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This Sale Presents an Ideal Occasion for Supplying
Ones Summer Needs in
Floor Coverings and Draperies
New ideas, correct
that meet the requirem<
Floor Department has to
:\lcs and practically unlimited assortments of home furnishings
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Algerian Mourzouk Rugs.
This is .in imported C< i i Rug, woven in colors ?
NOT printed. Used for pi relies, halls, dining rooms
or anywhere n Rug is buI '? I to the hardest wear.
,-('\7j inches
;.s\,s i inches
x<> fect .$10.00
\12 fret .$20.00
ITat Straw Rugs.
he American Grass Rug,
The New Japanes
This Rug is woven 1 .
but is made of a long (lit straw.
Stenciled on both ' . 9x12.$10.00
Stenciled on :onc eid< >xl2. $9.00
Crex Rugs, plain J5< t<>.$14.SO
Crex Rufts, figiin $1.25 to.$10.00
Something Neu in Washable Rugs.
Flaslin Cottage Rues, a porch or room rug made
of natural'color hemp, with colored striped borders at
each end.
30x60 inches.$1.65 6x0 feet . $6.75
36x72 inches.$2.10 7.6x10.6 fect. $9.25
4SxS4 inches.$.5.4? 9x12 feet.$12.00
Rag Ru
Complete showirt
and ye ole fashion
mixed colors, that ai
27x36 inches.
30x60 inches.;
3t>.\72 inches
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! Rag Rugs!
Mit nnd Miss" Striped Rugs, in
75c 6x9 fect . $5.50
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Shaki Rag Rugs.
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Real Chiny Curtains, $3.00.
Made on a French net. three yards long, 40 inches
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Arabic, with double net between insertion and edges.
Fireplace Screens.
Single-fold, sllkollne filled, 75c.
Sin?le-fold, panel effect, 95c.
Single-fold burlap or tapestry panels, in Early Eng?
lish, fume or mahogany, at $3.00, $3.75. $6.00, $8.00.
Three or Four-fold Screens, silkoline or burlap
filled, with panel tops, $2.50. $3.00, $3.50, $6.00.
Have you seen the new Wardrobe Screen?
Yestibule Door Laces.
Braided net, with braided colonial designs, in white
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Brise Bise Sash Laces.
All ready to hang, loops at top, in panel design,
with and without ruffle at bottom, 25c and 50c yard.
Door Panels.
White or Arabian, in regular ami extra sizes, 25c,
<i9c. 85c, $1.00.
Extra sizes, $1.19, $1.75, $2.75.
Scrims! Scrims!
Plain or fancy weaves, with single or double borders,
also hemstitched edges, 40 inches wide, in cream, ecru,
champagne or white, 20c, 25c, 35c a yard.
Same with printed borders, 15c, 19c, 25c, 35c yard.
Edges to mat eh, 3c, 5c yard. Third Floor.
iVj B.?Oh?' "HOUSEHOLD PURCHASING CLU? PLAN," just inaugurated,
enables one to make such purchases of these goods as they desire, and to pay /or them, -weekly or
monthly, in amounts to suit their convenience. /NVESUIGAXE.
Wants Additional Service Via
Old Dominion
The movement for a night mall sc r- J
vice between Richmond and Norfolk
and intermediate river points vin the]
tild Dominion steamers received new
impetus yesterday when the Industrial
League of Claremont took action to
secure this service by application to
ttie (Second Assistant Postmaster-Gen?
eral. Residents of Claremont particu?
larly feel the Isolation of their posi?
tion with respect to postal facilities,
and arc anxious that the night ser?
vice be installed.
Richmond -.as rtvi-li"'ns Norfolk have
always regarded the phn with favor,
as has also Newport N* ,.*s. At pres?
ent the afternoon mails for Norfolk
:nd Intermediate points close at |
o'clock, with practically no other out?
let to Kastcrn Virginia until the morn?
ing trains. The contemplated boat
ervlee would accommodate mall de?
posited In the post-Ottlcu as late as 6
Iniltistrinl League Acts.
The letter written yesterday by the
Industrial league of Claremont to
.loseph Stuart, Second Assistant Post
mastcr-Gcncral, calls attention to the
isolated situation of the immediate
liver points, and asks the Post-Oflicc
Department to install i night service
i'U the boats of Die Old Dominion
Steamship Company, 14 refers to an
interview with President Walker, of
the setamship company, in which ho
stated that his company was wilting,
to carry the malls free of cost until
the arrival of the regular time for
entering Into new mail contracts.
