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Progressives Threaten to Desert
Him if He Sticks to Former
iPincliot's Name Long Anathema
Among States With Public j
I )> imain.
Washington. D. i\. February IL?Til
nmst Interesting political development
of tin day Is ili. (iu*t that from lliuj
Rocky Mountain MiHtonj where I ho
) loose veil ifotititiirtlt lias always bee n I
Strong tat, :i tmri it rar dlfferc'iil
from a threat lius i>..?n carried to tboj
Colonel, in.; message was hricl!) that:
un.es hi iii-uii|?iii Giitoru Pun uo>, lliuj
Chlel Forestei whom President 'ran
deposed, us un active member of nisi
campaign, lie could expect absolutely j
no support in.in Hi,, aiuuiltulll Silitea.
The name oi I'm.not has long been
anathema in an the states with ?* lui'itcj
public domain within thou' borders j
?tr. Pihchot'a om re me cons :rv:'tiojiiat,
policy has worked to (limp ill* public
lands Intact or to open th'uii tin I J*- j
und vi the sdrlelcHt rt'-iTvnll.MiK "I in- I
tights "f th" govoriinieiit. liven or
. tain progressive elements In those]
States have luvdrud a more liberal pol-I
icy. They have ilcid mat to/- nuiuruij
resources oi the country jthuuid bei
opened up foi use In the preaeni gener
wion. anil not sciiuestrateu Iroin feat j
of benefit accruing to tin- capitalist I
who may rick his money in a develop-!
iiiont project. j
The sentiment against this sort ol;
conservation, which associated!
closely with the name of 1'lnchot, nas;
nianlfestcd Itself in Wyoming, where)
there are VOM tracts of forest? d anil]
igruzing find; in Mano, Colorado, N.i-j]
\ oia and Montana The retention <il ]
Colorado to the Democrats has beult I
umlbut-d in certain iiuarters to tnej
?flecl oi .Mr. I'liiciivt'i. conservation!
program, and progressive Henators, Iik*
Air, Dixoii, of Montana, and Mr. Horah.i
</i Idaho, both of whom have blen list-|
od as Roosevelt men. have Iii the Sen?
ate always opposed extreme consun>'u-I
Known proirrissiiT politician from Ihej
"West to-jday, "bus been urged to Bhlp
Jdncho; oft tor Europe on tin- tlrst boat
and to drop him in midway between |
the coastf. That'-, how the mountain |
Btatca (eel about it"
Gilford Plnchot up to u short time !
u?o was "tin of the tew Old'time
lloosevclt men who were actively sup?
porting Mi. Follctte. Ifla activities,
it Is ti oe, ware construed in certain j
quarter* as b. In-j- aimed ultimately for |
the ^ood of his toriuer chief, but then I
was noth.nir definite r>n that point
Since tne collapse of the La Folicttr. j
boom, however, the Plnchot brothers
liuvu been counted for Colonel Rouse -
vclL Amos i'tnehot, tire ex-forester's
brother, ufter a conference with the
colonel, came out for him whole
aouledly, and urged other progressives
to do likewis'-. -,.<i it ?.a? assumed that
h'; otrt.tement represented i?> brother1!
tt i lings, too.
Politicians here are speculating on I
the otiect this nicssug< will have on
tii. colonel's relatloi.s with Glftord
I'lnchot. Mr P nchot w-aa a meml-r
ut the old "tennis cabinet." und when
Mr. Roosevelt left the White House he
was considered, with Mi. Gartield, one
of his closest personal friend s. it was
lie who wer.i to mcot Colonel Rooac
v. It for the. progressives when the col?
onel ome/ged from the lion country
<>l Africa, and in spite of occasional I
rumors of differences arising from
Mr. Pint-hot's too great enthusiasm for
conservation their relations haVc re
tnolned most intimate.
The charge dttrltf?K d to Colonel
Roosevelt that the moneyed Interests
111 backing Prcs'dcnt Taft for rcnom
Inatldh has failed to draw any reply
from the friends of the administra?
tion. The administration has scrupu?
lously refrained nil along from mak?
ing any light on Colonel Roosevelt,
und tin appearances are that thlr?
policy will not be changed now.
This charge In a genera) way has
been made before by the Insurgents in
Consre.-s. They have asserted that the
President Is a r<.-..cUonary. and from
that premise have deduced the further
Htatemcnl mat big business, being also
reactionary. Is for him. Prom this
reuaonliiK It was another step to the
assertion that tip capitalists would
contribute to his campaign expensep.
At: a matter of fact, however, finan?
cial support for the coming tight la
viiut has worried the Taft managers
as much as anything else. Tin- prose
Buttons so offect'vely conducted by
V. Homey-General Wlcker.shum at the
President'? direction have stirred up
great animosity against the President
among the Wall Street magnates. Tho
result has been that the feeling liars
Is that unless Mr. Taft Is opposed by
?ome radical Democrat of de Bryan
type whom they might fear even mote
than they do tip- Tat ?.-Wickcraham
regime, they will not contribute to h'a
Campaign fund.
