolina have played the
name team in but one Instance. Both
elevens tackled Wako Forest. It was
Carolina's first game, and the Blue :
and While won the contest, 12 to 3. :
Virginia followed a few weeks later ;
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give thorn ,-mclody, pleasure, happiness. You
plve YOURSELF relief from the day's grind?
RELAXATION that means MORE than
Decide for a piano, and decide for tho RIGHT
kind of piano?ono that is as perfect in quality
ns it is in tone?for that moans ENDURING
Two things recommend the Stioff. It
ranks among tho best, REGARDLESS of
price. As proof, noto the Now England
Conservatory of Boston?with 227 Stioffs.
Secondly?tho Sticff Is sold DIRECT. You
save not merely 20% of tho cost?the dealer's
profits and expenses?but you save ALL un?
certainty. This great 70-year organization
stands behind you. It is your assurance that
tho piano you buy is as good INSIDE as OUT
?tho best that can bo produced by tho greatest
piano factory In this great country.
Why not seo tho Stieff?try it?oven though
you aro not ready to buy. Visit out waro
rooms. Investigate our way of selling. Satisfy
yoursolf as to tho REAL piai o vnluo you got.
THEN your PIANO MONEY will secure tho
very UTMOST.
205E. Broad
Richmond, Va.
nhd rollcj ?P twenty-nine points
against Wake Forest, but the prep,
school team managed to cross Vir- I
glnla's goal line. There Is small satis?
faction In, this.
l.oiij- Time Since Cnrolinn Won.
Carolina has not scored a victory
agalnst Virginia since 1?05, when tho i
Orange und Ulue met defeat to the i
tune of 16 to 0. Since that time Vir- (
glnla has had an unbroken succession '
of victories. I^ast year, with prob- ;
ably the test material the school ever 1
had. at the beginning of the season ;
the team turned out a dismal failure, i
This year, with considerably less fa?
vorable material, the team has made'
a great record?great In the sense that !
its goal lino has not heen Crosse^ up j
to this time. The team, from what
could be learned In the game with V. !
P. I., appeared well balanced, and put I
up a defense which Is going to be i
hard for Vlrglnln to break through.
Considering all of these things;
classing the teams as they should be
classed; viewing them from every'
angle: realizing the ability of the j
coachea, and with tho game as at !
present played under present rules !
in mind, It Is going to be a close con- !
test, and it would not be surprising ,
were a tie to result. Virginia hns a ;
slight advantage in weight, that Is, |
average weight, but this is dbtalhed ?
through the abnormal weight of the j
big guard. Carter, who tips the beams
at 230 pounds.
But who cares for the technical
aspect of the game or what odd.s arc i
on the game? Pretty girls with j
anxious beaux arc going to be there.
Bands will he playing, colors will he j
flying, cheers will be shouted, und
it will be the good old Thanksgiving
time, with everybody claiming " real. ?
red blood, sitting In the grandstnnd
and yelling, yelling for dear life, just
becaure of the excitement and be?
cause 11 feels good to let oneself loose
once In a while. And to-night?well, '
let's wait.
Federal Judges Will Assemble;
in Richmond to Consider j
This Question. ,
A conference of the eleven Judges j
composing the Fourth Circuit of the ,
United .Slules Court will bo held in!
Iticliiuond on December 10 for the pur-j
pose of adopting rules of practice in }
the District Court. This hns been made
necessary on account of the abolition
of tho Circuit Court after January 1,
under an act of Congress last Feb- j
Under the present rules of the Oir-'j
cult Court of Appeals the printing cf i
all records aro required to bo done by I
tho printer designated by tho court,
but recently an net was paaaeC by Con?
gress which somewhat modi lies the
law in this nespcc.t. There has also
arisen tho question as to whether,
mncli of the evidence anil other pro- i
ccedingH of the court below, which, la
now hoing Bent un to the Court of Ap?
peals, could not be dispensed with bv a
proper rule and thus -rcduao the- 'ex-|
pense to litigants. Tho title to thin'
act of Congress Indicates that. it. l,i its :
purpose to reduce the expense In . tho 1
trial of cases and In hearing'an ap?
peal, and In order that the rules\Ot<
the Circuit Court of Appeals and the'l
various courts throughout the .circuit
may be 'made to conform, with the pro- j
visions of this act the Circuit Court of <
Appeals-Issued the order requesting' the:
various.judges, of tlie. circuit tn.As.scm~!
bio here for the purpose o? determining'
the ftuesUou.