The Industrial Leagu ? had informa?
tion tb the effect that the chances for
securing the service would be im?
proved If application for it were de
fi rred till dune. The suggestion of
Mr, Walker caused It to take the mat?
ter up with the Post-Ollice Depart?
ment ut once.
Oovrrnpr Mann yesterday ordered that
e.i ?HisM-ui. be'Tf-.i.'l :?>? i!if Sr /retary of
? ' inin<>i,wealth to the following persons
- delegate's from Virginia to the ronven
,, of the tasoclated Advertlifng Clubs of
America, p> b held In l><i:iiis?, Tex., May IS
? . .'. 1512:
M l.\ Illll, 11 F Smith, B. J. Wawiman,
i: tvey, Hamilton Felld, W. H. Adams, J.
1 f-i.n..,;<>iy All of the men who will
rep eseht the Old I<omlnlori at the coaven
tion are from Richmond,
savings bank
??- 1117 E. MAIM ST. V -N-v,
\Vh?r. o'.d ago c?mc?
find our savings of ?
Tells Agents They Can't Sell
Tickets for Both Leagues, but
Later Withdraws Order.
Thru Hio local club in tho Virgin la
League will pass up no opportunity to
mako the path of the united states
League' as hard and arduous as possi?
ble was demonstrated yesterday! nf
ter The Time*-Dispatch printed a list
of the merchants who would place on
sale tickets of admission to Lee Park,
Tiiese merchants, exponents of the
progressive: for Richmond, were lii
formod by telephone, from the oltico
of W. it. Bradley, president of tho
Richmond club In the Virginia Lea?
gue that th< y could not sell tickets
to Loth Uroad Streit und Lee l'.nk.
After tho selling agents protested, thf*
message was altered, and the mer?
chants 'were told that they could con?
tinue selling tickets for Virginia Lea?
gue games.
Such action on the part of the Vir?
ginia Dengue magnates is In direct
Variance with the statement Issued
from the camp of the United States
League. President Landgraf has an?
nounced time atol again that he would
not light the Virginia League. In a
statement made to The Tlmes-Dis
i patchy several weeks ago. Landgraf
said: "We have no light with either
the Virginia or any other league. We
are coming In lb Richmond t" matte
money and to give the fans an hrllclo
Of hasehall which Wo hope and believe
they will like. If they like the brand
we are offering better than they like
any other brand offered, then We may
expect their patronage as largely; we
Will have earned it. But If wo lull
down on the Job, we will have to lake
the result."
Comment?not all of which has been
favorable?hns been made upon this
latest action of the Virginia League
magnate. Indeed, it formed tho topic
of general conversation In the busi?
ness centres, as Interest In the open?
ing of Lee Park this afternoon Is in?
tense, nnd a largo gathering, probably
the largest In tin- history of baseball
I In Richmond. Is expected.
I Council Committees will Resume IMIIj
Grind lo M?-ht.
I With tbc primary election all oy< r cxrept
the explanation* of how It happened, mem?
ber* ot the I'ltJ Council will r, sume routine
atfalr.s to-day with u rush. Tile committee
?chedule follows:
Commute., on Itollcf of the Poor D:30
o'clock; Committees or. str. 't Cleaning.
Streets, .Markets and Light S o'cloi li.
Thursday, Special Committee in Investiga?
tion of the Public School* 7:S<3 P, M.j Coin
i mittet* on Bleetrlclty, t) round* and It ui id -
! Im;* and Cemeteries .1^ - ? ?'
> The Committee on Streets his before it ?
number of Import??! matters, Including lilds
I'.r much street work for which the publki
ha* been clamoring.
Building Rerord t?r April
I Rutldin? operations for tbc month of Aptii
ohow \i Increase over April ol last >...r nt
tVAJ*:, ihc total con or H|| building! au?
thorized Ir, April hsvlng been i'M.ts\.
Kor the first .'our months of the year
there has befn authorised :i grand total of
ILTiSTll ir. new buildings nnd r p.iir*.
Captain Wnjl .Resign*,
The resignation of Captain II, II. Wayt.