But talk of Wall Street support ha?
tiern used on each side as a reflector
bgainst the other A few weeks ago
?11 Interest centred In the report that
Judge Gary of the steel trust had
pmlsearlcH out in the Wi-bi getting
delegates with whom to pack the
Chicago ??ciivbhtlon for Colonel Itoose.
well. Whon that report reached Mr.
floosevelt he Just laughed, but tl\r- re
pott ie still revived and reprinted at
Alexander Htnnrf Dead.
Detroit. Mich., Pcbruiiry 11.- Alex
?nder Hamilton Stuart, for twoscorn
years a well-known American actor,
died In a hosplinl here to.day, after
nn Illness of more thftu a.year. With
him at Ihc end was -Iiis wife, known
rrofesslonally as Mlsa'Jesslo Bonotollc.
Mr. Stuart, always known on the stage
o= A. H. Stuart, was born In Winches
tor Vn? about fifty-seven years ago.
The body will be taken to Rochester,
ft. T., for hurlal.
Changed Despair
Into Happiness
Revived to Health, Richmond Man
Tells of "Old Self" nnd Old
Great crowds continue to consult thej
specialists at the Polk Slillcf Driig Coni- !
pany, .SO! K?st Main Street, who arc hc'c I
for th': purpose <>f introducing iii Rich- 1
iiiond a remarkable licw t*ni?. known as:
"Tona Vila."
A similar preparation to "Tona Vita"]
created .1 ireineiidoti-j sensation abroad a
few year- ago on account of its wonderful '
curative powers and judging from the
various statements ol those taking "Toiia I
Vila" in kichinond il looks a- if it would j
likewise here.
A vnsi number ol Richmond peopli '
have ironic out with statements- of what J
tin- ncv/ tonic ha- dorn- fur iItem. One'
man -aid : " I have been' afflicted fur year? j
with a continuous dizziness anil weak?
ness; I -lent poorly and tin little -hip'
I did get did not secni to rc.-t me. Ilc
sides, I alwa\ had a pain in the pit of'
my stomach. Tin- doctors I ?i\v did nol
leeitl to I: ow what was the matter with
nie, ami I -iinoh -topped going to them, j
?'About two weckt ago a friend who]
was taking 'Tona Vita' advised to try it. j
I am now on my second bottle, and my
dcspnii has turned to hope If less! than I
two Im.tile-, will bring -iii li results .1- the}
have -o (.;r. 1 ltd -.iii: in raying thai in a
yef> diorl time I will be completely well.
Right now I feel like an entirely tliffi rehj
Ilia 11, I cat well and enjoy what I eat.)
My nights how art- qiic of -olid rest, and j
I -?< ? up in tin.- morning fee-ling fine. The'
pain over my stomach has disappeared.
I wain to .-.iv thai I think 'Tona Vita'
i- 'lie greatest medicine I have ever taken
or heard of."
Many testimonials of the same char?
acter arc being given the specialists who
arc located here lor a short lime.
One of these specials!* - id rcc ritly
that the above 1 use was not an uticom
nioii one "Why. it is possible that some
0.11 in nearly every family in Richmond
i- eul feeing with an attack of nervous I
debility," ??aid the specialist. "The ptih
lie does not tcalizc what .1 large number
r.f people among those who live in the
larger cities like Richmond are afflicted]
with this modern plague i:i a more or
less aggravated form. Most of the sb-l
called kidney trouble, hcarl\ nil indiges?
tion, and fully half of tin headaches in]
Richmond can he attributed to nervous
debility superinduced by the .-'.rain of
modern life. Any one who has been half
sick all the time, with 110 vitality or ener?
gy, a constant stiffen 1 with despondency,
stomach trouble, weak bark, headaches
and a dozen other complaints caused by
debility, is jure to tall: about it when
they lind sometliine that gives them back
buoyant spirits, sound digestion and gen?
eral good health."
between the lion: - ol ' A. M. and 8
!'. M. there specialists will be on hand to
meet the public and demonstrate and ex?
plain the nature of their preparation at
tin /'? lb Miller Drug Company; and wilj
b glad to meet all t aller--.
V'estcrday and 1.0-day eontinucd to I
bring more splendid reports to the drug
store in regard'to the new xemedy. "Tona
Vita," which ha* had surh a tremendous
run jit their stoic. Its effects appear to
be something wonderful, especially in
stomach disease- and nervousness and as
a general system builder.
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1308, ilv')0r..00f); fsolT |2,?T?o.?ool IV10,
$3,000,000, and 1511. $2,000,00?. Tho to?
tal net expenditures out of t.\e mllltla
arming fund since M*y I. 1138, has
been 115,994,171, and on June.30 last
there was a balance of |817,6?s avail?
Another interesting feature of h> re?
port Is Its disclosure of what tin War
Department did with Its share if the
special emergency appropriation cf
March ft. 1S9S, of the national v ar de?
fense fund Th ? army's share in tins'
fund was $15,301,101.94. It 3pem $!".
2ft4.1S;5.&0 of this fund, using tho funa
for ten years after the close of the
Spanish-American War. and turning ?n
unspent balance of J9.S76.04 'nto rjr>
surplus fund of the treasury in IfOs.
