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I (
(Continued from First Page.)
difference of 199 votes between Mi i
Welsh nud tlie next lowti man on the]
ticket, Mr. putter, and that Mi. Wilt?
shire was even lower, so that ever,
Were the precinct thrown out entirely
Illio restltt would 1101 be, altered.
Later Mr. l<"olkes sni.i tint some one
?be could not r"--j?mbei >\ i->> had
: brought him n ballot. II? believed that
the friend, whose name ho could noil
recall, had been handed two by the!
Judges of another precinct. I'trsl ur
Third Jefferson, and alter voting httd
retained the duplicate as a sort <-t
Slate to Indicate fwi whom he was
Statement bj Koike*.
Mr. Koikes said:
"I tore off all the upper pan of the
ballot with the nano ,.t the Mayor
and all that, and marked on the list
tho names of those for whom 1 was
working, a young man cumo .alongI
that 1 knew, and I gave it to him, ask?
ing him to vote for my men. using It
just like any other slate or printed,
card?not to vote, since 1 had lorn off
part of It. So far .is ballots being
taken away from the product is con?
cerned, 1 would v. nt m e to say that
there were a dozen In the committee
room to-night being mod for pocket
memorandums "f the turns."
Mr. Folkca said hii would be glad
to tell of his connection with the elec?
tion wherever he might be summoned,
and attributed the whole matter to
the supporters of other candidates In
Jefferson Ward for whom h.- had re?
fused to vote.
Said Koikes Made Met.
It was stated In the committee room
that during the afternoon Mr. Folk es
had made a bet of $.".0 with W. J\ Ira?
nian that Mr. Welsh would win, and
Captain Mills expressed the opinion
lhat. there had Ibcen irregularities at 1
this precinct that should be investi- |
gatod. Registrar Rrophy sold that lie
?was done with politics; that he was
pure tho Koikes ballot had not come
from his pr.-clnot. and he waited to
see that, the unused ballots counted
itout correctly, other election officers
st this precinct, whioh !? located nt
113306 Kast J^lgh Street, were .1. T.
Winder and Ti. C. IMxon.
Cotnp]alnt was mnde durine !h? af?
ternoon that inmatss of Lee Cainp
Roldlers' lloin-, were he'ng given par?
tial ballots, btit on Inquiry it dovtfl
oped that they were merely hclTig fur?
nished with a "slate" or proposed
ticket printed on a card, such as hava
Teen in general circulation. The slate
carried Mr. Blake for the Hoard of
A'd- rnien and Messrs.. JJaddon, Hibcr,
V&terp, Powers and Sen ton as I'o.in.
eilmrrj. The m?n whoso names were
?mentioned disclaim parentage .f the
TtpNiiH by Wards.
In Madison Ward, in which probably
the hottest flight wn- made, the win
tiers sr.- Messrs. Kulletv Pollock. Jone-,
Atkinson and Monte, In that ord?r.
Ttoso dofoated were Messrs, B.Hke.
'Vase. Hobson, Patram and Read >. It
v r s remarked thai Mr. Moore, a r.vi! ?
flint of South Itlchmoud and n former
member of the Manchester City Coun
Ci\ won lila fleht In that part of the
Ward north of the river. His cot
^ !*. gu . Mr. Patram, won over Mm In
. yi ? prccfact fin the south side, nut
p< lied only a small vote away from
h-jme. Mr. Tfohson, who ran sixth to
defeat, is the oldest member of ti-.e
CJty Council in point of service, hav?
ing represented Madison Ward eon
Ilnuously for eighteen years.
in I.eo Ward tho winners stood in
the following order: RatCllffC, Butler,
Pollard, Powell, Vondcrlehr. Mr. Pol?
lard Is a new member of the Council,
. being a brother of Councilman if, R.
Pollard, Jr., who did not off, r fdr rc
l election, und a sou of City Attorney
Tho other three n<-\v men in Ibis
ward, Messrs. Miner, Street and Glaze
brook. contested for bottom position.
Datklns'a Defeat n Surprise.
