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Democrats Favor One of De- j
fcatcd Candidates for the j
Governor Burke, of North Da- !
kota, Gets in Race as
"Dark 1 [orse."
Baltimore. Md. .Tune ]?.?Preliminary
to the meeting to-morrow of the ar
rang? mem committee, to select the tem?
porary officers of the Democratic Na?
tional Convention there was further
discussion to-day of the proposition to
have the candidate who receives the
El eoitd highest number of votes on the j
final ballot accept tiie nomination ?f i
Vlcc-Prcsldent National Committee
man Josephus Daniels, of North Caro?
lina, is strongly urging this proposi?
tion to his fellow commltteemeu.
"Of course, all the presidential can?
didates say they would not accept sec I
ond place on the ticket, but what else
could they say at this time'."' said Con.- \
mltleeman Daniels, who added that the
mak< up of the llckot from tiie geo?
graphical standpoint would bo satis?
factorily brought about b> the adoption
of the proposition.
Headquarters In l ull swing.
The headquarters of tits various pres- !
Idential candidates were in full swing;
today, and the rival camps issued hour?
ly claims of victor}*. Secretary Wood- |
soli said that nil of the contests re
ceived so far were quite, minor in char?
acter. !
All in a!!. I don't believe there w 111 ;
be nure than forty seats contested," '
said Secretary Woodsoii, "and these j
lepresent perhaps naif a dosen delega-*
lions. No one of them is serious.'' i
Lieut.-Gov. J. Taylor Ellyson, of
Virginia, the notional commliteem?n I
from that State, says that the several
candidates in the Held will receive part
of the vote cssti
"Virginia will be s.itUiied with any j
gi. ??! :andldatc," said Mr. Kllyson. "i'he ,
Mate has no candidates of its own."
Would Cnpture I ulnstruetcd.
Democrats In their pre-convention
councils gave pause to follow the course
of affairs m the Republican National
Convention at Chicago, With the lead?
ers of all the rival candidates for pres?
idential nomination here, there wer?
quiet onferences to prepare plans of
capturing the unlnstructed delegate*
tjor, to reach the city.
W. 1". McCombs, of New York, cam?
paign leader for Governor Wilson, took
? hargu of the Wilton headquarters yes?
terday and announced that Senator
Gore, ei Oklahoma, and Representative
Mitchell Palmer, of Pennsylvania,
would second tne nomination of the
Now Jersey Governor.
J. Hamilton Lewis, of Chicago, came
yesterday afternoon with a plan t^
swing the vice-presidency for an Illi?
nois man. Senator Itankhead. of Ala?
bama, who is looking after the interest
of the candidacy of Oscar Underwood,
talked things over with the national
committeeincit at headquarters,
Hurk,. >In> Me ??l?f)rK llor.se."
Friends of Governor Burke, of North
Dakota, say that If the convention is
? id'.o lied the Governor will be a j
? dark horse" candidate for President? j
b it that if the nomination g ?? a Uatjt
Or South, Governor Burke will be a j
candidate for the vice-presidency.
A resolution drawn up by the State
Equai Franchise League, pT?vlUlni? an j
e iual suffrage plank for the Demo- I
riratic platform, has been given to Sen?
ator Rayneri of Maryland, for presen?
tation to the resolutions committee.
Manuel Quezon, resident commission- |
tr of the Philippines at Washington,
iias come to Baltimore to urge the adop?
tion of n plank Indorsing the Philip?
pine independence bill now bet?re Con?
\>. to tin- Vlee-I'rcsldcnc.v.
No matter which Democrat 's select?
ed as tbej'presidential nominee: it
f.'i.r ..?.-rj.iji art er e canvass of the
situation that- the campaign managers
of the successful nominee will ask
on: of the defeated candidates to take
the \ if.-presidential nomination.
It Is understood that In the event of
V'lson's nomination either Clark or
Harmon win be asked to take second
tplat e.
The Clark people will attempt to
have either Wilson or Gaynor take
second place if the Speaker Is. success?
