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of Quality.
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Richmond Man Made Sales Man?
ager for American Tobacco
.lohn Lnndstrcot, for many yeajs vlee
prcsldcnt of the It. A. Patterson To?
bacco Company, in Richmond, and at
one time president of the Independent
Tobacco Manufacturers' Association of
ibis country, has been transferred to
Sew York City as manager of the sales
ilcnartmbnt for smoking tobacco of the
American Tobacco Company, at an an?
nual salary reported to bo |26,000. Mr.
Liihdstrcet Is now in Now York, and
will return to this city on Monday to
, ompletc bis, arrangements for moving
away. Malvem C. Patterson, president
of the H. A. Patterson Tobacco Com?
pany, confirmed Mr. Candstreet's ap?
pointment and removal, but said he
tould not say what the salry would be,
but that the position was regarded as
a most important one and a distinct
Mr. Patterson said he was not ready
as yet to slate what other changes
would he made in the process of rcor
ganlzatlon of the tobacco Interests. In
tlie division of tbo old American To
haeco Company into three parts, the j
Patterson factories, located In this city,
.ire transferred to the American To?
bacco Company, and will be hereafter
managed from New York. The position
Heretofore occupied by Mr. Landstrce't
Will not be tilled therefore by any ap?
pointment In R4?h~inond.
Mr. Patters/m ?atd that he could not
discuss a report that ho also would
move to New York shortly In conneollon
with the tobacco reorganization plans.
The readjustment of the business bad
:;ot gone fnr enough es yet, ho said,
for him to discuss It. For the present
Mr. Patterson will be the resident man?
ager of the manufacturing plants of
the American Tobacco Company located
r. Hkhmond. the former resident man
atjer. B. Victor William?, having been
transferred to the Liggett & Myers
Company, which took ovor tho Allen o?
? llntt. factories.
l>r. Urodnai Appointed to HSndlo All 1
Soajtbftlde Case*.
By order o? Judge Witt. Dr. John W.
Jtrodr.ax. of .South lncl-.inor.il. was yesterday 1
appointed to act as coroner south of the
?iarnr.* River tor a period of four years.
11!? duties will be limited to ihn Southaldc,
'\rtpt when !-.e Is called upon by Coroner
Wllttam II. Taylor. 0r when bis services
arB otherwise needed.
Mr. lirodnax 1? a well known physician
ir, bouth Richmond, and is a man of wide
'\perlenee. Tho duties of ^oroncr Taylor
have been greatly enlarged by the annexa?
tion o.' what was or.ee Manchester and of
other outlying dtstrlcta, and tho nucd lor
on a.'jlrtant war very apparent.
Akers's Stable Bntered and til? Near-Ther<
Otlgllbred M<Jrn.
Wfcen he nroj>e early yesterday morning
lo lake his dally canter. Policeman V. it.
A kerf, of '?? Klret District, lit ins at 1434
.Vorth Twenty.third .Street, ioun.1 thai his
??table had been broken Into and that his
>t?ed was cone. ?
lie at onto reported the theft to Police
111 sdnuarters, and now the detective de?
triment I? searching lor his hots.,. \ full
description of the animal was afrr.rtWd to
ilic detective*, and the> hope ?r.il him.
He was beautifully marked, .-.r,d war n
near-thoroughbred. Until : ;.??.. 4 found
the officer will take ;ns dally exercise,
aloot?a form of exercise he mutt take un?
der any circumstances,
"? 1117 E, MAIN ST.
After you have saved tome money
[try to secure a home. We will ht'.y
you to do to.
Work Satisfactory and Prices
Lower Than Those Paid
by the State.
Contracts tor city printing, advertis?
ing, binding and stationery for the
y<'nr 1912 were awarded by the. Coun?
cil Committee on Printing and Claims
last night. Tho advertisement for
proposals brought only a few bids, but
the prices were stated to bo extremely
low In nearly every Instance.
Por general printing of city ordi?
nances, advertising and proposal forme,
the only bidder for publication in Eng?
lish was the Richmond Virginian, at
24 cents per inch, nonpareil, and 20
cents per Inch for tax notices.
