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f*You aoo them wherever you go; they
J) wherever you eeo thain."
? Ask yourself, Isn't it time to get in
T)RD AUTO CO., 1629 Wcat Broad.
Herbert and Donnelson Open
School To-Night With Ex?
hibition by Pupils.
George Herbert and Mike Donnclson'
will mako their tlrst bid for publlo
favor to-night when they will open
tbclr new athletic olub and boxing
cchool by presenting some of their
banner pupils In boxing nnd wrestling
contests. As announced In The Tlmes
Dlspatch yesterday there will bo
three boxing contests of live rounds
each and two wrestling matohos. A
battle royal will come betweon the
glove and mat contests. Tho "exhibi?
tion will begin at S-.45 o'clock.
Flvo hundred Invitations have been
Msuod. and there Is a great demand
for more. The new home of the box?
ing und physical culture school Is nt
400 Ksst Broad Street.
^Several Form Upsets Occur,
Books Having Better of
OoTtrrnbla, 8. C, December 21.?The
Offering at the "Fair Grounds this af?
ternoon wrs above the average, but It
'sjrae oold and the track was sloppy,
peveral form upsets occurred, tho
books having the best of the talent
lor the first time in a week. Two fav
i'rwltes won. The handicap at one mile
.resulted In a beautiful race, Husky
ll^d Laying off tho paco of Ticker and
k8*ger to the lost quarter, then moved
Itrp strong to outgame the latter and to
win by a head. Summaries:
CTrst raco?pure |800; maiden two
??near-olds; five furlongs?Lyne, 16 to
1. 6 to 1. ? to 1, first; Orpeth, 13 to 6, 4
to 6. out, second; Billy Murphy, 20 to
1, 6 to 1, 2 to 1, third. Time. 1:06 3-6.
Becond race?purse |200; throc-year
?olds and upwards; six furlongs; sell-'
ing?Appasslonata, 2 to t, 9 to 10, l to
8, first; Dr. Bodlne, 4 to 1, 7 to 6, 7
to 10, second; Lydta Lee, 10 to l, 4 to
1, 1 to 10, third. Time, 1:20 2-5.
Third race?purso $200; three-ycur
elds and upward; six furlongs; sellini:
?Centre Shot, 9 to 2, 2 to 1, even, first;
Assabar, 6 to 1. 6 to 2, 6 to 6, second:
fciewell, 9 to 10, 1 to 2, 1 to i. third,
j lme. 1 :20 4-5.
Fourth race?purse $260; all ages;
Charleston Handicap: mile?Husky
l.sd. 7 to 2, 3 to 4. out, first; Sagor, S
to fi, 1 to 2, out. second; Sticker, S to
i to 3, out, third. Time, 1:48.
Fifth raco?purse $?00; three-year
olds and upward; mile nnd seventy
yards: selling?Dolly Bnltman. 10 to 1.
4 t<> 1, f. to 5, first; Huldcmnn, even, 9
to 20. out, second: V. Powers, even, I
to ;i, out. third. Time. 1:57.
Sixth race?purse I30V>, three-year
olds and up; six furlnngs; selling ?
Western Belle, 4 to 6, 9 to 20, l to 4,
first; Otllo. !fl to 1. 8 to 1, 8 to 6, sec?
ond; Oakley, 7 to 2. 7 to 1, 3 to 6, third.
Time. 1:19 2-?.
Or. Callsch on Ttusslan Treaty.
T'r. E. N. Callsch. nt Beth Ahnbah
Temple, will speuk to-htght on "The
Meaning and Influence of the Abrogt
tion of the Treaty With Russia-M The
services will begin nt S:15 o'clock, and
the public Is Invited.
Sanitation, purity, quality form th
bsn? of tho Velvet Kind Ice Cream.
Organization Formed in New York, With That
City, Brooklyn, Reading, Washington and
Richmond asNucleus?branchise.Granted
to Landgraf and Lazarus.