It is believed that if Harmon Is
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nominated he will want either Wil?
son or Underwood as second choice
on the ticket with htm.
Friends uf I'nderwood eny that If
lie Is nominated their preference for
second place will he either Harmon or I
i progressive from the far West.
Gaynor's nomination, it is said. I
ivould mean that Champ Clark would i
lie asked to take second place.
Uryiui l<? Suggested.
One of the polltt tans at the Belvi- |
iere Hotel made the daring suggestion j
that Bryan ought to be asked to take j
Lho vice-presidential nomination this.
lime, regardless of who |? given first I
place on the ticket. This, however,
ivan only a suggest'on, and there is |
no movement being started for It. be?
et use not one out of any hundred
nen think that Bryan would consider \
?uch a proposition
It seems certain that whichever way,
[he nomination goo,. th< fe will be an
?fYort mad, immediately, as suggested '
last w.el: by Joseph us Daniels, of
Vorth Carolina, to have the second or
>nc other of the presidential can
lidates take second place.
-Ml of the campaign managers have
ibis idea In mind, and Curing the last
fiAv days, particularly during the talk
01 yesterday, preferences as given
nbove seemed to be the general opin?
ion of most of the workers ami advo?
cates of the respective candidates.
Hh.il IV11 no ii Men Wnnt.
The Wilson people soy that they!
would be glad to have either Clark or
Harmon on the ticket with Wilton,
because cither of them would repre?
sent and consequently attract the more
conservative wuig of the Democratic
party. Clark particularly, they say.1
v>ould also add strength t" the ticket
because of his record In the House, j
Were it not for the fact that Un?
derwood is too close geographically to1
f/lark. It is said, he would be the first
i ? "i ' of the Clark people as the vice
presidential nominee on a Clark ticket,
l'hc Clark people think that the com-,
I ination of Clark and I'nderwood with
their tariff rerords would make a
strong ticket, but feel that they live
: o close together.
Some Fnvnr Harmon.
Harmon Is almost a general favor?
ite a-' a vlie-presldcnlla) nominee. fo>
inUSC lo femes from a doubtful Plate.'
i nd also has a str?ng following ninongl
the conservative:-. Nearly all of thel
candidates would be gla? to have him
oh the tieket in case any of them werci
Since the presidential l.nom for
Gayhor then has also been a strong
Inclination on the part of some of the
campaign manacers to regard Gay
nor as a serious, factor In the vlco-i
presidential situation. This Is truei
likewise of Governor "Foss, of Maasa
? I'isttis. who conies from a doubt-|
rut State with a large representation!
in tho electoral college.
It seems to be true that some ol
the presidential booms are. in elfecti |
Tlco-prcsldentlul booms, but ^11 of i
them deny tliis?quite naturally.
Contest Prom Philippines.
The contesting, unlnstructod delega-1
tion? from the. Philippine Islands are)
? omlug to the convention. This is a i
most peculiar situation, as ail tiiej'
other contesting or contested delega-1,
tloha differ on a candidate. Tne del- I
egalion thnt Is seated will have six
The difference has arisen over Phil?
ippine Independence. The regular con?
vention, composed in large part ot
officeholders, elected a delegation com-;
posed of Taft Democrats, who were'
unwilling to criticise the administra?
tion or demand Indcpeu-cnce. if seat-'
cd, it is understood that they will1
vote at the direction of certain of?
ficers of the national administration j
Tho other delegation, hcaaed by C.
A. I'i Witt, a lawyer of Manila, was |
elected by a rump convention which
criticised the administration and de-1
dared for Philippine] independence at ,
once. Mr. De Witt, accompanied by ;
Signor Manuel L. Quezon, resident
commissioner for the Phillp'ne Islands.'
was In Baltimore yesterday and con- j
fcrrcd with Senator Stone, Clark lead; I
er. It is said that tills delegation III
in favor ot the candidacy of the j
Speaker at the present stage of the
game, but If seated will await over- ;
lures from the supporters of tno can
it is believed by politicians that each ;
of th<- delegations will be seated wlln
the inetnbers given one-half vote each.
