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Professor Moultcn again delighted
ihc audience at Richmond college lust
light by his keen cr.uiysls, hits vivid
portrayal or character and his extreme
iy delicate ethical approbation, it
wa> a tribute to the popularity of the1
lecturer that all of the standing room
in tho college chapel was appropriated!
by eager listeners.
The lecturer made the point that it
?s a common fallacy to suppose that'
guutl ?leeds ought always to be re
warded with prosperity, und that!
wrongdoing ought always similarly to
Ik punished by adversity. Hut If this!
were true the highest morality would
bt Impossible because there would be
no moral choice. As a matter <>t fact.l
character dors not determine fate. Jobj
was good in the sight of God, yet wuvc
after wave of adversity eainc upon him.
His friends held the current fallacy
*.nd concluded that Job mUEt be a sin-,
m.. Hut the truth as brought out at;
the end of tnat great hook is not that!
righteousness brings prosperity, but
that righteousness is Hi-elf prosperity,
than which tho universe can give ua;
nothing better.
Ir. many ways Job and Romeo aud'
Juliet resemble each other. Komeo and
?iuieit are very estimable people, ho
?>aid, yet wave alter wave of accidents
overwhelmed them, and yet each one ol
ill? sc accidents iranspited through no
fault of either. The whole play is hui
a series ol act Idents. it is nue that in
no physical world we may suppose
that there are no uccidents. Thus a j
railway wreck is called an accident, yet I
there is or may l>,- an underlying cause,
in every case. Not so with the moral i
incidents. It was a pure accident if.
one's friend took that particular train
instead of a later one.
I'rofessor Moulton explained' that
the play opens with Romeo In love
with Rosaline. By accident she does'
not return his love. By accident a sei -1
vant In the house of Capulot, who can?
not read, takes a list of those, to bo j
invited to a dance. By accident it bears
the namo of Rosaline. By accident the
servant stops a particular group on
the street to help him read his list of ,
t.aniee. This happens to be a group
from the rival house of Montague.
Romeo happens to be present and scesj
the name of Rosaline. He resolves toi
go to the ball masked. Accident of
accidents, Romeo falls in love- with)
Juliet at tlrst sight. No less of an uc- j
cident she too tails in love with him'
?.'. the sume moment. "This is very I
rare," he added. "We say that people i
lall in love. Most of ihem walk Into!
love with their eyes wde open, looking j
to the light und to Hie left, and parti?
cularly to the rear, to see that the way
ot retreat is open. Nt so with Komeo,
und Juliet.
' This was .-en accident. Wo may ac?
count scientifically for the electrical !
condition of the atmosphere, but we:
cannot account for this or that par?
ticular tree being struck. Shakespeare |
has made clear that Romeo and Juliet
are both considered as, ordinary people ,
perhaps to heighten the uccident. |
Moreover, notice that the pair com- I
mined no error. Capulot speaks well ]
of Komeo as a man. Friar Laurence j
marries them in tho b\lief that this i
?a ill end the feud between the fatni- |
"Again, it Is .by a' pure accident that I
Ronlco is banlsncd, and through no ,
fault of his. He refused to tight '
Tybalt, yet Is later forced to kill him:
to avenge Mercutlo's death.
? when Capulet arranges with Paris |
to give Juliet to him in marriage she
sees, nothing to Jo but to die for her t
husband, it the church will sanction. ,
Prlar Laurence approves, und gives
the drug which will cause her to j
leign death for forty.two hours. Friar
John is selected to carry the news to !
Romeo, But here again accident Inter- j
'? ties, which explains all of the sue-i
t'ding events. The house is ejuar- '
unllned for the plaguu, and P'riar John
is kept a prisoner. Thus by accident j
the tragic end is accomplished, that
Romeo comes back Just betyre the
forty-two hours expire and takes hie j
life at her tomb.
in the background stands the hero-I
j.-m ol the principals, and that by their :
death the family feud is ended. In the
foreground is the pathoe of moral
The concluding lecture of this series
will be glA'ttn this evening, the sub
j< .-t I..? i!t;/y,;'Th.?..-Mcrchant of Venice: ;
The 1'la'V o'f* Character and Accident."
