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nest (or bad roads.
FORD AUTO CO., 1629 W. Broad St.
' Medical Uelp Summoned lo Tlmei and
Victims Are Now Out ot
Louisville, Ky., January 10.?Six
persona became unconscious from as
liliyxlatlou Saturday night at the homo
of VV. H. Hanoy und wore almost dead
OeTore the ruuau ot" their suddtn ill
neHH was learned and they were car?
ried to unuther part of the house,
whore they could be resuscitated. A
defective insiuntanccouB gus heater
#11? the cause.
Sariih llaney, ilirec years old, was
lliu in..i victim, and her motile.' and
four others, whom sho summoaed for
assistance, were overcome. Th : child
first complained of drowsiness, and
while her mother was reading a. story
to her ahu swooned. The molhei rush?
ed into tlie hallway and gcrea.liei for
heli). The other women hurried Into
the apartment and wore assisting In
reviving the child, whom they jl-ppos
cd to be suffurlng from ptomatno
poUonlng. when Mrs. llaney foil un?
conscious. One by one the oth^m sue.
cumbed. D. W. Beits had followed hie
wife down from their apartment and
summoned medical help. The physi?
cians were working with the victims
When Mr. Haney. who v/tie away from
home at the time, his child took 1:1. re?
turned and discovered the "oak In the
heater and realized that they were all I
being asphyxiated. By that time the|
lescucrs were becoming 111. The wo-1
men and child were removed lo an?
other room, but It was several houis
before the Haney child was reatorod to
consciousness. The victims are all out
of danger.
Told They Will Be Punished if They
Delay Turning Over Treas?
urer'* Ofiiee.
Teheran. January Ii.?F. E. Cairns,
the A_mcrlcan to whom W. Morgan
Khuster. the former treasurer-general
of Persia, transferred the affairs of
that office, yestorday Informed the
government that while he and his col
ieogueu Intended for the present to
perform their respective duties, he dis?
claimed all responsibility for the
management of the treusury adminis?
tration from the moment that Mor?
nard took nummary possession.
M. Mornard. who Is the Belgian ex
dlrcotor of pern'sn customs, recently
assumed ontrol of the department as
ti'Hr] of tho commission appointed by
the Persian government.
Thrrut of Punlahnicnt.
In acquainting MX Cairns ond the
other American officials with the con?
tents of the Cabinet's mersage direct?
ing him to take posiesslon of the
treai-ury offices, M. Mornard told them
that If there wct> any further delay Ip
turning over the treasury not only
Democratic National Committee man from Connecticut.
would they be dismissed from their
poEttlons, but punlabed.
Mr. CatrnB In hie notification to the
government sold the motive of tho
Cabinet's Improper language was in?
comprehensible. He added thta be had
communicated with the government at
Washington regarding the subject of
tho employments by the I'oralan gov?
ernment, nnd the government's throats
of punishment to himself and his
American colleague.
The Cabinet appears already to havo
repented of Us Inconsiderate language,
and Mr. Cairns has received an official
communication politely urging him and
tho other American official!. In tho In?
terest of the financial administration,
not to refuse the assistance of M. Mor
nard. The tension, therefore, la re?
laxed for the present.
Obfttarlea to Election*.
No progress toward the new elec?
tions, which will follow the dissolution
of Parliament, has yet been made. The
supervising committee resigned yes?
terday on the vague plea that It was
encountering insuperable obstacles.
It Is reported that itovernment troops
have entered Sh?hrud, a small town,
which lies about fifty miles to the
south of Astrabiid, after Inflicting n
serious defeat on the followers of tho
ex-Shah, Mohammed All Mlrza.
Department of Justine Heeords Not
.Srrtirrly Kept.
