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Correspondence Column
Drfuvlng? and n Pntrle.
ffir Edltor.--We were !>o (rind to see our
drawinas In the paper yesterday. They
were much hetier than we expected Thank
you very much. will try to send a story
after we are better arqualnled. AVe are
sending Home more drawings, alao a puz?
zle. fl> liave been to th? country ?"d Juet
had all the cherries we could eat and bring
home. We arc going hack as soon ?? the
peachea get ripe. Our father la iti the
country trying to gel well; ho hu been
sick for over two months. Wo will bo so
glad when he it is real well. Eove to you
and all the menVbere. We are, your llltlo |
Jruiiih Boston, Va.
Her rriend'a Pnrrot.
Pear Editor.?Our friend haa a parrot.
Here Is a sketch of It. My btother hue boon
iu thf navy it long time, ills four years
will be up In September. -My little brother,
slater and 1 have live drawing and painting
looks. I love to draw In them. I have four
gooks of German. 1 am going to learn It.
not I'tiieUed my prize, but J will
i hank you anyway. Thanks again, and a
hundred ttm.s more, Oood-by,
Lorraine, Va. HBUl.V BROADRLTP.
Gathering cherries.
.Dear Editor.?I hnie hist finished reading
Sunday's paper, and am sorry to hear of
Ultra, Chndwlck'a Illness. 1 have had a fine
time gathering cherries. I have canned four I
r:ni? ol them, My father was In Richmond ?
last Friday. I think the stories about tllca
nro tine. We had * nice rail, last Thursday
evening, but it is getting dry again. Vom
member. MARIAN J.. MOTL.BY.
Caroline county. Va.
A Picture of a t'huuffenr.
near Edltor. I am sending a picture of a
chauffeur 1 know, and will try lo write
oflrner In fiilnre. East Thursday was Sun?
day-school anniversary. It rained and kept
ns from marching. L?tt year President ;
Taft saw our parade. I skate to school al-]
most every morning, but It will soon he
vacation. 'During vacUilon we go to too
beach very often. Yours respectfully,
Lincoln Place. Brooklyn, X. T.
Her Father Gone to Europe.
bur Editor.?School has closed and I won
two medals, one for scholaiahlp and the
other for spelling. 1 went on a picnic Sai
urd.iv and hud a fine time. My father goes
to Europe Tuesday, June It, to alay nearly
'our months. We certainly will miss him.
The reason 1 always write such short Ict
!'-t5. |s that the long Ours take up such a
erne space on the page I had a darling
l.th puppy, and a bulldog killed It. With
. of lo\e, your true member,
vvcsihampton, Va.
Praises His Fellnw-Cliih Members.
Deal I loiter, -When I looked In yeater
<ta> a paper I war. very glad to sen that I
had won a prize. Andrew Hltlengei eau
certainly draw cartooner The Chadwicks
are about the hest meinhera we have In
tii- r, n. c. c. Don't you think It :? a
grast movement to try to kill all of the
nlea? I appreciate you publishing my story.
Thanking you for my prise. I will e|nse.
1 Mrs sincerely, NICHOLAS DRAKE.
U?i Flo>d Avenue. City.
Delighted to Be Prize Winner.
Dear Editor. I was uist deiighted to see
hi} inline as a prize winner, and thank you
*rry much "for ti In advance. It :s quite
? ''nt lure now; the wind is blowing hard
*:.rl we have some fire. We are practicing
!or our children's day sxerclaea now, which
I hope will he good. Hoping lo receive my
prize soon, noil thanking ycAl again, l re?
main your devoted member.
Dralos Branch, Va.
Hope! l etter Will Be Pllbllshr-d.
Dear Editor. ?Aa I haven't had n Tetter
In the paper for aonietlnte I hope this one
will be published. lan't this a beautiful
day? The birds are slnginK and everything
>a so fre-li and green and prcllv. Every
rrcstun serms to b" reiotclng In this beau?
tiful springtime. 1 have iwo terrapin pets.
and they certainly ar? cute. The largest ?
one stays In his ?hell nearly all the time, )
but the i It tie one certainly is brave und
lively, I am reading the "Long Roll." I
haven't read much nt It yet. but have com?
menced to get Interested, and agree with
l.'slie Miller In thinking tt surely Is s good
book I know I must close, as I am taking
up entirely loo much ?paee. I really didn't
Intend to w rite to mUChj Your Sincere m*m
Oak wood Cemetery, Cliy.
A ?.lobe of FUb.
