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Real Estate.
Want Ack,
Company That Selects
Big Richmond as Its
Distributing Point.
Big Shop That Comes to Rich?
mond From the Far West.
Western Electric Company
to Do Big Business
Right in the
Richmond is always -.pinting some?
thing thct is good, and ii Is hot doing
it by shy chicanery or by any tricks
Known to the dubious trade, but by.
Ur: own well known :.t? as a com?
mercial centre and j distributing
vc Int.
in-- Chamber of Commerce, the]
Business Mens Club, th* Advertisers'
Associstion, the Industrial Section of
The Tithes-Dispatch and the go.jd ?i'rj
torts of some private Otiten? have all;
don< a gr< at deal to let the world,
kno v that Richmond Is the real dls-!
tributlrig point for the whole: South.!
the gateway, It may he raid, to all that]
is worth having down lo DInIc.
1 JUBt want to show by a real ,prse-|
lical demonstration h. w this, thing]
may sometimes work. The Western
Electric Company is one bi the big-i
?;< ?t concerns in the wcrld. ,1 doubt j
'f there Is anything On the world's
mWp that Is an.-, bigg-:- from a com?
mercial view. It has factories and of
ilces all over the eatth. and employs
more than 60.000 people. The West?
ern Electric Company was In search
jf a good!) south.in distributing
i>oint, a point from which the company
could send Its goods out to a large
?Southern territory. At'.i i due conslu
/ration the company decided that
Richmond wos the distributing depot
H was looking for and here It came.
I hr; t nnie n A-t
Representatives of the big company
came to Richmond to \ tew the land:
they liked it. and they derided' that
th? little office they had been main?
lining in another Virginia town was
hot Just the thing that was wanted.
What was wanted was a big central
cilice and WS rehouse, a congregating,
and assembling point, from which ail.
ol thie products ot this great electrl
tal manufacturing company may he]
distributed ull over a goodly Southern
u rrltory.
The big- warehouse at the corner of
Sixth and Cary Streets was leased for
a long term of years. It was once a
ir.bacco factory. It Is now a mutjr.l
ilcent oftl:e building, und there the
Western Electric Company, one of tlie
biggest industrial roueorns of the
? :.rth, has Its principal Southern of?
H. W. Hall, the g-ne.-a'. mmnger of
ihe V'rginta Southwest department of
the work, told me the other duy thai;
he thinks this Rthmond office anJ
h'-ad'tuurters Of the business will be a j
big thlnn; He Intimates that since
the company found U W,se to Invade j
the south it has had mighty good
I'tohts. There Is no reason to sup-'
pose that the Virginia and North
Carolina profits of ttie next few years
w.ll in any way reduce the recotd.
Richmond 's to be congratulated that
it has captured one of the biggest
concerns on the topes.
Uhut Almut It.
i'his Western Electric company is a
very large concern, handling perhaps
more, money titan uny organize! stuck
Company in the United States Its j
Richmond branch. lust established/'
will be one of twenty-eight brunch
houses In tho I'nitcd State. from
which the electrical products of tho
enormous latxorl.s at Hawthorne, 111.,
New Vork, and some other points will
be distributed.
The electric business is something
COmparat'vely new in the world, and
It was something that had to grow
very fast and grow under nn.l with
the nerve of men w ho believed in new. j
things. A few people out in the wild
west Stale of Illinois organised the
Western Electric Company several
years ago. New Vork capitalists
tame to the front later on. and now j
I reckon vcrybody In th- world would
like to have some of the stock of the t
Western Electric, for it Is mighty
good paying paper. Richmond is to
be congratulated that a plant of this'
company has been located here. The I
home office of this great company Is
in New. York, and the manufacturing
plant that supplies to all of the dis- '
tributlng plants in the country anil In
-the world is located just e>n the out?
skirts of Chicago in a beautiful subur?
ban town called Hawthorne.
Hlehiuoud Looms I p.