A cudeiu.i?Blanche Ring lu ??The Wall
Street lilrl."
Bijou?"Lust I.? line."
'1 be- Wall Street Ulrl."
Blanche Ring has been termed by the'
press us In r own spotlight. She is
famous the country over because of
tin Inimitable manner In which shf !
.-ink's her songs. In her new musical
comedy, "Tht Wall Street Girl," In i
?. hleii hi will be seer; at the Academy
to-night and Saturday and Saturday
Bintlnce, slit Is sure to draw one of in? I
est and most fashionable audiences I
ol tin season. Included in her list ?
ot hew song* will be, "Deedle-Dum ,
Liee." 'The Indian Rag.-' "1 Should Have '
IS'ieh Born a Uoy," "l Want a Rcgtllai
Mart," and "Daddy." Hairy Gilfoil has
tin chief comedy role, while othert
,.t note Include Charles Golthold, <inr-.
one, Oliver, Charles Wtnhlngei. Flor- I
eiice, Shirley, Maude Knowllon and
Cross and Josephine; The chorus h
composed ot an aggregation of eapli
?.?-JMS.- It: II
unten w III hinke
ii *>f the Henry
? o'clock" on tin
Xu attempt a?
vlslilns bis
Ulskey; M<
lips. Ward,
I.cltch, W:
tit her.'..
The Union Bank
of Richmond
1107 EA8T MAIN Si RE VT.
/ will be with you Next Sun?
day in The Times-Dispatch
Illustrated Sunday Magazine.
Mr. Podmore will be with me.
y The Girl
From Manchester
By E. Phillips Oppenheim
Here is a girl after your own
heart, brave, fearless, keen, wise
to the ways of the. world. She is a
buyer for a large millinery house
and she is as clever as she is lova
ble. It is one of those business
stories that have brought Mr. Op?
penheim fame and fortune.
Rehearsing the Baseball Drama
It takes 45 days workout to get the "Charleyhorse" out of their
systems and their "glass" arms in shape for the beginning of the pen?
nant campaign. What they do and how they do it is related by Ed?
ward Lyell Fox. It is enjoyable and interesting, no matter if
you are not a fan.
Big Joe's Romance
By Newton Fuessle
In his haunts in the Canadian woods, Big Joe longed for love and
woman, not the half-breed girl he knew, but the ideal of his crude
dreams. Then Joe went to search for her, and what happened to this
great hulk of a man will touch a sympathetic note in every reader's
Jimsy and the Widow
In his quick, bright conversational style, Albert J. Klinck tells
a jolly short story, which proves again that "circumstances alter cases."
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Sunday's Paper
Don't Forget The Girl From
Manchester and the Other
Good Things in Next Sunday's
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau.
The Tlme??Dlip*teh,
1030 Hull Street.
Phone Madison l'i.
Remark it:, g.iius :n tarm values III Che?
terflcld county ;.r<- shown in a bulletin re?
cent!) Issued l>J the Department or Com
inerte an.l Labor, The figures, coraijlled um
,.ter the itupervltion of Is* lirand rovers
chief ttatlsilclan of the Department of As
rlculturc, b-i?.-.l on the data collected iu ibi
census of IMO, rive Chesterfield county ar
increate o! V:S.3 ;.<r cent, for the decade ol
IMO-dO, the total farni value jumping from
$3,3U.7<d 10 it.With ISI.TS] acre- tin
tier cultivation and a land value of tl.TT'.-.-v.,
the Hvoragc ?up), of Chrati rftrld county
fxrm land I? Jl\vT<"> an acre, an Increase of
114 i>ri acre during the decade, or an In?
crease of ."A3 pet cent.
