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In the .Men's Corner an extraordinary value in
White Shirts at $ 1.1 5
Fine Quality White Madias Shirts, the full equal of
regular Si.50 goods in material, cut, lit, style", work?
manship in all that goes to make good shifts what
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Dr. Johnston Says He Is Well'
Enough to Make Race
This Year.
"Henry C. Stuart Is a \v< II man.'" as?
serted Dr. George Hen Johnston yes
terday. "Were it necessary he is,
physically aide to make the campaign]
? or the governorship mis year." ;
Dr. Johnston ret tithed yesterday]
from a trip to Ablngdun, Va., where
he operate? a branch hospital. On his
way hack he stopped over a day at
vVythcvillO to visit Mr. Stuart. The
visit, he explained, waa more social
than professional, since Mr. Stuart Is
iio longer undergoing treatment.
In order to set at test persistent
i ultima in regard to the condition of
.Mi. Stuart and his possible rotlrcmcht
li nm the race for the governorship
next year, Dr. Johnston authorized an
emphatic denial of any physical reu
bona why Mr. Stuart should not make
tin campaign, ami. if elected, serve as
ti.? next OpvernOr of Virginia. ,
?Mr. Stuart has had an Illness," he
explained. "Ho had an operation
which was successful, and he has re
COVercd. He Is now rapidly regaining
his strength, walks every day. drives,
sees his friends und attends to Iiis
business. Save that ho has not yet
fully g?lten buck his strength since
Iiis confinement in the hospital, he is
in healthy condition. 1 should say
.is n physician that as an Insurable
r|sk his normal expectancy of life and
godd health is that Of the average
liealthy man of his ngo and Weight.]
He is rapidly recovering strength, and!
were it necessary could begin an no-1
live campaign shortly.' j
< realtor* \*>k Federal < ourt to I?e
clare llerelvers In ( ..nienipi.
.ItTdge l-ldmuhd Waddill, of the
United states District Court, was yes
!? ratty < uguged in hearing a pelltlo'n
from I'. C, Boye? and others, stoek
holders mid creditors, against the re
celycrs of t..e Kunawhii l.umher Com?
Tlie petitioners ask that tile receiv?
ers, .i. ,. Causey, John H. Ilowuld and
J'. I?. With. rli. e. ho removed becntiso
of tin ir misconduct in tin- admlntHtrn
11011 ,,f li fin Irs. mnl that the .Ivors
i.e adjudged In contempt of court he,
cause of their disobedience of the
(?ourt orders. They further tmk that
the court order, authorizing the re
. in. >< ? cerUltc >tes be declared invalid. ;
lllOl.. try?t. tll"f receivers In, directed to
surrender . them, In the event that
tills cannot he done localise lite cer- I
tillrate? are in th, hands of claimants, !
thai they pay 129,000, the nmound bor, I
rowed on the n des without the au- I
thorlty ot in,, court. 1
In tii. event that the receivers nre I
dismissed tin- petitioners pray that a ?
?!? in! master he appointed to hear
the ftiCtS ill the rase.
Judge Waddill t.e.k the petition un?
der advisement arid probably win hn
nounci hitt decision some lime' to-day.
i harter? Issued.
Amendment was Issued t,. tin- charter of
t>:. Itlchmond Industi nl Iltnicflclal club of
Virginia, chaiislhg Ita name to the Itlch-'
mohtl Industrial Men. ticim Club ot Virginia I
(supreme lodge),
An . i..in,, nt was Issued f> ti.e charter <,f
the. Oriental University (Inc.), changing its
principal ..trie., from Alexandria, Vai, to
ClierryUalo, vn.
Uattabiink ?tun itid Roil Club fine ).
Richmond J it m, tzu,-r problem; t. .i.
Marcuat; treasurer: Aaron Clarke secre?
tary-nil of itlchmond, Capital: Maximum*
t?.W; minimum. $1,000.
Mem I'm I.eis to I'lny lln?, hull.
The M.at Packets of Richmond
hare formed an amateur league, and
will begin playing tkcli schedule to?
day with the boys from Swifts against
th. National Packing Company at
Barton Heights 1'ark. and t lie Klngun
Rcllabl es against the l.oys (''-on
Forbcs's plant at Seminary I'.ii-lt
There is great r.valry among these
I cams, and t/hi fans are promised
Rome rar,- sport when Ihesc boys i;.t
going good.
