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Sommer Playgrounds of Nation's Leading Puablic Men
: Ko?'b t'if season when the busy man
I ??earns for playthings and piuygruunds.
Iiis most valuable .?m'i is a country
?home, i ess h< bo a victim of chronic
[wander-lust, and even then a rural es
Itate is the place to spend summer trip
[?lids Countless billions of American
, ? are to-day invested by city
[dwellers In country estates, occupied
[during only a few months or often dur
|Jn^ I lit a tew weeks of the calendar.
;A vnsi army of thousands of men Is
employed t<> ke<.j> these manors in 01
<l< r. and several magazines are devoted
e> luslvely to their construction and
maintenance. Hundreds of architects
[have made fortunes out of this class of
[dwelling. To bieak our bate horizons
? they are Importing the best aichitec
kurc ol the "id World and reviving the
irnoft picturesque of our colonial period.
[Everywhere the grim, unsightly furm
(house of a generation ubo Is being re?
placed by a structure thai gladdens the
[eye of the artist and whose surround
lings rcllecl Iht genius of the skilled
? landscape gardener.
? Practically nil men of achievement
yhavo spent at least a part of vacli year |
'j:. the eloquent quietude of the country.
tTl.e President adheres to this habit of
[liis predecessors. He will return this
[summer t" 'ho Ueverly shore of Massa?
chusetts, where he recuperated In the
(hot months of the past two years. Ho
[will again occupy the big Duth colonial
ih.uisi Parramettn, leased from the c?
ltote of the lato Henry W. Peabody. It
[crowns the crest of a hill, and Us win
I do ws overlook the sea, a mile away. A
[screen of trees hides its ample porches
,<rom the highway. From here the
[President "'HI ho In convenient motor
ling distance to and from his favorite
'playgTounii. the Myopia golf links,-as
well as to and from tile cottage colo
inlos at Manchester and Magnolia and
The Ks?ex Country Club, social hub of
'lho cid Hay State's "north Shore."
Colonel Itoosevelt Is a country gen
t^o*'.nn the year roaa. ills Queen
i Anns cottage was built upon Saga?
more Hill, three miles from Oyster
Bay, L l. by his father, forty-seven
years ago. t'pon the estate he has
. bis own bathing bcuen ,and boat
house, and the Silt breeze cools his
'?brow when he sits on his broad piaz?
za, overlooking the sound.
1 hump Ulark'a Manor?Uoncy*buck.
Another country gentleman la Speak*
jar ciark. His manor house, "Honey
ahuck," near Bowling Green, Mo.,
Stands upon six acres. Including a ruSu
t'iir.iiii, a kitchen garden ami an am
I pic lawn. The roomy, rambling frame
Miousc is white with green trimmings,
1 a.nd in tiic adjacent fields the speaker
[may be seen in summer giving per
Isonal attention to his corn. In the
[evenings he entertains his friends up
I on Wide verandas almost hidden In
vines and rambler ruses. Almost
every room in this home Is a libra?
ry. Southern gcntlemun that he is.
. t... Speaker keeps open house when?
ever he Is at Bowling Green.
The Vice-President's summer home,
at Uttca, is a picturesque manor, built
iil>y a slope overlooking the Mohawk.
[Here in- lakes a practical hand at
[husbandry during the summer montns,
putt uf which he generally devotes
also to camping in the nearby Adiron
.:kg or to angling in the St. Law?
rence. When in Cllea his chief di?
versions an- motoring, golf and root?
ing at the national game.
Tb.- premier of the Cabinet, Mr.
linos, can boast of OISJ of the finest
immoral estates possessed by public
men. It. occupies the historic spot
at Vnllc> Forge, Pa., white t.aahtng
lon camped with his ragged patriots,
und contains ? private bathing pool
und golf course, besides tho Secre?
tary's own stock farm. The house Is
ti.i reproduction of a rambling Eng?
lish country home. One of Its bright?
est apartments is t^e Secretary's bil?
liard room?a long space with paneled
telling and .1 Urge, inviting fireplace,
Other Cabinet Estates.
Knolavouj> the winimcj- hum-., of the
Opulent Secretary of Ohe Treasury, Mr.
Ma. Voagh, is near Dublin, N. Ii., und
ovurlvioka 400 acres of for-HM rand
. owned by ?ts lord, whose favorite sum
; roer diversion 1? to gallop through
.this faftUic-ss, from one of whose bill
cr?--si? ha can view the shimmering
wt.tw* ..f Lake Monadnock, ss well as
; the, green slopes of the mountain of
I the sHttr.e nuuic .