The mini land :.na of the .ounty is 301.110
acres, of ?hkli 61 per cent, la :artu '.and.
The number of farm* ot nior? than three
.leren t.i I.S47. The average ?lie of a farm
Is ST.I acrci. of which an average of 31.2
acre* in Improved,
Domestic animal* are valued at fellows:
Itoiv-. gttS.SOS; cattle, *US,17$; mulrr. H','1,
swine, ih.2.4; poultry, ss>.tl3; sheep, $?,
I?; beei, 12.511. and go.nr.
Principal crop* ..re given as follow.". Corn.
? 31::.?3? bushel*: peanut*, *".lis bushels; pota
-s-t b?shelc; *wect |>otato?s, IS. 113
I bushel*; ...t-. >:.10J bushels; wheat, II.WW
I btMheb tobacco; K. pound*: hay and
I forage Il.toO ton?; cotton. 2 bale*.
, i-hcrtertleld rani"1 ;" lhlrty-?*eond in '.and
<md twenty-fourth in (arm valuation,
;.n.l her iiiereSiH in valued per acre ii the
i most remarkable hi the Slate;
Nrmesis Illotvil from I'cdeatSI.
I .Vaint) i ndeavorliits to maintain her bub
I *neo uKntiiKl th.- hemy cap- which swept
I over South Richmond Nemeala. the guardian
lot ihr founta.? at il.e interaction of tin
j lYierrtun = Turnpike and Hull Stire:, was
swept from her fret late Wednesday night
' and t*'Hn found j ? rday morning at the
IgiFie ol the iiede; tu I a 1.token and Shattered
remnant 61 what was oiice the greatest
Vorli of a:; on tin .-.Hillside.
I'or fifteen year. *h< had braved I ho
, storms and riinahihc. and had met with
I many minor accident*. Once, hid napped t.y
' n dusky -on of Africa, ?he n-a? taken from
. I., i high pojliion ami wrapped in bag* and
placed In - lowlj blacksmith shop, from
which she was ie?cued bj 'lie eonuxiied el
! fftrls of U" whole police force. Since that
: day ?h< ha* been carefully guarded arid
! prot- rted.
The n?urc, ivhleli is made ..: composition
I inotul. Has creeled through tlie efforts of
I James .\. Brudlcy; ihn proem Police Com
! inlfslonei from Washington Ward, w ho wot
then a member at the Mam.li, ?t'-r City Couu
Negro Hurt hi I ait.
j Half blinded by u.. dun raised bv tho
111 jh wludr. \Vlll.nrd Thoin.i*. colored, early
I yesterday morning stepped In front of .<
j heavy ear', and win l:t.<. k.-d down. Doth
wlp-id, or f,i?- ?V.IROII |.ov.r 1,1.- Pgr.
'i.:..; It If though! Hint ,.?., oi the. hor?i<s
Ipla'ved lib. feet in Hu ii.-. ihn.proclfiite
I mim. Thomas, although in grv.ii pulit, i,
I I the ustdfliiiici ., plijMlluii, and
. v. ,ii ..n Id.- way to work.
More t lolnlinno Itrpnrtnd.
I KlVe liiere name* wer.' ?. stcrday addtd to
j <}i.vho win i..- sjiiimii.iici j., appear in
I tu ihuv. the proyei w..iu? ..^.r.K?. a*.
cording to Ihf figures In the office of thc|
deputy treasurer, there are a number, of ?
wagons i-n the tireet not properly licensed.
A visitant watch will he .Jttpt hy the police. I
and oil offenders will bo tnnde 10 pay up for |
their disregard of the city ordlnnce.
falls to Accept Brldjrc.
