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Arc equipped with unbreakable ?springs
tint spring.
"Ask anybody who iides in one."
J OUD AUTO CO., 102') West Broad, j
" RlSlflElT
for mm ii
Fox Seta Swift Pace for Albe
marlc Club Over Seven
Mile Course.
known Curia) i
toz hunt. T
number of members and frlsnds of the
hunt club, and lovers of this sport
could riot liavo wished fnr a grander
??ight and sweeter music. The fox,
lltlrty doss and seventeen riders were
In full vi. w f...r a mil- and a half.
Those riding were I,ewlR Garth and l>r.
Archie C. Randolph, first and second
whins. 'William Garth, \V. P. !.it>.--< omb.
.T. II. Montague. Miss TTi 1 '1 llollbway.
Miss Herthit Garth, Alts. Pitts. f'.lack"
Hlgginson, B. 1 >. Taylor-, |>r. W, M
Randolph. A. \V. I.. Trotter. Charles \V.
llulllsh and three soll? of llollis Riiie
hkri. lUc president of the iliuht,
lit Jon?"i'he It owiirj ."
"Over Night.''
The attraction .-.t tlie Academy
Christmas, matinee .mil ninht. will h't
"Over Night." clever play, which lidd
i rn i o: nine months In Vow yWu 1
t Itv lilKi winter, and ivhlah lias re- I
^"liORton.iii' ''ove,-' Xigiil''1 Is^mje^Uio j
iluylomaV. ,fw?W?man jukiSlfot'S' I
Suite? Stroke of Viiiiple*?'.
I.ynehburg. Vu., December io.? "N'nl
laee A. Taylor. I.resident of the Arne*.
Iran National l.tf. Ihnuruiue Company.
Is at a loeal hospital suffering from :t
Blight stroke of n|ioplexy. lie is said
to be roniewh.it Improved (o-ntplil.
His left side Is Involved.
Pertinent Comment
Richmond is threatened with an out?
law league! It Isn t tin iu>i time
dial Itichmoiiil lius been so threatened,
and ili- only thing which mltfhl wor?
ry Richmond at (hit; time la Hint tin:
throat will not bo executed itlch*
muni Is tape tor ulinost, anything ???
the .baseball tine, and Richmond will
sit light up und listen, even If tili.? ]
Irost 18 on the pumpkin. The inovu-j
mom was started
Probably llio first
Ricm.iond was to >kt
by those organizing
In a letter to Dr.
from a man named
viduitl, who is not
bull a 11 a I i s. wrote
giving a piQSpei t ns
posed ip do, the up
would form
seine lime age.;
iitiiptiflloi! llml
I upon wllh favor.
, Hie league cum ei
tiooi'go k. lia'gby
I 'iig'e. 'I his I hut -?
iiikuowii in base-)
to t Inv local man I
much ii
Dr. I!
ire a
'in in
lOelimoudi an
Uradley. They go
lion in that <iuarter. w. I
has bectt In organized baaeb;
ly tt.o many yi.tr.. to Jump ftt
which wuitld put him in bad
pywurs that be. still tin
..... not tllsgi tint Ictl. and. ii
"Vl'oin .Washington lie trio,
inoinl franchise lias beeil dl
to a person answering tu t1
; the cities
?Ireult. uml:
colors how j
bat he had
. in Ollt litV.-j
.. .. of Ahe
until ted v\ . j
ill satlsfae
a Uradley I
Vial! entire-!
.it anything
?.a .ylth the!
com mitt- ?
t hu I
it reptort
e Itich-j
ii'sed >?'?'?
eaii rtrj
fni ther. i
eilr.d here.
Seven oi tho eight < itles which will
form ihe circuit haye lieen selected.