A near neTtrhbor.'-'of the sage of
/Oyster Ban/ frs Ms o.nr?Lime friend, See
Kretnir; ,.f Wcr stimson. Only a Utile
t peninsula separates their ooutrtr?
I'homeA. -iht.t of Mr. SMm?on'8 being nt
/Cold Spring llirbor, 1.. I.
; Altboiigli a citizen of St. Louis, the
1 Secretary of Commerce and ijuboir, Mr. I
'Kegc. spends his summers in & roomy
( cfion'.al J.oufe whjfch .ho purchased
i?ome years back, n?ur Marlon, Mass.
lit occupies tin idea] spot ibedhveen an
arm of Buxznrd's Bnj -the angling
patv.d.s* ,,f President Cle velund?and a i
pars of virgin forert land, through j
ertlich Che secrebftirty enjoys many
hOrsebsck rides ttr.J rabies He has
his own bathing beaoh and ample boat
house npe.'n the 'water fron: and a ten?
nis court :,d. "r.s his well kept lawn.
Attorney-General Wiokeraham's sum?
mer seat. Marsbfteld, upon Jamaica
Bevy, i/ong Island, il*-s a couple of miles
It. *tv*n Far Itockawoy. Upon this
pi n'nsula the ch'ef la-.v officer of the j
adpripieeraitlon gets the salt nlr from
*vcry direction save that of the pre-j
vallmc Winter wind?. The Secretary \
e.f the Navy, Mr. Meyer. ?= a near
neighbor of the PrcKldoni durln-r the
rummer montns H1a country sea.t Is
trpon the Massa- hus-:is "north shot-*,"
s.t Hamilton; wtiibln convenient motor?
ing distance- of the summer capita] ar.d
, the eea.
Chief Justice's Historic Manor.
Jfcar the old town of Thi'bodeaiiJC,
upon th? Bayou La Fourcho, Ljomsl
ena. OhSef Justice White has a his?
toric country estate acquired i,y ||jB
paternal grand farther In 1T!?9. before
Ix?ui*tantft was purchased from France.
It 1? ft vast sugar plantation, worked
by Hawaiian* and I'or'.o Rica run. and
tbe "mansion." n ?tat? ly colonial man
Or With pil'ar.-d portico and wide
wings, over'.o' k? <t picturesque stretch
of "fertile bottom lands traversed *>y
reed thick,-I* and cypress tnvamps
here and there, ten tied by hears and
alligators, justice Oliver Wendell
Holmes h.as a v, rtifnl seaside estate
on the Massachusetts coal near to
Prestdentt Taft'? cottage and t<> the
famous e*i*ite of his father?tho auto?
crat of tbe srreaikfasl tablo"?p>t Bev?
erly F.-irrns
Jimtlrc Ilngbe? travels Incog.
Justice Ilirprhes. the former governor
of (New York, prefer* hotel to <-ta:.-.iro
Y.1t> during hl? . vaie.atloms, and .being
an ard'nt angler !w. :s alw-ays wont
to ' select a spot Where the finny,
tribesmen are game. His favorite
siurmc-r 'haunt used to be .Sara na e
1/s.ke. titrt la^t tioas'in ur tunned to
Ml. Cl*?mf-ns, Mlcbi'gan. where h> c:i.
?}y\-*i\ the flshlrvg on L*ko Si Clavlr
T'nti! e-TPOsed -by a medd'.esorne scribe
He }1ved at the hotel there "Ir.oog
?tt?/>." r.elntJT registered as "F I Hayes,
of Chicago"---a stratagem resorteo to
to eftcapo that, notorledy which de,
tavuMs ?from true vaoatkm dellirrrts
??erhsyo the, aort^erarnotit ?vaanya
Senator GuKKcahrlm'? villa, titberon.
I'rrnldrnt Tntt'a nnmmer hntnr, lleTerly.
Gurernop Woodrnrr Wilson'* nfflrlal rammer faonie. Sea Girt. K. J.
home occupied Iby an American top
llneir is the retirea>t of Admiral Peary,
discoverer of the north pole, upon
Eagle Island. Oasoo Bay. Me Here
he lately ,.rec.te*l iwu ibttlld'inga for
the storage of his trophies aj?l curios
brought down from the top of the
Few conspicuous factors In our
national life have taken advantage of
th-e delightful environs of Washing?
ton city for the location of country
? ?states, but two notielhle exceptions
to this rule have been the millionaire
Nevada Senators, Newlands and Nixons
both of wham si>:t\e trine nffo acquired
seately manor houses In the Woodtey,
Park section. Senator Newlainds owns
Woodljy, iiie seat occupied 'by Presi?
dent Cleveland as a summer home
during his second administration.
