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Tic Has Not Been Broken De?
spite Many Rumors and
Hopeless Is the only way to char?
acterize the present state of aftr.lra In
the Virginia League?that is. hope?
less In the sense that nn election ol
a president l>y a majority Is just as
far removed as it ever wa?.
Merely to keep the records straight
: tid to have something to refer to nf
trr history la made, these f.-uts are
here and now recorded: Whet-, the
meeting is called In Lynehburg, or.
Friday at ? o'clock, there will he
present a representative fro-n each of
Hi. sIn clubs forming the Virginia!
League. Three of those club*?Lynch
burg, Richmond ami Danville?will be!
loaded to the sunwalf.? with car.di-j
dates for the cilice. A candldal* will j
he named from each of the cities bp
posing Williams, and It is not at all
unlikely that one or two of thesej
oltjes will have more tit am one can-i
Danville comes forward with tri<d
statement thut 11 reputable business |
man will be put forward. Norfolk
says that l".tii Billy tiannan and Ham?
mond Johnston are receptive can?
didates! Billy Hammond, by all the
laws of organised baseball. Is outlaw?
ed, for the icnson that ho headed the|
defunct Tidewater League, but he willi
hi um ol the candidates. Locally;
there will he Robert B. Allport, j
Lynchburg has her chosen one. and so
r, will go. Bound up Into or.." State?
ment it means that these three clubs
win support anybody but Williams.
?>:., the other side Pettrsburg. Nor
foik and llo.inokc will support nobody
but Williams. Interviews to th? con?
trary notwithstanding. Norfolk will
be found in the Williams camp when
the voles arc counted. Petoisburc
-.ill not chaitKc front and neither will
Moanohe. These three clubs will enter
the meeting and will declare that the
meeting held In Petersburg wae pcr
lectly regular and that olllcers hove
already been elected. Not one of these
clubs will recede from Ihnt posH'or..
? t. Carson will be on hand, and not
even Dr. ('arson will have the temerity
to say that a majority can be secured
under such circumstances. This In
brief i? what Is going to happen at
Lynchburg "ti Friday. January 26, n
Pertinent Comment
By Gus Malbert
If it be true?If?that Dr. McCrary.
owner or th?: Norfolk club in the Vir?
ginia: League, ia going to nominate
Hammond Johnston for president of
lhe league, and If?if?it be true that
the rest of the teams In the anll
\\ Illinois section will support the r.c-.v
candidate, then the clouds are be?
ginning to break ana Hi* Virginia
League may survive the storm which
lias threatened its existence.
-But Dr. McCrary- nays that h* is
going to support \yiiiiatus. it there I
a possibility of h.s election. Almost i
dny construction can be placed on that I
statement There 1* always a chancel
<>r the election of any candidate for'
olflce to long aa he :s not defeated.I
To be defeated a majority must be
!? gainst him. If Dr. McCrary is going
to hold out for Wllllajoji until n ma?
jority for the other fellow Is secured!
the end is now just as distant us lt|
over WSS. We shall set what we shall
^owenow or other the men who huVe
i ontended all clor." that trj<- member
?.f the National Board In attendance
> otdd vote, have forgotten their ar?
gument nnd tire now content to look
'ipon him merely as a mediator soni
one sent to see that the meeting does
not develop Into a "rtng tight. Dr.
? 'arson, by the. way. it u mights goo!
friend of J. H. Parrel), secretary of tin
National Board. It Is very probable
that tue doctor knows all about -.'.-k.it
lias been Koing on in Virginia; that Is.
us much of what has been polng on
as J. H. Kartell knows. Though the
blind will not see, the keystone of the
utiuntlon is Petersburg. If Petersburg
it r-1 ill tbti. Williams no result will be
ubialncd.'thjvnuglr the l.vnenhurg m-et
ing The finish will bt Juki where .-.
licgau. Hume ol those who are talking
harmony and other peaceful stuff
Should begin to realize this much now. i
Funny thut bnc aide alone cun do all
of the warring. Wonder Is that the
other *ld.- doesn't conclllato a little;
liift'-ad Of indulgiiiK in fair weathei1
Larry Martin had a great workout1
for U.y Richmond College truck fjfjuad
yesterday. Kv.-rythitm now it, in prop- !
(trat I on for tho Oeorgc Washington!
meet February 1, In Washington. A
relay team, which will have more than
it lighting chance, 1> going to retire
j1" ' I ? ra ..i tb.n mii .?! !
ejjjeaeasjaana agg.m: u: l. ananaist -f t-nam?, r mt
ie wav tne utim? yai
A Safety
Stop the skidding
before it starts
that's the way the j/??]