The surprise of the election in T.ec
was the defeat of Mr. Batklns, long
r niembor of the Council, and chair?
man of tho Committee on Grounds and1
Buildings, who ran twenty-six votes
behind Mr. Vondorloltr. Experienced
politicians stattet thai the eleventh
hour attack Q^n Mr.'. Vohdcrlehr by dis?
tribution of a handbill alleging im?
proper relations with a street car com?
pany had elected him.
Although the meeting, which it was
'alleged Mr. Vondcrlehr did not attend,
and so broke the quorum, happened
nearly a week ago. tho circular was
not sent out until the might before
tho primary, giving the candidate no
opportunity for reply. Ills denial was
prompt, however, and was sustained
I by a signed statement from tho at?
torney with whom It was alleged he
had had correspondence.
Blake-Pnllcr right.
In Clay Ward the Blake-Puller ficht
overshadowed others. Mr. Puller com?
plained before the Clay Ward Actives
that the "organization'- was knifing
him. but It became known last v/ght
that. eom? of the best known politi?
cians in the ward wore his active sup?
porters, lie led over Mr. Blake by 153
votes. Mr. Blake is now a member of
the Commom Council, his lorn) expir?
ing August 31. Mr. Puller was former?
ly a member of the city Council, and
once represented the rlty of Richmond
In the General Assembly. Years ago
ho was the law partner of Attorney
(Ulbert K. Pollock.
Kor the Council the winner* In
Clay Ward were: Messrs. Sciilon, l.'iu
latif. Hiiddon, Peters and Hubcr, In
that order. 'Phos.' defeated were:
Messrs. .lohn T. Powers. Pllcber. and
Shea. The victory of President
Peters, who had be,mi rcdlslricted from
Henry Ward, and who had a hard
fight, was warmly applauded. His
re-election as president of the Incom?
ing Council Is said to be already as?
Itocers I.cud* In Jefferson.
in Jefferson Ward the t'eket was
led by George w. Rogers, of Fulton,
bis associates being Messrs. Sullivan.
Mills, l.iimsden and Welsh, in thai :
order, Mr. Welsh is n new member of
the Council. lie was at one time a.
member of the Board of Pollee Com- |
mlssloners, and is an employe In the
olllce of City Treasurer dames p.. Pace,
at the City Hall. The defeated men I
In this ward were: Messrs. Butler,
Davlsou, Gallagher, .lefferson C.
Powers. Selph and Wiltshire. Of the
four present Councllincn, who were
re-electeu, three were from old Mar?
shall Ward. Mr. Mills being the only
member or tin- present Jefferson Ward
delcgnt'on i" suet.d himself.
In v'ew of the fael that the ward
delegation has not taken action nomi?
nating a sueeessor to the late .lohn J.
Lynch, it has been suggested that
Mr. Welsh be named in order that he
may begin It's couitcllmanic career
without waiting until September 1
next, when the new Council takes of
(Continued from First Page.)
W. Murray Crane, who led the Taft
An early canvass of the four ton
congressional districts was not satis-1
factory owing to meagre returns.
In the First District in twenty-three'
out of seventy small towns; Crane had
::m; io Baxter's S34. This is Senator]
Crnno's home district, and tin election
of the two Taft delegates was conceded
by Itoosevell leaders in the early even?
lu the Second District tnvalve out of
forty-seven towns gave Crane 132 and
Baxter 399, with a similar lead for the
Taft men over the Roosevelt district
In the third, two small towns out
o' twenty-one, with nothing heard
from Worcester, give Baxter Sil,
franc IS9.
,'u the Fourth District the Boose
VClt delegates had a margin of 771 to
433 in six out ut seventy-two election
precincts, while In the Fifth two ?mall
towns showed a slight lead to.' the
Icooevelt men.
Sixth district reports from two
cities and five towns out of Ava ell es
and eighteen towns gave Baxter, ^.l.'.S;
Crane, 1,915, and a similar m ircin
favor <K the Roosevelt distri ??. e.*idl
. .t s. Roosevelt gained a lead in til
:- 'Vir.nth District by carry In? .he city
of Lynn.
in the Fight:: District mm out of
I e even precincts showed Roosevelt
ni:d Taft running even o.i the district
I delegates.
