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Victory for Pirates Comes
Only After Hard
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Portsmouth. V:i.. April 26.?The
Pirates ovcroumc tho Crow of lite Mary
Jane to-day, but i\ot without n strug?
gle worthy of their best efforts. Staub
hanged tile ball over the left field
fence for a homo run an,i PI teller
Clark got a three-bagger. These two
piny.- saved the day for the l'ort?
muuth team, i'hr score:
.?.n. if. O. A i:
Becker, rf.1! I 1 0 0
Murphy, ss. ."> o j o I.
Britton, cf. 3 110 U
Watson. If .'. 2 0 ;t 1 0
Cooper, ?l?. 4 l 2 ;. i
Douglas, lb. 3 i 11 (i it
Castro. 2b. :t 1 :t 1 i)
Bruneit. c. 1 t :'. I
Clarke, p. 2 1 0 1 Ol
Walsh, p. 2 0 0 2 0 j
Totals .30 1 27 13 2
A.B. 11. O. A. K. I
pnrtRr. BS . I 0 2 :1 3 1
Militancy, rf. 1 2 0 0 UI
Blgble, lb. " I 12 0 i I
Staub, If. 4 3 2 o l
TltniHii. rf. t 1 I II a
Burg? aid. 2b. i a 2 :t t
Dougherty, 3b. t i 0 7 0
I>usky, c. I i i 0 0
Miller, p. ? 0 i 2 0
Totala .r.i 8 21 IS .*.
Score by innings: R.
?Xorfolk . noft?oaoi 0? i
Portsmouth . 0 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0??"?
Summary: Runs? Becker, Murphy.
Douglas. Castro, Clarke. Dodge, Mul?
laney (2)i Staub. Two-base bit -Beck?
er. Threc-bsso nn?Clark. Home run
?Staub. Stolen bases?MurpHy. Brit?
ton, Castro. Sacrifice bits?Douglas.
Base on balls?Off Miller, 4: off Clark.
1 ? off Walsh. 1. Struck out?Uy Mll
ler. 3; by Chirk. 1: by Walsh, |. Double
plays?Watson to Murphy. Miller to
i.n.icr- to Blgble. Ill) by pitched ball
--Watson. Time of game.?1:C0. Em?
U. S. Leaguers Play Rings
Around Norfolk Team, Win?
ning by 18 to o Score.
[Special to The Times-1 ifspatch. 1
Suffolk. Va., April 26.??'hO Rich
mend United Statos Leaguers swept
over the All-Stars, of Norfolk, this
afternoon with a swamping score of
IS to 0. Bobby Vail, former pitcher
en Pittsburgh Nationals and the star
of the Tidewater League on the Suf?
folk pcnrvint-winnlug team, was op
the slab for the Norfolk team. Newn
ham's men fell on him heavily. Vail
gave up the ground lo Itipley in the
mini Innlnj-, but the slugging of the
leaguers could not be stayed. Rich*
inoild. played rings around the All
Btars like a cat piayin- with a mouse.
Jl whs a slugging lest and a team
playing; errorless ball. The Kich
monders are whetted down to a keen
edge It, the game. It was team work
to rlosc tit and hatting that counted
that walked away with the Norr<>;k
Ueggerty did not allow a h't In
the seven lnnin*rs he pitched. Sox
Scybold was in the limelight In to?
day's exhibition. Sox slugged for two
bases in the fourth and eighth into
a home run In the seventh, scoring
O'Hare all three times.
Five of the Rlchmondcrs hit for one
or two double-sackcrs, making tallies
every time the bat cracked.
To-morrow Landgrat'S crew will
meet tile formidable Louisiana team.
Clyde and Taylor will go Jn tho Uox.
Tho score;
All. R. H. O. A. li.
Trout. 2b. h 3 3 1 3 ?1
Hoffman. 3b. 5 110 2 1?
O'Hare, if. 6 3 2 1 0 0
Scybold, if. t! 3 3 0 l 0
iMcFarland, cf. ? 2:10 j
Bohannon, lb. 4 2 1 18 1 0
3Uuc. c. 2 2 it i n
Kewuham, s?. "1 :: 1 :i 0
Ilagge/ty, p. 3 n 0 1 u 0
Grovcr, p. u 0 i) 0 l 0
Totals .it IS 10 27 17 0
?tiPortarpouth 1? 8.
??? ? AB. R, II. O. A. B.
Reebllri, 2b. 40114::
Jones, 11. 4 0 0 10 0 u
Curtis, 3b.;t 0 0 10 0
Mead.-, rf. 0 11 0 0 0
Rlpley, if. a n 0 2 3 1
Houston, ss. 3 0 0 1 11
I lay den, el. :: 0 0 2 0 0
< irlmt s. 1..'. .'! 0 (1 :; 1 0
Vail, p. Ci 0 u u 1 u
Williams If. 2 0 0 4 0 0
Totals .2S 0 1 21 10 I
Score by innings: R.
