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World's Greatest Masterpiece
"The Coming of Columbus"
This wonderful moving picture production, in three films, is acknowledged to be the most expensive, the most elaborate and the
most wonderful moving picture film e^er made. It took three years to produce and cost $75,000.
We have secured the sole rights for its exhibition in Richmond and
the films will be shown for a limited time only, three days?
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
At No Increase in Prices
The vital events In the life of Columbus are faithfully reproduced with historic exactness. In
this picture Columbus and his followers live, breathe and move?it is as though you were carried
back to the fifteenth century and lived with the people of those times?as though you, too, were at
the brilliant court of Isabella; on the long and perilous voyage and at the landing in the New World
when it was yet a wilderness. Each step in the life of this great man is traced with lifelike realism.
"The Coming of Columbus" appeals to people of all ages, old and young alike, but its educational
feature makes it of particular value as a means of Instructing the young. The pictures bring home
to them as no other method could possibly do the series of events in history at the time of Columbus.
The entire equipment of the Victor Theatre is new arid every improvement has been included
to make it safe and comfortable. The ventilation is perfect; the lighting system such .that, while
objects can be clearly seen, the light does not interfere with the pictures. The auditorium is cool
and inviting?an absolute relief from the hot and dusty streets. Pictures are sharp and vivid, yet
easy on the eyes.
Don't Miss "The Coming of Columbus"
and we feel sure that once you visit the Victor Theatre you will return to see the many other excelledt films which are changed daily.
THE VICTOR THEATRE,. 800 East Broad Street
I'lCTiires. ...
Mnrmncolor at Htjoil.
While the advantages <.f motion pic-'
lure reproductions made by the Klne
tnncolor process are causing prices to
t?oar In cltleB where they have earned
h. just popularity, the BIJou, In an en
. savor to establish them as a pcrmh'n
i nt and popular fenture of picture dis?
play, will to-nforrow Introduce nn on
tlrely new program whereat the high?
lit prices of admission will be
cents, this theatre being the only
house In the world where the wonder
fill Invention Improvement In animal
Vaudeville De Luxe.
Week Commencing To-morrow.
Miller & Tempest
"Kix & Trix" -Guu* What?
The House of Perfect Ventilation
Lewis & Chapin
New Patter, C'liattet and Songs.
Bargain Matinee Daily at 3:00, I0c,
West and Elliott
Black-Face ( omcdlans
Evenings, 7:30 and 9, 10c and 20c.
Bonnie Bcrtlc
Gaylord & Herron
? In the Delightful Skit,
"On and Off."
Photo-Play? Beyond Compare.
Margaret Ryan & Co.
In the Season'i Surprise and Great?
est Novelty.
cd picture ptoductions Is viewable at
such a modest price.
To-morrow's program will Introduce
t:?w und educational subjects presum?
ing the brilliant colors of horizon j
photography, the brilliant plumage of
feathered tribes and the gaudy cos?
tumes of foreign militia.
There will also In- the regular pic?
ture plays presented In tho monotone
photographic style, mailing a com?
plete pr< gram of selected picture fea?
tures shown during continuous per?
formances in the afternoon and night.
No change in any way, except the
nominal charge of admission.
Mind-Reading Marvel at Colonial. |
.lust one act of the new week's bill
r i the Colonial will differ from all
tho others In that It will direct atten?
tion Of the wonderful foruMght of Mme.
/.? nda, a mind reader. Something mys?
tical, mysterious and mentally con
fusing results from the magical mo-(
thods by which Madame 0Sendn in
able to distinguish individuals, their
'troubles, ?nd provide solutions for
j them. Until Mme. ?enOn's appearance
. i the vaudevlllo scent-, Anna Kva
? l ay was without a peer In her orlgl
I pal and .electrifying exhibition, and
! i.ow even greater honors have nc
, crued to the former because of the
I magnificent successes rhe has estab?
lished, ?..Illing always in tho open
and without mochanlcai or physical
I assistance Miraculous Is really the
word descriptive of the power of mind
dissection achieved by this famous
1 woman.
I An elaborate comedy will precede
the mystical woman, one of the fea
tures of which will bo provided by
.Lewis and tlreen. two mule comedians,
In an original comedy creation enti?
tled "Engaging a Cook," studded with
j funny lines, situations and songs.
In the Meinolfe twin sinters will be
seen the Cleverest s!?tei team In the
VdUdeVlllM. Fl 1- ' fiom the "big
.it vine circuits as Are most
of tho acts nov* >g ..i tue col?
onial, these pretty and Shapely misses
will sing and dar.ee In a manner cal?
culated to iiiak? them tho reigning
success of the new bill,
Music In all its glory, amusement
and'charm will be provided by Gray
and flraham. Equally clever ns romc
dlans as they are popular musical per?
formers, with a novelty musical act,
i thox jviu eland cut as one cx tho
M features of the new week-.-.
