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[Special (? T?,,. Times-Dispatch.]
Hot Springs, Va., June 22. The week
hat, added materially to iho summer
colony at Hoi Springs. Mr. slid Mrs.
George |>,?, ?, ,., N,.w Vork. have
taken -Tim pillars." Frederick Sterry's
cottage, until the hrst of August; Mr.
und Mrs. Clondcnnlng .1. Ryun, of New
York, have come with their family;
from the|r farm at Oak Ridge, and 1
taken one of The Homestead cottages;
Miss Grace Ari>m.-. ,,r Richmond, has
openrri another, and Mr, and Mrs
Harry Ward man, of Washington, art 0
Front las? summer ai The Homestead,
are occupying a third.
Mrs. Joseph Wlllard, of Richmond,
wife of ex-Lleittcnant-Govcrnor Wil
laid, of Virginia, 1? negotiating for a 1
villa, and Justtr-e Horace II. l.orton. of
the l.'nlted Mates Supreme \%
planning to occupy a bungalow with
Mb family, Including Mrs. Van De
venter .of Washington
Mr. and Mrs M. K .IngSlls .Jr. of
New Vork. will arrive ne.\t wrek to
Stay until the autumn, and Julius
Walsh, of St. i/ouis, is expected July I
with his family to occupy one of the j
The pew fifteen-hole puttll g grpep
on The Homestead goif course, near
the new tennis courts. Is proving ox- ]
ceedlngly popular with golf players
who wish to develop their putting,
nnd amoiisr those who have used i'
a I Most daily this week are Mr. and
Mrs Stanley Keith and Mr. and Mrs.
.1 MftV, 'Breed, of New York: Mr. and
Mr? C. V. Stock well, of Buffalo; Mrs.
Albert Dogan and F. P. Smlthloy, of
Pittsburgh: Mis- Emily I o- Cour,iey,
?.f Philadelphia; Harry Ward man, of
Washington, and K. C. Donald, of
Baron and Baroness Rosenkrahtz.
? ho play ?n excellent raiur of lentils,
have beep much on Tiie Homestead
io-irtf: thlr. week, as have Mr. .1 nd
Mrs. Kllburn and George Goodwin.
Mrs. Frederick Sterry r.mw down
for a day or two the first Of the week,
but returned to their bottag? at Sea
bright, where the family will b<
tintll tlje Mrst of August.
Mrs. John c-i|Mton Gray, before h*r
Mrs. Bobcrt. Waller, of New Vork i
departure for New Vork. motored with !
to White Sulphur Spring.-. Thev took j
a basket luncheon with them, and ro-I
turned th< san 0 day
Mrs. James A very Norrls was (
hostesr at s tea at the Presbyterian j
manse A few days ago, entertaining, !
' mine others. Mrs. Etholbert Talbot. I
Mrs. Archibald McCrae. Mrs George !
fiunton and Baroness Roscnkrantz. j
Mrs Ethrlbert Talbot l< ft the
Hprintrs Th'irFdav fcr New York and i
sai'ed from there to-day for Europe, I
where rhe will spend the real of the ,
a u mm' r.
Miss Helen Nnrrls arrived at the
mahse this week front New York,
bringing with her Mrs C A. Nelson,
nf Colorado.
Mrs. Alexander Gordon. Jr. A!e\
snJ.er Gordon. Ill . Mis. Sank, E
Fl Cher and Prod r l"i*h'r mid'e up
a party of Baltlmoreans who arrived
st The |lonie=!< ad this week in then
motor! After ?p'ndlnc some tltti"
here, they will go r,n to White Sul?
phur Sprir.cs.
Miss Sallie Bird and Mis- Adel.'
pishack. of Baltimore, arrived this
week for the season
ISperial to The Ti mos - Dispatch ]
West Point. Va.. June 22--Wednes?
day will ?0 down In history as on?
of the red letter davs of West Point.
It was a noticeable fact that just as
the key of the town was presented by
v.vn point's Mayor to Mayor Bichard
son .of Richmond, the clouds that had
been lowering all morning and showed
every indication of giving forth rain.