".'be i:o#>sevelt leaders cl timed *b'
Xlnth and Tenth Districts, comprising
| f.vo-.third* of the Boston wards, while
I In the eleventh, covering the Back
Bu> section and termed by Colonel
I R.iosevelt as Ihs ' silk stocking"
trlil the Taft leaders announced ran'
Black, White and Tan Pumps
All tir'- and widths. The kind that won't slip at
the heel. Fifty styles.
d*Q CA No More
?$*?.DIP NoLess
Also Evening Slippers, All Shades.
Herr tr a chance to save money on your footwear
And j?,rt a selection from an entirely new stock.
All leathers sr>lrand sues in pump? that usually
?r!l for $1. $; and$6 at nne price, $2.50. .
Step Around the Corner and Save 51 to $2.50
The Colonial Sample Shoe Shop,
"The only shoe shop in Richmond exclusively
for women.'*
209 N. 6th St.
Opposite Miller & Rhoads
M \ ^ ?I!? i ??'.
I), i . Illchnrdaon.... 30O
no nib of m.ukhmkxi
(.Verge SMI. lllnkc. . IK3
OriltMiy Puller. 203
< o.m.mox ( Ol Xt'll.i
!'. Urn; lladdon.... -51
llnrrj ll?lier . 210
It. !.. Peter?. 204
I?. I*. Pitcher. 2R0
.lull n T. I'unrri. IUI
Clarence \. Scalen.. 32s
A. \. ??hm. 172
Jacob I iiilntif ..... 320
I 12
MA * oil i
l). < . Illcbardaon. ..
t OMMO.\ COI M il.:
t laude 11. Ilatkine . .
W. D. Under.
I.. \V. (.loxebrook, Jr.
K. W. Miner.
JnnicH .1. Pollard...,
Pred II. Powell.
Clyde II. It at el IITe. . .
Mr. W. II. Street
V. L. \ ondcrlrhr. . . .
?<l I
i l:t
I si
3 17
5 Sil
M \t Oil:
I). C. ItlehnrUaon
Ii. k, Atkloaon
Jainca J. lluikc.
(JcurKc M. t ease
Kdvr. It. fuller,
Jullua a. Ilobaon
Carter C. .lour*,
John W. Moore. .
II. I.. Pntrnnt...
<.. K. Pollock..
I i ii nI. M. Kenile,
;i5i ?
Ulh. 1
I Ml
23 I
I si;
I is
M \ ^ Olli
l). C. Itlchardaoo
f. In Under. . . .
i;. c. i 'im Imou ..
II. (iiillusher. . . .
(.'. II, l.uuisden,
Morgan It. MIIIh,
.leO;. C Power*,
Ceo. W . Itomera,
Job a A. Selpli. .
Win. K. Snlltvna
JwHepb II. \\ rink
C. II. Wlllnhlre,
1)1? 130 15
157 133 130 lib 'Jill
I 10
21 i
i .f.:; i
i- is- evening that they w-ira In con 1
t rol.
I.: the Thirteenth District the Tat.
Mv/ai.s hntl a slight lead, while i.t
iko- Fourteenth, oomprlsinV Plymouth1
and Barnstubl'e count Us, the Itoosc
vett delegates had a load at 10 P. m.
o; nearly two to o.n.
At the KoosereU hcalejiiarteVs tliercl
??;'> far more Jubliaiio*. than arh on n
those " ho assemble I to loqk ovor re?
turns compiled by th? Tafl leaders.
.Wr.it rue-third of tin st.ito ?1j?<i
?ts poll* at I o'clock or earlier, and by
* or 10 o'clock tliesj tettitns w. re wt'l
lr? hand. .\? th,> rimuind.?f thu
:-t.tip. did nut eons.- voting until from
?t to s::tfl o'clock, tit s-j was a rour?
hoar Inll in tabulation of returns
? lurk Gets >l?ro Tlmn T? h> as Man]
t otes n? Wilson,
Boston, .Moil SO.?Returns from]
presidential primal les held throughout
the State to-day wore so incomplete
at midnight that It was llltposslbli to
say whether President Tafl or Col?
onel llooscvelt had captured the ma?
jority of lb,, thirty-six delegates from
Massachusetts to the national conven?
tion. Returns from -<M out or 1,080
in-cclncts gave Colonel Roosevelt 11.