New York, December 21.?The Vnllcd
State* League of Professional Iln"cball
Clubs la the name of an organization
formed here to-night, ttUIcJj propane*,
aocardlng to It* backers, to atnrt an
'?outlaw league'" tbla aiimmrr lu the
East, Tr| til fly* ottlrn?New York,
Brooklyn, Hcndiajr, Wnahtnuton nud
Richmond-?as the nncleus, and Dnlti
moro, Nevrark? Plttabursrh, Cincinnati
nud UuHoio an possibilities.
William A. Winnen, of Heading, Pa.,
former manager of the Pennsylvania
State Leaucue, ??? etcctad prcsldeut,
secretary and trenaitrcr of the league
nt the meeting; here to.ulgbt, nud fran
chlsa were tprautcii to Ii. C. Landgraf
ond J. G. l.niut-un, of Itlchiuondl Hugh
McKinuon, of AVashlngtoni Ambrose W.
Husacy, of Brooklyn, and to Wit man
for Heading
.Mr. wit man aald to-night that he
uns nut nt liberty ?o say to "bom the
rVew York franchise would be aTnutcd,
but that "three prominent W nil Street
men" luiil been ncwotlutluK with him
for it. Applications hnd been received,
he aaid, from the five other ??povstble
vltlca" under consideration. Stock
compuiilca "with iinllniltcd bncklus hud
born formed In the eitlen nnd hnd nl
rendy recetved their franchise*," be
itsscrtcdi cuouu/b to make the banebult
world "sit m> and lake notlec.''
"Wo will apply for prutCi-Cion tinder
the Nntlunul lonnnljoiiuji,'' nald Wit- |
num. "but we do not expect to set it. ;
Wc want to ahow that we arc on the
level. There will be uo trouble In icet- I
Hue bull plnyera outside of the otber?
Icugucx, For one thint;, wc won't take ;
contrnct jumper*. There are cnuugb j
Kuod bull player* l}lnjr around loose
to moke all the blgu-clnsn teams we
The Richmond Lunch Company and
the Burk Si Co. teams of the Merchant*'
Deaguo played their regular scheduled
gomes last night at the Newport Al?
leys bofore a large crowd. Both trams |
showed wonderful improvement over |
laust week's games. There woro sev?
eral new men In tho llno-up of both
teajno, and gome of tnese did classy
Following, ars the scores:
Hlchnu.ua Lunch Company.
12 3 Totals.
Barrow, capt.... 172 132 160 461
Anderson ? 164 160 176 cfvi
Conwoy 130 . 130
"Wallace ISO 145 143 4IS
Uamcko ...._. 142 112 119 373
Blind _._? ... 180 ... 180
Levering . 148 14i>
ToUla ...788 679 736 .',163
Bnrk A Co.
1 2
Marshall, capt... 112
Wlldbauer . 169
Ellis _. 13S
Hayes . ,. 156
Magarlan . 110
Totals .676 745 761 2.1S1
Turkey Content.
Tho Newport turkey contest Is prov?
ing to bo the most Interesting event
pulled oft in local bowling olrcles.
Several new men are now safely an?
chored In the first division. The great?
est fun of all will teke place Friday
and Saturday nights, when the players
will niako their llrot dash for '.he
Following Is the standing of the
players In the first division:
Wade .-. 653 |
Kennedy . . .-.?.. 64 5
Blxby . fil.-,
Hundley .J?37
Roy ... B.tr,
Quarles. 63'?
Barrow . 629
Van Dien .- 418
Gallagher . 613
Petty . 612
Glaze- . 611
Gordon. 60.'!
Beck . 601
BrlgKB.-. 600
Bleda. 600
Foreigner* In Joopnrd>.
Shanghai. December 21.- Tho revolu?
tionary leaders hei e positively assert
that If Yuan Shi Kal persists in his
refusal to accept a republic, the
powers giving him their sup?
port would be regarded os the
enemies of chlnn, and the lives of all
foreigners In Chlnn would be Jeopar?