I of Company K. Piret Infantry Regiment,
j stationed at staunton, ^>l.^ accepted yeiter*
I day by AJutant-'rteneral Balo. An election
to till the vacancy was ordered to be held
within thirty days. Pressure of business
Sfniirs was SSslgitcd j.? the reason foi n't*
I 1. Signalton.
Southern Must Pay $10,000 fov
Death of Engineer James
G. Rice.
Judgment for 110,009 was cnierrii
yesterday In the li?v and Koulty
Court in tli? suit ot Emma nice, ad?
ministratrix of James ?;. Rice, against
the Southern Railway Company, con?
tinuing a jury verdict rendered last
February. Argument on the motion
to set aside the verdict was heard by
Judge Ernest H. Weils at the r< -
(|Uesl of .ludu.e Crump, who had b< ci
Interested in the case before his elc
cation to the bench. The railway
Company asked leave to tile bills of
exception indicating ila purpose to
take, an appeal.
Mrs. Rico set forth thai on Decem?
ber U'10, her husband, James tl.
Rlee. was employed by the railway
company as an onglneor; that ho was
Shifting a stilnn ol can In the ^? ? 111:,
crn Railway yards crossing Fourteenth
Street, near the northern end ol
Muyo's Bridge, when h >. ongitio left
the rails and turned over. Itlcc was
badly scalded and oth, rwlso injured,
as a result of which he died. It is
alleged that the railway company
had failed to keep Its tracks at this
' point in a safe and sound and se?
cure condition?in fact, that portions
.?1 its sidings x'l'l yard.' In' this Vi?
cinity were notoriously out of repair,
and defective. the rails being old.
worn and Improperly Joined together,
while the lies were rotten and the
ground wot and soggy.
Ilundaon Cary and William Crump
Tucker appeared for thi plaintiff; The
railway company was represented by
Kppa llunton, Jr.. and K. ? Randolph
W11 Hams.
Ordered l<i Vtieuil Drill*.
.1 w. Klfhcr, arrested yesterday oa a
military warrant for nonattertdonc? 011 in 111 -
lary duties, was broushl last night before .1
nummary court, comi'oned of officers of his
company of tin- O'lrst Regiment, and or?
dered lo attend the r<-Eiihir drills of his
Married In Wafchlnftlon.
A mnfrlBBe license wn< Issued }?*lerdn>'
In Washington t<> Pleasant W. Jordan and
Elsie 1.. Tiller, buili of llenrlco county.
Victor.! for Ivo.,'I.-,ui llrnwn.
Koiith Norwink. Conn., April ?.?Knockout
Brown, of -New nrk. had the b'tt'r of At
Kotchell In ton fas: rounds before ihe Twtn
city Athletic ciuti lo-njgiit.
Claims She Gave Howard Rings
and Cash to Lift
Evil Spell.
But Police Will Have Hard Task
to Find Fortune Teller,
Who Has Gone.
The police aro now vigorously seek?
ing Uoorgo Howard, alias Parker, the
young clairvoyant, who was held in
JaU for several days as a suspicious
character, but who was released from
custody last week when no evidence i
against him was produced.
Yesterday a worn.in, Whose name |
was withheld, but who was suld to be ,
prominently connected here, came for-i
ward and said that the had been
swindled out of two diamond rings!
value 1 at ?-00, and jf>0 in cash by I
' tlii: fortune teller. Acting on the ad
jvice of Chief of Police Werner, sho '
SWorc out o warrant for Howard. i
She told a curious story of how she '
had been victimized. She hud been !
told by Howard, whom she consulted J
las a medium of the spirit world, that i
; sli? was under a spell of evil intlit
?hee, and that If she wished to have.]
! it cast op sin must present lUm with !
something valuable, which would
. later be returned. .She went home
land returned with two diamond rings,;
'one valued at $160 and the other at j
Threw Puke Rings In Itl?cr. !
I Howard Is said to have examined ;
the rings and told his client that j
j diamonds were gcliio which carried a:i
; 111 omen for her and that to frc-e hor
I sett she must cast them away. i
I He directed her to accompany him j
to the James 111 vor. Standing on the
Free Bridge, he produced what up-'
I pcarcd to be the rmss anil threw]
; them into the water. Hb inen re-1
quired a lee of $00 for h's services III
lifting the ??spell,'' and she gave him j
' tlta money.
