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Committee Fails to Report on
Appropriation for Its Main?
Washington. May 1.?By falling lo
report an appropriation for tho r< -
cenily created Commerce Court, the
House committee on Appropriations
to-day sought to abolish thai trib?
unal. Tho general supply 'bill for the
log'slatlve, judicial an 1 executive
? ranches of the government is a
?wholesale attempt at reduction of
government expenses. The hill pro?
poses a reduction of tin- salary of
the secretary to the President from
$.".500 to $6,000, tin- old llgurc, und
tho abolition In the Department
Commerce nnd Labor of the bureaus
on manufactures nnd statistics, it la
further proposed abolish the mints
at Son Francisco. New Cubans ntul
,Carson City. Nov.; and the assay of?
fices at Boise, Idaho; < hurlottc; N. c.;
J?cadwood, s. i>.; Helena, Mont.; Seat?
tle. Wash., und Salt Lake City. Utah.
San Francisco w ould g< t an assay
olllcc in lieu of its mint.
Specific Injunction against the ex?
penditure of public money for tele?
phones 'n privat.- residcr.ci ; is Incor?
porated In the Mil.
The bill carries $33.519,194, approxi?
mately $2,040,000 less than for I he cur?
rent year. Salary provisions for 14,877
otlleials and employes show n reduction
of 40t> num*s on the pay roll. July 1
la tlxed for tho end of the Commerce
The bill restricts the number of
United Stntes circuit judges to itweuty
nln.> and provides that no moro ap?
pointments of that class shall be made
until the number of Judges is reduced
below that number.
The various departments subinltti ?1
(estimates for $2,165,000 more than
Chairman Fitzgerald's committee pro?
The ltepuWlcnn members of the Ap?
propriations Committee tiled a minor?
ity report urging the retention of the
Commerce Court and the Bureaus of
Statistics anil Manufactures and the
.-alary of the secretary to the Prtsl
di nt.
Training .Money Pouted.
Chios go. May 1.?Jach Ourlcy to-night
; with AI Tcarnay $1.103 to defray
.lack'. Johnson's training expenses for his
.'it with Jim Flynn nt Las Vegas, N". >!..
Iiy 4
:>nn and CNirley will leave here to-mor
for Montesuma, N. M., where Flynn
flo hi* training. Two of Flynn'a train
l*OTitiny Ryan nnd Howard Morrow, will
i'*1. /tbe camp May IS. Jamas .1, Corbett
nt.,1 Tommy Burns will arrive during the
bist wick in June. Flynn now weighs :IU
Wortt on the arena. It war said here to
?lny. will begin ns soon as Cur ley arrive*
n: Lai Vegas The plans. m\<i Curley, were
tor 10,(00 seals.
nines neat Fordhntn.
New Haven. Conn.. May l ? Yale and
Fordham played neck and neck to-dnv
up to the sixth, when Walsh, the Ford?
hntn, twlrler weakened, the Blue win?
ning, S to 1. The Yale batsmen m?de
sis lilts In succession in the eighth
two of them three-baggers, bringing In
four runs.
Officers Held to Grand Jury.
Papllllon, Neb.. May L?Chief of P,.
llco Johii K. lirlgits. of South Omaha,
nnd Sheriff A. A. Hyera, of Lancaster
county, were to-day held to the grand
jury on charges of killing Roy Blunl
during the sight with escaped con?
victs near Oretna, Sarpy county. .March
is. .lohn C. Trouton was exonerated.
f?on t It Richmond Bureau.
The Times- Dispatch, \
]):?) Hull .Street.
Phon? Madison 17S.
bike ihe cal thai couldn't be lost. Urn- j
ham Smith, one of the trio uf Bouthsldo
youths, win, set out Monday to explore the
wide, uhl,: world, returned home last nllihl
disgusted with tin; view of tin, world na
1 seen from n side-door l'i:Ilmn.u oii thu .
Southern Hallway, He was fully penitent |
and longing for u good square meal, it is i
not known win thin- the Hatte.1 calf wu?
kilted, hut ?from certain noises emanating
I from the vicinity of the Bmtth home Ii I? |
thought that something was.
