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Committee, and then In'a message to
the benate, that ho hud taken upon
MniMif tho responsibility ot notifying
Russia of the abrogation of the treaty,
did not come ae a surprise. It was
learned last night that he had taken
nt'-ps to terminate the pact.
These facts became public soon aftor
tho Foreign Relutions Committee met
'St 11 A. M. The committee was in
session for nearly three hours, but
the only points discussed were wheth- j
it the iu' -ist- should ue cunsdercu in '?
the matter and Nvhuthor tne Senate'
shuuld act In open session rather than j
behind closed doors, us customary !
when dealing with foreign affairs. I
It was decided to recognize the Mouse
by making tne resolution rulitying!
the President's action a Joint one. and
it furthor was decided to debate lllo
mattier in the opvu
Senator Lodge prepared the resolu?
tion of ra'tldcauon winch ihu coiiiiuittee
approved, und It followed the text ol j
the President's note to Russia in llio
diplomacy oif Its expressions. Thet'o |
was no suggestion ol a violation of'
treaty pledges In the resolution, us in t
the House document. Seiiutor Hitch-'
cock reserved tne right to oppose Hie
Lodge resolution In the Senate, and
the latter Introduced a substitute ?
winch followed the 101 in of the SulxerI
resolution, with th< Hat dtclaratlon of I
a violation 61 tile treaty pledges by
Russia left out.
MealiOK Ucuiocrntic Thunder.
Senator v ulbcrson s.u? to-night !
r..,l l.i <o.ilu iiui venture a prediction
us to how far the Democrats oi thu'
Senate would go in their opposition
to the Dodge resolution, or any other.
resolution approving the action of the
President in takiiio the matter out of J
the hands of Congress following tho :
adoption of the Sulzcr resolution in j
the Hum:.
"There Is a feeling among the Dein- ?
ocrats. ' he suld, "that the President
is ? trying to steal their thunder. 1 i
think the country ought to be made
acquainted with the tacts."
Ir, view of tho probable contest
over the adoption of the Dodge rcso- .
liition and the desire of many Sena- j
tors to t>e heard, it was decided that ?
the Si< ate session should begin at
noun to-morrow, instead o" the usual i
meeting hour. 2 o'clock.
The Senate, upon convening, lost no
time in taking up the o.uestlon. Im?
mediately after the reading of tho
journal, an executive clerk from lh?
"White House appeared with the Prosl->
dent's message., and It was at once
read to the Senate, receiving unusu- .
ally close attention
With the nusynge disposed of. Sen-1
ntor Lodge presented the report of the.
Committee on Foreign Relations, with ;
the resolution provided as a substl- I
tute for iho House declaration.
For a few moments there seemed a]
prospect for Immediate consideration.
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hut Senator lleyburn, oil Idaho, made
Hat objection to going on with tbe
resolution to-day. Under the Senate
rules one objection was sufficient to,
carry tbe subject over untl to-inorro wb ;
carry tbe subject over untl to-morrow. |
Mr. Heybeurn's objecton was on tho,
ground Of the haste with which hoi
!;uld the Senate was attempting to dls- I
pose of this most Important matter.
Mr. Lodge yielded to the inevitable
when tlie Idaho Senator voiced his
opposition, but he defended the Presi?
dent's course, and cited precedents to \
warrant It.
Criticises President.
Senator Culberson then mac.i his i
speech criticizing the President. He :
declared ho thought it strange that I
the President had waited until the ]
House acted before abrogating the
"He has had the same power dur?
ing lite throe years of his otllce," de?
clared tlie Texas Senator.
Republican leaders Of the Senate to?
night declared that they would reply
to tho Democratic criticisms to-mor
row and would defend the President's
course on the ground that the House
did not choose lo wait tor a tormina
tlon of the President's negotiation*
with Russia or for his further message
on tlie subject- Tho uction taken by
tho House, they said, left tho Presi?
dent in a position where lie had to step
In "to avoid a serious diplomatic in-j
Representative Sulzer to-night said:!
