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Views of a Philanthropist as to
Horses and Mules This
Hot Season.
When 'ho mercury ranges around
to degrees in the shade It Is time for
the farmer and also the owner of
trams in our cities to consldor the
condition Of their humble servants,
the horses and mules actively em?
ployed to plow, binder, mown, or
city truck and wagon, as the case may
Just let mc say right here that tho
price of all first class live stork Is
very high, and If a farmer is unlucky
enough to lose a $1,000 pound, six
year old mule, from the effects of
heat, lie also b>ses the equivalent of
t:'7.',. II .1 work horso of same age
und weight, it means a loss of from
$175 to $200. which in either case
would b? something l'ke a misfortune
jo the owner, especially lw he were
a farmer.
< nuaea ?( llcnt Prostration.
In duscussing the question o, horses
and mules being overcome by heat
It may be of Interest to the readers
of The Times-Dispatch tc know, Just
what brlhgs about this trouble. ,
Well, the ciiief cause is ovordilvlng,
thu.t Is long continuous work without
su.... Yr.t breathing spells. Take a
man, for Instance; let him work along
an ordinary main toad, a hot sum?
mer day, No shade, and continuous
motion, soo nhe begins to fag; he
craves water, and then a rest, with
out these alleviates, he will sue- I
cumli to the heat.
So In the case .of tho horso, or
mule which Is forced beyond his
limit when the mercury Is i)0 In tho
The rule is about the same, wheth?
er In tl,,- Held, on the roa\. or at
work on tho city btrects.
Intervals of rest. .lU'-lcious and frj- '
queht beating and slow driving nte
the three essential preventives, and j
if properly carried out will not re?
quire n "cure." acting on the basis. ,
"that an ounce of prevention Is worth
a pound of cure."
Rellin Merciful to Draft Anlntala In !
Hot Spelt?.
Leaving out the question of the ac?
tual cash value of youi draft animals,
the question of be|j,.. easy on themi
In extremely hot spells of weather is
now worth considering from the stand?
point of just, klndnesa, for it Is real
lv a pitiful sight to witness the ac?
tual distress of r. faithful mule suf?
fering from on acute ? ttack of heat;
prostration, and the man who willing-,
ly subjects them to auch suffering
deserves to be punished by the agent
Of the Society for thr Prevention At I
Cruelty to Animals.
The writer has known many a fin"
horse o rmulci which, driven Injudici?
ously on a hot. sultry day. succumbed,
und If the attack was not fatal at
the time, at lcist the animal was in?
sured to su-h it degree as to grently
lessen its value for life.
tn CoiicliiMlnn.
I will not undertake to give the
many remedies In use whore cases ot
hfe.it prostration occur. The services
of a relinblrrerlnldashulvehlceu u diu
of a reliabli v^tornlary should be se?
cured at or.e... if possible. The main
thing Is to remember the ounce of
prevention Idea fU1d go slow with
your draft rinlmals In hot spells of
weather, being assured that you will
lose nothing In the long run. '
Memorial ?i Odil-Kellowa.
rsr>. r:ni to The Ttmes-Dlspatch 1
Alhevllte. N C., June Jl.-The. two iuVer
e. na:? nocep and the Ash?v|l!<. r.mtnn No
f. Independent Order ot Odd-Fe?ow*. have
trraupe? to ct>?'rv? fimflnv as n memoria:
day. A vr.lon lervlce Bill held at the
J'irM Bapt'j! Church lr. the afternonn. wh,-n
Dr. c B. W'sllei will deliver the annual ?,i.
<5r*?? At ih<- conclusion ol ihla meeting the
members of the threo nrganltatlona will
?riecoiat? t!.* gravel of tli?lr deceased m<m
' l,*ra at lit* Riverside and Newton ceme?
^ made from the purest ingredients and each for a
particular disease, arc ihe best for the ailments for
-w-.^v. which they are prescribed, as is proven by their use
-1 for nearly half a century,
;ix3 I Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy
Warner'a Safe Rheumatic Remedy
Warner's Safe Diabetes Remedy jggggggg^
Warner s Safe Asthma Remedy
Warner's Safe Nervine
Warner's Safe Pills
Sold by Druggists all over the World.
