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Another Version of Story, Which
Is Said to Re Correct
iWoney Raised for Roosevelt on
Letter's Promise to Care
for Dcpew,
Washington, January 8,?Thcro have
been so many versions of tho llooso
velt-Harrlinan episode concerning cam?
paign funds in the national right of
1904, which hnvo been accelerated by
?the recent UooBovilu-'Sheldon corre?
spondence, that not a few New York
State republican CoiigroHsmen have
manifested an awakened Interest In the
HUbjeot. There arc Ilopubllcan Con?
gressmen from the Kmplre State, It I
was declared, who believe that thnro
sre three persons who can clear up the
luvt lory before the memoirs of the late
LMward II. Hnrrlman are prlntod. and
t!i<-f?; thre... are nssertr,i to be ex-Sena
tor Chauueuy M. Depow, ex-Governor
Men ;amln H. Odell, .lr.. and George B.
Cortelyou. Tho additional remark wan
made that these llepubllcans of na?
tional reput* will be able to confirm or
deny tho version which follows: i
Immediately after ex-Oovornor Krank
H. Hlack was set aside by Mr. Odell In
December, 1?04, as the candidate for
United States Senator to succeed Mr.
Dcpew, Mr. Odell being the Governor
and chairman of the Republican ?tato
Committee, and having precipitated
lila Ok Into the contest, nnd at the last
moment being compelled by Mr. liar- ,
liin.in to reject Black and sustain De
pcw. Mr. Harri man sent for the late
Pon itor John Raln?s and one or two I
otVrE. and nld to them:
' i find that my advice to Mr. Odell |
to reject Mr Black for Dnlted States
r uitor and stand by Mr. D?pow has i
practically ruined Mr. Odell as Rr.ptib- j
llcan State ler>der. I find that tho Ke- ?
publican Slate organization, acting on
bis advice, ingagod In the canvass to.
elect Mr. Black United States Senator.
*nd that, hecauso Mr. Odell, on my ad
Vlt ' at the laat moment, changed from
Bla k to Depew, tho Republican State
nrrinl2itIon has decided to dethrone
Jr.mi as its leader. That Is a great In
JuMlc* to Mr. Odell. I want to ask
you gentlemen If by any steps I can
reh ibllltate Mr. Odell In the convener
of th* state organization."
Mr. Itarrlman's visitors. Including
Senator Raines, Informed him that no
on earth could rehabilitate Mr.
Od*ll as Btate lco,di;r; that by his
>tirse In switching from Hlack to Du
per.-, after having Interested the entire
organization in Black, he had loet the
confidence of the leaders of the or?
ganisation, and that no amount of
money donatrd to th* Organization
re lid in any wav restore confidence in
M- Odell. Mr. Harrlman then 'aid:
"When President Roosevelt sent for
n to co 10 Washington, he was In a
nervous Mate over his election.
Ill iskod me |f i muld not rnlso funds
tu "lp out the situation. t learned
ni :>:al visit that th* republican Nn.
il Committee had collected about.
'? .1.000, and that most of this money
'? 1 be:n distributed among other
ti, anl that the President at the
'. st moment had become alarmed over
t'.v situation In New York. I told tin
President of my Interest In Senator
Dcpew; that I desired that ho should
he tak"n enre of. and I assumed from
? hat the President replied at that time
lhal he. In the event of his election,
was to appoint Mr. Depow ambassador
10 Franco. Anyway, It was with that
understanding that I returned to New
ling (lie S lomadis acM.wels.tf
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Not Narcotic.
fttrapOt SieJ
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C/mfkdS'jgcr ?
HaA ft,71 fkmc.
Apcrfect Remedy for Camsupa
Hon, Sour Stonwcn.Dlantoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ncss arulLoss OF SLE?P.
For Infants and Children.
Tac Simile Signature of
Always Bought
Thirty Years
Ere.'- ?""?py of Wrapp-r.
THt CI?TAVI??0*??NY. ?IV TOUR Cmr.
Vor* City and ialso?J the ?:ci.O0P in
;? few hours. 1 <ltd It entirely over the
telephone-. I called up tho Vanderbilt.?:.
the Krjultabl* people. Mr. Bliss, my
friends In the Standard Oil Company
and In the City Bank, and th; fund was
ralf,rd In that way. When I called up
Vonderbllts they asked me for whom
this additional fund was to be sub?
scribed, and I told them that In any
event Mr. De-pew wai to be protected
They re-plpd that they would subscribe
anything' that would help Mr. Depew.
With th" ?160,000 In hand. I handed it
to Mr. Bliss. Hi in turn save Mr. Odell
jCf.n.nno. and handed ?60.000 lo Mr.
Cortelyou; who was prosecuting- In trie
State of New York an Individual move?
ment in aid of th? Republican party.