B^eon-iranied by thunder and lightning,
lolled away, and the sun chased away
sll of the darkness. Among the noted
people visiting in the town were John
l.amb. Andrew Jackson Montague, b.
F, Johnson and wife, c. W. Wcsthury
und wife, of Philadelphia; Charles Pox
Brookes, of Washington; Rirbard
Brooke?. of Savannsh, Ga.. Dr. Clif?
ford Budd. of Richmond, Mayor D. C.
Richardson, of Richmond.
Crosby Thompson nas as guesis his
ainole, George Thompson, of New York,
end Mr. and Mrs. Beck, of Philadcl- |
Mrs Otto S Wright has her brother.
t>eLaSh Mutt of Baltimore, with her.
Mrs Melvln Martin, of the Woman's
College, Richmond, arrived yesterday
to visit her slater, Mrs W. S. K.ast
wood. while Dr. Martin is teaching '11
the summer normnl at the University
nf Virginia.
Miss Kathertne r. Howertott, arsiat
nnt principal of the H'gh School left
this morning for the university. Miss
Bess'e Nunn left Tuesdaj for the
W. A. Willeroy, who represents
King William In the Legislature, ad?
dressed ? be people here Wednesday
night, under the auspices of the City
Mrs Lucy Byrd Dudley has return?
ed fror. i delightful visit In Washing?
ton to 'Iss Linnle Larkins. and Is
now vlsitlnc Mrs. P. E, Llpscomb in
Hanover. e
Mrs. J. H. Loath and sister, Miss
Jessie Denmead, left this week for
Colonial Bciich. where they will spend
the summer with another sirtor, Mrs.
H- W. B. Williams
Dr and Mrs. B. B Bagby have re?
cently returned from a visit to \i Bsh
Ington. D. C.i attending while away
the Southern Medical Association,
C. W. Shepherd and wife, of Rich?
mond, are visiting Mrs. Shepherd's
father. W. A- Eastwood.
Among the students who have ar?
rived are charle.s Ooult, of Randolph
Maeon College, at Ashland; Misses
SuRle Cnrr and Rattle Puller, of Har
rlsonhurg. and Miss Emily Davis, of
FarmvlUo State Normal College.
Misses Myrtle Orr and Lucy Rary at?
tended commencement exercises at
Mrs. Fannie Brown, from Culpeper,
who visited her sir-tor. Mrs, P. B.
Hughes, here, en route to tho WllHam
and Mary finals, has returned to her
homo, accompanied by Misses Camilla
and Phyllis Hughes.
Mrs. Thomas E. Jeffries, of King and
Queen county. Is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs W illiam I'. Bray. '
Mrs. S. II. Gsitlt and eon, Paul, are
leaving this werk to visit friends and
relatives in Delaware.
Virglrilus Brown, a student at Wil?
liam and Mary College, who has been
visiting Mis. P. B. Hughes, his aunt,
has returned to his home in Culpeper.
B. M. Nance and little daughter.
Margaret, visited his home this week
In Charles city eounty.
Mrs. B. ft. Hosklns, of Mathews
county, Is a guest of Mrs. J. Lewis
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. I
Natural Bridge. \'a.. June 22.?This
most delightful and splendidly equip?
ped all-the-ycar-round resort has had
an unusually successful winter and
spring season, and, >p:.- and span. Is
now receiving its summer ?ocs-ts. Th?
summer season Hnds the Catherine of
the bridgi clans, and the renewal of
ol,| friendships and pleasures. The
I Piazza t l ib is dally gaining new mem*
|brm. who begulli tb< hours with em?
broidery ami pay chatter. Many at
I tractions are offered tlx sojourrier!
here. The lovely glen, where the won- '
Idcrful bridge hold: aloft its ?rem
arrh. has a perennial charm The
I Shining waters ?f the sw imming pool
are most enticing There are lovol:
? walks through the frsgranl woods
i and charming drives In ?H directions '
Th? drlvi to Lexington I? always a .
popular one, ar. It leads to a plcttlr- I
esque and Interesting town. Just now ]
gay driving and motor parlies of the
helles and bcaus of commeneement '
season come out from Lexington and
enliven the days.