Perry lleliitonl Arrive*.
Among the early arrival.- yesterday
at the Belvtdcre Hotel were Mr. ami
Mrs. Perry Beltnont. ot New York, who ,
??ami- ove, iron, Washington to ostab
ll8h themselves here until the end ot
next week.
"I have no candidate." said Mr. Bel
mont, "and do not cure to be drawn
Into any discussion of tlie Issues be- |
fore the convention."
Tlie New York millionaire, who has j
been an ardent Democrat for ninny ,
years, lias generally been prominent
in the counsels of the party at con- '
ventlon lime'. Some persons believe I
tlmt he will he found Indorsing the ?
Gaynor candidacy before many days !
have expired, hut his Intimacy with j
"Boss'' Murphy will probably lead him
to refran from taking a stand on the.
nomination until after Murphv arrives
Friday night. .
It is understood thnt the New York '
situation' was dlsousscd thoroughly*,
both men recognizing the fact that
the votes of thr.t State will go far
toward settling the question of the
presidential nominee.
Just as superior to other Tires as Michelin
Red Inner Tubes are to other tubes
Foster Motor Car Co?,
?305-613 West Broad Street.
Nearly Entire Faculty on Hand,
and Attendance of 1,500
I Special to Tin' Tlnics-Dlspatch.]
CharlottesvlUc, Vi>-. Juno l'.?.?The
L'nivcraity of Virginia Summer rieliuol
opens .to-morrow and closes fa'ntur
d.iy. August a. Though the formal
opening does not tuke place until to?
morrow night in Cabell llaU, regular
class woVk win begin at S:3Q o'clock
to-morrow morning'
Nearly tho entire faculfy wu.. u"
hand this morning in aid In me ma?
triculation of student*). Des pi to th ?
rain, :tuo were enrolled In tho llrst
few hours, Prosp/uts ire bright f'll'
the largest attendance ?ri tho his?
tory of the hcIiou Director Maph:*]
looks for an attendance of 1 500.
.More teachers havi secured bourd
than ever before at n corcsponding
The State Department of PubHa
Instruction has 1 illcd Hie annual con?
ference of division superintendents
to meet Ht tho university on Juno " <
and 26. The 113 supertntciidonw ul
the State are expected to .ttten? this
Dr. Richard T. Wycho, of New York,
president of tho National Story Til?
lers- League, has announced that tho
eighth annual meeting of tho league
will be held In connection wltn ihej
summer school June iu?August a.
The president states that tlie leuguo
movement- continues to grow, that
during the 'pa^t. four months new
leagues have bee:, organized at St.
Joseph, Mo.: Des Molnes, Iowa; At?
lanta, On.: Pique, Ohio, and >.' >rnii<l,
III. Irl addition to the league meet?
ings at the university, two six-weeks'
courses in story telling will be giv?
en in tho summer school, dealing with
story telling in ill ol its important
aspects. At the session of the stim?
uli t school last year over r,ao students
attended the twilight meetings for
story telling, which were under the
?supervision of a committee of the
Story Tellers' League.
[.Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Fort Monroe, v.i . June IB.?-The fif?
teenth annual closing exercises of the
3ld Point Comfort i'oiiege were held
>n Monday on the college lawn, where
in interesting pro grunt was rendered
rite address wns delivered by Muurlvt
\. Powers, of Richmond. Medals wcrr
awarded as follows:
Cold medal for athletics, Denis .1.
McCarron: silver medal to Kirnet
Hcaley, bronze medal to Georg,- Kelly,
ironzo medal to William Martin, gold
in to Edward O'Toolc.
Tlie following are the medal win?
Academic Department?For general
proficiency, Francis .1. McCourt; for
mathematics! George B. Kelly; Latin.
I'Fancls J. McCourt: French. Francis J.
McCourt. .Second year?For general
aroltclciicy, .1. Murray Idnll; Christian
iloetrine, J. Murray Idail; Latin. J.
Murray idail: irrcuch, J. Murray ldail.