They arc Brooklyn, Newark, rater
sen. Rending, Baltimore. Washington
and Richmond. .Norfolk is being con?
sidered to conclude the circuit. The
league lo>k;i very much like the olJ
Atlantic League. Practically the same
titles eonipo.se the circuit. AI L'tw
son. one of the nioht persistent pro
motors in baseball circles, 1? declined]
not to he in ,in tills deal, which j
speaks better for Ihe proposition. j
The old Union League, which had
clubs in several cities of the proposed
organization, had a few troubled I
weeks of existence, and then went to|
the discard. There was nothing; doing
In the money-making 'Inc. In prac?
tically all of tilt! cities In the circuit'
there will be opposition from organ-]
ized baseball teams. The promoters
say that I hey will be ii hi
money, h.<< ause lie- :? >
sia.li They win piav
IhCy can gel; will leu
contractu in other ,e
iis, any contrai t ..ti i,
?In full In. The sai.i:-;
Is $'i.t100. I be sun- ;
Sotitiicrn League, a t,'l
if ihe proposition
Richmond should pn \
the bes
hie to make,
uses will bej
.? player that i
u regard for'
es. und will.
who wuiilsl
mit ? proposed
i no
I 111/.:
st towns
should lit
the circuit. This
winner, from the
Ii" good baseball Is glv.n. bel?
ter tlinii Hint dished out by the Vir?
ginia League, the fans will desert the
organized outfit for tin- outlaws, be?
cause the l.ins have no interest ?ither
than t.i set good bascb-.Ui. still, re?
gardless of how welcome ihe league
might be locally, tin promoters are
up against a stiff proposition. Not
another city .if the circuit presents the
favorable conditions (lint ? here.
licgnrdtOSS el all tills. pnUt' have
progressed so fur that a meeting of
ihe prospective tiaucnis ? Holders will
b. held in N'ow V'oi k Ihls'ucck. The
name of Ihe ot'KliIIIZ.'Ulo;! u'II m ob
l&# UI % IUI J SVLJH Raft ma^asa ^
Not a Compound nU? 13 ^V*f| tW'?SM rSLl
impound [
contributes mightily to the success of the social
affair. Its fine, appealing, ntnirdi flavor is ap?
proved by all, while its unvarying purity is the
best ol guarantees against reaction. I ry today.
The Monarch of Gins [ t r
I R L. Christian, St Co., Distributors |
I Richmond, Va. |
^ Gold Eye Glasses 1 "^'^=asS^i
5'coiTspe^cres pleasing and Useful
$ Eye Glass Cln'ms
$ Opera Glasses
* -
? Field Glasses
.- -
Marine Glasses
Mail Orders receive pre nipt attenlio,
Hand Readers
Opera Dags
, Barometers
Dependable Kind \
Instruction to #
Beginners P
Gives Pleasure $
BROAD AND ' and perpetuates i
AHD THIRD the Joys thereof*
ft. S3 B (T-fu?/?!
?bly bf tin- Atlantic League. Shortly
after the New 1'oiU ineotinrt another
win i>i- called fov Washington, (or thu
purpose of organization, discussing
Schedules und BUCli other matter* ail
may present themselves.
Talking of schedules, one of tho:
men Interested is tfnotcd in a Wash-,
lugtott paper as saying that the
league would IIOI attempt lo ilx SCh'cdV:
tiles so as nol lo cellHlel, except In,
Hie ease of the itiujor league. As the
major leagues, ihe international
League, th.- Trl-Stato und ihr Vir?
ginia ate the organizations to he buck-!
ni. it will he plain to the observing'1
l hat a merry lime is promised if!
everything gooe smoothly und noth-1
in? goes'awry. Hut there's aiwaysf
many a slip. |
ptvncr IV. !!. Bradley, of the Rich?
mond franchise. In the Virginia League, ',
Stated lust night that while he was
advised of the move, he hail not give::
It serious consideration, tie felt that
one tea in iiml a hard enough Job to
keep going, und that two would mean
doubling expenses \while splitting rv
colpik I tlon'l believe it win amount
to anything, ami it will certainly not
Interfere with my plans. These men
ea'mO to my oilier and talked to me.
hut. of course, I gave them ho satis?
faction." Thun the matier stands, slm
ply uwaltlug developments.