Uiilldlnc Penults,
? Building and repair permits w<re Issued
yratc.rday ns follows:
J. 1. Harts-., to e.rei ! n detached two
story brick duelling, Sil Floyd \venui
eo?t S' DO
A C Houston, to ere; u detached two
atery ar.1 basement brick dwelling, icon
West Main Street, to coat ?.000
Johr H. Hraxu.n, to repair a frame dwiil.
?In?. !3J North Fourth Street.
W. T. Hancock, to repnii a brick and
fram? dwiillr.g. 11% North Twenty-ninth
Street. -.-. , . t
' . TMt " i'r
ill* EllSiiaVIM ST?
Our officers and ' directors are
rner. of <ipfrter.ee and reputation.
Tr.elr odvlce If yours without
Retail Merchants' Association
Ready to Launch Its Thirty
Day Campaign.
The Retail Merchants" Association
campaign for T>oo new members will j
he launched this morning. The move- j
mcnt, Which is known as the thirty
day campaign. Is In charge of twenty
chairmen, composed of one from each
of the various trades represented Iii
the association. They have received
their last Instructions, and will begin
the campaign vigorously when the
business housi.? open to-day. Through?
out the thirty days in which they are
allowed to raise the stated number of
new members the committees will
work every available minute, and if
the roll at the end of that time Is
more than SOfo, the excess will he re?
ceive! with the sann? welcome as
those who passed in before.
The association, of which Charles T.
Norman Is president. Is now in a
most prosperous condition, and its ad?
vantages to members in general un?
becoming more and more a, parent.
The office force of the organisation
comprises the general secretary. W.
A. Clarke. Jr.; a street man, whose
business Is to gather credit informa?
tion, and three office assistants. The
offices are open for the service of the
members from s o'clock in the morn?
ing Id '"> o'clock In the afternoon. In
its legislative w..rk the association
bus accomplished much, the passage
of the bud check law being one of
the greatest of Its efforts in this di?
rection. The association also wages
a vigorous warfare on spurious and
questionable advertising mediums,
bringing about a reform in that line
that has saved t.- the merchants of
filchmond thousands of dollars.
The chairman of the committees In
the thirty-day campaign will report
from time to time at the headquarters
Of the association on the second floor
of the lloffhclmcr building.
? -
VlrKlnls 'I'riini Contimit.. Handles Kund
f.. Carry on Km Work.
According to contracts fll.-d in the
clerk's ofllqc of the Chancery Court, the
Virginia TrUt I'l.mpany will have the
handling ..f $21.200 left Id the local
Society foi- ihi? Rroventlon <>r Cruelty
lo Animals for the prosecution of its
There are tW? contracts. The first,
known as the "Louise i'. Nallo Trust."
bin .s in the band? of the Virginia
Trust Company $2".u .o whivh was left!
t .. a-..... .;u.undor the will of Louise!
c. Nallc, dated August 11. 1803. Thai
weeon i '?,iir,,, j places ?with the Vir- |
glrvln Trtisi Company $)l,3J0 in secuH
llca ..f the Louisville and Nashville
Hal road. Hoth are to he used in the
same way, .md u.ompony nerves
j to ildmt irisier the amounts for *. jor
Local Battalion Expects to Take'
Large Companies to
Mount Cictna.
orders luv. be'bri Issued from tin
ofllc? - I tho Adjutant-Ucncrul cover?
ing the joint manoeuvres of mllltln
with troops of the regular army at
Mti Clretna, I'u.. July 2G lo August 3.
Ti.. First Hi I guile, Virginia Volun?
teers, Is ordered to be it part of tho
encampment,, niul win. it is expected,
be on Ihc ii-dd at the shine time wltli
I the First and l-ifth Maryland Infantry
and Troop a. Maryland Cavalry. Sev?
eral regular infantry regiments, with
detachments of cavalry and field urtll
1 " i.v. will be on hand.
1 The four local companies In the brl
! glide, constituting the First nattal on.
. i ir.st Infiiutry, are nlreiidy preparing
1 foi !!.?? trip, tuny ..ne company ex?
pects !.. tak. less than nftv men,
1 lb this on.- will hol lull I?. low for.
?' Two fully expect to hav from
I lifts -live to sixty incii each.
According id the regulations of tho
Svvai liepuiiment, no Company may go
? 'I bus the minimum comple?
ment ..f two others and thirty-eight
enlisted men.