New York. January 15.?All the Im?
portant records of thy Department of
Justice at Washington, together with
Its library of 25,000 volumes, are In
danger of destruction by fire. Attorney
General Wlckcrtham declared to-day Iii
an address before the National Civic
No remedy that docs not entirely remove the cause of Catarrh from the
Mood will ever make a permanent cure of the trouble. Just as long as the
circulation remains contaminated with the impurities and eatarrhal matters
which produce the trouble, the mucous membranes or inner linings of the
body will be kept In a state of Irritation and disease. Sprays, lotions and
other local applications will sometimes temporarily relieve'the tight, full
feeling In the bead, buzzing noises in the ears, uncomfortable, stuffy feeling
of the nostrils, and help to loosen the mucus in the throat; but Catarrh is a
constitutional blood disorder and until it bas been entirely driven from the
i-ystem there can be no permanent cure. S. S. S. cures Catarrh bv removing
the cause from the blood. It attacks the disease at its head and by thor?
oughly purifying and cleansing the circulation, and rirMiug it of every par?
ticle of impurity, and at the same time enriching the blood, allows the
inflamed and irritated membranes to heal, improves the general health, and
stops every disagreeable symptom. S. S. S. reaches down to the 'very
bottom and leaves no trace of the disease in the system. Book on Catarrh
and any medical advice free to all who write.
By Charit? H'. f~. Hint
Tf yon Hke a bt? ?fori/ fJtaf thrills you irlf/i (Is Senat
dramatic interest, this is it.
The Affair at Brayling't
By Andrew Soatar
A man with a fine tense ot
honor becomes inx'olved with
Bngllsh ?ociety whi*t gamesters.
Jennie Allen tin "Clothes"
By Grace Donworth
Another generous installment
of rich humor and amusing com?
ment by a famously poor speller
Among the other interesting things in the magazine
? "When They Were Twenty-one," relating
humble beginnings of some of our best known men.
r\fy Own Experiences
By Mary Shaw
As an actress Miss Shaw has
seen much o/ lift and she
writes entertainingly.
The Black House of Fear
By Hugh Pendexter
A swiftly moving mystery
story Hint note H?ing? on toward
a surprising climax.
It's a Fine Magazine
Why Not Order
It Novj?
Federation, In which he described the
work of the department. They are
housed In ancient buildings that wore
formerly dwelling houses, he said, and
have to bo constantly watched.
"Records and Important paper? of
the department," continued Mr. Wlok
ersham, "are filed and stored away In
rooms nnd collars and sej?oexod Into
nooks and corners, many of the docu?
ments hnlng of Incalculable value.
Their loss would be a great and Ir?
reparable mlafortune."
The Attorney-General added that he
hoped the present Congress would set
aside an appropriation for the purpose
of providing fireproof vaullr.
Detroit. Mich., January 15.?That
government prosecutions of business
I organizations under the Sherman antl
I trust law are being pursued for polit?
ical effect was a declaration made in
the Federal Court liere to-day by At?
torney Robert B, lioncyinan, ol New;
V?rie, arguing beforo United States I
District Judge A. C Angle a motion
to quash the Indictment against the
Continental Lead Company, of New
York, one of the. two-score defendants
In the government's criminal ease
ag.il?.-t the bathtub trust. In support
of the motion it was argued to-day
I that the Sherman law was unconstltu
| llonal; that a quite recent decision of
; the T-'nlted States Supreme Court had
! been that a Jury could nor. determine
'the r< asonablenoss of a restraint of
trade, while in the Standard OH case
the court had explicitly taken the ele?
ment of reasonableness Into account.
Court adjourned at the conclusion ot
the argument of the defense.
White Plains, N, Y., January 15.?
Mrs Ida Von Clusen convinced Justice
Morschuuser in the Supreme Court
here this evening that she Is fane
and obtained release on parole until
March 4 next from Bloomlngdato
Asylum where she has been an Inmate,
since October IT, last. Justice Mor
?chauser paroled her in the custody of
her brother, Mathew' B. Clausen, and
suggested that she be kept away from
New York city.
The woman is widely known because
of the great stir she made ibecause she
was not presented to the Swedish
court by Minister Graves In 1'J?T, as
the result of which she brought suit
against the then President Roosevelt.
On a writ of habeas corpus she ap?
peared personally before Justice Mor
schaueer to-night, accompanied by
three physicians, who testified as to
her eanlty, while a physician from the
asylum declared she was suffering
from "constitutional psychopathic de?
lusion of a paranolc"
On the stand In hor own behalf she
made a good Impression.
Milwaukee. Wis? January 15.?A
i wrong impression that the Wilson tar- '
j iff oill caused the hard times In the |
nineties, and that the Democratic
party, having been so long in political
exile that the country was made to
believe it was not competent to man?
ag-: the government, were reason? giv?
en by Governor Judson Harmon, of
Ohio, for the four successive defeats!
of the Democratic, party, in nn ad- l
dncss here to-night. He declared that
these handicaps had been thrown nsldo
nd that the united Democracy of tto?
nal Ion looks forward with hope and
confidence in the coming contest.
