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What the Westmoreland! Club Remembers amid What it Looks Forward To.
_ Alice M. Tyler.
of nirhmonil, now of ??v York.
Photograph by II. P. Cook.
Remembered In Richmond as Miss Mnry
Photograph by H. P. Cook.
atrjEBW KU / A II I ".Til.
Copy at a -very rnrp enicravlnff which
ImnKB upon the wall* of the
Wewrmorelnnd Club.
Photograph by H. P. Cook.
Photograph by H. P. Cook.
of Richmond.
Photop;r..pli by II. P. Cook.
President .\nilonnl nnil Vlrclnln Sorle<r
of Colonial nnran. This picture ihong
Mrs. Cox as Miss Kntc Ca bell.'
Photograph by H. P. Cook.
Sow Mrs. Albert r<l<rbl>, of n*lt lranre.
Phlt OEraph by If. r. Cook.
On* of ?hr m<mt hrllllnnt ol VlrKinla
hraiiflrn. nhi> mnrrlrit Oliver Srhnol
rrafl. Ml?? Oulii Mir daughter of
Hon. Hoher* Onld, prominently con?
nected ?Ith thr Confederacy In IIa ofn
rlol Ufr.
Photograph by H. P Cook.
OMPltfERS of BcroplbookS?may
their tribe Increase!?are verl
^?'' taihle benefactors rf r'n--- human
trace m that it would scein they are
the oon-Fm'idors of history, of Rich?
mond history, especially.
Leaves yellowed with time, but sub
pasting points of interest and inform?
ation, furnish searchers into the past
Iwrith elews that in the end rest <re.
p'.er-A by piece. ,. eonneolert t\ hole, /rem
?which scones and persona cos f?tan?l
out with living igra.se - id beastcy,
Diai'.e . and scra,phoolci "t" the wnr
tlme period of ihe '60's tragic though
Ihey may he. are vltnally full and
Mgn:ficint. These d-cdlcntcd to the
years follow'tiT upon April, of ISfir..
sr; mea;r:-e by comparison. Because,
perhaps, the monotonous tale eif daily
!r.fr?n?!nir cito, the t res-Mire of pover?
ty ar.1 the blotting out of hope, m'ade
the story so grim that the hand of >tho
??tory teller faltered ever the task ami,
faltering, skipped some part ?f tne
rf cord
Voting Wfe A?Tnl(.en|-nji.
Ordain It Is that It rwas the puls?
ing young life, of a coming srener arion,
ester and Impetuous In its awakc-n
Ine; outflow^ ky demanding Its natural
js/lgh| (-0 .pfMpgntiron, which censed an
'awakening among elder Richmond
'ptapls, who had, nftor the -fnll of the
Qenfederacy, sat apart in th^'.r grief
Itr.d let the rett of Ihn world rtr.ss
thun by, rawing not' enough for that
putaide world (o take n righ'ful pns!
l.ion ln it But youth finally provaited,
and broken chapters wrrn again ren?
dered aniootb and continuous in their
"When the awa-kenlng came it made
its de.nia.nds in lull and wan met In
lull. Richmond nvn and women were
not given to ha:lf-way measures. Thei.r
hearts miight still be mourning lh"irj
loved and lost, but t.he Irving claimed |
Ilhorn and they must answer the living I
and maintain Ih* fair name of tho
j Statte and tho city which gave them
I birtli. The Impulse towa rd social rc
hnibiMisiUon was nun whi^-h swayed
State and State Capital tliltc It ex-'
I tended throughout the Southland and
found Its firm dilmvlnation in a gat:h^r
inc it t.he Creen'brler White Sulphur
.Springs, w'h'nh in miny rc.vpect?, sur?
passed any that had gone before and
any thevt could ooenn after ist, cele?
brated ns this socinl resort had already
become In the early and mldd'o nine?
teenth century. i
Pltmre Towards iVhom All liyn
General Robert 13. I >ee tus a flg
nre ait treis post bei htm seaapotv?it was.
