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Sellers and Moffett Each Roll 743 Total on Open?
ing: Night of Times-Dispatch Elimination
bowlit;g Tournament?Second Squad of
20 Will Try Conclusions lc:Night.
Alley .\o. -?l.owrey. Turner, AVnl
la.ee, J. S. Darrovr, Levering.
Alley No. 3?Maratiitll, Ldngo, Unust,
Hayes, Burnetl.
Alley No. 4?Hoc, CaPp, rcrreitl,
Mcdd. Muunen.
Aller No. iw? (iciirKe llolirlcn. t;or
ilon. Oliver, Kissinger. Itlck?rdsoii.
Moffett and Seller? lied laut night for
ilrst honors In tlie first games rolled In
The Times-Dispatch diminution bowl?
ine; tournament, on Ihe I'nlnco Alleys,
with h tof?l of Ttr. pins f'o the llv?i
tames. As was expected, the first In?
stalment of ambitious younjste'r? hrolte
no recorJs. They wen- all beginners,
but what they lacked In skill they i/adc
up in sincerity of purpose. A good
callery watched the sport, despite the
weather, which kept some of the mote
timorous at home.
Twelve of the initial twenty sched?
uled for list night, either from weather
conditions or through stage fright,
tailed to toe the marl; when time was
railed. They have therefore been
striche): from the i oils and will not
be allowed t? compete further In the
Kairlauib wat the luck)* individual
and topped the alley cash prl/.o ol $1
for highest game rolled, making ISO
on Ids fourth try at knocking tlicm
Aa the days of the Ural qualifying
round duuv to a close the Interest will
Increase, Each night will sec a dif?
ferent and for the better part a more
experienced set of rollers on the alleys.
The si lo dtiic has. been made up in this
way, so that the beginners would uV")
get discouraged If some lucky man
should hang out a high :-,cor<\
The ginne to-night will bcpln prompt?
ly at !> o'clock, and unless all of those
>vii. i, Med lor to-night appear Oil HtllO
iiioy win be ruled out of the tourna?
ment. The olio inl score for last nlnht
folio ?':
I 2 ft I K tnl.
J. M, Bailey.... ISO 1:1.' 137 111' 137 ?64
Taylor .IC3 1 ?">."> 1-"?> 142 151 717? ,
MoiYctt .112 I 1:1 110 ion 1.'" 50 1
Heppen .127 IM 134 125 r09 61?
Sellers .ij| 164 l U' i?f in:;-. '.;;!
Wuldbnucr ....II'. 1.13 14G I2D l.'T i'.T? I
Katrin 111 b .108 137 153 iSu rj3 706
Matthews .1:1 151 Hi! 137 149 I0l|
Accompanied by J. G. Lazarous, Two Drop
Quietly Into Town and Close Negotiations.
Work to Begin at Once?United otates
League Working tor Successful Sesson.
UV ?iLS MA l.lil.lt 1 . .
Urhest C. Landgral and .lace;. G.
Las iroui. owners of the Richmond
franchise In tho Cnltc,) States League
of Professional Baseball Clubs, dropped
quietly und unostentatiously into town
yesterday, walked to the ofllec of J.
Thompson Hrown Company, ami
signed a three-year lease on a plot of
around ?eliereon will be built ;i base?
ball plant which will be a credit to the
city, and which will compare favorably
with any plant in any city in the
I'nlted States. Tie pot of ground Iis
lust west and south of the Boulevard,
ind within a h'alf block of the car Hues,
and is own'd by r. v. Snyder. it is
.I5r> feet by 405 feet?quite a nice lot
for a bsll park.
Owner? Landgraf and liasarous will
be busy all of to-day getting their
Incorporation papers In shape, Land?
graf wili be the president and manager
of the club, while L-iiarous will be the
-orretury and treasurer. Work on the
now park will lie begun ot once. N'o
time will be lost. At the bog-Inning the
park will have a seating capacity of
7.00?. No more than that, and not one
single one less. The policy of the new
owners, according to their statement
made last night, will be one of abso?
lute frankness and openness with tho !
public. They arc going to tell the
fact." whenever they happen Tho sal?
ary limit will be the vaulted blue. Not
antagonistic In any sense.