"Aft*r election day In Xovembcr,
It>04. I wav Informed that President
Roosevelt was not to apjiolnt Mr. De?
pew amtn?s,idii to France, and I
learned that Mr. Odell had committed
himself and his friends In Ihe Repub?
lican State organization to it,..- candi?
dacy of Mr Black for the United States
Senate 1 tr.is greatly disappointed
when 1 learned that the President was
not to appoint Mr: Derpew. Inasmuch
as a great part of tbc fund had been
given with the understanding lhal Mr.
Depew was atnonp tho,. especially to
he taken care of. there was no other
course for me io take hut to advise
Mr. Odell to withdraw his support from
Mr Black and to give it to Mr. Depsw.
So utterly was 1 disappointed because
Mr. Depew was to fall of the French
ambassadorship that I offorod to re- !
turn from my own pocket the ?2^0.000
which had been contributed by my
?'i Icndr In the clos:ng days of the pre?. |
identlal fight for use In New York
State. They would not hear of fucIi
a. transaction. There was no other
*tep for mo to take thou than to give |
Mr. Odell the advice I did. and which I
ho followed. lie was the victim of an
episode, quite a tragic one ko far as
ho was concerned, and 1 now desire
to aslt you. Senator Raines, and you
trentlemen If something cannot he done
to rehabilitate Mr. Odsll in the confi?
dence of the State organization."
Mr Hairiman. according to reliable
Information, was again informed by
Senator Rain'.? md the others pre?.ent
trim ::othlnc und?! heaven rould re?
habilitate Mr. Ode.ll In the confidence of
the State organization
Dr. Hilpert llliie Nominated.
Washington. .Innuary 8.?Among the
nominations sent to the Fennte to-day
by Hrei?Mcnt Taft was that of Dr.
Import Blue, of f-nuth Carolina, lo re.
j-uruv o:. - general of the I'ubltc Health
and Marino Hospital Service.
.1. Ilrnry Wilson Appointed.
Washington. D. G, lanuary c.?
President Taft to-day nominated .1.
Henry Wilson to be postmaster at
Itural Ketreat. Va.
Sends Ont Appenl for TTolp.
frgent appeals for money, food or
elothlng were sent out yesterday by
the Methodist Institute of Charity after
a round of calls among the poor and
destitute of th? city had disclosed a
most pitiable and deplorable condition.
The bitter cold, with the storms of
snow and sleet, hrought Intense suf?
fering and hunger Into many homes
in already straitened circumstances,
and unless help In the shape of fuel,
food and raiment Is rushed to the aid
of the unfortunstPF, ileath from starv
ntlon and exposure |? likely to result
Jl Fascinating Story of the Fight Against Temptation
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a girl, really?was sweet and young and
beautiful?a pretty moth that fought against
the flame. This is a story that makes your
blood boil, that awakens your sympathy?
that holds you till the tale is finished.
Illustrating "Kash'ion,"
liy Grace Donworth.
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ion", Grace Donworth
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lous spelling makes her essay
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The Illustrated Sunday Magazine
$1.000 DAMAGES
Attorney Recovers tor Assault
Made by Josiah OfTutt at
Rockville, Md.
Arguments on Question of Send?
ing Rixey to Mariun Will Be
Heard January 24.
Alexandria, Va., January g.?a Jury
In the United States Court for the
Eastern District or Virginia. Judge
Edmund Waddtll presiding, Uii* aner
noon, with It. P, WhiteVtouc as fore?
man, gave a verdict to the plaintiff
for $1.0,00 in the ilainage suit of 1:. c.
L? MOncurc, an attorney of Alexandria
county,.-against Josiah T. Offutt, of
Rockville, Md. The object, of the- suit
was tovrecover damages In the liUn, of
$5,000 for' injuries alleged to have
been sustained as the re: uli of an al?
leged SBsault made on .Mr. Moncure
at Rookvliie, Md.. January j". last.
Immediately following the announce?
ment of the verdict Attorney Thomas
Dawson, one of the counsel lor the de?
fendant, moved for a .new trial. .Indue
Waddlll rixod upon Wednesday next as
the dato for hearing arguments 011
this motion.
The session of the court lo-duy has
been taken up in hearing testimony
in the case of the Emerson Engine
Company, Incorporated, this city,
against Edward Hatch, of New York,
The object is to enforce contracts*for
sale of a boat. The sum of more than
$3.000 Is-claimed.
Arguments In lllicy Case.
Arguments on the question of send?
ing C. Jones Rixey. former head of
the defunct Virginia Kate Deposit and
Trust Corporation, to the asylum for
the criminal Insane at Marlon, was
fixed in the Corporation Court to-day
for hearing January 24 next. The
date was originally fixed lor hearing
January 16, but was chnngevi by the
Rixey, after being declared Insane
by a commission of alienists, was sent
to the State hospital at Staunton.
whre he Is now a patient.