Finding thn.: the n< w Brandet-'s Btldj.
over the Swift ("'reek, in Chesterfield county,
was still incomplete In several smui; detail;,
County Surveyor W. W. LaPra'ic yesterday
refuted to recommend itt adoption to tha
Board of Supervisors. Men will so imme?
diately to weak, anil the hrldrc will he open?
ed to the- public In about ten days, it Is
thought. It will til! a long-needed want, be?
ing in one of the most heavily traveled sec?
tions of the county. The bridge Ii con?
structed o! rteel. In one rpan H5 feel long.
The cost is estimated at $;,5?A
Tower Fallal Blocks Can.
liiable to withstand I he severe blasts of
wind the water-tower at Forest 11111 Park,
from which during th" rummer months the
searchlight is operated, w-ns blown down
Wednesday night and completely hlocked
the loop of th'> street ear line at that point.
Oar* yesterday were run on o shuttle service
until the wreckage was cleared away. The
tower was made of steel. ?nd was nearly
100 feet !n height. It was seldom used for
water, hut was kept mainly for the opera?
tion <>f the light. It will. It Is said, be re?
built Immediate*?.
Pliuiltive Baptist Service*.
The regularly monthly tnectlns; of the
Primitive Baptists will he hehl Saturday
end Sunday at the residence of B. T.
Butcher, >o Halnbrldge Street The services
are open to thi public.
The handsome new house of worship,
which is being built on Twenty-eighth
Street. Woodland Heights, is being rapidly
pushed to completion, mid will probably be
ready in lime f"r the March services. II
Is constructed or brick, and will have a
seating capacity of about vM. It will ho the
niily ichurch of this denomination in Ith h
rh-rry home, no matter how small,
staoiiht hu? TYHBK'3 ANTISEPTIC
POWDER ou band as a germicide, at
all limes.
Tien on ruts. lacerations, hornt.
bruls.es and other serldents Its prompt?
ness of appliratlen oftlmra preTesta
!?!<??! I/Oison ti.-i all Hi ttteodaut dia?
Antiseptic Powder
Hal too lirglrslc uses. Hied hr rl"?!
el?n? f?r the last SI Tens, tinenualed
us n pretfntitlve. Dissolve* InstnnKv to
water. Ideal for itouehe. 26-cent iitetigt
?Haltet two eallnna standard polulloa.
Xold hj druggists errtjwtier?.
ASK VOUR DOCTOR er a?rt for
l oaklet.
J. S. TYREE, Chrmisl, Weshinflton, n. C
mon.l. Heretofore the members have met
in Toner*? Hall. Eleventh and Hub Streets.
The build In 5 i* "???lng erected by popular
King's Daughters to Give Ten.
A eolonbit t"a will he given lo-nlght at
the residence of Mrs. 8, IT. Bends?. Eleventh
and Hulnbrldge Street*. An attractive pro
gtam ha* been arranged lor the occasion
The feature of mi entertainment will he thf
awarding of a handsome pnz<- to the best
dressed hoy and girl, All who enter the
competition will be attired in colonial to*- I
tume. The proceed* will he for the ben. tit |
of the Whatsoever Circle, Klnc's Daughters, |
and will be devoted to the relief of the pout
Of the Southslde.
Meeting of Past Master*.
President Augustine Itoyall. of the Past
Masters' Association, lias Issued n call for
a meeting"to "? held Saturday nicht at the
Masonic Temple Richmond. ICx-ffovernor
Andrew J. Motitiwiie hns hern seic.tcd as
j thr orator for tr.e occasion.
rotation bill ?.,- not completed last
night by tip joint Committees oh
finance, and It is not believed the
I measure win reach either house be?
fore the middle of next week. It wai,
reported that the debate over certain
features of the bill was heated.
, To Judge m.m the secrecy which i.s
j uelng maintained ami Imposed upon
'.the members, one would think that a
I .Mas..no soclet: instead of n body n>
I expend the people's money, was In acs
, yion. But in .1 Joke on this secrecy,
I 11 might ijoi !??? amiss to tell sumo
I things that will be in the bill.
1 Normal schools will fare rather had
j ly, The commlttoc could not Und
I enough money to Justify It In the bx
' tension ol ti.. plant at this time. It.