In the year IS 49??toward whom nil
eyes were turned Gentle nnd gracious
to all, courteous and .brav/" and manly,
lie diffused a.n Influence that carried
a lesson of fortiifcude nnd nf patience,
never to be forgotten. Among the little
cm;ip of m*n where he was oflenest
to >,o seen, were Allen Caperton, of
West Virginia, W. TV. Corcoran, of
Wia-Winston, P. C, and Roger Pryor.
of Vl.rvgtnla and New Tork. The most
ch irmini? tvoTnem of Richmond. Vir?
ginia, and of the South wer/. present.
Miss Mary Tr'plcM, 5Pr<8 Mettle 0\ild
and Miss Jjlr.zte Oaboll, three radiant
Virginia beam ties, the mer* mention
of whoa* names rets hearts at h rob
afresh, lending distinction and loveli?
ness to the glow, with which memory
recalls them.
To Re?Mhllltnte Southern Sivolnl Life.
Thl? first as..emiiv.ing of Bouthecm
men and women In a recognized effort
to restore and preserve a social civil?
ization that tmbodlefl for the-m the
belt.-fs and standards e>f their fathers
nnd grand-fathers, was f-oiio-a-'d by
others during Rue.roe,r|ing years, as
l-ora pbevoks she.v, hedging effectually
the time between past nnd present.
ftay colored silke-n eouv-'nlrs rj.ll at?
tention to the fa.st rhnt Colonel a. W.
Hamilton ?rave n breakfast party In
a "privat? 'breakfast parlor at the
flreenbrler White Sulphur In August j
of 1KK2. The WiithOMd petals or a|
I flower remains >rO pv-r-wve that pink roses j
j adr.rned rJie tetvle with rovers laid
I fc.r twenty-four In honor o_ Miss Quar- .
rior, of Louisville. Dr. .Tohn Wyeth
Allen, one. of thv? twenty-four present,
wrote a >poe<m to Immortalize the oc?
casion In which be said:
It Is not often that T doal In rhyme,
But sitting wbern the cafe Is so fine, j
The Perfect Shortening
Brenk open a "Snowdrift biscuit" while it is very hoi?smell the delicious, appe?
tizing bisruit odor. Never a suspicion of the greasy hog-lard odor nor of the odor
of ordinary shortenings.
Snowdrift makes li^ht biscuit that brown beautifully?biscuit that are biscuit
and it's just as good for all other cooking.
The purity of its origin and the scrupulous cleanliness surrounding its manu?
facture, insure a healthful, easily digested shortening.
Snowdrift is sold only by the can
sold from barrels and tubs.
"Snowdrift Secrets"?handsome book of prac?
tical recipes?sent on request; mention your
grocer's name.
The Southern Cotton Oil Co.
24 Broad St.. New Yojk, N. Y.
Savannah New Orleans
Chicago San Francisco
except by our
Where all the Wne we drink 1s jcn- |
nine, ;
Where youth a.nd beauty -revel In
their prime,
Where lifo is Joyous in its summer j
Where virtu.' rules beside aur gallant |
The rhyming comes unhid, like Ban
quo's ghost."
A i.miles- German.
Just a year laiter. in the sa.mB
month.- M seems altogether oert.iin
thai V\^;: 'iir.r^la.nd ?Htb mem<b?%ns must
Ter.all the date?there was a ladies'
Qermen. which had Mrs. R^iger Pryor
and Mrs. WllkhtS Brure in the list
of its chaperoned, A smile is evoked
'over "i painted bit of sa.tln oon>tnia
Ing an announcement of a "Wlh+U ?Sul?
phur laitvn rarty, with the "Orowl-ng
Hen" Society ?p cr. tertn i^ie-s, ihe hour
5 P. M. and the day and year Avisust
12. 1SR7. The r.xt August MtrS. Wil
kins Brure. Mrs. .1. T. Anderson. -Mrs.
