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Where we are developing orchards and garden farms that will satisfy all who seek an alUthe-year
southern home. On our lands you can raise any kind of fruit or vegetable known, and exceptional trans?
portation facilities by rail and water make it possible for industrious farmers and orchardists to become wealthy.
No finer garden land anywhere. We will sell small farms on easy terms
of payment. As West Point grows these {arms will be in demand for building
lots and will bring their owners great profit.
'!'" ?ll W.'*'l!'ll?,J
These grand country home-sites are closely restricted and will prove
very desirable to all those who are exclusive and want the very
Come at once and pick out your farm. There is time yet to get in a paying crop. West Point,
around which our operations are centered, is the most promising town on the Atlantic Seaboard. Write
for further details concerning the town and what we have to offer.
West Point, Virginia
Developmental Announcements
From ..Various" Sections
of South.
rpp.rial to Th^ Tlmes-blsnat ch I
Ba^iiirrvjre. June 22.?Among the
Southern Industrial and other devel?
opmental enterprises ?unouncc-il in
this week's Issue ??f the Manufactur?
ers' Iteeor?! are the following:
San Diego Irrigating Company. San
DlCgo. Tex. plans ?.> construct rcln
fdrced concrete dam 1,700 teet long
hy 62 feet high for Impounding 50,000
acre fee. f.t watet and Irrlgat -
from ?n.OOO to ?0,00a acres of laud:
has Issued bonds for tl.uO.OOO.
Hampton Cotton Mills Company.
Oreenvilie, s. Incorporated with
$7,000,000 capital stock to operate
cot tun factories.
Vicksburg Light und Traction Coin
pany, Vlcksburg, Miss., Incorporated]
with $1.000,000 capital stock to uper- |
at-- clectrli light and railway sys
Pullen co:ii and Cok* Company, Lo?
gan, n, . Vit., Incorporated with $200.
000 capital flock to develop i,3ia
? s of. c>al land, installing plant!
I to cost upwards of $75,000,
; Gulf l.und Company, Jacksonville, j
Pia., Incorporated with $l,u?6,?00 caii- ?
j ltnl stock to develop land for various j
; purposes. i
L S. Jackman. Henderson, Ky.. was j
i reported as having sold '95,000 :i,-res i
I of coal land, at $950,000. to Cleve- j
i land" tOliio) capitalists,
j Montgomery Light and Traction1
Company, Montgomery, Ala., increased1
capltak -ir.ri; fr.,:n $1,000,000 to
limits arid new ward boundaries, nr lim-> and railroads,, park; and ecme.
teries, public buildings and places of interest, new suburban' plans and county
estates','and names <>i landowners, shajic and acreage, of (arm?. In four colors
Compiled by E, C. & 1 I. CEARKE, Civil Engineers, 3206 East Hroad
Street, (."all Up I Lj Clarke, Madison 7093, and map will be brought to your
Office for inspection.
w. Fred. Richardson, Inc.
Storage and Transfer Department
Main and Belvldere Streets.
We call attention to our splendid ? ties : .- packing and rrating houic
hold goodt., bric-a-brac, china, glassware, ; turei and works r.f art for stor?
age, domtttx or foreign shipment. < an save you per cent, in freight
Get our estin-.atc Pboncs- Madison 843 and Monroe M.V
V. 15 South Ninth Street.
Till-; BEST
Runabouts, Phaetons, Surreys, Buggies
and Frazier Carts
Finest Assortment in the City.
jC.nnn.nob to rover cost of new tur- 1
bine plant and polo Tine extension* I
constructed during 1P11 and 1915.
Harrlman Hoscry Mills. llarrlman
Tenn.. organised with '$100,000 c.tpt
tail stock to build plant for knitting
.' Morrow, Prendcrgast, Tonn.. anC
tssuclates, will organize $100.00?
company to build Ip.OOtJ iplndlu cottoo j
yarn mill. j
Mutual Canning Company, V\'liming* i
ton, N C. organized with ?60,000 cap?
ital slot k to establish cannery, man
if*> lure baskets, etc.
Home Oil and Fertiliser Company,
Headland, Ala., will Incorporate with
$50,000 oupltui Stock to build cot?
ton mill, cotton gin and fertilizer
Piedmont Oranlte and Quarrv Com?
pany, Moore-vi lie. X. C. incorporated
with $125.000 capital stock to devel?
op quarries on liftmen acres of land
and plans daily capacity of from JuO
to licit tons.