! takes about ..11 tbo Stale's revenue to
'.pay the nccessury expanses of gocoin
tnisnt and the Intcntnbly Increasing
I annuities t.. eleemosynary institutions.
The I'rcderlclcaburg normal owes
I something Ii (5.0,000, or at least has
contracted ahead for it. This must be.
paid, and there, It seems probabl'-.
'.his school m ist atop for two years,
with Its annuities for uupport.
Harrtsoiiburfi win (got something,
but It will 1? ,l:Vy HUle. The amount
asked'for, It Is understood, been scaled
by about '1 , ? r cent.
While rtadfoid will jje.t some small
Ioricouragcim nt, it will he, small Ijitfccd,
Say, about ? i.OOfJ the tirst y*ftr and
(30,000 th< ? ??nd." would not be a
I had gttesS.
Dill It would not be fair to tell 11 all.
Tli<- committee would have no BUr
^prises when It reports tue bill.
Chicago, III.. February 22.?Cattle?Receipts
GOo head Market stroiis to 10c. higher.
Beeves, }l.M)tfS.t?; Texas, ulcers. Jt.e0ti3.75;
Western ?teer?. $1.90$ 7.00: ?lockert) und
feeders. |5.!?fl CM; cOWl an<l heifers, ?J.lOfl/
G.50; calves. l3.50fl7.7V Hogs?Receipt's, it.
l?n In ad. Market r.low. Light. M.itV i ?37;
mixed. 4';.'.-J'< f.10: heavy. JS.H'fi o.!j: rough,
&;.1096.V>\ piss. It.iows.vo; hulk ot sales,
|6.SiQ'6.3i. Sheep?liecelpta I5,cs?> head. Mar
ket stronger to lOc. higher. Nnilve, S3.30t.ii.
4.i?: western. J.J.73y 4..V.V. yearlings. 34 Onti.
.'?75; lambs, native, )|.t9fj6.90: western, 11.75
? 7. to.
Steamer Berkeley, Shell}', Norfolk, liter
rhondlsc and passenger, old Dominion
Stuamor Mobjaek, Groves. Norfolk and
James River landings, merchandise and pas?
sengers, Virginia Navigation Company.
Steamer Aurora. Furman, Petersburg and
/auncs River landings, merchandise and pas
?engers, Furman I.lnc.
Steamer Berkeley, Shrtly, Norfolk, mer?
chandise and passenger. Old Dominion
steamer Aurora, furman. Petersburg and
James River landings, merchandise und pas?
sengers, Furman I.inc.
Atlantic Coast Line
For FI6tlda and South: 3:15 A. \I slid
7:33 P. M.. ?10:30 P. If., 1:00 A. M.
hor Norfolk! !?:? A. ..... ?all P. m.. cm
P. M.
For N. .? W. Ry. Weit: S:.i A. II., 10:00
AM.. 3:00 I'. M;, *:20 I*. M.
For Petersburg: 1:00 A. u . 6:14 A. M_.
?:16 A. M., 9:00 A. it., 10:00 A. M . ...vi P m ,
4:10 T. M., ?:05 P. M.. 7:33 P. M., 8:20 I>. M.,
li e P. U.
For Gold*bor0 and FsyettevlU?: ?4:10 P. M.
Trains arrive Richmond dally: 4:40 A. it-.
6:40 A. M., 6:40 A. M.. ?7:00 Ai M.. 't-.tl A.
M.. ??10:46 A. it . 11:40 A. M.. ?2:00 P. M.,
??1:40 Pi M.', 6:05 1'. M . 6:35 P. M., 6:00 P. M.,
?:00 P. M., U;30 P. M.
?Except Sunday. "Sunday only. aExrept
Time, of arrival and departure and con
cectloni no' Guarantees.