Voting soil::, with ICrnesl Taylor and
Not a Particle of Poisonous
lead or Sulphur in Parisian Sage
If You Art Looking for n Hnlr Djf
Don't I sr Parisian
If you wnr.t a good, clenn. delight;
ful hair dressing, free from harmful
tngre-dU :it?. one that will .slop falling
hair, Itching scalp, banish dandruff,
and ndd lustre lp dull, faded hair,
then-ask fflr PARISIAN SAGE, and see
that you get It. '
The girl with the nuburn hair I? on
every carton and bottle of PARISIAN
CAGE, which is manufactured only In
America by Giroux Mfg. Co., Buffalo,
N. T. Price, only 50 cents, at drug
und department stores and all counters
Where toilet goods are sold. Here's
more proof:
"I take gro.it pleasure in writing lo
you and thanking you for the benefit
jl have derived from your great halt*
tonic?PARISIAN SAGE. I was cn
fined In St. John's Hospital in this City
for over two months with typhoid
fever, und rny hair was falling Out so
much 1 thought I would be .bald
headed in a f iv months.
"I saw your advertisement in the
Register of this city, and got a bot?
tle and used it according to directions,
and the first bottle did the work. I
have used many other tonics for the
hair, but PARISIAN SAGE has them
all beat. I wish you good luck In all
ways, and thank you again for what
it lias dotn tor me." Mr. Mat, I?e
laney, C'-i North nth St., Springfield,
111 '
The Tragic Drug Co. guarantee it.
? Ol 15, <n the
IVXDAV MOB.MXG, Hi30 to 10
Sunday School ol the Second Baptist Church
Franklin and Adams Streets.
Cradle Holl for jour Iliiliy.
Beginner*', Primary, Junior. Intermediate and Senior Department?
Adult and Organized Class is for YOU.
Home Department for tliose who cannot attend,
Practical Teaching, Bright Music, Attractive Program.
- firt'-.r?,-. V* I IAJ Fv f~ ar. ta-a't ,.'t ii
Tilvl?:o-iJAiarAi.t/ri, iViAV 2xT.d J3fi
^?jk?Sfx ?c6ur??NS-< or<iCONsecuTivc^ I^SSwJhi
;?,.:-';{.;^t;.?oATEs?.coM*tit.ujk j'AvsETiv::\r- ?
This newspaper has been selected as the one paper in this city tor the
advance complimentary distribution of tht? errat work.
w _ . _ _
The $12 Set
5 Volumes
Krath-r Wcizat
I daioa.
Above roupon with five others of consjeutive dates,
presented at this office with only the necessary promo?
tion and expense items of distribution, amounting to a
total of J1.9K (which includes freight from factory,
clerk hire, checking, wrapping, and all other expense
items), will t>ccure this complete set (or you if pre?
sented before this complimentary edition i* exhausted, at which timj
the national eaii'M-o will l<c -cartel its re^al ir installment price of
612 per set. Sec illustration ami full tic icripti >n in the display announce?
ments prime 1 daily. Mail brdirj lilleJ unJer tha sa'n: offer if yoi
will pay express charges upon receipt oi set." Only-one complimentary
ECt can be allowed lor any one lantily
Things for Mess on the Go
"Con i tintr consists first upon fitness."?
lieu. Win. Curtis.
The particularly fit coat for outing,
travel and country occasions is the
I Norfolk.
j No boy is too young, no man too
. old, to enjoy these becoming, prac?
tical and fashionable garments.
I Knowing the demand was coming,
jwe made up a most attractive show
j itiji in novel colors and odd fabrics
and great variety in design of pleats,
; pockets, belts and yokes $15 to $25.
Special Slimmer Trousers- blue
: serge, white flannel, fancy worsteds -
$3.50 to $7.50.
j Golf Caps.
Tennis Shoes.
"Fitness incl
in ? things you
In keeping with the modern sort
of clothing wo have for men, is t ho
newest and most approved luggogc
shown here?for Men or Worn ;n.
We were the first to sell fine
Trunks, lia^s and Suit Cases in
Richmond first to divert this traffic
from the bill northern cities to this
We've held first place in having the
most approved stock ever since.
Our stock comes directly from the
factory to us, and our selling facilities
arc such as to make our prices an
: Steamer Trunks.
Wardrobe Trunk-;,
; Dress Trunks,
j Hat Trunks,
\ Suit Cases,
Traveling Bags,
English Kit Bags,
Cabin Bags,
Fitted fi.iand Case-,
Lunch Baskets,
Motor Trunks,
English Hold-Alls.
Wicker Bags and Cases,
Shopping Bags,
Steamer Rugs,
Gillette Safety Razors,
Durham Duplex Razors,
Cufl and Collar Bags,
Thermos Unities,
Golf Bags,
Men and Boys' Outfittings and Utilities
ews of South Richmond
began lo loose Its glamour when the nlf,Ut
breezes began 10 moan through the trew
topi H< deserted Ins companions nnd sit
out for home. The others ore expected tu
blow !n v.li'.ln the next few days. All a'C
about sixteen years of age.