' That Virginia League presidential
llnuco, instead of proving tile calamity
i. was t.uiteil to be is really a nUssm.;
in disguise, seems line. Muring tti
cold, Shiii-'roasling days and ir.gnts, .
when tin- minds ol the men who follow
baseball tire kept on edge all ol th-a
time, hunting for m is.--, anil when tholr
ears are opened abnormally wide i i
order to catch tit any old rumor which
may blow otliccwtird, and when the
mill grinds so cussedly slow ihat the
return Is hardly worth the labor, the
jlresidential squabble furnishes vast
opportunities and the end is not yet.
We have had it served In many styles
up to tin- present time, from just a
plain roast to the more complicated
irictlSSUC. . lint there Is more in the
menu caril; and when the plain Amer?
ican styles have been exhausted n few
French ? meoctlons will be displayed
Just by way of variety, finishing in
iii.it graild old epic of American life,
W llltdms, says one, is not going to
in elected to succeed himself, which
is so perfectly obvious as to hardly
need reptltlon, seeing as how lite
league is evenly divided. The
National Board of Arbitration is not
noin^ to thrust Williams down .the
throat of the Virginia League; Is nu?
mber lilting strain which has become
I..miliar to our cars Ue'rttilnl) it I
not, but tin- reverse side of the picture
shows' * that l<> elect any other man
than Williams would In- to thrnsl th.it
mini down (lie throats or at least three
of Ihe clubs, who want no one but
Compromise, is the melting, limpid
melody which hursts forth ever und j
:'ii. n. with various garnishments. Vet, I
verily, i. t's compromise, nut when I
.in..- clubs cut of six won't eompio-j
mist), why what arq you going lo do I
a hoti I It."
Itiehtnonil. Lynehhurg and Danville
will have none ot Williams. I'olcrs
long anil Noll oik ami Rottltokc will
have iion,. of anybody else. No\v
Which side Is the heavier of the
warring ructions'.' And how can the
National Hoard ol Arbitration admin?
ister medicine to one side which it!
nays Is loo bluer for the other'/ II
Williams \> too i>ad lor (ilehtnond; ?
Lynehhurg . and Danville, why would
hoi Mr. So-and-Ho bo i'uo had for Nor- ;
folk, Petersburg ami Uoanoke'f Ol j
Course, nil or this is just as plain as '
sJankHkrit. mid probably Just as inter?
esting. Why not rail u all off, divide
the league into two circuits of tlire? j
? lubs each inul let It no ai that? it's
baseball, after .-ill thai the fan wants,
iiml tin. president ?well, the president
cun ?b hung. I
PI gilt funs ii i-i >ii ml town are getting I
ready for the athletic carnival which
George Herbert and Mike Dohrtclson
w-111 Miiting ti h their maiden erturl Pii
duy night. In their now dub roomsi ]
over tho st?re at toi Ku.-t Broad
i nose not on the Inside nrc looking
rbr one of Hut little cards which will
grant udmlssion to the floor. Only
? in of these cards have been Issued,
mid (he demand Is greater than the
supply. There will bo nun boxing
contests and three wrestling bouts.
Tin- lu:i will begin at S: 15 o'clock.
With the Rffirll of the scusoii, fairly
exuding from every earner, tlie oracle
appends the following lor the indi?
viduals whose names are sot down:.
YV. it. Bradley: A set of umpires
who will not keep Richmond from
winning the pennant.
Wi II. Sands; More law and less
n<|Ulty in the National Board of Arbl
I Woodward Allen: A disposition to
1 avoid giving proxies in the future. 1
I v.'. Gordon McCabo, .Jr.: A coiitln
liai.ee oi the slogan. "Sport for sport's
i fake.'
j II. !;. Prlcliard: That reporters will
? ret in in from putting a "t" In bis
Klmorc Heins: That he refuse to
leave meetings, even when in the
minority. .