3, mm 1
mn rtfHpt./SOnHlt.
'///. Warner'* Sa?? RomoJiei Cn.,
D*pt. * Roctwiter. N. Y
= To-niftht?SUNDAY EVENING, 7.45, June 23--To-nlO,ht
fil] Why is Sin and Misery Permitted by an All-Powerful
LB? God?
One and One-half Blocks South of Lec Monument Corner Allen Ave.
and Hanover Street.
Take cither Main-or Broad Street car line?; gel >A{ at Allen Avenue.
Meeting! Every Evening 7:45 (Saturday Night Excepted.)
Subject Tuesday Evening, 7:45?"The Bible on trial."
Subject Thurfday Evening, 7:45?"Philosophy of the Phn of Salvation."
Subject Friday Evening, 7:45?"Other Worlds and Their Inhabitants."
Monday and Wednesday evenings given to' Health subjects. Phjneians
of experience will lecture. Free <-,f rh.itge.
600 Fine Stercopticon Views to illustrate Bible and Health Subjects.
Special song rx-rvire. each evening. Tent electric lighted, carpeted and beauti?
fully decorated. Seats free. Come! A cordial invitation extended to all.
$15 to $40
?tll If 11
' I 'HE distinctive character of our
styles has won the approval of
well groomed men of critical require?
ments. We invite inspection of our
garments. You may see some of
them displayed in our windows; a much greater va?
riety will be found inside the store. No obligation
is attached to examination. We will be glad to
have you come in and look them over?try on some
of the models if you care to. You will not be urged
to buy.
Everything else men wear as well as boys.
Derelict Haberdashery In Office of Nixie Clerk
Finally Traced Ihrough Timet
Dispatch Article.
After 1> ine unidentified In tho of-^
P.ca of R F. Ritchie, ni.xie elbrk of the|
"Ichmond Post-Office, for several
wtfks, two shirts belonging to Edward
Foster, n student of KeysvlUe Mls-i
slon Indnstrlnl School, have boon for-i
warded to their rlgh/ful owner. For
a long time it looked as if Edward
waa destined to go shirtless. The gar*
nn ntr reposed In Mr. Ritchie's collec?
tion 'if derelicts, wrapped in brown
manlla paper addressed to "Edward
Foster, industrial School, Koysvlllel
Mission," waiting for transportation to
the dead letter otiloo.
An article in The Times-Plspntrh a
f, w weeks ago related in some detail
the queer Instances of insufficiency In
address with which Ni>le rink lit
ohle has to wrestle every day mention?
ing among others the mal-addressedl
package to Kdwnrd. The story caught
the watchful eye. of A. Ooodo, prin?
cipal nn<l assistant treasurer of th?'
KeysvlUe Mission Industrial School.;
of KeysvlUe. Vn , who recalled that
one of his pupils had waited in vain
for the arrival of a package such as
described. He wrote to Mr. Ritchie,
giving the correct nddres? of Kdward,
whose home Is at HI, e Pepot. this
?tate, and Ihe haberdashery was at
ntii'ii forwarded.
In ilue Ilm? Edward received his
long lost shirts, together with two
neckties wblch were enclosed In the'
package, and the end of a baffling dis-'
appearance was ?nrnvr-l'd |n the best
I ? Its- Baldwin Style
llnmnn Bar In tbe Mall*.
"About trio most remarttat,,,? thing
that ever turned up at this otttce
minus an adequate address." said Mr.
Ritchie, digging Into the spocrypnal
records ot tne Richmond post-ofllco,
?'was a human ear In u good Kt.-itr- of
preservation. We were never able to
decipher the name of ine addressee,
und since the rules of mo department
forbid the sending Of pt/Tlshablo m?t
ter through the malls. Hie s?perln-I
lendent burled It w'th military hon- ;
ore. lie omitted the cuntomary pray?
er service, because he was not sure
that trie soul had left the bo''y of i
Which the car wus a part."