Fireman ltcsiKii? Position.
Vies Tiiur.e. a member 01 Engine Com?
pany No l'. yesterday severed bis connce-|
lion with the department, his resignation,
which was forwarded lo the- Board oi Kir?
CommlMloncri knit week, becoming offer,
live May I. Mr. Tingle was elected a reg
utar member of the Fire Deportment July
u-:. lie ierved drat with No. l". but was
transferred tu the northildo. While on that
?Ida ho wai tnlured et the lilnswangcr
Are and later at the lire at Doyte'i Cafe.
He ?a furlonghed, and niter recovery stw
tl..ned again with No. 13. He Is leaving 15
i ngage in builhen.
'in- Fire Board meeti Monday to appoint
a successor. Several men are mentioned
?.or the place. Luther Wright, now a su'. -
ttltui? with Engine Company No. I*. stands,
in Jlne of promotion.
Lodge Pin Causes Suit.
The weekly civil docket of the PolKC
i*.?ml. Part '-'. contained only one ease of
interest yesterday. The proceedings wore
the result of neglect to return it lodge pin
loaned ?ix year* ago by O. P. Bggleitot to
W. E. Bethel. Tbc pin. worth probably 5!.
i wan loaned while tha men wore on their
?? o> ii funeral. Bethel being devoid of
I any emblem of the order, ."oon nftei he
I moved to Farmvllle, where he remained
I four years, on Ids return to the Routhslda
In had ii disagreement with Eggleston In
regard to lodge matters, nnd in anger thn
latter d.4mnnded the return of the pin.
Bethel having lost the pin offered to get
another as soon as convenient lie was not
swift enough, however, and a efvll warrant
resulted, The lapse or time brought the
case within the itatuta ol limitations, nnd
Justice Maurice ordered It dlsmssed, at tlo.
same time telling the men not lo air the
secrets of their organization In the open
courts, but to settle such matters v Ithln
III* Jurisdiction of the order.
To Play Saturday.
The 5outh Itlrhmond Independents will
play Broadus Memorlat Saturday nfternoon
at 4 o'clock on tho Oakwoiid diamond. Tue
Independents have a strong aggregation of
young players, and are expecting a vic?
tory. Their battery will be Barrett and
The Powhstsn School team was defeated
'yesterday :.ftcrneon by the Falrmounta at
, Falrmount by the score of 3 to 2. The
SOuthsldo boys played a good game, hut
WCrs not able to overcome their larger op
i ponents. The batteries wore; Powhantans,
Welslger and Robinson; Falrmewnti, Queries
and Patterann. Welliger only allowed one
I bit, while Quartes kept the Southslders
down to two scratch lilts.
Obtained .Money by false Pretense.
Ulke Whltty, colored, was nrrtsted yes
lerday afternoon en a warrant. In which
lie I? charged with obtaining from Floyd
llirris. colored, $15 under false pretenses.
i Whltty, It Is said, borrowed the money from
Demand for Homes
>lodeni Homes nt Reasonable Prices
. Can rinii Immediate Purchasers
If Listed ut Once,
$4,000 TO SN,0O0 DESIRED
lllnnlon A Co., with Oftlccs in the
Travelers' Building;, Hnve Nuuicr
ona A ppllcnlioiis.
Those who are prompt lo list tlu'lr,
prop* rty at Bianton ?fc Co.'s, on the
first Moor of the Travelers' Building,
will undoubtedly have a chance lo seil
I If the pm;,, rty Is really desirable and
I the price njjnt. Be laiiy, and give
lull description by mail or lcavo it in
person at their offices.
The .j.st evidence of Richmond's
growth is the steady and ev>r-in
oreasing demand for homes in all warts
of tiio city, particularly In the West
R ?ht tv>w Bianton & Co., who have
olh es In" fho Travelers' Building, have
purchasers for a number of homes in
the Wcsi End, on good, streets, at
prlCOM they can recommend.
Several brick houses of six. seven,
eight or nlqe ropms, :.t Jrom $4,000 to
$S,000, can bo'told at once' and the
Indications nil seem t.. lead |o the
conclusion thai this is io i>? "a home*
buying j oar" In g.jud old Richmond.
