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tho amount paid by tho State depart
tnonts fur Uro insurance, with a view
to having tho State carry Its own in?
Among new bills was one by John
Rutherfoord, wh'ch would have the
Htate build good rouds for Goochtand
county: one by John \V. Chalkley, In?
creasing the taxes on express com?
panies from $6 to $7.f>0 per mile, and
on, by Hill Montague reviving tho old
optomotry measure.
The Byrd bill providing for a State
Tax Commission will eome up for a
public hearing before tlie House Fi
najice Committee to-morrow morning.
The bill to Immediately pay the pen?
sioners the 10 per cent, whleh was de?
ducted from all checks In 1911 be?
cause of deficiency in appropriation,
was reported to the House yesterday
at the opening of the session, from
the Committee on Finance. It carries
kji appropriation of $4t'.O00.
The Richmond charter bill was
favorably reported from the Committee
on Counties, Cities and Towns.
Dr. H. U. Stepnenson, ot Jumes City, !
offered a resolution, which was
adopted, instructing u report on tho
amount Of premiums on lire Insurance;
carritd by ah departments of the Slate
government. A committee which is to j
have this in charge is to report with- |
in ten cays.
Speaking to the resolution. Dr. |
Btephehsbn said he understood a very j
large bum of money, peruaps 124,000,
was being paid out for this purpose, '
?nd It should be a question for con- '
tiderntion by the General Assembly if:
the State could not better afford to
carry tu? own insurance. At all events, j
there would be no burin in securing
the Information.
On motion of Captain W. W. Baker.
62 Chestertleld, an invitation was ex?
tended to br. Cyril G. Hopkins, ot the'
University of Illinois, to address the '
Legislature on Thursday night of tnis
week. Dr Hopkins will bo here to at?
tend the Stale Farmers' Institute, and
will speak on agricultural subjects.
Colonel J. F, Templetoh, of Augusta,
offered u resolution requiring nil edu?
cational Institutions supported by the
State to report u list ot their otllcers.
teachers und employes. with the
salaries paid, and the amount of time '
per -iay or week devoted by each to!
teaching. Colonel Templeton accepted
an amendment proposed by Colonel
John liarwood, of Richmond, to in
cluue the Laurel Reformatory, nnd it
?wan adopted.
Five hundred copies of the mineral I
land bill were ordered printed, on mo
Uon of Aubrey G. Weaver, of Warren.
House BUI No. 3. permitting circuit
courts to appoint assistant commis?
sioners of accounts, passed Its second
At 1:1:23. on motion of Mr. Throck
morton, the House adjourned.
Prayer by Dr. E. N. Caltech, of Betn
Ahabati Synagogue, opened the Sen?
ate proceedings at noon. Lieutenant-]
Governor J. Taylor Kliyson presided
and thirty-four Senators wore In thou i
seats. 1
The House bill providing for a
change In the charter of the town of
Lexington come up, and upon motion
the committee was discharged from
consideration of it. and the bill placed
upon its passage und passed. Two oth?
er House bilU. one carrjlng an appro-j
rrfiutlon of $16,000 for the contingent
r-nd incidental expendlturee of thej
present Legislature, and the other i
dealing with the use of the waters of
Lr.ko Drummotid, were received and
rolerred to the appropriate commit?
tees. I
To Abolish Contract.
Considers ble debate followed thej
Introduction by Senator Holt, cf the,
following resolution:
"Whereas, the preparation r*f the |
proposed law placing th<r majority of
convicts on the roans of the State re?
quires the most painstaking care; ar.i\
whe eas the utmost patience and rare. |
Means that when you bought
you selected a
or one of the other high-grade
Pianos sold by us.
Free catalog.
Walter D. Moses
& Co.
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in Va.
and N. C.
ful consideration must be given by
the committee in charge to inose not
only interested In road work anil
building, but humane considerations
for the prisoners; and whereas I he
genera) policy of tho Legislature In
the main should now be declared so
the committees may at least know the
Legislature desires a change Now
He Is resolved by the Senate,
the House ot Delegates concurring,
That tho present contract lor lure ot
convicts siiouid be abolished.