Governor Harmon met many leading
Democrats during the day and spoke
before the City Club at a luncheon,
Ills remarks being largely of a non
partisan character.
Governor Harmon inter departed for
luerease in I'rlce Voted by Elgin
Elgin, 111.. January 15.?A decision
by Junior members of the quotation
committee of the Elgin Butler Board
that "tho market could easily sustain
a 4-cent increase" was declared by
Joseph Newman, pioneer Elgin butter
man and member of the pricn commit?
tee, to be responsible for Ihi 4o-cent
quotation returned by the committee
to-day. Tills Is the highest figure
reached on the Elgin hoard 111 twenty
four years.
"The cold wave has mad" imminent
a butter famine throughout the coun?
try." said Mr. Newman. "At the pres?
ent prleo it is virtually impossible for
fo.rnier? to manufacture at a. profit.
The storage supply will not become a
factor this spring In keeping butter
quotations down." < ?
Mr Newman predicted a further price
Increase within two or three- weeks.
I He intimated thai f-day'H figure wits
I the outcome of heated altercation, be
i twc'ii the junior and senior members,
with the former In the majority. .
^^^^^^^H T^lKe greatest 1 ' j
Mw tBb o smo^e blend
8 ^8 Fine Turkish, iofcaccos.
News of South Richmond
?- f'.:-hmond Burea.0,
The Tlmts-Dlopatoh.
19? Hull Street.
Phone Madlcor.
Hustings Court, rar*, z. convened yesterday
for the resulsr .lanuary term ?irr. Judge :
Ernest II. Welts on the bench. A Brand |
??ury was impaneled and brought in true |
blUa asamrt the following*. Robert A. An- 1
dcrson. n'.ias "Dee." who was Indicted for
breaking Into a window of I'llman Brothers' ]
store and stealing three quarti or whiskey '?
and one quart ? >; champagne. A screen :
nuardlnc th ? ini'jvr was removed und the
gists broker.. Anderion was caught In the
act by Captain A. S Wright. The liquor
wen found In hut pockets.
Walter Black, colored, was indicted for
felonious cutting Black is atleg-ed to have
carved the rlbi of John Morris, a colored
neighbor, during n Saturday night dis?
agreement MOrcls spent, nearly a weok in |
the City Hospital, nr.rt for .1 fen- days was I
not rxprcted to recover.
Herbert C'ox and Harold Ciir.itham. white I
boys, accused of stealing Sf.M from the per
i.on ot Frank liar, ock while he was drank
and unable to take rare of himself, woro
also Indicted. Tho boys. It !e alleged, were
seen by i-vrrs! persons, but claimed to bo
taking Hancock home.
Not a tru*i bill was found In the case of 1
Jennie Minks, a colored woman, who was
accused of throwing a lighted '.amp at n
negro ma:: ar.d CS?tlng h fire, which did
damage of r. jout $*?. The grand jury sent
the case back to the Police Court. Part ". I
for final Judgment,
Civil Borket Sol.
The following civil cnaes have been pined
on the dnrk<". for a hearing:
W. L. Stags, assignee, asalnat the South
Atlantic Lifo Insurance Company. In as
sumpslt. January If*: 'Celeste P. Traeey's
executor against U. T. Nelson, in nSSUtnpiit,
February SO; D. E. Llewellyn njatnit W. P.
Payne. In atiunipalt, February To; Thomas
& Cross against Harvey c. urown. in ns
fumpiit. March '; 3. T. Ward against the
Richmond Structural Steel Company, tres?
pass on :!;?-? .-?><?. February 6; T. .1. Hush,
an Infant, against J. B. Chewnlng, tres?
pass on the case, February l; ,T. s. Sykes
against p O. Laughner. January 22: J. s.
WaksAeld against O. Hooker and R. 1,. Ma-j
haley. in aaaunipilt, February S; Samuel 1
IJattle Bgalnit Burk Totvneend, removal.
Jnnunry CC.