The house of Senator 'Nixon, who died
only a fortnight ago. is a new Italian
sty].- of Villa, lust ibeyond the New
lands property, a.nd near the slv-mil?
lion dollar Bplscopa 1 CatAMdral, now inj
the course of co-nst,rciotCon. Sena-tor
CrUggonhoim, one of tin- fnrov>us dy?
nasty of copper klnae, has r?nilt for
his *uimm?r home, at Flhernn, X, J.,
one of the most beautiful villas to b<>
seen ort the Atlantic ooawt. It wna at j
this resort that President Oran-t spent
one summer, and where Pr??.dent |
Garfleld died. N*ea.rby, at North ,
Spring lAke, the Rhore is adorned by j
Balllngary, tiie magnifirent eeasldo
palace of the papal Marquis Maloney
<rf Philadelphia,
.rust .beyond is th? "little White. I
ITotlse." which the Sparte of New .Tor
sey maintains as an official home for
its governors, and Which will bo oc?
cupied during a par; of this summer
by Dr. Wood-row Wilson, who iu.-; also
bis own Country home at Princeton.
The millionaire Senator. Oeorgo.
l'.aliody WotnlOre, of Rhode Island.
owns a hiindsorne eateitc at Newport,
1 where his wealthy colleague, Senator
j UilfxpMI?lt< t'< 1? remarried?usually
I lerases a cottage. The scholarly Sen?
ator liOdg,-. of Massnchiisetis?former
' chum of Theodore Rooaevolt?has his
country estate nit Nahfttvt, while his
son-in-law, Representative Augustus
iv.aibody Oardnor?one-time rnsiirgorrt,
but Into pairHsan of President Taft?
t.s a.summer nelgOvbor of the latter.
Mir. Gardner, like Secretary Meyer, has
a country seaii at Hamilton, where
the President plays gedf. The rich
pamper king. Senator Winthrop Murry
?Va.no. ala>o of 'the Ray State, has
!o.wired his country home ;n the West?
ern end of the Slate, at 7">alton, In
the Rerkshlres.
Solver's Alnnkan llnncnlmT.
A bungnlow In the pam'o paradise of
Alaska Ik occupied for ten weeks every
summer by Chairman Sulzor, of the I
House Committee op Foreign Affairs.
Her since their marriage fo-ur years
ago he bus camped with his wife, and
their rustic abode Is a veritable mu?
seum of trophies of the bun walrus
tusks, beaver skins and pelts of the
brown AlasVan bear. This roomy
camp is built near the Indian village
of Ketchikam, in a glorious wilderness
of sky und boa and wondrous geologic
formations. Mrs. Bulger shares with I
her laird the pleasures of hooking the '
abundant salmon, halibut and deop
sea ilshos of various Bpeclos. And
while Mr. Sulzer trucks the wily bear
In the forest his wile bargains with
tiie Indians, for such curios carved
Ivories, pottery and blankets.
Although he makes his summer homo
at a hotel in the suburbs of Chicago,
Minority Lender Mann, of the nutlonal
House of Representatives, recreates by
spending his spare moments in a great
I flower garden which be ami a numbi r
I of friends established on some vacant
land. Lust spring he planted here no
less than 50,000 shrubs.
MuUI-Mtlllonatre Recuperator*.
Two of the most systematic recuper?
ators in the country are Andrew Car?
negie and Jo.hn O. Rockefeller. As
soon as ho begins to fed fagged by
the. approach of warm weather the
noted Ironmaster hies himself hence to
his picturesque estate, Shi bo Custle.
Scotland, and with the enthusiasm of
a schoolboy let loose upon a vacation
In the country devotes himself to his
favorite sports?golf and fishing.
After he has had his daily round of
golf on his private links, half a mile
from his castle, he spends an hour
with peter, his "gillie." on one of his
lakes, fishing for trout. But he dis?
likes shooting on the ground that no
one has th.. right to Inflict pain upon i
any of nature's creatures, his defense
of nnellng being based on his theory
that the playing of a tish is a painless i
operation, save when one Is foul
hooked. Hit- dislike for shooting was
illustrated (luring the last grouse sea?
son, when, after but two guns. In the
bands of his fr!< r.ds hud hrought down
Boy Scouts Have Big Time at Camp Shenandoah
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspstch.] i
Roanoke, Vs., June IS.?The Hoy
Seoul troops trom Roanoke und Salem,
who left here recently; In n special
oar "ii train No. m up the Shennndoah
Valley, urrlved ai Island Ford on
schedule time. Arrangements had been
made and wagons were waiting to
haul theli baggage t.. the camp, where
ii number of tents uad been previously]
erected < m arrival of train at ?hei
station, the boys Immediately formed!
command of the scout leaders, .1 H.