Harris. ;:lvhif u wagon .i* security. It
turned o t that the nagon WM the prop
etty uf t nothcr party. anO honca lha war
runt. The en*c will be hear i tbw morning
bi fore .'r stlco ||. Maurice In th? Pollen
Court, Port ?
Marshall Clark, a young white man was
placed under arrest yeilerday aflernoen by
Officer Michael Moor? on u warrant. In
which he Is charged i>y Iii? wife, wllh <ie
terMon. Ue wo? taken ?<? trt Third l'ollc?
million, where In- waa Inter bailed In tU?
su:n or $Ot for appearance In the Police
Court, pun ?. this morning.
Nl.tlt Work mi I relnht Depot,
Workmen will this morning begin ^r,?rt
Ini: and other work preparatory to thi.
erection or the brick extension lo the Al?
ande Coast Line freight depot i>: Twenty.
nr?i and linn Streets, the building will be
??in siury In height and will he thirty-seven
by nfty feu. The cat (mated i?>?t will be
?3.3?, t>. j. K?s,., ?, rtoeky ?I .u.it, Ii thv
contractor la charge of the work.
To Hear Damage hull.
The personal Injury suit of T. .1. Bush.
? a infant, who sues, liy next friend, against
1 i:. Chewnlng, will bu Ik aril to-morrow
inornllig hefore .1 itilgu E. II. Wells In the
Hustings Court, Part .'. The piutntIn', wh.,
i? a *aiu!i child, w. Injured, tt Is alleged,
by a piece ..r unguarded machinery, owned
??> the defendant. contractor. Damagea
I'oMsranc Murder Trial.
By agreement of counsel ihe uia| r.f
' Mr.n. e Harri. ,.???,. .,. ,. ,,,..? gt.,K.(|.
"r V'M.rday morning ,a ihe 1 Instill::-'
K?urt. Part ;. was postponed until Mov 13
i "?f Indictment for the tmlnlor
of William McAdoo, a negro, who was kill
, ".nlghl or February so at the cor
mr of Eighteenth und Hull Streets Hiram
?M. Smith and Louis O. Wetadenburg
represent the nccused. and Common
??"' (h'.-Attorncy (.'hartes L. Pago will "on
duct the- prosecution.
Chairman Smith Will Continue
Investigation of Titanic
M-nshlntJlon, May 1?The Senate In
vestlgatioii into the Titanic disaster
win shift to-morrow to New York
Clt,y. where Senator William Alden
Smith, ?i Michigan, the chairman, win
examine a humbi r of witnesses. Se na?
tor Smith left this afternoon after a
conference with his colleagues, onu
will remain until Saturday. No other
member of the committee will be In
New York. Upon his return Senator
Smith will begin work on tno Investi?
gating committee's report, which will
Eoqti be p-.; into ,ui.\i<i for early sub?
mission to the mi: Committee on com.
nitre? and to thi Senate. This means
that there will bo no more formal
hearings core.
tteluilor Smith declared to-day that
the Investigation committee has car?
ried out its plan, duty, and (bat their;
would i?. no delay in the submission
'?r its conclusions, a tittle later he
would sp.ak i': ill Senate regarding
the Investigation ami its results, ho
said, and WOUld refer lo what had
been chatnctcrlxed as Influences en?
countered throughout the investigation
"to suppresa ihe true condition of af
falrs leading up to this accident." Ho
! would mil go into detail as to Ill's.
K. .1. Hin/, of New York, a recalci?
trant witness. I. is been n leaned, lmnn
I ha.I testified tjfat tho White star Line
officials reoelved positive Informal'on
of the Titanic disaster twelve hours
before tiny made it public, but he o??
cllncd to ilivulgi to the committee the
Identity or his informant. Mr. Dunn
has rot?rned t.> New York. Senator
Smith will seek light on this and
I other matters itl New York.
Ueneral I'micrnl To-Morrnw.
Halifax. May L?The work of Identi?
fying Hie Tltnnlc'a unnamed dead is
proving almost ns difficult as their
recovery from the Atlantic. The nami
of not a single passenger who per?
ish, d had been added t., the list of
re,dalmed to-night. Louis Hoffman,
announced as identified, was found m
have appeared previously in drafts r.f
identified, so that with the exception
of three members of the crew the
nameless are as much of an cn'gin i
as when brOUg/.t to shore. Trinket.-'
and belts give suggest ions of the
names of others, most of whom were
of the ship's company.
ij nearly all of the bodies for which
relatives came here have been turned
I over to them, it seems likely that a
I majority of iho 130 brought in by the
MatSojr* Ben nett, many of them identi?
fied, Will to- buried in Halifax, it had
be. n proposed that the dead be kepi
a fortnight, but conditions are such
that prompt interment win be impera?
tive, and it is planned to have a S"ii
eral funeral next Friday. In order
ihat relatives may have assurance that
t heir dead were cherished us long as
possible photographs and physical
measurements of bodies were taken to?
day and description of clothing and
. t rinkets made.