Judse Well! yestorday dismissed tho suit'
of A. F. riiewnlng. administrator. etc.. I
against .1. H. Welsh, executor. No reasons'
Property Transfers.
Pes-pite the cold weother the propel :>
transfers recorded with Clerk Walter E.
DuVal in Hustings court. Part 2, yesterday
were the Urea con In point of numbers in
th-- past two months. Five deeds' of bar?
gain nie! 1 lie, three deeds of trust and one j
deed of release were admitted to record.
. A. I.. Adomaon transferred to James
Monney n lot on l'orter Street between
Ninth ami Tenth for a consideration of
fl.300. The lot front? thirty foet and hau
a depth c" feet Mr. Mooney, It Is un?
derstood, intends to bullfl a residence on
the property.
Mary Ann nbberU e: al. sold to John I..
Waithour tor a consideration mentioned at
}ie. three house* and lota, with a frontage
of eighty-six feet on Eighteenth Street
bc'tween Deeatur and Stockton, and known!
its 106, 110 nnd it: t:?st Eighteenth Street. I
For ,*!n nnd other valuable consideration
Virginia A. Hoberls and Stella A. Carnoglo ;
transferred thirty-four feet of property on 1
Eighteenth Street between Deeatur and1
Storkton to Juda E. Sharp.
Argyle Campbell sold to E. B. Crenshaw
tW?nty-fOUr f'.!.--t of property on Twelfth
Ptrcet between Seninictr and Ilailroad Street!
for $M5 and eth<*r valuable considerations
Edward Womnck transferred to Henry
Schmidt a lot fronting thirty-two frr?t n!.
Stockton Street between Eighth r>nd Ninth 1
for {140 and other considerations.
?? Small Fire.
Company No. IS yesterday morning at S:12
o' olock responded with tho chemical engin-,
tO a sUli alarm from lha home of J. E.
Mlnuon. SI'.' Mauty .sireot. The Are was out
before the arrival of the. firemen. it was
eauaed by a Ore mod to tha-*- out froxen
pipes, and only did damages amounting to
about JP. The house was lint beyond the
city limits.
Allies a* Snfelj flevler.
'I'he j 11 . ..? rtichtnoinl yesterday had sev?
eral carloads nl nrliea spread on tho Tlui: |
.street In.I from Seventh to Twelfth Streets.
Tho difference In the pulling of the heavy I
?vasons up the htll wsj very notleea'oie.
Owners of teams using Hull Street are very
much pleased with the irhtm?, an* will try
to have the work extended to the bridge,
which Is still In a. very slippery condition.
Funeral of Mr. Thomas.
Walter C. Thomas, fifty-seven years old.
'li'd suddenly Sunday at hla home. 911 Mc
Donough Street. He leaves, besides hi."
wife, one daughter, and a son, Howard
Tl.omas, und four sisters, Mra. W. I, Walk?
et, of Sevn fines: Mrs. H. P. Walker and
Misses Moll la and Alice Thomas, of Sou'h
Itichtuond. The- funeral will be conducto*
from the residence this uflernoon 01
o'clock. I'.ev. James W. Durham will offi?
ciate. Tho funeral will bo In Oakwood.
With the Lodges.
Manchester Lodge. No. 13. A.. Y. and A.
M.. held its regular monthly meetlncr at the
Masonic Temple. Cowardln Avenue and Hull
Streets, last night. At the conclusion of
the regular business a delightful repa.;'.
'?ir served by Stewards A. S. Wright and
I. <). SaUndtrs.
The visiting committee of the Southftde
lolitcs met last night with Rocky Itldga
Council, Jr. O. U. A. M., nl their hall.
Ulghth and Hull Streets.
Personal Mention
Miss Marlon McNaughton. of Chestnut
Kill, Philadelphia, is tho guest of Miss
Instantly Relic**
and rapidly Cure
Gout, Rheuma?
tism, Rheumatic
Gout, Sciatica,
Lumbago, and all
pains in the head,
face and limbs
E. FODGERA 4- CO., Hole A&ents, New York,
All rjrugsistf.
\3%awx serve!
Highest Free and Best
W. C. SMITH & CO.,
N. 314 Ffth. Viino and Main
For 110 Yours the House of dtinllty.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
IllHtlllers and lllender?. of
i lue WlitsUcja.
Drink Old Henry
Its Long Ilrrnrd I'rnves Its Merit.
