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rhich Opens Season Here Wednesday
r.VrrKNCK. ITtilMy Inflrldcr. I IU:.\TQX, IMtcher.
I1K.VXKTT. PH. her. TOHI.V, Catcher ?lin?tlnn). rOTTF.n, Catcher.
nKOWJfB. r.fS nrsnOV. Second Ilnar. FALLOX, Left Field (putting). FAItniOKE, Flntt Un?c.
Fourteen Long Innings |
Finish a Draw Between
Colts and Sox.
Big Fellow Never Worried
Throughout Long Contest,
Fanning Thirteen of Vis?
itors and Allowing Only
Ten Hits?Stupid Base
running Lost Game.
Richmond. 3| Danville, 2 (four?
teen Innings, darknru).
Norfolk, 0| Portsmouth, 4.
l/j-nchlmrK, 0| Petersburg, 8.
Newport Newa, 3| Roanoke, 5.
Cloha. Won. Vant. P.O. Vtir.
Petersburg- ... R 2 .714 .000
Roanoke.B 4 JKifl .400
Richmond ... 4 4 .BOO 1.OO0
Norfolk .4 4 .BOO .7B0
Newport Newa 4 4 JI00 ....
Portsmouth ..4 4 .5O0 ....
Dnnvlllf . 8 4 .4211 .20O
I.ynctahurg ... 2 B .2SB .667
Richmond at Newport New*.
Petersburg nt Norfolk.
Roanoke at Danville.
Portsmouth at I.ynrhbnrg.
As an added Saturday nftornoon's
attraction, Steve Orlfltn put on the
very best ball game ever witnessed in '
the local lot. going fourteen Innings, j
with enough sensations to make the
fellow who watched the nun bo down
with on aching void created In antlcl- j
pntlon of the evening meal getting)
I cold, thank his lucky stars that he i
? braved a bad day, half of which hnd
been Riven over to a steady downpour.
In order to witness a tlo same, played
In remarkably fast time, with an ama?
teur pitcher facing one of the coolest,
most experienced hurlers ln the game.
It finished with the score standing
2 to 2.
But the mere announcement that
an extra inning game was played
doesn't tell one-half of the story.
Pitcher Ayern, Dr. Aycra, probably
(Continued on Fourth Page.) ~
Donaldson and Gardner Will
Agree on Terms To-Morrow
and Post Forfeit.
Ulke Ronaldson and Charlie Gardner
Will meet In the office of The Times
Dispatch to-morrow afternoon and sign
articles of agreement and post a for?
feit for their appearance, before u
Richmond audience lo. a six-round
sparring exhibition on May 25. Botlij
hoys ropovt that they arc now in con-j
ditlon to step into the ring and glv? a|
good account of themselves. Donald-1
son has been at work for several,
weeks, Jogging on the roads and]
punching the bag. Ho is as hard as]
nails and promises to take care of all
the punishment the Washlugtonlan
can deliver, at the same time putting
In some telling punched himself.
As to Gardner, he hns been mixing
tt every day, having about five en?
gagements a week. No lad, regard?
less of his strength, can go through
this gruelling kind of uork If he Is
not ln condition. Incidentally, hn must
, take care of himself to stand' the
strain. ? With both boys In good con?
dition, tho peoplo who attend the con?
test should be treated Ao one of tho
best exhibitions witnessed anywhere.
Interest in the coming engagement is
growing daily, and tho largest^ hall In
the city will ho taxed to Its capacity.
It Is understood that tho lads will
, weigh very 'close to 125 pounds on tho
, ?JaT of the engagement.
v'. -i 1
GUS DIWDOX, Second U??o. TOM DOWMXG, Centre Field.
VDLEIt. Third Ba.e. Trainer catching Geary ?lldlnsr.LAXG. Inflelder. FALLON. Left Field roTTKR~~ Cntche'r."
-?-??--.-?_ Photon" by Foster.