First and foremost. Owner Landgrat
lOFircd it to be known that he is not
roming to Richmond as an antagonist
of the Virginia League. "I came to
Richmond." he paid last night, '.'because
t think Richmond one of the best base?
ball propositions In tho country. I lie
licve. and my associated believe, that
?re will make mone;- in Richmond: els'c
we wouldn't come y\Vn have Visen over
the rround carefully: havo studied the
figures, and we feel that If the Rastern
t.esrruo can cvist on an average dally
atf?ndanee of 1.800?the figure* arc
? ifAVial?that we tan support our toam
nnd make a fair profit on the average
dally Attendance wo can draw in Rich
"Wo arc ^oinB '? give Richmond a
w i ii it I ii ^ team if hrnlna and money can
procure one, Of course, we ate not
claiming n pennant already, but \vf be
itevc thai when the end of the season
I comen Itlchmoud will be lighting!
around the top. New York, Brooklyn,
Heading, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Wash?
ington, Richmond and Baltimore, will
be the circuit. We will not consider
I Chicago, as the Wimly City Is too far
away. In all ? these towns the men
who are backing the trnms are hus'
r.csa men, of sound judgment, and they
are about as enthusiastic as any r.et
I of men I have ever seen. While not
cblc, or lather not permitted to give
names, 1 might add that several of the
managers in the big leagues havo told
us that wo could count on their sup?
port, and that they would help us In
every way.
I'arkn .ilrcadv Secured.
"Kvery city In the IcagUO has It!.
<iark already picked out. Where the
parks are not equipped, work will be
begun tit once. 1 am afraid that the
gentlemen who think they control the
destiny of baseball will nnd out thut
ive have more money uud brains In our
i organisation than thoy reckoned with.
"The question has been asked, Where
ulll Me gel our ball players? The
same question was askod Ban Johnson
when his league was fumed, yet two
years afterwards he was able to win
a world*? championship from the Na?
tional LeagUi . There are plenty oT
ball players. That's the smallest
part of it. Richmond will have good
inen. Negotiations are now under waj
to se< tire the services of Harry Stem
feldt. former third baseman for the
Cubs, for Richmond, lie is a free
agent. So Is Vile Willis, by the way.
1 merely mention theso things to Show
the men who can be secured.
"Comlns; back to the Virginia League,
Wc will not bother that organization.
We are coming to Richmond with
I sonietliin? to offer the baseball-loving
I public. We arc golntj to offer a high
No mistake^ to correct. No expert
mails to try out.
"Ask the experienced owner."
FORD AUTO CO.. 162V W. Broad St.
gruje of baseball, tlio best that money
can buy. We are going to bid tor
the patronage of the people who want
that class of baseball. No contract
jumpers will bo played. We are go?
ing to protect tho contracts of all ball
dubs, but wo arc not going to recog?
nize a reserve clause. We have none
In our contracts, but our players will
be protected, nevertheless, and pro?
tected In such a manner that they can't
play ball anywhere in the United
states If they attempt to break our
Ilnve llccclved Cordial Mtpport.
"Wo have secured cordial newspaper
support wherever we base been be?
cause tho newspapers 'have been con?
vinced that wo are going to lust. This
Is no fly-by-night thing with me. We
have been working on it for nearly
two years. Unlike our friend Fletcher
we didn't ulvo out u Jot of hurrah news
in advance, before we hud arranged
all or" the details of our league. We
preferred to wait until everything was
in upplo-ple order and our success as?
"Mr. Lnr.arous is going to rentaln in
Richmond. Ho will muhe his home
here and conduct the financial end of I
the club. lie is going to make his
home here, mix with the people, tell(
them what we will have to offer und
t;et things in phupe for the opening of|
the season. We havo no grudges:
against any one. There is a need for 0.1
league such as ours, or else we couldn't ?
gc"t the support we have received..
That's our reason tor being In exist?
ence. Hut put this down, wo uro go?
ing lo give Richmond the kind of base-]
bull Richmond hasn't witnessed inj
many years."
Scoffers, disbelievers, cold water"
id rowers and others who have been
skeptical, to tho contrary notwith- j
standing, the way Mesare. Landgraf >
and Laznrous talked leads to the con- |
elusion that they are men of business ;
and that the United States League will
have teams in the field and will last.