The company bus established fac?
tories for the manufacture ol electrical
goods in many cities of this country
and distributing and wholesaling ware?
houses In very many more. While
looking for the best distributing: point
of the best part of all the Soittn, there
naturally loomed up before the eyes
of the officials the great town of Rich?
mond. Richmond got there all right,
and the directors of the company were
not long in deciding that tn|s good
city on the James was me logical
distributing point for Virginia, line;
North Carolina.
Last fall the company came here
and leased for a long t#rm of years
the splendid building at the corner
of Sixth and Cary Street? and there
they have made vast improvements
and arranged splendid ottlres for the
complete conduct of the big business
that is on ahead for thera in tills
good country.
The Men nt the He!ui.
?Richmond Is lo *?? congratulated
that IT lias captured the big Southern
end of the big business of the West?
ern Electrlenl Company.? Just how
Richmond captured this big en'er
prise, one that will distribute not
less than two am": a (jusTter million
dollars per year In >hi town, is a
question In dispute, and none or the
disputants are gotn| to tight about
It. Two years or more ago J. W.
Crews, the man of the Bell Telephone
Company, had an Intimation that tho
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wAREnorsn view, Richmond branch.
Richmond Takes Lead in Xovel
1 Man to Reduce Cost
of Living.
If It Proves a Good Thing, Many
More Will Be Forth?
Richmond is right up-to-date in its
Kreut enterprise*, and maybe in sonic
respects, at least one respect, a little
ahead of it. A man was ?elling me
the other day of a new enterprise the
like of which I have never before
heard of in these parts. The-enter?
prise promises to reduce the cost of
living mi that it will enable the city
man. SO it is claimed, to get his vege?
tables, poultry, dairy products and
other thbic goods at first cost. The
scheme involves what has been term?
ed co-operative gardening, and here
Is the way the man explained the
' (Continued on Third Poge.)
A Talk About Fruits?The Boys on the Farm.
New Things From Arkansas?Dr. Laffcrty
and West Point?Blackberry Time in
Virginia?Various Hints
by the Wc.v
Industrial Editor.
'I his column Is open to contributors
! ubo have something to say of a iuE>
{ gcstlve nature, nud who arc vv filing: to
> ninko bints nml suggestions looking
; to the better development of the good
; old States of \ Irgtula, tVeat Virginia
I Mini Nurili Carolina, and who can bold
I their auggeatlonn down In any one
1 Issue to from 150 to -(Hi words. Such
i communications, addressed to the In
j dustrlni Editor. wl'l receive prompt j
I attention.
The Demand for Fruit.
I .T. B C.fnfton, Jr., of KonbrldKe, '
T.unenhurg county, writes tho Indus- i
trial Editor as follows:
?'I never fail to reac your valuable
columns In the Sunday's Tinvs-Dts- j
patch, and 1 Und them very Interest?
ing Slid Instructive, as well as a ba?
rometer of development throughout the
"I want you to kindly suggest to
our people (I mean tne people who
live In the. Southside counties) a way
to secure a market, or Introduce buy?
ers to -purchase our rruit. I very or- j
ten read articles in >?rur columns of i
the large sales of fruit crops lu tne I
northern part of the State, but never j
in this part of Virginia. You are well I
acquainted with this part of the. State, j
and you know that . e have the fin- |
est peach, pear and grape soll In tne i
South, and yet we have no way Inj
which wo can dispose of this crop. I
only by feeding same to our stock, j
l-'rults of all kinds grow wen new and ;
Of a very high quality; and for rea?
sons unknown we have no market for j
these crops.' I believe if we had ai
market here we would soon see our)
people growing large crops of fruits,!
certainly as large as was grown in
years past. It Is a shame to see how
our people n,re neglecting their or?
chards and letting their fruits go to
-waste. Can you not ?nggest .some
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Remarkable Changes During the
Decade Last Passed?Farms
Arc Growing Smaller.