It I? generally believed among the
revolutionists thai Great Britain Is
supporting the monarchy solely be?
cause of the dangerous example which
would be set for India, should China
become n republic.
Dr. Sun Vat Sen. the reform leader.
Is due to arrive here in a few days,
and it Is believed that he will assume
the leadership of the south. Large
reinforcements of well armed and well
trained troops are arriving from Cnn
HIJoii?"The Uosnry."
"Over NlKut."
The experience of Philip ?. Barlhol
oniae, the young author uf ' Ovoi
Night," whloh will be Been at tho
Academy Christmas, stuittr.ee and
night. Is rather unique in tho history
of playwrltlng. Not only is "Over
Night" Mr, Bartholomae'o first play,
but It was accepted by tho tirst man?
ager by whom It was read, and proved
an Instantaneous success on the night
of Its initial production. Young Bar
tholomae was Just out of school, a
graduate of the Kenssslaer Polytechnic
Institute, at Troy, N. Y., when he went
to work for the American Bridge
Company. His nature rebelled at tho
exacting work over blue prints and
contract estimates, and as he had a
natural predcllctlon for the theatre, he
quite naturally started to write a play.
niR Piny nt Utlnu.
An exceptionally brilliant cast sui
rounds Miss lOugenle Blair in tho re
marknblu production of "Tho Tost,"
which conies to the BIJou Theatre for
the Christmas woek attraction. Condi?
tions of to-day aro not only treatod
III this play by the author, Jules &.
Goodman, but they nro woven Into four
acts uf absorbing dialogue, genuine
heart Interest and action, phases of
modern 1H" that appeal to men ana
women In every walk. This play prom?
ises to be one of thu most Interesting
to be scon at tho Bijou this season.
Playing Ilnfe* of Major l.cacrues Will
lie ArrunscU Next Week.
Chicago, December 31.?Magnates of
the two big buscball leagues arc busy
wlth their plans for the New York
moating; at which the ploying schedule
for next season will he arranged. Pres?
ident Johnson, of the American L*aguo;
said Tuesday night that he had received
a letter from President Dreyfuss, ol
tho Plttsburg National Club, regarding !
the making of the schedule, and that
the committees appointed bv tho two
leagues for the purpose would meet
In New York between Christmas and
New Year.
Johnson and llobert McRoy, secre?
tary of the Boston American Loague
Club, will act for the junior organisa?
tion, and Dreyfuss, Augusi. Herrmann,
president of tho national commission,
and Secretary Hcydler, for the Na?
tional Lioague.
The rules committee of each league
will meet In Now York nt the same
President Johnson has appointed
Manager Callahon, of the Chicago
American l>?nguc Club, as one of the
three members of the committee for
that league. He said a manager, an
umpire nnd n club owner would he on
the committee. Johnson announced that
he would appoint Umpire Connolly, but
said he did not know yet who tho
magnate would be._
Superior quality Ice Cream. The
Velvet Kind.
id Sorii
is thoroughly matured, composed of selected
nr.iin ot the richest type and is the highest
grade of WHISKEY?;known to the science
of distillation.
iThc water'uscd in the distillation" of
lifeless distilled water but A NATURAL
a' most important requirement to produce
hip,h class products of small grain. In the
distillation and bottling of OLD SPRING
WHISKEY tl?c most sanitary methods arc
pursued thereby * assuring a perfect ? and
wholesome household necessity,
R. L. CHRISTIAN & COMPANY, Distributors
Richmond, Virginia.
-that exquisite neutral gin flavor?
that long sought ideal flavor of every lover of
the rickey and the fizz?has been achieved
R. L. Christian. & Co., Distributors
Richmond, Va.
University of Virginia Will Play Some of Best
Teams in South and East?Four Contests
Against Carolina.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Charlottesvllle. Vu., December 21.?
j. K. Moore, of Berryvlllo, manager of
tho University of Virginia buaeball
teum. has about compluted his sched?
ule of games for the coming season,
but will not make pu'ollc the dates
until ufter his return from the Christ?
mas holidays.