Richmond .04212036 ??is
All -Stars .t> ii 0 ? 0 I) 0 0 0? 0
Summary: Two-bast hits?O'Hare.
Seybold (2), Bohannon. Blue. Newii
11am (2), Throe-base hit?Rcoblill
Home runs?Seybold, McParlnnd. Sto
len bast?Newnhnm. Base 6n balls
Off Vail, 2; offRlpley, ;'.; off llaggcrtj
1 Left tm bas.s?Richmond. 7: All
St irs, I. Hit by pitch, d ball? Pi out
Bohannon. Hits?Off Vail. 2: uif R'p
ley, ii: off Haggorty, 0; off Orover, l
Vtruck out ? By Vail, l : by Rlploy, 1
Viy Hegerly, i. by OrovCr, 2. Time o
gam.. 1 :-?. Umpires, <"olli: ? and Brad
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FORT? At TD CO.. IttSO AV. Ilrood.
; Shipbuilders Bunch Their Safe
tics, and. Aided by Errors,
Defeat Roanokc.
[Special to The Tlmcs-OIsputch.]
Roanoke, V?., April HU.?Morrlsoj'
kept Roanoke'a eleven lilts scattered
to-day, while the Shipbuilders bu?chc?]
hits, ami with Rounoke's errors In tho
opening Inning scored tlve runs. The
Tigera had an off day in the Held,
: piiinp up seven mlscuea. Gluti, t?nr
man. Newton. Wolfe and Rogers led in
tho sticking. Score:
ltounoke. ..
a.B. II. n. a. e.
Oinn, cf.. 1 3 i a ii
Marman, lb. fi 3 13 u o
Newton, ss.:t 3 1 7 a
Holland, if. .". 1 2 " 0
Press!)*, 8b.a it j 0
C'OUttS. i f. 1 t L' ft u
Shields, 3b. 4 0 U .". 2
Cooper, c. 4 I .'. I 1
Hall, p,. S ? 2 B
?Clardln . 1 1 0 11 0
Totals .3s 11 27 17 7 J
.Newport News.
A.H. II. O. a. 13. 1
Plclss, rf. ."> 11 3 11 11
Oy I or. 2I1. 1 o 1 01
Bali s, sb. -i 'I 1 1 11
Wolfe. II?.6 3 D 11 0
Bowel), ss. 2 11 t 3 <i
Tcnnant, cf. ? 1 3 0 1
Bryan. If. R 1 1 ? ?
Rogers, c. H ? 7 U 1 i
Morrlacy, 1?.? i " ? ?1
Totals .40 9 27 12 2
?Batted for Hull in ninth.
Score by Innings: R. j
Roanoke . o 0 1 ?> 1 0 0 0 0?21
Newport News . '? 0 0 I 0 I I 0 0?S
Summary. Rulls?Olhn ('->. FlClss
(2). Oylor (2), weife. Uoweii, Tennant,
Uosers. stolon basci?Newton, Wolfe,
Pletss, Rogers, Oyler, Bow< n. Sacri?
fice hltt-?Oylcr. Mates. Three-base
hits?Cooper, Morrlacy. Weft op bases
?Roanoke, 12; Newport News. 11.1
liouble phos - Shield- t.. Newton l? ? 1
Carman. Struck out?By Hall. ."?: b>
Morrlacy, t- Bases on halls?off Mail.
K; off Morrlscy, 2. Wild pitch?Mull
liit bv pitched ball?By Morrlsej I
tcinn). IJmplrt?McTeaguc. Time of|
Champs Jump on Both Pitchers,
and Lynchburg Loses by
Score of 8 to I.
[Special to The Time s-1 ilspatch.1
Petersburg, Vu . April ::?>.- The
'?.liamps started In 11> 1 s uftesnoon with
?he determination '<? d. i. at the It'll
Climbers, and they won easily. O'Brien,
vho started In for tiic visitors, wa?
knocked out ol the box In the second
'iniliK. when the Champs hit him for
three singles and a thrce-bagaei. I
tt'ltlch, with an error by Keating, net-I
"cd live runs, starke, who replaced '
Ilm. shared the same fate in the 8CV- j
?nth inning, when he save two bases
on balls and BUsch singled, lilting the 1
t>as< s. Spencer followed with a throe-1
bugger i" left Held, clcuring the
Morganrath, for the Champs, pitched
flno ball after the lirs! Inning, when
the visitors made their only run ?:
the frame on n Holder's choice a Steden
ba?e and Hooker's single. TTtc sv.ir-:
AB. R. II, O. A. e.
Simmons, :*b. 5 ; r. * 2 0
Bu^ch. . S 3 2 5 6 ?
I Bar nett, lb. 2 1 0 12 0 0
I Spencer, rf. ' 0 2 1 0 ft
Lutighlln. c. 4 11 1 r. 1 0
Anthony, cf. :: 1 1 1 0 0
Carotan, If. 1 1 1 '1 0
Howedell, 3b. 4 0 ? ft 3 0
Morganrath, p._ 4 1 2 0 t ft
Totale .S 11 27 1? 0
l.J lichtiurc.