"I have no doubt that tho two houses!
of Congress will be able lo agree to-1
morrow, and tho controversy will then'
be ended; the Russian treaty termlnat. '
ed and the doctrine of equal rights to.
all American citizens at home and;
abroad?regardless of race or religion
?forever vindicated.
"I rejoice with every friend of Jus-'
tlce In tho victory for humanity achiev.j
td through tho agency of the House
o? Representatives. Patriotic America!
will understand why the President
acted so suddenly In notifying Russia
that the United Stater, terminated the
treaty of 1S32. and many will wonder.
If he had the power to act, why ho
waited so long."
To the lorm taken by the "denuncia?
tion," which Is the technical term em?
ployed In diplomacy for the notice of
termination of treaty und carries with
It no reflection on oither party, It Is
Forecast! Virginia?Fair Tuesday and
Wednchdnyi light north v? lad*.
.North Carolina?Fair Tucndny and
Wediiradun moderate uortbeast vrluiln.
?Id i
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I March 1 . 104 I
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I since January 1 .
Deficiency In rainfall since March
1 . G.2&I
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j January 1 . 6.03 ]
Local Observation H I*. M. Yesterday.
Temperature . 37!
Humidity . 6<j1
Wind?direction ,.N01 in ;
Wind?velocity . s
ll"n'r .Clear',
undurd Time;)
- T. Weather.
30 Clear
86 Clear
36 Cloudy
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18 Clear
2s Clear
26 Snow
I Atlanta . 48
untie City. ;i6
slon . 30
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4 2
1 I
December 10. 1511.
Sun rises.... 7:21 Morning_ 4:021
Sun sets.4:&3 Evening.... 4:011
believed that tho Russian government
can Und no ground for defense.
While It Is -suld to bo true that na?
tions havo worued In cnmpurutlve
harmony considerable parlous of time
without treaties of. trade und naviga?
tion, tho State Department holds that
It Is extremely desirable that business
of tho volunio between American and
i Kussiu shall not bo done by suffer
1 unce, but rest upon weil established
j logul rights. otherwise A.nortuun
'consuls in Russia would have no legal
' powers and American shipping might
; be exoluucd from Russian ports at the
< whim of local officials without afl'ord
I lug ground lor protest. Without a
treaty any American, whether Jew or
Ueiuilu, might be excluded.
The Statu Department, it is believed,
soon will attempt to open negotiations
for a new treaty.
Russia Not Dinplentied.
St. Petersburg, December IS.?The
I American ambassador, Curtis Guild,
Jr., acting under instructions from the
! President of the United Slates to-day
notified the Russian Foreign Minister,
M. Sasunotf, thai the treaty of 183:! be
i tween the United states and Russia
; wouid be abrogated, in accordance
j with provision mudo by article XII.,
on January 1, 1913.
it is pointed out In official circles
Dial Russia lias no cause to be dtssal
lsiied with tins turn of affairs,''Presi?
dent Tuft's action, in vtow of Hie prov.
iousiy contemplated procedure, being
likely to increase his popularity here.
The notification, it is htldod, wus given'
With full right and tactfully made
no mention of motives underlying the
abrogation of Die treaty, which leaves
lull latitude for conducting new nego?
tiations with the controversial factor
eliminated. I
This tcaluro of the situation has ut-'
traded attention und seems to be tul-;
ly appreciated. The Russian govern?
ment liuds not the slightest grounds to!
object to the abrogation in such shape]
us it actually ussuiiicd In Ambassador!
Guild's note, which is dated December!
17. . j
In a note dated December IS, the'
Russian foreign Minister acknowledges
receipt of the notification, and says!
that Russia takes notice thereof.
President Will Ub to New York To-Day!
for Two Diivh> \ lull.