W. 11. Harrison, Bruce Ismay's secre?
tary, was burled In Halifax to-day.
His home was near Liverpool.
Thoy Are Free to Sail.
New York, May 1.?J. Uriice Ismay
and others, whoso (testimony figured
in tho suit for damages brought by
[Titanic survivors, are free to snll for
f"Europe nny time they care to, so cfar
as the lltlagtio'n In question 19 con?
cerned. It was announced latV to-day
fhy Oeopge S 'Jraham, counsel for Mrs.
Louise Robins, widow of Colonel JoTtn
.Jacob Astor's valet, who lost his life
In the <llsnst?r.
This statement set at rest report:?
that drastic le-gal measures might be
taken to secure the evidence desired,
and followed announcedement of the
appointment of a commissioner to heat
the testimony of M.r. Ismny and sur?
viving officer? of the Titanic In ad
I vance of filing of papers In the suit.
Mr. Graham announced that all the
witnesses had b-een excused for the
Mr. Graham did not say whether nny
arrangement regarding Mr. I'may's
testimony had been made with the at?
torneys ifor 'he \Vhltfl Star Line or
v. heth it his deposition -would be taken
In England.
Tottb Devaatated by Fire.
Croghan, N. Y.. May 1.?The death
of two child-en and n property loss
estimated nt between S400.OO0 and
$500,000 resulted from B Cue ihn, <le
l-astatcd this village last night. Thir?
ty-two buildings were wiped out and
all that remilns of the huslncss ?ec
ibm of the \lllnge Is a grocery store,
a hardware uore. a harness shop, a
millinery shop and three hotels.
. Killed In Ilevolvcr Duel.
Rastatte, Germany, May 1.?Lieuten?
ant Springer was killed to-day In a
revolver duel by Staff Surgeon Bruen
ing. Both cfflcers were attached to
the Thirteenth Field Artillery Regi?
ment. This Is tho second fatal duel
between nrny officers within a fort?
night and Mlows closely the heated
Reichstag d.bates which bitterly ur
rnlgnod the nistom. upheld by the Km
peror, whlcl compels aggrieved of?
ficers to tlgli or resign,
Trnruport Buford Sails.
San Diego May 1.?Consular Agent
Claude E. Guyant arrived this after?
noon and went on hoard the transport
Buford. whith had been awaiting him
.-luce last nght. Mr. Quyant made n
buirled trip from Mexico City to son
Diego tindet orders. It I? said, from
the State department to go to tho
west coast >f Mexico on the Buford.
The, Buford nailed at C:30 to-night.
Your Home
the Greatest Opera
House of All
I \ ou don't have to k? l" Milan,!
London, Paris, Berlin, New York]
to hear the masterpieces of opera
sung by the world' sinosC famous
The Victor and Red j
Seal Records
will bring their wonderful voices'
right into your home for you to
', enjoy at your pleasure.
j Standard prices. l?asy terms.
Successors Cable l'iuno Cj>.
Mon. 728. 213 E. Broad.
levee is crushed
by flood waters
(Continued from Kh.st Pace.)
from Baton Rouge, Bay tu Sacra and
I other rlv,-r point* to-night tu Torras.
Captain Logan, of the United States
Army relief depot hero, was prompt
In organising for the relict of the
! people In the now territory iliat will
j bo stricken by the Hood waters from
; tho Torras crevasse, and dispatched
j Lieutenant Hodges to Bayou Sacra,
I where, with Mayor Johti Orwln, he se?
cured several boats, and expects to
I reach Torras by daylight. Ceplain
[ ..opui sent two boats leaded with ra?
tions to the scene to-night from this
? city.
More Aid for Sufferers,
I Washington, May 1?Nearly ?700,
iooo more for the relief of Mississippi
River sufferers was voted by thellouso
I Committee on appropriations to-day.
For quartermasters' supplies, such <?t<
? t< ntf. etc, the committee provides
{377,179. The commissary depart
; m.nt. supplying the destitute wnit
i food, win receive $tc?,noo.