AH. V.. II. O. A. e.
Ki atincr. 3b. 3 0 I ft I I
.Morrison, If. t 1 1 t ft 0
! II..oker. cf. 4 0 J 2 '1 0
I Baum, c.) 0 ft 0 ? 0
I'hcla n, ??.,..3 ft 11 3 1 0
Bitl/well, it'. 3 ?' I' 1 0
Hummell, Jl>. 3 o ft :: i fi
?/.aioiii, ss. ;: u ft 3 1 1
Johnson, rf. t ft 2 ft (> 0
O'Brien, p. 1 0 0 0 1 0
StafVe. p. 3 ft ft 0 2 ft
Total.? .31 I ? 24 11 2
The score by Innings: R.
I Petersburg .o :, ft n n ft 3 ft ??r
Lynchtiurg .1 ft 0 0 0 ft 0 ft ft?1
Summary: Two-base hit?Hooker.
Three-base hits ?Johnson, Morganrath
and Spencer. Stolen bases? Simmons
<J>. Busch, Barnett, Spencer, Morrison.
Base or. balls?Off O'Brien, 1: off
Starke, I: off Morganrath, t I>?ft on
bases?Eynchburg, Sj Petersburg,
Hit by pitched ball?-Baum. Passed
ball ? Baum. 1'mpire Black. Attend?
ance. 7110.
Make Seven Runs in Fourth and
Fifth, Defeating Boston by
Score of 7 to 3.
Heats Old Teammates by Score
of 6 to 2?Cubs Lose
to St. Lonis.
New York, April 26.?The Giants de?
feated Boston licro to-day in a hard?
hitting gams by a snirr of V to :!.
Donnelly hold the Giants without a
Ivlt lit tho llrst four innings, hut ch y
pounded him hard in the fifth and
sixth, when they did all their scoring.
Unsinn. New York.
AU 11 O A K -\ H II 0 A ti
Swecn'y, 2b 4 2 i i I Devore, if. t ? :? I ?
Ca'pbell, < t .'i 0 '1 0 1 Doyle, 2b.. t ? I 9
Miller, rf.. .". :: 3 t> os'ttrHss, eft l 10 0
Jackson, if" 'ire 0 Murray, rf I l 10 0
Devlin, n>.. t l )2 o o Merkle. u> l 'i IS I l
tspratt. ??.. 110." 0 Hcrsup, :tb :i 10 2ft
M'D'ald, 3b3 0 3 1 Otiroh. as... 10 0 11
IIa rid on, c. 4P-' ?"? ?'?Slmf?r ... .1 Z 2 0
Don'elly, p] 2 0 2 o Myen--. c. 2 14 " 0
?Klrke . ' <? ft o OCrand'll, pa .". o u
Totals ?21 u 2 Totals ...33113119 -'
?Ratted far Donnelly In ninth.
rSIt ifer, shortstop and thlril base.
Score by Innlnss: r.
Bv^'on .0 ft tl n .1 1 O ft ?)-::
Nt ? Vork.o ft o o too* 7
..Summary: Runs?Devlin. Donnelly (2).
Murray. M< rk>. llorxos. Shafer (31. Myciu |
t_>. Two-fcuso hits?Donnelly, Miller (21.
Crandall (2), Spratt. Three-base hits?Dev- ]
Hit. Murray, Home ran?Utzoe. Sncrttlco |
hits?Crandall, Sweeney. Lett nn bases
New York. 7; Boston, f*. IJnuble plays?
Myers t.. l>o>ic; Devore to Merkte; Myors to
Merkte. First base on errors?Boston. -'.
Kirn base on balls?OK crandall, 3: off Don?
nelly, 4. Struck out --fly Crandall, 4; by
Donnelly, r Wild pitch?Donnelly, Tim?
or game, itM Umpires, Bieter and Fintier-I
Phlladelp/ln, April 2?.---Stack pitched
a grand name for Brooklyn, and beat
his old teammates, tihe Phillies, by the
score of ?', to 2. Score:
Philadelphia Brniikl.rii.
A It II 11 A B A3 H O A K
Sibiri er, rt. t ft " 1 -l Meran. rf. 5 1 10 0\
Titus, rf... 3 i 3 ft otruh'w, :b I o c :: o
r.ifk.'rt. cf s i :; ft 0Smith, .th.. a t 0 1
Cravat h, .fit 4 0 ON'rth'n. cf S ? l t 0
Ludern?, lb I 1 & 3 0 Daly, tf. 3 l ." ?> l
Brink.ir, ::? 112 11 Hum'el, lb 4 : 12 0 ?
Downey, ss I " S 0 OToeley. KS. 2 ft ft ?> ii
Graham, .- . 4 o I ft OPhelps. e.'. 2 l 4 n ft
Breuna?, pi ft ft ?'? 0 Stack, p... 4 10-0
Totals ...33 f. 27 10 1 Totals .."it S 2; 11 Z
Score by Innings' B.
