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Compare the 'Parts Price I i?' of anY,
ether car with the FORD ami you will
(understand FORD ccouom? for FORD
IFORD AUTO CO., 1629 W. Broad St.
Candidates for Randolph-Macon
Team Work Out on
lit, moon
, i >baU '
,.. men
the Held
,1 not be
i,f taken
ind ill
In their
rs wered
>..- beat
? en for
(Special to The Timcs-DI
Ashland, Va., March l ~ 1
Warren bad his men out this
for the lirst practice of the
season. For several days
have been warming up in III
slum, so wh.-n they get or.
tho ilrst few day- pruetlce w I
hard on Ihom Advantugi
of the warm, sunny aftbrhool
of last year's team turned 6
new gray suits an I blue and i
ball coats. Many new mi n
tits call for candidates, and
looking bunch of hall play, rs
rome time turned out on. the
From the looks of thlnr- the
Yellow Jackets will h-iv?. a B '? team
this year. Eight lettered n and
about the same riuinbir ol ? 1 team
men are on the Held. The '? :n,!n
back art Captain Frank Ilm D. Q.
Egglcstoh, second base; f lvtt?i
shortstop; Anderson, third t T, L?
I.lpscomb. centre Held; R. \V '.".item,
right lijld; H. C. Nollcy, fiele r; M.
Green, pitcher. The Hubs* 11 t*S back
are J. W. Holloway, Jr., first bssoi T.
Ji. Brown, catcher. I>. R. !!: ' r.. left
Held; B. P. Barrow.
Besides theso old men, many prep,
school stars were out tossing the ball
around. C. k. Brown, of N'< ?? port
Ksws; y. k. Gale, of Norfolk; L f.
Marsten, Woodstock, and J. Webl Mtd
yetto will ail make the old m Mistle
to hold down their Jobs.
The first game of the tesf fl 's to
be played In Wllliamsbtirc with Wil?
liam and Mary on March 23. '!'h>s Is
only en exhibition gam'- Besides
the championship gam Manager
Worsham has arranged a I
North Carolina, where the i"< 1
ets piuy the University of N
ollno. Wake forest, Gullfor
and Trinity.
llego ;
To Piny Farmrllle.
The John Marshal! High -
ketball team will meet the
gregatloh from the Farmvill
the local school gy;niiaslum
noon at 3 o'clock. The II
John Marshall will bo
Ou?ries and Cosby; Centre
Guards, Padgett, (captain). I
team bus developed remark
Conen Joneii formerly couch
bin University. Manag? ?
arranged a series of gam-:
Strong Howitzer team Tl .?
will lie called at S:20 (?''
Friday night.
? baa
ill ng ag
? nub In
this .tfter
he.-iip for
? ? ards,
ins. The
il ? under
of coium
Mll has
? 1th the
first game
lock nest
Victory of 28 to 27 Comes
After Hard-Fought
[Special to The Tlmes-I Ispat .-..]
Lynchburg, Va. March :.?Tho I
Lyhchburg High School b ?ketball fv0|
this afternoon defeated Rounoke, 2S
27, in one of the hottest bleats seen
here this season. Tho lints were
well matched, and the game van not
won until the whistle bb n after two
twenty-minute halves. The game was
rough because of Its spe<
especially true of the 1.
utes. The locals playeJ tin
In the first half, and for (litte n min?
utes in the last Session appeared t? I
v.-ork us thougli they had .> cinch, 1
When Lynchburg rcallz I Itoanoko)
was playing the liest game the locai I
five woke, from Its letharg and barely
nosed out a victory. Johl ,>n :
were easily tho starj for the
while F. Brrgleby and Til man
best work for Boanoke.
The line-up:
"Lynchburg. Positions p
Ii Dillon., right forward.Hunt
Bee. left forward . E. Engleby
Johnson. centre .Tlllhian
Gunnnway.. right guard ....... 'iVrrv
R. Dillon_left guard . J. Engleby
Summary: Goals Crom (leid ?Bee (2)
Gannaway (3). Johnson <;,, j. Dillon
(4), F. Engleby (8). Tlllm-in i,. Hunt!
Cl), Terry and J. Englcbj (2) Goals
from fouls?F. Engleby (1) !<.;.
Mr. Kramer, of I.vrirhburg
thil being
five min?
ie, st ball
d Bee
locals, ]
lid the
All first-class places will have it on tap. You
will want a case sent to the home when you find
out how delicious li is> when you call for BOCK
specify PORTNER'S to be sure of getting what you
PHONE MAI). 628.