I Four more army officers were dls
I patched to-day to superintend relict
I work along the Mississippi. Two po
I from Indianapolis to Vlcksburg, one
j noes from Fort Oglclhorpc, Oa., to
the snmc place and another ttoes front
I Leaven worth, Kns., t.. Monroe, La.
The possibility that the new flood
I now rising Will draw heavily upon
the army's rations has caused Socre
I tary Stlmson to caution olticera "l
charge of relief work to refuse army
! aid to any who are In position to sup
? ply themselves.
! in conference!
Charlotte. N. C, May 1.?The twenty,
fourth quailrenni.il conference of the
A. M. E. Zlon Church of America was
convened In this city this morning
with delegates numbering 000, repre
sentlngn membership of 520,000 nnd ".
; 200 churches In the United States and
Africa. lit. Ri v. .1. W. Hood. Who
was elevated to his high office forty
> ears ago. when the conference met In
Clinton Chapel, this city, where it.-?
discussions are again being held, pre?
I The entire college or eight bishops
! Is present. Delegates are attending
from missions In Ilawall and Africa,
{nnd all of the higher olllclals of the.
; denomination are here. The confer?
ence will continue In session for three
Week.". Representative white minist
j ers? the Mayor of the city and a rep
! reaentatlve of Oovernor W. w. Kltch
j in. Charles W. Tlliett. welcomed the
delegates to Charlotte thi9 afternoon.
The delegates are boing entertained
j by the colored citizens of Charlotte.
1 their meals helnp; nerved In the base?
ment of Clinton Church, the largest In
i tho city. Two expert waiters from
Northern hotels have been brought
; here to supervise tho serving of meals.
Since the conference four years ago,
j willen was held In Phllalelphla, two
j bishops have died, and this conference
? will name successors. this Yielnfr
I among the most Interesting Item of
I business to be transacted.
Died from Hemorrhages.
I Stricken with hemorrhages while In
'the Southern Railway d.'.pot yesterday
about noon, a man said to he A. .1.
Mullen, aibout forty-five years old, of
Scranton, fa., died -wlfnin a few min?
utes. Coron r Taylor viewed the body
and pronounced death du? to natural
causes. Mullen was wil/'otit funds.
Persons believed to he relatives were
Will prove
as good in
every way
as the
that bear the
same name.
$1.50 and $2.00
'La France,"' Gift of French
People, Formally Received
by Wickersham.
It Will be Placed at Base of
Lighthouse on Lake Cham
New York. May 1.?The presentation
'f the bust of "La France," try tin
sculptor, Auguste Rodin, as a gift from
the French people to the citizens of
the United States, iwas inudo at a ban
tiuct glvsn to-night In honor of the
Kreuch delegation, bonded by Gabriel
llanotnux*, former Foreign Miniatur of
France, by the Lake Chninplalh Asso?
ciation ami tl>o Tercentenary Comtnls
don of New York au?l Vermont.
Nearly 260 persona attended the
function, and addresses wore delivered
I by Attomoy-Oonorol Wlckersham, Am
basador Jusserund, Gabriel Hanotavix,
i.ouis Barthcau, former Francli Minis?
ter of Public Works; Baron D'Estour
uelles do Constant! Acting Governor
I Con way, of New 'i irk; Mayor Gnynor
and others.
in the name of President Taft, At?
torney-*; incral Wlckersham accepted
the bust, which will bo placed at the
base of the lighthouse to be dedicated
at Crown Point, ?>n Lake Champlaln?
in June, In honor of tho lakYs discov?
erer. Samuel de Champlaln. ?
The Attorney-General extended a
warm Welcoina to the distinguished
. French embassy, which I irtnally pro
I Rented tho bust as a token of the en?
during friendship of Franc? for Amer?
ica, and ptsid a high tributo to th> Illus?
trious Frenchmen whose names are
woven in American history.
Mr. Ilanotaux, In address, alluded
to the Importance of the cV3nlr\s'a
event as marking the formal presenta?
tion of the art work to the commission,
and through It "to the world of friends
which France has in the United States."
