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Board Meeting Will be
Called for Next Wed?
nesday Night.
Rumor Persistent That Rich?
mond and Henrit^o Company
Will Back for Administrative
Board These Aldermen
Who Favor Granting the
Franchise Demanded.
Elated over the success of their
?team roller methods in the Common
Council, representatives <?f th< Itich
mond ati'l llenrlco Railway went to
work early yesterday morning to call
a special meeting of the Hoard of
Aldermen for Wednesday night, at
which they hope, and expect to rail?
road through the upper branch their
application for a light and power
franchise. The determination to have
the meeting ailed f..r Wednesday
nlrjht became more pronoun, cd when
11 ?? as learned that several members
ol the board will be in Baltimore.
Many leading business men. how
cvm, used xrcat influence on members
In ur^tliiK them not to repeat the tall
? Ii ig program carried out In the
lower bi?n'ii Hut as three mem
bcrs, on petition to the president of
t?.' body can automatically order an
extraordinary session, the meeting
will be held. Gruvf doubt Is express?
ed IS io Whether O! not the company's
advocates can for..- vote on the
.'I speSd mad*, by the Common
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the proceeding; In ihr Council chamber
on Friday night, w hen Hie <-ut and
dried franchise scheme was put
through under pressure. The rt'ch
mond and llenrlco Company lind the
vot's pledged up '."itft before ihe t rins
of the franchise were understood and
I under the guise of beginning work in
the ordinance, it was adopted when
nobody expected final decision without
extended argument.
< nlleil Ml. Own Aei \\ rnns,
Just afie; the meeting adjourned
a menibei from an uptown ward
went to a representative of th<- Vli -
glnla nall\.-aj- and Power Compafhy.
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that the franchise grant was oul
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he voted for the franchise. Ho ?as ;
o-c of the very first to vote. When j
asked whj he votr t contrary to his i
convictions, he asserted that It was a l
{popular move. This ronvenal Ion. |
wb'ch vrax frequently cnlled up yca
te-tjajr. ?4i 'eat'-ded a_ oca <?f the
remaj-Vafcle poi't ?>?! f?atnr-a of a ;
w_Jr_ tJoEfi In t*-.o history j
1 The effort which have been made
I by members ol the tw.> brandies to
secure votes In their can\nsn for the
I Administrativ? Board has had much
I to do with the line up <>n the frnn- .
I ' hlae applications. Five Aldermen i
who imisi pass on the application are
candidates for the new board They
I arc: .\. w. Bennett. Mark Gunst, John
j 1". Don iVsavy, Grahatri B. Ilobson and'
I President Poliert Wolltet. Jr. It 'S
I roiunor. la ? Hut tile Richmond <r I
! iici.-lto C irsi uny Is : ri 'j r.-d ,:r\* hs.i
j pro?il fJ io nvinnl i\r, irlerid.-. in the
Cou-ri b;. tu?30rU.ig theta In t"r">
race for the H.UJ) ,v ?:. Ju?,. tiot fa ?
this campaign will llgure before tiie
' Atdcrmen Ii-js been variously regard
led. Councilman lohn lllrschberg and
! i'. E. Richards. ?ho worked earnest?
ly for' the franchise In the lower
liraii.h. arc avowed candidates for I .?;
Administrativ? Bo<tr?l. Soine' inonthH
ago Mr Herschberg \vas appointed
claim acm of the Richmond ;>::!
Iielirlco Ita'lv.ay, but In view of the
adverse criticism (n the newspapers
he ?itlidre?- f rom thul corporation.
It might nlso be interesting to add
that of ?he twenty-nine members who
supported thi franchise It.day nls?ht
nineteen will go out of ofllcc on
_eptcnib< r 1.
Candidate* Slaj llrclUe II.
The attitude of th- Board of Alder
' men is n"t exactly cleai It is known
I that there is decided opposition to the
plan to railroad it through, and there
Iis not iikelv lo be ? repetition of the
i Mem roller method which was so
I brazenly shown in t.ie Council! it
?a? common talk that w'th a c'ose
'.tight before the Aldermen, the live
[c ndldates frr ihe Administrative
.Board will hold th-- balance ol power.