Every Second of the 40 minutes of Play Finds
lVAel?. Gom? at Top Speed?Yi t-sririgton Team
Claims i outh Atlantic C himfiionshin.
(Special to Thy Tlmcs-Dlapatch.)
V/aahlngton, March L?In a ?um? ol
butkotball that nan lousht In hammer and
toii^s style all the way, Georgetown to-night
tO'j.: the South Atlantic championship
laurvls frum Virginia, nosing out H* old
rivals U to it.
v. tili? then- -a u? n grunt deal lacking In
th. liner i?dnte. thero cerlulnly ?<?? n? |
dearth of a:tion, ami every aecoud of the i
lor ,' minutes play found the nun K?llig!
at top speed.
At no lint* did more than the margin at]
lb" ?ninii separate Hie two teams, ami the]
lb polllla thai the Hlue and (iray won by
Wir? s?he.I In the dying moments of the I
Mrglnla started -iff In fine style, B. rtlx- j
caging tie ball twice in rapid succession,,
an! jiter Colllilowcr bad shot oat lor the
homi lolk. \V. Illxcy aent It through the
ie las. This waa t.lo boat the Invaders
could do in the first half. Georgetown even
Iiis lip main.ia just before the Intermission,
\\| tiers ami Colllitowei making the baskets,
* ttr the ten minutes of rest the two
>!'? '".s took up the battle again la a apeedy
manner, ami Kent it golnp that way unt:.
lb- final whittle.
?.lossei broke the tin by i-huotlng a gonJ
fi foul, and Waldron udtfed to the ad.
Doesn't Mind Knockers, Though It Gives Him
More Work?contract for I Lmt at Lee Fark
Will Be Awarded Monday?Lanugraf
in His New Lffices.
^resident W. Abbott Witman. of th-i !
umted ata lea League, spent yesterday
??er? talking u\er matters w?h ine
owi?ere oi me Richmond lrauchise in
jleague. A meeting was hdid In
in? oitiet, of bocretary Mormn R. '
ii..l? Which lasted for several houra.
All of ine bids for tne plant at Lee
Park were gone over, and while tae
?> tual award of the contract has been
i. itponed until Monday, tins action
?III bc largely perfunctory, for the
r ?- .ii that the successful bidder Is
President VVItman Is the superlative
degree of optimism. Tiuil he has
a . uindlng faith In his league no oni
who ulih with him for as long as live
minutes can doubt. He Iu-ih Just com- I
pleted a irip over the circuit, and has
1 ind everything In gocd shape. One
or two ?f the manager.- have started
training already. Harry Stelhfelt,
manager of the Cincinnati ciub. has a ,
7i imbcr of his men at West Baden
jw :king them out, while Jack O'Cdh- '
m>r, wiio 1? to manage the Cleveland '
club, will leave for the South Monday.
"They say (meaning, of course, the)
enemy)," said President Wltman. talk?
ing over the table while Handling a
hearty meal, ??that there Isn't a chance
'. r our league to latt. They also say '
that we will never play ball. How?
ever. tlvjy1 have established a war fund
with which to tight an organization
of which they have so low an esti?
mate. It strikes mo that such meth
i Is contradict the published state?
ments which hav0 appeared In several
of the papers prejudiced against us.
These statements, which, by the way. i
may always be seen in such publica- i
t'.on.? as are mors or less controlled i
the big league, are probably the i
result of the 'war fund.'
Going lo Plsij Good nniteball.
"As :> matter of fact we are going'
to plav baseball and we are going to (
play good baseball. These reports are I
being circulated merely to prevent us
froth seltlhg ball players As a gen?
eral proposition the ball player of
t -day 1 skeptic. He has been fool?
ed and buncoed so often that he has
become MlssourlanUed, as It wer?.
V -i mUM show him. Also the average!
Tne Owathmey Drug Company led the
strohs Va?sjhan-Roberlson Drug Comjian}
?.r.-.ni to slaughter last r.lfh: on the Newport
Alleys. The Owaihraey aggregation won t?'o
out of three ttinei. Van Dien was high
fort- and high total for Vnughan-Koliertson,
a. : ivt< rs !? .1 the Owathmey Company for ?
l.lgh ?' .r.: and high total. Oarrolt waa sent
In In the last game to try and break the
Owathmer's lurk, but even lie failed to do
so. Toon<- played a good, consistent game j
all the way. The score:
Vaughn n-Itobe rtaon.