235: President Tafl 10.r.:'.::. and Senft
tOI l.a Kol lotto 204. A majority of tltc
congressional districts reported that
meagre returns at that hour appeared
to r.iv.,r Colonel Roosevelt
In the State at large, the preference
vote tor (lhe precincts lie.tni front
gave Coion.d Roosevelt 902 plurality,
but his leading candidates for dele?
gates had 11,850, and .Senator Crane,
who headed the Tafl candidates, only
Tnc Democratic vote in the 10-1 pre?
cincts gave i'lark i'...'..'.T.. and Wilson
:'..?>:'. as to preference.
Republican voters .of Boston, not
Including the vote of on., precinct
illyde Park), declared their prefer?
ence ror President Taft by 11,01 J lo
I n.212 for Colonel Roosevelt
Senator l.a Kollettc received only
2S0 votes. Without Hyde Pnrk. Bos?
ton Democrats expressed their prefer,
ence for speaker Clark, lie receiving
I3.S04, and Governor Wilson ."..Ms.
The Republican vote in Boston ami
in many other sections of the Stale
was heavy, hut the Democratic voters
as a whole did not manifest great ln
i tercSI in the primaries.
ItooscTell Faction Plans in Nnme Pro?
gressive Ticket,
Ha rrlsonburg. Pa., April SO-?The
Roosevelt faction, which expects to
control tho Republican State Conven?
tion here to-morrow, plana a progres?
sive ticket from top to bottom. There
were rumors of compromise and trades
on the various candidates to he se?
lected, hut the Roosevelt leaders .1. ?
blared to-night that their delegates
will name the entire ticket.
The regular Republican organization
under the leadership of rutted States
Senator Boise Ponrose concerto that
the Roosevelt faction will name the
twelve delegates-lit - large.
l ight Acknowledged to He Between
\v IImoii Hutl Cndcrwuod.
Atlanta, tin.. April ::>).?Georgia's
first presidential preference primary
. w 111 be held lo-morrow. bringing to a
I close one of the hottest campaigns
j " Ver waged lu tills State outside of
I gubernatorial contests. The light is
generally acknowledged to be between
I Wood row Wilson and Oscar W. Uli
I dor wood, but the names ,?f Chamo
IClark and -ludson Harmon also will
appear on the ballot. A blank Space
will be left for the insertion of any
oilier name the voter may prefer.
I Underwood and Wilson headquarters
I have been In operation in the larger
cities of the Stale for several weeks
and i very county has been literally
covered with literature bearing upon
the merits of the respective ciind1
i dates.
I Polls In the country dlslrh Is will
j close at ?. o'clo. k In the afternoon, bill
I Voting in 'he cities will continue tin
itil 7 o'clock. Tho ballot Is Simple and
I the count is expected to i.o practical?
ly complete before midnight, lud lea -
' lions are for fair. warm weather
I throughout the State, which ;s c\.
< pected to bring out a ltirso vole.
I _
' l)elecntc?-nf-l.nri:e Instructed to Vote
for His Renorolnallon.
Concord, X. II., April 30?The State
Republican Convention to-day elided
, four drlogntes-at-large to the Clll
ic.ivo convention, favoring the ronotni
j nation of President Taft nnd Instruct
j e.l them to vote for him unt'l released.
; A clause in the platform presented to
[the convention instructing the dele?
gate not lo vol. for Colonel Roosc
veR under any circumstances, was
'.?liickcn out after a heated debate.
Solid Delegation far Wilson.
