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r'nnru ?flini/rTn
E? of Election Corruption in
(ennsylvania Made Before
hington, Oocembcr 11.??Charges
oio buying and aclling la Uono
"ouen market" In Puyotto cvuu
that notorious < trulficklug
rivals tlio sensational disclosures
in Aduins county, O., and that
mod ?la ten Steel Corporation,
[;h its suosidlary companies, is u
to tbo bribery unu intimidation
|cra, wero inude to-day by Jcssu
se, of SVuynobuurg, Pa., butore
ouse Committee on Elections,
wise has iiieu a content tor itio
scupieu oy Tiiomus 0. Crago, rop
tivo troni the Twenty-third
t of Pennsylvania, lie ucciuted
ac untile district huu been do
d for.years, tnut votes aro
_bouglit una sold in tho election
It, and tliut tue Judiciary ot tho
|t is so influenced tliut it is im
10 secure adequate prosccu
|f those guilty of tiiu violation
B law.
Snitched the Hysteni.
y chungc-a ti)._. system this time,"
r. Wise, "ana 11 has taken ?ome
u gut nolu of tltu evidence on
to base my con lust lor Mr.
1 seal, iituto.td of in.) mg and
votes outrignt, as tney havu
uforu'tliis year, tickets wore ls
or ?i, to or wnatcvor U14
i the votu inigitt be, und tbvso
were paid through a blind win
you any evidence to show
1 td these tickets.'" askcil Rcprc
Ansberry, ot Ohio, chairman
Klcclloiiu '_ 1 i.-uin 11? ( >.
bavu sotno evidence," said Mr.
Ibut. of course, the blind window
uriyiugcd that the huluer ot tn?
juldn't sec who paid him, and
r couldn't see to whom ho was
tho money."
lUnited .Statos Steel Corporation.
, has UBed Intimidation and
of chiployes which amounts to
"and their employes have han
Jmo of the money."
1 Accuses Prick Company.
IWiBb declared that the II. C.
Coke Company, a iarue con
It of tho Steel Corporation, cm
|65 per cunt, of the labor. In
county, and controls Us vote
air means.
> not refer to legitimate means
utnent, but to actual lntiinide.
he said. "The worst evil up
n Payettc county Is the actual
and selling o? votes."
Wise fllod his contest after the
day limit permllled by law. Ho
had been unjbble to get evi
tline to come within the law.
Of the "'?hange In the system"
uso of tho tickets and blind
method of payment,
targed that sopeHn'tehdcnts and
the coal and coke works had
ited much money, that there had
1>rjury and marking of ballots
gencr-1 system of debauchery."
* Poll to Oencrlbe KITrontery."
_ ,f .. Imrus refdldLnce
[ia will ncarcely describe the
effrontery and tho shameful
\nn that have been followed
and y<-ar o'ut In this district
organization of the United
rltetl Corporation." said Mr.
clarcd that he had not brought
Jos of corruption before the
because be could not secure ac
)m them.
IId that the district attorneys
ot prosec-utc and that they and
;es wero virtually the victims
ystetn of corruption that made
s?ary for every candidate to
ollico himself . get tho I11
1:6 procure it for him."
nyn IMO.OOO Was Spent.
Bentatlvo Cargo was elected
wenty-thlrd District a year
the Republican ticket, getting
Ibtes to 0,331 received by Mr.
ho district comprises Fayctte,
and Somerset counties. Mr.
:<:lan .1 that $40.000 had beer.
11 the district. $25.000 In Pay
nty. J6.000 In Somerset county
000 in Grei-ne county.
pone' Child Labor Ilnrcnu.
ngton. December 11,?Vigorous
that the hill creating a child
uroau In the Department of
ce and Labor was unnecessary
?ncc with the home was made
when that measure was called
;hc Sonnte hy Mr. ftorah, of
Senators Bailey and Heyburn
Mr. Bailey contended that
?sent system had produced the
r ice Of people In the world's
and thfero was no need of In
tho government's aid. Mr. Iley
clared It meant the establlsh
nurscrles throughout tho coun
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OhliiiiiiN In '1'llt.