This Shampoo W ill
Prevent Baldness
"Baldness." writes Mrs. Mac Martyn,
In the I-os Angelas Press. "Is fre?
quently true od to injurious Shampoos:
Soaps and mixtures containing 'tree'
alkali have a tendency to roh the scalp
of its necessary oil. This causes a dry,
harsh. Itchy condition, dandruff ap?
pears, and the hair-follicles arc de?
prived of sufficient nourishment; then
the hair becomes brittle anil falls out.
"A delightfully soothing and cleans?
ing shampoo can he had with plain
canthrox. a teasp'oonfui of which dis?
solved In a cup of hot water Is plenty
for a thorough cleansing of hair and
scalp. This dissolves dust and dnn
druff and excites the tissues to healthy
action; rinsing leaves the hnlr and
scalp wonderfully rlenn. Canthrox
shampoos will make 'stringy,' lifeless
hair soft, fluffy and lustrous, even en?
couraging a bountiful growth."
We have an exceptionally large
stock of Diamond Goods, having
just received another large ship?
ment, and wc arc offering sonic real
bargains in Diamond Rings.
Holiday Goods
now on exhibition, which comprise
all the new designs of Jewelry and
Silver Novelties of the season.
Select your Christin tut pres?
ents now anil get the first
I choice.
The Diamond Merchant,
Seventh and Main Sts.
Reliable Accounts Solicited. 12
it won't hurt tjou if ijou ? Jm
lake &
for Indigestion ???^^^^^
ALtutUd After Dinner Dtycstan.
Thanksgiving Clothes!
More than likely you have put off buying- them until the
"last horn blows"; may be, as usual the day before a holiday,
you've a world of things to do, and minutes will count.'
"Where can I see the best assortments, get best value and
quick, intelligent service?' Will be the query the desire
prompts in your mind. To born and bred residents the an?
swer will suggest itself?perhaps to newcomers also.
Newest models and exceptional values in Burk Tailored
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$15, $18, $20
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Wool-Lined ("oats; Lamb Skin Wool-Lined Vests, Canvas
Coats with game pockets. Corduroy Suits and Trousers,
Heavy Caps, Shirts, Underwear, Gloves, etc. We specialize
for his apparel needs.
Burk & Company
Main and Eighth Streets.
F ify-Three Owners Notified by Beck That Struct?
ures ihre Unsif ; and Must Be Demolished
Without Delay. ?
Another round up of antiquated nnd
dilapidated structures 'throughout the!
City has Just been completed by Hulld- i
trig Inspector'Beck, fifty-three ordors
Tor demolishing old structures buvlns
recently gone out trom his olllce na a i
i'.esuit of reports of the deputy In- \
speotors for the various districts. In
a few instances the buildings can be
remodeled, but In niont casao they have
been ordered to be removed under
penalty of Immediate report to the
Police Court.
In thirteen Instances steps have
already been taken by the owners to
have the old buildings removed or re- !
constructed at once.
iiiiiidlngH Condemned,
The list of buildings condemned in?
cludes the following: J. B. Powell,
brick dwelling 705 Wesl Marshall
Street; A. N. Pollard, flame dwelling
1300 O Street;' Pollard & Bagby, frame
dwelling 1311 Cast Marshall Street;
Pollard & Bagby, frame dwelling 131?
Kaut Marshall Street; Mrs. B. B. Jones,
brick kitchen, G "West Marshall Street;
Richmond and Uenrlco Railroad Com?
pany, frame dwelling 319 North Four?
teenth Street; A. J. Daftron, frame
(.table 1000 Hull Street: A. J. Daffron,
brick and frame store 1312 Hull Street;
.lames River Furniture and Mattress
Company. brick factory 300 Hull
Street: .1. H. Blackwell, brick and
frame store 1320 Hull Street; J. A.
Dart, brick store and dwelling, 826
S2S Hull Street: Mrs. Delia Ann WHoy,
frame store and dwelling. 2011 Hull
Street; ilev. H. R. Grahnm, frame store
and dwelling 2003 Hull Street; .T. T,
Brown & Co., frame dwelling 906 t-2
North Eighth Street ;__Mra. Anna A.
Harris, brick kitchen,'""703 East Clay
Street; C. D. & H, I* Denoon, brick
kitchen 705 East Clay Street: H, Hotz
grcfe, committee, brick stnble 8 Kouth
Madison Street; Mrs. Annie P. Roberts,
frame kitchen 115 East Tenth Street.