Despite repeated warnings, orally
and through the medium ot tne presg,
a growing army of citizens t-ttli con?
tinue to deposit flrst-clasi matter and
packages without the slightest traCb
Of an address. The sin Is sometimes
r..inii-.itted by those who might be
expected to exercise more rare.
A Richmond Arm not long ago
milled a number of phonograph ree- j
orils. and after waiting Bevern! days ;
for acknowledgement ot delivery, came
to the post-otltce to enter complaint.
The records were found In thu nlxlo
office wltn nothing on tne package
either to indicate the sender or the
person for whom they w?ru Intend?
Tillle Won't fie.t Her fnrd
"Hero Is a typical Pxanipie of this
rnrir.\is menial lapse," said Mr.
Ritchie, displaying a picture post?
card mailed In the local oifl.ee. It
wbs signed by Grace ftnd written to
"l>ear Sis Tillle" lother'' added a
few words to draco's message and
"Anna" humorously supplemented an
"Amen " "Henry" boarded the heavily
freighted post-card with n few more
wordn, but the w,.ole family never
thought It neressnry to furnish tho
post ofllce department with Tlllle's ad?
"Unless Tillle sees this story," com?
mented tho nlxlo clera. "and supplier,
us with her house number and town,
she. will never get this curd."
I'nrrrnMi Kor Virginia?PYohnbly
Inlr Sunday nnil Monday.
I-'or North Carolina?Generally fair
Sunday mid Monday.
Special I.ocnl Dntn for Vostrrfclnj
12 noon temperature .
3 P. M temperature .
Maximum temp, iature up to S
Minimum temperature up to 8
P. M. ?2 I
Mean temperature . 71
Normal temperature . 7?
Deficiency In temperaturn . 2
Deficiency in temperature since
March 1. ?7 I
A" ??um. deficiency in temperature
since January 1 . 5f8|
Rainfall lam twenty-four hours.. .i::|
Excess lu rainfall since Maren 1. 2.B7
: Accum detlc onoy In rainfall since
January l . 3.iv
' l.ni nl Ubservatlon H P. M. Yesterday.
; Temperature . ?"? s i
; Humidity . ss
j Wind, direction .N. W,
' Wind, voloclty. I
, Weather .Cloudy
'Rainfall lust twelve hours.I:; |
i (At 8 P. M. Kuitern SI
I Place. Thor. 11. T 1
; \shevlUe .... 80 7fi
Atlanta . 7ti
I Atlantic city. ?;r.
; Host on . 7i!
, Buffalo . 68
j Calgary . 84
\ Charleston ? ? 78
I Chtcsgo . o j
j Denver . 74
' Duluth . U
I j Gal vest on . . . so
i Kansas City.. to
Louisville ... 74
Montgomery.. KV!
? New Orleans. S5
I New YOSk . ..
I Norfolk . 74
Oklahoma ... *>*
; Pittsburgh .. 7!
Raleigh . "s
St Louis_ 74
j St Pa'tl . 78
San Krancisco S?
I savannah .. ?
I Spokane .
jTnnvpn .
I Washington.?
tvinntpeu ..
Wythevlli* .
,., VT , rm>.
andard Time >
. T. Wcathi r.
?" Pain
Clea r
P. cloudy
P cloudv
t 'ioudy
Rn> n
Cle.i r
P. cloudy
p. cloudy
P. cloudy
June 23, 1012.
?5?ri rises . 4:51
???Tun sets. 7:33
' Interesting Exercises Will Pc
Held in Old Blandford
Police Commissioner Will
Llected ai Meeting rues
day Night.
Tho T'mes-Dlspatch Bureaiii
j Bolllhgbrvox .-ireet.
'Phone 14?5;.
Petersburg, Vn., Juno 22.