Federal pa'v for the t'me of serv re
will he allow.-d ..nly to such men as
have had not lets tlinu three months'
experience. Th's requirement does not
las a inalt.-r of course, govern In case
of re-eiiltstments, and some old men
J have gone hack Int.. the service.
Letalis of the movements of trains
will be worked out by General c. C.
vnughan, jr., commander .if the brig?
ade, who win issue .future orders
Lieutenant-Colonel Charles 11. Consol
vo p .> m.ister-g. tiera!. ..f the Virginia
Volunteers, ho-, been attached to th<
br.gade for service during thin en
? ampment. so that the men may In
duly paid off before leaving the canin
Permanent Roads Between Rich?
mond and Carolina Line As- '
surcd by Bond Issue.
Forty-Seven Counties Interested.
Ask for Bridge Over
Railroad Tracks.
Construction of ttuu link of tho
Quococ-Mmim llighwuy lying between
Richmond und oil- North Carolina 1'iiej
is usaurcd uy too result of tuu road
boiid issue, election held in Brunswick]
county on .Saturday. The sum ot
?on was voted in two districts tor|
'i ne Chesterfield and Dlnwlddle roads'
ure already built. Too bond issue
win mean the building ol a road
tnrouKh l?awreucevllte irom the Uin
widdlu line to nie North Carolina bor?
der, completing tins branch of tue
proposed International highway.
.Another road to be constructed in
Brunswick with the money which is j
now to be available will run from Law
rcncevllle to the .Mecklenburg county
line, where it will connect with a
road already built running through
tin1 last named county to Its souln
w.stern corner. Should a route
through Mecklenburg be preferred, for
tue Quebec-Miami project, it is as?
sured. Th.- choice of two direction.*
is now offered.
I lilted \ u Heult u rut llonrd Has More
Money lor Demount rntlun.
The first meeting of the United
Agricultural Board under the opera?
tions of the amended law wns held
yesterday morning in the office of
Governor Maun. As now constituted,
tho only members of the hoard are
the Uovertlor, Superintendent KkuUs
ton. of the Department of Public In?
struction-. Hi,id ford Knapp, chief of
tin- United states demonstration work,
and T. < >. Sandy, chief demonstration!
a^ent for Virginia.
Tin- board now has at its disposal,;
under the law in effect yesterday, the I
sum of $16,000 for school demonstra-1
tion work, with an additional $3,000
for work among girls, against $6,000
in all under the old law. Forty-seven]
counties are paying part of the cost
and have the services of demonstta-'|
tion agents this year.
Fairfax People Ask t iimmlasion for
Order tiailnM tin 11 roads.
The Hoard of Supervisors of Fairfax
county will make application before
the State Corporation Commission at
10 o'clock this morning for .in order
requiring the Southern Hallway mid j
Hi,- Washington-Southern Railway to
construct a bridge over their yards,
close to Alexandria, where they are
crossed by n county road. Thomas A.
Williams mid W. I". P. Rcld. of the
supervisors, constitute a committee,
with Walter Tanslll Oliver, to represent
th,- hoard.
It is the Claim of tile protesting cit?
izens that seven triu ks now cross the
road, constituting danger to life and
limb. Tho railroad companies will re?
sist the application. The estimated
cost of an adequate bridge Is $50.000.
ami the county wants the' railroads to
pay it all.
Injunction Paper* ?rru-il,
Copies of Hie injunction issued Ia.-t
week by Judge R. Carter Scott In the
City Circuit Court, forbidding the ex?
penditure of any pun of the appropri?
ation made |,V the Legislature to estab?
lish lim? gilnding plants, wete served
yesterday on State officers.
Clerk* Comply With I.nvr.
A good deal of money has come Into
the Auditor's office lately as a result
of a circular letter sent out by Auditor
C, l.- .- Moore calling attention to Sec?
tion ?'?'?la of the tax laws, which re ids
ns follows:
"livery elerk of anv 'Ircult. County
or corporation court, whenever the
amount of funds in his hands due the
State shall nmount to $.".nf>. shall remit '?
the same to the Auditor of Public Ae.|
counts by certified chock; made payable
to the Treasurer or as otherwise pro?
vided by law, such payment to he <-ro-i- j
Ited to him and allowed in his annual 1
settlement." "
Mayor -igns Resolution Authorizing Con?
tract fur Building.