Dear Editor.-I have net written to you j
for a long time, but I will try to do better
now. irur school closed the last of May. I
waa promoted to the High School. I was
iu. v. In December, and I think I am doing
fairly well lo enter High School at twelve,
den t inn? Inclosed Is a drawing of g globe
of llrh. which 1 hope will e*eape your
naughty wasteen.'hrt We have four fish In
a large globe, and 1 en.ioy watching them
play and swim about I hope all of our
members will |otn the struggle against th*
house fly "'Swat the fl< !" or poison It. just
so w'# gel rtf of It some wav Hope all the
m?mh*ra are enjoying ihr vacation, and ?Iii
rsadv to -tarl wh'n Ii over Year
fsnh'o' nrmher NORM A RT -Ol IE
Buens Vlst*. Va.
Toed of rteadlrif.
Psar Editor -i w?nt le thsr.k you for
th* nie? oook you ?*n( m? a few w*-ks ate
1 esrtsjnly do eprr*<"late |, sr.d enioy-1
rending It vgry nVuehi as I'm very fond ol
-nitina I was down to Th* Tlm?B-r>.?.
rich Rulldlng '??'. we?k to ??? von and
? '? * drawior. gf -which I hop* vo'i have
received by now t was glv?? your phon*
r.urnher. hut aemahow or other I couldn't
).ou< I would Hks very much to call to
(t? ve.| !m*s If It will be agr??ih.?
?With you My sis'f. Mrs Ida Trove I?
van anxloui for yea 'o as?h-r little
?4>-igh,?-, Elisabeth, Sh* Is only tie*
?mer.ihs old but Just as nfee as ?h? can be
Ma often tell* me that It won't be long be
for* Elliabeth irpi >?ke her place on th
j rat* Waa very sorry to hear of your 111
n?ss Lhrongh the page Blncerelj hop* thl
will flniUveu well ' am as ever,
Editorial A od Literary Depanrtmeimt
Praise For Fly-Swatters
My Dear Girls and Boys:
Again 1 feel that I Inwr causa lo
congrat ulnto you In that you have
been loaders In The Tlmes-Disput h lly
campaign. Yon begun tho movemont
Which developed lnt>? a war nl eXtcl
mlnutlon that is being waged ;-n along
the line against OHO of the deadliest
foes to health and cleanliness that the
world knows. You have done your
part well and deserve great cre-dll tot
it. What you have written has been
sensible and practical and will, I hope,
be productive of Kte.it good.
It means a great deal In the tight
direction for hops and, girls to be in?
terested intelligently in whatever is
going on In the world around them
I Consequently I am going to Hsk you
I to write and say which candidate now
before the public would be your choice
for President of the United States, and
why. Let us see how near you can
come to forecasting the election. Be
in amber you must furnish good reasons
for your choice and slate them to
MISS Dorothy Smith, 1011! Weal -Main
Street, city.
Etbrl Veulhcry, South Boston. Vit.
l.yuwood Aentherj, South Boston, Vn.
Anthony. Blanche Johnston, Gertrude
Broadrup, Helen Lanier, E* V. A.
Bailey, Arthur Motley. Marian
Bailey, Clifford Mcbanlel. Mary
Blair. \y, S. Neathcry, Ethel
Chadwick} !?;. V. Xcathery. Lynwood*
Cunningham, J. H. Proctor, Margaret
Chadwick, \V. B, Pnnnlll, Mary
Cheathain, Adelaide Powell, Edna
Cronlse. James G. Pannlll. A. II.
Chadwick, H. E. Risque. J. C.
Drake, Nicholas Risque. Norms W.
Dlokenson, Lottie Rold, Elizabeth
Ebel, Gertrude .Smith, Dorothy
lCpes. Virginia Lee Scott. Dnlsy H.
Klder, Curtis Turner. Oracle E.
Molt. RufUS T?te. Herbert
JobBon, Harold Ll Vincent, Harold
Jones. Luctio Washer. Alice H.
Jackson, Ulanche Zander, A. W.
In the red glow of evening
Came o cr the blue sea
Paul Jones, the great hero,
Bo bold and so free.
That his aword was unsparing
The British did find.
But to shipniRles ho ever
Was gentle and kind.
When the voyage wns ended
The mazes he'd trace.
Of the song nnd the dance
With skill and with grace.
He who boldly meets death.
And fears not to date.
He also shall vanquish
The hearts of the fair.
212 West Marshall Street. CUy.
The housefly is one of the most dan?
gerous pests the hottseltcopor has to
deal with, anil also the hardest to
get rid of. for wherever man :j tho
housefly Is ?-uro to be. The question
is: "How are we to rid OltriclVCi Ol
this disease-carrying insect?"