The War Department's alletmints out
of this fund were $4,l'42.j00 In li'Ji,
tS.SSO.aOl in 1S0C'. $1,2S9,S',6 in 1900 and
$900,233 In l'JOt.
Ilrltlxb Hblp In Trouble.
Halt'more. Md., February 11.?A
dispatch to the maritime excrrange
from the observer ut Cape Henry. Va..
salt) the P.rlHsh ship K Upst- from
Hong Kon?; for New York was lylnc
off the .ape it S:30 to-night with
fore in a tit broken ami headgear gone.
She requested tin assistance of a tut;
iioat. The Eclipse was orlglnnlly
hound i'.r Haiti more-, hut orders were
sent ton days ago for the vessel to
proceed to New Vork.
1.KT sr.ooi OVERLOOK trslPO.
Highwaymen Pice Without tinting All
<>r victim's Money.
Plnlnneld, N. .1.. February 11.?Evi ?
dently considering that they were for?
tunate In getting $500 from a victim
catly 10-dny, highwaymen lied without
waiting to examine his clothing thor?
oughly, und thus overlooked $800 which
he had in another pocket. The man
robbed, .Michael Weber, a butcher, wus
waylaid in a lon.-ly section of the city
on his way home by two highwaymen,
one of whom crushed In his head with
a blunt instrument. His skull is frac?
tured, and lie may die.
ItojnM Sniil to lie i'r<-partmi to Attack
El Paso, Texas. Kohruary li.?-Col?
onial Antonio Hojas, aft the head of
500 men. now Is* on Iii? way towiird
j Juarc/. to attack th;- city, according to
a report received In Juarez to-day from
Pan Antonio. In view of yesterday's
report that Hojas would demand the
1Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!?St. Valentine's Day |
Is there a nicer wav to remind her of it than with PRETTY I
"We Crow the Flower* We Sell"
Order by phone, Madison 6081, or at the store, 25 West
M Broad Street.
Rt,VIbW and prospect
I Aoout half or th* Bossl?h of tho
I Legislature ha* gone, and, though the j
body has work?d !,;,r.i with no inato-I
i rial Interruptl?h?; !t la miich leal; thr>:i ?
aal: through ?-1111 the work which !?.1
; la heltig urged lo do. *
It la Haid that th<> commit tees, oanr>:
Clally those of the House, have alreudv 1
held more meetings than they dur-'j
mlf the ?h.,io session of 191?, The
pressure upon them is becoming
greater us the day, pans, and, until i
?otjic time nrtur the rush of bills Is
ha It id, thej will b<j up to their eyes'
In work. Such things niiisl be. and
grow vors.- enuh s...slot,. until the
length ->.f the session In Increnaed,
Crowded Calendars.
The dally edition of the calendar of
tho . House at H I. Kates resembles a
volume. iia it contains over fifty page*
Of mere titles to bills and resolutions.
T'iat of the Senat.: Is not unite half |
b? largo, but then the Senate hi mor ??
than twice as deliberate as rhe llou.-o
lu lia proceedings.
The old farce of pretending to read
th ? bills at length three times 111 each
house la still to some ex tout adhered
to. It has never l.ocn thoroughly don",
arid la rarely ?vcr nece.-sarv. It Is one
of the tlma-klllera which the Constitu?
tional Convention imposed upon the
legislature, .and whj^h, If literally
carried out. would make it a.s impotent
a legislative body ;u? any on earth. !
The requirement of .1 roll call 611 each I
motion to suspand the rules and on I
the 'ideation of passing each bill also!
consumes a vast amount of time, which
might be hotter employed. There nir;
hundreds of roll calls each session in
case." In whief-, not a di".'."htinp void
is cast, and in which the record has
no earthly vuluc. On the paasage of
strictly local measures it would b<
more sensible to put a viva voce vote. I
Holl call? could aitvay* be calicd for."
When necessary. However, only a con- |
stltuttonal amendment could save this ,
'v.mif of valuable time, and such an
amendment the peoplo voted down In :
1 mo. j
W'tmnn'? Suflrggc Lout.
One of the features of last woftk's I
work In the House was the defeat of I
the woman's suffrage amendment by '.11
vote of S? to 1?, which put the matter I
at rest for th ? present session. The I
I amendment offered by Delegat" A'.d"n |
Bell, 10 allow a restricted suffrage to j
women upon tax mattors and the Ilk",1
did not prevail, though I: might have
been well I:' the suffragists had fought
for It ac an original proposition. A
similar proposition Is nor. 'before the
Legislature 61 Maryland. With an
opening wedge In the Constitution, the
full suffrage to women might not be
so difficult to obtain.
The companion me-asura introduced
hi the Senate by .Senator llarman may?
be reached this week. It did not get
a single vote In the committee, but It
will secure a few in thj rijjruue whon
,1 perfunctory vote Is taken on it.
Similar uu-aiures arc sure to be pre
seated to the Legislature until the
final victory is won?whenever that
may be.
Prohibition Slipping: Hackward.