Chrelghton, Or. c. M. Maxwell and
Waiter C Treux.
The dlnanoe to ramp was lett? than
r. mile, over a shady woods road, down
to the bridge and haok to camp site
ir, line end marched to
By boat directly across the river the I
distance was loss than half a mile,
and can he rovered on foot In fifteen
minutes. It did not take long, there?
fore, for the hoys to rearh the camp,
arid after an hour or two spent In
picketing additional tents, putting ?P
cots, unpacking hltinkets and other
material, including foode tuffs, the
hoys were nil ready for auppor, which
was promptly served und heartily en?
joyed. The catnp was pitched on a
high. grass-COVOf ed terrace which
pod gently to a grassy woodland
ooulderlng the river, within a couple
Of hundred feet of the camp. A fine
athletic, field adjoins th" camp grounds
on the other aide, nnd the hoyn made
[greet plans tor ball Barnes, races and
other stunts tii.it combined with boat-!
!ng, bathing, ?? hing nnd tramps,
through the woods und nearby hiljs
occupied ii'iment of their time'
for the balunci of the week.
In the evening camp II res. songs,
gamos, letter writing and visit to near?
by farms were In ordor. Suriduy was
I spent by the boys in cleaning up camp,
gnrtlnx acquainted with their sur?
rounding'-, writing letters home, and
bathing foi n short time In the after?
noon niu appetites, rosy cheeks, stin
Iburned arms, necks nnd backs, happy
I dispositions ind the finest kind of a
?big time were tho accepted rule, at
ICamp Shennndoah, and the boys all
f.a> 11 was the best eummer vacation,
Iba- they ever enjoyed.
I forty brace, ho called the gunners off
and told them not to cause further
slaughter for several days.
Oil Kim;-, Summer I'arndiae.
In the Pocantlco Hills Mr. Rockefel?
ler has lately completed a country
home said to bo worth js.oon.ooo. it lies
In North Tarry town, N. Y.. and com
prlaea ? r..000-acro tract, larger than
Central Park. New York City. To ob?
tain all the land he wished, the oil
king bought up a village, tore It down
and erected another on tho site, for
Inside the high stone wall surround?
ing his new estate are about a hun?
dred separate buildings, including no
less than seventy-live homeB of men
working upon the property.
The porches of the mansion com
tnand a view of the HudHOn River and
of Sleepy Hollow, miido famous by
Irving. Nearby la the houne In which
Major Andre passed the night before
bis capture.
Mr. Rockefeller has his private golf
course directly In front of the >*?u?e.
Down behind his red-roofed stables are
sunken gardens, studded with a cur
cession of pools from which fountains
throw up their spray. Miles of drive?
ways wind gracefully through the es?
tate, every corner of which may bo
electrically illuminated at Bight. For
winter pastime the petroleum magnnte
has his own skating pond, but, like
Mr. Carnegie, he esteems golf above
every other form of sport. . And Just i
as the J>a!rd of fk'bo has an abhor- I
>?nce of gunners. Mr. Rockefeller
has an abhorrence Tor struy dogs, ft
la said he offers a reward of 92 a
head for thctr capture. This new es?
tate In the Pocantlco Mills is tho
fourth homo of the oil inuKnute. and 1m
his favorite, while Mrs. Rockefeller
prefers that In Cleveland. The others
ore on Fifty.fourth Street, New York,
and at Lukcwood. N. J.
The I lim-( of All.
But America's greatest country es?
tate Is that which George \v. Vander
blit has developed In the Blue Rldgo
Mountains of North Carolina. It haa
been said that In order to lay out Bill
more according to his fancy he blasted
away a mountain at a cost of a million
dollars, und. luateud of utilizing the
hundreds of tons or rock thus quur
rlod, sent his engineers a thousand
miles away to get enough limestone to
build upon this truncated peak a Nor?
man castle, such as ho had seen In the
I Valley of the Loire.
He loured the world in search of the
' proper tapestries, rugs and draperies
I to adorn the interior, Masterpieces In
I oil and marble were hauled up the hill
i side, and the best landscape engineer
'procurable was set to work shap'tig
the environs of the estate to har?
monize with the Norman architecture
Of the ensile. Models of garden para?
dises surrounding the most picturesque
chateaux of the Loire were first made
I and carefully studied.