I It Is known that .Mr. Gunst and Mr.
Don l.eavv will support the franchise.
'.Mr. i>on 1-eavj hiving been Its
j champion In the Street Committee.
I Nobody seemr. t" know how Messrs.
Rennet. Ilobson and Whlttet stand
Business men who do not cleailv
) nndersta-sd th<- provisions of the ordl
inanee have urged the Aldermen to do
j what the Council would not do?have
1 the record puhtit-hed and permit ample
debate and discussion so that there
may not be another exhibition like
that on Friday night. But if the
Riehmond and Henrleo rue-red? In
eallln? Iti m'Mlne on Wednesday
nicht wh'te members ar? in Balti?
more lor-kinr en at the Democratic
National Convention, the discussion
will not he possible.
?"en?c Ktplnln".
nun'llmsn Georre M ct?f. who
has ?ured In the only sensation thus
j far. gave out the following state.
I ment yesterday:
i To the Publjc:
I In rep!-- to sn article published in
! the morning's Times-Dispatch, in which,
jl am not onlv Unjustly ??ritictIed. but
[ grossly misquoted, by Mr. Henry An
I derson'i saying that I was trying lo
hold up both sides, meaning the Vir?
ginia Railway and Power ?"ompany and
the Rlehmnno and Henrleo Railway
? ompany. I want to s'nte in the v?rv
bes-innlns that if Mr. An lersnn quoted
me as ha'-lns said that 1 was trying to
hold up both rompsnles, he knowingly
misquote* me
As 1 stated on the floor of the Coiin
"II last night, I was In Mr Bryan's "I
I fice some six weeks ago. at his invita?
tion, to give him some Information
relative to an estate that he was set.
tllng up. and during our conversation
Mr. Bryan brought up the subject of
the Richmond and Henrleo franchise
I and made this remark: "Tou Know .'.s
well as I do that it will only be a mi'
ter of time when one of the existing
I companies will have to buy out the
Mj replv to Mr. Bryr.n was: "Why
! don i you buy them out now (meaning*
the Richmond and Henrleo Company),
[before the prb e Is too high?'' Then 1
asked Mr. Bryan if his compan> would
I buy the Richmond and Henrleo ram- ,
j piny. Mr. Bryan'* reply was that they
j would at a. price. I ask* i Mr. Brvan "f|
j the Richmond and Henrleo Company
j had ever been offered to them, and his
I reply was that he wouldn't say that it |
j had. but that he felt sure that his com
j pany would buy them at a prl'e.
I l"p to that time sum a thing as try- |
! ing to neeotiate a sale between the
two companies had never entered my
mind. I told Mr Bryan that 1 would
take this matter up with a party, which
1 did. The party I referred to was a
j represenlat've of the Richmond ant
? Henrico Rallvi a;. Company, In about the
! tame capacity as Mr. Bryan is with
the Virginia Railway and Tower Com?
pany. I found It Impossible tr- get a
price through this gentleman, in fuel,
he told me that he felt sure that hi.-,
?ompany would not consider a propo?
sition of selling. 1 dropped the matter
j right there, and I think I am perfectly
safe in stating that I did not mention
I the matter to Mr. Bryan or any one
j else after that time I dldn t even ro
i port back to Mr. Bryan that 1 couldn't
1 negotiate a sale. I considered the
1 n-.itter ended, an! it wa* so far as I
I was concerned, for I was sure there
?a.- no possibility of doing business.
On yesterday, in a statement headed
"To the Public," a Councilman was
I quoted as having offered this property
to the Virginia Railway and Power
Company. I Immediately called on Mr.
' Bryan, and he told me that he thought
, I was the party referred to. Wc went
ever the whole proposition again, and
. Mr. Bryan told me his reason for
I making the statement was bascj ou
the grounds of his seeing me in the
l office of Mumford. Williams & Ander
I son with a gejitleman who offered to
sell the Richmond and Henrleo Rail?
way to his company. In this connec?
tion I want to slate that some three
i weeks ago I took up the sale of a
certain piece of mineral land In West
Virginia with a gentleman, whose at?
torney was Mr. clay. In the office of
Mumford, Williams & Anderson. i
went to their office with that gentle?
man, was Introduced to Mr. Gay, and
left alone with Mr. <9ay In his office.