Mayor Richardson approved yesterday the
rcMolutlon adopting the plans of Carneal A
Johnston for tin- new Fir-,; Regiment Arm?
ory The resolution authoirlzea the Com?
mit!.?i Grounds and Buildings to enter
int., contract with Csrneal a Johnston for
detailed working drawings of the proposed
building*, conditioned on its erection rom
plete. Including architect*' fees, f<>r $15,000,;
and o> ndvcrtla* for bids find award a con-1
Iraoi subject to ratification by the ''oun-|
els Tiie committee Is also authorize.] to
pay n prize (or second award la tin- com?
petition for designs lb Charles M. Robin?
son, and third prise to Hunt a Wright.
Tio- Mayor also approved ? resolution
closing to public use nh alley In the block
bound* -1 by Oroye, Hanover, Mulbi rry mid
Robinson Streets^ and n resolution Increaa
Ing 'he pay of the Janitor of the Howitzer
? Armory to rto per annum.
NYgroes Who Slole 'tennis for ,lny-Ri?lo
Fined and I'm I nder It..ml.
Tboniaii Bklnker und Grant Candy, both
Colored, wer,- arraigned In Police Court yes
Icrda) morning op charges ol fast driving
und stealing two teams. Bach waa fined I ?
mid eosts and placed under 1.100 bond lor
twelve months. Hklnker took ? horse and
?buggy, owned b) K, Ii. IVharton, while
("and) look a team owned by W. ft. Rob?
Sidney Bailey, colored, was fined If, and
mmk for recklessly riding .i bicycle shd
running over Mrs, Pntrlek. .if South
Third Hirtel.
Hues Heed Company;
f-'ult wns brought yesterday In the J,nw
and ISoulty Cobrt i.v Karl Broisrn and others,
trustees, against Iho Kins Bead and Improve,
meet Corporation for damages laid at (?1.000,
No de.-hit nl Ion ban been filed.
One Building at Victor Estab?
lishment in South Rich?
mond Damaged.
Fire Started in Drying-Room,
and Then Spread Through
Tiro, discovered at 2:i5 o'clock yes?
terday afternoon in the drying rooms,
partially destroyed one building at
the tobacco plant of 13. K. Viator,
located on Scmines Avenue, near-tho
Atlantic Coast Line Ua 11 road, In South
Itlchniond. Tin damage was ? estl- i
mated nt about $10,000, chiefly Co the
slock in tho building, which wus.also
used us a packing plant. The two I
adjoining warehouses were never 'III
the slightest danger.
The Uro is supposed to have been J
started from an overheated drier, it
was discovered when tho working
people entered the place after tho j
midday stop. It- spread quickly around
the celling and soon broke through
the roof.
Difficulty. In getting the fire appara-j
tUS, attributed lo a clerk losing ills ,
head ami attempting to call tho Man
ehester Piro Department by telophono j
Instead of using tho tire alarm ho* !
just across the street, gave tho names
good hoax] way. Engine Company,;
No. is, in charge of Captain Herman
Cosby, responded on tho tlrst alarm.
Seven minutes after the gong sound?
ed they had two streams on the nr.*
and had sent In tho second alarm. The!
automobile engin--. from Company, No.
I. for the first llmo made a trip to the. I
Muddy streit-- caused some delay,!
it being necessary at ono point for I
the tire-men to p ish tho onglno for j
half a block, the wheels refusing to
lake a hold on tho slippery clay.
Muck Tobacco It'ulned.
Considerable tobacco was stored In
the building for shipment, it was
completely ruined by fire and water.
The building Its-lf .s constructed of |
brick. Other than the loss of the!
roof and ft few partitions, 't 1? Intact i
and can be put In shape within a few
weeks' work.
The dense clouds of smoko rising
from the burning tobacco made the
work of the Iii.-men .nore difficult.
Ifosoman M. B Nash. of No. 1,
was overcome, and required the scr- |
vices of Ambulance Surgeon T. A,
ofoncuro. Chief .loynes; "who, with
Assistant Chief fluffo, came over on1
tho socond nlarm, was lit In the !
face by a stream of water. Iiis eye '
was badly bruised and his lip cut.
Fireman C. E. Wright, of Engine j
Company No. in, was badly cut about,
tin- hands by broken glass.
Man Arrested Iter.- When Pointed Out by
father of Complainant.
Mterl?n Tllinan, about twenty-live years
o'd. believed to be wanted for a serious
? ff<-nr ? in Louisa county, ua* arrested here
yesterday by Officer Urantley.