Interesting Facts Brought Out
by a Study of Latest Census
The past decade hris boon character?
ised by remarkable agricultural de?
velopment in Virginia. Until 1900, the
devastating effects of the War Be?
tween the States had r.ot been over?
come. Within the pist ten years
there hns been a constant increase in
farm values und equipment. There hns
also been a pronounced tendency to?
wards the breaking up of the old
plantations into smaller holdings.
The total value of farm property In
Virginia it the opening of the War
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Graphic Writer Tell.- of Big
Things "Down Home."?Caro?
linas to Front.
Waters of Mountain Streams
Being Harnessed to Rim
Mills and Things.
High Point. N. Cm .tune 22.?That an
era of prosperity such as this part of
the country has never aeen is coming
upon the Piedmont soctjon. Is a fart
no man with' a knowledge of its com?
mercial, agricultural and Industrial
strategic Importance enn deny. Long
offering unparalleled inducements for
diversified farming and. as the garden
spot of the Southern State?, consider?
ed the ideal location for the home
Hifker. It now begins to stretch wires,
run rails ,erect smokestacks and turni
W heels.
Hardly a week 'passes without some
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Very Little Doing in
the Matter of Big
Various Agents Talk of Mighty
Slow Business?Times Look
Good a Few Months Ahead,
But There Is No Little
Dullness in the Sv/eet
Summer Time.
All of the real estate m*r. -omplain
of a kind of summer dullness, a dull?
ness that Is somewhat relieved by a
rush on the part of people who want
to rent houses and rent them right
One of the. agents I had a private
Interview with dotted down his views
somewhat as follows:
"Hummer dullness was somewhat
broken last week In private and pub?
lic sales, as It was a decided Im?
provement on the previous week In
number and character of sales. Many
private sales were closed up. and
most of tht: public offerings were suc?
cessful; this was notably so In tha
sr. e of the tour handsome Grove
Avenue houses offertd by Raab & Co..
anil J. Thompson Brown & Co. All
were sold, ha.vlng been purchased by
Robert Cralg, A. T. Ragland. O. U.
Morgan ani Mr. McVay, of Kingati &
Co. These gentlemen Will occupy their
respective purchase for permanent
residence; the ssle aggregating he
tween $35,000 and > IO.00O.
J, Thompson Brown & Co. also re?
port the s^le nf two rat It Avenue
housrs for $6.?00. which were bought
as an Investment. A Csry Street
dwelling f"r $1,500; Hanover Street
lots for $10,700. and other smaller
parcel;, aggregating about $25.000.
Renting is still rushing, and in a
measure diverting the agents from
working on prospective, sales, which
w'll bear fruit in the near future.
Altogether the outlook on real estate
Is surprisingly good In spite of poli?
tical ami other aggitatlons now so
prom'nently before the public."
'.'2.1 Governor Street. $l6..">oo; 110.
112. 114. 116 North Twenty-ninth
I Street, $14.500: 000. 002. 004 East
l^igh Street. $17,500; 2110 Park Ave?
nue. $10.000; 128 feet corner Seventh
and Hull Streets, $ls,500. forty-six
aero, farm near Dumbarton. Va.. $16.
?0O; 605 North Seventh Street. $4.000;
total. $07,500.
?T. D. Carneal & Son had what they
call a fairly good week, successfully
closing several good alzed deals, among
w'hb'h was an Eighth Street store at
$l6.ooo, and Franklin Street lots
In L,ee Annex at $?? per foot. They
also report renting very brisk for the,
week. Altogether they are very we'll
satisfied with business conditions.
Several other agents intimate jtood
sales, but very few of them are will?
ing to g.i into particulars. On tile,
whole I am inclined to think that tho
summer dullness is here In all of its
beauty. The Indications are that it
win not last very long, hut that It is
here just now there ca i be no doubt.