The gentleman whom 1 was nego?
tiating with for the sale of this mln
' eral land was In Mr. Anderson's office,
' and Mr. Anderson tells me, at that
time, offered him this property. I had
? never mentioned the sale of the Rtrn
j mond end Henrleo Company to this
gentleman, nor did I know that he
had any connections with It whatever;
I and when we were leaving the office
we met Mr. Bryan, spoke to him and
I went on out. Mr Anderson, so he tells
me. mentioned the rant to Mr. Rrynn
of this gentleman having offered him
the Richmond and Henrleo Company.
Mr. Bryan, seeing me with this gentle?
man, thought that wo were possibly
working this deal together, and 1 told
Mr. Anderson of the conversation I
had had with him some four weeks
before, and the whole truth in the
matter Is that I was absolutely tnno
oent of this party having offered Mr.
Anderson the Richmond and Henrleo
Company, and Mr. Anderson admitted
that he didn't even know that I was
in his office at the time this gentle?
man was.
I explained the matter to Mr. An- j
derson yesterday as plainly as I could.
I u>id. ISA Aasltaaa. tbM I bad never, j
Consider These Facts
More than four million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars
i $4,250,000) worth of the capital stock of the Virginia Railway and
Power Company IS HELD IN RICHMOND. And this $4,250,000 worth
of stock In this Company Is owned not by three or four, or a dozen,
or a score of individuals, hut is owned by approximately THREE HUN?
The Common Council of Richmond, on Friday evening, June 21,
REFUSED a courteous and perfectly proper request from these three
hundred citizens of Richmond to be heard through their appointed
spokesmen, on a matter of serious Importance to them and to the
The total capitalization of the Richmond and Henrlco Railway
Company, according to that company's last report to the Corporation
Commission, Is only SI,250,000. Do YOU know how much of that
capital was contributed by Richmond citizens? and by how many
citizens? and how much of It came from outside of this city?
The Common Council of Richmond, on Friday evening, June 21, at
a special meeting arranged for by the Richmond and Henrlco
Railway Company, voted to grant a franchise to the Richmond and
Ilenrico Railway Company - without discussing the provisions of that
franchise, without permitting anybody else to discuss them, and In
the face of a written warning from the Assistant City Attorney that
that franchise does not adequately safeguard the city.
The Richmond and Henrlco Railway Company, by Its persistent
endeavors to sell out to the Virginia Railway and Power Company,
Virginia Railway and Power Company
Service Talk No. 30
June 23, 1912
had any authority to offer the Rlcn
Hiond and Henrlco Railway Company
: lor sale, and, furthermore, that 1 could
not even get a price, and that the
? best evidence) of that was that ii I
Uould have gotten a price or even any
I encouragement from the Riehmond
and Henri.;., Company 1 would car- I
Italnly have been bnclt with the propo- j
sltlon and use my lust efforts to ne
; collate tne deal, and as that was in
1 my line of business 1 had a perfect
, right to do It. and if I could have ne?
gotiated a satisfactory deal to both
'parties that 1 would hove gotten a !
i handsome commision out of both com- |
11,allies, which 1 atill contend that 1 j
! would have, and that it would have .
I been perfectly legitimate in every
\ sense of the word.
j These are the facts tn the case, and
'l don't think that Mr. Bryan, Mr. An?
derson or any one else can honestly j
.unl truthfully deny It.
Yours respectfully,
Subcommittee's Iteport.
Following is the report of the aub- '
I committee on streets, which wentdeep
1 lj Into the s.ub.i?-ct and urged the most
careful consid.-i ation, and the report
i which the Common Council refused to
i have read on Friday night:
j To the Committee on Streets:
I Gentleman. ? Your subcommittee to
whom was referred the petition ol the
Kichmond and Henrlco Railway Com?
pany, praying for the right to con
j struct and operate a plant for the
furnishing of light and power to the
citizens of Richmond, with directions
to report a proper ordinance, beg leavo!
to return herewith an orrtlnar.ee mark-'
ed "A." framed by your subcommittee
with the advice and assistance of the
City AWomey. which :s reported for ?
your consideration.