On behalf of the State. lomtnon
weallh'c Attorney Eretu "i'l argue tor
sending him to Marlon, while Rlxey's
attorneys will oppose the motion.
Dates for <u!hm Henringa.
The court fixed upon February 13
next as tho date to hoar arguments
on tho demurrcna to the petition in the
suit of C. M. Kemper. Treasurer of
Nelson county, and others, who ggelc
to hold the directors of the Virginia
:-:;-f. Deposit and Trust Corporation,
responsible for Its failure.
A petition wa? tiled .by James It.
f'aton for John 8. Banaour, former re?
ceiver of the defunct Virginia Safe
Deposit nnd Trust Corporation, asking
the court to llx upon hi.- . ompcusatiuii
for services during the time he act^l
as receiver for the. Virginia Safe De?
posit and Trust Corporation.
January 21 noxt was the date fixed
for the trial of Lewis Ilooff, former
secretary and general manager of the
defunct Mercantile Railway Building
and Loan Association, against whom
nine Indictments havu been returned
by a grand Jury charging him with
the misappropriation of a total of
$S.fir>0. a part of which wus funds of
the ?lefunet concern, of which he was
secretary astd Ktn*ral mnnager.
Typewriter stolen.
Turning from the robbery of gas
meters to typewriters during the cold
snap is Just what tho Alexandria,
thieves have done. The latest victim
of the typewriter theft is Lewl? H.
Machen, an attorney, and former State
Senator. The thief, or thieves, en?
tered his Office either yesterday after?
noon or last night and made away
with his typewriter.
A few days ngo thieves entered the
law, olflco of Wolter U. Varney, on the
same square that police headquarter^
Its located, and made away with hib
No Commonwealth Cases to Be
Heard?Many Awaiting
Not a sunglc Commonwealth case is
on the docket of the Supreme Court
of Appeals for Its winter session, which
berlns this morning at 10 o'clock. All
cases to which the State was a -party
were argued and submiicd nt the No?
vember term, and none has since been
perfected so as to permit of Its ap?
pearance on ttic docket to date.
Nor will there be a State Corporation.
Commission case. The only one in
which an appeal has been allowed is
in reference to the station at Clayvillc,
In Powhatan county, which was order?
ed closed on petition of the Southern
Railway. Not only has the record not
beon printed, but the supersedeas bon-I
hus never been executed, so It will
g-. over to the March term.
Tho tlrst decision day of the court
will be on January IS. at which time
opinions in a number of Important 1
cajes may be expected. Disposition i
will in ali probability be made on that ;
day of the old case of Thornton vs.
the Commonwealth, growing out of!
prosecutions against the former cash?
ier of the Mecklenburg Bank, which
failed somr three years ago. The In?
surance case of Harris vs. the
Commonwealth Is In regard to
the proseoutions of officials of tho
Southern Underwriters' Aa30cintlon for
conspiracy In the fixing of lire rntes in
Newport News.
The only csso of all those heard in |
November which was decided during
that torm was that Involving the valid- .
Ity of the road bond issue in Tazowell
county, which wns affirmed.
\mmlco Pascnlr Fined 810 for AnhohI?-'
lag Hin Wife.
Amadeo Pascals, charged with as-1
saulting his wilfe, Margaret Pascalc,
was fined $10 In Police Court yester?
day morning. On the charge of threat
enlng the lifo of James Grandi, with1
whom he and his wive Ufed, he was
dismissed. j
The hearing of Mary Dlekcrson and
William Holmes, colorod, charged with
Illegally having cocaine In their pos?
session, was continued to January 12. j
The hearting of Mrs. Amanda Ritter, |
charged- with selling lntox-icaMng
liquors at 1408 East Main Street, was.
continued to January 18. and she was!
balled in the sum of $500.
The hearing of Mamie Jackson, alias
Bessie Rogers, charged with being a
fugitive from Justice from Flotenee S.
C, was conttlnued to January 12.
The hearing of Stf Slklowskl (Stevo
Sokol on 'the police record! and of
Mike Grlasatk,..charged with feloniously
assaulting each other, was continued
to January 13. Each was balled In the
sum of $300. Tho trouble between, them
occurred during the celebration of
their Christmas' ssasojn. Sunday night.
Closes Thursday, 12 Noon, January 11th.
Read the Rules and Send in Your Jingle To-Day.
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It's Velvet Kind Ice Cream.
This contest is absolutely Free.
All First Week Jingles must be delivered at the
Purity Ice Cream Corporation's office. Jefferson
arid Cary Streets, not later than 12 o'clock Thurs?
day. January 11. 1912.