Tread Tire
the skid problem " 83 ?'{
You know how the
squeegee cleans away
the film of water on a
That's the u\ty the Dia?
mond Safety Tread
Tire cuts through
and cleans at ray
the film of mud or
grease on a pave?
No mere arrange?
ment of buuons,
knobs, or ridges,
no mauer h o w
pretty the design,
will do it.
The Diamond
Safety Tread will
Ai you* Otaler?or
"JhcJ/ifiinond T^hber (5
of New York.
707 W. Broad St., Richmond, Va
So Conference Between W. B. Bradley and Dr.
J. R. Mc rary Comes to Naught?Hammond
Johnson Positively Refuses to Accent
Offict?bufegests . limination of
Western Clubs.
Norfolk. Va. January 23.?W. B,
Bradley, pro?Went of the Richmond
Baseball C|ul>. Is In Norfolk to-ntgiit
trying- to agree with Dr. .1. It, McCrurj
president of tho Norfolk club, upon a
candidate for president of the Virginia
League who can harmonise the oppos?
ing factions. Both agreed to support
Hammond Johnson, of this city, but .'ir
lohnsott said- under :to circumstances
would lie accept the honor.
Since Mr. Johnson will not accept, tor,
MoCrary Is inclined to stand by Pres?
ident Williams, and the conference w 11.
probably not result In any agreement
between the Richmond and Norfolk
presidents. A leaguo with the thrti
up-State clubs eliminated wa.< proposed
to-day by Hammond Johnson.
"1 rm r.ot a candidate for the pres?
idency of the Virginia. League, and will
sot sre.-pt It if elected." said Mr. .lohti
9on. "1 am too busy making a living
to give any attention tp the question."
Mr. .lohr.son said that to proporly
conduct the league it would reqtilr?
the greater part o: n man's time, a.nd
that be didn't cure to shoulder the job.
I He also declared that 110 matter how
' lie conducted it there would be kick
I ort, knockers and newspaper notoriety. I
' lie is a verso to the latter.
In discussing his declination he went
further and declared then; was bui
one salvation for the Virginia League,
and satisfied that this eoultj not be
brought llbout, he would not consent i
I to h> .?<i a losing proposition.
Ill* idea is that the league as cpn
: Stltutcd at present cannot he made a
' financial nuecoss. Mr. dorms >n bellevet
that Danville, Roanoke and Lyncbburg
should be eliminated, and Portsmouth,
Newport News and Suffolk substituiert
He is satisfied that such a circuit woulfl
1 be self-sustaining and popular. With
, the up-State towns In the league, he Is
j unable to sec anything but a lo.-ing
, proposition, with the possible CNCOplion
of Richmond.
' With such a circuit organised, Mr.
j Johnson might agree to accept the
The third round of Tl-.o Tlmea-DUpate
Elimination Bowi'.nf Tournament begun at |
the Palace Alleys last ::Isr.t. when Brl!.
I'urrti", Iieck. Kennrtl:- . < "verir.ar.n and
'"hapin ran their final heat In the race.
? 'hapin w?* t.'io ble surpritc, not because
of what he done, b?t ti.-.oju" of lehat he
did not do. II* made hl? '.owest score last
: ipht. bavins but ~*4 as a result C his five
game effort.
Bell led them all into camp with a total
Of 419. and a ?o leads the jrjuad with a
grand total of 2.71V. an averaye. of better
than Ul for each of fifteen samt?, not at
ai: had Purdle If next with }.<*?. The sec
end squad trill ro'.: to-morrow nlRtit at the
Following are the score* as-, night, with
the Brand tom-? of the men Up to date:
Morn ln?i -Ms-lit.
Kennedy .
Gmnd Totals to Unto.
Purite . ISO
Chapln . t?o
Reck .?5.-.
Kennedy . ?*>.?
Overttiaan . $?'.'
matting of the captains
Owing to an oversight in the stand?
ing of clubs the Remingtons should b*
credited with n p-.--?<?:.iui?e of ?67. in-!
s'.e^d of .~2~, thereby tying the Alcos
:or fir-it place.
The Virginians and Cook Printing
Company bowled their regular icheJ
tiled series last night at the Newport.
The \":rgln:ar;s wor. th* first and sec- ,
ond games, but the Cook i'.-ir.lir.fa
Compi.-.y, by the. t-ptr.or rolling of,
Captain Cook, and Wade. !-i?, won'
the third In great styl?, Wade was
h.gh total. Si:, with Bix*>y second high
total The s:orei:
\ trclnlan.
Spilling (Capt ?.
Williams .
D. S'ltterlln
Thorpe .
Martin .
f. i 0
r> fi 1
Totals .
Cook PrlniliiK t un:p?n?
Cook (Ca
Bixby ..