If the buseball to bo given Is of the
class announced, Richmond will sup?
port the league, and support It in a
manner second to no town In the cir
cult. The circuit, by the way. with
Chicago left out, Isn't so bad. Pitts?
burgh has only one ball club. Cin?
cinnati has only one ball club. Brook?
lyn has only one ball club. Bnltimoro
has only one ball club. These are
nil cities of 600.000 or over- As was
Pointed out lost night, in speaking
of the jumps. It Is better to travel
fiOO miles to get a guarantee of $600
for three games than It is to travel
100 miles for a guarantee of $123. as j
i- the euro in the case in the Virginia i
From the writer's standpoint, the
United States League should be made
welcome. It will supply a want, and
it want which would be hard to nil
without the aid of the organization
just formed. It will sound good to
link Richmond with the greater cities
of tho circuit and will serve to ad?
vertise the town. It listens good, and
may it nil come true, outlaws or no
Called to That Cltj- In Trial of Negro
t'hurgcrl With Jewelry Robben'.
Dclccttva-Surcsant Wiley left last night
for Roanokc, where he goes to testify In the
trlnl of olin Turner, the younc nesro arrefct- '
c,l here on u charge, of robbing a Roanokc
Jeweler of nearly 12,000 worth of jewelry. ,
h Turner wns arrested some week* ago by
Detective .Sergeants Wiley and Kellam in a(
West street pawnshop, an he w?a |n tho act
Of attempting to pawn a. valuable rinn. The
detective had been looking for him nil daj.
They waited until he proffered tho ring In
pawn, und then loelc htm Into a back room,
where they made n close searcli of alt tils
pockets. They found more than twenty
rings, mast of them with diamond settings,
and a few other odds and ends In his hip
pocket. He stoutly maintained his Inno?
cence at first, saying that the rings had
been jfiven him to pawn by a woman In
the eastern parr ..f the town. But he mixed
his Hddrew.es, and. under the third dagrcr
by CuptH.n McMahon, practically con?
fessed that he had robbed a Jewelry atore.
in Itcanoltc.
is thoroughly" mahired." composed of ^selected
grain of the richest type and is the highest
grade of \VHlSKEY-kKnown^t? the science
of distillation.?"" _ _^_._
;The water'used in the distillation bf
lifeless distilled water but A NATURAL
0 most important requirement to produce
high class products of small grain. In the
distillation and bottling of OLD SPRING
WHISKEY the most sanitary methods are
pursued thereby * assuring a perfect ^and
xvholesome houscho\d necessity./"
R. L CHRISTIAN & COMPANY, Distributors
Richmond, Virginia. ,
Barely Noses Emory and Henry
Out of Basketball
i [Special to The Tlmes-Dlepatch.J
! Churlotteavtlle, Va.. January S.?Vir?
ginia's basketball team barely nosed I
Emory and Henry out of u victory to-1
night In the llrrt real game of the sea?
son. Tho contest was u poor one. Vlr
! ginli played rlngn around the fc'outh
J westerners In parsing the bull, but the
; Virg'nla hukrltctncn were urratlc and
? lulled of many easy gools. Cuptuln
Reams alone played brilliantly. He
scored all except two points for Vir?
ginia and netted many (lying; lost es at
difficult; angles. For Emory and Henry,
b'atfcl] starred in a elass by hlmsell.
It was. In analysis, a contest between
. the two Virginia captains.
The first half ended with tho score I
| tied at 1-' to 12'. Emory and Henry|
j forged ahead, hul br'lllant work by
i Kearns placed Virginia in the lead, und
j the whistle blow for the end of the
game Just after Emory and Henry had
I como wjthln two points of n tie by a
I neatly thrown goal.
I The Virginia team was made up of
nil of last year's players, and it is be?
lieved that the poor work was due to
the fact that thty have not yet StNJCk
their stride. Line-up:
Virginia Position. 13. and H. I
Koarr.s.right forward.Suite 11'j
E. Rlxcy.left forward.Logiuk]
W. Rlxe-y.centre.Nlcholt
Churchman, .right guard.Crowe I
Neff.loft guard.Bruce, |
Summary: Goals front Held?Kearns.