Itohert Boykln: Mrs. Thomas N. Car?
ter. Mrs. A. A. Campbell, Mrs Dud-j
ley r>uRose. Mrs. T. M. Cunningham
and Mrs. ,T. U'. Johnson were host?
ess.*.* for B D. ?iiiepard, when he gave
a comipli men tare gerntan to fhe Savin,
nah ladies, guests of the White Sul?
phur during th.it sea?ton.
August of 189,1 jS pleasantly Temem
hered on a'ccounrt of a dinner tendered
by Mein. Tt.?!.''\r Pryor, of New York,
and Mr. Speer, and by a reeeptlon and
cotillion to Governor and Mrs. Powle,
of Xorth Carolina and Mieses Mary
and Mildred l^ee. daughters of Genera-)
Robert K. J/ee, J. S. Ctinlngham, P.enne
han Cameron, J. T* Morehea^l and
others, boltvtr nmong the. 'hosts.
rrexldenr? r,,|<nco Club
The same 7r,r,n;h, but a little later,
the President's e-ottage Club gave a
brilliant cotillion, with Mrs. Clarence
Knowles. Mr-- C. P. T*tnghortt?. Mrs.
J. Marsh Johnston, Mrs. H. K. Gardm
and Mrs J. M War?, as a reception
committee, ass sted by W. Scott Oar
rlngton. W Andrew Doody. J. W.
Grant,W. R Sparks. H. C. Stuart.
fThomas C Inckaon; Henry F art r fas
Thomas B r.unn and William W. Wil?
Durin'g the wartime period there
were Intervai? in winter when sol?
diers and R'*hmon/l women snatched
a few moment?' rpsp!te from the grim
horrors of war and devoted I hem to
dances and to private theatricals with
a decided leaning toward the. latter.
A Bnllnd in Pnntnmlrie,
The taste fo- theatricals awakened
afresh in Richmond during th-e lato
'70s and Ch- t.rnas week of 1R77 was
signalized bj a "Ballad in Pantomine.
The Mistletoe Bough," given at Mo?
zart Wall for the her.oflt of the Re?
treat for the >'-k. There were four
tableaux, beautifully staged. M-iss
Ward, of K? il i ky, look the leading
pari of "Glnevra," wearing white satin
point d'alen on and pearls. Dr. Pat
ton, of Richmond, was l^ord Lowell,
; but Miss Ward's p-iriner for the min?
uet, from wh i the bride breaks aiway
!n th.> play ur.d runs to hide, was
Wr, Whipple, who had on a green
velvet costume embroidered wlrth sil?
ver, former!;, belonging m T-?ord Pair
fas, and worn by him at Greonway
.Court. Other couples in the minuet,
'where cverj one was elegantly attired,
I were Mir-s Pent I and M,r. Davenport,
! Foots and Mr Antrim. -Miss Whit
1 corn.b and Mr. Bowie, Miss Pleasant*
' a tut Capte Vndereon, M-iss Tuft and
? 'Mr. Orenshaat Miss Webb and Mr.
Palmer, (Miss Winston and Mr. Barks
j Mrs. Cameron na the Bareness.
The eharn'-'-'r of the bareness was
admirably presented by Mrs. Alexan?
der Cameron wearing yellow brocade,
Ipo'.Tit lace and diamonds with a velvet
train edged with point lace "and em?
broidered with primroses and dalaea.
This entertainment wa? given in th*
sa.mc year that the Westmoreland
Oi-, w)s organized.
Another Richmond pageanti^to which
th'- mind? of many club itke/mA)e<rs)>\vno
were participants will . rcotir with
pleasure, was ' Lord botetourt's Re-'
ri-ption," reproducing the Colonial
Court at Wiiliam-yh'i:-.. and sriwn dur?
ing the late "Til s 'by a group of Vlr
gfrnta -women -who wt!sh*<i ipo rajse
money for the Virginia room at Mount
Verne n.
The rere-ptlon was held in the R;- '.
mond Theatre-, and w^? celebrated for
Hs splendid coatumtng and the spirit
with which all present entered Into the
ide:a. which the- pageant was Intended 1
to convey. Colonel W. R. Br.nkel.y
was Ijord BoVtonrt. and impersonated
Ms great-great un^le, splendidly In a
blue and silver court dress, with whit*
snMn walafccoait,??wlflr and queue,
Dniicore nnd Impersonnters.