Leaguers Jump on Bennett for
Sixteen Hits?Seybold Bats
i.ooo Per Cent.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.J
Suffolk, Va , April 37.?The United
States Richmonder'n swarmed over the
ra'l and ssvept the decks of the
United States ship Louisiana, spiking
the guns of big gunner Bennett, and j
sunk the old battleship off j Camp
Richmond this afternoon with a srore |
of 9 to 2. The Sailors fought hard,
and the defeat of the crew of the
Louisiana wasn't due to Inefficiency
on their part, but because of the
superior marksmanship of the Rieh
monders. The l.oui-aui was plucky,
and In the sixth engagement threw a
score across the plate that showed
there was fight to the last.
Bill Taylor did the tiring for Rich?
mond. In the first seaElon Shaw met
one of Taylor'h groovers for two cor?
ners, scoring Klrchlner. The Rlch
monders responded with five tallies.
McKtrland and Blue scoring the five
In the first with a home run each.
The Sailors rallied after the second,
but too late to keep the good boat
aMoat. Nownham'a club was on the
lookout for the Louisiana. They had
heard thnt It was easy for the
l^ouslana to sink Pop Shaffer's Mary
.lane, and that Gunner Bennett was a
slabmau with n long range. Bennett
tw'rlcd with vim. but the Rirhmond
ers rapped him hard. So.\ Seybold
baited 1.000 per cent. He went to
the hat four times and is credited
with four hits, one of which was for
two sacks. Ncwtihani. O'Hare and
Bohannon wielded the stick relent?
lessly. The game was filled with
brilliant plays, and Shaw, of the bat
(ComInued 'on Third .Page;)
Two Generals Have Their Plan of Lattle All Mapped Out for Opening
Gdrae at Lee Park Wednesday?Chief Rooter Sydnor Will
Ihrow. First Ball.
Prom, 2b.
Hoffman, 3b.
O'Hare, If.
Seybold, rt.
McFarland, cf.
Bohannan, lb.
Blue, c.
Newnham, ss.
Taylor, p.
Grovcr, p.
? After months of surmise, wonder
Ins, Rue&slng. believing, disbelieving,
hoping, .praying, Richmond is to wel?
come the United States League on
Wednesday, when the opening game
of the season will bo played brtween
the elub representing this city and
the club representing Washington.
The K?me will begin at 4:15 o'clock,
and Umpire Artie Latham will give
the word, while Chief Rooter .Sydnor
will throw the first ball. The pennant
race will be on. and loyal thousands
of people hereabouts will show by
their patronage that the metropolis
of the. South is ready to pay the price
when the article merits it.
Manager Browne, of the capital city
aggregation is sure that ho has a
pennant winning crowd. Al Newn?
ham, pilot of the locals, is equally
sure an to the ability of his club.
Both are certain that they will light
Facts of Local U. S.
League Opening
Game will brgln at 4ilii.
All iw m hound cam will go to
Lev Park.
Keasnlch'n Band "HI be on hand
to liven np things.
Chief Rooter Sydnor will throw
the first bnll.
Arlle Latham will probably be the
It ia probable that Mayor nich
ardson will be on hand.
with fair feather, It Is estimated
that 15,000 people win be out.
Washington vn. Richmond, at
Pittsburg vs. Cleveland, at Cleve?
Reading vs. New Vork, at New
Chlcasm vs. Cincinnati, at Chi?
every Inch of the ground, and as each
Is anxious to make a showing, the re?
sult should be some fun for the spec?
tators. That the park will play to
capacity .goes without saying. Tho
people's appetites have been whetted
and their cur'oslty aroused. They arc
going out to actually see what many
have tried to convince them was a
Leo Park is ready. Contractor O.
C. Fallon, If.
Dundon, 2b.
Adler, 3b.
Browne, rf.
Dowling, ct.
Gear\-, ss.
Farrickcr, lb.
Born, c.
Tobin, c.
Trainor, p.
Bennett, p.
Owen, p.
Trenton, p.
B. White has lived un to his agree?
ment. He has done what many said
it was Impossible for him to accom?
plish. He has completed a modern,
up-to-date ball plant within twenty
eight days. Naturally there will be
S some rough edges to be knocked oft
after the opening, but this will be ac?
complished while the club Is away
from home. Parkkeeper Buff Ford
has also made good. Ills diamond is
In apple-ple .shape, and will be as
fast as anybody could wish It. In
other words tho people of Richmond
will find a comfortable park In which
(Continued on Second Page.)