The Florida window in 01<l Bland
ford Church, erected in memory of
t.ie Conredernlo dead of. thut State,
win be unveiled Monday afternoon at
1:30 o'clock with Interesting cere?
monies. The window .:. ul the famo
size and general *i?->-.-;11 ol the other
Slate wlndowa in thu church, except
in iis apostolic figure and deli?
cate coloring. Its figure Is that of
St. .uatthew. The window, bears the
coat of urms of t.. .--..a" and the
following inscription.
"Florida Ded'catrd this Window
To tho Olory of clod
And In Sacred Memory
Of her Confederate Dead."
"To them which sa.t In the
Region and Shadow of Death,
Light is Sprung Up."
The services win be conducted by
Rev. E. P. Dandrldue. rector of St.
Paul's Church, and the music will be
conducted by Miss Miry Simpson. The
window will be unveiled by Miss Julia
Maxwell, of Florida. .1 descendant ot
Itev. John Cameron, the first re< tor of
Landlord Church. a:id the presenta?
tion of the window to the toadies'
Memorial Association wl I be made In
an address to bo delivered by Hon.
Bramett Wilson. United States Sena- |
tor. from Florida, and a grandson ot
Senator Maxwell, of the Confederate '
Congress. The window w'll be re?
ceived on behalf of the asslciatlon by
the Rev. Chas. E. Btrlbling.
The Georgia window, the last of
these splendid State memor'ata to be
placed In the historic old church, now
a beautiful memorial chapel, will be
dldicated In October.
To I.lect Poll?"r < oinnilnstoDer.
A Joint meeting of Ihc two branches
of the City Council Ii s been called
for Tuesday nlghi to ? lect a police
comnilssloner to fill r'-? vacancy that
will occur on July 1. by the expira?
tion of th?> term of Captain William
A Bond. Captain Bond has been a
m-.mber of the commn-slon fin-'.- its
organization, and is ;i cand'date for
re-election. He win be opposed by
Thos. B Maclln, a former member of
the Council un?l a prominent tobacco
manufacturer. A pretty lively contest
bus h.?n carried on fi lends of
both candidates; and the result ta m
Manonii t<> Crlebrnle.
ihn three lodges ..< Masons in 'his
city. inandtorn. t'eimaburg and
I'owhstati MarKe, will unite on Mon;
day n gtit In ct..orating the restivai
of si .lohn. A commute* consisting
of WorshlpMlls C. L. Guthrie, P. M.
Steward and uobert G. Bass, of the
above lodges respectively, nos th?
arrangement.'' In charge. Alter the
ceremonies in the long., room a ban?
quet will be served and speech made
Picnic nt Unionen.
Under the auspices or the Matoa.-a |
Civic improvement League, a Dig i
Pkn'c. is to i-e given at that village
on July 4. the or>i,..c.t being to raise
lunds to assist in erecting the new
high school building there, on 'he
tour-acre site donated for ?he pur?
pose by Howard James. The day Is
to be otherwise. cn'npi a t-a
Trnniifc-? <>f Realty,
Among t:ie deeds of transfer of j
real estate recorded In the e'erk's of
flee this week were the following; H.l
H. Lovenstetn et. als to alary E. Finn.'
double brick store on Sycamore, near
Washington, ? -eet, for JSt.ooo
John N ['carman anu wife to Max j
I. evlnson, t.rfclc store on B-nk, near j
Sycamore. Street, for $6,000.
Mattle Watson Ito^-.trs and hus- i
hand to Bessie Boyenstein, residence j
and lot, corner of Adams and Wythel
Streets, for |9,!,70.
Wedded In North Caro'lna.
Miss Julia Hilda Cooper, daughter
of Mrs. W. S Cooper, of ne r Waverly,
snd Ft. H Moore, of this city, were}
married !:i North Carolina ys?sterday. ?
They were accompanied on their trip'
by t>. M. Moore, a orotner of the
lleiilli of Mrs. Butler.
Mrs. Jo v-ph L Butler, wife of T,
Your money cheerfully re
funded if ,t benefited by
j I I will ?lv. iys I ? e pleasure in rrcom- |
I mending Milant r Uric Acid troubles.