Wade . ..
Hayes ..
!!l!nd ...
If 4
?lC?A . . .
News l.-a
Tlrr.'-' -l'..
Drug l."n?ro?.
Owhns h Minor Khowed lorn* elass
last highv al the Newport by defeat-1
?litt ?i,< Pro-Phy-TolK all three games
?ftren? &. Minor had their rollir.Kj
clothes on. and the made the pins
fall with ias<-. Captain Roy did rIn?
work for his team t,y rolling 227 Ir>i ;
high game. W.lh iii'i fo? high total..
W. Rov nnd Prlddv v.-or. the prlae of?
fered l*<v Owens A Minor, Rady j>l?i>
a good," consistent game Captain Tdfirti
led th<- Pro-l'hy-Toi '"r high lov I
with pavla high score The
proved to be by far t'r.> most r." i
??i-.tln^ or at.v played no 'er. atr! In'
I ter.est vim at fever heat A > :??
crowd was '.ri ha/il to root foi Up ?
favorlt-e The toll owing Is the tcir, .
fltvrns .' *l. ' n,
It'i'l.v ?
W Itov
Nin kulf
-it rang?
|6perlal to Thf: T1met-DI?t?at?Ti |
Norfolk. Va.. .Tanur-.ry ?l-rA ?p?<slsj
tralfi o! ?Ii pufl^el stael rv>r?? '?.n
one observation und one Pullman uleep
ir will leave Norfolk lo-tnt/rt'ivi >?ve,r
I'.he Sou them Itafllway to '?>','? fitly
I eight of the fin. race hprsek n Arhet
Ika.to Churl' "-ton. < , V.r rr.<; r.;-'
Iwhich begin thero to-niorroWi ",. :? ?
will Include tb .I'----.'.>?<????? v< i >?< ill
owned by Thorna? i Nolan, f'jrm'-:
Mayoi ?f Albany, N. v.; the fiiiii
. Viynn Rtshle. Iledrlck, vv111|am? Mar
I tin. R*:divaii Conrad. E. .r Moyni ii
iKoveif, Ned Breri, lla^eoek, 'Wit\ui>i
1 and rred Miller ?table?,
I -Ire III rriini|l \\ lirrllVlllo
(Kpeek?) to The i ,... oil imlcli | ?
-iitn.llt. V.l., Janua ? : if, ,
J pra tun ware-hoimr. al i, . r.t .,; i.j ?.
I ml:? A! |'*omplln> ?!. afterrVooi dl<i
eUi.&?O damage belTore ? fontrotlerl
Tfi principal loen w,. fj.,,,, ..??,
The building 1? darn***!" ? ;(?>.(),, vh?
loia la fcovered \r lruvirMb'X
of the P?!icc DuClcpln Lca?u.- At kha PaUco
Alley* lo-night. It I? %-erj' ursciu t'nat ?'?'
captalni be on hand, a* Important business
U to b? transacted.
(Special to The Tlme.??-Dispc.;ch. >
Charlottosvlle, Va? January 23?-The
Gulltord College liaaketbal) team of
North Carolina, which lout nlgtit <le
feiited the Virginia i|tilnt by the n:>.!
Kin of a single point, this afternoon
downed the Jefferson School rtvti ty
tin) one-sided score of thirty-mo to
Ford Motor Cars I
Mr. Merchant, make deliveries) on |
time this winter. Onlv $700 F. O. n.
Detroit for n reliable delivery wagon, j
FORD AUTO CO., 1629 W. Broad St. j
sevon. Tho visitors ptit up an exceed-j
Ingly rough game.
At tho close of tho contest an in?
teresting fact was brought out whonj
Kelllher. tho Gullt'ord centre. who:
played a star defensive game. :?c-:
knowledge that lie was the same
Kelllher who held down first base oa
the Petersburg club of the Virginia
League last season, and would be
Lflven a trial by Ptttsbttrg the com'ng
spring. The visiting scorer Faid that
Itonbow, another player on the basket?
ball squad, had played professional
hall in North Carolina.
'resident Roach Declines to
Give His Name, but Thinks
He Will Win.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlapittch.)
Danville, Va.. January 23.?llogard
tin the candidacy of Hilly Man.van fori
ho presidency of the Virginia League,
?resident lloach, who will represent!
ho local club, at the meeting tit
.ynohburg on Friday, gav? out the
following statement to-tilght: "Per- |
ion ally 1 have nothing against Mr.
lannan. but the Danville club does
tot look with especial favor t-pon a
nan who has headed an outlaw
eague, und thut leauue In opposition,
o the Virginia. So far ns my tnfot-;
nation goes. Uannati Is a goo.l man.:
mows baseball, and Is clnsn and
lonest, also is vet) popular in thei
?itnte, and would undoubtedly com-{
nnnJ tho support of the Norfolk
? ress. For thcac reaaons he may bo
hp man who will be decided upon to
?renk tho deadlock. Lytichburg has!