"Mrsl year?General proficiency, William
Martin: Latin. Joseph Morgan.
Commercial Department?For general
prollciency. Log- . .\. Greene; Christian !
doctrine, Roger A. Greene. First year
?For general profit leney, Eldon Kane.
Grammar Department, for general
proficiency Ninth grade, Wray Lancer;
seventh grade, Blrher .1. Ifcnley; sixth
mad.-, Juliali C. Smith: fifth grade.
Philip J.jMcG?lre; fourth gn-de. Jack
ISOIngs; third era de. Harold Hawkins,
second grade, l-ldgar Hare; tirst grade,
w Francis Knowles.
Tlie seniOi elocution medal was
iwarded to Hubert Smith and the ju?
nior elocution medal to Donnell it.
Smith. Diplomas v. ere aw arded as
follows: Academic Department?Fran
els .1. McCourt, George B. Kelly, Henry
i' Johnston. Thomas .). Hanrahan. Com?
mercial Departmentr?Roger A. Greene,
.lohn B. Krieger. Hubert A. Smith,
Chase Long ;;? . Bernard H. Powell,
John J. McCabe.
Sentenced to Penitentiary When
Convicted on Charge of
Grand Larceny.
(apodal to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Danville, Ya . June 10.?D. P. T?te,
a former Methodist mlnibter from
North Carolina, but latterly of th's
city, was this morn'ng convicted on a
charge of grand larceny, atid was
seilten.. e,l bj .. Jury In the Corpora?
tion Court to-day to fourteen months
in the pet.it' ntlary.
Tale wns charged with having sold
a dwelling in North Danville to a
man named W . P. Kuqua receiving 'n
payment 175, and ten notes of $les
each. It v afterward discovered
thai tio re -. - |500 mortgage upon
the house.
Whin tht .arrant for Tates arrest
was issued I..- cduld not be found, hut
he was laier located at KnoxvUlc,
Tonn., a lid v at brought hack here to
stand trial.
This trial has been followed with
great Interest locally on account of
the length '?: time wjildi It has taken.
There an .: other count3 against
th : man.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Williams . .;. Yn., June l'.'.?The
Wlll'amsb Female Institute closed
to-day after very successful session.
ii,c following young women were
award..] :,is: Miss MUln Trosvig,
Bcholnri l Miss Mildred Dull, mus e;
Miss Pearl Jones, domestic, science;
Miss Jud'tl Alexander, housekeeping.
Mis:, Gruc. Rwan, of Oaktree, was
awarded ., prla'e as the best Bible
Student Ml Mills Trosvig was
awnrded diploma of graduation, be?
ing jthe II student to finish the
course at II institution which was
opened foili years ago.
state Hospital has pur
l.ased ..: i: p; Cole the house and
lot adjoin ng the hospital executive
building on Francis Street, the price
paid being '. ...OO. The hospital now
owns all ihe ,-vroperty facing Francis
Street on the block.
Heal Succeeds Hunt.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
Waverly, Va.. Juno in.?.Judge J. F.
West, of t ;? Third Judicial Circuit,
'?nt.ied nn ..r.Ier to-day appointing
1 Hosi . i stony ('reek, Commis?
sioner i th. Revenue for District No.
1 '" Suss. aunty, t.> nil the vacancy
??? i aM.......i |,y tl,e death of the late
Thomas Hunt.
Warners Safe Remedies
The Best Remedy for Rheumatism
in all forms is
Warner's Safe Rheumatic Remedy
?=? Rhcu
matism is caused primarily by the failure of the kidneys
to take the uric acid out of the blood. This remedy
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system, thereby removing the rheumatic pain and
eliminating all traces of the disease.
The OLD OR fG fXA L Warner's Safe Cook Book, used in
Ikoutttndi of /lames, urtll be sent postpaid on rteeipt ofjoefnts.
Warner's Safe Remedies Co.,
Dept. 285 Rochester, N. Y.
Ihree Hundred business Men Go by Special
'Jrain ana See Thriving Town and Hear
of Its Future.