I 1 C. T. i'.-.rl.- . ? imer U. S. Postmaster,
I Danville, Va.
For nearly e . veais I suffered with
rhcumati n? iea unable to walk. I
am taking M with great benefit, an
I a;u now ? ,U< .-.no sutler no pain.
Mrs. Ira F ! .-? i, Abingdon. Va.
Rheumatisn ;ted my heart until. I
could not lie d . withou* such pain that
I could hat . i it. Milam lias made
me f< ?: . w weman. Mrs. J. P.
! j Brown, N.;., Richmond, Vn.
Fi I was confined to my bed
thegreai i i the time with rheuma?
tism. M?am h ' een a Godsend to mc.
1 now v..... . !,';rr. ? the cwrllinc
has left i ? I and joints reduced to
? il si. 1 Griatie, R. F. D. No. 1.
Chocowinity, N, C.
I have -. -a; sufferer will; rhe-j
matism ni sveral years unable to
attend to ? continuously. Six
b ittle ol ,<i- a new man of me.
Claude Curi .... is E. Main St.. Norfolk.
1 si ii ? ovei ! 00 for rheumatism with
no I ? .er until I tried Milam.
it has done all i cltiim for it in my case.
I. 11. Wade, , irner Church and LeeSts.,
Norfolk, Va.
Fo- a longstanding and aggravated
case of rhc imati ni I am glad to say I re
ceived more : fit from the use of Milam
uian .ill th her treatment, extending
over ii peri id ol ten years. C. P. Barger,
with W. M Ritter Lumber Co., Hunting
ton. W. Va.
Since . > .... tlx bottles of Milam my
rheumatism entirely cone, my com
plexi nand :c improved?I wouldn't
! I??? s ? ?: ?.. ;i\ it has done me. A.
McBndc, Danville. Va.______
At ali Doi^irts?$1.00 a Bottle.
c L^-l'c? for $5.00. A
Berry's Trunk and
Bag Basement
Just such things as every
traveler wants!
Here's a fittsd Suit Case ?fit-!
tinge made in Germany; that |
every man should own.
Lasts a lifetime and ahound-i
i ng m service and con veil ience. j
Prices, $20 and $25.
Fitted Kit Bags, also.
Judge us by our Suit Cases at|
We sell hundreds of them;I
guarantee them all; and hear,
nothing but praise and com
pliments from them!
Quality tourists' Trunks at j
$7.80 to $10.
Others, of course, up to $23;
a nd $30; but to show you what j
our handling facilities amount j
to in lowering the price, com- j
pore us here at these popular)
prices. I
Wardrobe Trunks that comej
from ALL the best factories,'
$20 to $85.
Trunks, Bags and Cases are ?
here, too.
J. Butler, died last nituit at her home
In Matoaca. after an Illness of but
a few days. She wus In her sixty
ninth year, and was much esteemed
In her community. Resides her hus?
band, she is survive.] by several
daughters?Mrs. J. .. Tailey, of
Blackstone; Mrs. H. i. Balie>', of Pe?
tersburg; Mrs. 0. N. .alley, of Cnurch
Road; Mrs. J. H. Wilkinson and Miss?
es Daisy J? Annl" M. and lsola V.
Rutler. of Maloucai?also n sister?
Mrs. Leila V. Blam, of Ricnmoua.
?iioirocr Normal to Cose.
The summer normal i t .ho Virginia
(formal and Industrial Institute, col?
ored, which began on June 3, will
?-lose next week The school has beert
? .inducted by President J. H. Johnston,
and I S3 teachers from all over the
.-t.ite ere m atiendan?
The machinery for boring an ar
teslan well on the groun-. of the In?
stitute has arrived, and work will be
begun as coon as It can be put in
Sent on for Trial.
.1 W. Rlttenberry a wnitc married
man of Chesterfield county, was this
morning sent to the Hustings Court
for trial on the charge of a serlou
offonse alleged to have been commit
ted against the person of *iarle Wil?
son, a twelve-your-old girl, nt her
home on Grove Avenue.