After Plucky Fight Academy Is
Defeated by One Lone
i. M. H. S. took the. second ga.me
<T*m Richmond Academy by the score
of r, to 4. Ace demy got one run off
of Bats In the first Inning, ari then
he proved Invincible up to the eighth,
?when thoy got. two more tallies. Again
In the ninth they made one run. Bass
retired In favor of Gentry, who re?
tired the side.
In the fourfh High Sohool landed
1 on Harrlsson for three runs, and again
In the seventh two more runs crossed
the plate.
J. M. H. 8. outflelded the Academy,
but Academy took the honors away
with the stick.
Cogblll, for ,T. M. H. S., had to re?
tire In favor of Mills In the third on
account of a sore leg. Uls absence
was very noticeable. King, for High
School, played a good game. Robins,
on first, made . several beautiful
co tches.
Wicker, for Academy, nailed out a
three-bagger. "W. Harrlsson, at short
for Academy, played a good game.
J. M. H. S. and Academy meet ugaln
Wednesday. The score:
J. M. II. S.
AB. R. 11. O. A. El.
iCogblll, 2b.. 2 0 0 0 0 1
Hoover, e.. 4 1 1 6 1 0
Seasy, if. 4 i o i o ?
Quarles, sa.-... 4 114 10
Koblna. lb..... 4 0 0 12 0 l
King. 3b. 3 0 11 3 o
McICIroy, cf.?.2 1 0 0 1 0
Cosby, rf. 3 112 0 0
Baas, p. 3 i) 0' t 2 0
Mills. 2b. 2 0 0 0 0 I
Turner. 8b. 0 0 0 0 0 0
Gentry, p. n n n o o n
Totals .31 5 4 2T 11 3
AB. B. H. O. A. B.
Taylor, lb.? ? . 2 2_0 ? j>_I
(Continued on Third Pag< >
MollcrknuiP. lb. Winter, cf.
Ilnrtou. 2b. ItocOel, rf.
I.in/., 3h. Illeks, c.
Dlemnn, hn. Donhncr, p.
Chapman, If, K'lnr. p.
Cincinnati, Ohio, April 27.?.Manager
McKlnnon, of the loc'tl club In the
United States League, says that his
team will bo more than ready to open
up the season on May 1, with the Chi?
cago club. I
The club Is out every day In prac?
tice, and from the feats the boys have
been performing. It looks as though
the club will be. a strong factor in the
Jimmy Bortnn, who in rnptalnlng the]
team, has a good line on the material
he has on hand. Every day new com?
ers join the ranks. They are drifting
in from all parts of the city and coun?
try, i
I-ovoll Draper, Cincinnati champion
long ' distance runner, who has been
working out with the Anniston (Ala.),
team, joined the squad. A spitballer
nnmed Carl, from Altoona, Pa., Is said
to he n valuable, bisset to the team.
"Ilumpty" Boedel, who mado a great
record with the Buffalo team, and for
whom Manager Ned Hanlon offered
000 during- his last year, as the manag?
er of tho Reds, will bo one of- the1
United ' States Leaguers" regular out-j
Tho line-up for the opening game, as
announced by Manager McKlnnon to-!
day. follows:
Mollerkamp, lb.; Barton, 2h.; Lutz,
3b.; Dleman, as.; Chapman, If.; Winter,
cf ; Boedel, rf.; Hicks, catcher; D?sh
nsr and Kline, pitchers. .
?;.--0Ji/v.".''.' .V-,'.'MSiMslllnMSSlBniniBBnnUEi
Dysert. rt. Heiter, 3b.
Saecknrd. cf. Mnnnlimr, as.
JIaliiy. If. 1'orro, c.
Rroutbera, 2b. Fletcher, p.
Snbrle. lb. Milllman. p.
IllnicB, lb. Cronln. p.
Jackson, p.
Reading. Pa., April *27_Th? Read?
ing United States League team Is
ready for the opening of tho season
next Wednesday, when Manager Leo
Groome will travel with his crow of
eighteen players to New York to pry
off the lid. Over fifty mon have been
tried out for positions hero and the
squad Is now trimmed down so that
only the cream Is left, and with no
opposition from organized ball. the
"Pretzels" expect to make good.