For printing the samo notices In
German, the only bidder was the Dally
German Advertiser, at 20 cents per
Inch, nonpnrell, and 35 cents for tax
notices. Contracts were awarded to
both papers In accordance with their
One Old for Printing-.
The only bid for city printing came
from Clyde W. Saundcrs, who has held
the contract for the past year. Mr.
Adams, who was chairman of a sub?
committee to open the bids, said that,
the prices were remarknhly low for
printing, though tho bid for pRper and
supplies was not so low. Chairman
Atkinson remarked that tho State of
Virginia la now paying IS cents for
ortain grades of printing which the
city secures under the new contract
for 8 cents, and the contract for both
Jo'n and book work was awarded to
Mr. Saunders, tho resolution giving
f'lerk Uzcklo] authority to supervise
delivery. Chairman Atkinson called
attention to the fact that tho city re?
ports for 1010 have not been deliv?
ered, though thoy should have come
from the printer more than .?even
months ago. and are now. to a large
extent. Valueless, as nearly a year has
passed since they were complied. The
clerk was given authority to supervise
this class of work and require deliv?
ery in a reasonable time.
Illiidint; nnd Stationery.
There wero two bids for the annual
binding contract, proposals being sub?
mitted by S. P. Atkins and Weym?utn,
Meister & Smethle. After examination,
a subcommittee reported that Wey
mouih. Meister & Smethle. who held
the contract last year, were tho lower
bidder, and tho contract was so
There was but one hid to supply the
city departments with stationery for
the year--from the Southern Stamp1
and stationery Company. Manager
Kosendorf admitted that In some In?
stances hls prices wero higher than
last year, ns on some. Items of goods
furnished the city he had lost money,
but there being no other proposal, the
contract was awarded to the only bid?
der, without being read.
The same bonds as heretofore were
required of the various contractors.
Edut?tloiiul Subjects to rtr Discussed at
t'nlon 1'nlverslty.
n?ginn;r.g thti? afternoon nt 2;."0 o'clock
( ' stkth annual conference of principals
tnd teachers of the secondary colored
schools of Virginia will meet at Virginia
t'nlon University. Tho eonferenrs prom-I
Iset to tu especially valuable this year.
The j-'-sslon will discuss the relations
Ol tho higher schools te each other and to
Stimmer normals. To-night at 7 o'clock the
subject of Industrial and manual training
win be discussed, To-morrow morning at 0
o'clock the general educational outlook for
the color,-,! people will be considered.
Ordinarily n score of the higher colored
schools are represented, and many of the
lending colored educators of the State are
I present. All those, who are Interested In
aMCh work are welcomed to the. conference.
I'otice l-onjr Ago Searched ItrtUka for
Iiefruiltlng Cashier,
lnfor:natir,n that Reuben T. III!!, default,
ing ca?!.>r ?( the defunct Tri:- Reformers'
Bank, was supposed to be in hidlag In
Henrlco county, has been In possession oi
th. Polle? Department since .?ithir, a few
da> > after his , disappearance, All trails
were thoroughly Investigated hy detectives
and on several occasions automobile trips
were taken Into th* county In an attcmpl
to arrest the. fugitive.. No ono was found
Who could positively say,when H||] was
biding, nnd the search In I [er..r,r,_, WBi
Itoceritly immunity was off. Yy offi?
cers of this order to Hill :! a., would return
and testify for tho prosecution Tl .. prof
Ifir of Immunity to mil is the oril) now
development tn the case *? tar 4* tho
daiUuiUojo oatfaitK la oinocraod*
Holiday Custom of Shooting
Cannon Crackers Won't Pre^
vail Next Year,
Ordinance Being Framed to Pro?
hibit Sale and Explosion
of Fireworks.
Because of tho disorderly nature of
the Christmas celebration In the matter
of exploding; fireworks In public streets,
an ordinance will be Introduced in tho
City Council to prohibit tho sale ot
cannon crackers and bombs of all ltlnds.
But tho ordlnanco will not stop there.