Early In the w--k the prohibition
referendum wa? reported unfavorably
by the House Committee on Privileges ;
and Llectjone. It has never been an- I
nounced how the committee stood. o>ut j
It ts believed that the vote was close. 1
The House, however, is evidently In
favor of It by a substantial ma- j
jorlty. The effort to take It up out!
of its order on Friday lacked the |
necessary two-thirds support, the vote!
being 56 to 17. A similar rnotlon on j
.Saturday failed by a vote of 17 to 31.
The l.-reat of the patron to call it up |
every day until hit motion should suc?
ceed appeared to have had the op?
posite effect from that Intended, the
I opponents of the measure and some of
' its friends resenting what they deemed
an attempt at coercion. However, it
is not improbable, that the House will
I take up the bill one day this week and
set It aa a special and continuing
j order for a day next week. It is not
j regarded as likely that two-thirds of
the House will agree to Its coufctdera
i tlon very much short of the time that
; It would be reached on the calendar in
I due course.
After its passage by the House It will
j still have a rough foad to travel In
j the Senate Committee on Privileges
1 and elections (which Is supposed to
be much more strongly against it than
was th..- slm'lar committee of the
House) as well an In the Senate it- '
self, where the opposition appears con?
fident of n majority of three or four j
agalnet it In 11 vote of the full Senate, j
The Co-Ordliuitc CoBcbc
The co-ordinate college for women
at or near the University of Virginia
will probably he discussed in both j
houses the latter part of this week. It >
has been reported favorably by th" j
com mit fees <yf the Senate and .-ousc, j
dcr.pltc a very determined opposition, i
j coming in large measure from the I
alumni of too university. !; |a Houfic i
bill N . 53. on its second reading. I
and Senate bill No. :. on its ^/.timi 1
reading;. The Bounty coinmtttoo has
proposed an amendment, which is In?
tended to eliminate uny danger oi co
education in the proieesionul schools;']
tli' bill ulrc<idy provioing ugulnst it
in undergraduate bead, micul curijcs.
fudicutlons nt present arc Unit the]
bill will puss the ft- i t.-. ||? rait, in
th'i ?touso 1h conjectural, though the
opposition there wnt ??? tormuiablu, 1
If n?>i fatal.
The Holling Slock mil.
The bill for tb" ?!?' i ton of the luxa?
tion from the rolling stock of railroads, !
to per eont. to b< Ivt.lined by the
cities in which jio principal "liices- of j
tin- companies ai'o loeattm and t;o per |
ecu', to be oistriootEii among life ?otiii- j
tics and cities tKroui;li whleli tho )
roads run. having passed tho House by j
a largu ma jority Is n special and con-'
tinning orucr in th< Senate for next
Wednesday, when It will most probably
lie passed. There ho? been u struggle,
extending over eight yearn, to have
the rolling stock lax distributed, and I
th-- proposed compromise Is considered |
lonvlci Labor.
The Committees on Itouds ol the
House and Sonate, having Jointly rtu
ommended tr.ia us many as 600 con-.'
vlcts be Hired under a contract tor not
long*--'" than live years, it seems prob
ahn- t Ol. i ifiu contract system, hiuh
modified, will be ret.ilnud. Thoro will, j
of course, bo u llorce nght waged in ?
both houses against 'ti. making of nny '
contract, but tue necessity for rev ntic
and the fact tnat no practical way has
yet been devised to employ thou.- con?
victs not available- for road purp....-.-1
matte H unilKeiy that Ihe contract tys*
tern will be abolished outright. Tin- I
growth of public sentiment against tu?; i
system and me especial hostility of!
organised labor give good oause to
hope that in live or sis years thej
State will abandon the system for i
good. j
Tax Commliwlon.
The Finance Committee of tho
House is stilt- struggling with the
questions Involved In tn-. Tax Commis?
sion bill, which was referred to it
again after its pasHas- br the House
In its original form was found to be
Impossible. All sorts of propositions
are being considered, including a
scheme for segregation of the suojeets
Of taxation. The committee is said
to be about ready to report some kind
of a measure, quite different from
the original bill, while retaining a
few of Us features, which may possibly
pitas the House, thoueli it Is not bn
lleved that the Senate ean agree on
anything of Iho kind at Oils session.
The Stesphenson ahtiiaamblinK bill,
which passed the House by a vote of
56 to 21, has gone to the Senkte, wher?
its propects of passage are not es?
pecially bright. A timllar measure
passed the House in 100s. but died In
the Senate calendar. In ihe latter body
It Is held that the present laws agalu.il
gaming, if enforced, are quit- adequate
to rentedv all gunulne abu?*? of lh<
The game bill, reporud to tho House
with an amendment which greatly
weakens It. will not ho reached this
week unless taken up .eat of it.s or?
The Hrnato has passed a bill re.
I quiring certain officers who handle
public funds to make monthly reports
to the Auditor of Public Accounts. It
Is almost certain that t ie House will
? concur and thus remove much com
I Plaint that such tunds are sometimes
l used for private purpose* before the
j periods of settlement arrive,
i The Byrd-Peatherston primary oloc
! Hons Mil, which passed the House bv
l a large majority, will bo considered
, to-nlgnt by the sVnalc Committee on
j PrK-ileges and Flections. This com
: mlttee has not been In favor of prl
j mary election legislation in recent
years, notwithstanding ...^the popular
I demand for It. but It Isnjm believed It
will attempt to smother this bill. A
majority of the Senate is pretty uure
to bo In favor of the measure" with
perhaps, a few amendments.