C. S- CAMPBELL, D. P. A., CS Main St.
Richmond & Petersburg Electric Railway
Cars leave Manchester. Seventh and I'orrr
Streets, for Petersburg:
*?, 7, 8, *9 10. 11. "12 A. M . t. 2, ?3, 4. *,
??6:43, '6. 7. I, ?9 to P. M.
11:00 P. M.. for Chtiter. 12:00 midnight rar
Cars leave Petersburg, foot ot Sycamore
Street, for Manchester:
16:16. 6.36. ??7:16. ?<:?, 4:35. 5:38. ?10:33. l'.:Ji
A. M? 12:33. ?1:35. 2:33. 3:53. ?4:36. 3:33, 6:33,
?7:33. 6:35. ?:35. ?10:10. 11:40 p. M.
1 Dally eieept Sunday and holidays.
'Carries t ?" i,?: and express.
'?Limited, esecpt Sundays and holidays.
All csrs from Feteraburs eor.nect nlih
ears for Hlehmond.
Rictoo?u,Freuericl[sli'g & Potomac R.R.
I.onve Rlchmonil
? t.5!i A.31. B;r(i St.Sta
?3.1? A.M. Main St. Sis
??.?U A.M. i'.j rd St. Sie
'MH A.M. 1H rd St. StS
*7.4SA.M.MalnSl. Sta
?S.4i> A.31. Bjrd St. Sta
".'.rid A.M. .Mala St. Sta
r-'.iil noon II) rd St. Sta
t?.00 P.M. 11) rd St. Sta
?..:.:<?? P.M. Ii) rd Si. Sta
?4.If. P.M. Elba Station
?5.15 p M Main St. sia
?S.20P.M. BrrdSt. Sts
Arrlvo Rlohmond
?IM A.ll. lljreht.Sts.
r! 1 V.M. I 11,1 Statin:-.
111.86 A.M. Bjrd St.Sta.
?Iii? P.M. Halo Si. hie.
?i.ta t'.li. Bir.8l.Bto.
tB.i.U P.M. 71) id St. sti.
?;..'K P.M. Bjrdht.SU
tS.lOP.M.JUlo SI.SIS. ;
?0.10 P.M. Bjrd til.Sta.
??.82 P.M. MolnRt.fils.
?11.S0 P.M. MslnSt.Sta.
?le.ftu night BjrdSl.Hta.
Lesre Bjrd St. Sts. 3.00 P. M. fur Vredcrlekrhsrr.
Learelllbu Sis. S.20 A.M.. 0.30 I*. 31. for Ashlanil.
Write Bjrd Rt.bU.S.i* A.M. from Frederlrkuh's;.
?.rrlieKltia Sti.fl.B0 A.M.. 5.30 P.M.from Aahlsnd.
?Daily. dWeekdays. ?Sundayt oaly.
V Daily except Monday.
All trains to or from Byrd Street Statioo
fexcept trains leaving 4.53 a. m., 5.50 a. in and
arrivine u 50 night) stop at Elba. Tims of
rrrivals and departures not guaranteed. Bcsd
the signs.
Trains Leave Richmond.
N. B.?Following schedule I'.gurc* publish?
ed as information and not guaranteed:
For the South?Dally: e:',0 A. M. Local.
'.u:4t A. M. E.vpresa. *.0O P. M. Express,
with elect:.t lighted Sleeping e.ar fur At?
lanta and Birmingham. 11:43 P. M. Express.
Week Days. 3:C0 P. M. Local.
4:30 P. M. ? Daily.?Connecting for Bal?
timore Mon.. Wed. and Friday. ?:00 A. Id.?
Ex. Sun. and .':I3 P. M.?Mon., Wed. and
Trains Arrive Atchmond.
From the South: 6:M A. M.. S:40 A. M
?2:t? P. M.. ?:vC P. M.. dally; 12:55 Ex. Sun
From West Polr.t: f-:30 A. M. dally. 11:35 A.
M., Mon.. V.'e. and Frl., 4:23 P. M. Ex. Sun.