Tllniitn 1? accused of a grave crime
against Annie lthelnlanrt-r. Her father
Came to Itlchmond yesterday ?Ith a war?
rant, which he tinned over to Captain of
Detectives McMahon. Whlli detectives were
looxinit for him. Mr Rheinlander accident?
ally ran across TMman Officer Brant ley
was nearbv. nnd at the request of the
'other Tlamin was placed iind.r arrest
anrt taken to th<- First Police Station. The
authorities of IhiiiIss wer.- notified and ask?
ed to iend .in officer here for him.
I.I.out lor Forged Tickets.
Fearing lhat forged tickets wer" In rlr
rtulatlon for the Christ Church Sunday
school excursion to llurkrui Beach on
June it. it iva? announced yesterday that no
one would be permitted to pass through th
station b--.--s without n ticket countersign?
ed on the fa?-e with a rubber stamp. No
tlckeil wi 1 he valid unless so countersigned.
Homestead Deed Defeated Be?
cause Parly Is Contractor?Ap- j
peal in Land Case.
When a laboring man employes otli- |
era h els no longer a laboring man. |
it seems i 'in the decision of the j
.Supreme Court In refusinga writ of
error from .. ludgmcnt of the Circuit |
Court of MathoWs county in tho rasa
of George W, Brookhart vs. --arry w. I
Marsden Ella M. Marsden. At
least, this was the principal point
at Issue, tin higher court refusing
to entertain an appeal.
Judgmcni had been secured against
Brookhurt for a debt. Levy was
inadi "i. oystor shore owned by
the debtor with the oysters thereon,
also on n buggy and .piano. This
proceeding, appears, was estopped
by a hoinstead dceo, covering a la
boring mm exemptions. Both tho
lower und higher courts have now
di .-I'd that Brookhart, who is a
plasterer. Ii not a laborer because he
employers othor plasterers.
An appeal was allowed In the case
of W. M il illaday vs. \V. R. Moore,
from Prln . Edward county. The
controversy in over a snail tract of
land, In which the old surveys uro
COntsied 1 more modern evidence.
Tllfl lam. In i|UeHt|OII belonged SUCCOS
Blvnly io ' ? it. I,. Dabnfey ami Dr.
I i' .'i.: Ilwnino, and Is situated
not fur fron ilampden-Stdney College.
This summer you will experience the greatest com?
fort ami convenience in the use of travelers' checks
and letters of credit. Any hotel or Commercial house
will cash these drafts on the American Bankers'
Association without the necessity ol identification.
Place the amount which you will need to your credit
in the
and we will issue the checks in your name in con?
venient denominations for your use. Come to see
us and let us arranfte tin- financial details for you.
Let us give you
Capital . $1,000,000.00
Resources. 7,500,000.00
Claxton and Updcgraff AskcJ to
Tell Council How Local
System Works.
Chandler Urges Committee to
riling Investigation to
an End.
Criticism of the curriculum and
time allotment of the Richmond pub?
lic schools by the foremost authorities
of the United States was proposed to
the council Committee of Investiga?
tion last night by Superintendent J.
A. C. Chandler, who on hehuir of the
School Roar.l ask<M the commltteo to
extend an invitation to |>r. 1'- P. Clax
ton, Commissioner of education of tho
United States, and to Mr. Harlan Upde
gralt, specialist in school administra?
tion of the Buren it of Education nt
Washington. Chairman Pollock stntcd
that while the committee was seeking
all the light possible, it had no fun,is
for the expenses or entertainment of
such witnesses, ond no authority to
summon persons from out Of the
State. Dr. Chandler stated that he
did not know Commissioner Claxton
'Personally, hut that he had been as
surcd that l>r. Updegraff would come.
and the committee agreed to hold a
meeting :it any time at which these
educational outhorlt'es can he In
duccd to appear. I>r. Chandler will
communicate with them to-day by
When the committee assembled last
night chairman Pollock announced
Hint the body was ready to hear from
l>r. Chandler or any persons he might
call. He explained that it was de?
sired to avoid the form of a litiga?
tion or the taking of sides as in court
Will Invite F.xpcrts..
"The School Board has asked the
committee to call experts to testify
as to our school system." paid nr.