BY Fit A Mi. S. >VOODSO.\,
Richmond went to West Point yen- I
terday and cupt tired It. or maybe West
I'uiut took possession of KichmonU.
in either case t'es wci.e made to bind
Hu- two wry closely together coinmor
B'tilly. socially and otherwise.
Tho Chumber of Commerce of West i
I'olnt usked business Uiehiuotid, ropre- |
senled by the chamber of Commerce, j
and tlu> Business .Men'.- Club, to go !
down to West I'olnt and see lor them* |
selves what that ?oaport has to offer
Richmond tu a business way and lit
the way of deep water advantages at I
the head of the York Blver. and all
as a business proposition.
Richmond is open always to wise ?
suggestions, und It accepted the luvt- |
tallon. Richmond sent down a iepre- |
sentatlvo business delegation 300 |
strong, or to be exact, the special
train of s'x coaches which pulled out i
from the Southern Railway station m j
9:30 yesterday morning carried to
West i'olnt Jlti Richmond "boosters." |
not less than fifty of whom were j
charming women. And Just here l
want to say that Richmond bus no
more faithful und cuthusiu: m-rtoat'ng !
boosters than its patriotic business
It was a beautiful day. The ra'ns
nf tlie night before had cooled the at- i
mosphcre and the grac'ous clouds kept j
the rays of the .tune sun tame :t
was u Jolly crowd aboard the train, an
enthusiastic crowd, and their entnus
lasm became greatly enlarged when
ilicy reached West Point and were met
by the whole population of the town,
licaded by a reception committee that !
had been put on duty by the West
Point Chamber of Commorce. \\ o
ivere escorted to the park, and there ?
Crosby Thompson, president of the I
\Y,si point Chamber of Commerce,M
mounted an Improvised soakers stand j
in front of a big sign board upon i
which was painted in big letters the
word ??Welcome."' It hail been ur- |
ranged that there should he very j
little speech-making, and so Mr.
Thompson spoke both for the West .
point Chamber of Commerce and for!
ihc municipality of West Point, rep- j
resenting the business organization
of which h? is the head, and Mayor A. '
Robinson, of the town government. I
thus condensing two speech) s Into one |
When President Thompson mounted j
the stand lie carried In Ma hand sti '
enormous key, and hero Is what h- I
.aid about it, as well its r cap remem
ber: 1
Oo| Cordial Welcome.
"Ladies ami Gentlemen of Richmond:!
"On behalf of the Chamber of Com?
merce and citizens of Westpolnt, t
extend you greeting, and at the re?
nnest of our Mayor I present you with
this key. You will not ne,.,| It to en?
ter any of our homes, for their doors
arc standing wide, bidding you en?
"This key wo ask you to take rinme
with you as n souvenir of your vis
it. it Is emblematic we believe, of
bur town in its relation to the ftlturn
of your city. When wo have shown
you what we have in the way of Har?
bor facilities and deep wfttor front?
age, we hope you, too, will fcol as
To Regain a Healthy,
Girlish Chmplexion
(From Che Feminine World.)
If you would have a clear, fresh,
girlish complexion, one ounce of ordi?
nary mercolized wax will aid you In
this direction more than shelves full
of cosmetics. It produces a natural
beauty. This wax, procurable at any
drug store, completely absorbs a bad
complexion revealing the healthy
vouns .-kin undern-xth. Its work is
done so gradually, day by day, that 7 o
Inconvenience is caused. The wa\ is
appilad at night. Pko cold cream, rmd
removed in the morning with soap and
Anothrr valuable rejuvenati ig tr.'-al
metit?if you have wrinkles or yovr
skin is fl?bby and saggy?Is to bathe
your face In a solution of powdered
saxoMto, one ounce, dissolved <n one
half pint witch hazel. This has a re?
markable notion in smoothing out the
lines and "lirin.'ns up" 4he loosened
I Issue.
The Bromm Bake
shops Are Ready
For Picnic Week
Thousands of Bromm pics,
cakes, turnovers, rolls and
loaves of bread will ho carried
to Buckroc and the other
beaches this week in the
baskets of happy picnic par?