President William A. Wltman.who
resides here, will go with tho Read?
ing team to New York for the open?
ing, and then expects to make a
Hying trip around the circuit to take
In most of the early games,
I, The opening day line up will prob?
ably be: Dysert, right field: Sheokard,
centre field: Malay, left field: Broutjt
[ era, sooond base; Sabrle, or Himes,
[first base; Deltor. thlrd'base; Manning,
a trtHtop; Porte, catcher; Fletcher,
MUllman, Oronln and Jackson, pitch?
ier*. Mack, left (leid; Nashert, third
base: Beaumont, catcher; and Kauff
[min, pitcher, are reeerve men, ?
yiohart. 2h,
KIrby, as.
Britten. 3b.
Green, c
Freeman, lb.
Deluhanty, cf.
pejfer, rf.
Ort, rf.
BlanCke, p.
Wntera, p.
Compton, p.
naftVrty, p.
Cleveland. Ohio. April 37.?After
considerable weeding out, Manager
Jack O'Connor has his United States j
League team about settled upon.
He may make .some changes after
the season starts as professional
players out of jobs happen to drop In
and show whether or not they can
make good. At present ho hi.s a
combination of veterans and soml
profosslonals, about half of whom are
For tho opening gome ho will prob?
ably place tho following team In the
field: Catcher, Green, Fort Worth;
Pitcher, Blancko, (Sonduaky); Wal?
ters. (Comton); Rafforty, (Western
Reserve University); first base, Jerry
Freeman, formerly *>f Washington;
second base. Ilobnrt, (Cleveland semi
pro. >; third base, Rritton, (Cleveland
somi-pro.); shortstop, Klrby. (with
Voungstown In 1911); left field. Ort,
(with Portlnnd, Ore., In 1811); centre
[ field. Joe Dolahanty, (with Toronto In
1911); right field, Pclfer, (Albany).
There afe a number of other can?
didates, Including Doc ? Moyer, the
Voungstown, pitcher, w.ho wag pur?
chased by Washington during the sea
I son of 1910. He . was recently de?
clared a free agent by Toledo after
[brief try oat
CrOTvley, 3b.
Schall, 3b.
MoOonough, c.
Daly, c.
Itnymond, p.
Hamilton, p.
Parker, p*
MeGutre, p.
Gardner, p.
Johnson, es.
Walters, lb.
Stanley, If.
Gertrecht, rf.
Lynch, cf.
Chicago, lit, April 37.?The last four
days of warm weather has worked!
wonders In tho Improvement of the|
United States League Player? at Gun-]
thor Park. One of tho everyday watch-'
era remarked to-day that tho squad'
looks like an entirely new outfit com-}
pared with a week ago. Walters has:
begun to show class at first, and Crow-j
ley acted like a mldseason . veteran.
I cavorting around In the practice game
! today.
Every ono of the pitchers showed:
I samples of mldseason rpced, which1
j mode Manager Ivccluy foel as If that
! deportment, will be. strong. Tho staff
1 now consists of Raymond, Flynn, Ham
! llton, McGutre, Walters, Parker, Paint
' er and Gardner. All olght men will be
1 given a chance' in the regular games.
I Manager Kceley 1? confident that his
i aggregation will have" IllUo difficulty]
! in showing their class Over the Gun
Ithers to-morrow, when they meet the
crock semi-prof essloniil club for tho
fourth and last exhibition game of the
I training season.
The United States League club play
their laHt exhibition witn tbti Ameri?
can Giants, ono of tho fastest teams In
the country. By winning this t,ame it
will give the fan? a. high estimation
of the new third-leagtio 'club of Chl
"(Contlnued on Third Page.)
Yl'nrrea, 2b or 3b,
Duff, tin.
t'allnhun, rf.
Rroirn, rf.
Stine, If.
Miller, lb.
Huglica, r.
Oovc. c.
I'lpcr, c.
Johns, p.
Curley, p.
Hamilton, p.
Fowler, 2I> or 3b. Pbllllppl. p.