The Vandcrbllt domain surrounding.
HlltmoM comprises lOO.'ii'O acres roll?
ing over mountains covered by fifteen
square miles of virgin forest lint two
square miles of cultivated Held and
piiBtur,- lands. Inside the grounds ar?
twenty miles of macadam roads, along
Which are scattered cottages for 300
employes of the estate
(Copyright. 1912, by .lohn Elfrath Wat
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
Emory, Va., Juno 22.?The Summet
School at Emory and Henry College
opened Monday. .June 17. with a inueh
larger enrollment thun was expo t<
The Summer S> hool Is a new feature
of the college ami prornlsi s to bo a
success In every way,
I>r. A. W. Milden und wife or I ho
University of Mississippi are spend
ing the summer at tho home of Mrs.
W. B. Peters Dr. Milden wjll lie in
charge of the klepartmenl of Latin
and Greek in the Summer School.
Dr. J, R. Hunter arrived Saturday,
June 17, from Columbia Univoralty.
He will teach English and Pedagogy
In the Snmmtr School.
nr. w. n. Neff, or the University of
Vlrginiu. will bo Instructor in Mathe?
matics In the auinmur session of tho
Mesdames Chas. C. Weaver, n !
Bowycr, Pcory, E. M. Ball, and i p.
McConnell attended the Ml slot
Conference of the M. K Church South
'held at Ablngdon, June if-2o.
Miss Annie Lurns Is visiting al the
home of her slater. Mrs J. P, Mc?
Judge John A Buchanan, of tho
I Supreme Court of Virginia returned
from Wythevllle, Thursday, lo spend
I the summer at bis home near Emory.
I Dr. John Preston McConnell left to?
day for an cntended trip thiongh
Clinch Valley in the Interests of
Emory and Henry College D,r. Mc?
Connell will make n number of
educational addresses befon ret irn
ing to Emory,
Rev. s B. VaUght, financial ug. nt
of the college was, visiting on the
campus during the pass week. H>?
was very enthusiastic over the pro?
gress of his work In tho interests of
the coilege.
Professor FYed Allison left to-day
for Baltimore, Md.. whern he will com?
plete the requirement for his degretl
l at Johns Hopkins University.
Mrs. Kentor la the guest of he:*
daughter. Mrs. J. J. Handln
Professor J. 1? Hardln Is in East,
Tonn., looking after the interests oC
Emory and Henry Pitting School
Professor L> W. Crawford left Sat?
urday for Columbia University to take>
up his work as a member of tho
faculty during the summer. He "lib
I return to Emory in the fall.
I. C. Klker left Emory Wednesday
for East Tennesse,-, und Western
North Carolina to spend the summer
In the Interests of Emory and Henry
Store Closes Saturday at 1; Other Days at 5 o'Clock.
For Monday
Folding Porch
Attractive in design, strongly made
of selected wood; just the thing for
summer comfort on porch and *7Q/?
lawn; Monday only. / y C
New model, rubber-tired, easy run?
ning and easy riding, with hood of
rich green imitation leath- ?0 Q?
er; Monday only.wL^s?
Swinging Porch
One of the coolest and most com?
fortable made; frame work of strongly
reinforced metal; the most popular
chair on your porch; Mon- 98
A wide range of splendid quality
Hummocks, strong, com?
fortable and attractive in (?1 AO
color scheme. JpA?yO
Telescope Cot
Ideal for ramping and sleeping out?
doors. Light, compact?yet guaran?
teed to support 500 lbs. O'i AA
"The Stcinfcld". ??M.IFU
Bloch Pullmans in large assort?
The Store of
Summer Comforts
Special efforts have brought together here every possible
summer convenience to lighten housework, to brighten the
home and keep it cool during the coming hot days. Visit
this "Big Store" to-morrow. Inspect the Special Offerings
created for this day.
Brides,-especially, will find Ryan-Smith's delight?
ful for furnishing the new home. Courteous assist?
ance in making up your list, glad to give you prices
for comparison.
How the Ryan-Smith
Low Profit Policy
Saves You
Look into our advanced methods?in which every econ?
omy is applied to furnish greater values and lower prices.
We go direct to factories, buy in largest quantities, securing
extra discounts;?all with the aim to produce for home
makers values impossible in the ordinary store.
Test our policy. Get our prices on anything you
may need. Glad to have you "shop around," for we
know that you will come back to buy.
Largest Assortments
Purchased at Concessions
Marked at Small-profit Prices
The Utmost in Value-giving

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