"Itesolved further, '1 bat Hie Commit?
tees on Kouds of both Senate and
House of Delegates, shall meet at Oliee
jointly and commence th? hearing und
preparation ot the proposed law on
this great matter."
Opposed by Senator Kc-hola
Senator tehols, while admitting the
Importance of the question, wao op?
posed lor that very reason :o the
Senate's committing itself at this tltiw
to either the continuation or abroga?
tion of tho contract. Tne matter, he
thought, involved auch u rddlciil enange
of pulley on tho part of the Mule, tli.it
n?- action should be ta.ien without ma?
ture advisement. Ho asked the .Senate
10 retrain from committing Itself on
the question before ? report had been
rendered on it by tho Committee on
Senator Felkes spoke vigorously in
favor of the resolution. "If further In?
formation Is still needed on this Im?
portant question," ho said. "the!. It l<
high time for the Senate to begin
holding night sessions to catch up
with the trend of events." The matter
has been discussed with such thorough?
ness and with so much detail lr. the
press and by public speakers, tlir.ught
Senator Fulkos, thut no one was In
need of more, information than that
already possessed. To refer the reso?
lution to the committee, he said, would
mean another delay of fifteen to twen?
ty days, when Its consideration at the
earliest possible moment was absolute?
ly necessary to permit of tho import?
ant readjustments that would be made
necessary by the abrogation of the shoe
contract and the working of the con
I Vlct? on the public roads.
To Get Senate's tipinioi.
i in support of his resolution, which
I had been Interpreted In the course ?f
i the dehnte to mean the discontinuance
of the contract policy as a practice.
Senator Holt stated that he Introduced
it primarily to establish the opinion
of the Senate on the question?to find
cut If the issue was live. He Cwisent
ed to senator Walker's proposai tha<
the resolution be laid over for con
bidcratlon to-day.
Communications ftom Governor-latin
Baked the Senate to ratify these ap?
pointments: James Ji, Doherly, of
Richmond, as Commissioner of Laboi
r.nd Industrial Statistics for a term ol
two years, beginning March t. iMj
William l*. Saundcrs. of Franklin
ccunty, as Dairy and Food Commis?
sioner, for a term of four years, begin?
ning January 31, 1912; J. Richard
i Wlngtleld, of Albemarle county, as
number of the State Corporation Com.
mission for a term of six years, begin?
ning February 1, 1812; James I>. Pat
ton. OA member of the board of direc?
tors of the Virginia Penitentiary, for
ii term of (Ivo yearn, beginning March
1, 1912, and I> L. Soberer, an member
o* tlie board of diroctorv of tho Vir?
ginia Penitentiary, for a term of nve
>< Mrs, beginning March I, 1912.
Tho Governor also communicated to
the Kennte the 'cstgnotlon of Henry
W. Holt as Judge of the Corpotntlon
Court of the city of Staunton. to take
effect February 1, 1913. lie asked, too.
the ratification of hin appointment of
Cloude A. Swmison ns United States
Senator from Virginia, to till the vac?
ancy caused by tho death of Senato1
John Warwick Daniel. All of tho com
munlcatlons were referred to tha Com
on Nominations.
Bids for Convict Labor.
For tho consideration of the Senate
Governor Mann submitted tho report
of the board of directors of the Statu
Penitentiary on the matter of contract?
ing the labor of the convicts, rc-eom- i
mending It to consider In this connee.
lion the executive message of last
Friday touching this matter. Anothei
lengthy communication from the Gov?
ernor, submitted as a guide In fram?
ing tho general appropriation bill, es?
timates from the hends of the various
educational and charitable Institu?
tions of the State, as to the amounts
hut they will need to carry on their
? ork the next two years, and to In-1
toll needed improvements.
Twenty-eight bills, most of them of
local application, wero Introduced and
adjournment was taken at 1:20 o'clock.
The following were presented and rsfar
rvd under Rule 37:
I'll the Committee on Finance.
By Mr. Chalklcy: A bill to Increase the
tax on express companies.
By Mr. Bowman: A bill to ?anend tho
general tax law.
By Mr. Kemper: A bill to grfroeat? taxa?
tion In Virginia..
By Mr tttchardaon: A bill to revise the,
pension roils of the Commonwealth.