J. IL Parker und Kmtnett Held, ne?
groes, who have been In custody for
some days on thu charge of commit?
ting a felonious ausault on Rebecca ;
Howard, colored, fracturing her skull
1 and nearly causing "her death, were
: discharged in the police court this
! morning, tho evidence not being sutll- J
cient to convict. The assault was j
made at midnight In the street, and In
I the darkness tfe* woman said s'<ho I
could n?t identity her assailant.
A Boys' City to Uo (JrganlSed,
Secretary A. W. Walsh, sf the Y.
M, C. A., Is moving to organise a
Hoys' City among tho boyB of tho
various .Sunday schools. In which ho
will be assisted by Attorney Paul
Pettit and tho \ ,r<ous superintendents
of schools It Is designed to be a '
training In civic life for the boys.
The "city" Is to have n mayor, clerk,
police clerk, committees und various
Old ( ItUen ill.
R. Rollins Moore, one of Peters?
burg's oldest and most esteemed cit?
izens, Is 111 nt bis home on Liberty
Street. Mr. Moore is ninety y> ara
Personal and Otherwise.
H, F. Munt, of this *-t> wtio was
taken 111 at Capo May yesterday. Is
reported as better. He will not be
brought home at present
Mrs. Wll.tam F. Spots wood and ,
daughters. Misses Catherine and Mat
tie Spotswood, have gone to Virginia
Beach for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn Martin
ami Miss May Martin nrc visiting In
New York and Boston.
. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. BellamV, ol
Norfolk, are spending soir.o time at
Violet Hank, their countgy r*ome. In
Chesterfield, near Petersburg.
IntercMlm: AdilrcKwa by Handy.
Miackleford and Others.
[.Special tu Th- Times-Dispatch.1
Frederick's Hall. Vs., j-utio 22.?The
Farmers.- Co-Operative Association held
an enthusiastic union meeting Friday ,
at Apple Grove, aobut seven miles from ;
tills ploce. About r.OO farmers were 1
present. nd dinner was served in 1
picnic style. T. O. Sandy, Suito farm
demonstrator of th? United Suites De?
partment of Agrloutturc, made nn In?
teresting address an the growing of
alfulfa and grasses. W. C. Shackleford,
of Orange, spoke on ttie ''Boys and
GirlH on the Farm" Mr. Gree.n. o!
Caroline, gave an enthuMastlc talk
on the use of fertilizers. Demonstra?
tions were made In the growing I I
Effective Home Remedy
for Tuoerculosis
It U a eerloue mau-r *t?r. the luns? are
arff-ted A irip ewaj- or to ? ?an?l r u I
la expensive, and Involve* ?*p?.ratto:> fctn
honve. Home are Wanted, but r.on- can
safely ret'irn. Dcair-an'i Alterative is -rt?^
tlva?no itavlns home uoo? ???.?> For n
Ml 8. Atienltc Art . Hia?w.'.t'J, N. J.
?s>rnUem?n: In the faJI 190? I eon
trn--trd a vary sever* cold, whl h ?<?? ed
on air luns?. and my phyilclan Id ?'. n ? !
hum so to California l.-r.rr.?: > ?' k- ??.!'
Mr-.* I ?u advised to take B kn ?s I A
trri'.lvt I etayed ?? home ir I ro.*nni*ncrd
takln* It th* law w?k in October 1 bmn
to Improve, am*, the !ir?t week in Jen-iary.
ISM, I resumed my rrauiar ooeupatlon, ?
tn? full* reatored to h?aJth It I? now f.v
y-am ?!nce my cure h'.s twen rfT- '^d. ani
I cannot prulse Ftokman'a Alterative too
( SC. fn f.1 ) W >t TATEM
Eekmen'i Alterative u ?r?rct:v? ir. Dron
ehltlt. Asthma. Hay Fever: Throat and i.unc
?ITniiMM, and tr tipfiiidlnr the tystain.
l>o?-ii not re.ntaln poteona, oj.iar^? or fcablt
rorrr.lnr dru*? For u). by 0-*ori? fe Minor
Urur 'fa and "?her Isadlr.f drufslaU Ae'rf
r..r s.?oa:o. t-i'ir.c of reeovcrlea arid ?-rite
to Dckman Laboratory, phUa-l-ipfcu. in .
tor aildf.ionni evidence.