The Stanleys, In a comedy shadow?
graph exhibition. Inclusive of amusing
silhouettes In rapid succession, will
provide a charming number, thus
completing the vaudcv:llo bill.
Perfect picture play9 of the usual
high grade will add their pleasing ses?
sion to the complete bill, three per-,
formanoos of ss^ich ?111 be given :
c\ery day. a matinee at 3 o'clock, and]
two night performances, at 7:15 andi
9 o'clock.
Margaret Ilynn Empire Surprise.
Surprise IS the keynote of the new,
I ill of vaudeville novelties to open at!
the Empire to-morrow with tho main
feature of the bill, Margaret Ryan, i
Offering vaudeville's twentieth cen-|
? tury surprise novelty. In the act of:
this dashing. unctuous comedienne
ill he Seen a series of surprises In
distinct character ehr.nges, stnging
j hers, dancing specialties, posing
frats, and, one elaborate surprise for
a closing number that promises to
j pleasantly thrill vaudeville lovers to!
I the uttermost.
Ronnie Oaylord and Bertie Horron.l
two of the cleverest girl entertainers|
' In the vaudeville ranks, will offer the!
? novelty comedy sketch. "On and Off."|
'It Is a different Idea of sketch from l
nny ever *een here, and Is offered by I
I Miss Gaylord, a. famous cyclonic sou-1
brette, and Miss Ilerron, for years the
leader of New Wayburn's Minstrel
Misses, when that electrifying offer?
ing waa a vaudeville spectacle.
Fred Lewis and Daisy Chapln, the
clover Juvenile and tht pretty and
talented girl, will offer another ? of
vaudeville a classy numbers In theii
Charming putter and singing numbers,
calculated to please.
"Kl>: and Trlx," a comedy acrobatic.
Ringln? und dancing number, will be
offered by Uon Miller and Q race I
Tempest, Miller's wonderful tumbling;
exhibition being classed as one of the
most exciting in vaudeville.
A famous black ' co comedy team,
West and Kiltott, will complete the
vaudeville hill with a high class novel-,
t:' bill.
Exclusive photoplays of the moBtl
perfect variety and seen only at this,
tseatrc win round out tho entortaln
ment, three performances of which
are given - very day, a 3 o'clock mati?
nee being loiiowed by two night per-)
fcrmances, beginning at 7:30 and 01
The victor?The Coming; of Columbus. I
The Victor Theatre, corner Eighth:
and Broad Streets, will present thlsj
week a moving picture drama In three
reels, ontltled "Tho Coming of Colum-1
l??,'' the most oxpenslve, elaborate]
:-::-: BIJOU:-::-:
CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES DAILY?2 JO to 5:30, 7:30 to 10:45.
?^Arrangements have been complctrc! whereby we can show KINEMA
really wonderful films, together with a tine program of BLACK and WHITE
(subjects, will be shown at the hours mentioned al.ove.
5c All Seats 5c?Positively no. Higher
Wc Guarantee You the Rest Pictures in Town In Richmond's Coolest
and. ?wonderful moving picture film |
ever exhibited.
The- vltnl events In tue. life of the;
moat discoverer who gave a new world
! lo civilization, are rcptoduccd with
t historic exactnoss. To depict with
! photographic accuracy the great
1 events of history Is an achievement!
to be numbered among the most mar-|
i vclous of up-to-duto -science. In these
I remarkable pictures Columbus lives j
i and breathes and moves. Ho pleads!
I hin cause at tho feet of Ferdinand
I and Isabella. In the accoutrements ofl
I an admiral of Spain he stands upon]
I tho quarterdeck of the Santa Maria'
and leads his fleet of three caravels
'westward from l'.ilos across an un?
known sea. He quells n mutiny In
mldoctan. He defiles his captains to I
turn him back. You seo him pacing;
to and fro on tho weather side of his
I high-poope.l little vessel. You see his
lips move. You see his hands beat the
air In eloquent gesture. l ou sec the
glint and sparkle of his eye. You see
his faro deep In thought on Irradiated
i with the Inspiration of tho dream that
i led him on. The Columbus of tho ptc
j tures Is alive. II Is an If the camera
had reached back into the past by
I some occult power and visualized
scenes forever departed.
Tho making of these wonderful plc
I tures occupied threo years. The great?
er part of this time was taken up In
gathering data concerning tho lifo of
Columbus to Insure hlstcrlcal accuracy
In every detail.
Tho cost of the pictures was over
$50,000. Never beforo hnvo any of tho
great picture Industries expended such
n sum on a single picture to bo placed
Ir. tho balance, to bo weighed and
Judged by critical spectators as to Its
educational worth, historical value.
F.entlmental -charm and spectacular
magnificence .
Knight* of Columbus.
In the preparation of this atupend"
oua undertaking tho e.c-operatlon of
tho Knight's of Columbus was secured,
and through the support and working
copartnership of this great organiza?
tion, the caravels were secured and
iruch historical Information obtained.
More than 350 specially engaged ac?
tors wero usod in tho production.