?xpressed n preference for hlni. rtich-|
nond, through Bradley, has said It
vlll follow Lynchburg's lead, and If It;
s shown prior to the tlmo the riieot
ng is cnlled by Mr. Carson, mat ho
vill be able to poll Norfolk's vote, wo
vlll fnil In line.
However, wc will have a candidate
? f our own. ono of our best uuslnosa
nen, a man who Is capable, and ul
hough 1 earunot give his name. 1 atn
>orfectly confident he will poll four
?otea, and if elected will accept. The
tarty referred to is not Snr.-d or
News of South Richmond :
South Richmond nu.-*au. ,
The Times-Dispatch.
KCif Hull Street.
Phone Madison ITS.
Scrceant 1- n. gauadera, of the Htutlagi
Court. Part 2, and his deputy. John Haet
'.r.sf. yesterday s-.:mmontd a venire of ?Ix?
tet:: men to serve on the lory which will
sit to-day at the trial of HaroM Cox and
Jack Johnson Will
Wrestle Frank Gotch
Chicago, Junuury 23_Jack Jahn
auu to-duy nnuoutieed he hud a
telegram from O. i:. Schefakl, Suit
Luke City, offering him 830.000 to
n rent Jr Frank fioteh lu thut city.
'?After mucb thinking, l'\e de
?Ided I'm the mini to defeat Gotch
soil lieroitte lioth the ebannilon
i"i-l!!-t tind the champion 'la-esttler,''
?nid Johnson. "I'll vtrealle In April
or May nnd AkIh Plynn In July.'
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nna faaci to tea wlaea me Kt3" a t^gjit &7
(teaach ?.'?-' bowels are riffbt.
liver r
? I ^ *MM CA&TEF5
Hfcadaeku, hjdA DUtrasl after Eating.
5m.11 PUX SmsJl Dom. Smxll Prieo
Genuine m^\>at Signature
l'nr SO Vrara ihr llouae ..f <UinMly.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
matlllera and lllehdera of
Pin* w lilakeya:
Drink Old Henry
? Its \.<.nv !<?-?.,r.| Prnveti 11? >lern.
"Dead Storage"
'. 11 v. vi ;uri Street
^ Built to
?* Serve
; ' m i''t e ah'l Bt?1
v? r; ?.mum cV CO.,
SM Pith Vlina an I M:iin
01 .CK*S OJ O?ALi'i'1
I . i.'.I.KV POUND
' Motor
JtS?r Car to.
i XJl'/n a vvrA- ? ?/?.?/ ??.>?*!.
? j
Herbert Chestham, :our.^ whit? man. who !
K'?r' indicted on the firs; day Vx the Jan - !
Uttry term for an aliased tti"ft of money',
fron] the person of Krank Hancock. Thai
mm. It la alleged, found Hancock In ?
drunken ?t?te, und under the pretense of i
being relative!, who wer? pllotlne htm
safely home, took the money, JC'.M, irom his
po-.-ket. Hancock Claims to have known the
men were taking the money, but was toy ,
drank to object. Tho Commonwealth. It la
said, has summoned "evera! witnesses who :
u* the alleged act committed.
In Po'lee Court.
On a charge of reckJeas driving. Taylor'
Bro?n and John Taylor, a pair o: Tanyard
Bottom spo:;, who v ere arrested late Men
day night a.'ter overturning a buggy in
Which they wire driving, were assessed 110
and costs each by Justice It. A. Maurioo I
In Police ? 'our:, part 2, yesterday morning, |
and ware es ch penalised an additional |i
tor being drunk and dlaordcily. The man!
were rrmaadid to jnl! In default of ?ho
tinea. A few hour* luicr friends of the men]'
in Vied up ih" accessary money, and they
were released from cualody.
t^aorge Blankrnahlp was committed to jull
for ten days :r. lieu of a Una of II.Vi and
coats, which could net bo raised. He was
charged with the usual offense, drunk and
unable to care tor himself.
Capture Fugitive.
Charged with being a fugitive from ius- ,
live, wanted In Petersburg on a charge of j
imaging a worthies* chock a few daya ago, I
Wiiliam Tubbt. iMrty-flvn years old, u I
bridge builder, giving .Maryland as hla home, j
waa arrested yesterday by urtieera Phillip* I
and VVoymack. Ti.bbs was detained at the I
Third Poil'-.: Station pending iha arrival]
of the Petersburg authorttlea. Detective
Banes, of Petersburg, came over on the 4 1
o'clock car s,ncl took tho man back to that'
city for trial.
officer Phillips was also credited with the
only other arrest mode yesterday, bavin*; |
earlier In the day taught Janus Pryor. col-j
ored, who is charged In a warrant. IssuedI
!.;.? his wife, wit, nonsupport.
tllieruliun Not Necessary.