Washington. December 11.?Sharp In?
terchange between ltcprt-senlatl ves
Sherwood and Anderson, of 0]iIj. whose
districts adjoin, and who have rival
bills before the House tor tho Increase
of civil War pensions, characterized
the House debato on tho Sherwood
.pension bill to-day. General Bher
woud declared he would resign bin seal
in Congress If Mr. Anderson could Und
"one ot tho 5,000 soldiers In any dis?
trict that I ever asked to vole lor tue."
The dobale on the Sherwood bill will
end to-morrow afternoon With speecnes
by former Speaker Cannon, Hep/csen
tatie Fitzgerald and other 'House
leaders. It Is expected Uiat the uill
t will pass the House to-morrow nlgbt
In an amended torm.
Favors Federal Coinmlanlan.
Washington, December 11.?Francis
Linde Stetson, uf New York, to-day
expressed the opinion before the Senate
Committee on Interstate Commerce
that there should be n government
Commission empowered to pasH in ad?
vance upon the character of indus?
trial corporations which threatened to
monopolize the Held in which they may
j ?? operating. Mr, Stetson said he would
not advocate the repeal of the ahtl
, trust law.
I "Tho Sherman law Is enshrined In
tho minds of the people, and there
would be such dlstruM of the motives
of those attempting to repeal or
modify li that the effort would do
greater harm than good."
Will Take CbrlMinan Kecesa.
Washington, December 11.?An ad?
journment of Congress Thursday, De?
cember '.'!, until Wednesday, January
was agreed upon In the House to
da'y. Tariff legislation will be de?
fined until after the Christmas recess.
Will Leave Superior Cour? Ilrneh on
I Account of Physical Condition.
Charlotte, N. C, December 11.?Be
j cauf e of reported nttaclis of vertigo,
' which luccsaUnted postponements of
, court in the First judicial District,
[Judge George W. Word, one of the
best known and most po/.ular of North
I Carolina's Superior Court Judges, will
to-morrow tender his resignation to
Governor Uiltehln. judge Ward has
been on the bench for seven years, and
1. is made an env'uble record as a Jur?
ist. Ills home Is In Newbern. At a
meeting to-day of the bar of Elizabeth
City the liar Association recommend?
ed to the Governor tho appointment
of Colonel W. D. Rodman, for years
Southern Railway counsed, as his sue
I ecesor.
Tugs Succeed In Moving N'nv-v Collier
Merlins About 100 Fret.
Norfolk. Vn.. December 11.? Wreck?
ing tuors have succeeded In moving
about 100 feel the navy collier Ster?
ling, which lies aground Just inside of
Cape Henry, whore she had to be
beached December 3 to prevent her
Sinking, following a collision with the
steamer Dorothy.
With favorable weather it is be.
I lleved that the Sterling may soon be
I gotten Into deep water.
CKK? of Latter Destroyed by the Ar?
gentine A sit.
New Orleuns. December 11.?After
extensive experiments. Father Albert
Bicver, a scientist of this city, has an?
nounced thai the Argentine ant, a
Louisiana peBt, which lb the despair of
housewives, Is th? South's most et
fectivo enemy of the 'boll weevil. It
was found mat the ant will destroy
the young weevils and eggs, and the
sciential thinks that In luiio the ant
will uiubter Butiiclent courage to at?
tack, grown-up weevils.
Ex-Chief of Fire Uuttallon Stricken
\\ Ith Heart Failure.
New York, December 11.?Aroused
to a high pitch ot excitement while
watchliig me ?itorto of liiemeu to
extinguish a dangerous luidntgut blaze
in tnt apartnient iioube where no lived,
bainuei Bust, sevonty-oignt years
oiu. an ex-battallon cnitl 01 the Now
Volk fire aepartmenti was stricken
with heart lailure laut nigiii and
The aged ex-ublcf discovered the
blaze, unu it was through his activity
.a going among frigntuned tenants
thut u panic was prevented.
llut Mujorlty luiuUicieut to fclstubliab
I'rokioltlon in .New ZeulanU.