To Committee on Schools und Colleges, i
By Mr. T?te: A bill relating to Stain
-ad, tt In the Virginia Military Inatitute. J
To Committee on Asylums und Ihrlsous. I
By Mr. Stephcnson, of .lames City: A bill .
to establish on the farm of the Virginia
State Bplleptir Colony the Virginia colony
tor the feeble-minded! and to provide to-1
the commitment of fceblc-mtr.dcd persons
to such colony. j
To Committee for Courts of .luMlee.
By .Messrs. Moiacure, and Colemait of ;
Spolsylvania: A bill to give to the circuit!
Courts of the State Jurisdiction a* any ape- |
clal t< i ins ot said cuurts to hear and deter?
mine all controversies at law, or In chan-!
eery already matured, whether they wero
pending or matured at the preceding term,
or not. I
By Mr. \Vhlt?. of Rockbridge: A bill to
provide that the fees of sheriffs and consta?
bles :or summonlnii witnesses shall be the
sumo as those lor serving n process.
By Mr. Montague! A bill to amend and
re-enact auction :?vj ot the Code of Vir .
gln.u. .">? as to provide for protection of
female children -o are Inmates o: orphar
atyluma, or who ?>..- wards ot or tn the cure
or custody of societies or institutions (oi
the protection o.' aomcleas, indigent and
d. pendent children. '
To Coniiulltce on the Library.
By Mr. White, of Rock bridge: a bit: to
provide fur and authorize the exchange of
certain properly owned by the State ot Vir
glnla, known hi the Soldiers' Home prop
trty. tor certain property owned by the city
of Richmond, known as Kord's Hotei block,
lor the purpose of erecting a permanent
On-proof bunding tho State Library, '
Fe Joint Committee on Special, l'rWtete and
Loral Lcgis'iiUon.
Dy Mr. Flannigan; a bill to amend the
charter of the town of Blacksburtr. Va., and
to provide a new charter for same.
By Mr. Qraiit: A bill to amend an act
piohibulng the killing of Ash In Clinch {
River, In the county of Russell, with dytia
mitt- or omer explosives and poisons, and to
provide a piinli'iineni therefor.
By Mr. Rutherfoord: A bin to authorise
and direct work on the public roads of
I..hiund county by convicts at the State
Karin, now located in (ioochland county, nn.I
I > othe-r convict*, and upon other public :
highways of the State.
By Mr. Hoisten: A bill to permit the
county of Rocklngh&tn, through Its Board
o: s-upc-rv:>o:s. lb ui ccpt donations and
irus'.s made- !nr ben-volent or charitable
objects o: a public character within Its ter?
ritorial limits, n.-.d to perform such condl
and execute auch trusts as may be '
connected with the tame.
By Mr. M?hliig?ei a bill for the relief
of W. J. Whitlunurst.
By Mr. Hanks: A bill pro\ldln^ for the
participating o! the State of Virginia in
the- Panama-i'ai Itlc exposition j.t San .
Francisco, Cel., in ihe yeur l?:5.
By Mr. flregory: A bill to remove the ob
? ? :.- Dcrosi and in Sandy Creek In
Halifax county.
To Committee on I'rl^-llegeo and Elections.
By M: Montague: a bill to make It a
mlsdcmeanni to lend, nlvan-; or furnlrh
money, knowing that the same- Is to h<- u?ed
for the payment of the pel: tax for another
pi raon. and to provide punishment therefor.
,To Committee nn Counties, Cities and t owns.
By Mr. Montague: .\ bill In relation to,
Many persons are inclined tobe careless about the food they eat.
They forget that what they are is largely the result of how they live
that one s breakfast exerts a strong influence for the success or failure
of the day's work.
A Saucer of
served direct from the package with cream for the morning meal is a
good start for the day.
It is easily digested, and full of rich, well-balanced nourishment
for body and brain.
'There's a Reason" for Grape-Huts
Poatum Cereal Company, Limited, Battle Creek, Michigan
whore county, oitjr an? dfstrnot offtoers
ohel| reside.
By Mr. Ilowerton: A bill to amend nn
act to provide for submitting- the queatlon
of the removal of the courthouse of any
county to the qualified volare of such
By Mr. Buck end John Roborta: A bill
to amend aectlon 6? of the Code of Vir- I
Sin la.