The schedule will bo more preten?
tious than that uf lust year. Counting
the exhibition games with the Wash?
ington club, of tho American League,
thcro will bo twenty-five contests In
all?onough to keep the 'varsity nine
busy until the close of tho season early
In May.
Tho preliminary season with \ the
prep, schools of the State will open
on March 20, tho first contest being
with the . Jefferson School nine, of
this city. Prior to this dato, however,
two or threo games will In all prob?
ability be played with tho Washing?
ton club. Manuger Mooro will lcavo
for Washington on Friday to consult
with Manager Griffith, of tho Na?
tionals, as to the exact dates for tho
games. They will probably take place
between the 10th and 20th of March,
and will servo to arouse tho en?
thusiasm of the fans for the real open?
ing of the season.
Four tiarucN "With Carolina.
Tho feature of tho schedule Is the !
provision for four games with the I
University of North Carolina. For a
numbor of yenrs only two contests
were arranged with tho Old North I
State team, 'but In recent years three l
have been played?two In North Caro?
lina and ono In Virginia. Next spring !
three of tho games will be played In
succession In North Carolina?one In
Greensboro, one at Chapel Hill and
Deaf Mute to Read From Lips
What Manager Says to
Chicago, 111.. Decombcr 21.?Manager
James Callahan, of the Chicago Amer?
icana, has cast aside an offer which,
! if everything was Justifiable in base
! ball, ho bclievos would sorely brinf;
the 1913 pennant to his tetim,
It was an offer yesterday from a
dear mute, who claimed to be an adopt
in lip reading,
i "I have a scheme which will make
j your loam penn?ni winners next sea
! son." was tho sentence written on n
j card and placed before tho manager.
"This is interesting at least." said
I the manager to his visitor,
j Then a few motions of the fingers
cxplaluod to the South Sldo leader that
the man with the pennant In bis grasp
could not talk.
In a short time the manager was di?
gesting the scheme, for his caller hart
It already written out. It explained
that tho pennant could he easily won
by allowing tho mute, with a strong
pair of field glasses, to take a position
near the field or undur the grandstand.
By the aid of the glasses ho would read
the lips of the manager while talking
to his men between Innings, and tho
players on tho field in whispered con?
Then by the aid of an electrical con?
trivance connected with tho home bench
mid a code of signals he could let it be
known Just exactly what kind of a
game itnd what tricks the visitors were
about to come out with.
Callahan wrote this answer: "No
doubt your plan would prove a winning
one, but baseball is an honest game,
and 1 cannot consider it."
Stille ( oiiiiuIh?Ioiiith InSlie nil Order
to Prevent Hitting' !<? Cllnebc?,
New York, December 21.?A new
rule, compelling boxers to break clean?
ly when ordered by tho referee, was
passed yesterday by the boxing com?
missioners at their weekly mooting.
Since the Frawley law went into off
feel last spring the commissioners
have received a number of complaints
from re forces and boxers on this point.
Some referees order a clean, break.
: while others allow boxers to hit with
j one band free. In the future, how
< rei , no boxer, according lo the new
rule. Will lie allowed to hit when In
a clinch. Any referee not enforcing
i tills rule Will he brought up on charges.
Another new rille the boxing coin
inlsslonei'H passed was one- to prevent
too many seconds behind u boxer. In j
'the future only four seconds will be j
allowed in each corner, mid these must i
Stay in his corner dining tin contest.;
.loe Ilylaud, who refused to go on
.. a ten-round afTflir with t oting I
! A bourn ;.t the American Athletic Club,]
I in Grand street, Brooklyn, December
: II, was set down for sixty days.
I)lett From Henri Disease.
New York, Deo mber 21.?-The Itcv.
Charles .1. Young. D. D.. who preached
? 'resident Onrfleld's funeral sermon.
, died from beurt disease yesterday u.1
! Long llranch. N. .1, He was burn in
I Ccotland seventy-three years ago. Dr
Young was in charge of Memorial
Church. Klbcron. N. .1., for many years
J and officiated at the funeral of Presi?
dent Ourfleld, who died thero in 1SS1.
t omit mi lion a 11 rhi Christina*.