I Dover, r<e!., April 30.?Governor
I Woodrow Wilson will have n sol'd del?
egation from this Mat- to ihr Demo?
cratic National Convention In Haiti
more, two from each of'tllfl three coun?
ties. While the dblbgn'tes are not in?
structed they are known lo favor (lov
crndr Wilson's nomination. The con
ventlon adopted a platform opposing
the tendency to centralisation u flu
general government, demanding an Im
mediate revision of the tariff and coon
? ?my In the national administration
reform in national baiikiiiK and cur
.rency. laws,
Ninety Passengers of the 156 on
Board Arc Rescued in
nyrna, Asiatic Turkey, April 30.?
Tiie steamer T.-x.is, belonging to the
Archipelago American Steamship Com
any. struck a mine at ?hc entrance to
ho Gulf of Smyrna last evening anil
auk. Of the more than 150 persons
on board, it is believed nearly lv.lt
? re lofct.
The Texas was ;!.:ng the Tuiklsh
Hag. and was engaged ;;, carrying
maljo from Constantinople to tlio
I.e vault.
was tlrst stated that t!:e Texas
was an American v ?*rl. thy c:-.-, r
arising from the fa t that she is part
the Meet of a Ibenl concern trading
under the name of the Archipelago
Am irioan Steamship Company.
MiieO I'aaHenaers Resetted,
Constantinople, ?\prii 30,?Ninety
passengers "'.it of the 15fi on board t!ie
Texas when si e was blown up !<y a
min ? nl Ihe entrance 10 the Gulf ol
Smyrna last :<.s;ht v,cr? rescued, ae
cording Id reports i eclv il here. Sev?
ernl of the rescued passengers were |
Buffering from Injtirljs. No mention j
is made of th ? eroW In th > report.
ll is alleged that the disaster was
due to the Texas deviating from the
course Indicated by the pilot boat pre?
ceding her through the mine Hold,
At the ilmo of the anti-Greek boy?
cott the Meet to which the Texas be
lorfged, and which consists of eight
vessels bearing the ntim" s of American
states, was authorised to fly IheUnited
[Stairs tlag by the United consul-gen -
? ernl here because the company was
largely controlled by American Intcr
The liulf of Smyrna Is one of the
bliest harbors In the Mediterranean.
Ittel Smyrna H>"#' the principal son.
port of Asiatic Turkey. The entrance
to the gulf was extensively mined
some time ago by the Turkish authori?
ties in etiler to protect tne port against
an attock by the Italian fleet.
The Texas was a vessel of :f,l tons
Teachers' Examinations
Stade examination for license to
I teach in Virglnl* will he held, for
Richmond city and llcnrlco county fori
white t/Michers ;-.t ilie John Smd't
School, No SOS Hast Marshall Street,
beginning .it 9 a. M. nn May 3 and
?. Far colored teachers, the same time
nn,1 on the same dates, at the old
iri?h and Normal School, Twelfth and
" oigh .Street;!.
Superintendent Riehmond Schools.
Superintendent Henrlco County.
is our ideal, and each
pair of glasses we
furnish is our best
effort in this direc?
223 E.
Broad St
; Uli 11 I II !?' I i II IhmIiiI " ~ HlflsMsf
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine base* in ten whea the lirer H right the
ttomacb and bowels are right.
gently but firmly i
pel a lazy liver to
do i
. its duty.
Cum Cc
Indiges-j '
Sick ? - ?
Headache, 6ind Diifcreia after Eating.
Saudi Pill. Small Dm*. Small Price
Genuine mu.irr? Signature
Call at Our Store, Hear \
"^^^^^^ Club Artists on the Victrola
On this wonderful instrument these artists appear as lifelike
as when you listen to them as they thrill the great audience at
the Auditorium.
Sound-proof parlors. All the records?Free daily concerts.
103 East Broad Street,
Oldest Music House in Virginia and North Carolina. !
net register, bullt at Newcastle, Mug-'
land, In IssS. she was ;.t Ilrst culled
the Olympia, then rechristened ihb
Marquorlto and finally received the
name of the Texas.
l*orliig?r>ie Supporter* i?r Klag May
Attempt to Sri*?? Province*.