6; E. Rixey. Saftoll, 3; Logan. Nichols,
Crowe. Goals from fool?Kcarns.
Sa-ltell, ?. Rofcree, Harry Spratt. Field
Judge. Lannlgan. Time of halves, tlf
teon minutes.
Salary Raised $400 to Amount ]
Asked For of University
(.Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
CharloitcavJUc, Va.. January 8.?The I
General Athletic Association of the |
untvers'ty to-dny voted to increase
Trainer Lannlgnn'3 salary by 9 tO?. tu
tho amount asked for by him. Thu fa?
mous Southern trainer was recently
uttered more than twice the amount he
gets at Virginia?no email salary?but
lie did not ask for the ralso with the
view of leaving If lie did not gel It.
The faculty committee on athletics was
at first opposed to the ra'se on the
ground that the advance would make
hie compensation greater than that of
an adjunct professor at Uio university.
The second half of the season of thg.
Richmond Bowling Association was
opened last night at the Newport, when
the Alcos a.ud Remingtons battled for
the lead. The tight w.-ib exciting, with
the Alcos starting strong, but the Rem?
ingtons fought with grim determina?
tion and succeeded in winning the
first two games. Tho final test came
with the third game, when the Alcos
totaled 1,01s and the Remingtons 1.032.
Captain Ilandly was high score. 283. and
Purdle high total. GOG; Briggs was sec?
ond high score, 232, and second high
total, 592. For tho AJooe, Whitman
w h high score, 244, and also high
total, 5S4. Glaze was ceond high score,
234, and second high total, 636.
'.rh>- Alco3 broke all previous records
by rolling 1.04o, depriving the Vir?
ginians of the honor with 1,014. The
score follows:
1 2. 3 Tot a it.
Gallagher (Capt.).14P 169 214 f.22
Whitman....190 160 244 ?Kl
Glaze .142 160 234 536
Kennedy.109 179 142 611
O'Brien .148 180 214 501
Totals .S28 778 1,048 2.654
12 8 Totals.
Ilandly (CapL). . . 16S 180 283 690
furdle .220 191 195 606
Gordon .157 198 203 556
Brlggt .232 161 209 593
Cosby ..172 166 192 533
Totals .949 836 1,082 2.877
To-night at 8:30 Virginians vs. Newa
Standing of the Club*.
Won. Lost. PC.
lAiCos . 20 10 .666
Remington:;. 18 12 .800
I Vi'glnians . lit 12 .666
I TiuieB-Dlspatch . 18 11 .529
j News Leader. 11 13 .614
Journal . 12 12 .600
Cook Printing Co. 10 17 ;i?l
Newport . 8 21 .222
Capital < tt>- League.
The Capital City League, JUBt organ?
ized last week, win open the season
to-night ot the Newport Alloys, when
the VaugViRii-Robertson meets Owens
& Miner for a hot series. Great Inter?
est Is taken in this new league, and a
hard tight is looked for. Following
are tho teams and players in the now
Vaughan-Roberteon ?Garrott (cap- |
tain). Lockett, van Dien, Phlpps, Rob?
inson, Ferra t.
Owens & Minors?T. E. Roy (cap?
tain). R Roy, Rady, N?ckels. Sacrey,
Richmond Press?J. B. Burnett (cap ?
tain), I* Rlley, B. Ferrlter. D. Wilson,
L. Forriter, J. 8. Barrow.
Crystals?C. Curry (oaptain), Thomp
eon, Wells, Moroer, Thermanc GasUlns.
London, January 8.?"Blink" Mc
Closkoy, the American pujrtllot, and
Arthur Harman. of London, fought
twenty rounds at the National Sport?
ing Club here to-night. The referee
declared the contest a draw, but the
decision was hadly recolved, the crowd
favoring Hftrman. The m?n displayed
Uict* sad jtoi
Captain Wiinhlnirtoii t. Chamber?, the head of the nvlntlon hurcnu of the
navy, l, on the Troy to Son Diego, Cnl? ?Ith hin corpN of blrdmen to -"rajre
In prnctlec with the thi-Iouh typca of mnchlucn. The oorpa Include* Mrutrn
nnt T. C. Bllyitori. j. Jl. Tonern anil John ltod(rer?.