Physicians la attendance on Itobort Hast- I
Inga, tue telephone ItiiHstunii who Is now;
in me Memorial Hospital in a serious oon
dttlon as a result ol tho .all of a pole on
which fee Was .vurking, yesterday found
that an operation will be unnecessary, as
the clot of blood on the brain, caused by
the concussion, can be removed by nbs?rp
ai, X-iaj examination made yesterday
rins disclosed an Internal Injury which, may
retard Mr. Haatlnfts'g recovery for some
time. He is doing us well as could bo ex?
pected, end hopes Are entertained for a
complete recovery, ?
ro-t-Oiriee Inappctlon.
The Manchester station of the Ilichnioad
poat-oft'lcc yesterday received on official
visit from District Inspector Elmo TUdwood.
An examlnatl ,n of the bosks of tho oftlc?
v ie, made, and everything found in flrst
? ;? .??> or.ler Superintendent Thomas II.
Smith Aas highly cotnpllmonted or, the jjoocj
showing made by the office.
I- -.to Itedwood also made fui exami?
nation o: in?? two contract stations, ono of
which If located in Friend's Drug Store,
Fifteenth anil Hull streets, and tho other at
A lit- Morrbnette'a, in Swansboro. Uoin
p aces wore found to oe in first-class condi?
small I Irr. No Damago
OSnglne Company No. IS lust nizhi at 6:1S
o'clock responded with tho chemical engine
f. a *til] clarill Iron, Eighth and Sonimes
Streets. The firemen on arrival found the
fire, Wilier, originated from burning soot, In
the chimney and extinguished It. The
house, which la owned by A. L. Aduinaon.
l/aj occuplod ?y A. I?. Tuck und fatniiy.
personal and General.
.Mrs. Thomas J. Jewell, of W?l Derattir j
Street, Is visiting her mother In Washing- (
Miss Wlnlfri-I White, of Petersburg, is
visiting her i .other In Bwansboro.
W. B. Plournoy. of Ftop No. 6, Petersburg
Turnpike, I* very til ftt hi* home.
tVaehlngton Tent, No. 10. Maccabeea of th?
World. la*l night held a public installation
of officers, followed by an onjoynhla supper,
a' which the faml'.le* of the member* weic
the rttest*.
Jefferson Hotel Arrivals.
A i eher P. Johnson. ChrUUanaburg. Vs.; I
John McQuaJc nnd wife, Philadelphia; I., j
Dsv.t an,I wife. Charlotte: C. Lewis Hill and I
vife. Weahlngton; A. ST. Parkor. Waahinp
ton; r* n. Way, Norfoita: w. r>. Prudor.
Norfolk; F. Williams, Lynchburg; Mrs I..
H Jonee. T.ynehburg; H. H. Down* and
w|f?, New York: Mis* VI rn Down*. New
Tork: .f. I.. Godfrey and vlfa. Columbus,
0. : J. A. Br>an and wife, Boston; M. R.
It over and wife, nostor.; B. W. Nea'oold and i
wife, [.exlngton, Va.; George W. Koonre
n .1 wtf.. Trenton. O.: William M. Dawson,; |
M ??? ?? Ferry, O . I*nu Dawson. MartUi's
t . -i >. O.: Cnlherlne Brady. Martin's Ferry.
1. William lluwke; Toronto; Mrs. M*< ? j
DougAll, Toronto: Mrs Dryden, Toronto; IC. |
Itawke, Toronto; o. M. King, Wnahlngton;
II. V7. Pratt. Bo*?ro: U. Hort Roasv???.; O.
I. Bnmaford, Uo-insh* 1
Law Professor at University Writes Letter
Against Establishment of Woman's College
at Lea?iag Virginia Institution.
Presents riis Views.
In u letter sent yesterday to Up pit
Huiilon, Jr., chairman of the commit
too appointed by Richmond chapter, ,
University ot Virginia Alunuil, to op-1
potie tlie ISarly-ltison l>ill tor the es-1
tuuliehmont ot a woman's college at
the university. Professor Charles A. I
Grave?, of tin- university's law de- I
partition!, takes u decided stand against
tin- measure, which, In Ins oplmon, is >
fruugiu ?.in danger to the Institution.!