The House Com-<lttee on Privileges
and Elections reported unfavorably
the resolution for a constitutional
amendment, providing for the initia?
tive, referendum and recall. It has no
Prospect of passage by either house,
I but its advocates assert that It will
be relntroduced each session until it
is adopted.
The House and Senate committees
have reported bills tor the modifica?
tion oi the doctrine of contributory
negligence in suits for damages. Tho
report of the. Senate committee is un?
favorable. The full train crew bill ha-,
neen passed by Indefinitely In commit?
tee, nnd thereby put to sleep.
The. Investigation or the Department
of Public Instruction has been ordered
>y the House, ami it fs expected that
".bis action will be concurred in by the
1 Senate, possibly with an amendment
? that the Investigation take place dur
I dig the recess "of the General Assam
I bly.
The msolution inviting Governor
Judson Harmon to address the Legisla?
tur, on the loth passed the Senate
unanimously, but t lie vote In the
House tr.M 4; to lf>. It would be an
agreeable diversion, of course, to have
this distinguished man speak to our
lawmakers, but hi would have a. hard
? ask to crtnle a more favorable lm.
1 presslon than that left by Governor
' woodrow Wilson.
surrender of chihuahua In five A&ys,
(he report is not given generat crc
l.ruullo Hernandez, with a force of
100 rebel:;. Is reported operating south
jf Chihuahua, along the line of the
Mexican Central, which temporarily
has abandoned Its efforts to make re?
pairs between Chihuahua and Torreon.
Governor Gonzales, who arrived hen
i yesterday, said to-night that he ex
i pccts to slart for Chihuahua lo-mor
i row morning and to reach his deati
I nation to-morrow afternoon. He said
j to-night that ho was confident that
the tangle there soon could be straight?
ened out. A hand of men Is reported
lying In wait near Gnlle^o to effect
the capture of Gonzales on his way
Navigation on Lower ijirsnpcnke Al?
most lruponsfhlc.
Baltimore, Md.,' February 11.?Mum
ters of steamers arriving here to-dny
after hard lights with the i6o reported
that conditions In lower Chesapenke
Bay are hourly becoming worse, owing
tp the continued freezing temperature
and northerly winde thet are blowing
the Ice floeo from the rivers Into the
The ice boat Annapolis was sent to
the. Patuxent River late to-day to try
to matte way for a fleet of oyster boats
that have been icebound for a week.
There arc a/oout 10.000 bushels of
oysters aboard the boats, and a large
number of men are out of employment
at Cambridge because of the Inability
of the. packers to get them.
Joseph Lister Dead.
London, February 11.?Joseph Lister,
first Baron Lister, who was made fa?
mous by his discovery of an antisep?
tic system of treatment In Rtirgcry.
dfe,i to-day. He was born Iii 1.S27, and
had served as professor of surgery In
Glasgow and F.dinburgh Universities
ami In Klng'r College, London.
I Establishment of Republic in Chlnh
Mntlcr of l>w UiiyN.
Poking. February 11.?As clt> t
I establishing the republic- probably will
'be Issued February 13. A statement
I from the Chinese foreign board saya
[the Republicans are harassed by dis?
sensions and are prepared to waive a
; majority of the proposed modillca
I lions. The statement further assorts
Ithat there In no fear of the trainier
i of the capital from Peking, although
that point has not yet been absolute?
ly agreed upon.
A Tien Tain dispatch says three
bomb?; were thrown at General Chan
Erh Hsun, viceroy of Manchuria, at
Mukden Isisi night. The viceroy was
not injured and his assailants escaped.
Will Astonish World.
Shanghai, February n.?The delay
in the Issuniice of the edict of abdica?
tion Is due largely to the necessity of
an amicable sottlemoiit of the details
Iof the new organisation in order to
I secure prompt recognition. Assurances
jaro given that Vuan Shi Knl the lih
i penal Premier. Is now in full accord
Sale of Chinese Curios
At The Jefferson
Tuesday, Feb. 13, and Wednes?
day, Feb. 14
of Washington, D. C.
with ihr- Republicans' and in actually
advising w'th respect to future plan?
looking to llio effective, coalition of* j
all the provinces anil factions and th>
arrangement of tho machinery of tho'
Republican government,
Tnng Shad VI, tho representative of
Premier Vunn, sa'd to-day that Chins
.could Uatohtsh the world by her ready
acceptance of the now conditions and
by their adaptability In the restora?
tion of ordw. He added that tho re?
public of chinr. would Immediately
present a solid front and all pro-;
vinrin) und individual differences
Would bo forgotten In the common.
Interest?the preservation of the Ih
te'gr'ty of the country.
lall lieiiniiilnntlnn llurrnu Will Up 1
Oprncd To-IIht
Washington. February 11.?At a
conference to-day between Charles D.