1 Tout was the la.-t the woman heard1
[of n.'m until he was arrested as ill
suspicious character.
His arrest came about through a I
! girl who gave her name as May |
IBlackniorc, alias Untier. She was.
arrested while attempting to pawn the
rings which had I ? t. given Howard I
by th<' woman, who now anxious
to prosecute him. though that fact
was not known at tin time. The girl
was arrested with the clairvoyant,
and was discharged with him. Moth
; Bre believed- to have left the city.
i A Bocond warrant is In tip- hand.)
I of the police ff,r Howard on lb ?
Charge of failing to pay a restaurant
for spcc'al meals served him while in
I W. A. Huh her l im-d ESS and Costs In I'o
llre ( our!.
Wi A. Hulcher \vs? lined I'-T, and costs lu
Poih. C?uri on a ?b?rge or being drunk
and disorderly and Insulting women in the
Street lie was arrested by Officer Tlnslcj
upon the complaint ol Mre; Ii. M. Topping.
'?( Highland Park, who testified that she
was accosted by the man while watting for
a street car.
William Lee wa? s?nt to tall for four
month* for stealing a pair of shoos rrom
1 MI*? Maggie gtrlhgfeltow
The os?? again* ( Vernon C'tilllngtrworth,
I accused of assaulting Alfred Johnson with
In hat.-he:, was continued until to-morrow
I Henry liito. colored, wart arraigned on the
charge" ?>f the murder of .lame* Wallace.
lain, colored, but hill case went oerr until
next Monday.
Roy d toll Man in Hospital.
I .1. ''. Go?de. of Roydtoii, V:.. wa* ..p'ratcd
ion at ihe JohhstOn-Wltll* Sanatorium on
Krida;;. Mi. fJoodc, ?rhu is a run of Mr*.
I Thomas K. iSoode, and a brother of Tin.may
! K, ii..o,ie. ,,f William* .v> tloode, bankers,
j DOydtQn, Va.i is a promlncht member of the
Hoard of Supervisor* of Mecklenburg county.
I n'nd I* weil known throughout the North
i and In Virginia, Mr. Hondo stood the opera?
tion wel', and hi* condition Is now *atls
! factory.
I'nllrrmnn Undergoes Operation.
j PollCnmnn a, I.. William? wa? operated on
I ; tilerda) morning at ilracr- Hospital, und
hi* condition is said jo be favorable.
Mr. Wntl in Hospital.
cJrnrgo Wr.tt. i ommlsslon. r of Itovrmie of
? llenrleo county, who ho* been In rather oad
, health recently, ha* ?iocido.t ro go to a hos?
pital for treatment and rest. Ill* condition
I Is by no means srrlic.ts.
Mrs. Harrow t.nos Home.
iMrs. .1. !?> 'Harrow, who was recently
operated upon at the Virginia Hospital, has
recovered sufficiently to t.e ial.cn to her
fieorr-bl and Florida Halicar Earning*.
la- earning* of t!,, Ueorgln and Florida
Hallway continue to show a Btcbdy Increase.
Report of approxlm.lc earnings for the
third w*ck In April. ju?i received, show an
increase of tl.lSO, ..r 17 pcr.'c'enf, over the
I snhlo week last year
Dubney to llellver Address.
I William T. J>abney, the recently-elected
i iir.-i representative to the Supreme Council.
Royal Arcanum, win address the members
; .c Shocks* Coinicll. No. *;?.", Royal Aroa
I niitn, in i^ee Comp H ill lo-morrow night at
S ,leick Mr Dabnoy was unusually hon
ored by reeeivihg the unanimous vote of
He grand council ol th- State, Besides the
address or I he flrst representative, there Is
: business of vital Interest to the member*,
I which win come up :?r consideration at Ibis
Marriage License*.
The follow ins man .air. license* wer?* Is?
sued yesterday in the office of the clerk of
the Hustings Coiirti William r. Prosserand
Rosa Estelle Jarltson John I. Mlsenlielmer
rind Ruth Ceren? Latham; Hoben W. Ca
pron and Janle May Mosher.
f 1 A
j ? Birthday Idea
I Which vvc would like to see carried out further \vas started
tin- Other day by one ol out patrons, when he opened a sav?
ings account on his |ittlc boy's first birthday. He will add to
I this each anniversary .)?> the years go by. gradually and easily
j laying .< foundation lor the boy himself to build on Liter.