I Tourists eome dally from all parts !
I of the world to see natures gnat
miracle, and constitute an ever-'
ichavging throng. Mingled with these
fare the June brides. ? smiling and
happy r"""r'^?"I'm. for the l.ridzr Is an I
bbal plnee fnr a honeymoon Everj
Sunday a train leaves Lynchblirg at '
a convenient hour in the morning arid*|
roturris late in the afternoon, thus
enabling ?hos< w>l|o wish to do so t>? I
spend a delightful day on these [
heights and u. drink <>{ their plc??.
I urns and recreations.
On Tuesday Mrs. Emmctt Harris, of
Rl-yhmond, brought a large parts to
[ visit the bridge That night there
was sll illumination of the glen by
calcium lights, and a wlcrd and pretty
.?Ight It was lo see the great atone;
arrh take on red and green lints.
After enlovlnc all the pleasure- r,f
the time and plH--c, the p?rty wep.t
or. to Luray Cavern", not far distant
Misses R Slaughter and S P. Morris,
of ntehmond. recently spent a few
davs at the bridge.
Miss Mclntyre nud Master J. p
Darling, of Hampton, a re early sum?
mer rolonlsts who find much pleasure
and benefit on these heights
Mr. and Mrr. T- M Terry, of tvnch
burg, recently spent a few days here.
Mr and Mrs R Frank Mehane. *t
Spras. N. C? have add'd much to the
early summer rolonlsts by their pres?
Mrs and MI-? Kreelar.d. of Chicago,
.ire nos sojourning here.
Mr ind Mrs Hugh Wricht and
Master laenh Wright, of Hot Springs,
are here for an outing.
Mrs Krank W Darling, of Hampton. .
ha- io|iie,| her son here.
Mr? I R. Boatwrlght, of It ne*?.
and Miss Ktherldge. of Coliimhus. ?;?> .
are enjoying ?n outing at the bridge.
[Special to Th.- rimes- Dispatch )
U nite Sulphur Spring". Va . June
22 Most suspicious was the opening
of tho 1312 season at White Sulphur
Springs, '?the Old White." as it Is
lovingly named b> its family of pat
? and their name i? legion. Ouesti
from the .North. South. East *nd Wc = i
u> r<- here to usher In the summer s. i
this wonderful resort, which f?r mor?
than a century, has been the most fa?
mous pleasure ground In America.
"What has been done alnre laftyear.
?hat hew features have been intro?
duced to add to the comfort of Its
patrons? i? the natural Inquiry at the
beginn nc of the season. Las: year,
under the management of >|r. Adams,I
so long known in connection with the]
Hntci I hamberlaln. at old Point, more
than half a million was spent In Im?
provements at The White." and it j
.I L| ,? little wa* left undone. Old j
and new patrons alike will be dellgnt-j
ed .it the additions for the season
of 1912 Most ronfplcuous of all thes?j
la the wonderful new haihhoupe. with;
i'.- magnificent swimming pool.
Tills building, e.f colonial type, to'
harmonize with th? rest of the hotel;
structure, has h"?n erected since last'
season, and eonta'ns the swimming!
pr.nl, the equal of which it not In;
America Lined with ceramic, mosaic
tile, brilliant with sunsh'ne. this mag- ?
nlflcent pool. ?0 by HHi feet. Unques?
tionably eclipses any other In this,
country. j
The grounds about the hotel hit'-!
been, if possible, more tastefully piar.l-'
ed this year than l*st The facade
"i the new bathhouse, a? one .ap
prnaches from the station. Is abso-j
luteiy new, and with its attractive!
dower beds and grass pints, la a besu-j
liful idd-tton to the alreadv attractive
Surroundings of the palatial hotel.
Horseback riding ha? always been a
feature of "Old White." As the auto?
mobiles here increase In number th?j
comforts e.f horseback r'd'ne In public I
roadd have been rather curtailed, fij
1 that Innumerable bridle paths have j
1 been laid off In the picturesque coun-i
try around, away from the public
roads. z i
Catering to the motorist, many Im- ;
Proveno Ms have been made in thei
roads around White Sulphur.