H'lles, secretary of President TafL,
and Representative William Fi. McKin?
ley, of Illinois, plans were completed I
for the opening to-morrow of a. Taft j
headquarters in a downtown hotel.
The headquarters will he known as I
the Taft renomlnatlon bureau, and Mr.
McK'nloy vv i 11 assume charge atf di?
Mr. Hilles turned over to Mr. Mc?
Kinley data dealing with the political
situation In nearly every State. This]
has be.-n collected during the last fowl
weeks and It will form the basis for |
f.n Immediate beginning of the cam?
paign to win Taft delegates.
Walter Li Ifouser. mp.nnger of the
cnmpa'frn of Senator La Follotte, left]
Washington m-nlght for North Da?
kota, where it is feared by La Follotte
adherents there is danger of tho La '
Fdllette sentiment being transferred
to Colonel Roosevelt.
Kisses Little Tot? ?oorl-Hj, Th*n Com?
mit- Sulcidr.
New York, February 11.?Mrs. Mary
Golden dressed her two small children
In their best clothes this aftirnoon and,
sent them out with 5 cents each to buy
candy, telling them not to hurry back,
.as she was "going to heaven." Tho
! two little tots were- fo'-.nd to-night
j locked In each other's arms, fast aslaep,
I In front of the door of the Golden
j apartment, nobody having responded to
I their continued call? to be let in. The
j reason for tho alienee was rov?aled
' when the door was forced open and the
1 mother was found lying dead on the
j kitchen tloor. a tube conectlng with the
I ttas range In her mouth. Shj had been
? depressed tor two months because of
I poor health.
j Outside Exercise Seems to Cheer Rlche
son Greatly.
Boston. February 11.-?Clarence V. T.
I ntcheson war; allowed yard liberty, and
left his cell at the Charles Street Jail
; to-day for the f.rst time since his ap
, pearance in court a month ago. when
he pleaded guilty to the murder of
Avis Linne!! and was sentenced to be
I electrocuted In May, Rloheaon, oc
| com panted by guards, walked ui> and
? down the js.ll yard for three-quanerr>
of an hour.
1 "He was very bright, and the air of
I outdoor^ seemed to cheer his spirits
! wonderfully," said Sheriff Qulnn to
I night.
Forecast: Virginia?t'lenerally fnir
j Monday and Tuesday, except probably
lighl suon In north portlnu .Holiday,
warrar.t lu east und south portions
I Moudnyj moderate, variable nimln.
Auril. Carolina?Fair Moniiuj si n<l
? Tuemlio : vranuer Monday; light, vn?
I rlubic ti lud?.
Special Local Data for Vcatcrday.
ll:: noon temperature . di
J 3 P. M temperature . .I.'
I Maximum temperature up to S
P. M. . 32
i Minimum temperature up to s
I P. M. 12
Mean temperature . 22
? Normal I emperatnro . K9
I Deficiency m temperature . li
Deficiency in liunperuturo since
March 1 . ^77
Accum, deficiency in temperature
, since January I . jj'j
Dellciency in rainfall slnco March
, ?? H?M . 7.::i
Accum, dellciency In rainfall since
. January l. 1P|2 . |,8,
l.neal OlmcrviHlnti S P. ?I. Yesterday.
Humiilit \. , ????;
V\ ind, direction . N r
i vi ind, velocity . i
Weather ._ ?.Clear
I (AI S P. M Kastorn Standard Tlnu-.i
Place Ther. ll. T. KT. Weather.
Asnevnic .... '?'! i- ::t; Clear
Atlanta . :;??? 32 l?u Cloudy
.Atlantic City, is 22 i Clear
Boston . .... 1? jo ?_? Clear
Buffalo . S n> -2 Cloudy
Calgary . 10 I:: 26 Snow
Charleston .. .'12 3C 21 p. cloudy
Chicago . 21 36 31 Snow
Denver ...... 10 4 1 ;:u Cloudy
liuiiitb . 0 r> 0 Clear
Ualvoston ... 54 5s 50 P. cloudy
Hatterns .... 23 30 32 Clear
: Havre . Si: 13 3S Cloudy
i Jacksonville.. 10 Ii 3.S I*. cloudy
Kansas City.. .".<i 43 ::: Clear
I Louisville ... 10 la 12 Cloudy
j Montgomery., i" it :;u Cloudy
I New Orleans. IS 50 Clear
New York..,, Is 22 0 Clear
! Norfolk . . . " I 2S Hi Clear
j Okluhoma ... 52 r,K 10 Clear
Pittsburgh .. 22 21 1 Clear
, Raleigh . 2S 3fi 36 Clear
i St. Louis .. . 36 42 2C Cleat
i St. Paul ? .. 10 16 10 Cloudv
I San Francisco 56 rv :t-t Clear
I Savannah ??? MS 42 2S Clear
j Spokane ... li Is 34 P. cloudy
j Tampa . it" ;.i5 l?". Clear
I Washington. . ' ,.>4 ii Clear
I Winnipeg . .. >: II 2 ' iienr
I WythevlTlc .. no r.^ m Cli ..t
*IIM ATl ltF, \I.MA XAC.
February 13. ioie,
IIICH Til'! .