Brti'ltlyu .ft l ft :: o ft ft o r ?;
Philadelphia .? ? a i a i op ??>-_
Sumninry: Runs?Titus (2), Meran, North
on. Daly. Hummel, Boole)'. Stack. Two-base
hits?Hummel, Smith. Sacrifice, hit?Toolcy.
Stolen bases?Tooley, Smith. Left na base..
?Philadelphia, ?>; Brooklyn, ~. Klrst base on
balls?Oft Brennan, 6: off Sta.-k. first
base on errors?Brooklyn, 2. fitr?ck out?By
Brennan, 4; by Stack, I, Passed ball?Ora
ham (1). Tltne of same, 2:10. UmplrcS,
Klem nt.rt Rush.
Chicago, April 26.?With the score [
tied S to S in th> ninth inning to-day, I
Konetchy tripled and Smith and Win go i
singled, giving St. Louis two runs and
n 10 to s victory over Chicago. Chi?
cago had the bases loaded lp the flnal
half of th" Inning, but a hit wjjs tiot
forthcoming. Score:
St. laiiil?. Chicago.
AB II <> A K AB II O A K ;
Hug'lns, 2.> 4 ] 3 .1 ISheek'd, If.". 0 3 O <>!
Kills, if.... ft ft ft ft 0Schulte, rf i 2 2 0 0'
Miller. If.. C 2 ? ft 0 Tinker, as. 3 0 2 I 0i
? lakes, ef.. 1 1 6 0 0 Hot an, ef^> a 1 q
Kon'ohy, lb 4 2 0 0 OZIm'an, '.iffi 214 0 0
F.vnns, rf.. t. l .1 0 l-Bvers, 21... 2 0110;
Wille, rf... ? 0 0 o Ol.en'ox. 3b. 1 1 0 2 3
Mowrey, 3b S 0 0 0 0 Archer, c.. 2 1 4 .".
smith. ss... 4 13 3 0Cheney, p 1 0 0 z 1
niti...-. ??.ft ft ft ft ft
Wltico. c... 5 S 3 3 l
Steel*?. 0 0 ft ft ft
Woodb'n, p ft s ft r. e
Harmon, p. 4 I 0 S 0
Total* ...40 12 27 12 S Totals ...2S 6 27 IS 5
Score by Innings: R.
St. Louis..... ft 0*000 LI V?Vt
Chicago _.4 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 ft?t;
Summary: Runs? Hugglns, Miller <2i. '
Oakes, Konetchy, Bvans, Mowrey, Wlngo
(2), Wftodlmrii. Sheekard, P'-hnit... Hof man
(31, Zimmerman (3). Two-hase hits?Len?
nox. Schult?-. Kvans. Three-Tjase lilts?Kon
etchy. Schulte Baerldeo hits?Sheekard,
Ever?. Konetchy, l^nnox, Vupslns. Oakes,
Ari her. sro:. 1 bases?7^:nnox. Zlniinerman.
Kvers. Left on bases?St. Ix>uls. S: ?hlearro.
' flits?Off Ste?>. 3 in 1 Irtnlns: off Wood
burn, n In 11-2 Innlnss; off Harmon, :: In
R 2-3 Innlnss. First bnre on halls Off
Cheney, 1: off Steele, 2: off Wnoflhurn, 2:
off Harmon, 1". Struck out-By Cheney, r.;
bj llHrmon l. lilt by pitcher?Hofmnn.
Wild pltonvrCheneyt i'as*e<l ball?Archer,
WIUko. Tino- ?r unine. 2:2.". Umpires, Bren?
nan und Owens.
At Greenville: Greenville, 1; Spar
! tanburg. 2.
At. winMtmi-Salem: Wlnston-Salcm,
I 2; Greensboro. 5.
I A: Charlotte: Charlotte, 0: Ander
I son. .1.
Old Quaker Whiskey
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R. L. Christian&Co., Distributors Richmond, Va.
\ \TIO\ VI?.
Chicago, S. St. Louis, l-V
New York, V; llo.-to.i.
Philadelphia, Drooklyii, 0.
Pittaburgh>Clnclnnutl.: threat- nln;
Boston, T. Philadelphia, 6,
Washington, ". New York, 10,
(Other games postponed; ram >
Club. W.
Cincinnati . s
Now York . S
lioxton . ,. I.
Philadelphia ... i
St. Louis .
Chicago . 4
Htl>hur>rh . 4
Brooklyn . i
.4 11
Club. W.
Ohles go . K
Boston . 7
Philadelphia ... 7
Washington .... ?'?
Cleveland . ?
St. lx>uls . f.
Detroit . ?'?
New York . 2
Year 1
.417 ]
Boston at New York.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh.
St. U'iiia at Chlcag
Chicago nt Detroit.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
.Philadelphia a| Boston.
New York at Wa.- hi:i?ton.
Youngster Battery L rives Hoodoo to Cover, and
Colts Win r irst Victory of Season on
Home lot?Kred Lucia Turned Over
to Danville tHub.