First, we should destroy the breed?
ing places if possible. They breed In
rotting refuse; so we should keep
evcrvthlng around us in a clout),
healthy condition, and never keep
garbage or any refuse matter near
our home. We have many ways of
Killing file*, such as IrapVlng and
poison. I think that with care we
Cntl keep them out of die house with
screen windows nnd doors. Never |rt
tiles Into a sick room; they carry so
many disease germs it Is harmful to
the patient and lo well persons also.
And mothers should always he careful
about flics crawling over ?the little,
one's faces while asleep. It ts s" dan?
gerous. Th? files crawl through nil
kinds of tilth and then come lo the
house laden with ;?rmn of all sorts.
Written and composed by
Ashland. Vs. n r D No 4 Box ::f>.
Louise sn'i ii-ien w?r? ?h? only chil
rir*n of Mr and Mr? Irring They
lived in lh? city. Louise was twelve
and H?'?n was ten.
Thf eti, nf January was Louisa's
b'rthdav L?tils* and H*l*n w?re sit?
ting down 'he r-if; rug hefori th?
fire look'ng at a picture hook their
mother had given Louise for a birth
?1av present The.y also had their toys
around them They were having a
gonr| time, when In cam* Uncle Jack.
Now. Uncle ? new was a lolly old mm.
flmgng the ha unterf NiV Hille,
."" SS ?;,,lw,???-?iS
and the children always enjoyed hs/r
Ing him come.
Thcv got a big rocking chair for
him and Louise ran for her picture
hook for him to look nt. It wns snow?
ing outdoors, and the big. sparkling
fire looked very good to them. Undo
.lack told them stories, mostly fairy
talen. He told the children that ha
hud come to take them slelgh-rldlng.
They dapped their hands and ran to
a?k their mother If they might go. She
consented, so they wrapped up real
Rood, and you may guess that they
had a good time. So that was a birth?
day present foP Louise, snd I hope that
, ncle Jack will give Hclan a good
birthday present, too, when her birth
clay comes
Bassett, Va.
One day as Fann'o was
( ?oiling from school
She fhw a little dos and
Named him Gucl.
.she showed him to her
Sister May;
They petted him (to
Much thut he run away.
He didn't like petting
No more than a bird.
Bceauso he wasn't use
To the words he had heard.
They looked, they looked.
They looked ull around.
But nowhere they said
Could ho possibly he found.
S?o next day as sh* was on
Her wh.v to school
She found her little
Doggie swlmrnjng in a pool.
The iitaxt evening when
School was out
She carried him hom,.
And scolded him right
Composed hv
MAltV PANK 11*1*
Bassett, Va. Ace 12
Once there lived it lighthouse keeper
and his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert.
On? night an awfui storm arose; the
clouds got very dark There was a
lady on the sen by the name of Mrs.
Ash ton, and her daughter, Ethel, who [
was six years old. The doctor had
told Mrs. Ashton that she had bettor
go abroad for her health, and as hor
child Kthel was so young she had to
hr.nR it with her. During this storm
the sailors tied Ethel to her mother's
waist. When they had Rotten a lUtle
ways nearer the shore the ship turn?
ed over and Mrs. Ashton was drowned
and wag washed to shore, and poor
Ethel got to shore safe with her dead
* The next morning Mrs, Gilbert look
i I out of her window, and to her sur
rlse saw :i little girl dressed In white
lying on the shore. They rushed out
to look alter them and bruuRht them
in the house.
Mrs. Ashton wns Curled the next day
near the shore. Mr ..nd Mrs tillbort
called their adopted child Daisy, he
cause they had n girl once by the
name of Daisy.
While Daisy was at Oukdale she
made many friends, one lady even
loved her so that nh<- taucht her every
thins the wanted to know.
(To be continued.)
Composed by
26nr> Fio>d Avenue, city.
At evening when I ro to bed
I see the stars sh'ne overhead,
They are the little daisies White
That dot the meadows of th? n'ght.
And of|en while I'm dreaming so
Across Ihe sky the moon will go;
It is a lid- sweet and fslr,
\' ho comes to gather daisies there.
For whrp m morning I arise
There') not ? stsr left in the skies;
She's picked Ihem all and dropped
them down
Into th.? meadows of the town.
No. 21! WhI Marshall Street, City.
I.rttie was a 1IM1? g|r| who did not
like to help her mother wash the
dis-hes. feed th? chickens, hr'ng In j
wood, or nr.- thing else. When her
mother ssked he* to help sh* -would
rav; "Oh. rrt a tri-r e.. I'm ?0 tired, I wish ?