To Committee on General Low*.
By Mr. Coleman. of Spotsylvanla: A bill'
relative to tho appointment of game war
dcna, so as to provide two for oaoh magis?
terial dlatrlct of tho countlea of tha state.
By Mr. Norrie: A bill In relation to the
preservation of certain blrd? and animals,
and to prevent unlawful hunting, and to
repeal certain sections of tho Code.
By Mr. Watts: A bill to nmend and re
enact section U of 111 of an svct entitled an
act.' concerning corpora lions. which be?
came a law May ZL. lSOi.
By Mr. Dank*: A bill In relation to pub- .
II? holidays.
Dy Mr. Montague: A bill to define and '?
regulate the practice of optomelry.
Dy Mess it.. C. L? Coleman and Bvant: A
bill In relation to the prcaorvatlon of car-'
tain birds and nnlmal*. and to provent un- i
lawful hunting.
By Mr. Watts: .v hill to require publlo'
acrvlco corporation* tcrclofore or horeaftar
Incorporated under the laws of Virginia and
doing the business of general electric light?
ing and power companies, to furnlah any
person along their Hues with electric lights
and power at reasonable rate? and unilorm
charges, and to provide for the enforcement .
61 said duty. i
ny Mr. Don-man: A MM to create a SHato
Department of Game, appointment of com- I
missioner, npeelnl wardens, etc; dcttnlng
powers and duties, and providing revenue
to Rupport the same.
Dy Mr. Morris: A bill to limit time and
manner ?->? taking certain game In tins 1
By Mr. Brock: A bill to amend section
HCT of the Code of Virginia, ns 10 the times
for holding regular terms of the courts.
Referred to the Committee for Courts of
ny Mr. Hart; A bill in relation lo fees
of attorneys for tho Commonwealth. Re?
ferred to tho Committee for Courts o:' Jus?
By Mr. Hart: A bill to amend and re-en?
act section 3S3I of the Code of Vl.glnta In
relation to payment Of lies to officers out
of tho Treasury in criminal eases. Heferruel .
lo the Committee for Courts of Justice.
By Mr. Hurt: A bill to amend and re- .
enact section 11 of chaptul 3 of an uct en
tilled "an act concerning corporations." in
ferred to the Committee Roads and In-j
tcrnal Navigation.
By Mr. Feathcreion: A bill to rtqulre'
e'ectrle railroad? or railways: and electric
car lines* to extend their tracks, facilities
and s.-ivlce as the convenience of the com-:
munition wherein located and o! the genera]
public ?hall require, anil authorising the .
tit me Corporation Commission to compel
Mich extension. Referred lo the Committee'
on Roads und Internal Navigation.
Bj Mr Blanks; A bill to make it u mis
demeanor to borrow' money :r..r.i commis?
sion merchants or warehousemen upon a
written promise or pledge to eel; country
produce with said commission merchants or
v irehbusemcn, und thereafter fall to com-:
ply with such written promise or pledge.
Referred to the Committee for Courts o.'
By Mr. Dower*: A bill to amend and ro-'
enuct section 1 and section -0 of an act. j
approved March 10. :?>-, ehttltled an act !
to aid the citizens of Virginia who arc dis?
abled by wound* rceelvt d during the Civil
War between the -States while serving as
?olrilere. sailors or mirlr.es of Vlrgtcia. who
are now disabled by disease comraeted ?
during the said war or l>y Inflrmliio? of
age. and the widows of soldiers, sailors or
marlines of Virginia who lost their lives :
!r. tald service, or whose death resulted
from wounds received or disease contracted
In snid service. Referred to th? Commit- |
tee on Fluanco.
By Mr. Fen-hersto:i a bill concerning
the soliciting the transfer of passengera
and baggage. Referred to the Committee i
.<r. Roads and Internal Navigation.