Democratic Program of Economy
Is Cause of Latest
Washington. D. C. January 8.?Kor
the lirat time in the liirtory of the guv.
eminent a labor strike held up the ma?
chinery of congressional legislation to?
day. The House committee stenogra?
phers, refused to work boeause the Ac
rousts Committee reduced their com
perisatlon from 26 cents to 15 cents a
folio. The sugar trust Investigating
coniudltec had to adjourn until to-mor?
The. Committee on Accounts, which
was following out the House Demo?
cratic program of economy. Immedi?
ately began to arbitrato with tho ate
nogrn pliers.
The stenographers "out" are extras
employed to help the regular salaried
committee reporters. The reduction of
pay would save about $5,000. Chair?
man Lloyd, of the Accounts Commit?
tee, said that If the reRular reporters
l&iertercd "we will dismiss them."
Dr. II. W. Wiley had been summoned
by tho sugar commlttao to elucidate tho
No. 16 Dutch standard clause of tho
sugar tariff. The full committee wao
in attendance, nnd a score of witness?
es, sugar experts, sugar refiners, Ofcel
sut;ar growers anil Mlchlg-un farmers
were waiting to bo called.
Chairman Hardwlck called the com?
mittee to order and announced thiit a
labor strike had stopped tho proceed?
ings, and the committee adjourned un?
til to-morrow.
The Hardwlck committee, which for
mouths lias been Investigating tho rise
in the price of sugar a year ago, has
tak?n thousands of pages of testimony
in Washington and New York. It had
been hoped to Imish tho Investigation
this week.
Wants nn Investigation.
Washington. January 8.?Senator
Crawford introduced a bill to-day to
provide for the appointment by tho
United States Senate of members of a
committee to Investigate the general
Increase of tho cost of living. Tho
ineasuro would provide for a gonoral
Inquiry relative to the wages, tho ef?
fect of truste nncl the Influence of tho
increased cost of living. Tho f&ill is
along the linos recommended -by tho
Economic Congresn In this cl.ty re?
Sceke World Conference.
Washington, January 8.?A resolu?
tion inviting tho Parliaments of tho
world to meet In Washington- next
September to discuss International ar?
bitration and to appropriate $60.000
therefor was introduced in tho House
by rtcprcsentatlvo Bartholdt. of Mis?
Municipal Ugbltng Plnnt Put Out of Butn
ness by Ice.
Ice In the James River Bunday night put
the city electric plant out of commission,
causing all of the are IlKhta In the cty io
So ont.
Though tee was still In tho river laut nt?ht,
It was said that the trouble had been over?
come, ana it was not anticipated that further
Slfflciilty would be exporlenoad.
With the exception of a few store tights
and gas lamps, scattered about the city, a'.l
of the street lights were dark.
Judge Witt's ComUtlou.
It was said by hla physiclunB yesterday
that tha condition of Judge 8. B. Witt, who
Is ill with pneumonia at his borne In Park
Avenue, was better than on Sunday.
Out in Four Minuten.
An alarm of flro w?j turned In yester?
day nftcrnoon from Pox It, Twcnt)-dfili
auii Venable atreots. Tho buck tap. signify?
ing that n lire Is extinguished, iwu
sounded within four minutes after. Thrrc
was no fire and less dnmago.
Colored Mission In Need.
The Colored City Mission, which has boon
doing splendid work during the present cold
wave among the poor of Its race, yesterday
found Ilde!:' unablo to meet tho demunda
made upon It and made an appeal to the
public for food, fuel, shoes and clothing.
I Contributions may bo tunt to the headquar?
ters of the Inktltutlon, ?02 East I^olgh
Academy?Blanche Bates.
Bijou?Hjitlnea and night. Hanluu's
"Fan to* tun."
City Auditorium?-Dr. Cook.
"Nutiody'e AVIdOTT."
There's a near provcr.lt to the effect!
that "A little widow is a dangerous J
thins." and as Miss Blanche Bulca bo
longa rather to the generous than to !
tho sollte class. ?>hc lB positively and |
absolutely a daring danger signal in I
??NeJoody'b Widow." played latl night
at the Academy.