South Richmond; J. T. Brown & Co..
brick storo and dwelling -110 West
Broad Street; Sirs. .f. .1. Steinbrecher,
frame store and dwelling -115 West
Broad Street; H. Seldon Taylor & Co.,
brick stable, 16-1S South Tenth Street;
J. T. Brown & Co.. brick and frame
stable If South Tenth Street: city of
Richmond, frame shed, foot of St. Paul
Street: H. S. Wnllerstein, two frame
dwellings. 546-5-SS Brook Avenue; IJll
mnn Brothers, frame, stable northenst
corner.of Sixth and Dccatur Streets:
Sutton Co., frame dwelling, 614 Brook
Avenue; ?. . A. Mutske. two frame
dwellings. 7-9 South Twenty-second
Street; McVeigh & Gllnn, hrlck kttchin
till North Tenth Street: F. Joe Rose,
brick nnd frame dwelling, also frame
dwelling in rear 813 North Second
Street; N. W. Howe K- Son, agents,
frame shod 323 South Ninth
Street; Augustine Roy all & Co.. frame
sheds 213 Hull Street: Mrs. Chnrles E
Win go, brick store and dwelling 1301
West Main Street; Moses Amster, 1912
East Main Street, brick stable.
Xnve ltclug Removed.
Buildings now being removed by
order or the Building Inspector Include
the following:
(lus Henna, throe frame kitchens.
ill-13-in North Second Street.
Rosa Morris, frame dwelling, lit!
West Hill Street.
N. W. Boke & Son. agents, frame
store and dwelling, 150? East flroad
? .1. Q. Wood fin. frame dwelling, 106
West Twenty-first Street,
(!. W. Reams, brick kitchen. 700 Hull
Street. >
.1. T. Brown Company, brick store,
ir.0:i East Broad Street.
Mrs. i. W. Crew, brick kitchen, 802
East I.eigli Stri et.
Dr. D. C. Cohh, brlcK kitchen, SOI
l ust Delgh Street.
Charles Byrd, frame kitchen, t708
Hecatur Street.
Retreat for the Sick, brick kitchen,
P.2I North Twelfth Street,
Churches Are MiiUIuk Rcpnlrs.
Churches now ut-dergoing repairs
under orders from the Building ' In
s-pector's olllce Include the following:
Broad (Street Methodist, C T. Chris?
tian, chairman. northri\<tt corner Tenth
and r?ro:?d Streets, brick church.
^Flrst Prosby ter'nh, lienry W. Wood,
chairman. brick church, northVaat
corner Madison and Grace.
Seventh Street Chrlst'an, T. M. Hund?
ley, chnlrinan. stone church; sovithwest
corner So%*enth nnd Grnce Streets.
St. .Mary's. Rev. ft'dwnrd Meyer, O.
S. B.. rector, brick cliurch, north side
Marshall, between Fourth and Fifth
Eb'oncxor. Baptist '.(colored), W. li.
.loiies. chairman, brick cliurch, north
eaat corner Ixil?h and Judah.
.St. Joseph's (colored), Itov. Charles
Hannlkan, rector, brick church, oust
side of First fetreot, between Jackson
and Duval.
JCvaiiKcllcnl, Mux b\ Lindner, chalr
mai'i. brick chureh, southwest corner
Eighth and Marshall Streets.
Suspected opS>riieft.
Carrie Ciiry, colored, was arrested last
night on ?inpiclon of hnvlni? robbed L. S.
KoTrestor, of 811 North First Street, of two
vulunblo rlnKB and a suit of clothe?. She
was taken Into custody by Dctcctivc-Sor
geants Wiley und Kellam.
Pure Silk Silk Lisle Lisle
50c, $1 pr. 50c pr. 25c, 35c pr. (
F. W. Dabney Company,
301 I?. Broad Street.
The. Up-to-Date
Up-Town Store
New and Select Quality \
Citron, Raisins, Currants, i
Nuts, Mincemeat, Albemarle
Cider, Plum Pudding, Fruit
Cake, Imported and Domed
tic Wines.
OKI Peach Brandy, per gal?
lon, $6.00. ,
Old Apple Brandy, per gal- I
Ion, S4.00. I
Old Fulcher VVhiskev, per I
gallon, S4.00.
The Pure Food Store.
Geo. McD. Blake
& Co.
No. 00 Broad Street.
Richmond Machine Works, Inc.
Successors- to
Mad. US6 MO I E. Main St
! Communicate with us and wo will
cheerfully give you the latest Ideas In
j Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures, etc. Wo
carry the largest ni d most varied stock
Wholrdnlc Plumbing Siippllci,
j Vi? S. KlRhth .St., - rtlchmoiid, V?<
Blankets and Comforts
Sutherland & Cherry, Inc
310 East Broad Street.

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