DoulsVllle, Ky? December 21.?With
$5,000.000 as prospective receipts for
this week from their tobacco crop,
Kentucky farmers count on a bountiful
Christmas.' All over the State buyers
are paying highest cash price.*, and
Hie horn of plenty Is overflowing.
What throatened to be a small, poor
crop early in th-a year has turned font
well, the quality of the tobacco being
better than the rule for years past.
It satisfies the dissatisfied?Maple
Nut and Fruit Brick.. The Velvot lco
i Cream
the third at Charlotte. The fourth
and final contest will lake place on
Lnmbuth Field. On the Southern trip
last year the teams broke even. The
third and deciding game was played
on j.ambeth Field and was won by
North Carolina by the close score of
1 to 0.
Among the college teams that wjll
be seen on l.umbel,, field for the llrst
time in roceut years will be Trinity
College of Hartford, Conn.; tho Uni?
versity of Goorgla and tho University
of Houth Carolina.
First College Game,
The college aeason proper will open
here with a game with Arnhcrst
Prlncoton comes next, and the follow?
ing day tho Virginia team will go
to Norfolk to play the annual game
with Yale. Tho Easter week schedule
calls for contests with Holy Cross and
Trinity and one or two othor teams.
Then follows the trip South for three J
contests with the University of North
At tho close of the baseball season
last May announcement was made that
the annual Northern trip would prob?
ably be abandoned. This plan has I
been altered somewhat. The nine will
go ns far North as Pennsylvania for
games with the University of Penn?
sylvania, and probably to Easton to
tackle Lafayette. The nine then re?
turns to Washington for the final
gatr.o of tho yeac with Georgetown
early In May. Tho first contest with
the Blue and Gray will be pulled off
on Lambeth Field.
The schedule as a wholo. 1b ra
gaoded as a very excellent one. Somit
of tho best teams |n the East will be
seen on the local grounds.
COST $30.000
It Is a Three-Story Playhouse,
With Gymnasium and Swim?
ming Pool.
St. Louis, December 21.?Thornton]
Howard, twelve-year-old son of Clar?
ence II. Howard, president of the Com?
monwealth Stool Company, will get a
$30,000 playhouse for his Christmas
The building, a three-story brick j
structure, which is Just being complet?
ed on tho Howard grounds at 6501
Chamberlain Avenue, contalnB a nata
lorlum, a sun parlor, a bowling alley, j
a billiard room and many other fea?
tures to delight the heart of a boy. I
Thornton expects to spend a great I
part of his time with his chums In the
house Since May workmen have been
hastening the construction and Inte?
rior decoration In order to ha\?j the
house finished for Christmas.
On the second floor is the gymnasium,
with a floor space of sixty-five by
thirty feet, and u workroom. The
celling of the gymnasium extends to
the roof of the building, taking up the
space that would be used for a third
floor. A heating plnnt and machine,
shop are In tho basement. A swim-'
mlng pool Is lined with white brick
and decorated with carved marble.
The building Is lighted by electricity.
Built alongside the building proper
are the howling alley nnd blllTrfrd room.
Leading from the natatorlum Is the sun
parlor, a seml-clrculnr. one-story struc?
ture entirely of glass.
It's pure. The Velvet Kind Ice
Built to
Highest Price and Best.
W. C. SMITH & CO.,
314 N. Fifth. Vine and Main.
For :in Veurs the House of Quality.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
IllNtillrrM and llleiulcrs of
pine Whiskeys.
Drink Old Henry
Hn iMujt llcvord Proves II? Merit.
The buyer who kitowi the differs i
automobiles will own a
Jones Motof
Car Co.
Allen Ave and Broad 5tree.
Waverly Electric Victoria
$500 ~
Richmond Motor Co., Inc.
313 West Main.
Another Imposing Testimonial
of That Nation's Friend?