CtiMf Is no longer a diversion, but
a necessity, at the average resort. The
nine-hole course has been wonderfully;
improved since last fi"Hsntl. and Is I
under the professional charge of U K. j
Simpson. Mr. Simpson, by reason ofj
i hi? long experience In the prominent.
clubs of Scotland. Is eminently fitted
I for his position h?re at "The White."
The clubhouse, directly at the first tee.
is an ,-\ceedlnely attractive nni, not
1 only for the golfers, but for thofe
who desire a loafing place, pure and
J t-:inple
! The cottage life, which has alW?ys
been ?ine of Ihe most delightful fea?
tures oi the springs. Is additionally
attractive this year because of the
man] Improvements tmde in these;
I "transplanted" homes, for such indeed .
thev are to Ihe patrons of White Sul?
phur, for here they have all the com?
forts and none of the annoyances of
hotel life.
Among thnre who ate hack for the
I coining season. Including the most
prominent families from Richmond,
are lohn P. Branch. Miss Rranrh. Mrs.
Barton Clrundy, Thos. B. Scott and
family. J"hn D. Potts and family, Bar?
rett Wall and family. Mr, and Mrs.
Thomas Rutherford.
fSpeelal t" The Times-Dlapatch )
Rlue Ridge Springs. Vs., June 22 ?
The summer .season of ini2 opens w'th
bright prospects of success at this fa?
vorite mountain resort. Every room
has been put in order and the grounds
have an attractive appearance.
The first to arrive were Mrs. W. .1.
Demurest and daughter. Miss Lillian,
from New Orleans. Then Major Henry
and daughter, Mrs. Walker, of Taze
well; Robert J. Ross. Burlington, Vt.:
J, R. Henry, Princeton, W. Va.; Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Hawkins, Richmond;
L. A. Wlllet. Virginia; Dr. "W. E- Driv?
er. Norfolk, Va.: Dr. Jamea J. Phillips,
wife and two Children. Tarboro, N. C;
H. L. Hooker and wife, Stuart.
As the laat couple registered the
grains of rice that dropped from the
brim of Mr. Hooker's hat gave the.
couple a blush of surprise. They were
the ft rat brtdaa couple of th* season to
arrive, - and are as happy and. gleeful
as the sweet singing birds that make
Monday Sale
of Men's Wear
300 Men's 50c Summer Weight Robes, 'lQr>
neatly trimmed -anil cut full; sale price ds\,
tO dozen Men"- Fine 25c Russian Corded 11L
Madras Wash I ics, salt price.1 2C
25 dozen Men's All Purr Linen I2'.v Hem- 1 H .
stitched Handkerchiefs, sale price. ll/C
Men - l ine White Madras SI.50 I'.ii.in>.t-. CM A(j
trimmed with -ilk frogs; -ale price. ?51?'""
Me,.'- Cool < heck Muslin Night Robes, full Z()r
rut and well made; ^.ilc price. JV/C
1,000 Suits Men s Underwear
On Sale To-Morrow at Third Less
Than Regular Price. .
Lvery single garmeni guaranteed to be full cut
and absolutely perfect in every detail or money re?
funded without question. Bought at a bargain and
sold the same way.
Where ThinR* Are What They Seem.
Lot No. 1. ? IS dozen
Men's Fine 65c Combed
l~g\ptian Ralhrisgan t'ndrr
wcar Drawers, m.idr with
large double cat
sale price .
Lot No. 2.--21 dozen
Men's SOt and 65c Fines!
Quality ("her k Muslin I fndei -
wear Drawers, made with
double -eat, -rtif
Lot No. 3.?30 dozen
Men'- -or W hite Poplin Un?
derwear, athlrtii- -t\l"-.
drawers knrc length:
hair pri< e . J/ C
Lot No. 4.?IS dozen
Men's iDr Mr?h Underwear,
Frederit Condc's finest qual
in. drawers long,
vest ?ho; t sleeve; =alc
Lot No. 5.?Men's 35c
Mesh Cndcrwear, the cool
>-.;:.'1 f"- the hot summer
days; K dozen in the
lot; salt price. .