President Roach: That he realize
thin fair words and fair offerings are
nil en delusive.
Lyncliburg: It la unwise to give the
manager of a ball club the key to
the post-office box. It Is often the key
to the situation',
i'. R. Williams: An eye like Mars, to
threaten ami command.
Virginia League: President or no
president; give us baseball.
imvin.N VVTll>.V\I.s PAUS
Boston, December 10.?The Boston I
National League baseball blub passed
nlllclnlly Into new hands to-dh.v, and!
during the coming season James B. I
Gaffhcy. of New York, and John M.
Ward, the famous pitcher of the New
York leain twenty years ago, will di?
rect its affairs. They hope to take
the team not of last place, tin; position
it Uns occupied for several yearn. The;
reorganization was effected through
the purchase by Gaftney and Wan! bf
the stock nf the late William Hepburn
: . ., ll. Mr. Ward was elected presi
ri the ei\ii> and Mr. Gaffnoy I
t reasurer.
[J-pci iui to Tin- Times'Dlspnleh.j
\shcvlllc, N. C. December 1!).?At .1
meeting of the members of the foot?
ball b<iuad >4 the Blnghani .School, W.
It. Walton, of Louisiana, was elected
captain of the team for the next sea
Mr Walton durtliu the season of
koi i,|a\i>l a spectacular left, guard
and showed that ho is. a football pluy
. . i>f'ability, tic has a host of friends
-. iievillc, who are Interested to
learn of lib: election to the captaincy
.1 Ib.- loam of 1912.
During the past season, the Blnghani
team played twelve gnines and lost
only one, which the University ' <>f
North Carolina took by Ilia score of
; 12 tu 'V having scored only ' in the
I ijlrth period. The local cadets Well!
I up against a inwnbor of the strong
: r rjtball nous of Southern prepnra
I lor) schools; and their record Is one
of which ihoy and their supporters are
I proud.
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Everything Engraved Freo of Charge.
Established 1887.
1403 East Main 3troct.
Sporting lid I tor, The Tjlmes-Dlspatoh;
Sir,?our next Geh?rst Assembly con?
venes !n .lsnunry, find there will he
much Important work bet?re them.
Varied Interests will be clamoring for
legislation in which they arc inler
ested, and it will require study ami
time to s-r that lb ' new laws asked
for are the heal for the body politic
and devoid of special Interest features.
These men will not have the time
to give all mauern that study they
would like, ami will he guided in a
great measure by the opinions of their
constituents known to fhem as men of
high charuc-lfr, honest Intent and sound
judgment. Therefore, I urge th-:
sportsmen t" give the matter of creat?
ing the office of Slate Gallic Commis?
sioner at this session careful thought
iim.v s not n? to mow rmtK,
lllltllll.il l'Altl.Olt CA It. IIALTI
11 ORK A (MHO.
Leave Richmond,'Byrd Street Station,
?laity at 13:01 noon for Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York. No
change i.f cars. 1
For HO Yenrn tlir Ilouac of fluidity.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
DiHtillrr.s mill Mlendcr? of
Pine WhlMkcm.
Drink Old Henry
Iis l.vitK Record Proven Hrt Merit.
The buyer who Imowi tho dlffore i
n automobiles will own * j
W?&* Jones Motoii
J& Car Co.
Allen Ave and Broad Stree.
?/averly Electric Victoria
Richmond Motor Co., Inc.
313 West Main.
Highest Price and Best
\V. C. SMITH & CO.,
314 N. Fifth. Vine and Mnin,
and to write their representatives that,
(rout the hunters' standpoint, there Is
nothing mure Important.
Possibly some of our sportsmen ar?i
not familiar with the service rendered
by such officials In other States, and
to sucJh 1 suggest that they write Dr.
T. S. Paltrier. Biological Survey. Wash?
ington. D. <_'.. asking for statistics.
The information they will receive
will be an eye-opener, and they will
lind Virginia about as far behind us
she la in good roads.