Virginia League
Richmond, 10) Danville, 1.
\evqtort .N'cvtm, Sf lloanoke, ?.
Petersburg, 8j l.ynehhurg, I.
.Norfolk, -It Portsmouth, f>.
Club. tV. Ii. P.O. Vmr
1'cleri.liiirpr . ? - .??IT .0011
Vorfalle .:*. ..".Ti .t.'.n
Newport Xewo., I :t ..".ti ....
Richmond . I I ..".no i.ooo
Konnttke . 4 t .300 .loo
Danville . :i ?? .rji) .*joo
I'ortninoiith . . . . .1 ? ? l-ll ....
I.ynrhbnre . - -1 .3?3 .out
Danville ni Rlclimond.
.Norfolk nt Portsmouth.
I.ynchbnrg nt Petersburg.
Xewport Nr?? At Honnoue.
RV t.l s MA1.I1ERT.
C. Aimateur Strain, star o'f the sandr
lots, who humbly begged the crumbs
lei fall by the so-called oldh -ads. when
trials for jobs In tho. shootirti; box ivcrc
being doled ..ut. yesterday annihilated,
devastated, routed, drove to cover,
stciip.d nil over and mauled unmercl?
fully in the face that double-Jointed,
cross-eyed jinx which, up to the good
day of our Lord. Friday, April 26, had
sojourned, without molestation, at the
j ball yard In Broad Street, preventing
! anything which looked like a ball
: game .stuck III the won column. C.
Amateur turned bha trick In bold fash
I ion, winning i>y tha goodly count of
10 to 1.
j Stephen Orillln, Esq., probably had
something to do with that victory, for
I he changed his line-up so that It was
I hardly recognizable, ar>l with very
I good effect, The sickness of Ralph
j Maltis made it c'sscntlnl that he till up
I the hoi3 made by tbjfet worthy knight
Of t'ue ash. So Crlf moved up to the
; llr:-t place, with McComas following,
Flournoy in third plac-, and Burke In
'. tho clean-up station. CoaAos was
! dropped to seventh position, where he
j looked much netter than he has in any
i frame this s a -on.
It took the youngster battery to rout
the jinx. Harry Maco caught one
grand ball gam?. Veteran or no vet?
eran, little Improvement could be
Imade on his performance, lie got the
hall away with tt zip which look id
' good, and only one pee was off. But
! Strain was the candy, the gravy, the
entree and the dessert all rolled Into
? in-. Just throe times did those Sox
' manage to let the ?wood do damage,
I and at that th. damago was flight
Their only count came in the fourth,
{and was the result of a wild heave and
! an error on tho part of Baker-Mc
j Comas, following Immediately behind
i RUnser's hit.
I Only one .-teer tiTIM during the eight
innings did Dave Huston manage to
v,i i one of hit players to second. In
j tho last round of the game Mullen Ud
off w.tb a fluke double, and went to
third on Ja? ksori'S out. He died at
I that station limps MoBrlde, very wise.
t ly deciding that it -was better to stop
the com.-: then and t.horo rather than
taking chanc-'s on some, of .the fellows
hurting themselves. Incidentally, lefs
hand out some praise for tho umps.
i lie If. a hustler, and has pi ay od the
j two games thus far In shorter time
than any of ihn previous contests. As
a general proposition ho call d 'em
right. Businesslike and firm, with a
good voice .md an evident knowledge
of the game, ho has made a fine Im
prcsslon. In h|s work he. looks very
much like Billy H.V<>n. ono of the b-.-t
Indicator sleuths ever seen In action
In this locality.
As for the Colts and their part In
tho game, it is hard lor any one to
) understand how they over lose- a ball
game lo any club In the Virginia
Leagiw, If they can set the pacj they
did yesterday. It was simply an il?
lustration of what they can ^lo with a
hoy on the mound In whom thny have
confidence. strain lias worj&ed three
limes, and h;.s won as many games.
Cortalnly a great record for trite young?
ster. Itnt bis victories mean rnora to
the Individual players than ltd him'at
stage. The mere announcement
that he !.? to do the hurl'lng estab?
lish-^ that phi confidence wnleh breeds
pep. and tvlth confidence hnd pep, a
euro defense, and any. ordinary af-j
fonsc, any club can win.
Thc llrst inning up to ;ho present
time has been a hooiloo to tlic Colts.
It looked a little gloomy yesterday,
for rtunscr, Urs I up, hit safely to left.
However Dnvo Qaston lilt into an easy
double, and Just three men faced
.strain In that session, it was confi?
dence plus sure-lire ball playing.
On tho other hand, speaking of the
offensive side of the play, ufter Grif?
fin coaxed a walk out of Lyons, In
tho closing chapter of the first, every
fan out felt that victory was assured.
Dakcr-McComas sacrificed and Flour?
noy walked. llurke was out on an
easy fly bull to Gus Schr?der, but
Italey hit. and the run. which w.ih
enough, camo over. A duplication
cainn In the second when Coat es
scored. Everybody was working to
win that ball game, and they won.