Muskogec Waterpower Company,
Muskogee, Okla., organized with 9Q6,
{">?> capital stock to build hydro-elec?
tric plant, developing 25,0d?-h6rscpow
er for transmission by electricity.
Thayer Manufacturing Company.
Charlotte. N. ?*.. aw.ardied contract for
construction *f two-story, lf.0 by 226
foot spinning mill, one story and J
basement, 16;: by 2lo-foot "Weaving"
mill .cottages for 500 operatives, etc.
This $500,000 corporation wan organ?
ised Beveral months ngo to bulid 2b
i"i0 spindle and .r>0u loom cotton mill.
International Preservation t'ompa- ?
ny, Atlanta, Oa., Incorporated with}
$100,000 .capital i.toc.k .o tnanufac-I
ture duid for preserving eggs, fruit
and vegetables.
Anderson Gas Company. Anderson,
S. C. incorporated with $100,000 cap?
ital stocy by Pennsylvania capital?
ists to build gas. plant.
>: i!t Development Company. Char
lotte, N. C? incorporated with $50.
600 capital stock to manufacture tex
I til" fabrics.
' Hill cotton Compress Company. Al?
exandria, La., incorporated with $l0O,
(?'II', . .ipital stock to manufacture cot?
ton compresses.
Peoples' Ice and Cold Storage Cora
pany, St Petersburg, Pia., organized
I with $100.000 capital stock to build
ice and cold storage plant.
.lanus Cameron McConachlo, King?
ston. Canada, trustee for Canadian cap-1
italiMs. purchased 18.980 acres oft
land near Mobile. Ala. for dvlslon
into farms and colonization.
Umpire Cotton Oll Company, Guth?
rie, Okla., incorporated with 76,000
? apltal stock to manufacture cotton?
seed Oil.
Reversible Me;t?i Shing'o Manufac
i turing Company. Halifax, N. C, Inci.r
porated witli $26,000 capital stock to
manufacture metal shingles- I
Uvalde Rock Asphalt Company.!
Beaumont, Tex., incorporated with!
I I' ".''00 capital stock to nevelop as?
phalt property. I
Memphis Coffin Company, Memphis,']
Tenn.. Increased capital stotk from1
$60,000 to tir.o.ooo.
Suffolk Barrel ar.d Pox Company,
, Suffolk, Va., incorporated with $10,
oOO capital Mock to establish plant
for manufacturing harre'..-, boxes, etc.
Arkansas Lumber Company, War?
ren, Ark. will build sav: mill with
daily capacity 100,000 feet of lumber,
replacing plant recently burned.
Tanner Paint & Oil to.
1417 and 1419 East Main,
Richmond. Va.
[f You Contemplate Making a Chang
in a
Home for Your Horses
Phone Madison 5635, 1
Shenandoah Stables
Sales and Boarding,
Meadow and Marshall Streets.
You are invited to call and inspect
did new ttableb.
Bonded Premises
One of seven similar plantt in the United
States rendering
Expert Storage Service to
Manufacturers, Merchants
Distillers, Dealers.
Virginia Bonded Warehouse Corp.
Eighteenth and Cary Sts., ', '?.
Jfcith.noHd You
Berries, Potatoes and Other!
Early Crops Bring Much
Money to Town.
West Point Va.. June 22.?This sec
lion 's having a most wonderful crop
cf the dewberry. The .steamboats are
carrying <iuauiities to city markets,
and the. cry of street wnders through |
the streets as they bring the fruit
across the ferries Is heard all day.
The Baptist preacher and his family
went out tne day this week to spendl
the clay with one. of h's members and]
they picked thirty quarts, he picking
thirteen quarts >n two hourJ, the hot?
test day of the season. I
The new electric plant, now being
built at B and Eighteenth Streets ts|
nearlng completion, an] will fUrniS? j
light and power in abundance. The|
county road machine, which has beeni
busy at Euclid Heights, the new su?
burb, la going good work, and already
the roadways are showing to advant?
age. A n*\v street is to he put paral?
lel with the county highway, extending
from Thirty-fifth Street to the Euclid
Boulevard. This street will be paved
and have all improvements, along its
1? ngth.
The business manager of the Farm?
ers' Exchange has been shipping many
hundreds of bUHhels Of splendid Irish
potatoes through the Produc?; Ex- j
change at West Point, brought In from
the farms on the Tork River In New
Kent and lower King and Queen. They
are shipped carller and are better
than for years.