It will prohibit tho tiring of these
crackers In the streots, and a heavy i
penalty will bo put down tor every J
violation. Already tho measure has |
been approved by citizens, by Council
men and by tho Police Department. I
AVhllo there Is no deslro to interfere j
with the harmless pranks of the young?
sters, tho nuisance has reached such a .
point lhat It 13 necessary to bring
about a change. Grown meji were
guilty like the boyB. They went nboul
town on Monday, flinging crackers in
all directions?right In the midst of
parties composed of women and chil?
dren?without, the least regard for pub?
lic safety. Several persons were In?
jured In this manner, "und several
lights resulted.
Dleifrnccfu! Srcars.
As tho law now stands, the police are
powerless to deal with the nultuncc.
In Broad Street on Monday, for instance,
the largest crackers sold in Richmond
were llghtod and thrown from win?
dows, frightening women and horses
and often making It dangerous for peo?
ple to walk about. Tho same disgrace?
ful conditions prevailed elsewhere.
There Is more drinking on Christmas
thnn on ordinary occasions, and this
simply added to the risk.
A member of the Common Council
said yesterday that he would ask City
Attorney Pollard to prepnrc nn ordl
nanco to be introduced at the January
meeting to prohibit the solo of fire?
works and tho explosion of fireworks
In the streets. A member of the JJoard
of Aldermen la at work on a .similar
ordinance, which is said to meet tho
hearty approval of the Pollen Board.
With the sentiment which hus been
aroused by the recent demonstrations,
it Is ulmost certain that the ordinaries
will bo adopted without opposition. It
will have a double effect, Inasmuch as
It will prevent the sule by nierchnnts
and tho street firing by men and boyp.
Under tho regulations now In vogue,
the "baby-waller" crackers are not sold
In Richmond, but cannon crackers on
the market are quite big enough.
Police Vrgrcd to Act.
"I have been asked by more than a
score of people within tho past two]
days if we could not stop these street I
celebrations," said a member of the |
Pollco noard yesterday, "and tho de
mnnd for a moro strict obsorvunOo of
tho day Is still growing. I believe that
a new law Is needed, und I was grati?
fied to-day to learn that an ordinance
would he Introduced In the City Council
covering tho two points?sale and cele?
bration. Unless that Is done, the evil
will continue to grow, and eventually
we will be forced to act after some?
body Is killed. Then the public will
make Us demands. The demands thus
far are sufficient. In my opinion. t?v Jus?
tify action. Christinas nowadays Is
turned into a disorderly exhibition, and
while we can't deal with the public,
conscience, we can certainly stop this
nuisance, and U will he done before
December 2!> next."
Tax of $60,305.96 Is Paid by
Chesapeake and Ohio on
Equipment Mortgage.
The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Company recorded yesterday in the
clerk's ofllco of tho Chancery Court
of the clly of Richmond a mortgage
and deed of trust to the United .States
Mortgage and Trust Company, and
William II. VVhito, trustees, to secure
tho Issue of 5162,200,000 llrst lien and
Improvement twenty-year mortgage
bonds. The deed convoys all of the
property of the railway company, in
trust, to secure tho payment of the
bonds provided to be Issued thereunder.
It Is a voluminous document, contain?
ing 190 printed pages, and In addition
lo clerk's fees of S'.M for spreading the
whole paper on tho record, the rail?
way compiiny paid to the Stale of Vir?
ginia n rccordatloti tax of $00,305.96,
The deed Is made, in duplicate, and
copies of the original will he recorded
in the cleric's ofllco of every county in
the State through which the i-oad
pa sses.
Mr. Warren Declines Year's
Furlough Offered by Second'
Resolutions Adopted by Congre?
gation Express Deep Regret
Over Retirement.
With expressions of sympathy and
regret, tho resignation of ltev. Louis
Bacon Warren, pastor of tho Second
Baptist Church, was accepted last
night by tho congregation at a busi?
ness session. Since Mr. Warren's un?
expected action, prominent members
of the church havo approached him
with compromise propositions, but ho
was firm in his purposo to relinquish
a chargo which he was unable to servo
wUth .his best efforts because of tho
severe oyo trouble with Which ho is
suffering. Ho declined to accept a
year's furlough as well as an otter of
an assistant to carry on his work,
while he took complete rest.