Chandler. 'The attack so "far has
been made upon the curriculum and
time allotment. On the general prin?
ciples of the curriculum. I desire you
to hear from Dr, Claxton. He has
studied school systems all over the
country, and has worked In schools
In North Carolina and Tennessee, and
is familiar by personal experience
with Southern conditions He has ex?
amined the Bchools of the United
States and of Germany, and his opin?
ion on what should be in the cur?
riculum should be of vnltic. I ulso
ask the committee to invite fir Updo
giaff. who has made a careful study
of time allotments in all parts of this
country, and did the special and
crucial work of the inve?tlcallon com?
mittee appointed to look into the sys?
tem of education of the public srhools
of Baltimore. 1 nm sure he would he
able to give Interesting facts about
the t'me allotments and methods of
instruction of the various grades."
Mr. Umlauf, of the committee,
favored the formal invitation of both
of thv experts suggested. proposing
that the Council be asked to appro
pii.it- sufficient funds for the culling
?>f Filch witnesses. After discussion
l>r. Chandler agreed to communicate
with both official! on the understand?
ing that the committee will hold a
special meeting nt any time that
? ither or both may come to Richmond.
Satindcm Takes stund.
Before taking the stand himself. Jlr.
chandler put on Principal Joseph II.
Sounders, of ihe William F. Fox
School, on Hanover Avenue. whom
Chairman Pollock had declined to call
nt a previous session when witnesses
for the Elementary Tenchers' Associa?
tion were being hen id.
After relating Ills experience of
sixte.n years with the public iehosla
of Virginia, in Portsmouth, Norfolk
county, und as State examiner, Mr.
Sounders went into an elaborate com?
parison of the time allotment he? as I
compared with a dozen or more of,
the larger cities, the schools of w-nicn
have a high standing. All of these
cities, he had found, taught manual
training, music, drawing and physi?
cal exercises, alir) ., majority of them
give more time to such subjects than
Is now given lift.-. Taking the gen?
eral average, he found that these cities
give less time than in Richmond to
arithmetic, about tho same to rend?
ing und more to writing. In the St.
Louts schools which lie had visited,
he testified, tho same physlcla] cul?
ture and manual tra'n'ng courses
were used. The manual training ho
cous'dered not too dilllcult for the
children in tlic various grades, us
some teachers, had testified, but ho
thought Homo of the exercises hard
on the teachers, requiring too much
time for preparation outside of school
hours. After discussing nt some
'. length the t'tne allotment reports of
i a number of cities, he. summarised
the general average as having more
time for writing than In the Rich?
mond CSchools, about the same for
reading and spelling, and less time
tliari Richmond now devotes to In?
struction in ar'tlimctlc.
Sayn Iti-port ls False.
Mr. Sounders was closely cross
questioned for nearly an hour by
Chairman Bollock. Mr, Sounders
characterized as "absolutely ialse." the
report which had come to the cars
of the Chairman that he had said on
one occasion that if lie had the selec?
tion Of teachers, those who had ap?
peared as Witnesses before, the ln
i vestlgntlng com m* I tec for ?,1m Elo
mentary Teachers' Association Wouio
not be re-elected.
The committee rose to meet next
Thursday night, after Superintendent
Chandler had urged that the Investi?
gation be pressed more rapidly to a
conclusion. It had been dragging
along for three months, he Stated,
with meetings about once In ten days,
working a great Injustice to the
teachers, principals and hchool Board,
and greatly impairing the usefulness
of the Hfhools, and especially for the
)*u.ter reason he urged the commit?
tee to reach a conclusion of the mat?
ter as soon fls "possible.
raptured In Philadelphia,
rhiilp Hlntoii. colored. Indicted for big?
amy, wss arrested yesterday In Philadel?
phia, according to n tebirram received by
Captain of Iletectlve.s MrMnhon. the local
authorities! have heen seeking Blntnn for
some time. It was learned that he was In
Philadelphia, and the police them were
naked to urreat him. Detective Krankel will
probably leave to-day to bring hack the
Iteglstcr Withdraws Appeal,
I>. B. Register, who was lined ?:?? In Police
roiiri for driving an automobile above the
speed limit and who appealed to the Hust?
ings Court, withdraw his appeal yesterday
and paid the fine.
$19.50 For Suits Worth up to $30.00
The second special suit sale of the season repre?
senting very unusual purchases.
Plain sack, Norfolk, English sack suits.
Gans-Rady Company
Suffragette Rooster Next on Card
Government Agent Tells Gov?
ernor How New Scheme Will
Help Farmers^
It seems strange indeed th-.it tho
United stale? government. hUII elect?
ed and officered by mnlca of tho
species, should wend out emissaries
whose object is to completely enslave
the mascUlllie sex of u large variety
of animals. Vet uch Is the case. In
Ihr- guise Of a demonstration agent,
to work among the Virginia farmers
and poultry raisers, auch a messenger
Is turned loose to hasten the timo
when femnles shall be lords of the
This demonstration ngent bus ar
riv. d, und was in Richmond yesterday.