Norfolk ft Western in Spend fireat Sin? to
lnerra.e Capacity ,lt Lambert'* feint,
??".f. ?; . ' Jul,e --?The coal-handling
planrwhlch la to n. erected by the Norfolk
and \t entern Railway a., an addition to the
Lambert ^ Point layout has been Contracted
for. the building centra, t having this wook
? one to im VVellman-Scavor-Morg&n Com?
pany, or Cleveland. O.
The new plant ?111 be unusual size, be?
sides Including lomc unique features. It Is
to he ready for use next year. The cost will
b? anout ll.MO.OOO, nnd the yearly capacity
of tne Installation will be S.000.000 to 9.0O0.0C0
tont,. There will be n pier l.Mn feet Ions,
from which eoal can he loaded Into vessel*
on either side simultaneously, so that tour
s teamers can receive cargo,, nl once. It la
anticipated th:u a v?ssel ?f or 7,000 ton*
capacity cm be loaded In five or six hours.
Two eoniplet? plants will be provided for
handling the coal over the pier, one for
eneh sld*. The railroad company "ill have
built, it is stated, gondola car- capable of
carrying ninety tons of coal. One of these
Immense ears, laden with coal from the
mtne?. will he run up to the pier under a
double-ear dumper, which w-ill dump Ha
content? on each fide into the transfer car*,
of which two sets of six cars each will bo
provided Consequently the dumping ma?
chinery to handle these Immetic cars will
I tic of remarkable strength and power. The
i transfer cart- will he operated by electricity
. and will he raised on electric c!e<jtors to
the top of the pier, a heigh: of etghtv-ona
j feet, where they will discharge their con?
tent? into the ceal pockets on either side,
whence the eoal will fan Into the shlpV
I holds Then they will be run by gravity to
I the surface of the ground and hick attain
I to the dumper* The system of operation
will be such t!iat the transfer cars Will bo
I constantly in motion.
Still Striking Oil.
"harleston. W. Va., June ;;.?Oil prnilnr
tlon tn Kanawha count)*, begun months ago
in the Blue Creek field, continues to creep,
I closer and closer to Charleston. The Pinch
1 or Plnchvllle?0?ld now bids fair to bocomtl
a close competitor of (Hue Creek, and may
even exceed that remarkable territory. Al?
ready man\ wells have been put down In
; the Pinchvllh1 fleld, every one of them
i producers, and net a sinp:e dry hole has
;he?n drilled in. The production of the wells
now in thin fi-irt Is from KO to I.CAi barren
I per well per day. and recently tine netv well
i.ame In. shewing >? production from 1,000 to
t.seo barrels per day The Indications are
that th? rineh communltv has a -freut
futur? aho.ad of lt. ani be.om* ihealts
of a large town In the near future.
Vlrglaln-Carolina to Extend.
Ablr.ffdon, Va.. June I;.?The Virginia?
Carolina Railway Company, of which W.
I r. Mlngea, of this town. Is pro*;d?nt and
-eeneral manager. Is preparing to build a
I fl'tv-mlle extension from Ireer. '""ovc. Vs.,
to Toild N C, through Washington county;
j va . and Alh county, S". C. It Is probable
that bids for ?onstruetion will be opened
In July. The route Is through rough moun?
tain country, and the final loe.atlon Is being
completed by TP. W. Early., Chief engineer.
Tobacco Warehouse tor (Ireen-dtorn.
Oreenahoro. N. C. June ..'.- The (dans or..
I the Chamber of Commerce and the Mer
I cants' Association to trr.-?rav< ttrce.nal.bro as
a tobacco market took concrete form this
I past week, when a Joint meeting of tho
b. ein??* men of both societies mot anrl oe?
ganlzcd the. C.reensboro W'aroheuse i.'om
p.,ny Besides perfecting a temporary or?
sanitation, the meeting prepared for th?
Immediate erection ot a $1*000 lobac-s-zj
?sarshousc of tJt* most modern dest-rn.

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