[Sun rise* .. V:'>) Morning. ... 13:ilS
I Sun sets ? ? . S: If, ICvtnlng 12:11
Authorities Continue Vigorous Search for Per?
petrator of Louole iViUruer?Many Negroes,
in State of Panic, Leave Coumy.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
Capo Churles, Va., February It.?
Tho village or Pamoria tho icenn oil
tho tragic death* of, the uged spinster
sister*, Misses Mary and Kathcrlno
Tunnel), Is greatly excited n3 a result
of the vigorous 'nvcstlgatlon of do
tootives working for cluco. Tho ne?
groes of tho vicinity have volunteered
to assist the authorities in the search
for the peputrator of the crime.
"We are convinced that a negro
killed the Misses Tunnoll." said Dr.
Docormls. of Accomac, to-night.
It is tho theory thut a negro, re?
duced to desperation through starva?
tion because of the severe weather
conditions that have prevailed and the
laok of the demand tor labor, made
tho attack. It Is believed that the
sisters, who were Inclined to hoard
their wealth, heard tho Intruder and,
endeavoring to repel him, were slain.
Tho almost total destruction of the
bodies has made the investigation a
dillicult one. and the authorities have
been forced to theorize.
Hundreds Ol tho morbidly curious
i wont to the farm during the day, and
the ashes of the ru'ns were searchedi
by them for souvenirs. Some sym
I puthet'c women fr'euds from Parks
ley placed flowers on the two graves,
which are located within a hundred
tuet of the crlmo.
The Rev. CJ. T. Clayton and Hov. Cr.
T. Clark, of tho Parksley M. E? and
Fastn-la Baptist churches, respective?
ly, mentioned the tragic death of the
women In the course of their sermon
this evening, and preyers wero offered
that the guilty might be speedily
brought to Justice.
trau d l'os.te? tn Search.
Armed posses of enraged farmers
' with blood-hounds are scouring Aceo
' mas county for the assasslr and tho
entire peninsula 13 aroused over the
crime. County officials declared to?
night that three persons are under
surveillance, but because of tho wrath
of tho moti the authorities refuse tr>
j hint al the color or identity of the
] suspect-5.
! It Is admitted that the fury of th*
men may cause them to tako the law
Into tholr own hands If the guilty
parties are caught. Negroes are In a
panlc-'trieken mood. Tim sight of the
I bands of armed men and dogs, which
has so far fulled to turn up what is
regarded an it real scent, hnn made
them frantic. They are afraid of a
caso of mistaken Identity and they
are taking no chances. I'rom tuwiin
along the New York, 1'hlladelphlu and
N ort oik Itailroad In this section an
oxoduu of blacks took place this .if tor
noon. Como of the officers are to
clincd to believe that a negro mur
dored the sisters. Others, however,
attach no importance to this theory
I and give substantiation, In veiled
I hints, for an impression that some one.
familiar with the ulsters und their
homo perpetrated tho double murder.
Only one motlvo, that of robbery, sug?
gests Itself.
The sisters, who lived in a farm?
house With a stone's throw of l'as
lorla, ' owned tholr property and had
money In the Parksley Bank, while 't
had been reported that they had a
sum- In excess of fl,5Q? secluded about
their home. Tho sisters, it ho3 been
learned, did not leave a will, und thcil
estate, valued at il?.OOO, will pass to
John J. Tunnell. a brother, who re?
sides at Atlantic, aliout tit teen mile1,
from Pastorin, and the six children ot
William A. Tunnell. a dead brother.
Money Owed to Women.
A significant tact was unearthed
I tills afternoon by Dr. J. L.. Decorinis.
county coroner, tie learned from
u negro Hint a conversation between
two men hud been overheard, one of
the speakers asserting that SSOO owed
to the sisters us the final payment
upon a loan was to bo paid to them
last Tuesday, the day before the
I charred bodies were found among
' smoldering ruins. The money, how
i ever, was not paid at that time, be?
ing due next week. It may be, the
' physio'an theorizes, that the assassin
and his accomplices. If he was assisted
In the act, were chagrined by the
failure to find the. money and subject
ed the women to torture.
?It looks as though this axe might
be tho weapon." explained the doctor,
?'although 1 will not pin myself to
this assertion ,for the tire simply de?
stroyed everything. If the Instrument
of drnth was left behtwVv^? was con
I sumcd, thereby gi?-" the murderer
a dee'ded udvantiv, I made a close
inspection to see if either torso held
a bullet. Neither did. I also careful
ly s'fted tho ashes and debris In the
I basement of the hous*. but no pellet
j of lead was revealed. Nothing could
I convince me. that the sisters died ac
I cldcntullyi It was a brutal murder.
|1 believe it was carefully planned.
I with the possession of the money oup
j posed to have been paid the sisters
I last Tuesday as tho motive."
Confidently Inspected Toft Will Purdoa
Unique Prisoner,
Atlanta, Ca., February 11,?Favor?
able action '.'j- President Taft on a
petition for pardon, which is coml
dently expected by the offleials of the I
: Federal penitentiary here, jvlll releas-:
I probably some time this month
I Thornus Bram, one of the most uniquo
j prisoners in tiiat establishment.