Having heard thai Governor Mann hud
expressed the opinion that women will;
vote In Virginia within a deeale. he
called on the executive and outlined
bis plans.
The males of the poultry breed are j
the unfortunutes whose rights of
dominion are t<> bo assailed. The
roosters of Virginia are to bo dragged
from their eminence and are to h<:
made mere nurses for the rising gen?
eration of their kind, witllo tho hens
attend rlub meetings and have 5
o'clock hug leas, the roosters ate to
he engaged In Unding choice eatables
for the chicks, in educating them as
to tho food values of seeds In neigh?
bors' gardens, In protecting them un?
der their ample wings, and in putting
them lo bed when the tun goes down.
Iteally, there is an economic side
to the proposition. With roosters j
trained to set and to hatch tho young, j
hens may produce more eggs, to the. j
prollt of the farmer. liven should a
benighted hen In thi scnllgbtened ago
Insist upon having chicks of her own, j
she may hand the mover to an obllg- j
Ing rooster t" be reared, so that she
may turn her attention lo the chief
ulni and object of hens.
Information a, to training roosters
In this manner will bo auppllc.i gratis.
Lieutenant Ellis Still Confederate
on Furlough?Lee Camp
Honors Northrop.
Btill a Confederate soldier, "on fur?
lough and awaiting orders," First Lleu
tennnt W, M. Ellis, of Montgomery
county, was ?n Interesting llguro at
last night's meeting of l>:e Camp, Con?
federate Veterans ]'? r tho first time
In public, Lieutenant Kills exhibited his
furlough, which was Issued three days
after Lo, surrender at AppomatlUX,
and which ho has treasured for forty
seven years.
It was while wit), the little armv of
General John Bchols, of Staunton, that
the furlough was written for bleuten'
ant Ellis, 11,. explained that tho Ech
ol? forces, constituting tho Department
Of West Virginia and Mast Tennessee,
were ordered to make a junction with
Lee at Lynchburg. Stopping ut Chris
ttanshurg, news came of the surrendor
of tin- Southern commander. Colonel
ttobort Pie-ton. of WhOSO regiment
Lieutenant Ellis was adjutant, proposed
to join General Joseph K. Johnston, but
protested thnt his adjutant was too
young to suffer any longer, so, at the
request of Colonel Preston, General
Echols had the furlough written?prob?
ably the only one Issued so late. Lieu?
tenant Kills has never surrendered,
never taken the oath of allegiance, was
never discharged?Is simply an oltlcer
of the Confederate States, waiting or
d< rs for nearly half a century.
Mr. .Nnrthrnp Honored.
Lee Camp last night went outside Its
usual custom In ordering1 its adjutant,
Captain J. Taylor Htratton, to write a
letter of sympathy to the widow of
Wlillam Northrop, although the latter
wa- hoi a veteran. In making the mo?
tion. Lieutenant-Commander Edgar D,
Taylor told of the Invaluable services
rendered by Mr. Northrop during the
Confederate reunion of l?07. "His
death." he said, "is a blow to Rich?
.1. Tyler Jobson was elected third
lleutenant-commnndor of the camp to
succeed the Idle Rev, .lam's E. Poindex
ter. The . amp elected H. ?'. O. Hart
man a member of in executive com?
mittee succeeding .lohn N. Gordon.
^liirilrrer? of Prison l.niird KxceiHed nt
State Penltentlnry.
Willintu Price ami John Kurhy. both
colored, were electrocuted yesterday
morning at the penitentiary for the
murder <?( Guard a. T. Belcher, of
the Chesterfield county road fore,
some months ago. Price went to the
chair nt 7:1S o'clock, and Furby was
pronounced dead about fifteen minutes
The murder occurred when tho road
force was stnllone.l near Cluster.
Price and Furhy, with another negro,
had planned to cscnro from the force,
anil were on their "way from camp
when the guard commanded them to
halt. Tlw-n came a running light, In
which Belcher mortally wounded the
third negro and himself received
? wounds which resulted in his death
j a few days after.
Party Will Visit Virginia Towns
to Get Men for Bigger
Hoping to secure a large number of
the. 4.000 recruits needed. by the
United (States -Navy in Virginia, a
i party of petty officers representing
the Navy Department will travel
through this State. Maryland and
West Virginia will also he covered.