Dy Mr. Thornton: A Mil to amend tho i
divorce practice In the .State ot Virginia, i
Referred to the Committee for Courts, of I
Dy Mr. Feathetston: A bill to establish
the Confederate Ml morlal University fori
Women. Referred to tho Committee on HI- '
By Mr. Watklns: A bill to authorise the;
direct work on the public roads in Gooch- j
land county by convicts at the State Kami,
now located in Conch.and county, and by i
Other convicts, and upon other public high- :
ways of the State. Referred to the Joint
Committee on special, Private ami Local
L< glaluilon. I
By Mr. Thornton: A bill to amend and
rc-eaaci section 3X6 of the Code of Vir?
ginia. Referred to the Committee for r-ourta
of Jusllccc.
Dy Mr. Oravatt. A bill to amend and re-1
enact section i(of the Code of Virginia. '
Referred lo the Committee for Courts of,
By Mr. West: A bill 111 relation to the!
assessment for nc.ii taxation of roiling
stock ol railroad corporations. Referred lo
the Committee on Finance.
By Mr. Sowilrr: A .bill to omenrt the pen-j
slon law. Referred to the ?'oinmluee 6n Fi?
nance, j
Dy Mr. Parr: A bill to prevent clogs from
running ai large at eortuln times. Refer- j
red to the Committee on General Laws. '
Dy Mr. Parr: a bin to d!apen?K with the
affidavits of comrades and proof that the
I usband was a true and loyal soldier on I
lh? application for a pension by a widow
of a Confederate soldier, sailor or marine,
who at tht tlm. of his diath was a pen-i
sloner under the act. approved March IS,
lkSS. Referred to ihe Committee for Court!
Ol Justice.
Dy Mr. Grnvatt: A bin to amend and re
enact *??<???>;?, Mb ?.f the Code of Virginia.
Referred to Commlttfeu on Gent ral Laws.
Dy Mr. Cummlngs: a hill to amend und.
re-enact an act approved February 20. 1910, |
entitled an act ic. amohd and re-enact sec-i
lion bZS of the '',?1,.. of Virginia. Referred I
to the <""ommlit<< for Courts of Justice.
Ily Mr. .''an!: A bill to permit counties
elliea and towns to accept donations ami
trusts made for .i'-nevoieiii and charitable
objects of a publle character within iln-lr
territorial limits and lo perform such con?
ditions and execuK such trusts as may be
connected with 'he same. Referred to the
Committet on County, City and Town Or?
By Mr. Panl: A hill lo permit the county
ot lloeklnghnm, ihrough Its Board of ,Su
],. rvlsors, to acr ..pt donations and trusts
made for benevolent or charitable objects
of a public character within Its territorial
limits, and to |>erIorm such conditions and
execute auch 'ruv:*, us may be connected
vtt:? the same. Referred to the Committee
on Joint Si?ocl3". Private and Local Legis?
Ily Mr. Dr?wry: A biii to provide lor the
Im media iv registration of all births und
deaths throughout the State of Virginia.
Referred to the Committee for Courts uf
Dy Mi. Holt A Mil empowering and re?
quiring 'he treasurers ?f iho cities and
counties of Me- srate to collect tho poll las
annual.- :.,.?? .very male, vlllzen ot Iho
State .move V.ie xpe of tr/< tity-one j'jrs.
liefen oil to tlto Committee on Finance.
it- Mr. Blanks: .\ LIU requiring mi In?
surance companies licensed to do business
'a till- .<?':.?? to file classification reports
and lo submit all proposed rates lo tho
.ita-.- Corporation Commission for rallllcs-J
Mori or rejection before promulgating same.
Referred to tho Committee or. Insurance
arid Dunking.
By .Mr. Drewry; a bill to amend und re
enact section !?'?? of the Code of Virginia.
Referred to far. Committee for Courts of
Jtittlce. . .
By Mr. Wendenhurg: A bill to amend and
re-enact section I of an act entitled "An
.??i to fix it... compensation of tho member*
of the Board of HuporvlAors of llenrlco
county." Referred io the Commlltee on
Joint Special. Private and Local Legisla?
tion. Referred to the Committee on Coun?
ty, city und Town Organisation. ,
Br> Mr W.-ii.: a bill prohibiting boating,
fhh.n*. hunting sn-J spinning In or on the
asters of any lake, pond or re?trvolr use.d
as, or :u connection with the public water
supply o; ar.v city or town In this Common?
fly Mr. Montague a bin providing for
'!.? participation of ?r,c State of Virginia
:t. the Panama-PuciflC exposition nj San
Franc'aco. Pel., In the year Iftlf. Referred
to th'. committee on Finance.