Immediately after tho opening of
tho meeting by Dr. George B. Steel,
presiding deacon. Sir. Warren address?
ed a few words to the congregation,
touching fcoltngly on the pleasure he|
had enjoyed during bis brief ministryI
In Richmond and tho sorrow with
which he gave it up. lie then retired.
Commended In Resolutions.
James D. Crump, chairman of the fi?
nance committee, offered tho following
resolutions, which were adopted by
the congregation:
"Wliereus, the beloved pastor of this
church, tho Rev. Louis Bacon War?
ren, has tendered his resignation be?
cause of physical Infirmities which
render n .complete rest Imperative; and
"Whereas, Mr. Warren has private?
ly stated his Inability to accept a fur?
lough such us this church would glad?
ly offer him.
"Resolved, that In regretfully ac?
cepting Mr. Warren's resignation, this
church wishes to record Its high ap?
preciation of his services as a minister
of the gospel and Its unfailing esteem
for him as a man.
"In the nil too brief ministry of
eleven months, Mr. Warren has en?
deared himself to us an Individuals
and as a church. Zealous in the work
of the Lord, fearless In the perform?
ance of his duty, a rounded scholar, a
cultured gentleman and a sincere
Christian, he has Inspired this church
with a.now destra for service and has
incited our members toward new
ideals of faith, as a preacher, as pas?
tor, as counsellor and as friend, he
lias won for himself a permanent place
In the ann;> Is of this church. In part?
ing with him, we. thank God for his
ministry with us. pray earnestly for
bis recovered health anil bid him God?
speed In his exalted career.
"Resolved, second, That tho clerk of
this church have a copy of these reso?
lutions properly engrossed and signed
by the moderator .Mid clerk and for?
warded to Mr. Wnrren."
(?'?rat Uloiv to Church.
In seconding tills expression of re?
gret on the part of the church, Dr.
Douglas tf. Freeman explained tho
pressure that hud been brought to bear
on Mr. Watren to make, him accept a
furlough or on assistant, the pastor's
determination not to accept such pro?
posals and his convictions that a
year's total rest was Imperative if
his eyesight is to be saved. Dr. Free?
man was followed by Lleutcnam-Gov
ernor Kllyson, who reiterated the
sorrow, the loss of the pastor caused
the church, and voiced the opinion
that It waa one of the worst blows
the church had ever received.
Immediately after a motion was of?
fered and adopted naming the follow?
ing as a committee to secure a new
pastor: William Ullyson, James D.
Crump, chairman flnancu committee;
Frank T. Crump, superintendent of the
Sunday school, C. R. Guy und Dr. W. IL
This same committee was later au?
thorized to act as pulpit supply com?
mittee until the services of a successor
to Mr. Warren have been engaged. A
motion was then proposed and unani?
mously adopted that although Mr.
Warren has served the church but
eleven months he be paid for his ser?
vices for a full year.
While Mr. Warren will be in the c'ty
until January 1. it Is not known
whether or not be will preach at the
Second Baptist Church next Sunday
morning. It Is believed ho will deliver
a farewell sermon to the congregation
It the condition of his health permits.
After the tlrst of tho year Mr. War?
ren will go to Macon, Ga., his old
home, where he will take a complete
rest tor a year. Ho came to the Second
Baptist on February l. 1911, from
OwCnffborp, Ky? to succeed the Rev.
W. I!. I. Smith. D. D., who bad been
the pastor for many years.
Although Mr. Warren Is threatened
with the total loss of his eyesight,
specialists: in N'ew York, whom he has
consulted .advise him that this calamity
may possibly 1> averted by such a
rest as he is undertaking.
Will be paid by this bank on January 1st. Since tlie year of our
organization we have prospered, and we are glad we can pay our
shareholders a fair dividend.