I am satis lied if sportsmen will take
the trouble to Inform themselves they
will flood our Legislature with such
demands as would leave no doubt In :
the minds Of our jaw-makers of the
advisability of creating the office of i
State Game Commissioner at this ses?
Tin) Influence of Hie press is another
great eilucntionol factor which should
lend Us aid* at this time, for though
there are columns of haseball, football,
etc., print -d (and I'd like to see move),
yet* possibly no Itno of sport Is more
universally indulged In than hunting
or followed by a greater number of
Hunting Is tho great fall nnd winter
pastime of the American people, and
nowhere on onrth in a civilised coun?
try does tiie m?n of moderate means
play the game as he does In the United
States of America. To continue tho
.sport for the year-; to come, we must
in Virginia, as Is already the case. In
the most of our sister States, place a
limit on Kioso who arc taking more
game than they have a moral right to
do, (Signed) M. IX IIAHT.
Tlic management of the Palace
Alleys, at Klghth and Broad Streets,
are offering daily prices for high scores
in duekpins and tenpins. Kach day
$1 is given for the best total In any
throe consecutive games in duck and
tenpins, The winners for Mondny
were: Duckpins, Chapel, 11G, 104, KG,
Total, 306. Tenpins, Pock, 229, 181,
20.1. Total. oix.
Considering the fact that everything
Is new?halls, pins and alleys?some
very creditable scores have been made,
iieek, Kills, liailoy, Peck, naviH,
IiCppcr.t and Ilrlggs have, been doing
some fine howling at the big pins,
while the little 'mips w.ero' forced to
fall hoforo the onslaughts of Sellers,
Chapln. Slodd. ?' Lohmunu. Connors,
Chapel, Watcher. Wrcnn and others.
The duckpln bowlers arc clamoring
lor a league, and a meeting for the
purpose of organizing a league will be
called In tho near future.
A two-men and individual tourna?
ment Is nlso on the card for the len
pln ih'?wjers.
Cold Weather Causes Small
Crowd to See Running of
Attractive Card.
Columbia, S.'.C.j December 1?.?Cold
wnattier kept down tlie attcnUuneo at
the races i Iii-, afternoon, a small crowd 1
witnessing the running ut an attrac?
tive ciird. Tho feature was a steeple
chum-, which wont to tho favorite. The
Upoftker. In easy style. The-players
had an excellent day, live favorites
winning. Summaries:
first race?$200. ihree-yeur-olda and
up, live furlongs, selling?Dr. llureh
to to 1, 2 lo 1 and even) Ilrat, Tennes?
see Boy (10 to 1, 4 to 1, 2 to 1) second,
Old Lloy (-, to I, a to 1, 3 tu 2) third.
Time. 1:04 4-5.
Second race?$2?0, all ages, live fur
longs?ttahecu II. ('j to 2i). out) ilrst,
Muclman (8 to ?, 1 to 3, out) second,
Silver Knight (2G lo 1. 4 to 1, even)
third. Time, 1:04.
Third race?$250 steeplochase, throe -
: year-olds and up. short course, atiout
one . and tliree-HMurtcf miles?The
I Speaker (even. " to !i. out) Ilrst, Sam
i Itall (7 to C. I to -. I 10 Til .second. l?r.
' Heard C, to 1, 6 to out) third. Time.
4:05 2-f..
1'OUrlh race?$2011. throc-ycur-olds
and up. mile, Meiling? Troy Weight 11
to 10, 2 to 5, out) Ilrst. .loe Itosc (13 to
5. .1 to r>, l to -1) second; Montagnlo in
to 2, :; to 2. 1 to 2) third. Time.
1:16 2-6.
l-'lfth race?$200, Ihree-yoar-olds and
iili, mile, selling?Powers (7 to 10. 1 to 3.
out) Ilrst, Flurncy (12 t? I. 4 to 1. 11
to r>) .second. Abrasion (5 to 1, 8 to 6,
?I id 5) third. Time, 1:44 l-S.