Crops In this section are In fine con?
dition and there will bo a grent deal
of fruit. Some very fine peaches and
rasphorrtes are ripening in West Point
now. and fig bushes are flourishing.
There Is a great scarcity of carpen?
ters at this time, and much building. A
gintleman and his family from New
Jersey came down to this section on a
Visit. The gentleman found a job and
went to work and may settle here* He
Is a practical mechanic and Is wel?
Tendencies In Southern manufartur
| ing in the first ten years of the pres
I ent century strikingly indlcnted In a,
j pr.ge or more of figures set forth In
the last week's Issue of the Manufac?
turers' Record, which figures show in
detail the Increases In the capital in?
vested In factories In Southern cities
that had a population of more than
10,000 In 1910, and of the value of the
producta of auch faci>,r|ei< In the
whole South the capital invested in
factories Increased between ISO? and
1j09 from $1,196.302,000 to $2,883.929,
000, or by $1,cs*.027.O00, equal to Ml
per cent., against an increase in the
whole country from $S,975,2 r,6.?oo to
818,428,270,000, or by 89,463,014,000,
equal to 105:3 per cent, and In the
v. hole So;?th the value of producta or
factories increased from $1,504,183,000
to $8,158,399,000, or by $1,694,216,000,
equal to 101.9 per cent., against an In?
crease in the whole country from $11.
106,927,000 to $20.672,062,000, or by $:?,-!
266,125,000, equal to 81.2 per cent. |
In 1J03 of the total capital invested!
in factories In the South $1,233,040,000,!
or 41.7 per cent., was In cities having]
a population of more than 10,000, and
of the total value of ftetory products;
Jl,495.9Rs,ooo, or 47 per cent., was In!
such cities The greater amount a', j
to capital. Invested In Southern fac?
tories and in the value of their pro
duets was In communities having a'
population In 1010 of less than to,000.!
One hundred and richteen cities In]
tl.f South tr, that year had a popula?
tion greater than 10,000, anil of them
fortyVelght cities had n population
greater than 25,000. In the latter cities,
which in ten years h-1 an nggreRate
Increase In population of nn.t per cent,I
tin capital invested in factories In?
creased from .lS7f>.071."00 to $1,054,
008,000. or by $488,937,000, equal to S-t.ii
per cent., and the value of their pro?
duct Incrcalted from $735,161,000 to $1,
271,981,000, or by $636.530,000, equal to
7$ per cent.
The Incre.tse In factory capital inj
these cities was 2?.7 per cent, of the |
total Increase of factory capital in tiia
South In the ten years, and the inn
rrease In value of factory products In
these cities was 33.7 per cent, of tho
total Increase in the value of suclt
producta In the South
The increase in ten years in tho
South, outside cities having more than
26,000 population In 1910. was In capi?
tal from $626,231.000, to J1.S2'.'.
921,000, or-by $1,303,690,000, equal to
19.' per cent., and In value of products
ftom $629,032,000 to $i.-.S8. US.000. or
by $1,067,686,000, eo,ual to 115 per cent.
Naturally BiriRlntfhain. Ala., with its
Iron interest, and with Its huslllni
people and Its vigorou-i trade organi?
zations led these strictly douthei n
cities in the rate of inct.^ase In factory
capital In ten years with 11'.'.S per
cent.. El Paso, Tex., being second, with
43ti.2 per cent.; I-ynchburg. Va.. third,
with 300.7 per cent.; Austin, Tex.,
fourth, with 293.2 per Ci nt.. and Tam?
pa, Fla., fifth, with 291 per cent. I a
actual increases In capital, St. Louis
led with $116,866.000, Baltimore being
second, with $37.220,oiiO; Loulsvjlle
th'rd, with $36,421,000; Kansas Olty
fc-urth. with $19.737,0. j,nd Birming?
ham rlfth. with $19,404,000. In actual
Increase in the value of products tlm
rr.nk with the same, with the excep?
tion that Richmond to< k fifth place,
with' an Increase of J22.6SS.ooo.
The figutes show Virginia to be ai
leader In 1909 in .several line-?, as fol?
lows: Lumber and timber. $35,865.($00;
tobacco, $23.385.000; (lour and grst
mill. 617,598,000; railroad shop con?
struction and repnirs. $9,956,000; lee tin
et, -IS,257.000.
Lighting Fixtures
W. F. Mahoney
523 East Main Street.
Headquarters for Stacks,
Breechings, Blowers, Motors,
Blow Pipe Work.
Heating and
15th and Brown Streets.
Phone Mad. 7160.

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