Lisbon, Portugal, April 30.?Thcra
are marked Indications that the Por?
tuguese monarchists Intend to malte nit
other attempt to seise the north ?rn pro-1
vlnips of Portugal, according to i.ifor
matioti received by th ? government
authorities here. This step Is assumed
to he preparatory to an error: to re?
store the King on the Portuguese
At San Grigo-rlo, 0:1 the frontier be
twecn Portugal and Spin, the customs
officers were attacked by a body of mon?
archists, who succeeded In capturing
some arms, and then returned to La
'ianiza. where they have sstnbllshed
their headquarters.
Similar movements are also reported
from other points in the northern pro?
vinces, and tho Cabin -t has ordered the
war ministry to dispatch reinforcements
of troops to the disturbed districts.
Offered for Lire Saving mid Klrsl lid
\ pnlinnccn.
Washington. April 30.?Over 200
articles have been entered In the prize
competition for life-saving and llrst
aid appliances at the Ninth Interna?
tional Ited Cross conference, which
convenes hero May 7. The prlr.es.
which are provided by a fund donated
by the Empress Marie Keodorovna. of
Russia, amount to ll'.oOO, divided Into
a first prize of $.:.00<1: two second of
$1,500 each; and six third of $.Vi0 each.
The at tides already consist of ambu?
lances, litters, x-ray apparatus, etc..
for the battloflcld, etc.
Die .lapanese exhibit In addition to
having large dolls dressed In the
costume of the Japanese society, In
eP'dca n complete model of a Japaneso
hospital ship. Germany's exhibit is
also numbered among the largest and
depicts both war and peaeo activities.
Komi Wlnann Leaves niu Sum to |
Newport llolelkreiier'* Daughter.
Baltimore, Md.. April 30.?Miss Uor
othy Bateman, >>t Ncwntort, P.. I..
left $500,000 by the codicil to tile will
tiled to-day of Ross R. Wlnans, of this
city, who died recently.
Miss Bateman is the daughter of aj
Newport hotelkcepcr, at whose house
Mr. Wlnans spent last summer. lie
was In poor health, and she Is said
to have won his regard by her kind?
ness and attention to him.
The heirs of the residue of the es?
tate, estimated at $4,000,000, are Tt. W.
Whistler, a brother-in-law. and George
Kevill. stepbrother of Mr. YVlr.ans'a
His son. Thomas George Wlnans,
who married a Spanish dancer and
w.tb wlo.in the father was cstrangeo
beeanse of the marriage, was left
$200,<ui0 In. trust.
CauNcs I.ltflr Surprise.
Newport, R. I.. April 30.?Ross Wl?
nans had known Miss Dorothy Rate
mnh since her childhood. He owned a
Summer estate here, hut sold it a few
ii.rs ago.
Miss Bateman, who is a highly edu?
cated girl, nineteen ye.ara old. was
always a favorite of Mr. Wlnans. and
Iii? bequest caused little surprise htirc.
forced to Defend Themselves Agalust
Mob <>f a Thousand,
Baltimore, Md.. April 30.?Defending
themselves when alboul l.ooft striking
stevedores, many armed with sticks
and stones, swooped down upon them,
a sound of pol'cemen guarding pier
No. i; at Canton to-day. drew their
revolvers and fired many shots. The
strikers were attempting to get on
the pier to nach strikebreakers en?
gaged in discharging the cargo of the
steamer Bulgaria.
Several men were shot, but not sc
i ously, and a number of heads were
i racked.
When the poliro reinforcements ar?
rived they began pushing back tho
crowd. No rcslatanco was offered,
but some ,,f tin: dissatisfied ones ac
componled their retreat with cites of
We want bread'." "We don't want lo
be driven about like entile."
A committee of thirty will to-nior
row endeavor lo arrange somo plan
to end th.' strike.
Famous Tenor Interested In Cnsc De?
cided by Court of Appeals.
Albany. N. Y., April 30.?i;nrlco Ca?
ruso, the tenor, was a defendant In
n caso dee'ded by tho Court of Appeals
to-day, In which the court held that
whet' n person purchases stock of a
corporation at less than par and the
stock on its face purports to he fully
paid and 'non-assessable, the purchaser
Is not liable to cred'torn of the cor?
poration or to a trustee In bankruptcy
of the corporation.