Pittsburgh, Pa.. April 27.?Manager
Phllllppl, of tho Pittsburgh United
Slates League club, to-night announced
that he has 'his players shaped up for
tho opening game In Cleveland next
Wednesday. "I am confident that wo
aro going to have n. good club," said
Manager Phllllppl. "From somo forty
or fifty candidates I have selected
players who. In my opinion, will make
good. Several of them lack hlg league
experience, but have attracted atten?
tion as members of strong semi-pro?
fessional combinations In l'lttsburg
and other eitles. Wo will carry live
or six pitchers and at least three
eatellers, and In the bettery depart?
ment I believe we will be. particular?
ly strong. I had 'counted on the vet?
eran, Ritchie, for second base, but In?
dications are that he will not be able
to play with us, a? his right arm.
which was broken while he was at tho
Louisville club last season, has not
mended and he. Is unable to throw.
However, l huvo two or throe very
clever young lnfleldors', any one of
whom can play second, so that 'even
1? Ritchie cannot be usod our tnfleld
will not be weakened. For the open?
ing game in Cleveland we probably
presont'thls line-up and hatting order:
Warren, second or third base: Duff,
(Continued on Third Page.)
Take Two and-Four Mile
Championship After.
Hard Struggle.
Virginia Wins One of Mile Re?
lay Contests?Athletes From
West Show Up Well in Field
Sports?Feature of After?
noon Is Fine Perform*
anc* of Gutterson.
[Special to The TtmeB-DISpatch.]
Philadelphia. Pa., April 27.?The
University of Pennsylvania won two of
the three blue ribbon events at the
annual relay races here this aftor
noon. and Syracuse University took
the other one. The two and four-mile'
relay championships of America were
raptured by the Philadelphia Institu?
tion after a hard struggle, and the
one-mile national championship was
won by Syracuse after Roldpath, her
fast quartcr-mller, hud extended him?
self to tho limit to bent out Saunders,
of Illinois. Some of the best quarter
mile men In college were In this event.
Both of Pennsylvania's victories wore
also hnrd won. her runners having to
extend themselves fight up to tho
A hard rain fell during the after?
noon, and the trnck In many places
was hnlf on Inch deep with wnter. De?
spite Ibis condition the Merccrshurar
(Pn.l Academy broke the world's
Scholastic one-mile relay record in
winning the American preparatory
school champ'onshlp. The new time
for "prep" schools Is 3:27 1-5, against
the former record of 3:30 1-5.
While the West did not fare very
well In the relay race!* the athletes
from over the Alleghnnles showed lip)
well in the field events mid In the 120
ynrd hurdles. In the hurdle race
Nicholson, of Missouri University, won.
in the good time of 15 4-5 seconds,
considering the condition of the track.
Phllhrook, of Notre Dame, won both
the discus and shotput without much
A featuro of the afternoon was the
performance of A. Ij. Gutterson. of
Vermont University; who won the
broad Jump by leaping twenty-four
fee*, and five-eights of an Inch, from
a. muddy take-off. In not one of tries
(Continued on Second Page.)
Blues Have Men on Water for
First Time This
The cold weather of last week ha*
thrown the' rowing season somewhat
buhlnd. Yesterday, hawevor, there
were quite a number of men at tho
Virginia Boat Club's home. Uum Well
ford, Cook. Wheat, Cusliman. Augus?
tine, Tarner and Seville wero all on
the river getting Into shape for the
championship season. A new recruit,
who is expected t\> show Up well, Is
Hamilton Clalborne. McWellford, one
of the strongest of last year's crew,
has boon operated on for appendicitis,
and will not row.
The Richmond Blues had a crow on
the water yesterday ovonlng for the
first time. This crew was composed
of the following men: No. 1. Crump':
No. 2, Jones: No. 3. Strnthcr; No, i.
May es; No. 5. Ruskoll; No ?>. Hurk7J; No.
7, Bennis; Stroke. Parker; Coxswain/
Richardson. Coach Sidney Smith Kept
them on the wuter for nearly tw>
hours. Aftor about rao and thre?
quarter hours the 8. O. 9. was sent out,
h.nd substitute Cook went to the rescue,
f'rump climbed Into tho first boar to
reach the crippled ship With h few
weeks' of coaching this crew will
make any crew sit up and take notice.
Real work will commence for both
crows next week. In preparation fog;
[the regatta to be pulled oft in June.

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