All naval recruiting stations through?
out the country will ho kept open on
certain nights to give young men who
are employed during the day an op?
portunity to take the examination and
I In- assured of acceptance before glv
I Ing up their employment. The re
I crultlng party which is to make the
tour of three States will go to inland
towns where no such stations are now
In existence.
It is 1.1 be presumed that the usual
flnrlpg posters will be displayed,
showing jackles, as Mutt depicts it.
"leaning on the admiral's shoulder."
The alternative of swabbing decks IS
not likely to be stressed.
The traveling recruiting party will
be In charge, of Chief Turret Captain
J. J. Gray, recently detarhr.il from the
bnttleshlp Delaware for this duty. Oth?
ers win be chief M?ater-ot-Arms P. B.
Golden, Boatswain's Mate .1. A. Bon?
ner, and another petty officer. Enlist?
ments will bo made in all ratings.
From seven to ten days will be
spent In each town. After three stops
in Maryland tho party will rench Vir?
ginia about July 25, and will visit
the following places: Winchester.
Iiarrlsonburg, Stnunton, Clifton Forge,
Covlngton, Lynchburg, CharlbttesvUle,
Fredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg.
Emporio, Danville. Martln.svDle and
ltoanokc. Then West Virginia will
bo Invaded. Tho tour will end in
. .Cumberland, Md., on January 30. isiis.
Virginia City Has Completely
Put Baltimore's Nose
Out of Joint.
"Richmond Is looker! upon to-day aa:
tho trading centre of all of North Car?
olina, Just an In :ny earlier days Baltt
moro wn.1 regarded an the business Cen?
tre of tho South.?* aald Colonel J 8.
Cunlngham. of the Old North State, at
?Murphy s last night. 'The change of
point of view In this respect ts exceed?
ingly Interesting and very remarkable
Time was when all our business men
looked and thought <>r Baltimore This
feeling went to iUCh an extent that
si holurshlps In Baltimore institutions
of learning wore oft? red In our towns
as Inducements for the retention of
allegiance to the Maryland city.
"Now ail this is changed. Every?
body talks about Richmond Peters,
burg sells us groceries in large vol?
ume; L?yncltburg sells us shoes. Rieb?
mond sells us everything, even Includ?
ing some articles of commerce Hot sup?
posed to be dealt in back home.'"
"How do you account for It7" Colo?
nel Cunlngham, who earned his title as
a member of the staff of Governor
Glenn, was asked. "Is It because of
"No; you Just have the goods ahd
treat us right." said the North Caro?
>ir. Graves l'.ntrr? Service.
James \V. Graves, of this city, has
been appointed by Governor Mann a
captain in the quartermaster's depart?
ment of tlte Virginia Volunteers. Cap?
tain Graves will probably be attache.!
to the first Brigade during the en?
campment at Mount Gretna, Pa., to bo
held In July and August.
Drntnl limmlnnf Inn Bads.
The annual examination of candidates
for license to pr.irtlee dentistry was
concluded at K o'clock last evening,
and the members of the board oft lor
their homes. Probably a month will
elapse before the examination of the,
papers is concluded and tho certificates
F.xpcrt Verdict To-Day.
Final argument will be heard to-day be?
fore the lury In the l?-iw nnd Equity Court
in the long-drawn-out tsxles-b suit. Involv?
ing; RS.oao, which has been on trial .'or the.
east t?o weeks Th* suit was brought !,q
the Vlrslnla Tsxl-Kervlee Company .igainst
the Hultan Motor Car Company .and the
Otb- Elevator Company It Is expected o
an to the Jury late this afternoon or to
G. M. Co.'s
"Pearl" Roofing
That's Enough
Gordon Metal Co.,
Richmond, Va.
Several good rooms still vacant on
the S. S. "Main," from Baltimore to
Bremen, June 26. Apply at once to
Richmond Transfer Co.
SO? E. Main Street.
Good Morning,
If you will let us tlo your "RourIi Dry"
Family Wash (at only 6c n pound) you
will be pleased in every way. Think it
j over.
Phone us. Monroe 1958 or 1959.
I The Royal Laundry
M. B. Florsheim, Proprietor,
311 N. Seventh Street.
Richmond Corrugated
Paper Company
. Manufacturers
817-819 N. Seventeenth St.
Works, Office,
Phone Monroe 3271. Madison 725

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