Washington, December IS.? With a
busy program arranged for him Presl-;
dent Tuft will leave Washington at
noon to-morrow for a two d..ys" stay j
in New York, returning to Washing-',
ton Thursday.
Mr. Tali is due to reach New York]
about ? o'clock, and his first engage-]
mom with the Economic Club, at ihe;
Hotel Astor. at 7 o'clock, will give ?
him Just about enough tin' ; to go to
the home of his brother. Henry W. j
Taft, whose guest he will be In New'
York, to change clothes. From the j
Economic dinner, the President will I
motor to Brboklyt to look in on the
banquet of the New England Society I
uf Brooklyn and that of the Young Re?
public Club. He will spend the night
at his brother's home.
No engagements have been made for
Wednesday morning, but it Is probable
that political anil other friends of Mr.
Taft will drop in. After luncheon lie,
will lay the corner-stone of a settle?
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he will attend banquets of the Auto-!
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aid Owothmcy, T. C. Williams. Jr., J.
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chnirman; A. J. Fulgham. C. I. Howard.
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Ministers' Belief?Dr. G. M. I'. Nine,
chitlrman: J. B. Wood. J. .T. Dancy, C.
P. Burruss. B. S. Bosher, Jr.
Foreign Missions ?C. II. Wl'ston.
chairman; J. W. Ju.slls. W. M. Turpln,
M. 11. Wood. C. E. Wlngo. Jr.
Education Board?A. H. Hill, chair?
man; Julian Gunn, L N. Palmore. C.
W. Morrlsett. Edwin Worthnm, Jr.
vDWattsBb.Fow . . teloco .?1. '
" Baptist Council?A. W. Patterson,
chairman: W. S Wortham, L. H. Jen?
kins. A. C. Strickland, B D. Pitt. Roy
Ohildrey. A. B. Belflell. W. F. Johnson,
W. W. Wlngo, E. S. Clark, L F. Powcl'.,
T. F. Rtonebracker.
Educational Commission?James Nel?
son, chairman: Petsr Winston. L. II
Bosher, J. G. Trevlllan. J. H. Callahan.
State Missions?B. C. Williams, chair?
man: A. O. Jone?. Geddes Winston. F.
i A. Dabnev. M. B. Budd.
Ornhannge?S. I*. Waddlll. chairman:
J. J. Sutton. D E. Taylor. J. W. Bob
r-rtson. W. D. Elklns.
Night Service?R. C. I.ongan. chair?
man- W. W. Folkos, E. D Johnson. H.
E Merrltt. E I. Jacob?. C P. Loving.
A. L Amos. W. W. Scott. W, A. Boyd,
W. D. Browning. E. A. Chtldress. B. T.
Thnrmsn, D. P. McCarthy. Sr.. W. C
Chenault. P. H. Martin. G. N. Saun
ders. B. T. Whttefleld. V. S. P?rklns.
Temncrancc?J. A. Traylor. chair?
man- T. P. ??'?mHerlake. C S. Gates. G.
H. Clarke. Charles L HUdglns,
Emplnvment?T. A. Miller, chairman;
Creed Hasktns. C. L. Goodman. L W.
Meadow, ,T. S. Harwood. H. L. Lorraine,
L. T Ma thews.
Laymen'n Movement?A. J. Huff,
chairman: H. 13. Johnson. O. A. .Tones,
J. A. Belvln, J. B. Lacy. J. J. fitulllngs,
T. F. Jeffress.
Trustee?Arthur P'.eosants.
Sunday School.
A. W. Patterson, superintendent: T.
A. Miller, assistant: A. B. Clsrke. as?
sistant: 1^ H. Bosher. secretary: A. J.
Fulgham. assistant: X C. Pollard, as?
sistant; J. B. Harwood, treasurer: A. B.
P.elfleld, assistant: H. L Lorraine and
E. D. Johnson, collectors: L. H. Jenkins,
musical dlrertor: Shonherd Webb,
pianist:' Miss Sarah Ownthmev, super?
intendent class: Mrs. E. F. Smith,
superintendent cradle roil: Mrs. L. TT.