1 J S Tola's, j
nobfrtson (Capt.). lit 1T< 12t 3-M
JMrrar . 137 ICS IK 413,
tun Dien. 1? 1"3 trt
Maralen . ? ? ??? i7? |
Phlpps . 1? 161 nr> 4?21
G^rri tt . ?? W j
Toone (Capt.). 131
Peters . 165
McMshon . V>\
i an :nge a Bucond later by ir.king a '.ona
I shot from near the side lit. ? Klxey placed
' the teams on even terms -.-.ce more by a
I tos?, each from t'.oor and ? j| line.
Waldron sent Georgetown mto the van
[ for tho second time, but It van short lived,
' ?? Virginia by tome clover dl-round work,
(srnered three ba?k?-te in . row. Church
I mini. W. Iilxejr and Kearni getting thu
J credit.
i Georgetown came back .irons, goals by
j Hollander, Colllflowcr and chlbiseir ui.d tour
successful free toe?e? by tl latei yu'i it six
I points to tliu good, whlb the best tho
[Grunge und Ulue. men cou:,; do In the ro
, itialnder ?I tlej game wa? to get a single
I tally. The line-up:
Georgetown?Wuldron, ? ?(Tht forward;
Whalen and Hollander, let' forward; Hchlos
j scr, centre: Colllflower, r.guard. Ilels
hell, left guard.
Virginia?Kuarnf. right forward, Bi tte and
E. Itlxey, left jorwnrd; 1! inchard and W
Klxey, centre; Nc-ff. right g ird. Churchman,
left guurd.
Goals from floor?V.'nid --. (2), Whalen.
Hollander. Schlosser (2)- Colllflowor (2),
Koarns, E. Itlxey (3), W\ Ftlxey (J), Church?
man. 'Joule from fouls- hlosier t?j. w.
liixoy, Kvarns. Fouls committed?Virginia, j
111; Georgetown, II. Referee, C. A. Wey-'
1 ti'OUth. Vale. Time of halves, 20 minutes, j
ball player puts dependence In every
rumor atloat and belle . ..a these rumors
i-nill they are prov-c groundless. II
thosu who uro rospur.siule (or sonio
of the reports inn,,, that they ara '
h innig us they are mistaken. I
"Tho old iiaruuiii pi.uuaopny Is mine '
to a large extent. It the pupora will
just keep on saying suruelmng about :
us wo ure suilstted. Ul couise, wo
Would ratner have them say nice
things, but even bud inlngs are better
lliau Homing. Naturally it is caus.ng
me some Inconvenience, for instance,
i have to write a number 01 letters
which 1 would not otherwise have ta
do. Hut we are setting nil the piaycie
we waul ana tue trouble now is in
weeding out the applications tor poal- .
?'the truth of the inalter Is that the.
big leagues?though we uo not intend
to tamper Wltn any of their rights?
realize that we have me aosoluto
cream ot the basc-ba.i world. There are
not eight other clues in the United
.Stales with as great drawing power ,
aa trie eight titled :n whlcn we will I
nave bull clubs. Take Cincinnati und
Cleveland, 'ihese two towns have al
wuy3 been big money-makers In their '
respective leagues. Then there ure
i'ltianui go, New Vojk. Brooklyn, Head?
ing, Wasnlngion ai.d Richmond.
[ "If there is any question about how
Richmond Is reguru.-d remember that ?
Ernesl l^andgruf. it.- president of your
club, had tUe pick of all the cities j
in the Circuit unu <.-..via Richmond. If
he hudn't believed that Richmond was j
a great town he erilalnly would noli
have selected tola city as his rewuro '
lor the work ho did In organizing tha '
Thinks Well of Loudgraf.
".Speaking of that fellow Landgraf, I
want 10 say that he Is one ol the
siiuaresi, gameal, cleanest and most
hustling man 1 h-v-- ever known in '
baseball. He never knows when he 's
licKi.d, Will flglit .'or a game of ball
lrom the tlrsi li.n:ns to the last, and
is a great juuge- or ball players. Hu
might not give Richmond a pennant ,
winner, but he will be so close to tno !
top that the fans will know he is in
the race.
"I have absolutely no objection to |
tho published glories about the league. )
because 1 know the calibre of men 1
air, dealing with. In each of the clues 1
the francnlse Is controlled by sub
Btanilal business men, not phllanthiop
Ists. They know what tuey are go?
ing against and they believe they have
a winning proposition. Every where,
on all sides, we aie receiving from the
fan?the fellow Who pays?assurances
that we will be welcome. Though I
have said it a hundred limes 1 want
to repeat that we are noi going to
encroach on anybody's preserves. We
are simply going tu offer baseball for
the public. If the public likes our
wares the public will buy. If the pub?
lic does not like what we offer then
the public will not buy. Wo aro go?
ing to respect everybody's contract,
und wo win demand thai our contracts
be protected and respected.