We guarantee that none of
Brnmm's will come back.
They never do.
Send in your order early.
L. Bromm
Baking Co.
516 East Marshall Street,
501 W. Broad Street.
we do. that West Point is the real key
to a great Richmond?a greater Rich
niond than many or you have dreamed
of. one thing Is curtain, what the
port of New York Is to the .vn.du
Northern belt either Norfolk or Rich?
mond will become to the rapidly du
veloplng Southern belt of our buui, ?
"Wo hope you will feel mat West
Point Is not merely a little slsie.
thirty-eight miles away, but. In ract, 1
a part of Richmond?Port Richmond, I
If you IiIk?and that turough Port I
Richmond greater Richmond will bo
come the largest commercial and dis?
tributing centre of the .-?outn.
"i>o not let your pondering on these
great possibilities mar the pleasure of
this visit. We want you to enjoy tiu?
day, nnd the Hist thing on the pro*
gram Is a fish dinner. Wh'ch will bo
served to you nt the Hotel O'Connor
from 11:30 to 1:30. With our limited
capacity, we are unable to seat but
100 at one time, but all will l.c serv?
ed In time to take a boat trip.
"The steamer Atlanta w>n leave at
2 o'clock with nil those who WlSfl to
enjoy a trip down the York River.
At the same time the steamer Louise
will go up the Fnmunkoy and Mat*
taponi Rivers, giving those Who wis.ll
a panoramic Mew of the shore line
of the town.
"While waiting for dinner you are
welcome to enter any of the, vehicles
and be driven about the town. All
things aie at your disposal."
President Thompson's speech nas
frequently interrupted with applause,
and at Its conclusion there was Very
great applause, his remarks about Hut
llsh dinner, and all of it free, bei^g
especially provocative of enthusiasm.
Itrapounc b> .Ma>or.
.Somebody had to reply to thH cheer?
ing speech, and our own Davy Crockett
Richardson, Mayor of Richmond, was
on hand. All the Richmond folks
ailed for Ii I in. Mayor Richardson
mounted tho ttund, and sraspiiijr tile
big key he waved It aloft, while the
people cheered. When they gave llllU
a chance the Mayor spok'- II. usually
does when he gets a chance, lie al?
ways speaks well, and he never spoke
better than yesterday. lie tubl the
West Point people how delighted were ?
his people lb run dow n to West Po.nt
to see what the folks there have to j
"We come." said he. "to seal the ties !
that bind us close together, ties of a ,
twentieth century commercial kind.
Tho people of Richmond have come to
look at your great water front and sec \
for themselves what about the advan?
tages ynu offer us as a doopwaler ter- '
minal. We see It and we rind that it I
is the thing We have been looking for, i
Prom this date West Point is ours, and 1
We propose to make It a part of lip h
mond?Richmond's port, Richmond's !
loveliest suburb. Wp hope to so unite
Richmond and West Point that they
will be one and the same, for here 1st
Richmond's Ideal port."
Tn. Mayor referred in mont compli?
mentary terms to the Industrial Hec
tlon of The Times-Dispatch and said
that the editor of the same was largely
responsible for "all of this strife"?
the "strife" that is bringing Richmond
and West Point so dose together and
that must eventuate in making West
Point w hat nature Intended it to he?
"Porl Richmond." lie most hearltly In?
dorsed the "scheme," as he called it.
"of the Industrial Times-Dispatch to
make West Point -Richmond's great,
port, with lifty or more railway trat Its
binding them together as "Oreateot
Richmond.' "
The Mayor said he could talk for
two hours und tell who would be pres?
idential nominees and congressional
nominees and all that kind of tiling,
but he would not. as he was on hand
to talk business ami not politics. He
dosed his brief remarks by most grace?
fully ac opting the big key to West
Point and issuing an official order to
all Richmond to tnkn possessio.i of the
town, and the folks proceeded to obey
the order In great style.