Jenkins, superintendent home depart
ment; W. E. Word, snnerlntendent
adult denartmenl; A. I, Pleasants, su-'
oerlotendent ad'-ance department: B.
M. Baker. sii"?rtntend?nf Intermediate
department; .T. S. Bosher. pnrehaslng
ppent: C. D. Ht'irnn. librarian: R. TT.
Williams, H. F. M-Fwen. W. K. Word,
Jr.. Warren Walthall, T. A. Mlllor. Jr.
sold rotten eggs
New York Firm. "A Persistent Offend?
er," Is Heavily Fined.
New York, December 18.?The firm I
of F. E. Roschrock & Co.. Inc., which
counsel for the city declared to be the
largest concorn In tho city dealing In
eggs, and Ag "a porslstont offender."
was fined $500 to-dny for selling rotten
eggs in liquid form. Inspectors testi?
fied that they found 'sixty-six thirty
pound cans of rotten eggs In tho place
last April. ,
cotton mills closed
Operative* Are Thrown Out of Employ?
ment for Week.
Biddeford, Me.. December 18.?Tho
2.000 operatives In tho cotton mills of
(he. York Corporation of Ssco wore
notified to-day that the plant will he
closed from December 23 untl] Jan?
uary 2. "Uncertainty of tho presont
business outlook" Is given as the rea?
son for the .renewed curtailment.
(Continued From First Page.)
tlon of duties, but also to classification
of articles and tho language of tho
law. so that there may be no doubt
as to the Intent of Congress. When
the. scientific method and spirit of leg?
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practice, covering all features of tho
tariff law affecting its ready Interpre?
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pensive element of its administration
and a largo amount of litigation will
be automatically eliminated. Also, ho
adds, many vexations of honest Im?
porters and a vast mass of undervalu?
ations and frauds by dishonest Import?
ers will disappear.
?'There can bo no question," he con?
cludes on this subject, "that the need
of rendering the administration of tho
customs business of the country sim?
ple, prompt and certain, with a ration?
al saving of useless expenditure;:, to an
additional reason of great weight for
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enlightened method of tariff legisla- |
tlon to which tho best sentiment of!
the country has been looking forward
for more than a quurtor of a century."
Mr. MacVeugh recommends the ap- |
nolntment of a commission, consisting
"f representatives of Congress and'
executive departments, to evolve a
budget system for tho government.
This is necessitated, he soys, by the
widely scattered and disintegrated re?
sponsibilities governing estimates, ap?
propriations and revenue.
The abolition of all the assay offices,
except the one at New York, is urged
by tho secretary. They cost the gov
'ernmont $185,000 yearly, and "tho
whole amount Is thrown away," ho
Fraud Developments,
Declaring that the work of rehabili?
tating the customs scrvico has been
vigorously prosecuted, tho secretary
says that developments as to under?
valuations and frauds conttnuo to bo
most impressive and to make It evi?
dent that the end of the reform Is
not yot In sight" Ho hopes to com?
plete the reformation within a year.
The customs districts are being re
organized, and the secretary an?
nounces that he w'll ask Congress
later to abolish a considerable num?
ber of usoless and expensive customs
offices. .
Other recommendations of Mr. Mac
Veagh include a contributory system
of civil service retirement; transfer to
the classified civil service of a number
if customs officials from collector
1own: the Imposition of tho nominal
feu of Si for protests to the Board of
General Appraisers in customs assess?
ments; extondlng- the $100 . exemption
from duty granted returning residents
la include articles for household use,
souvenirs, curios or gifts; provision
for at least two vessels a year for the
.revenue cutter service; authority for
the uae of certified checks In the pay?
ment of all dues to the government;
revision of the sinking fund law bo as
to make It something more than prac?
tically a dead letter; laws adequately
prohibiting the Importation of opium,
and a revision of the oleomargerine
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