"If It Is a crtniif for business men
to etiler Into a legitimate business,
risking their dol!;-.is and their time In
the hope and belief that tho venture
will bo a success, then the United
Stales l>!Ugue- Is guilty of a crime. AS o
do not, however, believe that the pub?
lic feels this way about It. We 'lo
not concedo that any body of men has
a God-given right to say to any othei
body of men thai you can't engage 'n
this business because we were in It
Br?t. We believe that such a prin?
ciple la against true democracy and
against that spirit of competition
which is tile very warp and woof of
our commercial Inslltul'ons. It is
wrong economically; it is wrong
morally. That is the belief of tho
I men who compos,, the United Stales
"We arc willing to lot the public
be the final Judge. The only thing in
which wc can be wrong is our faith in
the fair-m'ndedness of the public. We
might be wrong In our business Judg?
ment, but most of us have made suc?
cesses in our other businesses, and we
are willing to take u chnnee. Finally,
we are going to give big league base?
ball at moderate prices, and this, wo
think, will fill a longfelt want and n
public demand. 1 want to thank all
of the people ot Richmond for the
kindness they have shown our organi?
zation and to tell them that we will
try to show our nppreclntlon by giving
them good baseball."
E. C. Landgraf, the nctlve man In
the locnl organisation, went Into his
new ofllces yesterday. A telephone
bus been Installed, and he will be
glad to answer any and all ttucHtions.
Work on the. plant at Leo Park will
? commence. Immediately after the core
I tract Is ofllclnllv nwnrded, and will bo
pushed until everything Is complete.
j Amateurs l orm
Class "B" League
1 A clans "B" league wan formed
l Inst night r.t the ?utlroad V. SI. O.
! A., composed of the following teams t
Ited So*, T. S. Fleming, manager.
Alhemnrlrn, T. E. Hastlne, man?
White Sox, J. T. Bullock. Jr.,
Fnlrmonnt Eagles, E. C. Pollard,
Lutheran Pets, W. V. Johnson,
The Hlllsldera, W. 8. Orange,
A. O. Boschen warn eleetetl prenl
I dent and I . I>. Moore vice-president
, and secretary. The next meeting
of thin league wns called at tho
Hnllrond V. M. O. A. for March S. All
managers and officers are urgently
rcQuented to nttend.
Is the accepted best
The Steinway
The choice of Professionals
wd amateurs.
Catulog frei.
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in Vir?
ginia and North Carolina.
Flynn and Johnson
W?1 Meet in July
for Championship
Salt I.nlic City. I tali, llnrcli 1.?
?Tim Flynn und Jack Johnson will
meet In a twenty-round bout for
the heavyweight championship of
the world at or near Wcniluvar,
Ltah, on Jaly !S4. This In the nub
stance of an announcement made
to-day by persons who arc finan?
cially interested In the venture with
Jack Curley.
The statement vraaj made after
the Information was received here
yesterday from Carson City, Ncv.,
that the Legislature did not take
up before Its adjournment yester?
day tbc proposed repcul of the law
perrnlttlug chuinptunsulp boxing,
mutches In Nevudu.
liuMlnean men Interested In the
proniotlnn of the fight will hold n
meeting to-morrow night. It la
tintleratood the nrciiu will be erected
across the .Nevada line, within n
few rods from the Wendovnr, L'tah,
Deal in Baseball Amounting
Almost to Revolution Said to
Be Under Way.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Cincinnati. O.. March L?According to
storlts carried by afternoon papers here to?
day a new deal la baseball, almost a base?
ball revolution, :s under way, and within
the next few days. It :s raid, that trie far.a
uiouiid the great circuits will possibly be
electrified by :ui] dljc.osurcs of the details,
and those details may mean tne moat re?
markable alteration of existing cond.lions
since lbs American League cut loose eleven
years ago.
The aeal may result In the new Columbian
and possibly the United states Leagues
coming under the protection oi the uatiunal
agrei meat. The story, which Is guld to be
seimoitlclal, states that Chairman August
Herr ma no, of the .National Baseball Com?
mission, would reseat the matter to mat
body lor oitlclai consideration. It follows
In part:
"A new deal In baseball, whereby the men
?who have been trying to break into tho
baseball lin.ei.ghi. will come in aa auxlll
arlea'und warm friends of the old1 magnates.