In the discussion of this ordinance
several questions were raised, all of:
Which were carefully considered by
your subcommittee.
Question of Kntea.
First among them w:is the question
as to the fairness of the rates of the
existing company and the ad*i|tiacy
ol the service furnished by it. In this
.connection, tin- applying company, as
well as the existing company, wer.
asked to file such data beforo your
subcommittee with reference thereto.
nt> would enable them to come to a
((inclusion upon theso points. Your
subcommittee Is of opinion from the
data furnished that thj servlco fur?
nished by the Virginia Railway and
Power Company Is adequate, ntnl that
It: rates are reasonable; In fact, low?
er than tho.<e charged m cities about
tho size of Richmond and under simi?
lar conditions.
Fnlrneaa to Invested f'npltnl.
Another question Involved was tha
question of fnlr dealing with tho In?
vested capital of both comfin nlea.
The Virginia Hallway and Power Com?
pany has Invested many millions of
(dollars In their street railway ays-!
I tern and In tne development nf the j
j light and power business, and are at
present Increasing this amount* by
the expenditure, at large sums here
In our midst In Improving their rail?
way syatem aa well as providing an
addltonai ocwor house and, ?aulcmant I
to kncp pace with the growing condi?
tions In Richmond in the furntslitng
of electric light end energy. The
RIi hmond and Henrlco Railway Com?
pany have constructed a Well-equip?
ped street railway. Including their vln
duct, unJer n franchise granted sov
eral years age. but which franchise,
when granted, contained no sugges?
tion that it would desire or be per
mitted to enter the II .it and power
Held, and this application therefore
comes in the nature of a new prop?
osition, having in view active com?
petition In that branch of tho ser?
vice. Therefore. foi determining this
second proposition. It benoov's the
Council to carefully consider whether
to grant stich competitlvo franchise
would bo fair to both companies, and
whether It would be beneficial to the
Contention* frged.
It has been urge,! by the Virginia
Railway and Tower Company that, In
view of the prouf adduced thnt Its
rates for light and power are reason?
able and the service adequate, it is
unjust: to the Invested capflal en?
gaged in that enterprise to subject
It to competition, which would neces?
sarily retard Its development and
haii'iicip It in the extension of Its
service, without benelit to the citizens
or the rommunli.y.
The applicants at this time have no
oapltal whatever Invested In the
lighting and power business in this
community, and the granting to them
of a franchise lo do business as
prayed, might moan the investment
lif!c of several millions of dollars in j
an onterpriae. uncertain In its results
to such Investors, ^iiich might be a:
serious handicap to the existing com- !
pany In the extension of their bust- j
ness, and would eventually become an \
additional burden on the community, j
Your subcommittee deem these va?
rious questions of the greatest <m
i ports nee, and respectfully suggest
I that It is time for th'a city to lay
I i >?*n a well defined policy, not only
I as a protection to Invested capital,
I in as a protection to the commun
| Ity as well, from the unnecessary
duplication of plunts of public utill
tlcs and the resultant burdens.
! Authorities and records have
j been produced before your subcom?
mittee, which show conclusively
' that the trend of public thought and
; decision Is unanimously to the ef
1 feet that public utilities constitute
I natural monopolies, and that compe
I tlt'on shouM never be permitted un
! less made necessary by reason of
i excessive rates or 1. adequate ser
vlcs and the Inability of the govern
' ment to require fair price and effl
' cleney. The experience of our own
j city, as well as of many othera
j brought to the attention of your
? subcommittee, shows that such oom
I petition Inevitably results In the
[duplication of expend tur,\ In ulti?
mate merger, and consequent burden
permanently saddled upon the com*
m unity.
These considerations warrant
your subcommittee In suggesting:
that the general committee go fully;
into the question of the advisability,
and propriety of granting any com
p< . ng electric light and power*
franchise whatever, under the con?
ditions admitted and shown to exist
In this city.
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