Sixth race?$300, live furlong*?Sea?
gull (7 to 2, ? to 6; 1 to f>) ilrst, Anu
yarl (li to 1, 2 to 1, 4 to ?) second,
Vtnch (1ft to 1, ? 10 1. 6 to 2) third.
Time. 1:03 !->"?.
YVAHlirc.VrON CL.L'11
on diu eh inliVr
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Warronton, Va., December 19.?The
Mrsi drag of Christmas week of the
Warren ton Hunt Club was run near
here this afternoon with the meet at
Bethel Store, nnd finished briskly at
the farmhouse of A. Blackwell. The
hounds, which were kept well in bund,
ran u splendid drag nnd were hunted
by Whips William K. Wilbur and K.
I A. Russell, Jr. The course lay over a
j couple of plank fences and stone walls.
I Among those out for the run were:
I Whips Wilbur and Russell, Mrs. F. A.
; B. Portman, Misses Lucy Stone, Anne
Cordon Stone. Miss Mabel Klynn and
Miss Annie Cntnden Spllman and .las.
; R. Nash.
The Tinios-Dlspattfh League teams
played their rcgufai scheduled game's
,,,-t night on tne Newport Alleys, and
,il of the players showed Improvement
".vi r last week's scores. The irouule
.<mne hunch ot Din*; UuAs continues to
g. t stronger as the season grows older,
i lo y captured oil three game- from
laeir opponents, the wonderful .Mull::.
Captain Coodc put' up a good game,
ami Rot.' came in strong In the last
game with i<a lor hit, score. Kdclliiul
?eoincd to have an olf ntgat and could
?lilt locate tile head pin, Murks showed
class lor the Ding Bats, and put up a
nlei exhibition, when be came in with
?jul for high score and als for high
total, Hayes also did line work f-it Ills
t'.am by rolling d total of 512 In the
Hire,, games.
I"n. fttlu Jeffs und the .?sum Jims
began .,u argument Immediately lifter
t.le ilivl srles. and when It was all
i.ver the Jelt.s hnd three more games
to Udd to their big leatl In the pel cent?
al; o column. Captain Reifert was 'way
? ?ff in l.ls rolling'. Magarijtn did weli.
nid played ?> good, consistent game,
Williams also made a good showing.
Captain Green could not get his aim
to work, and he fell down on his
games, Bdolblut made a nood run In
tile filial game and crossed the line
with 177 for high game. The scores
ir-.if.rt . i?:. us
MuKiirliin . ICO ill
Williams ....... ir,T 132
442 434 43& 1.31T,
Mini .Unix.
1 2 3 Totals
t'.rocn . 121 lr.a 13S its
Kay . UK 112 101 331
lidelblut . 102 1 17 177 ;inc
311 3SS UC 1,143
12 3 Totuls
floodo icaptaln). 178 1S2 163 4SI
Rose. . 136 1 47 1 70 452
KdelMut . 1)2 121 121 ::;i7
.425 420 153 1.228
Dlna Hm-,
, - , "? 1 ,2;i. "
Kills (captain) . 104 161
Burks . 168 160
Hayes. 182 173
Turkey Content.
The Nowporl '.Turkey Contest" con?
tinue* to prove Interesting, and nil
day'the hoavlers were husy knoeklnir
down t'he pins. There were many new
faces on the alloys In last night's con?
test, and some excellent scores were
made. Quarles was the only player (o
tro into the first division. The leaders
nianajred to hold their own.
Followinfr are the leadlns players
for the (list sand second series:
Hundley . 637
Quarles .i. 630
Van men . 618
Blxhv . CIS
Petty . nr.:
narrow. 600
Anderson... f.Oo
Gordon .:. 600
IT!Th Individual score?
Glaze . 263
Qallnirher. 26.",
Van Dien .'.. 217
Cordon . 23S
He Drclnrc? Hajor-General Wood Una
Changed Front.