I didn't hit ve to help "
?e op.<- day <? i'on ?h? said this a
fa i?? v Appeared and, handing her a
ring, said to her
"I will gl vi ? oti this ring, and as
long as you ?ci'r it every wieh of
yours will rcme true"
Lottie was very pleaded with the
fairy's gift, and when it cam* time
to bring in the wood she had only t"
wish it in the woodbox and it was
there, and n was the same with every?
thing she u;.s asked to do; so Lottie
had nothing to do but play.
She Rrew li'rd ,.f playing one day,
mid was watch lig the little birds fly?
ing around and Kinging such happy
gongs, nnd slv sa I thoughtlessly: "I
wish 1 wan a little bird," and Imme?
diate): -' ? '?hanged Into a little bird,
und nwaj ki>? v. : t flying through the
air and singing
But In i wing* soon grew tired of
living, nnd Kill alighted on the branch
of a tt'-e. am -.??s watching some
ottier birds bullding a nest, whetf a ,
tv-.iuter came along and ahot at her..
CA PTA l.\ K13LI.V.
Captain Kelly v ,ith flashing eyea.
Won the ejimc to a thousand cries
Of "Thor goc? i elly. Bah! Bah! nahl
Hurrah for Kol ? Hurrah! Hurrah!
For he has won, won, won.
And th" g.iu ? o trs, sixteen to one."
Th. learn aild with shouts of glee.
Pol the peniiuiii is oiirs. und victory.
And I proiidl; old the sunburnt hand
Of Csptiil K l| he's Simply grand.
So Veil' Veil' v..,!! .
Let Prc*l. Ilv's victory "swell."
Compost il i, u) illustrated by
Cue win an , hadwlck, National Sol?
diers' Home, iiimpton. Vs.
6h? t'hi ?n frightened, end sh4 flew
toward home, wishing she. was tittle
l.ottle again, so the had hunter would
not shoot hor; but her r'ng had fallen
off when she changed Into a bird, so
she hopped around In the yard until
she found it. and put It on one, of her
fenthers In her wing. She then wished
and was changed buck to little l*ottle
I wish the fairy would eomo back
and get the ring." she said, "for 1 wunt
to holp my mamma und ho like other
little girls," and the fairy came nnd
got the ring, and little l.ottle never
refused to help her mother again.
Composed by
n. F. D. No. 2, Box 39. Besch. Va.
"Now the dsys are full of music,
All the hlrds are back again;
in the treetops. In the meadows.
In the woodlands, on the plain. 1
See them darting through tho sun- ]
Hear them singing loud and clear;
How they love tho busy springtime.
Sweetest time of all the year!"
(Selected. EDNA I'OWELU
Staunton, Va.
Once upon a time there was a little
boy who was not neat. Ono day his
grandma told him to go out and
watch for his 'brother. J\r began to
cry. and said ho had no brother. lie
went out and saw a little wren. lie
asked the wren If he waa his brother.
The wren said: "Look how clean my
feather? are." After awhile a cat came
by. Ho said the same thing to the
? ??t. The cat said: "Look how nlco
my fur Is." A little pig came by. The
little boy didn't say asythlug. but the
pig said: "Come on an'' play with
me." The little boy said he wasn't his
brother. The little boy told his grand?
ma about It. She told him 'f he didn't
keep himself clean he would have to
live with the pig. He kept himself
cleaner after that.
205 North Tark Street.
We got our bird, from an old Mexi?
can hunter, who said he was a physan.
and, sa thla Intelligent bird began to
study the habits of the man family, we
began to take Interest In this repre?
sentative of a queer bird family.
Hla diet constated mainly of small
snakes, centipedea and mice. and
though he waa no larger than ? pigeon
he had a long neck and large head,
and often swallowed m'co whole.
Ho had one bad habit, and that one
waa awful. He would hoard up a pile
of miscellaneous small animals and
keep them till they were good and
"ripe"; then, after gorging till he
could hardly move, he went to sleep
and slumbered peacefully for a couple
of days. As he was not particular
about where |,e hid his little treasures,
It was sometimes very hard on us
The .Mexicans sab) that when a pair
of these birds found a snake asleep
they would hulld a hedge of cactus
around it. Then the birds would make
all the noise they possibly could, and
the snake, awaking with a start, would
prick himself on the thorns. This
would anger the snake and <t would
lash around among the thorns until It
worked itself Into a frenzy ;!nd flrially
it would bile and kill Itself. Then the
two wise birds would have a feast.