Dy Mr. Fleichor: A Mil to amend the
Charter of the town of Warrnnion. Rcer
rej to the Joint Committee on Special, Pri?
vat? Local Legislation.
Here and There
in the Legislature
Further lines of effort were put Into
motion tU meetings of Houao Cum
mlttocs yostorduy morning. Not with?
in thu memory of any legislator hay
so mucli business been transacted so
early In a session. The mombors real?
ise wliut lu buforo them and tire try
ins to clear away as much material
ub possible early In the i;umo. Til*
?Jlouse will to-day have a pretty fail
calendar, and by Thursduy it will have
enough to keep It occupiod for two
bourn oach day until It begins tb?
holding of afternoon and evening ses?
Prospects seem to bo fair for th*
passage of a tnodincatlon of tho Byrd
Foathurston primary bill, upon which
these tw,o memberH huve about agreed
as to OuIuIIh. It la probuble tiiut iho
otHeers of the primary win bo mudo
tho others of I no geiteral election. Kven
If the Republicans do not como in and
tako part, thinks Senator l-'eulheraton.
thu ono Itepublicun Judge, supposed to
be a man of good character, will do
no harm. Besides, ?t would add to the
appearance of regularity and tho Im?
pression of the. use of regular govern?
mental machinery.
he provision of the Oravatt bill,
making primaries compulsory on both
parlies, does not meet with much ap?
parent favor.
There la evldeue that tho examircrs
of records will not tamely submit to
being abolished, as rucommendod by
the Statu Tax Commission, but will
tight for their positions to the last.
The Finance Committee of the House
yesterday morning set January 24 for
a hearing on the Spessart! bill look?
ing to the elimination of thin oiilec.
The Tax Commission declared this of?
fice to be unnecessary and very expen?
sive to the people, and said thut the
work can bo done hy the commission*
ers of tho revenue at much less ex?
pense and with as much efficiency.
The Finance Committee m.so act for
January 21 the hearing on the Tax
Commission's proposed Increase of the
license tuxes on pawnbrokers, stock?
brokers, ami dealers In futures. The
pawnbrokers, it is intended, are to pay
$500 per year Instead of i^'50; tho
licensed stockbrokers $260 Instead of t
$11,0. and hankers aim brokers dealing I
in options of futures, 1300 Instead of
There wa.- no opposition before tho 1
Finance Committee yesterday to the
bills appropriating Sto.oou to pay the,
10 per cent, which was deducted by i
the Auditor lu It'll from all pension i
checke. The appropriation made by
the last Legislature was found to bo I
Insufficient to meet all the approved
claims. Dills looking to this repay?
ment were introduced by Ahlen Boll, of
Culpcper; Aubrey U. Weaver, of War-I
rcn; and \V. A. Land, of Nottoway.
The ghOHt will walk in the House
to-day. Members will get their checks I
for their tlrst weok's work, provided
Doorkeeper NcwJiousc thinks they
have earned their salaries. The
colonel announc-d yesterduy that he '
would ulso pay mileage to the repre?
sentatives of the Equal Suffrage
League of Virginia.
A few iienrico dairymen were
present yesterday morning when the
Itlchmond charter !,,1! v.aj approved by
the House Committee oh ?'??unties.
Cities and Towns. The changes do not:
affect them, so far as It could be as- j
certnined, since the Health Board Is j
not to be under the Jurisdiction of the i
Administrative Board. So they snld I
nothing. The hill was reported lb the
House without debate In committee,;
was read the tlrst time and placed on 1
rhe calendar. It will reach Its second
reading to-day. and should be put up- .
on its final pussage to-morrow.
The Counties. Cities and Towns Com?
mittee approved the Bell bill amend-'
lng the county pension law. The I
present statute allows supervisors and j
councils to make a levy of hot less .
than 5 cents nor more than 15 cents
On the $100 of assessed values, for the '
relief of Confederate veterans. It Is
said that the sum would be so large
that few counties. If any. have taken
advantage of It. ? The Cell amendment
leives; the minimum within the dis?
cretion of the supervisors, reducing the
maximum to i cents, ho that i cent,
or even a fraction thereof, could be
made the levy.