S. E. BURGESS. D. P. A..
W7 E. Mam St. 'I'hone ifadlaon 272.
Cheasapeke & Ohio Railway
7 :4U A.?Lu^ai ?Uall>?N'^-? port News.
1:20 A.-I?ocal~Dally- Ch'vllle. Ex. Sun.
P OO A.?Express?Dslly?N'orfnik. Old i'olnf
?10:00 A.?Local?Uail> ?Lchug. Lex. C. Forga,
?2;(sj l'.--Expres:??ljally ?..in.-L'vllie.
tt:vJ I'.?Exprnae?Daily?Norfolk. N. Mm
6:00 P.?Lotai?luaJly?N. News, uid Point.
i:.i i .?Loeal?Daily?Oordnnsvllle.
6:13 1'.?Loeal?Ex. Sun.? L,.-hb?-, Nsturat
Bnuge, eJilfton Forge.
?6.23 i'.--i..iui?eu?ljauy ? Uinctlb'tl. Cbl'go.
?11:00 P.? Espreaa? Datly?i"aclnna::, L'vilia.
?Sleepers, "" <" cars.
East: t:16 A. M.. 7:60 P. M. Through from
Bast; 11-30 A. M.. 6:3u P. M. Local from
West: s:S0 A. M;, ?:?5 A. M. and 7:15 P. M.
Through: S.-.S0 A. M.. 2:35 P. M. and 3:50 P. M.
James itlvcr Line: ??S:3i A. M, C:l5 P. M.
?? Daily except Sunday.
Schedule in ?rtect January 1st. 1"12.
Juoava Byrd Street Station, Richmond, FOR
NORFOLK: "j-.'Jt A. M.. *3:00 P. M-. 'I-O P. M.
Ik. M. ?10:00 A. M., ?3.(0 P. M..?D:i0 P. M. ,
Arrive Hlehmond from Norfulk: ?11:10 A. M.,
?6-35 P. H.i ?11:30 1'. M. From the West: ?1:40
I A. M-. a2.l'j V. M? bl:IO P. 61., ?6:05 P. M..
^:00 P. M.
?Daily, s Dally ex. Sunday. bStinday only.
Pullman Parlor und Sleeping Cars.
G. P. A . Rosnok?.. D. P a... Richmond.
Southbound trains scheduled to leave Rich?
mond dallv: !>:I0 A. M.-Local to Norllliu.
t:it) P. M.?Sleepers niiil eooches. Atlanta,
Birmingham, Savannah, Jacksonville. ?;UP.
M. -F|orldu Limited (except Sunday). 0.42 P.
M.?Sleep! r and coaches, JscksonvlUe. lt:3o
P. M.?Sleepers and coaches. Birmingham,
Memphis. Northbound trains .scheduled to
ar-;w in Richmond dally: 6:S3 A, M.. 7-.?s A.
M.. 9:M A. M. (except Holiday); 5:05 P. M..
5:40 P. M.i Local. _
iClC11M?NI> AND " ciiESA1 ? i'.7vKK T?A V
Schedule of ele.ctrlo .rains to and from
Ashland, stopping .-it intermediate stations
upon signal: Lv, Rlchniond (Broad and
Laurel Sts.i: ?6:05. ?7:10. fi:10b. 9:10. "i0:10,
11:10 A. m.; 1:10. 2:10. 3:10. 4:l*b. 6:10. 6:20.
I ll) S:10b. 10:10. 11:45 P. M. Lv. Ashland:
?? 55 7b. 8, ?b. 10, "11 A M.. ?12 3!.. ?L 2.
3, 4.' 5b. ?. 7. S. 8b. 11 P. M
?Dally eicept Sunday. "Sunday oaly,
bCarries baggage.
John L Williams, John Skellon William?, E. L Bemiss, Laogboorne M.'Williams
L. Williams & Sons,
/ And Dealers in
Corner 8th and Main Sts. Richmond, Va,
Members Richmond and Baltimore Stock Exchanges.