Try it for VOUR boy, and let the
American National Bank
add 3 per cent, interest twice .1 year to what you are saving
for him. In consolidating with us in the matter of your
birthday present to liim you will be giving him the most
^ - i
Judge Waddill Declares $1,500
Mortgage on Broad Rock
Plant Invalid.
Court Order Entered Directing
Marshal to See Distillery
Judge Waddill in the United States
District Court yesterday, declined to
allow tlie claim of the Manchester
National Bank for $1,600 against th.*
! roperty of the Broad Rock Distilling
Company, declared by the court to be '
forfeit to the government. Common?
wealth's Attorney llasklns Mobson, uf
Chi t'.ovlleld county, and Willis C. Pul
llam, i f South Richmond, represented
the !onk. while .ludse Waddill stat< 1
the claims of Che government.
The claim first came to the notice |
Of the court In the In rem trial of
the distilling company when District. I
Attorney Lunsford 1.. i,e\\is Intro, j
tlucid Mr. Pulllam ns n government I
witness In an attempt to | rove thai I
Clarence B. Wood, owner of tin- i
Broad Rock Distilling Compivny, in !
falling to mention this Obligation had
Med with the government a iraudu- j
lent bond, since the revenue laws ?
stipulate that no government distillery;
shall be encumbered. Counsel for the I
distillery presented Wood, who tcsii-j
lied that he had no knowledge of tb- |
Manchester National Rank claim until I
afi. r he had bought and paid for the j
distillery, and that the obligation was
assumed by the original owner of the!
plant, who made no mention of it In j
the bill of,sale.
Government Uns l'rlor l.ien. I
Despite the fact that the mortgage'
on the plant was duly recorded, and
has never been s-atislled. Judge Wad?
dill ruled that the government's claim
took precedence over that of the
bank, and that the mortgage was In?
validated by the expre-s provision in
i the revenue laws which forbids any
distillery premises declared forfeit,
crty for any purpose whatever.
! Tin- claim of the bank Was accord- I
[Ingly dismissed, and the distillery and j
i distillery premises declared fbri'e't. j
i.\n order was Immediately Issued by
j Judge Waddill, directing that the
usual writ of vcndltlonl exponas be]
j issued to the marshal and command?
ing hint to sell the distillery and all
Ills appurtenances, the pi.ecds to bo!
brought to court and distributed ac
? cording to la w.
i Night Department nf lllah School had Suc?
cessful Term.
I The exorclsea Incident to the i!ortn; for
I the v.ar ol the niriit tchool department of
[the .lohn SlarahaTl lllHh School trill tak*
I plnca lo-nlght In the !!!sh School audtto
i num. Oovemor Wi Hum Hodges Mann.
Charles llutsler and Superintendent . A C.
? Chandler nr.. down on the program for
J talks. Principal W. C. l-ocker, of the night
school department, will ninke the announce
1 inente.
I The nlsht school clesc, n suri-i?ssful year
ol work and a number of pupils will re- j
celvc certificate? <,f proficiency. The enrol?
ment for the ycOr was more than 899, 109 j
..f which were in dally attendance. The,
pupils ranged In a?' from slrls and born ?t
; fourteen in men and women 01 maturity.
Ilookkeeplng, stenography and milliner) \
I course were most popular, with the classes |
I In penmanship, sewing, cooking, millinery ,
and grammar work wol| nttended.
I Bpeclmena of the handiwork of the pupils
,nlll U- on exhibit Ir. the auditorium .atid
the general public t? extended an invitation;
?.. attend. The night tchool was begun lust
I fall up an experiment, and Its success ihle
! year w ill probably mean Iik continuance as
a regul?r adjunct of the John Marshall High
I School. i
Arm, Deserters Cuughl.
I < haries 13. Mets and Chaunccy ?;-,rr. re
I eentl) arrested on one uf the Richmond,
IPrcderlcksburg and Potomac Railroad train*
atid held In the county 11 on the charge
of being deserters from the I'nlte.i States
Army, were taken to Washington yesterday
afternoon by Special officer Buroh. of the
railroad company. The men admitted that
th.y had deserted. Hr,i they tallied exactly
with descriptions forwarded the county au?