The. various antljugs bills, prohibit?
ing the shipment of liquor into diy
territory, have been set by the House
Committee on Counties, Cities and
Towns for a hearing on January 23.
The House Committee on Roads and
Don't compel them to swallow drills
which may have a harsh effect on their
I tender stomachs. It isn't necessary.
Do a.-. .Mrs. Fred Robinson, Hardwirk,
N. Y., R. F. D. 2, writes she did. Read:
" I have a
Uyornci o u t
lu and use it
for my little
girl. She h is
a I w a y s had
such stubborn
colds that we
were b a d I y'
I r i g h t c ned
whenever she
caught (? n c.
W c ii c. v c r
could get any?
i hint; t h a i
would break
up her cold
until I pur?
chased 1IYO
UKI. Now
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.i n y tu b r c.
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it in t li c
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Internal Navigations mot yesterday
morning and set next .Monday to hear
the Throckmorton lull prohibiting ear
conductors and motormen from acting
In the capacity of police In enforcing
tlie rules of the company.
The llowrnnn hill, requiring railroads
running Into a town or city to make
connections for the onvenleliee of the
traveling pubi>. was set for Friday 6|
this week.
The addition or ColutnhuH Day.
October 12, t.. the llsl of public holl
dnyc In Virginia, Is proposed in a bl
Introduced in 1110 House yesterday bv
11 A. Hanks, of Norfolk
By request. William Watts. House
member I t orn lloanoke city, has Intro?
duced a bill to require general com?
panies dealing In light anil power to
'.urnlsh nil persons on their lines with
their pruduct at reasonable rates.
An appropriation of $TB,000 ior the
purpose 01 niukiiiu a Virginia exhibit
ut tlie Panama-Pacific imposition in
San Francisco in 1S1C lb proposed in u
bin Introduced by Mr, Banks.
Various bills tur the protection of
game went into the House yesterday,
lue most linporiaut, with Mr. Bow*,
man as tue patron, would establish .
department oi game, with a commis?
sioner. Tins measure differs from tint
Introduced by Mr. Belli ot Culpoper, .n
that it would require a license (uc bl
11 li'Olh every person w no hunts in the
At a to.
it. O. Norrta. of Richmond county,
has a bill making it unlawful to Kill
or capture more than twenty quail in
era. nay. or to possess more than fortj
ut one time; or to kill more than twen?
ty wild waterfowl In one ouy; or to
kill any waterfowl between March i
and .Voi tmlii r I, and 'n tile open season
only on Tuesdays. Wwlii'.tiliys, Thins,
days uhu Fridays, or to shoot v.Ith u
gun larger than twelVe-borc. A bill b>
c. it. Colcman, of Kpptsylyaniu, v? ou.?i
?stin.tn two gntnu v.nideiia in each
magisterial district.
John W. Chalkley, \. ho is th. lirst
Democratic hulling from Wise county
in many years, is evidently a close
friend of Senator Felkes. The Rich
mond man has been after uxprosi com?
panies on the tax question until of>
iicials ui these concerns have night?
mares in which Folkcs's fcatuies are
tho most horrifying spjoetrca. Mi.
Chalkley yostorduy Introduced a bid
increasing the tax lute on expres:
companies from tu IJ.40per nill?,
though they were Oouuleu at the I isi
Session, coining up iron, $3 per ill Ic.
Mr. Chalkley would ulab have them
, narged on each steamboat line us, a
ruillliug over the same corns,.
Tlie optometry bill ol last .Mission,
iv inch aroused so much llidlgtiiillbn. us
peciully uiuong the meuical proles*
Klon, wan introduced in ihu llousi >,.
tirday by Hill Montuguc, Itichuiuiid.
it WOUlO legalize the practice ol lilting
spectacles and eyeglasses by consti?
tuting u State board ol opt'jiiietr.v,
which would examine applicants ??.
grant licenses for its practice. The oh
jcclioii muue is tlliil there is uollilir.
In the so-Culled profuSS.Oll as >. Ii ...
and i hat thu seal of the btnto'a appro
viil through licenses would in- put up?
on an occupation which Is duce-ptlVc.