Our purpose is first to keep our assets in clean, convertible
condition; to give our customers the best of Security and Ser?
vice upon terms which will leave a reasonable profit for our
of Richmond, Virginia,
will adhere to these same principles, and we will appreciate all
or a part of your business during 1912.
Governor Will Deal With Col?
lection of Taxes as Well
as Convict Labor.
Inspectors Meet To-Morrow.
Governor Reappoints Dental
Governor Mann has begun" the prop
ration 01 lila biennial message to tlie
General Assembly, which he will trans?
mit to the two houses in the morning
of J.anuury 10, us soon ub the bodies
have organized, elected their officers
and havu informed him that they arc
ready to attund to the public business.
A portion of the message Iiuh already
been prepared, while the tnateriul tor
sections of it bus been In course of
preparation for many months. This Is
especially true In reference to tho
contract convict labor at the State
Penitentiary, as to which the Governor
secured copies of the laws of other
States many months ago. He has In?
dicated for eomo tlmo that u purl of
his message will dcul with this sub?
ject und that ll will recommend the
employment of all available convicts
on the public roads.
Another feature of the message will
deal with tho collection of taxes. Ho
will treat thin problem In a direction
not reached by tho report of the Tax
Commission, and will have, suggestions
In tho way of definite legislation, which
he. hopes will accomplish something.
He Is not, of course, ready lo muku
the details o? his plan public.
On the subject of economy ho will
say something to the Legislature. The
report of the Auditor shows that when
the detlclt from the last fiscal your
is paid, ihe Stuto will be Just uboul
level financially, not counting any ap?
propriations which may be wanted for
improvements and additions at Slate
Inspector)! In Virginia win Have Mcct
lug Itrre To-Morrow.
The local Inspectors of hookworm in
Virginia, under tho Rockefeller Sani?
tary Commission; will meet lor a con?
ference In this city to-morrow, which
will last until Saturday. They will
make their field reports to Assistant
State Ilcalbh Commissioner A. \V.
Freeman, who Is tho agent for lite
hookworm work In Virginia.
It Is stated that the task of lo?
cating the disease and of educating
the people Is progressing rupldlv.
Prom time to tlmu It Is found Unit
certain localities arc free from the
disease, and It I? bejlaved the entire
task can be completed within a time
net so far distant.
Ilmtal lCxamlncrn Ilrnppnluted.
Governor Mann yesterday rcappoint
cd II. Wood Campbell. D, D. S., of Suf
folkj and .lohn P. Stlfr, 1?. D, .-"., of
Prcderlcksburg, as members of tho
State Hoard of Dental Kxahllners, for
th<- term of three years, beginning Jan?
uary 1, 1912.
Seek Dissolution l'nper?.
While only a few corporations have
t-o far applied for dissolution papers
in order to uvoid the registration fee
and franchise tax for 1912, the number
of applications for blank.- received bv
Clerk lt. T. Wilson, of the Htatts
poratlpn Commission, iridlcute to hlni
thai a good, many will be tiled before
the end of the week.
Of course, only those corporations
desiring to discontinue business or who
have already dor..: so and want lo
avoid the taxes, or who wish to con?
tinue merely as partnerships, are in?
terested m securing dissolutions this
Delegates to Convention.
The Governor yesterday appointed I'.
St. Julien Wilson and Preston Belvlu,
of this city, and W. II. Aston, of
Meadow View, as delegates to tin an?
nual convention or the American Au?
tomobile Association, to be held Hi
Washington on January IS and IT,
Thrown Out of Court When
Justice Could Get No Line
on Their Jabber.
Among other things Justice Crutch
field does not know is the Russian
language. Therefore, because of the
lack of evidence, he dismissed Andrew
Ivlcl (ttu way it is spelled on the
court docket), who was charged with
being drunk and disorderly, and .lohn
Sttmansky en. charged with assault?
ing the said Ivlcl.
Justice Crutchfloid realized In the
beginning that he didn't know Itus
sian, so ho called in an Interpreter.
The Interpreter tried to interpret, but
couldn't. There was n harsh exchange
of guttcrals, and the Interpreter turned
to the grave .lohn and said: "They
speak Magyar; I don't."