Lot No. 6.?10 dozen
Men's $] 00 Fine Mercerized
Madras Underwear, drawer :>
made knee length,
vesl ro.it style; salr CQ _
price. /L
Lot No. 7.?12 dozen
Men's 75c Athletit Under?
wear, in pin 'tripe, with
white ground, mer?
cerized finish; salt
Lot No. 8. y- dozen
Men's Good J5c Check Mus?
lin 1'nrjVrwrar. drawer- kner
length, light and cool; O^r?
sale ptirr. A*v/C
Lot No. 0. ? J5 dozen
Men's J5c Balbriggan Inder
woar, long drawers with dou?
ble seat, vesl 'hort
or long sleeve; sale *S C _
price. "JC
Notable Showing of Silk Pongees
Also many exceptional values offered in other
Summer Silks.
Silk Pongee. 24 inches
wiHe, brown, Copenhagen,
(ream, white, tan,
\ 'i?lel and natural;
per yard .
36 - inch Nat ural
Pongee, special, per
Navy Poncre. four pieces
to select from. 27
inches wide. $1.00 CH.
value; per \ard ... ??'"C
24-inrh Pongee, navy, Co?
penhagen, lilac, reseda, light
blue, pink and nat?
ural ; per yard .
.>o-ineh Black Me
saline, per yard .... ?/C
56-inrh Black Taffeta, 69c.
75c. 80c, $1.00, $1.2.S and
$1.50 the vard.
29 c
40-inch Crepe Meteor, light
blue, pitik. lilac, black and
white; spex ial
value, per yard.
36-inch RIh< k China Silk,
50c, 59c, 75c and $1.00 yard.
White Washable Habutat:
20 inches wide, 25c.
27 inrhc- wide, 50c, 59c,
36 inrhe* wide, 59c, 75c
and $1.00 yard.
Showerproof Foulards, in
neat dots and figures; our en?
tire line of 85c qual- CQ ?
ity, per yard. J/C
36-inch Colored Taffeta,
soft chiffon finish, plain col?
ors and the
We Sell More Ready-to-Wcar Garments Than Any Other Richmond Store.
Boy.s' Fine Knit
Union Suits, 4 to 14 ^ C
years, for . AtJQ
Boys' Porosknit and Bal?
briggan Shirts and
Drawers, 1 to 14 *C.
years, for . ***J C
Boy,' Checked Muslin
Shirts and Drawers. 'S C
4 to 14 years, for.. .
Ladies' Lace Knee, Low
Neck and No-Sleeve. Union
Suits, extra sizes in- C
eluded, for . LDQ
Ladies' Union Suits, lare
or cuff knee, special values;
Children's Chambray
and Percale Dresses
A large assortment of Gingham. Chambrav and Percale
Dresses, 2 to 6 years; several styles to -elect from; some
have Bloomers and Mats to match; the price is ?? 1 CA
50c to. <3> 1 t.;U
Several styles of Buster Brown Wash Suits, in white
and colored, for the little man 2 to 5 years, for lg'*) A q
98c to. e&?.<?0
Knit Underwear for
Women and Children
extra mzos among the IT/lj^
lot. for. JUC
Ladies' Extra Size Maline
S t a y - u p Slioulder 1 *7
Strap Gauze \"cst for 1 ' C
Misses'Gauze Vests, Q I _
6 to 12 years, for. . . . CmC
Ladies' Lisle Union Suits,
lare or cuff knee, extra si'.r
among them,....$1.00
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Suits, cuff and shell knee,
some with supporter slot,
extra sizes among CP Afj
them, for.tP?tUU
Unusual Reductions
in Women's Apparel
Dresses You Can Get at About Half-Price
Nine F.vcning Dresses, in colored chiffons over silk, $10.00 Dresses,
Fifteen Taffeta Dresses, in 'treet shades. SI 7.50 Dresses, for $8.48
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Six Ratine Dresses, white and colors, S25.00 Dresses, for. . $15.00
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Ten Linen Dresses, in white and colors, S1S.00 and S17.50 Dresses,
- iled, for . .$10.00
Four Elegant Lace Dresses, in cream, $37.50 Drc.-cc--, for. . .$25.00
Coats at Closing-Out Prices
Ten Long Black Taffeta Outside Coats, our $12.50 and S15.0O