For States, Cities, Counties and Railroad Corporations and
large Industrial Enterprises.
Bonds, Stocks and other Public Securities in the principal
markets in this country and abroad.
' on Foreign Countries.
For Travelers' use, available in United States, Europe and
Central and South America.
Received one of our little Novelty Banks to put on your
watch or key chain. If not, call and get one. It
takes care of your DIMES and we'll take care of your
9 th and Main Streets
Eighty Years in Successful Operation.
Insurance Co., oi Richmond, va.
j ASSETS, 51,611,088.00
Charles E. Wortham, 3d GENERAL AGENTS Robert B. Muoford, Jr.
714 American National Bank Building,
Phone Madison 2716 Richmond, Va.
Virginia State
Organized 1866
Main and Fifth Phone Madunn 4000
Commonwealth Bank
Our Churcli Hill Branch, Twen?
ty-fifth and Broad Streets, invites
the accounts of people living in the
East Knd.
.Make Reservations Now am) Secure
Best Accommodations. Only office rep?
resenting All Lines, including Thos. Cook
& Son. F. C. Clark and Bartlett Tour.-.
Patronize Home Industry. Phone Mad.
S. II. BOWMAN, So. Tourist Aftcnt.
L,v. Richmond fooc z' A*h Bt. dally.7:09 P.M.
LclVo Newport New*.6:00 A. It.
Arrive Norfolk..6 .(0 a m.
Connect* with main line ?teamer* icavlnc
Norfolk for New York dairy except ?unaa>
7:Oo V. M. Connection* alco mude by N. <*
W, Ry. I P. M. an? C. & O. By. at 4 V. M.
Niglu Una ?teamera stop at CUremool tj
land or lecelve pa*tenger? on algnul, and
i will be mal by ?< "lie conveyance
I by daylight for Norfolk and Old i'olnl. New?
port NaWf ' nnd all Jiinci ttlver landing*.
I Steamer leave* Mo/. ??? Wednesday ucd
Friday at 7:00 A. M. Frolght received for
all Jame* Blver landings. 'Phono Madllon !?<?
I Muln Ticket Office. 8'.'! E. Halt; street.
; Merchants and Miners Transprotation Co
Nor:.ii.. Ii. ll.ift'in, Alms., r.iw
I'rovlilcnce, R. t.
Kteamerf leave .N'orlolk lor Uoslon?Dally.
I except Thursday; for 1'rovldoncu. Mon., Wed.
I and riat. at G P. m. I'aaoenger* and freight
I taken lor all --cw England polm Ticket*
on *ale at ....to C. * O. ny.. .'?. a W. By.
? m ii Uownian: Tin Ea?t Mm.-., and iiLnnioiii'
I irantfo' "<>?? l:',B1 Hal".
The Valentine Museum
Open dally from 10 A. M. to C 1?. M.
Admlss'cn. "5c Frea on Saturday*
m:\v T?rk?i'i.vmoith?ciiEitnounr;?soi th.\mpto\.
The Largest and Finest Steamers in the World
Olympic mar. i?
titanic Zl april'20
?15,000 ra ??I rom
nml llrsulnrlr 'I'lierenflcr, '"
Or l.ocnl Atrrii??.
Good Methods,
Large Assets,
Courteous Service
And at Your Command
Capital, - $1,000,000
Surplus, $1,000,000
Deposits, $7,800,000
First National Bank,
1104 E. Main St.
Richmond, Va.*
solicits your business. Our capital,
surplus and profits Justify your
Account being placed with us.
Capita!, $300,000.00.
Surplus and Profits, $1,350,000.00
National Bank ol Virginia
Cspita!, - $1,200,000
Surplus, ? $ 600,003
Accounts solicited
Ninth and Main Streets
Manchester National Bank
There's not a busier place in
South Richmond than our bank
offices. New accounts opened

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