The fourth was the big session,
though. Coats walked and Mace was
hit, filling first and second. .Some?
how- or other the signals trot mixed
with Strain up. and Coats was caught
goiuK to third, while .Strain struck
out, which mado two down and Mac
Jon first. Hero Is where the fighting
.spirit camo. Tlememlier, Danville had
scored once in their half, which made
the game 2 t<> 1. too close for coin
Mace, with Griflln tip, stole. Then
Grlf bit n ringer to left, scoring
Harry. Orlf Htole, making his third
pilfer ,.f the came, and Hilly McComas
drove n stinger to centre, on which Ihl
manager m-vcr hesitated until h?
< rosse.i. Flournoy doubled to right
scoring Maker ami Burke, the clean?
up guy drove one of byons'a Kweet
breakintr curves Into the centre field
bleachers: for the circuit, scoring' him
Belt and Flournoy. That was all, but
It was live more, and the game was
Another rnme In the fifth and two
more in the seventh. It was getting
dark, the clouds had gathered and
rain was In tho air. Strain was unlllt
tnble and so McBrldo decided to
it off. The same clubs play t>
tiriiiln announced after the game
Fred Lucia had l.een let go t<
Danville, club. The score:
AB. It. II. C
ti riff in, 2b.* 2 1
iMcComas, ?...?.3 .1 8 -1
Kloiirrtoy, ef.:: l t 9
Burke, rf.4 3 Ii I
Italey, n?.* t * 11
Uralt, f/b.s o n c
Contest if.3 a :
1 0
0 2
.so it -:i u
A lt. R, II. O. A. K.
Rtinsen, 2
Schr?der, H?
Wallace, cf,.
Clunk, If.
Mullen, rf....
ltrckson, ss..
McOheo, C...
Uyona p...*
0 2
Toluls .27 1 3 C3 14 2
Game called In eighth on account of
I darkness.
Richmond .1 1 0 6 1 0 2 ?--II
Imn?. fills .0 00 1 0000? 1
Summary: Two-bsur hits?Flournoy, Mul
I len. Three-base hit -Costes. Home run
Burk-v ?acrilbc Mt?McComat. Baerl flee
fly?Mace. stolen bases?Schr?der, crirrin
. <".). Haley (2). Mae* <?.'>. Double play-.
(Jriffln to Raley. r.efi on has's-RMnnond.
Danville. 2. Flrsl hare on balls-Off
Lyons, '? Struck oin-Hv Strain. 3; by
vons. ? Hit by pitched ba.lls--M.-iee anil
raff. Wild pitch?Strain. Time of game.
Umpire, MeBrlde,
If You Get It at "KAHN'S"
it Is Good.
If you buy one of our S20
or S25 Siiits. it's only a saving
of a S.S bill to you. Walk a
few steps; save a few dollars.
7/3 C. BROAD
the toggery shop
His Double and Home Run Sen.1
In Tour Runs Before
Washington Held to Four Hits,
and Highlanders Win by
2 to o Score.
Boston. April 36.?Bradiojr\ft big stick
gavu Boston a victory over tho Ath- 1
I a tics to-day 7 tu l>. Ills doublo and
home run .soul four runs In. before
ill-lit, and he scored two himself. Tho I
Bonton. 1'lilladrlphln.
AB II U A M A.ii 11 U A B
llooprr, rf. 1 v 1 0 1 Strunk, u. o l a u o
Vorkes, 3b. 3 0 13 uoidrlns. of 6 . l ? 0
Speaker, er i l a u o Collins, 2b. 3 3 3 1 3
Bradley, io I : n u vBaker, au. t l ? i t
Ultrdn'r, 8b ? 1 1 1 1 (Murphy, rf 4 J ? 0 ?
I.owls, l(... j 0 ? u ItM'lnnls, lb? ? 1 0 it
Wagner, ss 4 o t .'? u Barry, ss.. 40221
S'un'kor, c. 4 u 7 l OTholnaa, o 3 c t> 3 o
rape, p. 1 0 0 0 OMoigun, p ? u o ? u
Clcolie, p.. o o o i e Bussoll, p. z o o l o
Bedient, p. 0 0 0 2 0 ?Kraue? ..11000
?Ca?y . loooo /Maggvrt.. l o o o o
Tots Is ...29 4 27 13 2 TotHls ...Ci U 54 l> 3
?Hatted lor Clrotle In Afth.
I Butted for Morton In soc%nd.
.Halted for Ituascll lit ninth.
Score by Innings: R
U .S 0 O 0 O 0 I Of?7
Philadelphia .0 331100 0 9- I
Summon ; itun? -Hooper. Yorkea, Bptak
>?:>. Bradley (5), Bedlonl. Collins (.">.
Baker, Thomas it), Krau?.. Two-baso hltaj
?Bradley, Thomas, Collins. Three-base hit
-Strunk. Home run?Bradley. Haorlltee hits
Thomas, Molnnls. Stolen base?Barry.