S|\ couple* dancing the minuet In?
cluded Mrs Dobbin. Miss Nellie Sohle-y,
? Mrs. Rlount Mason. Miss Perkins. Mr.
Russet] Robinson; W. T. Thorn, Ryrd
Warwick. Thomas Roiling, William I/.
Roy all. M.onroe Rannlste.r and Ednwimd
Miss wickhaTn A-bo impersonated^
Mrs. Nelson, wife of Governor Nelson,
wore n. dress belonging to her an?
cestress, a ruby colored hroeade made
with court train trimmed with Mechlin !
lac,-, and opening ovei a pale pjnk I
sitln petticoat. Mrs Lswls Washing?
ton, of West Virginia, in blue satin,
represented her great-greaI-aunt, Mrs.
George Washington. Mrs. fTarry Heth
.appeared as Mrs. r*a ry of Ceyleys, M|^s
Lloyd BjS Mrs. Thomas Lee. of P| rat
ford. Miss Elian McCaw as the daush.
ter of Sir Dudley TUggs. Miss Tmma i
Chamtoerlayne as Mrs. Nellie Con-way
Madison, Miss Van nie Rutherfoord as
Lady Duer. Miss II lly.blirton a? Mrs
R:i?tholemfw Pandri 1 ge. Mrs Russ?>ll ]
Rohlnson as Mrs .Toe Cahell, of Green |
Hill, Mrs Pohhln as her grea t-great- '
grandmother, Mrs. Gasrolgne. Missl
Kilon Wade, in Chle-f Justice Mar-'
shall's wife's -.vedding dre?s. as Mrs.
.Tacouellne Ambler.
Mrs. Heth was gowned in crimson ,
flowered brocade Imported by Mrs. Carv i
for a no'a.hle christening party a eon- '
tury and a half igo. Miss Bnaxton
appeared as the descendant of tne
daughter of Praxton. signer of the
Declaration of Independence; Miss
Rrook?. as Mrs Roiert Carter Nicho?
las; Mrs Randolph Rarksrtile as Lady
Peyton; Mrs. Donthat as Lady Gooch,
In She orig-na.l costume worn by Lady
Crooch; Miss Caheil as Mrs. William
C obeli, of IJniion Hill; Miss Perkins
as Lady Eden, wife of Governor Eden,
of Maryland: Miss Aylet.t as Lady
Emus' Tra.vig. wife of Sir Champion
Travis: Miss Sally Aylet?t as her greal
grent-grn nrtmotlier. tlie daughter of
Patrick Henry; Miss Imogen Warwick
as Miss Mary Byr.1, afterward Mrs.
Carter, of Sabine Hall; Miss Marian
Carter an Mrs. John Carter, of Shirley:
Miss Lucia Harrison ns Evelyn 55yrd of
Westover In the lace and jewris j
belonging to the costume worn .
hy Evelyn Byrd at the court]
ball of King George II.-, of- Kng
land. when she dnneed with Fred?
erick, Prince of Wales. father of
George III.. M!s* Camilla 5*0041 as Lady
Spottswood: Miss French as Lady
Mercer: Miss Sally Montague as her
ancestress. Charlotte, I>atane Monla
.gtie: Miss Nannlo Tunstall, in white
rdlk ?hro.tadv1, court t train of greieui
r-earls. ns Miss Rark.-r: M.ns. Prowry.
of Westover, as Mrs. Benjamin Har?
rison, wife of the signer: Mrs. George
Ross as M'.ss TTnrkln-s: Mists Fliza-heth
Byrd Vichol-ns as Lady Sarah Fairfax,
in a peach colored brocade and an
Antique pearl necklace: Miss Ma/tti-?
Walle.r 'as Mrs. Benjamin Waller, wife,
of Judge Waller, of Will1a*nshurg, >n
green brocade and dlimonds; Miss Liz?
zie Webb as her great gTandmoth*r,
Mrs. Randolph Fleming. Mrs F T 1
Robinson as Mrs Amv Wjnrirk.