President Tax. f'arrington. of the
Chamber of Commerce, and President
Tom Bryan, of the Business Men's Club,
were loaded with big speeches, but Uir
in.,gram of the day's doings shut them
off. and they simply bowed to the big
crowd. However, they had an inning
later In ll.e day.
The local reception committee then
took charge of the crowd ami s-howed
them the town. Carriages, buggies,
wagons and automobiles were brought
into use, and all Richmond spent Jwo
hours and more in seeing all of West.
The Grent Fluh Dinner.
Then came the great fish dinnor at
Hotel O'Conner. It was called a llsh
dinner, and iruly the fish wero there
In all styles nnd shapes; but it was
more than thai. It was all kinds of a
dinner?llsh, oysters, vegetables, soups
and all other kinds of good tilings.
The members of the reception com?
mittee, who did so much to make the
day cnjoynblo to the Rlcnmonders, wero
as follows:
W. R. .ironddus. .1. T? Bland. H. R.
McCanna, Crosby Thompson. A. Robin?
son r !?". Hoffman. r" T. Maskcy,
Nathan Hess, E. I.,. Smithei'. Ed. Moiv
VltS, B. B. Bagby, R B F.dwards, A.
F. Hudson, J W. Owens. C. W. Pumph
rey. J. T. Roche, .1. L. Tnhb. A. .1. Wal
colt. M. P. Chandler. Clyde fiouldman,
W. T. Wheeler, J. W. Wilkinson. Hf I*
Chalkley. J. W. Marshall. H. K. Top?
ping. P. B. Sholton. II. Anderson, R. C.
Oardcn, Arthur Neustndt. A. W. East?
wood, C. F.. Major. James Kosner. Ned
.Bland. Colonel Fnrlnholt. Colonel Jns,
O'Connor. .1. B. Curie, Dr. N?hn, A. O.
Ware. R. B. Ware.
They all wore bailees, a,nd nobody
hesitated to call upon a while badge
for any kind of service.
The Konthrirn 'Railway peole nnd
1 tho Chesapeake Steamship Company's
peojilo joined hand In hand with tho
YVcat Point peoplo to make tho day.
u big ttilne.
S. E. JJuigeBH. Mr. Wilson. Mr. Cur-t
tcr und Mr. Drake, of the railway]
company, worn aboard the train
hustling all th,. time to make' every?
body comfortable.
Took Hide Dann River.
At 2 o'clock, uftor the "lish dinner"
had been disposed of. this whole layout,
Richmond and West Point combined,
accepted tho Invitation of the Chesa?
peake Steamship Comany to take pos
seSBlun ot tho handsome Steamer At?
lanta and rldo a Tew miles down lIn
great Hlver York.
T. Compton, tho president of tho
company, and E. J. Chiam, the general
freight und passenger agent, canto
down from Haltlmoro to meet t*ie Rich?
mond folks und to do tho honors on
tho river trip. Tho run wan twelvo
miles down the York to Almond's
Wharf. On tho run we saw sotntj of
the greatest farms In ull Virginia,
Tho good ship Atlanta brought us back
to West Point In due time, and while
wo were waiting for the train to make
Up the Richmond crowd held ? u Im?
promptu mooting. S. \V. Meek offered
some verbal resolutions extending tho
thanks of Greater Richmond to West
Point for tho grand and glorious
time that bad brought Greater Rich?
mond and it- logical port logcthor.
Thomns p. Bryan, president of tho
Rlohmond Business Men's Club, was
called upon to speak to the "resolu?
tions," ami In BO doing ho mad. a,
most fellcltlous business and commer?
cial talk. Crosby Thompson responded
briefly to the words Of cheer front
Richmond, and thus closed the festivi?
ties of a most joyous business day u
day that win long he remembered In
West Point and in Richmond; a day
that has really and seriously Inaug?
urated a great commercial scheme that
sooner or later win make Richmond
a seaport indeed and West point tho
greatest suburb of the greatest of all
the great Southern eitles.