Bram was a sailor and wan con?
victed in ISfil in Hor.tnn, of the murder
'of Iiis captain and two others on tho
j high aeab. He always ha:; proclaimed
: his innocence, and, according to Wtir
jdc.ti Moyer und other otlicials of the'
I pr'son, his record there bears out Ibis
claim, in ill tho ilfteen years of his
imprisonment he never has given way
j to tits qf despair. Ho spends his time
ministering to others and lias bocomo
noted for his cheerful smile. This, it
is claimed in extremely unusual oven i
for short time prisoners.
The sailor has ihado several efforts]
to regain Ills freedom. Uec.-nliy he-1
enlisted the aid and sympathies of At-]
j torhey Dan \V. ftountree, of Atlanta,
who, lifter a thorough 'nvostlgutlon,
: placed Iiis carlo before the Attorney
General and the President.
The crime for which [tram is serving
a life sentence, was committed on the
! night of July 13, lS9i;t iviilie Bram
j was in chargo of the ntuhl watch, j
After the discovery of the murders
! Brain had n sailor named Brown
i Placed In irons, charged w'th tho
; crime. This man, it was claimed, ac?
cused Britto, ami iho crow also placed ,
! him In IroiiH and carried both to
'Boston, where the trial was held, re-j
nulilnK In Brain's conviction.
in reopening the ease the fact is
I brought out that Charles Brown, the
1 Seaman Oral aeoiisctli once wuh eon
? fined In an insane asylum because of
j :t maniacal outburst. Thin together
Iwith Brain's remarkable conduct for
fifteen years, is made the basis of the
j petition for pardon.
Die vttillc Tr>;ns to ilcsciie Third Prom
phoenlxvllle, Pa.. February 11.?
j Frederick Baeder, aged ilfteen >-?ars,
' uiitl Ills brother. Carl, aged ten years,
t were drowned in the SohuylklP Itivet
I to-day while attempting to rescue theii
I eight-year-tdd brother. Albert, who had
' ti I out to the thin Ice in the centre of
j the river on a sled. Albert was finally
rescued by .lohn IJOlnyak, aged siveh:
teen years, hut the brother.- were Hwe'p.l
! tinder the Ice before help could reach
' them.
Itelntlve or Lincoln lo-nd.
i New York. February 11. ?Lewis
I Pierre Clover, forty-seven year.- old, a
j w?il-lviiown New Voi'k newspaper
j man, o grand nephew of Abraham Lin?
coln and great-grandson of Nltilan
j Kilwards, the iirsl territorial Governor
of lll'nols, died here to-day as lh> re.
sill I of Injuries received few days
(ago, fro-n n fall down a <o.i! bole
(Continued from f.rst page.)
hark irom the pacific coast of Panamn
Oil the cruiser -Maryland, proceeding up
tho west coast of Central America, b<
cause many of tho capitals of thost
I countries are mure accessible from the
Pacific side. Crossing Guatmala by
' rail, ho will he met again by the cruise.r
I Washington at Porto Barrios, and will
I sail for Caracas, V thosuela; thence to
1 Porto Rico, Santo Domingo, Hal;! and
jC?b''' _
Petersburg Msn llnttcrs Ills Head
Against Station Wall.
Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
:hitiKton, February 11.?Tho sight
I of a man violently battering his head
against a wall at tho Union Station
1 this afternoon, jj If in an snort to
1 '-rush In his skull, caused acorea of
persons waiting In the depot to sum?
mon the aid of a pollcomah, who
thwarted the apparently Insane man's
attempt to die. The man, when taken
to tho Sixth Precinct Station, gays his
. name as Leslie Lewis. Ho Is thirty*
i four years old, he said, and lives at
i Petersburg, Vn. Lewis was later sent
! to the Washington Asylum Hospital for
i observation as to his sanity, and his
I relatives In Virginia wire notified ol
jilt!, whereabout!'.
MiNNlng Schooner Spoken.
I'ensacola, Fla.. February u ?The
schooner Robert Q rah am Dunn, out
twenty-six days from San .luan and
bound for Mobile, over which tlu-re
has been considerable uneasiness, was
spoken llito to-day by a pilot boat In
the. Gulf of Pensacola. The master
reported unusually severe weather. b,ut
that the vessel was undamaged,
Ground Limestone Facts
For Legislators.
Do you believe that capital will seek
Investment in this Mite if the State
Is liable to go Into ccnnctttlon with
Its tax-payo'rs?
Do you balUivc it is rlfjlit for the
.Siat.- to lax an industry to conVlot
criminals, sustain courts, feed and
clothe convicts, keep up olm:<'.iouse?
I for the convicts' fjmllles, and then
to have those convicts put In compe?
tition with It?Is t us fair or just?
Do you believe the limo Industry,
employing In Virginia -..'00 men and
feeding 25,000 people, with Jrs.OOG.GOO
Invested capital, snould be taxad to
i sustain convicts who ara out In eonv
I notltio i with It? ... .
Do you SinOW t:i ir? ire Dtty-lWO uroo
Mianutaotu? Injf oiarit. la Virginia!

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