"Can you make heads or tails out
of It?" asked Justice John.
"No, except that this man"?poiuiing
to Ivlcl?"was hi I in the head."
"Yes. I see that, but it ain't sutll
"What ain't sufficient, the head?"
"No, tho evidence."
"Well." said the Interpreter, "that Is
oil f know, and you can sen that for
yours If."
"Yes. it's as Plain as the nose on
my face. Bettor shoo'eni out." and Jus?
tice CrutcliHeld turned to an officer of
the court.
"Shoo." said the officer.
They shooed.
It will not he necessary, for toe
present, at Irast. for n volunteer .to
lend a regiment against the Russians
or to deliver up his son in sacrifice.
Old Chesapeake Jfc Ohio Rsrelversiiln Liti?
gation Kndril.
An order wan entered l>y Judge T.. Carter
Scott yesterday In the City Circuit Court
dismissing the famous old chancery suit uf
Duncan & Calhoun against the. Chesapeake
?? uhio Itallroad Company, which has bodn
pending fincc tho old Cliesapeolte 4- Ohl?
Company went into the hands of receivers,
and was reorganised as tho Chesapeake ,v
Ohio ll?llway Company tnore than twenty
live years ago.
The action follows h.ird on tht, dismissal
last week (,f the old iuilla Involving tho re?
ceivership of the rtlchmond & Allegheny
road i,Wd tho winding up of the affair* or
the Juuic:i Illver A Ktihawha Canal Com?
pany, all of which properties and rights
uro now owned ''>' ? ?"> n?w Chesapeake ft
Ohio, Originally the mit of Duncan ? <""ui
hoiin against tho Chesapeake & Ohl., Kail
road Company, which action caused the re?
ceivership, involved immense, sums of
money, and tho record and papera IUI a
large chest. Not In ninny years, howovcr,
have any proccadlnga heon taken, all of the
Issiiiis having boon sou led, savo soro.0 Sllffht
?AirmailUC3k many year* f>gQ\
Our Friday Bargain Sale
Will be unusually attractive to-morrow. Read our
account of items in this evening's Leader and
I Gans-Rady Company
Eastern Passenger Agents Stop
Over on Their Way to
Florida Meeting.
Tho Chamber ot Commerce and local
railroad men yesterday entertained
the special party of Lastern passenger
agents who slopped In Richmond to
have a look around on the way to
Jacksonville, Fla., where the annual
meeting of the American Association of
l'assengcr Agents will be held on De?
cember ?JD-30. General passer ger agents,
district 'passenger agents, their wives
and daughters, seventy-five strong,
foiled Into town yesterday noon from
Washington, made a Hying automobil?;
trip around the city, partook of an
old Virginia bullet luncheon at the
Jefferson Hotel, laughed and applauded
Polk Miller anil his quartet, ami de?
parted at 7 o'clock for the South.
Oil the, way. the Eastern party will i
drop off in Charleston ami Savannah,
staying In these cities Just long enough
to allow them to arrive In Jackson?
ville Friday morning In time for the
lirst business session of the .convention.
The delegates will be royally enter?
tained In these two cities, treated to a
ride around the bay In Charlestoni an
auto trip In Savannah and piled with
food In both places.
After attending to business In Jack?
sonville, a special passenger agents'
train will start out on a week's trip
through Florida, stopping off at the
famous wittering places where enter?
tainment has been provided. For the
delegates who do not care for the
Florida trip, a side .taunt to Cuba has
been nrranged.
Richmond pa'i'cngor agents, repre?
senting all the lines that run Into this
city, went to Washington Tuesday
night and escorted tbr Eastern party
here. On the Journey from Washing?
ton luncheon was served by the Sea
Board Air Line, the Atlantic Coast Line
and the Richmond, Frcderlckaburg and
Potomac Railroads Of the local men.
<". 8; Campbell, W W. Robertson, of
the Atlantic Coast Line: c II. Boaloy,
Norfolk and Western .S. 12, Rurgesa,
Southern! W. M. Taylor. Richmond.