The Mrs In Costume.
-.Am"eg . the men tn eh-i raster cos?
tume u/efc; '",?orso W.ishing'or. Bas
sot! :i? -his-pi" at-sreat uncle, wearing ]
a b*oc4heit of Washing:"". General
Harry iHth as Colonel Jack lieth. of
'he British jrmv, Robert Taylor *% ',
ra.tsjpk Henry; Phtl'.p N. Nicholas as I
Revhe-et Cafter Nicholas, treasurer of |
.the Vtnglrrla Colony; Dr. C. W. p.
..Rrocp. as Co'rmel Joseph Brock: Robert j
Mason an Colonel John Mason, fjrter
Wellford as Colonel landon Carter of
Sa.hine Hall; John P. Bland an Rich?
ard Bland, of Jordans. Richard Ander?
son hk ThcodoH.-k Bland Jr.. Byrd
Warwick as William Byrd III., of
Westover. Mor.ro Bannister as Co!onei
John Bannister; Charles Kenr.on as
Richard K.?nnon. of Conjuror's Neek;
1f?rt-y I. Wick ham as Sir John Ran?
dolph; Thomas X. Page as General
Thomas Nelson. Jr . W. Page McCarty
as Colonel McCarty; Tdward T. Trump
as T>>lchton Wood. Sr . Solicitor Gen?
era! of the Colony. F. Paver/port as
Sir John Davenport; Fthelhe.m Fair?
fax, In green embroidered suit and
red satin wnist.-oit, as Jyird Thomas
Fairfax, of Greenway Court. Thomas
Boiling as r-olonel Rohert BoKlng. of
r-hellowe. will rain T Thorn as Raleigh
Downtnan. of I/anrisUr county; Ed?
ward P. Price as Colonel Peter Skip
w-ith, of r-ha'tSTcorth. A. Salle Wnt
kins as Sir John Watkins. of Rath
wood; Raleigh Travers Daniel, Jr.. as
a eoiirl gallant: Dr George Ross an
Colonel Joseph Mayo, of Barbadoes;
Meade SkeMon as Merlwther Skclton,
of Hanover; William L Royall as Col?
onel Thomas Marshall: John Kndera
Robinson, as his great-grandfather,
speaker John Robinson of the House of
Burgesses in Virginia and treasurer
of the Colony: Or. James D. McO. i
Moncure as Edward Amhier, of:
Of Jamestown; Mann Page of
Prince George county. as John ?
Page of Rosewell; Francis Nelson as
President William Nelson, of the Pro
vlnclal Council: Judge E. C. Minor as
General Hugh MeroeTi Dr M. M. Wal?
ker, as Pr Thomas Walker, explorer
of Kentucky In 1775; W. Scott Cnrrlng
ton as Colonel Edward Carrington of
the Revolutionary army: Senator R.
F. Rland of Middlesex county as
Theoderlck Bland; Wllllnm R. Trlgg
as Colonel Arthur Campbell. Of Fln
castle, Va.. Colonel Minor first door?
keeper of the Sena'te, an old Virginia
A feature of this old-time pageant
was the suppev und-T the management
of Mrs. Lucy N. Webb, Assisting Mrs.
Weihih as a committee were; Mrs. G.
B. Davenport. Mrs. Thomas W. Dos
weW, Mre. Charles R. Sklnker, Mrs.
Walter K, Ma'rt'n. Mrs. George J..
Christian. Mrs. 8. H. Haiwes, Mrs.
Hurxthall, Mrs. w. ir. Perkins. Mr.?.
Lewis, Mrs. Raleigh Colston, Mrs. D.
N. Walker:. Colonel Arch'r Ar-derson.
Captain T. L. Moo.-o. Maior Fred R.
Scott, Dr. Charles II. Smith, Major P..
R. Archer. Dr. R. G. Cabell. Ja., and ;
Samite) H. Pttlliam.
?.VC Yenr Deception-, nnd Callers.