The actions were brought by trus?
tees In bankruptcy for New Jersey and
North Dakota corporations. They
Bought to hold tho stockholders in?
volved for the, filfferenco between the
price for the stock and Its par value,
contending that the stock so issued to
them was not fully paid.
((??solution Makes President Ineligible
tor ICc-1'.lcel toll.
Washington, Apiil 30.? Representa?
tive Clayton, of Alabama; chairman of
I tUo Judiciary, Committee, introduced
House Aids Good
Roads Movement
Washington, April :io.?The House
to-day nlded the nallonnl good
mini? movement iiy passing, RBI in
ISO. n provision In the poat-olHce iip
proprlntlnn lilll which would trnni i
n Mlhfttdy to nil highways lined In |
Ihr riirnl free delivery mull service.
I'heac ronilN would lie dltlilcd in 1
thrn- claHMCK, ?Uli kiiIinIiIIcn of
?-0 nml ?|." n mile. It Ih estimated
Hint tin* coat Ihr Um year would
lir (110,000,000 In ?18,000,000,
'I'lic amendment offered by Itrp
rmrntntlir Sbnckleford, of Ml?
aoitrl, linn n compromise i?f tweaty
nlnr good rirniln I,Hin I nt rfiilncril
?luring (lie preaenl urMlnn nt Con?
gress, lirmncrntn nml Itepiihllrana
from riirnl communities combined
to defeat the nun.m< nf n almt
inr coalition of representatives from ?
I tiir eltlea.
n House joint resolution to-day to j
provide an amendment to the Consti?
tution tiNing the term of office of I
President or the United States at s \
years ami making him Ineligible for
;i second term. He said one of the
reaaons he proposed' this resolution
was Pr?sident Tnft's declaration In
Massachusetts yesterday that a Pr.
ident should not be eligible for i<_
Minister* Tender Itralgnnl lona With
oiit AnHlgnlng HennoDH Therefor.
Caracas. Venezuela. April 30.?The
Venezuelan Cabinet resigned to-day.
The reason for the step Is not Indi?
The directors of the various minis?
tries have taken charge temporarily
of the various departments.
D. Applcton Vunera In New lark Fire.
New Vork, April :i0.?Fire to-day
broke out In the top Ii >ors of the)
twelve-story Exchange Building, on
"West Thirty-second Street, and before
it was extinguished four doors were
birtigl out, causing a loss estimated
at ??>0,.>,
The offices of r>. Appleton. publish- I
crs, were swept by flames, and a doz n 1
or more of printing and mercantile
establishments were burned out.
Onncr of tbe Cleveland Leader Pur
rhnara The Nsw for 51,000,000. j
Cleveland, April P.O.?Dun R. Ilanna.
owner of the Cleveland Lender, has
purchased the Cleveland News from
Charles A. en Is for a price said to be
not far from $1."00,000. The deal was
put through a few weeks ago, but an?
nouncement was withheld because of
the desire of Mr. Otis to obtain Up?
holding of some minority bond and
stock owners to hand over with his
own interest.
The Cleveland News is n combina?
tion of three evening newspapers.
The Cleveland Herald Was started in
1 ^?.'i, and was started In lsr>;>, and was
at one time practically an evening edi?
tion of The Leader.
The '"lev, laud World was establish?
ed In 1SS0 by B. F. Rower, who died
two weeks ago. In 1901 Mr. Otis
bought The Herald from Mr. Rower,
and at the same time acquired the
evening edition of The Leader, which
was then known as The News, nml the
evening edition of The Plain Dealer,
for a time the combined ncwspnprs
bad th unwlcldly name of The World
News-Kvenlng Plain Denier. This be?
came changed to The World-News, and
then to The Evening News.
The Cleveland Lender, a morning
and Sunday newspaper, was establish?
ed in IS IS and Is Republican. The
News Is independent, with Republican
leanings. II. C. Thalhclmcr will l>0
I.OSK, SV.il 000.
tlm business manager of both news
papers, and Nathaniel C. Wright the
Prescribe* Meiubemhlp of Council nml
Provides Salaries.