Double playis? Clootte to Verkca; W?gn-r to
Bradley; Baker t? Harry to Mutnnts. Left
on bas'-s?Hosten. I; Philadelphia, b lllt??
Oft Pape, i in ! Innlnxs ttw?> men ?t bat In
ihiiil Innlns); ofr Clcotto, 4 in 3 Innings;oft
Bedient, l In t Innings: off Morsen, 2 in 1
inning, off Itarsell. 2 In 7 inning?. KliM
bat'- on balls?Off Pape, I; Oft Morgan, 1;
off liiii?eii. 4. first bas? on errors -Besten. ]
s. Philadelphia, i. Struck out?By Pap?, I;
by Clcotte. lj by Bedient, 4: by Morgan. :,
by Ituascll, 2. Hit by i.her?By Russell,
i (Hoopen. Wild pitch?Pape. Balk -Be?
dient. Time of gam'. 3:05. Umpires, West1
ervell and 0\Loa?"hiln.
Washington* April 2<i?Qulnn held
Washington to four hits, and Nervy
York won handily 10 to 2, as bhe local
pitchers -were wild and Ineffective. A
double play by Martin und Clinse
shared honors with Qulnn'si pitching.
4>co re:
Washington. New York.
AU II O A E AH ii U A I.
Mueller. ;r. 3 o 3 l ? Daniels, if s l l o ?
JVtcr, ab.. 4 l u 3 vCole'an, Jb 3 2 l 3 r
Mllan, <r... 4 110 t)Chase, lb.. 3 1 1> 0 0
fcha'fer. rf 2 0 10 O.Martin, m. .4 ? 1 3 3 ?
Plynn, ib.. 3 o ? a l Kautr. ef.. * : l o o
Knight, 2b. 2 0 2 2 ?Zinn, if.... S I 110 0
M'Brlde, ?Iii: Otiard'r. 2b. 2 1 220
Williams, el < I I I FlshT. o.. 4 1 I 3 0
Walker, p.. l 10 3 OQulna, p.. 4 10 3?
Becker, p.. o o o o o
Cashlen, p. a o o 1 ?
Totals .. ? 4 24 ".7 1 Totals ...31 10 31 IS 3
(Oame called on account ol darkneir i
Score by Innings: it
Xew York.2 e * 3 2 0 ? ft-14
Washington .30 DO 00 0 0?3
Summary; liun?-Daniels u>, Colentan
'".). t'has.- (2>. Martin (S>, foster. Milan.
Two-4b ass hltrz-Mllan, Walker, MoBrlde,
Co'.em.m <2). Thre. -bas? lilt--Daniels Home
run?Chase. Sacrifice fly?flnrdner. Stolen
base*?Gardner, Ftynn. Double play?Mar?
tin to Chafe. Left on bases?-New York. w.
Washington. 4. lilts?on* Walker. 4 in 2 i t
Innings; off Becker. 3 In I 2-3 Innings; off
fashion, 2 in 4 Innlr.g*. First base on balls
? off Walker. 4; off Becker. 2; off <Mahlen, 3.
.Strack out ?By Qulnn, 4; by Jte.-krr. 2; by
< a-.111 on. 1. FlrM l>a?.. on errors?Washing?
ton. 2. Time of game, 2 hours. Umpires,
Connolly and Hart.
All Short Price Favorites Arc
Defeated?Horses Leave for
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Norfolk, Va., April 2f>.?The spring:
meeting at the Jamestown track came
to a close this afternoon, with a larg.
erowd in attendance.
The bookies made their get-away
money to-day, all short-price favorites
being beaten.
Fond Heart, an odds-on favorite in
the lift It race, was beaten by Lady
Irma, while Agnar took the sixth race,
a dash of a mile and seventy yards,
with Little Kmc. the favorite, a poor
Two special steamers loaded with
horses and horsemen left to-night for
Baltimore to bo In attendance at the
I'lmllco meeting, which opens to-mor?
.Manager Levy, of the Jamestown
truck, announced to-day that thc fall
meeting would open on November ii,
to continue until November 30, eigh?
teen rating days. Summaries:
l.a?i Dny'n Hentilln.
First race?live and a half furlong.";
? Malatlne. 104 (BlltWCll), r> to I, first;
inferno Queen, 101 (Obert), IG to 1.
for place, second; Hidden Hand. In.s
1 Martin), I to 5, to show, third. Time,
1 us I-?. Araiiy, Muskmelon, Anna L.
Daley, Ace of Clubs, 'Royal Onyx, ilt
bernina, Korran, Sheriff Gruonlnger
also ra n.
Second race -six rurlongs?Detect,
96 (Lounsberry). K to I, first; Hand
Running, 11? (Martin), s to :,, r..r
place, second; Question Mark, 107
iHutwell, 3 to &. to show, third. Time,
1:14, ilowlet, Ciitrokf. Belle Mawr,
Bubbler, BiUv Barnes also ran.