Frcdcrlcksburg and rotomac. went on
with the party to Jacksonville.
Clicnpcuke A' Ohio Men Hold Conference
With (Iraeral Muruigrr.
A fjrther ronfcnnc war held yesterday
between ., committee of t^'erraphcrr. of the
? hetaneake <v. Ohio Kallway and fjeacral
Manager lirlie m reftr?nc> to the wage
.-calo. for ihn coming year, the eperator?
neklng an Increase of Ii p<r cent. No Una)
agreement was reached yesterday, the com*
iriltteo and ijenern: manager agreeing to
hold ii further conference this afternoon at 3
o'clock. Hotli Ildes expressed themselves in
regard to the friendly nature of the trans
aetlon, and the telegraphers felt that >em>.
Increase ?111 be granted, though the, ad?
mitted that Ihoy do not expect t0 get what
hai been aske.l
''ajirman Adams, of the Couaeil Commlt
loe on streets iuN yesterday that the
matter of the i-tin 0f tho stun fines ttrcet
car llr.c to the Richmond, Urbanna A- Pen
Insular Itnilroa.l t'ompany would not come
up before the Council Committee on Mroets
to-hlght, The commltti* will meet at S
o'clock to approve bills and payrolls, and
transact routine business of a character
'?i lilch must l>* parsed vipon before the ?rr.t
? the year, but Mr. >.dams calls attention
to a rule of Ihe committee, which requires
that all matters relating to Iranchlses be
considered at a special meeting called fe>r
the purpose, when due notice has be, n
given to tho parties Interested. This meet?
ing will nt.t bo called until early in Jan?
Robert Tailor In Hospital.
Hohen Taylor, the veteran '"newsboy," is
not missing. He Is a patient In the Vir?
ginia Hospital. He went to th? hospital on
Saturday to undergo an operation. The
,,)."ration was succnssful, and It was stated
yesterday that he was doing well.
The alarm was aroused by a newsboy?
not a veteran?who had missed hl3 old
Judgment Entered.
Jury verdict and luelgmnt were ense.od'
i yesterday In the City Circuit Court in tho
ta?o of Frederick V, Wlshart against Mr:.
Mary Lec linnet for f.'.3n. Hie claim dating
back to i;?T7. and, being stated to bo for
merchandise delivered. Tho claim has been
contested by Mr*, lionet, who la well known
here, as one of the heirs to Hie Ford estate,
I over which there has been prolonged and
intrlcuto litigation.
To Set lintc for Cases.
I Lawyers with cases to be tried during Ihn
I January criminal terni o fiiie Hemrlco county
[ I in Uli Curt are requested by Judge It .Cur?
ler Scott tu be on hand promptly on the
I morning of January when the. dutis for
hearings Will bu set.
suit Instituted.
1 Bult was Instituted yesterday In tho Law
and Equity Court by J. s. James against
the Virginia Railway and Power Company
for damages In tho sum of H.Oto. No de?
claration has as yet been filed.
Ilenrlrn Marriage l.trrnse.
License to marry was gran tod yesterday
by Clerk S. P. Wnddlll, of foe llonrlno
cnuniy Circuit Court, to W. W. Johnston
and No rill a E. Itagland. Both are residents
o: Horirlco.
Pulls of Quorum.
The Council commltxeo on St. John's
Burylng-Ground failed of a quorum last
Water Committee to Meet.
The Council Committee on' Water will
meet to-night at S o'clock'for approval or
bills ami payrolls.
Kentucky Editor Will Discusa
"Peace" at Jefferson Hotel
Colonel Henry Watterson, editor oJ
the Louisville Courier-Journal, will ad
dross the people of Richmond at tho
Jefferson Hotel Auditorium on Sun?
day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Tho tl-.
tie of hla uddrcss hus not been an?
nounced, but he will Hpeak on tho gen?
eral subject of "Peace," with special
reference to Its promotion by means
of arbitration. It In a subject to which
the veteran editor has given mucJt
thought and time, and upon which hq
has spoken recently In many Southern
Mr. Watterson will be a guest at thd
Jefferson Sunday, and will spend tho
day quietly: He has expressed a deslro
to meet the representatives of tho lo?
cal press, and will meet Informally a
number of the city's newspaper men,
and prominent citizens. Mayor D. ?.