Bronze Bust of "La France" to!
Be Placed on Champlaih
ParlB, December 21.?Franco Is ar?
ranging another Imposing testimonial
of her friendship for tho Unltod Status.
To-morrow a public subscription is to
be opened .to offer a bronze bust of
"La France," by tho UlUBtrlous French
sculptor,, Auguste Rodin, which will
bo placed at the base of tho monument
to be dedicated next June to Samuel
De Champlaln, tho French navigator,
oxplorer and discoverer of tho lake
that bears his name.
Llko the gift from the pcoplo of
Franco of Bartholdl's statue of lib?
erty, the presentation of "JUt Franco,"
wbloh is the llguro of a woman, marks,
historically another epoch In thu rela?
tions of fraternity between Frunce and
tho United States of America. s
President Fulliores will houd tho list
of subscribers, and will bu followed
by Foreign Minister Justin do tlelvos,
Ambassador Jules Juasorund, Gabriel
lianotuux, presldunt of tho Frunco
Amerlcan commission for tho develop?
ment of political, economic, literary and
artistic relations, and Count Do Ito
The Inlllutlvo of the movement em?
anated with Ambassador Jussorand, in
accord with the French Foreign Of
lice, but as it wos wished to havo a
public rather than a governmental tes?
timonial, the Franco-American com?
mittee was requested to assumo the
An iippoal to the public for subscrip?
tions will appear In tho newspapers
to-morrow. This will Indicate that
Franco Is deeply touched by the f^t
quent manifestations of American
friendship for this country through the
dedication of statues of Frenchmen lit
The approaching glorlllcntlon of
Champlaln, who conceived a vast pro?
ject of a French America front Canadu
to Jx>ulsluua. on which later the grc.it
American republic was developed, Is
admirably suited to oxpross the Warmth
of French affection.
Srlcctlon of "l.a Prance."
Gabrlol Huu.<jlaux will relate to?
morrow In the Figaro tho Interesting
story of how Auguste Bodln's "La
Franco" happened to bo sc-lcctod. He
suys the committee was ul a loss to
know Just what offering to send to
America which would harmonize with
the Imposing architecture of ttie
Champlaln monument It finally do
cldcd that tho offering must be a true
Jewel. The members first visited tho
.studio of Auguste Rodin, because he Is
popular In America, and walked
through tho vurlou? salons. Suddenly
thoy discovered tho bronzo "La France."
Tho writer continues: "Imagine our
emotion. We sought a symbol, ana w*
found France herself?.1 protty France,
full of grace. Vivacity and courage, a
young French woman, with a fruiiK
and loyal regard, a young woman who
Is a replica of our Clotlldes. Henriettes,
manches and Jetinnos. Her hair Is ar
rungon like a helmet, and her attire IB
a cuirass. We sought a French thought,
and we found an Image of France her?
Tho bust will be mounted on a mar?
ble base, with a marble representation
of lite American and French flags. It
will bo presented by a special delega?
tion of Frenchmen. Including members
uf the Franco-American committee.
No doubt yesterday was tho shortest
duy of tho year In fancy ns well as
In fact for Wavnrly Ltvesay and MIsh
Rosa Irene Temple, for It wan spent In
anticipation of their wedding. Tho
young people came from Prince George
county, and there was evidently no
elopement in tho proceedings, tor the
license had been Issued for a week,
However, both were extremely young,
and tho bride was us pretty as sho ivus
youthful, her ago belnir sixteen.
In the parlors of tho Richmond Hotel
last night Miss Temple becntno Mrs.
Ltvesay, tho ofllclatlng minister being
Rev. Ryland Knight, D. D.. pastor of
Calvary Baptist Churoh. Two or throo
friends were present, and deluged thu
hotel corridors and lobby with rico
au the young people made tholr de?
Virginians at the Hotels.