[Special t<> The Tlntcs-Dlspatcli. I .
Norfolk, Vn., April 30.?The City
Council to-night sustained the veto
of Mayor IMddlck as to the ordinance
proscribing the membership of tho
Council and providing salaries tor the
Councllmcn. The political leaders
were active all day, but lucked about
ten votes of having ? nough to pas's
tin- measure over the veto.
The budget appropriation bill was
adopted, notwithstanding the veto, a
now ordinance adopted by both
branches prescribed exactly the sauko
number or Councilmen, live from each
?>r the live winds, but eliminates tho
[ salary feature.
\ Viator's \vrrnice Kale of Speed Near?
ly mi Miles mi Hour.
I Hordeuux, France, April 20.?The
I aviator Bedel arrived her? this morn
I lrum VlllncOublay, near Piixls, af?
ter making Intermediutu stops at
Tours ami Angoulcme. Mia uvcragn
rate of speed for the journey wui
marly eighty-one miles an hour.
Throughout the flight lie was buffeted
about by the wild and a snow storm
I raged ail m tie time, causing l?hi
severe suffering. lied.i Intends to
continue bis lllght '.o Madrid, lie Is
competing like Vedrlncs, who was
severely nijuri I yesterday,1 fur the
Cummcry CAtp.
1 I'll IMA It Y IN WII.I.IAMSDl Hfi.
Alnyor nud Members of Clly Council
V re I bourn.
CSpeclal to The Tim- s-Dlspatcp.l
Wllilumsburg, Va., April 30.?Mayor
E. W.. Warburton was re-elected for
another term, without opposition, in
the city primary held to-day. !:. I
Spencer, II. I>. Cilci .lohn W. Joned
irnd IS. P. Wolff were elected to sue
coed thomsclves in the City Councl
and W. I. .lone:, and Oalba Kardcli at
two new members chosen.
In the race for delegate to thoStat
Democratic Convention, Colonel L w
l.ane was defeated by two votes b
Thomas Ii. (Jeddy. The delegate 1? Uli
Action In Cincinnati Alleges Violations
? if >crvlee I.nw Hours.
Cincinnati. O., A/ril :i0.?Chargin
seventeen violations of the hours o
service law. United States Dlstr'el At
tornoy McPhorson tiled suit in thu
United States District Court here to
day against the Chesapeake and Ohio
Ilallroad of Indiana for penalties ag?
gregating ?S.S0O.
Woodruff .Much Improved.
? French Lick Springs, Ind.. April 30.?.
H. nry Woodruff, the actor, who has
been in at a hotel here for several
days, was reported to-day to be nuKh
improved. His plivsic'an said he had
been suffering front a nervous break-'
down, lull that he would be able lot,
leave his bed within a few days.
Proeeimloii Will Not lie Allowed.
Furls. April ::u.?The French gov?
ernment has decided not to tolerato
the May Day procession which had
been arranged for to-morrow- by tha
General Federation of l/il.T to start
from the Place Vendotuc. The strictest,
Orders have been Issued to' the troops
not to permit the formation' of tho
Amendment to Cannl Hill.
Washington. April 30-?Tho Honsel
Committee on Interstate and Foreign1
Commerce to-day agreed to an amend?
ment to the Panama Canal b'll which
would prohibit railroad-owned ship,
from the use of the canal.
To Oppose I Hum * A ppllentlon.
Albany, N. v.. April ::0. AVIlllarht
'leavers Jerome, former district atto.-v
licy of New Yfcirk county, has beenj
designated by Attorney-General Cur-t
mody to assist in opposing the latest
application of Harry K. Thaw for h'a
n lease from the Matteuwan State Hos?
\) UJ ' 1 1 ' "I f j i
days art nearing. Why not laj
aside what you can spare. Begin
now, deposit, say, five or ten dol?
lars each week. You'll enjoy )-our
outing twice as much.
One dollar opens an account.
Thrc per cent, interest helps It
road Street
VV. >t HABI.r.STON. "
First Vice-Presldent.
.iNo. watjKKr,
Second Vlca-Presldent.
Capital & Surplus $330,000

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