. Members nf Family Arrlin from Church to
I inil House In I lames.
(Special to The Tlmea-Dtapatch. |
Eureka Mills, Va., April SO.?One of the
prettiest residence* In th? rennt?, that of
Lewis 8. Jackson^ of Drake* Branch, wn
destroyed by tlte S-hinday night about f>:ro
o'clock. As the family ..f Mi Jackson eat
returning from church they itlswjvered that
their home wns In flames. They arrived
Ju?: in time to rescue two smell children
who had been left at home. Only n few
articles were saverl from the house.
Tin- origin of Ihr tir.- I, not known, hut
ii is supposed t-> have slat teil in the kitchen
! Insurance to ino amount of ft.r.o,;, waH ,.nr.
j rim on the bufidlnir. which trill partlaily
cover the loss. Mr. Jackson will rebuild
I at mice.
South Richmond Bureau,
The Times-Dispatch,
IO:o Hull Street.
I'hone Madison ITS.
Last night at s o ? lock there wa* ?olemn
lied In the Bslnbrldge *tre?t Baptist Church
the wedding of Miss Ruth Ccilna Latham,
daughter .it Mr. and Mrs l.'ioy Minor La- |
iham. to John L. Metsehheiifter. The cere- ]
mnny. which ?a.- Pel ?rillet! by the Rev. ;
James W. Durham, u??Ut?!d by ihe Lev. J. ?
J. Fix, look ptacn before Iho altar, which |
was decorated with palms <*nd spring How*
er?. The wodj.lng inarohts were played by;
Mrs. T. K. Hiirion.
lue bride intend on tie arm of her
father, who kho h< r away, she wan attired
in n dren ot white meteor, covered with
white crepe, trimmed With itearl, and car?
ried a shower bouquet of Uli*? of the val.
by and while roses.
The matron ot honor was .Mrs John La?
tham. ?no were a laee rob. veiled, with
salmon pink chllfoh, and carrleI a bouquet
of |.lnk roses. Th>- bridesmaids, Mlsse*
Kathryn Flood and Ethel Mackey wore pink
and blur chiffon over satin Th y earned
sweet peas to match, The maid of honor.
Miss .Minie Melsenhelmer, wore white chit
ton ov.r satin, and carrt'il white rose*.
Lyn wood Latham, brother of the bride,
aetr.i as best man. The ushers ?Tel* John'
Kandlfer, VV. t'. Franklin. ltoya;t K-ndlcy.
W. E. Du Val and Harry \ Latllam
Th'. wedding ceremon) was followed by a
reception at ih- home of tnr bride's patents.
101 Hull street. The young < ouple lelt last
night for a tour of the Northern pulnte.
To Try Negro To-Day.
Clarence Harris, colored, win be placed
on trial this morning In the Hustings Court.
Hart lor the murdi r ol William McAdoo,
a negro, *% ho shot down in February ai
the corner of Eighteenth and H?ll sirecta.
Hnrrls escaped at the time of Ihe shooting,
but afterward* surrendered. He admitted
shooting McAdoo, cialmTng to have made
n mist.ike of hla man. He will be reprcsent
cd by Attorney Hiram M. Smith.
Night School ( loses,
After n successful von'i w..rk the night
department ?>f Ihe Powhatsn School closed
last night. A lilrjh average of attendance
throughout the term has been gratifying to
ttie test hers, who are hoping tor great re?
sults next oar Several new department*,
such a?- manual training, mechanical draw?
ing and domestic science hale proved a
popular ..ml with the pupils.
Fined for Assault,
t^hnrtea Newell, a bricklayer, who wa*
Charged in n warrant with assaulting R. S.
Holt, Mi farmer employer, wa? flned f."',?
and rest- rcsierda) morning by Justice H.
A. Maurice In ihe Police Court, Part
Civil warrants charging Holt with holding'
, b u k money on Newell and Several other
employe* were served The ca*e* win bo
called this morning at th* weekly hearing
ol the cH II do.-ket.
1?. ?b ot Mr. T ru lor.
r.us Tray I or. fony > ruf? old. a prominent
Alexandria Physician Elected
President of the State
Board of Health.