!.? under way and under fair dlucussiou. The
angles: are:
"Utilization of the ball paries in the one
club ca.os of thi major leagues for the
younger league games during the absence
of the senior teams.
"Acceptance of a club on tho north side of
Cbleago, balanced by the withdrawal of the
Junior league from St. Louis.
"The new league to have a chance at the
extra players who are now turned back by
the major.-, mnny of them practicably un?
tried tor lack of proper opportunity.
"The new league- to be run end managed
wholly by its own promoters, thus avoiding
the idea of ?syndicate baseball,' as would
be the case If the older leagues went father
than the leasing of parks and advancing ot
With UIb League Teams.
San Antonio. March I.?Manager
Mack, jf the Philadelphia American
League tcum begun the pruning pro?
cess here to-day. Piper, third base?
man from Deining, N. M., was the man
to go. Mack considered Piper too in?
experienced for major leuguo baseball,
and gave him his release.
The Philadelphia!!? und tho leal team
Of the Texas League will play exhibi?
tion games to-inoi row and Sunday.
Marlin, Tex., March 1.?Thirty-eight
members of the New York National
League team were on tho Held thW
afternoon when Manager McGraw call?
ed roll. Chief Myers, tho only ab?
sentee. Is expected to-morrow. Rube
M?rq?ard appears to bo a trifle light,
und Mathewson seems to have put on
some weight since last season. The
other members of the leum appeared
In good condition.
Mahmout Ucfcntst Pcderscn.
Chhago, Maren I.?Yuslff Mahmout.
the Turk, eliminated Jess Pcdersen,
Danish champion, as a contender for
the world's wrestling championship
here to-right when he defeated Pc?
dersen in straight falls.
Judge Turner to Sit Here.
To take Judgo George 8. Shaclielford's
plane as Judge protrm of the City Circuit
Court. Judge R. S. Turner, of the Twenty
sixth Judicial District, was yesterday ap?
pointed by Governor Mann to begin his
duties here on March 8. Judgo Shar-ftelford,
who has been ? Ittlnst In Judfte Scott's plnco
[during tho latter'a illness, must leave Rich
! mond on March 6 to open court In his own.
Ninth Circuit. It Is not thought probnbl,
; iha: Judge Bcotl will be nble tn resume his
j placo on tho clly bench until tho next term.
Department of Agriculture Is
Doomed to Receive Some
Body P.lows.
Lamb's Big Measure Certain to
Bring Out Big Political
Washington, March I.?It Is almost
certain tlint before the on<l of tho
present week Congress will see one
of the most Interesting political lights
pulled off In many u day, and Con?
gressman John Lamb, of Virginia, will
be chief rlngmustcr and timekeeper.
The tight Is coining with the agricul?
tural appropriation bill, which Is now |
lending bet?re the House, and Is re?
ceiving consideration except when
sidetracked to give way to certain
j calendar business, which must bo at- I
j tended to. / |
j Storm warnings are displayed, and j
I clouds huvo been gathering around |
Secretary Wilson und tho department
for months. Many members of the
j House who do not like the way things
I In the bin department huve been run
I hing have been patiently biding
their time until the ngricuiuural up- j
I propriatlun bill should be reached to ;
give vet,, to their feelings. Under
this procedure, when a man is given
a certain limit ot time he Is at liberty
to discuss ulmout unything he liken,
und as the udminlairuilon of Secre?
tary Wilson's department is Btrlctly In !
keeping with tno bill It will be almost
impossible to cut off speakers becauso
of unparliamentary prucedunl or any- |
thing like that.
Captain Batnb, when asked to-day
whut range the coming storm prob?
ably wouiei take, candidly said that ho
did not know; that there wero many
members who wished to speak, and ho
had no ideu whut they would ea.y or
j w Ithin wnut limits they would confine
their remarks.
There ure certain members who want
I light as to why President Taft has
never done that house-cleaning which
it has teen was needed when Dr. Wiley
wus figuring in the limelight recently. :
As yet. however, ho bus dune nothing,
and on tho heels of this comes the I
Florida evernlades scandal und a
brutiu-new row between Dr. Wiley and
the members of the food and drugs
board over the question of a baking
powder decision.
Then there aro a number of mem?
bers who want information about As?
sistant Secretary Hayes trying to get
In on the ground floor when he heard
there was a goo<j deal of money to
be made |f certain land In North Caro?
lina could be placed on the market
with the- government's Indorsement.