Coats, for.$5.00
Fight Top Coats, in novelty grays and tan, $15.00 Coats, for .$10.00
Two Silk Pongee Coats, were $30.00, for.$12.50
Seven Crash Linen Coats, Mini'- with leather collars, $15.00 Coats
Evening Coats, in wool bark satin, marabout trimming, S25.00
values, for .$15.00
Ten Linen Auto Coats, values S6.48 and $7.48, for.$4.98
Five White Serge Norfolk Coats, S3.IS values, for.$6.48
Tailored Suits
Lower Than You Ever Thought to Buy Them
Ten Suits in gray and tan worsted, large sizes, $12.50 Suits
for. . $5.00
Fight Silk Suits, In black and colored rajah, S25.00 and SMl.OO
Suit-- for.$10.00
Six Mohair Suits, black and pin striped, $25.00 Suits for. . .$10.00
Fight Cream Serge Suits, hairline stripe, $15.00 Suits for. . $7.50
Fifteen Mixture Suits, in gray^ and tans, $25 00 Suits for. $12.50
Six Fancv Suits, in old blur and light blue serge, $25.00 Suits
Five Silk Suits, black and colors, values up to $45.00, for. . $25.00
To-Morrow an Extraordinary
Sale of Women's Lingerie Waists
Will Take Place
Comprising specially prepared styles in the popular summer
Fancy Lingerie Waists, tucked with dainty lares, Cluny and X'als..
all new designs, ten different styles, $1.25 values, at.$1.00
Very Sheer Batiste Waists, with pin tucks and dainty Vals., the
standard make, perfect hiting, at.$1.48
Dutch Neck Lingerie Waists, with hand embroidery" anrl Val,
laces, at .$1.98
Verv Dressv Blouses, with Cluny and fancy nets, some have pep
lum. $2 98 values, at..'.$2.48
Special values in Lingerie Waists, all new designs, at $3.98
and. ..$4.98
F.mhroidered Mull Waists, with Robespierre collar, fancy labots.
Now Linen Suits are at Their Best
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Russian Linen Suits, in oyster white and natural shade, strictly
tailor finish, at.$8.48
Norfolk Linen Suits, in navy, wisteria, oyater and natural, three
different styles, at.$15.00
Fancy Cut Linen Suits, in delf blue, wisteria, navy and white,
laces dyed" to match, fancy gathered backs, at $17.50 and.$20.00
Women's Cool Kimonos at Sale Prices
Short Lawn Kimonos, in flowered patterns, all colors, at.25c
Dainty W:hltc and Figured Swiss Kimonos, in all colors. . . 50c
Full I.ength Lawn Kimonos, in colors, flowered patterns, at
$1.00 and.$1-48
Full Length Crepe Kimonos, solid colors, wisteria pattern; spe?
cial ...".;.$L0O
Empire Crepe Kimonos, in new figured patterns, satin collar and
ctifis. at .$1.98
Solid Crepe Kimonos, in gray, lavender, blue and pink, with
flowered border, empire cm, at.$2.48
Full Length Silk Kimonos, figured and Oriental patterns, $5.00
and $6.48 values, at.$3.98
If You re Thinking of Going Away
Size 32-inch. $8.50
Size 34-inch.$9.00
Size 36-inch
Size 38-inrh
Size 30-inch.$3.98
Size 32-inch. $4.50
Size 30-inch.$5.00 Size 36-tnch_
Size 34-inch. $5.50 ..Size 38-inch .
SI.50 Light Weight Fibre Suit Cases, sale
$5 00 Genuine Leather 18-inch Traveling Rag,
sale price.
... $6.50
. ... $7.00
$1.50 Inlaid Linoleum
F.xtra heavy; all new styles;
large selection to choose
from; sale price per yard... .
40c Floor Oil Cloth, extra
heavy grade, best de- 1f|
signs; sale price. %3UC
Best Cork Linoleum, 6Sc
grade, in plain and ^.Q^,
figured; sale price... T/C
$1.50 White and Ecru
Colonial Lace Curtains, $1.00
These Pretty Curtains are 3 yards long and made
with the popular top valance.