Lexington?Charles \V: Walker, Chase
City: Miss Klsle Coloman. Miss Bell
Wortham, ChtiHO City; -Miss Sallle
Thomas, Keone; Miss Lois ' Parsons,
Savedge; R. E. Williams, Chase City;
Wiuium C. Bailey, Lynr.hburg; F. H
Farrar. .Telersvllle; Mrs. C. W. Johnson,
Danville; A. B. Hammer, Keysville. H.
T. Clarko. Chose City; Som McBwcen,
Davis?B. F. Gollchon, Staunton; Mr.
and Mrs. S. C. Waddell and nurse,
Charles City county; W. B. Boyd,
Hhaw's Store; John Porter, Danville;
Charles ?j. Ferguson, Doe well; Frank
StrutHche, Fort Monroe.
Murphy's?H. L. Richardson, Norfolk;
.7. M. Jones, Virginia; A, J. Lyell. Farn
ham'; S. F. Blodgctt. Farmvllle; L. W.
Sale, Mi D., Frcderlcksburg; P. L. Bry?
an, Norfolk: Leon C. Steele. Norfolk;
D. Wi Montgomery, La Crosse; Mr. and
Mrs. R, J, Ball. Cartersvlllc; Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Bedell, Cotman: Mr. and
Mrs. B. W. Hudglns. Chase City; H. B.
I Watklns, Virginia; A- Vivian, Virginia:
I Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Seay, Virginia: H.
i c. Bverhart, Virginia; .1. C. Cooke, King
I William county: J. P. White. Ontario:
Charles C. White, Roanoke: T. O. San?
dy. Burkevtllo: J. i>. Hutchinson, King
nnd Queen; T. B. Tails ferro, Essex
county; A. B. Toping, Norfolk; John C.
Cnlhoun. WUHsmsb?rg; W. H. Nehlctt,
Wllllamsburg: A. IT. English. Willlams
burg; J. L. Tticker. Wllllamsburg: E. J.
! Smith. Norfolk; Miss Alma Harris, Dln
Iwlddlu; Mrs. Laura Llppctt, "Dlnwld
dle- T. M Nethcrland, Plnwlddlc; Mor?
ton' G. Goode. Dinwlddle; J. H. White.
A'lrginla- James Mitchell. Phocbtis: Geo.
T.. Rex, Virginia; Frank W. Rogers,
Oendron; R. 8. Woods, sheriff. Crozet,
Albemarle county; A. S. Williams,
Lvnchburg; J. Bury. Suffolk.
Park?F. If. Whltakcr, Norfolk; J. H.
Harris. Alexandria.
Richmond?15. U Groover. Tnzewrll;
Miss Kennon, Dasburg; T. c. Conlon.
Oharlottesvllle; A. K. Downs. Ksn
hridgc: I* B. Boatwrlght, Portsmouth.
M P. Waller, Norfolk: J. U Wilson.
Norfolk- T "B. Scott, Jr... Biirkovtlle;
lir .1 E. Copeland, Rod Hill; Mlsa
Amost Sabot; 8. B. Rice. Chffrlotto
Gilbert?Anton Anderson. Qulnton;
W. It, Green, Martlnsvlllo; J. W. jCar
nonler, Brldgewator; Mr. and Mrs. K.
A. Moore, Crowe.
Stumpfs ? B. F. Dlsharoon, Danville;
II V Plltsgefnld, Danville; M. W. Mor
i cerenu, sinunton: ,H. C. Page, Crowu; J.
L. Nottingham. Norfolk; 11, PI Ummer,
Petersburg- Boy K. Fauson, Deridron!
Hugo.no Ma'thows, Clifton Forge; J. B.
Bailey, Emporln; D. E. Compton, Dan?
ville- TVUllmn-JDouslaa rage, Virginia,
WM<yfOR^CAR? .
Washington, D. Q, December 21.?