Following up the prog in in oi the
Stute Tax Commission, Mr. liowinnn In?
troduced a bill yesterday 10 require
all persons and firms anil corporations
engaged in business in the Stan.- to
make reports staling Lhe amount ui
salaries paid their employes in ? xo<iss
Ol f1,000 per year. tJn these reports
would in- based the nssessim :,' of
jinxes on income, it is believed thai
large sums could be thus rulscd imm a
Sniirce which now pays very little.
I lit) Montague would reimburse W. J.
Whlichurst, of Richmond, In the sum
of $2.980.86, for materials and laboi
exje-nded by him ut the University oi
V?glilia, of which tho Stau ,.;ol the
! use.
A law punishing any person who
lends another money for the payment
of poll taxes is proposed h'j Mr.
Another 'segregation bill was effer
ed yesterday by J. R. Kemper, -of Au?
gusta. It woulel divide sources of taxa?
tion on July 1, 1913. All taxes from
railroads and other public service' cor?
porations, with the. capitation laxes,
would go to tho Slate, while the State
would be relieved of all school appro;
p-.l'itlon., and all pension paynvit.ts, It.
is understood the Stato Tax Commis?
sion considered this proposition and
foil nil It not to be feasible at tlie- pres?
ent time.
Thu expected bill looking f" the es?
tablishment of a home tor fucble
minded on tho property of the stm<i
epileptic Colony wob Introduced in
I ho Houao yesterday by Dr. II. U. Stu
Phcnsoh, of Jamca City, it la propou?
nd by the rftatc Hoard of Charities and
Corrections, it )h believed that these
people ran be taught to become self
supporting and no longer a charge up.
or. the Ktute and communities.
At the Inatance of the Stat-: Health
Department. Sonator Drewry Introduc?
ed a hill yesterday providing fcr tho
Immediate registration of all births
and deaths throughout Virginia, by
means of certificates of births and
deaths, ami burial or removal permits,
it provides further for the establish?
ment of a Bureau of Vital Statistics,
at the capital of the Slate, ivhl :h nh.i',1
compile the data thuti secured.
Tho bill alma at supplying Virginia
with an efficient bureau for the gath?
ering of vital statistics whirii may ho
utilized at any time to old In estab?
lishing succession to Inheritances, ami
to assist in the compilation of accurate
d:,,t upon which la base m i lallt y
tables for Insurance and oiher pur?
poses. It cnrrle.6 an appropriation of
Members of the Beard of Supervis?
ors of llonrlco county are possible
beneficiaries In a bill offered yesterday
b> Senator Wondehb?rg, to dx tha
Kniarles of supervisors In this :ounly
at a sum not less than Si 00 or exceed?
ing $300, to be established by the CI
cuit Court. The present salary IS Sifo.
The .Senate Committee on Nomina?
tions ??vill meet this afternoon at 4
o'clock to lake action on the nomina?
tions submitted to tho Senate yesterday
b> Governor Mann. According to one
member of the committee. charge* will
he lodged ;;ga!not one or both of tho
Governor's appointees as members of
the hoard of directors of the Virginia
Penitentiary. The nature of these
charges and the names of those who
are making them will be hoard by the.
ccmmlttcu this afternoon.
Senator Blanks, In a bill introduced
yesterday, proposes to compel Insur
ance companies doing business i- Vir?
ginia to file annually with the state
Corporation Commission ri table show?
ing Its earnings for tho year, the cost
of doing business and the ratu. be?
tween Its prollts and expenses, 111? Idem
if that as tho ????irnlntts Increase and
the percentage of expenses decreases,
the companies should lower their rate?
In the same rroportlon. ills bill :n
\>:.ts the Corporation Commission with
pow.-r to supervise ibo Insurance1 ratu
much In the same manner that it r>g
illntCM the charges of traust ortatioti
Berkley D. Adam?, the member of tho
llnuso from Charlotte county, has been
con lined to his re. a*. Murphy's lloiel
for the past two days with a deep cold,
wbl.-h has caused him no littIt- Incon?
venience. MO was much Improve ) last
night, and hopes lo b- In his seat In
i the Mouse to-day.
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