Wellington, New Zealand, December
II.?a piupoeal to uuopt a. general law
ot pruiuuiwuii utjaiii: i tne suau ol atOO
roiic li'iuorb througnout Now Zealand
(ma been ueieaiou on b^ omission to tne
people. Tne complete returns ot a rut
erenuum Quid on tnu subject rsceiiuy
show mat 266,b<?4 persons voted m ta
vor of tne uiuaaure, wu.ie ili-.siUa votuu
against it. Tne proportion ot voters
required by law in order to carry a
pi ojiobitlon into effect is 60 per cent.
Ilody Found of Man Probably Killed
Fifty Veara Ago.
Rochester. N. Y., Dccemoer lit?Tho
skeleton of a man washed, out of
the neun of a suburban swamp by a
reclamation company while mi,ng in
land iiuar here. Coroner Klelnulntt be?
lieves, murks a murder of titty years
ogo. The body wus burled liudu ana
there ds a fracture of the skull. The
old police records uro being gone over
in search of some clue which may
Identify the remains.
Iloutb Exploded In * Crowded Motion
l'lelurc Thrntre in iiclgiuiu.
Liege, Belgium, December 11.?Tho
bomb) explosion which occurred during
a cinematographic exhibition here last
night has resulted in line death of two
persons, and sixty three others are
suffering from serious injuries, Eight
of the victims had legs amputated.
The theatre was crowded with work?
men at the time of the explosion and
a terrible panic ensued. The bomb,
which was charged with dynamite, was
loaded with nails. It is believed Unat
it was thrown by a madman and not
by a revengeful discharged employe,
as was at ilrst supposed.
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E. GRike, Mgr.
205E. Broad
Richmond, Va.
_ ?
Delegation of Richmond Autoisls
Call on Senators Martin
and Swan son.
Urge Use of Lincoln Memorial
Fund for Building Modern
(Special to The Times-Dispatch. J
Washington. December XI.?A. dele
gatiou ? ot Richmond automoblllsts;
beaded by Preston lielvln, president ot
the Virginia State Automobile Asso?
ciation, to-day called on Sonntors
Martin nn? Swanson and asked their
aid In tho plau to secure better high?
ways throughout the country. In
particular they asked the two .Senators
to do what they could to have Ihc
Lincoln memorial fund converted to
uses of the proposed highway from
Washington to illchmond.
This would, they said, be a link In
tho highway proposed to run from
Quebec to Miami. They argued that
there In a good road lcudlng fr?nt
Washington to Gettysburg, thu point
to which It has been suggested to
build the Dlulolu memorial road,
should the memorial take that form;
that President Lincoln put forth his
best efforts to secure a unlto)l coun?
try; that thoro could be no more fitting
tribute to his memory than a great
highway connecting tho capital of tho
Cnlted States with the capital of tho
Confederacy. But the very best argu?
ment which the Richmond men used
Is tho fact that near Frcderlcksburg
the public road is well nigh lmpasBsblo
at many points.
A disgrace to the country, is the
way some of them expressed It, and a
condition that should not be allowed to
exist. It has been proposod to toko a
party of Congressmen to that point
and let them see the actual conditions
for themselves, but no one has volun?
teered to go.
With ilr. Bolvln are A. 1. Westgard,
R. 0. Allport, state Highway Commis?
sioner Wllsoy, George Hunter, Bewis
Shuman, E. E. Hdsclgrove, L. B. Man
Ville and J. Lewis.
While here the Virginians will con?
fer not only with the two Senators
from their own State, but with many
other members of the House and Sen?
ate who aro enthusiastic automoblllsts
and wjll endeavor to enlist their in?
terest In the general schemo of high?
way Improvement.
One of the most enthusiastic men on
this subject whom the members of the
delegation met to-day was . Vlce
Presldent Sherman. He travels thous?
ands of miles every 'year in his auto
and Is ever ready to lend his assist?
ance to anythitig looking to the Im?
provement of the roads of the country.
Tho Richmond men will remain horo
until they feel that they have accom?
plished at least enough to Justify them
In having made the hard run from
Richmond to the nutional capital. They
have been assured of hearty support
from many sources. P. H. McG.
Mexican Ruraiea Arrc.it Man Posing n><
Former V. 5. Soldier.