But moro than all, there are some
who ere Impatiently waiting for an
, opportunity to get at Solicitor McCabe.
I They say he Is the man they are after,
I and that much of tho present discon?
tent and disorganization In the forces
of the department are due to him, und
to the fact that he has Secretary Wil?
son "hypnotized."
Practically every paragraph In the
agricultural approprlutlon bill, when
it Is gone Into In earnest, 'e expected
to bring on a tight.
Congressman Frank Clark, of Flor?
ida, who is responsible moro than
any others for divulging the manner
In which innocent purchasers were
buying land In Florida which was
practically worthless, is preparing to
land n twelve-pounder against Solici?
tor McCabe when his place on tho pro?
gram Is readied.
Ono thing is certain, when Captain
Umb finishes tho work of passing his
big bill he will know he has bce'n In
a fight, and as the Third District
Congressman did a llttlo fighting on
his own account during the SO's he
ought to know what ono means.
P. H. McG.
! Arrest Follows Investigation of
Hartwell Anderson's Death by
Coroner's Jury.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Newport News, Va., March 1.?.Mrs.
L,ucy M. Barnes, wife of W. N. Barnes,
a foreman at the shipyard, was ar?
rested to-day on the charge of mur?
dering Hartwell Anderson, a young
married man, who was shot In .Mrs.
[ Barnes's bedroom at her home. 1114
I.Twenly-flrst Street. Monday afternoon.
I Two hours after the arrest, a coroner's
jury was cmpannclled. and after hear?
ing tho evidence of the attending phy?
sicians and Chief of Police Mitchell
and Detective Pearson, returned a ver?
dict to the effect that Anderson came
to his death from a pistol shot wound,
und that the Jury believed the pistol
was In the hands of Mrs. Barnes.
Anderson wus shot near the. right
temple, the ball entering the head
und splitting In two, ono-half going
lnt6 his brain, und the other half Im?
bedding in his skull. He never re?
gained consciousness, and died at mid
li ght lust night.
It wus not until thirty-six hours
after the shooting that the police be?
gan an investigation, tho Barnes wo?
man telling thein ut tho stnrt that An?
derson nad come to her house drunk,
borrowed a pistol and gone to the bed?
room and shot himself. She still sticks
to the story..
Jealousy is tho motive which the
police ascribe, they claiming that An?
derson was friendly with another wo?
man, and that Mrs. Barnes was Jealous
of the other woman. Tho dead man
leaves a widow and live little children.
The preliminary hoarlng Is set for
I Mnrch f>.
King Not n Candidate.
[Special to The Tlmei-Dlspatch.l
Frederleksburg, Va., March I.?Dr. J. Oar
ret t King, who has been p-omlnently niert
tioncd ns a probable candidate for the may?
oralty of the city, lias announced that he
cannot become a candidate In thu approach?
ing election for tho reason thai It will In?
terfern with his professional duties.
There is an Inspiration to Thought in its gentle
Stimulation the more delightful because free from
Reaction. Do not iust call for whiskey?INSIST ON
Honest Old Quaker
R. L. Christian & Co., Distributors Richmond, Va.
Chalmers Feature No. 21
NON-SMOKING. A feature to which en?
gineers have devoted a great deal of tirao, but
few have accomplished. Smoking la pre?
vented by the new type piston rings, of ex?
clusive Chalmers design. Rings also Insure
full power of working strokes and guarantee
against loss of compression.
features make the Chalmers "Thirty-Six" a car
l*D with which no other, selling at anywhere near the
same price, can compare.
Some have a few of them, others have more, none have some of
them, and no other car has even half of them.
"29 FEATURES'* Booklet on Request
Comparison has sold more Chalmers Cars than all
our advertising. Chalmers "Thirty-Six," S180U.
Touring. Torpedo. Roadster.
This monogram ort (A*
radiator Minds Jbr alt.
Rattling Events Expected in Big
Indoor Carnival at Wash?
ington To-Night.
Washington, March 1.?Thu influx v.f
athiotic talent, which will compete in
Georgetown's big indoor carnival
Started to-night. Truck teams trom
Princeton, Cornell and Yale .oached,
tliiB city shortly beforo midnight, thai
couches not deeming it advisable to
take a chanco on such a long trln
the day of the games.