The buyer who known tho different]
automobiles will own a
Jones Motor
Car Co.
ten tie and Broad Street.
"Dead Storage"
313 W. Main Street.
UKtnch Jefferson. 500 West Thirteenth
Tborasi F. Grey, ol St. Augustine. Fla., la
visiting relatives In South Richmond, whero
he made his haine many years ago. Mr,
? ircy will leave to-morrow for Norfolk,
where ha ?111 visit before returning; honte. |
Hugh A. Ford, of the University of Vir
Blnla, spout Saturday with hi* family ac'
IK East Thirteenth Street. KIs eon, Km;It |
A Ford. Jr., accompanied him back, where
ho will be treated f.ir ear and eye trouble. |
Wernau Burned to Heath.
A negro woman was burned to death lh'.
morning about 1:30 o'clock In her homo la I
the rear of 1119 St John direct, by a nro ot
unknown origin. whi.-h? damaged sever
The Cook Printing Company and Roming
ton teams, of the Richmond Uow'.ing At
soclatton, were pitted against each other
In their regular scheduled contest at the
Newport last night. The Remingtona wu i
the series by a good margin. Cosby was
high total, 5*5, and high score, 331, und tint- j
lion second high total. iSS, und second high
score, Wade was high score, 1H, and
Captain Cook high total. ."2T, for tho Cook
Frill tills Company. Thu scores:
1 3 Totals.
Fills <C?pt. i. 26.-. *M .?XI Sil
I'urdle . 1? is& its
Gordon . IM ."OJ Hi 505
-U.-irft.-a . T3S 170 201 SOD
Cosby . 177 IS? 5?
Totals . 820 97: MS 2.753
Cooled' rrlntlng Company.
I S 'S Totals
CeoVt (Capto. l". i;t t;j f.37
Blxby . Hi is* is; S70
Wade . U? IM II* 5;;
Hayes . Ill lit 120 Jj'j
Wind . HO U0 ISO 391
Total* .772 IU 7S0 2,1?
To-night at S :?0. Virginians vs. Tlmei-Dls
Standing of tho Clubs.
Won. (,<-.st PC
Alto* .20 10
>tciuln(rtotis . SI I.' .636
Virshtlant .it 12 too
Journalq . II 13 .(191
Tlmes-Dlspntch . It It .tV5
News Lender. h 4-vi
Cooklns Printing Co. 13 ? .394!
Newport . V 23 2351
Merchant*' league.
The Richmond Freu and the Chesapeake
and Ohio team*, of the Merchants' Leugne, i
played their regular scheduled gaineu I
last night nt the Newport Alleys he
fere one of the largest crowds of the sea- |
ton, Roth teams had several new men In !
their line-up, and borne of them showed
c|n?s. The Chesapeake und Ohio boys cap?
tured the first und second game- In an
easy fashion. Th<- Richmond Press aggre?
gation coiild not get their urms to working.
The Chesapeake anil Ohl? crowd kepi up
I heir ttood howling and wen the third gum..
The scores follow:
Richmond Pres?.
1 2 3 Total?.
lliirnelt (Capt.). F9 Mt m |j|
Turner . l-'l US ht ?13
Wilson . 160 131 l-M e>?
Qaaklns . Ill '.-'i 120 jsj
Ferrlttcr .lit IW 241
Krengle . 77, .
I Totals . ?19 ?73 ?.2 1,011
Chcnapenko und Ohio.
1 2 3 Totals
' Lingo tCapl.). 12? HI IU 411
Lowery . 12* 1? HO lia
Farrlsh . ITS lit 1S| 199
Van Autely. 125 lf.2 133 *li
Klehardsoo . 1<?7 161 ISO ?.':?
Totall . 71? 736 Itl 2.213
To-night at S:'n, Powcrs-Tavlor Company
vs. Pro-Phy-Tol Company.
Duekpln I oogue
I The F?lac.?i Duekpln League epttned its)
first game of the season last nigh'- Tb?i?
Is no doubt that tills league will bo one
"of the most interesting bowling events Of
the season. Every ono on each learn hus
entered with unbounded enthusiasm, and
the way aomo of thorn were "pulling" and
gritting thalr teoth was proof '.hat they
were after every pin In sight. The games
wero -rolled under foul line rules, and this
had much 10 do with some <if the low scores.