San Diego, Cal., December 11.?John
McDonald, thirty-five years old, who
claims to bo a former United State*
soldier, and a resident of Clipper,
\\ ush., was taken to-day to Ensenada
from Tijuana. Lower California, to be
tried as a spy. United States Consul
Simpich at Ensenada has been asked
to take charge of McDonald's Inter?
McDonald appeared at a railway
catiip about eight miles from Tijuana
lust Thursday night. He had two rilles
and ammunition. Ho said he was on
his way from Everett, Wasli., to ac
cept employment which had been prom- ;
ised In Mexico. On the day following
rurales arrested him and took hliu to i
Dishonest German Walter Sentenced.
Cologne. Germany. December 11.?A
sentence of tifteen months In Jail was
Imposed by the criminal court here
to-day on a waiter named Friedrichs,
who was convicted of extensive thefts
of travelers' cheeks and baggage from
American tourists here, as well as in
London, Paris and Antwerp.
Wilmington, N. C, December 11.?
The million-dollar cargo of tho British
steamship Oceana is still burning
fiercely to-night, although the flroMs
confined to hold No, 2. The ship has
a cargo of 17,000 bales of cotton,
cleared from this port on Friday for
Bremen. The ship wa3 ninety miles
east of Prying Pan Shoals when srnjko
issuing from iher hold No. 2 led to the
discovery that Are was ismohtierlng
among about 2.000 bales of cotton. The
captain immediately reversed tho ship
and put back at full speed to South
port, where she arrived .Saturday after?
noon. There being no Are department
there, the ship was brought to Wil?
mington on Sunday, and since then ef?
forts have been made to subduo tho
flames. Tho Are department has the
ship in hand, and the lire appears to be
of a serious nature, although the dam
Inge cannot be ascertained, owing to
1 the peculiar character of her cargo of
compressed cotton. At midnight It Is
believed that tho fire will bo confined
to the part of the ship In which It
Part of Loot Taken From Murdered
Miiii'm Hotly.
New York, December 11.?Detectives
to-day found In a room In a Canal
Street building about $2,500 worth of
Jewelry, which had been taken from
the 'body of Isaac Vogel, who was
murdered there last Wednesday. Joseph
Roberts, a negro, employed In -tho
building, Is under arrest.
Vogel, who was a jeweler, was found
lying- in tho cellar with his head bat?
tered In and gems worth several thou?
sand dollars missing.
Congressman UmVa mils.
Captain John Lamb has Introduced In the
House of Representatives a bill providing
for a military highway betwoen Yorklown
and Jamestown via Wllllamsburg. whloh
was reforrod to tho Committee ou Military
Cnptaln Lamb Is nlno the author of a Joln't
resolution dlrocllng a sultahlo shaft to be
placed at tho grave of Geerge Wythc, which
was referred to the Committee on tho Ll
| b.rory.
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau.
, Tho 'Jimes-Dlspatch,
1020 Hull Street
Rhone Madison 176.
Putting themselves on record ns
being unequivocally opposed to any
Plan to reduce the number of wards to
the exclus'on of Washington Ward, the
following resolution wus adopted by
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an almost unanimous vote by tho
Washington Ward Democratic Club at
Its regular meeting; held In Fraternal
Hull last night:
??Bo it resolved, That -tho Washing?
ton Ward Democratic Club desires to
put ltseU on record us favoring the
administrative board plan, and the re?
duction of the number of members lu
the municipal bodies its Oeinouslratud,
but also that, they unequivocally op?
pose Hie plan to reduce the hunroer of
wards. Therefore bo It resolved, that
our representatives in the city council
and Board of Aldermen be requested
und Instructed to use every etlori to
defeat every proposition to reduce
number of wards us now advocated."
The meeting, which drow the largest
crow<i since annexation, was presided
over by Carter C. Jones, the president
Of the club. He slated the objects of
the meeting, and as the Washington
Ward delegation In the Board of Al?
dermen, who wero requested to be
present, were conspicuous by their ab?
sence, Introduced 'Councilman Jacob
Umlauf us the principal speaker. Mr.