100 pairs of 75r Swiss Cur?
tains, with hemstitched ruf?
fle and Zyi yards
long; sale price .... rr7C
$2.00 White Loom Cur?
tains, very handsome and
3 yards long; sale
Two Great Monday Matting Values
40c Heavy 116-Warp China
Matting, made of best Lin
tan straw; sale ^ C
price. iiDQ.
Per roll, $8.98.
28c Heavy China Matting,
Cochin straw; sale -j r\
. 19c
Per roll, $7.48.
$4 Fine Japanese Matting Rug,
9x12 Feet, Stenciled <jJO ?7Q
designs, sale price, - *P^? ?
$5.00 Japanese Matting Rugs, in beautiful ^c,-? iq
woven designs, large 9x12 feet, size; sale price. . w?J?tcO
75c Handsome Woven Jap Rugs, large 36x72
inch size; sale price.
50c Matting Rugs, 35c. Large 36-inch by 63.
arc Japanese Rugs, with stenciled design-.
Shade Values You Cannot Duplicate
50c Fine Oil Opaque
Shades, in all the best
shades of green; sale
35c Opaque W indow
Slvides, in goKi shades of
green and white, fix?
tures complete; sale ^ C
price. idtjQ,
$25 Axminster Rugs, $20
Large 9x12 size, In rich Oriental and floral pat?
$40.00 Wilton Rugs. ..
9xl2-fnot size: handsome Oriental patterns to
select from. See them lo-morrow.
$18.00 Seamless Brussels Druggets CIO Cft
The^e superb rugs are close woven and come in A w?%JU
all the newest patterns; size 9x12.
$3.00 Axminster Rugs . fl?'} IC
A close-woven 27x54-inc.h rug that can be matched W itmit*J
in the larger sizes.
$4.00 Axminster Rugs ._... fi?-^ QO
This is a handsome 36x72-inch rug, with high ?3?irf?yO
silky pile.
Sale of Door Mats
$1.25 Rubber Door Mats, best quality, Iar?e
17x29-inch size; sale price.
75c Best Coco Door Mats, 15x25-inch size; sale AQk
price. ?'v
Parasols at Sale Prices
$3.00 All Taffeta Silk Cold Frame Parasol-, long mush?
room handles, in red. green, lavender, njvy, 1 QO
King*- blue, pit'.k and light blue . cDl?yO
S2.0O All Taffeta Silk Parasols, gold frame,
all colors.,
Going-away time call-- for a Magi-- Folding l'mbrrlla.
We have them for both men and ladies. These
tan be folded and put in 26-inch suit case?$3.00 QQ
merry minstrelsy In the shady trees
on the spacious lawn.
Many are bonked for early arrival,
and the meeting of the Virginia Tress
Association July !>. 10 and 11. Is look?
ed upon as a gala, occasion.
The Roanoke German Club will give
an opening dance on Wednesdav n gin.
July 10. complimentary to the visiting
press members and their families.
(Special to The Ttmes-Dlspatch.]
Waverly, Va.. June 22.?Mr*. W. W.
Edwards and MlaaeB Janet Carr and
Rny T?te left Waverly to-day' for
Chnrlottepville, whe/c thoy will at?
tend the summer normal school.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster. or
Fort Worth. Tex., arrived In Waverly
this weok to apend a month with rhelr
sister. Mrs. H. A. Gray ,nn West Main
Mrs. A\. J. Voting, of Hampdep-Sid?
ney College, is visiting in the home o(
her father. R. A. Daniel, on East Main
Street. Mr. Young will arrive here
In a few days.
Mr. avd. Mrs. V. C. Johnson will lo*vs
next werk for Norfolk, Va., where they
will spend the summer.
Mrs. E. Shlpp and daughter.
Lou'so, left this week to visit friends
? and relatives in Elkton. Va., and Dur?
ham. N. C.
Miss Annie F Martin, who has beep,
teaching In ?ne of the high schools
In Norfolk, has returned to her home
in Waverly for the summer.