Professor Qraves's letter follows:
University ot Virginia,
Law Department,
January ill 131C.
lion isppu lluiiton, Richmond, Va.:
My Doar .--Ir. i am niad to sue tin*,
opposition hi the Richmond alumni of
lliu University it Virginia to lho|
r'ariy-Klson bill, a measure, in in
uptnlon, fraught with danger to tho{
Institution, if you will pardon mo. 11
shall take tho liberty to aiatc a row
facts and to give, brlolly my view on
tho proposition n?w before the Legis?
i'irm?Ah to ihn attitude of the
facility of the university: it cannot I
be correctly stated that a. majority j
ii tho faculty favored the strode Mil, i
01 that they favor the present hill.1
It Is true that some time ago the-j
matter was brought before this faculty
by Dr. Alderman und certain r-i-oi . ?
Lions prepared by him were adopted,
with only live dissenting votosj but
these resolutions differed materially
Crom the Strode bill and from tho
present hill. The faculty, after full
discussion, voted to conllno coeduca?
tion (In the sense of mon and women
uelng taught in the same classes and
same room, by tho same toucher, at
the same time) to the graduate de?
partments, excluding '!0t only the
undergraduate department, but nlsu
the professional .-sellouts of law, modi- j
idhc. engineering and ngrlculturo. '
Further, a decided preference to coll
tlue coeducation In the graduate de?
partment t" iioctor of philosophy iex
.ludWig master ot urtsl was diBcubsuu;
but my recollection Ik that this did
not come to an actual vote, it being
suggested that it should be left for |
future consideration.
lllll Permits Coeducation
Second- -The present hill certain!)
permits coeducation (in the senaol
i.boee) in the profe1 islonal depart?
ments, it is only forbidden "In the]
undergraduate courses in the unlver-|
sity"; nut allowed only In the graaii
iite tourstt Now whether law, oto.
sail ho called strictly graduate roursca
ur not. they are certainly not under?
graduate courses; and HO coeducation
In them is not forbidden. This seems
loo plain for argument; but 1 navi
leard It claimed that the bill does uoi
allow coeducation In the professional
s.c!iools. Certainly if this is the in?
tention, it should be made plain by
Third?With the exception of five
men. the University of Virginia fac?
ulty are opposed to coeducation In
the full sense of the word as It exl'its j
p.t the University of Texas and the
VVostern State universities. Dr. Alder?
man I? himself opposed to ooedue?- j
tion In this sense, as he has repeatedly |
Sectored to the faculty, to the body
at* students assembled at thu Unlver
lity Hour und, 1 think, to tha com?
mittees of the Legislature. Indeed,
Ids iKisItlon Is fixed and decided, based
not merely on the "genius of the uni?
versity" and "the modes of thought"
prevailing here, but on broad grounds,
"physiological." "psy chologlcal," etc.,
stc, as he declared to the Student body
>n the occasion above referred to. 1
know that the groat mnjorlty of the
faculty agree with him, nnd only
favor co-ordination because they I
Imagine It Is not coeducation, and will [
trot merge Into It as the years go by.
If now you arc convinced that thel
hill Is largely coeducation as It stands I
(with nearly nil of the evils), and that
It Is but an entering wedge (as I
surely believe) to complete coeduca?
tion, the next Legislature ha.? only
strike out three or four lines of thel
present bill If It be enacted Into law;
then the opposition can claim that If
thoy realized the true meaning of this
bill nnd Its Inevitable tendency, thej
whole faculty (save flvo). with Dr.
Alderman at their head, would be as I
much opposed to the meusuro as are |
scvon-elghtha of tho Richmond alumni.
?"Ahnt He Pa vorm.
Fourth. 1 favor a university of high
grade for the women of Virginia when?
ever the State can afford to npproprl-1
ate the money for Is sepnrnte InstltU-j
tlon not "at or near tho University of |
Virginia." The "Meinorlnl University,''
In honor of the Confederate women, ap?
peals lo me. nnd tho obvious place fori
It is at or near Richmond, the capital I
Easy to put on, easy to take
off, easy to tie the tie In.
fllnett. I'ealioily i f'omranr, Makers, 'troy, K. V
Table d'IIote Dinner? Saturday
and .Sunday cvrnlncw, 6 to 9 o'clock.
St.DO each.
Richmond, Va.
The most magnificent hotel In the
Houth. European' plan. Rooms Jingle
end en suite, with and without baths.
Hpacious sample rooms.