Umluuf expressed his regret that the '
whole of the citizens of the greater
city hud not discussed tile subject as
the Southslders hud done. Ills speech
voiced the general trend of thought of
his hearers.
Short tn 1 Ks were mado by T. D.
Nichols, James Bradley, Willis C. Pul
llam, W. V. Workman, D. U Toney,
Allen Pottlgrew, It T. Jones and Carter
C. Jones.
Near the close of the meeting Alder?
men Perdue and Patram made their ?
appearance, and wero heartily In favor
of the stops taken by the club.
A vote of thanks to K. 11. Shifflet
nnd Allen Pcttlgrow. secretaries to
the club and the Business Men's Assri
ckition, and Wulter P. Du Vttl, clerk '
of the Hustings Court, part 2, was ?
given Cor their efficient work In send?
ing letters to nil citizens.of the South
side, reminding thorn to pay their
capitation taxes.
In l'ollcc Court.
On a churgo ot shooting crap, Henry
Marshall, Buward Harding, \V. M. Cal
le??er und c. 10. Williams, young white
men, w.tio wore caught red-handed tsuii
uuy evening 'oy uiiicels Wcscott and
v. aymack, were each fined $5 und
Tho men were having a hot game
in a barber shop, oonduoted by Wil?
liams at loos nun Street? \\ escott,
who was walking iiis beat, heard their
murmured exclamations mid called up '
tho Third Police Station foi assistance. ?
The otllcors guarded each entrance,,
and,. Way mack entering the roar door,
walked In just in time to gl'ab a $25
pot. i
Nora Branch, colored, charged with
being drunk, was assessed $2.60 and
costs. Tho Branch woman was ar?
rested lust week in connection -with
the burning of the negro tenement at
Fifteenth and Hull Streets on the
night of December 2.
Class Ailopilou.
The largest class adoption ever held 1
by u lodge on thu Soutnslde was con?
ducted lust night by indlanoln Tribe.
.Improved Order of Bed Men. when
thirty-five now members were taken
In. This large number resulted from
a contest between two teams, Beds
and Blues, in which tho former was
the winner. BocauVo of the duty in
initiating this large number of men,
tho feast, which must be provided by
the loser, will be held next week.
Anybody Here Mcrn Petf
"Pot" Is lost, and ail efforts of the
members of tho police of the Third
District havo failed to locate him. He
was last seen abcut tho tlmo cold
weather set In near tho Third Police
Station; whuro ho has been hanging out
for over a year. Ills loss is most keen?
ly felt by Sergeant Peterileld Vest,
who was, perhaps, hl3 best frlond. If
anybody sees u stray toad answering
to the namo of "Pot," ho will confer ?
great favor on tho sergeant by re?
turning him safely to the protection of
the force.
To compensate Sorgoant Vest for his
loss, another old friend has turned up.
In tho person of "Mouslo," a stunted
ru,t, which wn,3 a pot of thy sorguant
lust winter. Pet and Mousio together
make a pair of pets which are hard
to beat.
Personal and Oeucrnl.
James H, Miller, of Philadelphia, ft
spending a few days with friends In
the city.
Frank Owens, of Danville, is visit?
ing Iiis parents on Doeatur Street. Mr.
Owens, who, until a few months ago,
resided on the Soutbside, is now en
gaged In business i:i Danvlllo with
his 'brother-in-law.
Mrs. Joseph D. Prince, who hns been
visiting Mrs. L. W. Cheutham In Oak
Grove, has returned tfc her homo In
Gray, Sussex county.
The Junior Y. W. A. of the Bain
bridge Street Church, will glvo an en?
tertainment at the church Friday
night. A silver offering will be taken
at the door.
Close for Cli|-intmnft.
? New York, December 11.?The Cotton
Exchange Will bo closed December 23,
the Saturday preceding Christmas.
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organs. It touches the liver.
"Emory, Vs.
"The Corvpierlne Co.. Lynchburc, Va.i
"Gentlemen,? I can truly say that CON*
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have t.red many other remedies for tcverul years,
A friend recommended your medicine to me, ana
1 am ?lad to say I have had belter health ever
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tin, but lor other stomach troubles as well.
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