Third race?five and a half furlongs
--Aviator. 101 (Lounsberry), G to I,
first; Fanchoito. 100 (Ferguson), 2 to
I, for place, second; EUhel Lobrumc,
109 (Martin). :: to -r>. to show, third.
Time, I.OS. Son, T. B. Spears, Heretic,
Carroll Ooldcnp, Smirk, Mop Ami and
Casque also ran.
Fourth race?one mile and sovohty
yards?Fretl Mulholland, ill (Bulw.lli,
2 to I. tlrst; Mollle S., 107 (Whatley). 2
to I. for place, second; Montagnlo. 100
(Lounaherry, 2 to 1. to ahow, third.
Time. 1:46 !-*>. V. Powers, New Star
ami Dr. Barkley also ran.
Fifth race?six furlongs?I.n<ly lrrun,
1 on (Martin), 2 to 1. first; Fond Heart,
ins (MeC'nhey), out for place, second;
Union .lack. 112 (Butwell), 4 to ?, to
show, third. Time. 1:14. Rye Straw.
Sllau Crump also ran.
Sixth race?mile nnd seventy yards
?Agnar, io7 (Bell). 4-to 1. first; Duke
of Brldgewater. 100 (Whatley), 10 5,
for place, second; Little Kmc. 9!)
(Martin, out to show, third. Time,
1:46 2-?. sir Edward, Louise Welles,
Pedigree. My Gal, Benora also ran.
Seventh nice?mile rind a sixteenth?
Hempsteiid, 91 (Ixitinsborry), 2 to 1,
first; F.l Oro. 116 (Martin), 2 to r?, for
place, second. Agnier, 92 (Ambrose),
j ottt to show, third. Time, 1:16 3-D.
I Rcy and Bortla also ran.
r^h almers
(fordern Motor Company
Where They Play To-Day
Collegians vs. Iiattle Axe, at llyrd
Park, t'mplren, U*Toolc and French.
Athletic* >??. Anhland. at Chrtat
Church Purk. Umpire*, Hick* ??,i
Southern Ilell v*. Richmond
Brays, nt Richmond Collece. L'm
plrcn, Mcacoe mid Menne?.
Cocn Colon vs. WoodaR * Huarlea,
at Athletic l'nrk. t'mplre, lludd.
Tjiera vn. Marlon Heights, at
Oyril Park. I'niplrr, flottem*.
Wrlahtn vn, Kahna, nt Ilnrton
llelKhln Park. I'mplre, UrlfTln.
Cherry Sninah TO. Ilurk & Co., at
llyrd Park.
IHIUIdcrn v?, American Clotblna*
Co.. nt Burins; Hill Park.
Imperials ?*?. Jncotm A Levy, at
Fnlrtmiuiit l'nrk.
Harplen vs. Hustlers, at Ryrd
Park. I'mplre, Nichols,
Ramblers vs. Giants, at East r.04
l'nrk. I mplre, linker.
t'nrdtnntn vn. Cuba, nt nnrvey
l'nrk. t mplrc. nnnenek.
Trinity Defrnteil Agnln.
[Special to The Tlmes-nispatch.l
Durham, N. C, April 26.?Trinity lo.e
I!-." second nml last of the series w'ta
the University <-t Georgia this after?
noon by tin score of u to n. The
gumo war a walkover for the Cracker
players, and Wilder, their left-hand
twlrler. had the locals completely ,n
hia mercy. He allowed only two'hRi
and struck out eleven men.
Score by Innings; lt. II. k.
Georgia .0 1 01 6 2002?13 15 S
Trinity .o o o n 0 0 0 n 0? 0 2 0
Batteries: Wilder and Bowdon: Kntpe,
Boshamer and Mclycan. Umpire, Hoff
man. Time, 2:35.
Hand Tailored Suits
For Men and Young Men.
All Wool and Cold Water
This makes them look well and
wear well.
A new suit given if they fail to
give perfect service.
T?re, healthful, medicinal whiskey.
Highly recommended hy lending physi?
cians everywhere.
Ulntlllern nnd llleniier? of 1'lne
Let us demonstrate
I.or.ier ?uperiority.
Salesroom. - 1625 W. Broad St
Built to
Highest Price and Best.
W. C. SMITH & CO.,
314 N. Fifth. Vine and Main
Tho buyer who know:, tne different
iutoitvoblles will own a
Jones Motor
Car Co.
Alle:, /.venue and Broad Street
glmurfemtntff. _
The Twentieth Century Dramatic
A Powerful Dramatic Story of Heart
Interest That Appeals to Every Woman.
Richmond's Favorite.
Prom Will N. Harnen**. Novel.
Base Ball
Game Called 4:30 P.M.
Music Festival
Of Ihe Wednesday Club.
April 20 nnd 30.
Seat? on salJ dally 9 A. M. to 6 P. M,4
3IU East Broad Street.
Hundreds of choice seats for'each
opneert now obtainable. Buy to-dsv.
? -SJ ?'

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