Washington. December 19.?Repre?
sentative .lumen Hay, of Virginia,
chairman of the House Military Af?
fairs Comniittee, yeMerduy issued a
statement replying to the criticism of
his army reorganization bill contu'neil
in the annual report of Mojor-Oetieral
Leonard Wood, chief of staff of the
army, which was made public Sun?
day. Mr. Hay declares that General
Wood has changed front since he ap?
peared, before the.committee last sum?
mer. Ho Insists that the provisions of
bis moasure to which tho chief of staff
objedts, principally tho consolidation
of. tho. quartermaster, commissary and
paymaster departments, extension of
enlistment term .and merging of ud
jutani-gcnernls and paymaster-gen?
erals' departments of |the general staff,
will reduco oxponsos and increase the
efllcioncy of the army. The Hay bill
will: bo considered-when the army ap?
propriation ; measure conje^ before tho
House.. .4 y.-'j..
:lhv|tailnpsr Issued. '
(Special to Thd Tlincs-T)lspa(eli. ]
Charlotteaville! Va., December 19.?
Mr. "and Mrs. J. W. Ilam'ncr have Is?
sued Invitations' to the wedding of
their daughter, Ruth Kltzahoth. to'
"Wilbur Trout Hnrnsberger, of Haltl
Irujro; 'Tho ! wedding -will take ? place
Saturday evening. December. 28. at - ?
VeloclVnfthe1 home of tho-bride:
^b/MOTGR^ cars
cim.ij Hi itXKD tu wkatu.
Clothex Catch ?n Kir? When Celluloid
Comli ISxploiIra.
[Spcclur'io The Times-Dispatch.]
llui rlnonhiii ir V?., December 10.?
Mrs. Charles blolil, of Fair field, Hock
brldgo county, left her children In the
house while she went to milk the
cows. Ltlttlo Ihuuc. twenty months old,
playfully stuck a celluloid comb I?
the stove. There was n sudden ex?
plosion, scattering flumes lit every di?
rection. Tho little fellow's sister, it
year older, rushed nut of tho house
after the mother, who returned only
I to find llic baby burned to death, hla
clothes In ashes and the body In ti
crisp. The Dlchls moved from near'
I llarrlsohbdrg several years ago,* She
I is a daughter of Isaac Itoadcap, near
Dayton. Mr. Dlchl went from the.
I Good Mill socllon.
Change that old-fashioned, unsanitary
plumbing to the modern, up-to-date,
sanitary fixtures. it means comfort
and health to you.
McGraw-Yarbrough Co.
Wholesale Plumbers' Supplies
123 Bodth Eight It, HI feet, Richmond, Vn.
Iron Bed, Spring and Mattress,
7 Wtil Broad St.
Richmond Machine Works, Inc.
Successors to
Mail MSG. 2404 E. Main St
Tanner Pamt & Oil Co.
1417 and 1419 F.aM Main,
Richmond, Va.
@ Relieves in 24 Hours @
Catarrh of the Bladder
.4? Drue Bit t3 Hm-cc or Counterfeits
MEDICINE ? v?,da
Medicine- DenHsfcry-Pharmacy
19th Seulon Opens September 12th.
Ncsy building. New equipment.
Eighty experienced teachers.
Excellent clinical facilities.
Modern laboratory methods.
Descriptive Catalogue on requeit.
Will begin three new vocational classes
on January 2, 1912, for?
Automobile .Mechanicians,
Plumbers' Apprentices,
Telegraph Operators.
Students in other branches may cuter
with profit during the month of January.
BIJOU-This Week
!Matinees Thursday ami saiimtny.
Pjrlces: THE
Matinee, 15c,
Night, 35c, :
Academy of Music
Christinas, Matinee and Night..
William A. Brady <Md.) Presonts
A Ijong. Lingering laugh.
Written-.by Philip If. Bartholomao.
friers, Bpn.vto $l.r.O, Seats,now gelling.

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