He expressed admiration at tin evi?
dences of the American republic's pro
press, which the comn;I:-sl n had met
. with on Its travels, and |*ild tribute to
I what he called the "pold of labor, the
gold of human brain, of Intellect, of
? Inspiration." which has caused It.
j "These new conquistadors, Ihs con
, qulMadors of lah' r, who set their sails,
not for the land of dreams, but for the
land of the thlngs-as-they-are, were
I the r.-al founders." continued M. Han
lotaux, "of the mighty civilisation which
I surrounds us. and once again, lit the
? very forefront of their ranks, stands
I our great fellow-countryman, Samuel
j Champlaln. We thank you for
rherlshinp his memory. And it is to
; show that France herself joins In these
; sentiments that we are conic here lu
such numbers to bring you for tho
Champlaln monument a bust born of
j the genius of our Illustrious follow
I countryman, Kodln, an linap- of that
i which we hold most dear?France
I "in the mighty stru.-ture of Ameri?
can civilization there Is something of
! Franco?allow us to believe, genii nncn,
I that you will not forget?and on the
monument you are erecting this Image
will remain forever sealed to recall and
symbolise that fact "
Acting Governor Conway. In his ad?
dress, after expressing th, gratitude
?if the people of New York for lha gift,
"I beg to assure you, our honorod
guests, that we will ever treasure U
an expression of the good will and
friendship of our sister republic,
France, placing the seal of Its approval
and appreciation on this celebration
l honoring the achievements of Saniujl
(Continued from First Page.)
district dolegates to bo presented for
I ratification to-inorrow. when they will
I chooai four at-larire delegates.
Two More for Taft.
Shreveport. La., May 1.?Fourth res?
trict delegates to tho llepublican na
? tional convention: A. IC. Lea, of
Caddo, and J. P. Breda, of Natchl
? touches. Instructed for Taft.
Two In >e\r Hampshire.
I Manchester, N. H., May l.?First New
Ilampshlr? District delegates to lie
publican national convention: Hovoy
: E. Slayton and Fernando W. Hartford.
Instructed for Taft.
i . _
Funeral of Mr. Kills.
The funeral of Amos K. Kills, who
died Tuesday iilpht at the Virginia
, Hospital, will take place this morn'im
; from tho home of Mrs. Harry Bills.
1 Jr., 2611 West Grace Street. Inter
I ment will be made in Hollywood Cemo
1 tcry.
Dr. .lobn W. Sole.
(Special to The Tlmes-DlspatCh.]
i Bedford City. May 1.?Dr. John W.
! Sale died last night at his home on
North Bridge Street, aged eighty-six
years, the Immediate i'iiiho of death
being an ncuto attack of laryangltls,
though for some weeks past he had
been In fnlllng health..
Dr. Sale, a native of Bedford, was
tho son of tho late Rev. Nelson Sale, a
member of a very prominent and In?
fluential family connection. More than
half a century ago ho located at Ulis
place, and entered upon the practice
of medicine, soon gaining a wide re?
putation for skill.
Ho was a vestryman of St. John's
Episcopal Church, from which the
funeral service will take place Thurs?
day afternoon, conducted by the rector,
Rov. T. c. Page.
His daUgbtors, Sirs. Mary McCake, of
Lynonburg; Mrs. Annie. Izaac, Miss
Charlotte Sale, and a son. H. (manning
Sale, of Big Island, survive him, and
two sisters, Mrs. Fanny Shepherd and
Mrs. Virginia Barthelow, of Kansas.
James n. Illeks.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Fredericksburg. Vo., May 1.?James
E. Hicks, a well-known cltizon. died
at his home hero last night after a
lingering illness, aged slxty-elghj
years. He Is survived by ono brother
and two e.'stcrs.
ELLIS?Died, at tho Virginia Hospital.
Tuesday. April 30, at 7 P. M., EMOS
R Funeral THURSDAY at U A. M.
from tho residence of Mrs. Harry
Bills," Jr.. 2011 West Grace. Inter
auent Hollywood Cemetery.
PhUadeljrhl? jjapera please copy.
Mayson Kraywell
Now a Well Man
Although He Is Seventy-Six Years
of Age, He Now Feels ,
, Younger
A letter lias recently been received In'
the specialists at present introducing the
new tonic. "Tona Vita," to the Richmond
public. The letter is from Mr. Mason
Kraywell, residing on Thirty-third Street,
an ex-steamship engineer, who is well
known in this city, and is as follows:
"For the past ten years I had been
troubled with stomach trouble and ner?
vousness, and about three years ago suf?
fered an attack of nervous prostration
following a general physical breakdown,
j I never seemed to regain any degree of
strength, and could hardly get about. I
; was miserable, and tried almost every
I remedy 1 beard of. I also consulted sev?
eral physicians and was under their care,
I but did not receive any lasting benefit.