The .State Hoard of Health yesterr
; day elected Dr. William .M. Smith, of
Alexandria, president of the board, to
I succeed the late Dr. Rawlcy Wh'te
.Martin, of Itoanokc. Dr. 8. W. Hobson,
; of Newport News, wag elected as vice
president, and Dr. John 11. Pisher, nf
. Midlothian, secretary. The board
I adopted resolutions of respect and sor
! r<>\\- on the death of Dr, Martin. No
I other bUCincSs was taken up.
Dr. S?rth, the new president. was
appointed 10 the State Hoard Of Health
l lor a term of two years by Governor
j Swanson in 1!)"?, and was. reappolnt
i ed by Governor Mann in DUO for a
j term of four years. Dr. Smith, who is
j n native of Winchester, Vo.. was edu?
cated at the University of Maryland,
Berlin, Vienna and London. Ho saw
active service dining the Spanish
American War as surgeon in the Third
Infantry Regiment* VTrgfna Volun?
teers, After the war. when .the Vir?
ginia Volunteers were reorganized, ho
was elected major ot a battalion of
lite Seventieth Infantry Regiment, and
serv.nl In that capacity until a few
years ago, when he retired.
In addition to the officers who were
elected yesterday, the following mem
I bcrs ol the board wore In attendance:
Dr. L K. Harvle. Of Danville; Dr.
Georgt Hen Johnston, pf Richmond; Dr.
Stuart McGUlrei of Richmond; l>r. J.
If. Dunkley. of Saltyllle; Dr. I,. T.
Royster, of Norfolk, and the newest
member. Dr. George B. Lawson, of
Whole Town Is Helping To Swat Fly
Dealers Report Active Trade in
Articles Which Will Kill |
Hirn Quick.
Richmond hardware dealers' report
the most energetic Bwat-ihe-fly-season
v, i recorded. Screen doors lend, with j
1 (lypaper a close Becond. Patented In-i
aeclicides continue strong. "nil s few
i who have Implicit faith In science, |
and enn afford it, are spreading V-ero- :
sene oil on the surface of stagnant
It requires courage of the loftier:
kind to pour real 15-cent kerose.no on i
the troubled waters, hut the profes?
sors say that it is the only real dope, j
The greatest obstacle In Ifte way of j
the popularity of this method is flier]
fact that the kerosene plan can't bei
appreciated without a laboratory dctn-l
onatration. This requires n high pow
? ? '.i.lcrojseope, whleli cannot always be'
secured. One can understand that t.iej
Dim of oil on the surface of a hotly of
water would prey.' discouraging to a
female fly looking around for a place
in which to deposit her cuss?that the
oily skim would denature nil eggs
previously deposited there?hut It If
not half as exciting as actually swat?
ting the fly or mosquito with one'*
I hare hand and seeing him expire. N<
i microscope is needed lo show proof oi
I So while the City He 1th Department
will continue to tight the fly with
kerosene and other petroleum pro?
ducts, the average Rlchmomler will
rely upon toe old standbys, scrccp
I doors, flypaper, flytraps, and the hu
| man palm. They arc more adapted t<;
I household use. and they have produced
I results since old colony day*.
To the laymen who has only his
limited human experience to guide
Vilm, it appears to he an extravagant
I program?this smearing of kerosene
on every mudhole. A new Iseatmont
would Vie needod after overy rain.
But they do It on the Isthmus, and
mosqultos there are prnotically ex?
tinct?so ray the government report".
Of course, It's right; science nays so
Bui It is a good idea to stick to in p i?
per and screen toors until one can af?
ford kerosene.
Holeproof Hosiery
for men, women and children. All colors, in spring weights
of cotton, lisle and silk. Does away with darning and insures
foot comfort.
Gans-Rady Company
News of South Richmond
farmer of Beach, ill"! yesterday morning
Tin- funna: w ill I.- Ik-..] i 111? afternoon,
runernl of -Mrs. Clark.
The funeral ? Mr.?. Martha A. Clark, who
<l:.'I Mn:i,l:o morning at 1') o'clock, at her
I.., .it i heater, will le- held this afternoon
lit 1 o'clock I mm the home. The body will
be taken on .1 special car to Bi&ndford
Cemetery, where the burial will take piece.