A polar nlgnt kept many away from !
tho playhouse, but tho warmth ol her I
reception must havo cuumd Ml**, Dates I
to forget thu snow mm Ico and bitat I
ouiKlde and to believe that hiip had !
ul labt reached tho sunny .South. Bi !
fact. In a Lhort speech, in which tli#
wotds "deeply grateful" and "from I
the bottom of my he^rt" pluyed. aal
usual, it prominent part, the lady ao- |
i.ured tno attdleiioo that uhn was do
llghtcd that bho had at length reached |
lllchmoiid. Now, tills remark sounds
strangely llko tlio war cry of half
I a century ago, when, In fact. It's but
tho echo of a theatrical war of recent
years between the eo-culled theatrical
trust und those man .;; 11, on the out
bldu trying to look in.
?Mlaa BluneJiu Bates Is tile bright
particular ;itar of tne BolaSCO llrnia
inent?that is, since tho downfall of
tho late lamented Mrs. Leslie Carter?
and no BeldsCO *lu.r wan allowed to
iwlnlcte In K. &. theatres, of which
the Academy is one. Bo when tiio
charming "widow," wild last night that
r.iie w.ia glad to gut to luchmond at
laut, Hb? gave notice that tne property
dove of peace had htuilly reached his
porch, albeit a wabbly ono.
"Nobody's Widow" la not only full
of clever lines, but it's really a comody.
of thu eon that causes one to smile,
with Just enough lauglitor to puuetuute
tho fun. Unlike Miss Bateau former
great success, ' 1 he Girl of the
Golden West," no ItnJlnn composer will
ever tako Its riot for a grand opera
theme, 'but hot even lu "Tno Girl" wall
.Miss Bates oa clever as is sho In Avory
Jlopw.ood'a Belaacor.d play.
I She la altogether- charming; ai
j comedian to her f.ngcr tips, with a
dash of jjathos now and then to
brighten tho euocc6dlng situations. Tht>
play makes one forget the blues and
tlie stuck market, tho rnyt?iertus of
referendum und recall and tho tfcou
saud Ills that flesh and !t>onea are heir
to?the only recalls bolng tho many
which the audience demanded of the
widow aftor every curtain fall.
The play Is as charming as It Is
light; splendidly staged and well
played throughout, although lt'a a two
character story?tho widow fMlas
Bates) and the husband, dead, but.
aJivo (Mx. Bruco Mnltao). There were
others, nix of them Indeed; all most
excellent and deserving actors; but. i
alasl lmit night ouly parti: of the stage !
sotting, for tho piece la a thrtvo-aot
dialogue. It does not demand an over
uglle mind to follow tho plot.
Hoxana while in Kuropo moots and1
inurrlos a charming Bngllsbman, but
?within an hour aftor the roan l?ge,
finding him saying a fond farewell to
a former belle amio. aho runs away
and declares that she Is a widow.
Returning, a widow, dripping with
black, to America, sho finds the
perfidious husband stopping in tho self?
same country Iioubo at whloh she han
arrived, and, of course. It's a court?
ship all over again, wltjj enough clover
lines to mako Oscar Wildo turn ovor
In his gray grave with green envy.
The end of tho third act?the finale
?la a3 clever a bit of staging as the
last scone In "The Girl." It's all
Bolasco?that means It's about perfeot.
Don't take any one's word for It, but
r.eo It for yourself. It's a play which
married people will appreciate, and
at which old maids will onlff.
A. W.
'Tnntnsmn'' Show? Aste.
Two acts, made up from a little bit
of overytMng tho Hanlon Brothers
have ever done, not quite enjoyable,
because not now. and a thlTd act, which
alone makes tho performance worth
J while, tells tho story of "Fantasmu,"
?described In the program as "An In?
genious spectacular pantomime," which
was the offering at the BIJou last
night, and which will stay with tin for
the entire week, matlnoon and all.
The third act, already roforred to.
really has nothing to do with "Kan
tasma," except In the final moments,
when a series of pictures, now when
"The Black Crook" came into exist?
ence, arc shown. But that third act
serves to introduce some really clev?r
specialties, for whloh tho audience
showed Its appreciation by liberal ap?
plause?something entirely lacking up
to that time. Of the speclaltle?, that
given by Clara Thropp was by far the
I beat. She Is a comely young woman,
j with enough of a voice to put over the.
songs she sings, and sho Is such a very
There is an Inspiration to Thought in its gentle
Stimulation the more delightful because free from
Reaction. Do not iust cdl for whiskey?INSIST ON
I_Honest Old Quaker_?