! "Some time ago a friend told me about
j 'Tona Vita,1 ami called my attention to
j the enthusiastic testimonials then appear
i itig in the daily papers. I decided to give
jit a trial, and I mil happy to say that,
? although 76" years of age, I am now feeling
like a man of fifty, i cat and sleep well
land can now walk for a long distance
; without becoming tired. 1 highly recom
j mend this tonic."
"We an- meeting more people each
day," said one of tin- specialists, "and the
I sale of the tonic in Richmond is now very
I large. I have recently received reports
I from other cities, and the sale in all of
them is tremendous. In fact, the dc
[ maud has been so large and so sudden
I that it has been imtiossiblc to prepare the
j tonic fust enough to take rare of It. The
I Approved Formula Company is receiving
Wires from druggists everywhere asking
for the medicine, but at present it is itn
|>ossiblu in till these orders. This demand
is all the more remarkable when you con?
sider thai the totiii was unknown on this
side of the water until about a year ago.
"No medicine c ould be so tremendously
successful unless it had a mission to per?
form, and was accomplishing that mission.
'Ton.i Vita' i- accomplishing its mission.
It i- making tired out, debilitated! ner?
vous men and women happier, healthier
and better prepared to cope with life.
"Nervous debility is the curse of this
age. It is produced by the strain of mod
crn life. The symptoms of this trouble
art little vitality or ambition, tired, drag
j ging Ii cling i f mind and body, ncrvous
| in -- .nid depression of spirit-, stomach
i and i t trouble, constipation, head
lathe.-, cold feet and susceptibility to
; coughs and i olds.
'Tona Vila' is relieving thousands of
litis miserable condition. It will positively
tin tiii? where there i- not serious organic,
trouble in a ieni.iik.ibl>' short time. The
mcdii int benefit! from the very first dose
. ".We will be at the I'olk Miller Drug
Company, No. .s;l East Main Street, all
the rest of tin.- week, and wi I meet callers
i from 9 A. M. until 8 P, M. daily."
?IM 1,11 It ETCH N Itr.l'I.Y
To ATTOHNF.i .nr.xini AI,
Washington, May 1.?The return urn
' the Attorney-General if that official's^
response to the Senate's resolution of
Inquiry relative to thu International
I Harvester Company on tho ground that
it was hot a proper reply. Was demand
! ed to-day in a resolution Introduced
In the Senate by Senator Lea, or.
) Ti nncssee.- Senator l.ca Is the au?
thor of the original Harvester Com?
pany resolution, in rcs.miihc tu which
the Attorney-General refused to sup?
ply nny Information.
Mr. Lea presented a resolution again
railing upon the Department of Jus
; tlce to supply all the Information In
jits possession relating l> the llarvas
i ter Company from 1901 to the present
j time.
I The second resolution '8 preceded by
j a preamble setting forth the abandon
I inent <>f the attempted reorganisation
settlement with the Harvester Com
j pany ami the Institution of a suit for
; dissolution. Mr Lea said the. call for
j the oorreaponden.ee is justlfled. on th?
; ground that H would be "of Interest
j and importance In consl'lerlng pro
1 posed amendments to the Sherman
I antitrust law."
No action was taken by the Scnato
, on either of these Lea resolutions.
Relieve Indigestion
Almost Instantly
A little tablet called "Digestif has
brought Instant relieif to thousands?
? their own statements are proof. Two
Or three tablets after meals or when
Buffering slops fermentation, prevents
distress, relieves indigestion, and
almost Instantly eures dy.pcpsla.
Brown's Dlgestlt is sold with the dis?
tinct understanding that your money
Will be refunded if you want it?50c,
I at any drug store.
the first sign of a tor?
pid liver. It is followed
by coated tongue, bad
taste in the mouth, sick
headache and constipation.
Tutt's Pills
restore the appetite by
jrerttly regulating your liver.
Sugar coated or plain?at
your druggist.
Can Cancer Be Cured?
The record of the Kellam Hospital Is
without parallel in history, having
cured to stay cured permanently, with?
out the use of the knlfo or X-ray, over
00 per cent, of tho many hundreds of
Bufferers from cancer which ft has
treated during tho past fifteen years.
We have beon endorsed by the Sonata
and L'-glslature of Virginia. We guar?
antee our cures. .
rhy3lclans treated free. ,
1017 West Main Street,
Advertising Ideas Free
Wo are successiuuy handling many large,
?nd small accounts In the South. It you
want free ideas, sugseHtlon* and advice In
connection with your advertising tell ua'ea
by letter, 'phone or In person.
Mutual Building,
Richmond, h ? m ? ~ Virginia, '
'i'bnn. Madlton ttls.

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