Miss Mnry Broiddns. of bowling
Green, is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
George K. Burt, on Main Streot.
Miss Noll Gray and Mrs. Llllle
Vaughan attended the Benle-Vaugha n
nuptials near Frunklin this week.
Mrs. A. B. Hurt/, and children will
leave for Ohio next week, where they
will spend the summer with relatives
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kleetwood at?
tended the Rankers' Convention at Old
Point Comfort tht* week.
P. Kleelwood has returned home,
pfter a three days' visit to the toa
shore. Me was accompanied by Rev.
W. C. L. Con-en, of Iv>gan, O., who re?
turned to Ohio last night.
Mias Kate C. Warren and Warren
Walthall, of Rl-hrnond. are guests in
the home of Dr. John F. May. on Eaat '
Main Street.
Mr>. Edward W. Chnppell and
daughter are visiting her parental
home in Fredericksburg, V?.
flev. and Mrs. H. E Roilntree and
W. T. Rountree attended 'he funeral
of th.ili grandmother .near Suffolk
this week,
i Mrs. W. E. Xorrls will leave Wav
i erly for"Ocean View next week, where
sho will spend the summer.
Mrs. Sam Wells, of Petersburg, re?
turned to her homo Tuesday. after
spending several days in the homo of
her son-ln-lnw. Mayor I'. M. Kllmarlln.
on Main Street.
.1. B. Martin, who Is attending n busi?
ness college in Richmond, has return?
ed to resume his studies, nfter a \T5It
to relatives hero.
Ii. A. Gray has returned home from
S visit to Pittsburgh. Pa.
[Special to The T'mes.-Dlspatch.J
OnancofJ*. Va . June 22.?-Miss Eloise
Stewart if honte from Trinity College,
Waah/nston; John Macon Cornick
from Episcopal High School, Alexan?
dria, and Henry M. Cornick from Nor?
Mrs. M. D. Baywnll, of Accomao, was j
iho week-end guest of Mrs. R. I
.- hield at "Melrose."
Miss Elizabeth F. Powoll is tha
guest of her aunt. Mrs. Charles W.
CtUlsn, of Georgetown, Del.
Mlsa Annie E. Miller, of Norfolk. Is
spending two weeks with Mlsa Sadie
E. Fletcher.
W. B. WeSseUa was a passenger on
tho steamer Maryland for Baltimore,
Mlas Annie E. Hopkins and William
Fltohett Hopkins attended the Anal
ball at St. John'a College, Annapolis,
Tuesday evening. They were also pres- )
ent at the exercises when Robert ,
Spencer Hopkins and Spencer Drum
mond Hopkins received their diplomas.
Mrs Oscar P. Parkes Is home from
attending the commencement exercises
?if Western Maryland College-, West?
minster. Her sister w-es one of the
of the graduates.
Miss Bessie P. Taylor, teacher of
I.atm In the John Marshall Hlch
School. Richmond, is home for the va
.Miss Nona P. Park?? has returned
from Rtdgeley. Md., where she taught
the past session.
Miss Marlanna P, Hlggins, of Ac
fonmr. la with Mrs R. 1.. .Shield.
W. T. Helolt Is in Baltimore.
J. L, Mills and Mr and Mrs. W. B.
T'tts went to Prlnceas Anne In Mr.
Mllls's aufo Sunday, returning Monday.
The tWst inuneh party of the season
was given hy ihe young men of the.
town Wednesday evening.
A hundred, invitations have been
issued for the leap year dance to ho
given hy the; young women at Hopkins
.Hall Monday evening.
v. B, Waples is in Baltimore.
Kdward r. Schultz, of ("ape Charles,
was In town Sunday.
The Voting People's Baptist Union ?
gave B inwn party at the home of
Spencer P. Rogers Tuesday evening.
T\\--> attendance was very large.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sterling. qf .
Wachaprcngue, visited Mis. O. T. K1
more Monday.
T. W. Taylor has been quite sick
this week- '
Mrs. Thomas P Bailey, of . Flnney, .
went to th" r^anh I^tgh Hospital,.
Norfolk, lor treatment Friday.

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