Thero are a number of portrait.* of
Columbus extant. Two of these are
boat known, but hear little rcsemb
lanoa to e.aob, other. One Is that of. a.
smooth-faced man. with high brow,
hair falling almost upon his should?
ers and dressed in simple garm. This
portrait was selected as the most au?
thentic by the committee of s-.-hoiars
v ho visited Spain for the company,
'this Is the Columbus portrayed In the
pictul es.
Of Interest to all Catholic.- and 10
Ith? world at largo Is the fact that
I the films already have been presented
before 1'npe Plus X.. who enjoyed the
I pictures hugely and sent his blessing
i and a medal to Mr. Selig, maker of
the films, by Father Tonello, u is
the ilrst time the Hope ever gave his
official approval to a commercial en
, tCI prise.
Ills Holiness not only enjoyed a pri?
vate view of the film, at which were
present bis sisters and many of the
most distinguished caramels In Home,
but so greatly was he pleased with
the artistic work, that he gave his
Hessing to all those who took part
in the various scenes, i,nd those who
were connected with the enterprise.
The magnificent visualization of the
Incidents In the life and discoveries
I of Columbus Is presented In three
I reels as follows:
first Heel.
Columbus and his young son, IHego,
leave a quaint votive shrine In I'ortu
I gal, and after many hardships Und
'their way to .Spain. Here Columbus Is
successful In Interesting Frn Antonio,
j ih?: Queen's confessor, in his maps nnd
' theories. Other ecclesiastics refuse to
J believe In his Ideas, but Anally, through
I the good offices and trust of Antonio,
I the ambitious mariner Is granted an
j Interview with Queen Isabella. This,
takes place upon the battlefield of I
I Granada. Columbus hns been no more'
I than presented to the Queen when the1
news of tho surrender of the Moorish
1 army, unfortunately, interrupts tho ,
j Interview, and In the time given over:
j to rejoicing Columbus Is forced to
shoulder anothor disappointment. He'
Is now tried for his sanity by the wise
men of Salamanca. They only marvel]
at his wild theories. Antonio once!
more visits the Queen In the Interests^
of Columbus, and this time she Is so
Impressed with his theories that ahe
orders her Jewels to be sold that she
alone may personally finance the great
undertaking. She, however. Is spared
tho sacrifice through thy goneroslty of]
Fernande?, tho court physician, and
thus is calendared a great day In thc|
world's history. Columbus la made an]
admiral, outfitted with threo ships, and
departs In quest of the new world (
which ho believes exists.
geeond Fleet.
The banta Maria, the Pinta and the I
Nina, with Columbus In charge, eetl
sail from Palos. As they sail day af-l
ter day into the unknov/n, fear seizes
the crow and the sailors mutiny and j
demand that Columbus turn back'
homo. Columbus faces the mutinous
sailors, quiets their, panlo and orders
'them back to duty. The captains of,
the other ships board the Santa Maria j
and Insist that he head back for Spain.)
I Columbus refuses. In tho tiny cabin
of tho flagship main Is read and with1
bowed heads nil renew their tow* of!
lieg lance, to the admiral. In his nrt
drosB, Columbus says: "Men! We have
set sail for tho Indien across the west?
ern soao. nnd with Ood's help nnd
?blessing, to the Indies we are going.
Look you to it that we have no more
of this, for, grumbling or no. grumbl
Ir.g. we arc R' In;; to rind the land Wo
have come so far to seek."
On the dawn of October II. It;1.'.
Columbus u*!<urtii his followers thai
he has seen lights to the westward
during the night. A few hours latct .1
dove alights on the tigging of tho
Santa Maria and is ciptured by Ilm
lookout at the mast'a. ad. Floating
weeds and branches of tree* with ber?
ries on them drift by the tittle fleet.
A sailor climbs down the side *.f
the flagship, seises one of the Moat?
ing branches and hears it in triumph
tc the deck. The dove and the float?
ing branches m?an that land Is near.
The masthead lookout sights laud at
last and' sends out ihc glad tiding*
lo the fleet. The caravels drop anch -
iff San Salvador Columbus and tho
crews of the vessels row ashore. Col?
umbus Is the first to step upon the New
World. He falls upon his face and
kisses the earth. Then, ruining bis
sword on high. In God's name he takes
possession of the new land for Ferdlti
| and and Isabella, amid the prayers and
I rejoicing of his crew. The half-naked
(Continued , on Third Page>
Looking Ahead with
Mme. Zenda & Co.
Almost a Seer,this Mistress of the
Lewis & Green ?
The Quaint Comedians in
"Engaging a Cook."
Melnotte Twins
Prettiest Singing and Dancing Stars
on the Stage.
The Stanleys
Shadowgraph ic Comedy.
Gray & Graham
In Their Comedy Skit,
"The Musical Bellboy."
Original and Exclusive.
Admission.10c, 20c
Children at Matinees.5c
Matinee 3 P. M.
Nights 7:15 and 9 P. M.

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