The best Individual score n it by Utshop,
i.e. while C. I.ohmanti with three consistent
games. 1*9, lo9 .mil \<n. had the best total,
3M. Other men who wont over J<W avoragi
I ware Davis, 311; Smith. Ml. and Bishop.
JC2. The belt if am total for Olia game WS?'
lila by tho Alcos. 33?. who also had ?h?
highest srana total. 59?. Following aro
the scores:
113 Tola's.
tellers . Jtj 95 "ts
Baur .'109 ;n] jr ;ot
Hlsli.ip . IM f.i -.j soj
Totals .339 ;;? ~t fM
i 'i a Tot.-iU
F. Lolimins. gi ;?: 101 '^?0
C. Lohinann. 10? 10? 10. HB
I*. Lohinann. 80 S"" 100 CSS
i'.iia:? . ??t m
!? C 3 Totali".
Dohrrty . ?; si rw s;i
fcevy . 73 ?>;: So i41
Smith . r>~ 101 IC4 3M
Totals .:il 231 III Sil
1 : 3 Totals.
R. Van Dten. HO ? 10: fOU
Davla .....'IIS I? i7 Sil
C. Van Dien. SJ ?I ?I :i0
Total?. :? MM
T I? Alcdi started Mice world beaters?339.
Tho Colts hade a hard llgh'. but toll
Smith, of ihr Colts, late of Washington,
rolled well.
The foul line bothered Captain Levy.
Mavis holpcd Pro-Phy-Toi tain*.
Sel'.era- had many had breaks.
The Van Dleas naturally lead th? "Van."
The Lohinann brothers woro not "low
Poherty will do better.
Raur almost reached ihe 3<? mark.
Moie fun Wednesday night.
Richmond Lunch vs. Remington, No. .'.
Broadways ??!;. Virginias.
Reductions in Groceries
liest Granulated Sugar, 17 lbs. $1.00
Large cans best quality Toma?
toes, can ..10c
Large Irish' Potatoes, peck.35c
Poeahontas Corn, 3 cans for.25c
Smlthfield Country Hams, lb.18c
Va. Pride Coffee, fresh roasted,
per lb.25c
Hifth Grade 1 - lb. prints Butterlne.2uc
3 cans Stiuarc Brand Condensed
Milk for .25c
New Boneless Codfish, lb.7c
Imported Sour Krout. quart.8c
f I bottles. Duffy's Malr Whiskey. .85c
New Clipped Herrings, dozen.10c
$1 bottle Oltl Fulcher Whiskey_75c
Whole Grain Carolina Rice, lb.5c
Gootl Green or Mixed Tea, lb.40c
Extra quality Early Juno Peas, can.12c
Extra fine Sugar-Cured Hams, lb.16c
Sweet Potatoes, peck.25c
Finest Canned romatoe.-..8c
Large cans Fish Roe, J-lb. cans, 2 for. .25c
5-ll>. pails Home-Made Preserves-35c
Good Canned Salmon, 2 for.;...25c
Gootl Carolina Rice, lb.'.....5c
i-lb. cans Good Luck Baking Powder. .8c
Va. Strained Honey, 2. lbs. for.25c
New Hominy and Crits, 2 IL>. for.5c
New Seeded Raisins, 11?. pkg.10c
Dried Lima Deans, 3 lbs.25c
Good Apples, per peck.30c
American Sardines, f cans for.25c
Ccresota or Gold Medal Best Flour,
42c bay;; per barrel.$6.60
7 ll>=. Loose Lump Starch.25c
Gold Medal Coffee, Java and Mocha
mixture, I-lb. cans.30c
Good Mixed Tea. per-lb.30c
Lacle or Brookdale Asparagus, can-. l?c
Baker'? Cocoa, can .. ? ? ? 10c
Smoked California Hams, lb ....... 12c.
Good Creaniery Wittier, per lb.35c
Silver King Best Patent Family
Flour, 32c bag; or, per bajrel-$5.00
Finest Breakfast Baccn, lb.16c
Choice Ep,s;s. dozen.27c
Absolutely Pure Leaf Lard, lb.* .12c
Good Lard, per lb.lOe
Large bars Circus Brand Soap, 7 barb.25c

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