Vjs.it, $1.50 per flay and urjward.
or the Confederacy. I think this prop-!
osltlon should unlugonUc ihe "co-ordi?
nate college" plan. Of course, ut pres?
ent the .State has not tho money for
cither. Uut Dr. Aldorman has calcu?
lated that the locution here will only
savo L'S cents In tho dollar, and. tho
tstulo would better wait until It etui
afford tho difference for a separate
school, which would help the women
without harming the university. I
Fifth. That tho co-ordlnato collegeI
would harm the university 1 think can [
l>e demonstrated. This university wan i
established uu u men's school, and the
situation Is very different from thut
where, us at tho University of Toxaa,
.1 school lit Coeducational lrom tho
start. Dr. Alderman has recognized in
this respect tho "genius loci'' und "th??
modes of thought" here. I believe thut
girls in uvldenco everywhere would ai-i
ways be resented by our students. i
Aliimul Oiipen'c Agitation.
Again, i believe the ?real majority
of our alumni ore opposed to th'i pres?
ent agltutlon, whether called oondiioa
llon or co-ordination. Tblc change
will chill their ardor, nnd no Institu?
tion can afford to alienate the alumni.
Besides, It win nover be possiblo, even
though a substantial difference does
e.\lBt. to persuade tho general public,
with a catalogue containing the nujncs
of 'Mao," "Mnyme." "Kitty." etc. that
the Institution is not coeducational in
the ordinary nonse with which they
are familiar. This will do us harm, Vi?
tt 1? certain now that thevo Is a reac?
tion against coeducation and a demand
lor a ochool of high university grade
lor mon only. About half of our 'in?
dents arc from other .States, many of
ihoni from the West. Who can tell
how many of them arc attracted by the:
v< ry lact thnt there Is ono place where
they heod not mingle with women as
coeds? Morn seriously, perhaps, tho
university will suffer from the appro?
priation by tho women of a teaching
force, part of thoin at least, for part
of their time. What Is thus tukeu fori
the women will be taken from tho men, I
who have not been suppuuud to receiveI
too much instruction. Nor have tho|
professors been suposed to have Idle I
lime on their hands to bestow for com?
pensation on other schools, co-ordinate |
or otherwise. One can readiiy see thci
lure Of this extra pay. with low salaries I
and the high cost of living. No mutt
can serve two musters, nor one master
and a mistress, where the latter has a I
tiuparate establishment and tho njacterj
needs all tho servant's time, ami yot ,
.-says confidently that out pro
lessors can touch tho women also, and
ought to do BO, because such high grade? |
teachers cannot be found elsewhere!
Again, co-ordtnalloit means res an-I
gustu doinl for the university. Waiving I
the question of tho .State's appropriation,
now about private endowment'/ Here.
again, - mu.>k our visitors must
o-.-tlr themeolvcs and beg the money:
50 the next million Dr. A. gets will hs
lor tho oo-ordlnatos. The- university
needs all the- money it can got. Why
not lot the prcHldc-nt of a separate
?-omon'a college and lu visitors do
their own begging?
Seventh. And now, in conclusion. Just
a word ?s to the university belatedly
railing Into line and doing what has
alroady been done almoat everywhere
(li if this argument has force (and
it suggests an. Inquiry whorTaer the.
university's success and prestige were
necause of her unique features or la?
in spite of them). It dermanJo coedu?
cation In the full sense, for thut is
whit has been done for women gen?
erally where their "claims" have been
Schools Highly Kndovtcd.
12) Uut it Is said that co-ordinated
? ollegea exist and are succea<ful at
other places?Tu banc (Sophie New
comb), Harvard (Radcllffe), Columbia
(Uarnard), To 'his there arc two an?
swers: (a) Those schools are all highly
endowed by private munificence and
connected with privat? corporations,
and am not dependant on State appro?
priations; (h) they are. connected with
lnstltutlonn In large eitles where the
comparatively smull number of women
exerts llttlo Influence on the character
of the Institution. Here In our "aca?
demic village" all thlu would be- dif?
ferent, und the presence of the women
everywhere (save with tho men In the
Mime lecture room In undorgraduuto
Courses) could not but profoundly In?
fluence C.-H, university life. That life
would become epicene, to the Injury, In
my judgment, of both Hexes. No .Stata
has ever catabllnhed two universities
side by side, one for men and the other
lor women, supported by State appro?
priations. Coeducation Is more eco?
nomical, and If we arc to go as far an
the Baiiy-Rlson bill provider, I think
wc would better go the whole length
and frankly coeducate. The boys and
girls are- together on the lawn, under
the arcades, with tho same Loacher?
In many classes, and In others they can
elbow njid Jostle ono nnoth.ir us they
movo to locturo rooms on opposite
sides of a hall at the same hour, or us
tho men come out of a lecture room
the glrlg can go In. and vice versa.
With so much coeducation, who can
doubt that there will soon be more?