Elbert Hubbard
"Wherever human hearts
arc Bad or glad, and songs are
sung, and strings vibrate, and
keys respond to Love's ca?
ress, there is known respect?
ed, revered?loved?the name
ami fame of
Let us send you catalog ol
the Steinway Piano.
Walter D.
Moses & Co.
103 F.. Broad Street.
Richmond, Va.
Fl Oldest Music House in Virginia
ami North Carolina.
Sunday Service?
In City Churche*
CnlOM ?llirrrrU? uolr A In tili?
eoluian, uaol hvtvIccs will be
Sucicd at cuAloriiar/ Uouffi by vtsu*
tar paatora uf local rhurcliua.
The termon befor? th? Daughters of Lib?
erty, whlfh wae postponed ia?t ?inday. will
b- preached to-night In the Christ Eplio
pal Church by the Jtev. Mr Eagle. All ?t?
t?r council* a.-.il member* of th<- Junior Or?
der United American Mechanics \j* Invited
to stund.
Th> p.i.tor. the Rev. Henry Pearce A'k'n?.
will i>r??cli twice to-day in the Allen Ave?
nue Christian Church Morning subject.
'The Old Way of hin", at night. "A Cte>d
for th* Commonplace."
At Falrmount Christian Cbuj'.h the pap
tor, the Rev, L. E Orotr-lote. will preach
Morning aublcct. "Tree an! the Sucker"; at
night, An Old Man in the King's Wagon '
The Rev 11 D, C, Maclacblan win Dreach
th^ morning tn the Seventh ?tr>*t Chrln
llan Church o-i the eubjict. "The Story of a
Runaway 6ISV?"; ut night. "C'. ttlng or Olv
Ing-Which la the Best:"
The Rev, Lloyd T. William? will preach
In the Monumental M?lhodlit Church this
morning on the subject. One Thing"; ev?n
\T>i subject. "The Mi??lon o! a Candlestick."
At tht rir?t Baptist Church the Ilev.
Powhatan Jan? will preach f-vlr.e. Morn?
ing sub'.et. "Ciod Working His Pjrpo??
Out', at night, 'The True Tejt of a Chris?
Th? "Hy Fhy N>" Club, which is to take
the place of the V M C A Boys Sunday
Afttrr.oon Club, will be r.rjanlJ'd this aller
r.oon at r 10 o'clock t'ter>optl:on views and
lllustrat-d f-onire are on the program.
Feari r- of S^cnd Wcek'i SftMlon ol Caro?
lina Rommel School,
(.-'s?? lal to The Times-Dispatch ]
Char- Kill. N C. June Zi.?The crowning
feature of tab second wtek of the 1>'.J sea
s,oa of the University of North Carolina
Summer School for Teaeheri ?*'?? the two
educational addresses delivered on Wednes?
day end Thursday night? by I)r Charte? Pe
(Sarrr.o. protest " of educa'lon in Corn?i!
?Jaiverslty. of Ithaca, S V Dr c.oGarmo
b,?r? the reputation of en educational
leader Ol nation*, note, havinit be?n former?
ly prcsl-Ser.' of Bwarthraor? Co'.:cs? cf I'enn
lyhan'.a. prof???or of p?v--ho'.ogv In Cn'.'-a
p University, ar.d the author of a number
t: bookf or. education.
a? the thim- et Ids Wednesday right l?o?
fjr- Ijr DcQarmo ho-e "An A'Mhcilc Vie*
o' th? World." The sub'tct of hl? Thuri
day night lecture wai - Heredity and Edu?
cation." far speaker outlining the relif.or.?
between the two.
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