Klcharduou will preside In the after?
noon, and the speaker will bo present?
ed by former Governor A. J. Montague.
The <|uestlon of international peace,
In the opinion of tho Kentucky editor,
possesses more than a non-sectarl.in
Interest, and ought to ho taken up ac?
tively by tho church. It Is this Hcnil
religious aspect of the question which]
makes a Sunduy address on tho sub?
ject wholly In keeping with the spirit)
of the day. and removes the objections
that might with propriety bo mado to
a Snhhath day address on a more scc
ulur topic. .\|r. Watterson ban spoken
on the subject In Charlotte! Savannah,
Atlanta and other Southern cJtlcs. and.
in a number of Instances tho addresses
were delivered on Sunday.
Claim fur Rental Heard.
I Xotlr* 0f motion for Judgment wss dork.
|ct?d yesterday In the fjtty Circuit Court, la
I the c.-uo of D. O'Sulllvan against I. J.
Smith A: Company, ?.!,,? ?1110 nt Issue being
I t\T\ A Jury was orn and the evtd?nco
partly heard, the jury being adjourned to
this morning at 10 o'clock The claim Is for
rent at ?l per day for a lot occupied for .1
j tlino by tha Smith Company for building
material. Smith claim* that ho surrendered
the. lot more than a year ago, and Is not
I liable, for further rental.
County Officers tilve nond.
The n?wly>elected nffle?ia of llenrtco
county, who ar, required to give bond, ap?
peared l"-'ore .indue l! Carter t-eott. o: :ae
Hnorlco county <'tr?ult '"'.?urt. vcatt-rday and
QiiHlltlrj to assume their duties, beginning
January 1, IMS, Tbera are still some un?
bonded iRtclals o." the eounly who luvt
i failed to appear hffore tho clerk to qualify
for offlre. The delinquents must qualify
before the llrn of the year.
j f. 11. Meeklns Hulled.
J. If. Meekins. the negro charged -.vith
assaulting and stabbing Ernest 1. Ir vine,
m.anHger of the National Clothing Coin
1 pony, wns bulled yesterday befote Juduo
Witt in the 1 uin of ll.ooo for his appear
anco In Police Court on January t.
i The asaault occurred on Saturday n::'.it
after Meek'.ns. It Is alleged, had been or?
dered lo leave the store.
Mi .Months' Search Ends.
Pete Laey. colored, for whom tho polleo
[ have beun searching ilhi-e last June, was
arrested yesterday afternoon by Detectives
Krtngel and Rolton on a charge of illegal?
ly having cocaine In his possession. Co
I calne was found beneath hla bid last Juno,
but Peic was nowhere to bo found. The
I two detectives heard that he nia in to-*u
yesterday, and found and arrested him in
! a houae In Locust Alley.
Marriage Licenses.
1 Marriage Unreine? were Ismied yesterday
1 in the Hustings Court to Hilton Joseph
Kermann. of nilnjrl. Miss . and Sarah Embr?
Page: Louis Ernest Berry, of Easton, Md.,
and Nelly Co.-kran; John It. Hofbauor and
Mary Hsake. and to James Uasln Slaughter,
and Lula Leo Martin.
Southern ltallwuy Earnings.
Estimated earnings of the Southern Rail?
way for the third week In nerembor shoi<
an Incrcaso of S^.?lS as compared wltb ths
corresponding week last year.
Your Baggage
Called for and checked from your resJ?
deuce to destination of tickets.
809 East Main Street.
Jefferson Hotel. Murphy's Hotel.
Christmas Fires
never bother the
home covered witli
G. M.Co.'s "Pearl"
Roofing Tin.
Prof. Walter Mercer will have charge
of Musical Program at City Auditorium
Meeting, January 2nd.
Richmond Advertisers' Club

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