As the financial side: presses, tho uni
verelty will be expected more und
more to tako over the annex, arid a
?hange in the law c&n provide at any
tlmo for fullor coeducation. Jin must
la; a rash man who. not believing in
coeducation, is yet willing to ink- I
such risks. Perhaps the women hope |
for It as a consummation devoutly to
be wished. - says that tho
Daughters of the Confederacy are be?
hind tli-' movoment. und that rhey re?
ject tho separate school, and are en?
titled to say how they shall be hon?
ored I thought tho Confederate Me?
morial waa to honor their grandmoth?
ers, tho women of the war. And I
thought all of its. mon, women and
children, wished to honor them, and t
Ao not know how the United Daugh?
ters of the Confederacy obtained an
exclusive right to do them honor. "You
do take too much upon yourselves," t
would venture to nay to them, with all
riue respect. Yours sincere)*',
(Signed) C. A. GTtAVES.
i.yNCiinirrtG amjixi
OPPOSE WOMAN < o i i i:1.1.
(Speclul to The Tlmes-nispatch.)
Uynrhburg. Va., January 23.?The
Lynohburg Alumni Association of the
University of Virginia at a mooting
held here last night lasting until mid?
night, adopted resolutions opposing
the location of a woman's coli? go at
tho university and callling upon the
Legislature not to pn.-tn the bill now
pending before 1? for thnt purpose.
The vote on the- resolution was 10 to
Adilrotiscs were made during the.
mooting by Dr. Albert LeFovro and
Dr. W. M. Thornton, of tho faculty of
th? Unlveriity.
I?chmond. vutcitoA
BIJoc_"Thc Wbite 8<,u?,tt.
"The Man l'rom Home ?
Unusual respect for tho verities ts
a noticeable, feature of ??The Man Prom
Homo. I? which William Hodgecomca
to tlu. Academy to-morrow, FridaV dnd
?Saturday and Saturday matinee Evirv
body speaks his own language' ffSSn
imk English .and Americans, and Kng
Jfsh and Americans ,speak English
SDOuk?th iV h2UI f''"^'onaryntwh^
spenka both languages with some Ger?
man thrown In. acts as Interpreten
Ulnphnm-Uunham Concert.
i.TH? "'"""P"' uf concert which
Is lo he given at the City And i?
Hum o? Thursday ?Ig,,, twtheb?t
orPlne Camp Hospital haa received";
sooih or more of requests for special
selections to be ?ung by David Rlsp'
?J"to of the fact that Mr.
Illspham Is constantly adding valua?
ble now numbera to his remarkable
repertoire, the old. favorites are In
"Iftontly demanded by his audlenc".
WrilO would protest vigorously If cer?
tain songs which th- have learned
to associate with the famous baritone's
iiame wen- <llscurded even ternp.,;.
arily. and their appreciation of the
new is always areonipanlcd by their
enthusiasm for the old The genial
hnrltone in never happier than when
umging tho <>hi favorites, whleb mi
to-day an pol.-nt factors in winning
applause as they were when he first
game them to the public.
Miss Edna Du-hnm, the soprano, who
will appear Jointly with Mr. Rlsphum
will have lln attractive, part In the
program, and from recent comments
on her work, a pleasant surprise is
doubtless In store for all who bom?
The personal property that
never depreciate in value.
Never have you looked
upon a more carefully select?
ed array of the choicest stones
than ours.
Prices are a little hit below
what you usually pay for the
J. T. Alien & Co.
14th and Main Streets,
Richmond, Va.
? Relieves in 24 Honrs (Q
Catarrh of the Bladder
AO Drugglsti Dntart or Cuu-itcr/cttt
BIJOU?This Week
Matinees Thursday and Saturday.
De'ila Clarke's American Romantic
"The White Squaw"
A portrayal of real life that is rt
freeing. A novol play and an orlgl
nal theme. _
City Auditorium
HAnitV r.n.DERT,
Benefit Pine Camp
Tickets Ill.no. Admission. 50c. Seats
now selling nt THE CCRL.EY CO., 313
Bast Urond Street.
_Atlantic CU^?^rttt __
Hotel und Sanatorium,
With Us elegant comforts. Its tonie
and curative baths and superior table
and service, Is an Ideal place for fall
and winter. Always open. Alwava
ready. Always busy.
P. I* Voting,
Genera! liaraxer
_Atlantic Cltv
The Confederate Museum
Admission. 36c Pre* on <ut,ird.> v.
I Medicine-Dentistry-Pharmacy
19tli Sculon Opens September 12th.
New building. New equipment.
Eighty' experienced teachers.
Excellent clinical facilities.
Modern laboratory methods.
Descriptive Catalogue on reqoeit.
PO? GltlbS.
:ttli West tirnoe Street.
Second half session begins Kebruaiy
1, 1912. A limited number and special
attention to tho Individual.

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