Why the children of Mayor James &
McCuo, of Charlottcsvlllo, Va., should
be paid by tho Northwestern Mutual
Life Insurance Company $15,000 as In?
surance on hlB life, notwithstanding his
execution for the murdor of his w'fc
In 1901, was told to-day to tho Supreme
Court of tho United States by D. liar
mon, of Charlottcsvlllo, counsel for tho
children. It was the socond day of the
argument In regard to the liability of
the company. William H. White, of
Richmond, argued for tho Insurance
Mr. Harmon declared there were
many reasonu why the Circuit Court of
Appeals for the Fourth Clrcutt was
right In holding the compafiy Hhould
pay the Jir.,000. Ho arg-ued that the
Insurance contract woe goverlied by
the laws of Wisconsin, the homo of
tho company, and that In that Htate
execution on tho gallows did not an?
nul a contract of Insurance. Ho drug
natcd the right of the children arising
under the policy as a property right
vested by the npeo'sl statute incorpo?
rating tho company.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlepatch )
Norfolk, va., December 21.?The
Norfolk county election contest case
wua dismissed to-day by Judge Joseph
T. Dawloss, of the Circuit Court of
that county, upon motion of ex-Judge
D. Tueknr Brooke, counsel for the con?
testants. The motion was mado after
Judge Lawless had ruled that In order
to vitiate the election It must hovn
been proven that enough votes were
counted that ought not to have heen
counted to reverse tho majority. Judge
Brooke argued that every safeguard
thrown around tho safety of elections
had been violated, and he depended
upon testimony along that line " lit
make out ills cuse. Attorneys for tho
defendants demurred to the charge of
violations of the Barksdalo pure elec?
tion law, but the demurrer was OVijl -
ruled. It tu not ronMdend probable
that any further action will be taken
on the charge. Judge Hrookc said U
was his intention to prove that tin
money r,ald to have been expended by
tho rontestees was for the payment of
poll taxes.
I2x-Prc<ildrnt's Daughter Wins Honor*
La i'oi Ckote.
Meadow Brook. D I., Decemrw r '_>.
Miss Ethel Koosevelt carrtod off tl ?
principal honors at the Meadow 1!;.,. i
hunt yesterday. The cruarry was ll illcd
for fourloen miles with American fox?
hounds, and when the brush of I to) ?
nard should have lo.-on won by Miss
Roosevelt) the fox went to ground, and
all efforts lb dislodge him were useless
In many places ice was on the ground,
hut no croppers occurred. Tho hunt
met at '.he Jericho Quaker Meeting
I House and extnndod across to ihr coun?
try places of Dudley Winthrop, Ralph
Kills. J- E. Cowdln and Paul J.
H.iiney to Brookvllle, and then to Fast
Norwich. Those tlnlrhlng with Miss
Roosevelt wore Henry Pavago i'age.
Frank Voss and William C. Hayes
Christmas Liquors
Quart Rye Whiskey.50c
Quart Corn Whiskey.50c
Quart Apple Brandy.50c
Quart Peach Brandy.50c
Quart Old Fulcher Whiskey.85c
Quart Old Holland Gin.50c
Quart Old California Sherry Wine...35c
Quart Old California Port Wine.3flc .
Sweet Catawba Wine.80c
Sweet Blackberry Wine.80c
Quart Old Beachum Whiskey.90c
Quart Old Kenton Valley Whiskey.. .7fic
i Quart Old Cream of Kentucky Whis?
key .90c
Quart Old Duffy Malt Whiskey.85c
And all brands at low figures.
S. Oilman's Son
1820-1822 E. Main Street.
Matlnes and Night.
in a Carnival of Laughs,
"Introduce Me"
Prices: Matinee, 2Sc to st.no
Night, -ASo to gl.BO,
Academy of Music
Christmas. Mutlncc und Night.
William A. Brady (Ltd.) Presents
A Long, Lingering Laugh.
Written by Philip H. Bartholoniae.
Prices, BOc to gl.BO. Scats now selling.
BIJOU?This Week
Matinee To-Horrow at 2i30.
Matinee, lfie, 2Bc, 3Sc
Night, 25C, 35c, EOc.
BIJOU?Xmas Week
I Matinee? Monday. Tuesday. Thursday,
"The Test"

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