To-morrow morning early the In?
dians from Carllaie. neadod by Coach
Glenn \\"urner, win niak.? their ap
pearunce, and Just before noon Vir?
ginia's aquad, twenty-four strong, will
arrlvo. That tho sport-loving public i
of Washington is going to witness
some rattling races to-morrow night
goes without saying. The entries
prove this. It will bo tho final ap?
pearance of college track stars In'
this city beforo the Olympic games in i
Stockholm, and many of the runners!
who will bo seen in apc?on here aroj
likely to bo chosen on the American"
Actlvo training for tho athletes |s t
at an end. Prom Virginia comes the1
report that "Pop'" Lannigan. the vet- I
eran trainer, has picked hin relay'
team, but the make-up has been with- ;
held, tho "Old Fox" waiting to aco 1
the handicaps before making tho names
public. He Is puzzled for the iirst
time In his i,fe. being In doubt vvheth- i
er it would be wiser to mnko a bid '
for the point trophy, or, as he culls
;it, "cinch" the relay raco agalusti
! Georgetown.
I This - due to tho fact thet there
1 Is no much cinss in the mile and half-1
I milo runs, in which are entered tho
pick of runners from Carlisle. Prince?
ton. Yale, Hopkins and Cornell, the'
latter being represented by John Paul
Jones, the Washington boy and world
famed athlete. Lannigan is anxious to
send Cooke, the star hulf-miler. In
tho two longer races, but if ho does
this he will have to abandon the Idea,
of running him on tho relay teirti,
which will be greatly weakened by ilia
Lannlgnn Is auro Virginia will win
with Cooke us a member of the relay
team, but Georgetown thinks other
I wlaoi It has been six years slnco tho
? Blue and Gray has triumphed over an
Orange and Blue four, and George
I town's supporters arc looking for the
upset to occur Saturday night. It Is
I said that Captain Todd and Quy are
? suro of places on tho relay, the other
two men to be chosen from Cooke,
Tbole, Briggs, File and Hawklrs, ac?
cording to the handicaps received Iii
other events In which they are en?
tered. .
College events will not make up the
entire program. There will be relay
races for clubs and schools, besides
scholastic races from the RO-yard up
to the quarter-mile. School and club
athletes are eligible to compete In the
open handicap events. Manager Kings
ley has also added to the list a 50
and a 600-ynrd novice.
One of tho most exciting events on
the card will undoubtedly result 'n
the 50-yard invitation hurdles. Ktghl
runners have been nominated for this
classic. They are Idler, the greatest
hurdler In the South to day, who will
wear Hluo and Gray of Georgetown i
Thorpe, the pride of Curllsle; Horrax,
the Johns Hopkins stnr; MeDonough,
South Atlantic outdoor champion:
Platt, Yale's Intercolleg'ate represen?
tative; Ward, Virginia's mainstay; Gol?
den. Georgetown's coming youngster,
and Bacon, of the Fifth Regiment of
Baltimore. It Is the classiest tlcld that
has ever started In a hurdle race 'n
this city, and a new Indoor record for
60 yards may be looked for.
That Convention Hall will be crowd?
ed to Its utmost canaclty Is shown by
tho demand for tlckota.
(Continued from Sixth Page.)
anee, whers complaint is made, to fix
tire Insurance rates.
To further protoot the game In Pat?
rick county.
To amend nn net of January IS. I?0?,
concerning public service corporations
To nmend the charter of the city of
To Imposo a license tax upon pirsons,
firms or corporations selling publica?
tions, merchandise, etc., upon railroad
trains and steamboats.
Senate Bills Kngrnmed.
The following Senate hills were ad?
vanced rrom their second rcaili?g ahtf
ordered to their third reading and en?
To nmend and re-enact section 834 of
the Code.
Empowering the Board of Supervis?
ors of any county, In Its discretion, to
contribute and exponde annually out
of the general county levy of finld
county a sum of money for lira pro?
motion of agriculture.
To prescribe the effect, as ov'donce
to bo given to deeds recorded prior
to the year IS?5.
To nmend and re--?nact. section TO
of tho Code. >
To pay J. A Walker $100, being the
amount due hlni an land assessor lor
the county of Nottoway for work done
by him as said assessor.
Amending the present law in relntlon
to the Issuing of county bonds for per?
manent road or brldga Improvements
In the magisterial districts of tho sev- j
eral counties In tho State.
To authorize the Uonrd of Suptrvlsors
of Isle of Wight county to upptoprlatp
money for the erection of a wharf on
Chuckatuck Creek.