Mrs. Clark, who was alxty-lhree ytara old,
'.eaves betldea her husband, eleven children,
the youngest being twenty-three year* of
Personal Mention.
.Mi.-s Knthryn Flood, o! Philadelphia, is
the gucal ?>: Mra. Leroy Latham, of Tenth.
lt..I Hull Streets.
F*rank A. I'urdy and wife, of Western Ohio,
nre spending a lew da>.s with Mr. and Mra.
J. II. Purdy, of Woodland Helghta.
John Kampion, of Norfolk, I? apendlng a
few dujs With his mother.
charters Issued
Ouarantee Watch i'ompsny fine). Rich*
mond Charles Burtrall Cooks, prerddent;
l\ IV, Cooke, I? 11 t'ooke, secretary?all of,
Richmond, Capital: Maximum. I'.'/OO; m'.n
nium, 110.000. Object: Watch business.
The Murray Ilroihers printing Co. (Inc.).
Alexandria, Va, 1". H, Murray, president;
II 11 Murray, vice-president; F. M Mur?
ray, secretary?all of Alexandria, capita!:
Maximum, 11.480: minimum, i'.WO. Object:
1'rlntlns business,
1 ? O ! Dominion Olass Corporation. Alex?
andria, v., l^irenzo Wolford, president; O.
11 Rchwarcmann, vice-president: O. D.
Hopkins, aecretar y and treasurer?all of
Alexandria, Va. i'apliai. Maximum, |M0,600|
inlnlniOT. |1T>.W Object: Manufacture
Vaughan Ik Barne? (Inc.), Norfolk. Vs.
I N Vaughan, president; L, F. Bruce,
treaauter; \V It. Johnson, secretary??11 of
Norfolk Capital! Maximum. tW.O); mlnl
mum, llfl.tOJ. Object: Cotton commission
Sheer li.e-Orcam Co (Inc.), Roanoke, Va.
James Dowman, president; A. b. filbert,
lite-president; \V, ?' Sheen, secretary an*
treasurer; w. I.. Andrews?all of Roanoke,
Vn. Capital: (Maximum, JT..O00; minimum,
J.'j'i. Object Ice-cream bu-lnesa.
Ho'.,, r.. Mt-iiiII:? Corporation. Savadge.
Va. \\ O nogi :?. president and treasurer;
J II ItoK, rs. vice-president; J. Herbert
Heuer? sei rotary?all of Savndge, Va! Cap?
ital: .Maximum. %K>.nv>; minimum. $.1.000. Ob
[Ject; Meicahtlle business.
Amendment wan Issued to the charter nf
I the ledger-Dispatch corporation. Norfolk,
redu' in? Its oipstandlni; .vork from I'M V?
\ to irx.,000
( oh,red Hoy on Wheel Thrown, but Escaped
An automobile owned by R C. WIlHnma.
I Ol XB l"i..<d Avenu- and driven by F. D.
Tlisnor, of ?00 East Broad street, last nle-hl
about i ^> o'clock atnu k * bicycle ridden
1 >?> Simon Jones, colored, fifteen w ars old of
I ??'?' "ik Street Th.- a. cM'iit luiin.] ' at
Lauri 1 and Oraca Street., nnd aside from
I MiiHshlng the front wheel nf ? I t l.lcyclt
I little ilsmac ??> done. Jonrs was slls-hiiy
I bruised. The accident wcui said to have
ln?n tin* voidable
, GA.
Round Trip, SI 1.60.
, On '.ile May 5, 6, 7 and S. Information
? anid tickets
Richmond Transfer Co.
809 East Main Street.
&kjee t/j?tjoar
Gordon Metal Co.,
Richmond, Va.
You Owe it to Your Spirit
of Civic Pride
T'. at least nive the Royal Laundry a'
lirial -for i' is conceded l>y laundrymen
everywhere t" be as near perfect as a
laundry can !><?.
Rough I >ry Family Wash, 6c a pound.
Phone us. Monroe 1958 or 1959.
The Royal Laundry
M. B: Fl?rsheim, Prop.,
.til North Seventh Street.
Richmond Corrugated
Paper Company
S17-819 N. Seventeenth St.
Work's, Office,
! rrcr.c;Mcnroc3271. Madison 725
During last five years only five
persons have ciied from Scarlet
Fever in Richmond.
Richmond Advertisers' Club

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