? The annual record -for tho year. 1RS0,
In Richmond containing a reference to
New Year receptions and calle.re. The
Dispatch of January 1, |8S3, calls it
"a charming day to all who love, the
presence of youth and beauty and who
take delight In the ceremonials of
good society." Thoughts of Richmond
men who went calling rhet day from
the Westmoreland CHub 'building as a
centre, will go back to the households
where they paid their respects to
Miss Louise Allan, Miss Sally And.-rson.
Miss Aylett. Miss Warwick, the Misses
Gordons. Mrs. C. D. Hanghorne. tho
Misses Tjanghorne. Mrs. Peyton Wise,
Mrs. R. H. Whltloek, Miss Ford.
Miss Fanny Archer, Mrs. J. F. T. Ander?
son. Miss de Travllle, Mrs. George
Roes, Mieles Ross. Miss MoOa-w, Miss
Rrueo. M'.ss Kittle Scott, Miss Kay?,
Minn \Aa CarringtoTi, Miss Helr-n
Rulherfford, Miss .ludlth Carringion.
Mrs. A. P. Camn. Mir? C. Tt. Howard,
Miss Hannewtncked, Mr*. W. n Tri gg,
M:ss lmown Scott. Ito Ryrd. of Win?
chester. Mr.". .T Adair Pleasant*, the
Misses PloaAants. Mrs. W RUM?11
Robinson. Mlsr. Montague, M:rr. Per?
kins, MIf? Sue Maitry und mmy others.
Tit* Now Vecir r""ept!on lasted only
a few years in RicHmortd. Rut they
were pleasant during those few years,
and the Richmond u'.rls nnd tbelr
guests who formed group? In drawing
roonis where caillars cam* cften and
lingered long, were \ group that eould
easily hear com pair I son wjth and that
went before or hav? come offer them.
The Mghtu ?f Oilier Rays.
Scrapbook history is very begutting.
In looking backward tbere !s so muoh
fascination thut. U is hard to turn
f.nom those earlier days .and face to.
ward the preeonL Involuntarily the
murmur or/mes to the lip:
"O cou! l we call the many bark
Who'va gathered her? in vain.
Who've careless roved where we do
WSto'll nevar meet again;
How would our very hearts be stir
To meet the earnest gvtze
Of the lovely arid the beautiful,
Tho lights of other days!"
The present is full of aTtlsrerACntS
because, of the past out of which M
has sprung. The volume of history to
which Westmoreland Club members
can turn In Imagination, a few ?pasres
of which haw neon here o.uoted from,
has Its continuation in t'ho history
whllch iho clu.s continusa to make
in the ?present, to which !t aspires *a
the days to come.
Rut. concerning hoth present and
future, no fairer wish eottlei he In?
voked than that hoth present and fu?
ture may "copy fa.lr the. past."
[Special to The- Tlmos-Dlspa teh.]
Farmvllle. Va . .Inno 22.?Mlsa Mary
Wade, of Richmond, Is visiting In the
home of Mrs. Virginia Wade.
Mrs. I-Airy Hugger and daughter am
visiting at Virginia Reach and Old
Walker Scotl and wife have been
at Old Point during the present week.
Miss Patlio Watklns is visiting tho
home of her brother. Captain S. W.
Watklns, en High Street.
Mrs. J. Calvin Stuart, of Richmond.
Is visiting Mrs. B. D. Walton.
Mrs. E. R. Hooker handsomely and
pleasantly entertained a number of
her friends on Friday evening at tho
noon hour. ?
Mrs. George T. Ferguson nnd daugh?
ter, of Cleredon. Texas, are visitors
to the home of Major John R. Martin.
Mrs. James A. Spencer, who accom?
panied her mother to her homo in
Front Royal, has returned to Farm?
H The smoothest, finest talcmn,
EH powder made. "Borated "
Two tints?white and flesh,
^ Delightfully perfumed.
map;-, by
H Talcum Puff Company
9 Bln.n tn4 ??oor?florfr?,
r.o.h T.rmln.l PMMI.ir

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