Here and There
in the Legislature
All trusts and combinations 'n re-1
Stralnt of trade may us well close their
doors and retire from business In Vir-j
gtriili, if the Fltzhugh bill, aimed at
their annihilation, passes. This meas-1
tire was reported favorably last night'
at a meeting of the House Comm'tteo
on General Laws.
k But It will not pass at the session.'
or 1912. No bill just emerging from
a committee nt this time In the ses?
sion, If it has any opposition at all,
bus a lighting change to bocorne law.
There an' a great many now on twin
calendars which have no chance.
Tho condition of J. W. Gregory, who
Is threatened with pneumonia at the
Ketreat for tho Sick, was unimproved
yesterday. It Is rather remarkable
that C. W. Anderson, another member
from the same county, Plttsylvunia,
wus ill with somolhlng like the same;
trouble yostcrday and was confined to
bis bed.
An effort to get a reconsideration
of tho vinegar bill, which was de?
feated Thursoay, was made in th*
House yesterday, but went down on a
point of ordor. Although it was stated
that this measure was backed by what
Is known as the ''cidor lobby." It was
heartily IndorBCd by Deputy State Food
Commissioner B. B. Purcell. The analy?
sis was made by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley,
tho pure rood expert. Tho patrons
of tho measure were Messrs. Tcmplc
ton and Kemper, of Augusta
I'pon a motion made by Mr. Stephen
son, of Bath, all porsons save mem?
bers of the Senate and House and ac?
credited representatives of the press
were oxcluded from tho lloor of thu
House yesterday during consideration
of the general appropriation bill. Many
people who have been constant visitors,
front ' interest or from curiosity, wcro
kept from the doors and repaired to
the gallery. The lack of ordor nnd
constant appeals from thoso Interest?
ed In Items of the bill wore the rea?
sons for this action.
Action for $100,000 Damages
Follows Denial of Statement
Made by Plaintiff.
New York. March L? An action brought
about four years ago by Lewis &. Julien, of
Metropolitan Street Hallway fame, again*:
Thomas P. Ryan for alleged slandor. and
which has boen held all thlo time In tho
I pigeon holes of tho supremo Court, came to
j light to-day when the plaintiff upon order
of the Supreme Court tiled u bond for costa.
Julien In this action seeks 1100.600 from
Mr. Ilyan. The suit grew out of the Inves?
tigation conducted In this city In March.
1W>, Into the conduct ?? erstwhile District
Attorney Jerome. In ttila Investigation
Julien was called as a witness, and In re?
ply to f;ucstlonn put by Mr. Jeromo gavn
testimony which, In substance, charged
Thomas K. Ryan, who was then In control
of the Metropolitan Railway system, with
bringing about thu nomination of a certain
Supreme Court Justice.
In answer to the charges by Julien, Mr.
Ryan muted later In an Interview that
"there is not the slightest truth In the as?
sertion; none whatever."
According to the complaint In tho case,
which memo to Ugh*- to-day. Julien asserts
that the remarks of Mr. Ryan were alunrtcr
ous. The complaint ?et? forth that when
Mr. Ryan replied In this manner to the tes?
timony of the plaintiff. Mr. Ryan "gave ut?
terance to slanderous works," nnd In doing
so the defendant conveyed the Impression
that Julien had committed perjury while
on the witness stand.
If you hud a medicine that wonld
strengthen the liver, the stomach, the kid?
neys and tho bowols. and at the same time
make you strong with a aysteiulc tonic,
don't you believe you would soon bo well?
That's "The Lax-Kos Way."
We aik you to buy tho llrst bottle on tht.
money-hack plan, and you will ask, youi
druggist to sell you the second,
i It keeps your whole lus.ae right.
There Is nothing else made like Lax-Foa,
Ittmember the namo?LAX-FOS.?Adv.
For 110 Years the-House of (Vunltty.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
1 ?.'Millers and lilendcra of#
t ine Whiskeys.
Drink Old Henry
IIh 1,0118 Record Proven Its Merit.
Tho buyer who know:, thu different
automobiles will own a
^^^^^^ Jones Motor
Allen Avenue and Broad Street.
jfaia&fJg&T Bllilt tO
V<s^ serve
Highest Pr;ce and Beat.
W. C. SMITH 8c CO.,
N. 314 P?fth. Vin? in I Main
Mittlncc To-Dny nt 2i30,
First Tlme at Bijou Prlcos.
"Alias Jimmy Valentine"
I-elbler & Co., Managers,
, In the Title Role.
BIJOU?Next Week
Mats. Tuen., Thors., Set.
The Third Degree
Charles Klein's Great Plar.

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