I R L. Christian, & Co., Distributors I
I Richmond, Va.
excellent tnitnic and such a hard work?
ing- actress that ono In carried away
with everything that she docs, frot-i
an Imitation of Anna Hold to tho tragic
Impersonal Ion of the Divine Sarah, By
the way. sue. reproduces CJoorgo Cohan
nasal twang and all, in ?ne fashion.
York Herbert'? acrobatic musical
trio Is good, both for tho harmony and
for tie.- aerobatlcr. The Voungm um
family, light wire performer- ar?
wonderful, especially the lmie ' mis
who works with Kuch an abandon that
she scares half or the. people in the
house int,, conniption lit?, lest she hint
liorself?the em- who wears stilts in
order that she may be identified'
there are several clever misses Mb-|
son's Hying bllttet |lie? ,rr r',
but?well, they ore just bultcrlliei
The early part of the performance
la mere buffoonery, slapstick comedy
and some old triek scenery, 'lite nee
pic simply Happen, r; m
Good Illlt nt the Umpire.
For Its third week of existence tho
Empire Thentre offered as well bal?
anced a vaudeville bill as could pos?
sibly bo put together. It may be that
at Homo llino In the future this house
will bring forth better acts, but it
will be many a day before a grc^tf-i
Variety or specialities; will U? witness?
ed on one program. First of all, th<
house formed a pleasing contrast to
the. horrible weather obtaining out
Bide. The warmth wua inviting and
the audience was In a in-st pleasant
frame of mind to accept tho offerings
Tho opening number, a traper.e set
by Arminia und Korke, tvtia well re?
ceived. The act. while n-1 new. pro?
duced a number of clever special'.!?";
by both membora of the tea.ro Dan
Miiley saug some songs well and gave
a neat little recitation in Italian dia?
lect. Tho people llkod him.
Thomas and Snovv. in their oldttm?
sketch. "Tho Dog Thl-f." rearranged,
with a lot of qulckftre comedy talk,
went big. Hilda Hawthorn*, a clever
ventriloquist, took about els curtain
calls, which tells how good she wav
Hut the lieadllner, the Oi ? noise and
the real goods, wus '..'acser Rapoll,
who did a whole sketch with seven
characters in !t all by hlmeelf, ond so
well and quickly did he make th?
change's that the audience did not
sulfcr from the waits. Immediately
efter the skctcli he gave Impersona?
tions of all the grtat conductors of
orchestras, changing from one to the
other In llghtntug time It's really a
"big time" act.
It is a good show from every stand?
point, something far better than has
been seen for many months, well
worth tho prlco and meriting big
Dr. Cook ToOflght.
Dt. Frederick Albert Cook. North
I'ole explorer, will lect'jro at tho City
Auditorium to-nltfht under the. auspices
of Shockoe Council. Royal Arcanum
For tin Years true llouxa of Cl-uollt*.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
Ulstlllrra end lllender? of
l im- Whiskeys.
Drink Old Henry
It* l.ung necord I'roTea its Merit.
Built to
Highest Price and Best.
W. C. SMITH & CO.,
N. 314 Ffth. Vllne nnrl Main
"Dead Storage"
a Specialty
313 W. Main Street.
The buyer who knows tho different
I automobiles will own a
?Jones Motor
Car Co.
Allen Avenue and Broad 3treet.
David Belasco Presents
Blanche Bates
In Avery Hopwood's Farcical Romance,
Prices, $2.00 to 50c.
BIJOU-This Week
Mats. Tues., Th?rs.. Sat.
Big Spectacular Production.
Mis* Edua Dunham. Soprano.
David Ulsphuiii, Ilurltonc.
Hnrry Gilbert, Pianist.
TICKETS, ?1.00.
*cats on sale January 10th at Th"
I Corley Company. 213 East Broad Street.
I Mail orders solicited._j_
, Scats Rellins: at the Corley Piano
Company. 21^ East Broad Klrcot.
ii his thrilling narrative, with full
proofs of ills claim, exposing
his trnducers,
Prices, 8oo and cuo,

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