The name of the First Prize Winner will be
Published Friday, January 12th; the Second
'rii.c winner will be publijltcd Saturday, January
13th; the Third Prize winner Sunday, January
l ltli, and each day thcrc.iltcr the name of a prize
winner will be published in rotation until the
tcven prize winners of the FIRST week contest
have been printed.
As soon as the first week contest closes (Thurs?
day, January 11th, at noonl the SECOND week
contest will begin on that date and iiour. Thus:
After the first lot of Jingles have been received
there will be dally announcement of prize
winners, in rotation, for the preceding week's
contest, and we will receive entries for the next
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Jingles tntiFt be wrltteh plainly on one side of
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Each Jingle must be written on a separate
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Fourth Prize?Next best Jingle, $2.50.
Fifth Prize:?Next best Jingle, $2.00.
Sixth Prize?Next best Jingle, $1.50.
Seventh Prize?Next best Jingle, $1.00.
The above list of prizes, Cash and the
Velvet Kind Ice Cream, will apply to each
week's Jingle Contest until further notice.
See Rules and Conditions. Read them
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Prize winners will be announced daily,
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Agents Wanted in
Virginia and Carolinas
It may be you would like to have an
agency for the Velvet Kind Ice Cream in
your town. If so mention the matter
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Jefferson and Cary Sts., Richmond, Va.
Phone Monroe 1862.
Jury in "Onion Patch" Case Returns Verdict of
Not Guilty After Two Hours' Deliberation.
Murdock Woman Will Bs Tried
on Same Charge.
[Special to The Timea-Dis-patch.]
Norfolk, Va., January S.?Charley
Merkle was acquitted to-day of the
murder of Harry O. Harding, who was
found burled in a shallow grave In the
union patch near the home of Minnie L.
Murdoek. on Mason Creek, near Ocean
View, last .Tune. The case was called
this morning in the Circuit Court of
Norfolk county, and after being out
two hours the jury returned a vetdlot
of not guilty about S o'oloek to-night.
Twblve witnesses testified, tho princi?
pal one being Mlnnio U Murdoek, who
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1009 East Main. Tel. Madison 3396. I
laid all the blame on .Merkle.
Daniel Coleman. uno of Norfolk's
tnemberB of the Houae of Delegates,
mado a brilliant defense for MorkR-.
He succeeded in breaking down tho
story of tho JlurdocJc woman. Walter
A. Edwards and J. O. Pitt testified that
tho woman applied to them for war?
rants for Harding after he had bocn
bailed In the lonely onion patch, con?
tradicting tho story of tho crime the
woman told on the witness stand.
Captain H- C, Murshall, Common -
wealth's attorney, conducted tho prose?
cution alone. Eason & lanson, attor?
neys for Miss Murdoch. Uatenoil to all
tho testimony, but took no part in the
trial. The grand Jury indicted both
Merkle and tho Mur.lock woman, but
I hay wore not tried together.
Murdoek Woman Telia story.
Attired in a ault of blue serge, with
lace shirtwaist, Minnie L. Murdock ro
told on the wltnesa stand Ute aantb
story she related to tho newspaper
men when sho luld the blame on
! Charley Morkle for tho death of Harry^
O. Harding.
! Bha said she had known Harding
I for a year and a half, when he left her
and sho began going with Merkle.
Later Harding; returned, and jealousy
arose, between him and Merkle over
the woman. Tho prisoner smiled when
Stfe tnaUtlcd they were both Jealoua
of her.
It was May SO when Harding was
killed, and two days later hia body wati
found burled In a shallow grave In tho
onion patch near tho Murdock woman's
home, on Mason's Creek, near Ocean
The woman testlflod It was about 4
o'clock In the morning that Harding
was killed. "I was awakened by what
I thought wae Harry's loud snoring,"
she aald. "But upon Investigation I
discovered that Harry had beon struck
on tho head and was unconscious. I
looked at fh? foot of tho bod. and there
stood Charley, who said: My (iod, 1
I did not intend to hit him so hard, but
i you wore the cause of it.' I told
Charley ho had killed tho best friend
I .had in thn world, hut ho told me to
never mind; that ho would always look
j altar me."
She told how Merklo first rolled th?
body under tho bod: latr-r dragged it
Into the ynrd. and took It to the onion
t patch and burled It. while she stood ai
i (he pnto In her night clothes and
watohod him.
I The woman ?tands Indiotcd lor hav
trig horsclf caused the murder of Hard,
tng. but will be glvon a separate trial,
which Is set for Thursday.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Wlnston-Salom. N. C January 8.??
Winston township voted to-day $100,
0?0 In bonds to aid in the construction
of the Randolph and Cumberland Rail?
Broadway township, adjoining Win
ston-Salem, defeated the proposition by
a small majority to Issue SSO,000 in
bonds to the proposed new. road. An?
other election will be called for Broad?
way township on the same proposi?
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