Staunton. Va,
When an old nrRrj or nn Italian
begs or buys an old stove oi any other
piece of Junk from you, y#u <ft*n
wonder what he Is going to ,|o with
It. and I am going to trll y vi.
The iunk dealers buy up the. strap
Iron and ?hlp It to the large Northern
cities, where it Is reduced to pis |r<-n
In the following manner; In the
scrap yard, where there are hundreds
of tons of scr'tp Iron, there Is a r< '.
work of trestles or elevated Harks,
on which run electric cranes. Thrfio
cranes. Instead of hooks to lift the
Iron with, have powerful electric mag?
nate? These are let down into a heap
of Iron and the current I? turned on
When thev are withdrawn thev have
?p.'-'jth scraps clinging to them to
weigh several tons
The Iron is carried on the magnates
to a press, where, hv immense power
the thouaand* of scraps are preset
Into one large block, weighing several
thouaand ton?
These blocks are then conveyed to
the great furn?'-?*. where they ,tr?
melted and refined Then tin molten
Iron Is poured into sand mold* and rut
into "pigs," or short bars, while l| Is
still in a soft condition The Iron la
now ready to use again i-.s mater al
I for stoves and other useful things
I which, atter having served their term
I of iisefulness. will probablv retuin
I to the mnk hear. RI FUP HOLT.
Staunlon. Va
Puzzle Department
Geogrraphr tlnr.tlom.
1. What county in Virginia has the
name of a fruit?
2. What county In Virginia has the]
name of a great general?
3. What county In Virginia has the|
numo of a boy?
4. What county In Virginia has the|
name of a girl?
t. What river In Virginia Is named j
ed after a King?
6. What county In Virginia Is nam?
ed after an Indian hing?
J. What capes In Virginia are names|
of two boys?
Composed by
Upper Zion. Va.
I'm not employed by Uncle Sam.
And yet I carry mall.
I'm swift us many a telegram;
I'm seldom known to fall.
Around and 'round, then straight 1]
The shortest route I always know.]
Lorraine, Va.
My first Is in eat. also in heat.
My .second Is In lick, but not In llck.j
My third is In fly. hut not In He.
My fourth Is In lark, alr.o In marK.
My fifth is In bee. also In me.
I My sixth la in time, but not In lime.
My seventh Is In hate, but not In late.
My whole Is a girl's ncme.
Drake's Branch. Va.
Boys' Names In Fsrures.
IS. 1. 13, 1?. 8.
1*. 15, 2, IS. 20.
-'0, S. 16. 13. 1. 18.
S, 0. It, 18. 25.
IS. 9, 3. 8. 1. IS, 4.
3. 1. 18. 12.
12. 25. 14. 14.
2. 6. 18. U. 12, 5. 25.
2?. 1. 25. 12, 15. 18.
13, 1. 18. 11.
Drake's. Branch. Va.
Answer to blfd puzzle by T. B. Dunn;
1. Eparrow. *
2. Lark.
3. Penguin.
'4. Crane.
5. Parrot:
6 Linnet.
7.1 Woodpecker.
8. Ptarllng.
Answer to T. B. Dunn s bird puzzle;
Tenguin. .
Answer to Polly Berry's puzzle
< lontented.
Care William Chadwick. National
!-"?!:? is' Home. Hampton, Va_
Answer to pusxle by p. Berry:
2. Content.
3. Careful.
4. Honest.
Answer lo "Bird Puzv.ie." "T. p.
1. Spa rrow. 11 '
4, Woodpecker,
f.. Lark.
H. Crane.
T. Parrot.
f. -
Answered by
Upper Zi"n. Va.
The ho'iseflv Is the or." we are. In?
terested in. because It gives direise
lo people and often kills them
The fly starts 'Ife as an *gc. wh'ch
Is laid b> the sdull fly One fly lave
about 120 egip Horse rr.anurr Is th*
favorite plare for the fly to \ny th*
?res Th* eggs are like a flr.e whit*
thread Th? egg. of the fly ha,.<-rt
within a few hours and become larvae
There appear as ?mall wh'ts worms
In warm weither you r?n find these
worm* in manure plies.
After a while th*-'- hemme per n
a little brown cocoon. Tou riwi"'
very eastlv find these In manure, be?
cause thev are hrowr
The? after a few dsya th*v h*"^-^*
adult flies. Then th*y lav eggs, nnd
do the same things It takes or.Jv
eight dai? for tho eggs to hdjomf
in? 1-2 Ens, Clay Ftreot. Rlriimond
i.otttf: dickensoji.
jvicholas drakh,

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