(Special toThoTlincs-Dtspatch I
Charlottcsvllle, Va . -and 10.-Th*
Bureau ot) Appointments at the Uni?
versity of Virginia has secured posi?
tions for the foil..wing students ..? .1
year: William Newton Ncff, of Chll
howle, at Norfolk Academy; R r
Mason, ot Itaverford Scnool; Samuel
Garfletd Wright. Of Star, and s I.
tl.er Payne, of Max. at Gala:. S< hbo
Marlon R?shton, of Montgomery, Ala.)
Harold Hopkins Neif, of Charlottcs?
vllle; William i.ee sandldgc, of Lyncn?
birg, and William Ulbert Gilbert, of
Rasnako, pt t!..- i'bailottesviUc lli^-n
s.-hool; J. N. McMlllinn, at Mississippi
Normal College, a. s. Johnstone, --
rotary of the Hoard bf Trade, at
Greenville, S C.: E. Uwathmey, at
I.ouis High School; i:. Uwathmey, at
Marlon Institut?, Marlon. Ala.; Kd
waul Staple? : oiith, of the UnlVorsH
ty. preceptorshlp at Princeton I'ni
verslty'; w. I" Garnett, at New Lon?
don Academy. Cary Kran Klin Jacob?!
of Richmond, at Norfolk Ac&dcm);
Richard P<.tt.- Johnson] of Frederick*
Md., at Toms Institute.
Staleavllle llo.trd Kleefs Teachers.
(.Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
StatMvllle. N. C, June ty.?Thol
Staleavllle Graded School Board has
elected Professor I>. Matt Thompson |
Superintendent of tho graded schoolrt
for the twenty-Second time. The fol?
lowing teachers ha,vc been elected mi
far f.t the next year: Professor it. 1.'.
? 'raven, principal. Misses (.tittle Glass,
N.-lile Pcnder, Margaret Blow Mare.u.1
Jordan. Annie Rabe, Jess!. Mass*
Mary Wortham, Prances Nixon Neliiil
Armtleld. Kllle Grler, Lucy full" it ..i
and Kate 1'inley. These arc nil n
elections . Miss Kertle Lcnolr .1 ?! . ?
apply, and Mis* Bessie Crot^cll wni
elected In her place. Two VUCanciC;
remain to be Piled lawr.
Ask Your Doctor
All run down, easily tireu, thin,
pale, nervous? And do not
know what to take? Then go
direct to your doctor. Ask his
opinion-of Ayer's non-alcoholic
Sarsaparilia. No alcohol, no
stimulation. A blood purifier,
a nerve tonic, a strong altera?
tive, an aid to digestion. Let
your doctor decide, i,ZJii'tiL*'
The Implement Co.,
have just issued a new and
complete Farm Implement
Catalog giving up-to-date in?
formation and prices of
I All Farm Implements.
1 Corn and Cotton Planters,
Wheel and Disk Cultivators.
Dump and Farm Wagons,
Engines, Threshers,
Saw and Planing Mills,
Metal and other Roofings,
Buggies, Harness, Saddles,
Barb Wire, Fencing, etc.
Our prices are very reason?
able for first-class supplies.
Correspondence solicited.
Catalog mailed free on request
Write for it.
T/Vc Implement Co.,
E. Main St., Richmond, Va.
Can Cancer Be Cured;
The record of tho Kell am Hospital Is
without parallel In history, having
cured to stay cured permanently, with?
out the use of tho knife or X-ray, over
90 per cent, of the many hundreds or
sufferers from cancer which ft haa
treated during the past fifteen years.
We have been endorsed by the Sena to
and Legislature of Virginia. Wo guar?
antee our cures.
Physicians treated free.
1017 W.at Mnlo St.. ".
3 Months lor $5.00
and upward. Every machine, is In fine
vurklnK order and will I?' kept ho durlli
term of rental. Initial payment allowed i
ni ply if purchased. WE SELL rebuilt inn
chines, guaranteed for one year, ut a ih
luit of i'O per c nt. to l":r cent. Send y
Illustrated, catalogue1.
I'tione MadiBon 6JJ*. C05 E. Main Street.

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