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Bon Atr. Va., Juno 22_Mr. and MM.
William Ellnraon. Minsen Elizabeth
? nrl Louise Ellnraon, [.liter und Billy
jXllereon have opened thnlr summer
'home here for Ihn summer months.
Mrs. ft. E. Bridgef?rth, Miss Oliva
Aloulton and Miss Edith Hasen vlnltcd
Natural Bridge and Luray Cavo this
jjuut week.
Miss llormlno .Mourn entertained as
tfier week-end guests Miss Lucy Mason.
Mlsb Elizabeth Hultun, Jaineu Patter?
son and others.
Miss Anna CalmeS, uf Nurtun, Va.,
? Is visiting MIbb Harriot Cocko.
Mrs. E. Is McClure and Miss Mar?
garet McClure left this week fur Chi?
cago to spend a munth with Mrs.
MIhs Eva Talcutt Is visiting relatives
at Randolph.
Mlea G<rU"udu wls. Miss Mary
(street und Hani Cham'uerloyne were
guests this past week of Robert Ar
-jiuld at his bungaluw.
Mr. and Mrs. Southall, Miss Ruby
tl'rlend, Edmund Berkley and Richard
(Messer are at the inn.
Mrs Alan Ferguson is spending sev?
eral days at licluna with Mrs. Leroy
Mrs. T. M R Talrott and the Misses
Talcott are at Cape Henry.
Mr. and Mrs. Oclemun Worlhum
have opened their country home near
here fur the summer.
Miss Ayliffe Watson returned th:-<
week from Hampden-Sldncy, where
she attended finals.
Alan Ferguson. Miss Mary Ferguson
end Alan. Jr., are at Big Stone Gap.
Miss Evelyn Stiles is hero at her
cottage for a few days.
Misses Margaret and Princes Miller
ere visiting Mrs. Polk Miller.
Miss Nell Christian. Miss Anne
.J\eralis and Miss Hermlne Moore have
been recent guests of Miaa Talcott at
Mis James Waters left this week to
spend the summer with her parents in
Mr, and MrB Taylor Robinson. of
Richmond, were guests this week ol I
Mis. David Alnslle.
A. R. iluldtiby, Jr., returned this
Week from V. M. I.
Miss Augusta Uarfleld and Miss
Jtilian Cooke have opened their cot?
tage for the .slimmer months.
E. S. Hazen spent the .ast week
? ii-i at Ocean View-.
Miss Katharine S'ngleton, of St.
"Louis, is visiting Miss Nellc McClure.
Mips Louise Jones, of Petersburg, Is
.the guest of Miss Nell Chrltlon.
Miss Catherine Doutha.1. uf Weyan
eke. 's staying with Miss Henniue
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Winston and
saoii.y, o; Richmond) arc at the. inn.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Bristol, Vs., June 22.?Oh Friday.
June 28< at high noon Miss Boruice
Key, the poulat young daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Clement Key, 1
of Knoxvllle, Tenn.. will become the
bride of James Scott Dunn, a yuun^ i
IJawyer or Bristol, and a son of the 1
l?le Adam Dunn, of this city. The
marriage will be solemnized at the
home of the bride's parents, with a
Jiuinber ot Bristol and other friends
In attendance. The couple will ro
eoulh on their bridal tour, and upon
their return, stout July 1Q, -win make
ihelr home at Bristol with the mother
of Mr. Dunn Mr Dunn la a graduate
of the law- department of the Univer?
sity of Chattanooga, und is a most
{popular and promising young man.
? On last Monday evening Mr. and .
Mrs. C. H. Hullng celebrated the fit- ?
leenth anniversary o: tiielr wedding.
They were In receipt of many con?
gratulations. A number of their
friends and neighbors wire Informally
<i;tertain?d by Mr. and Mrs. Hullng.
Mr. ana Mrs. C. Cabell Chlldreas, of
X^oanoke, who were resieie-nts ot Bris?
tol until a few years ago. ate here
fin a visit to relatives and friends.
Misse.? Dorothy and Shiny Winston, j
daughters of Mr and Mrs Frank W'n
t-ton. have returned home from Fred- I
? rlcksburg. where, tney spent the win- j
ter in school. At the close of their i
school they went to th' home of .lud,;*
and Mrs Sims, of Louisa, where they
were members of a house party for a
^ Captain J. M. Wood, a prominent
lawyer, who has made hi.- hrin.e- in New
York City In recent years. Is here on !
a visit to his alsters, Misses Julia and
Sal lie Wood, and other relatives.
Miss Julia Slack, of Oklahoma City, j
Ok la., is spending the summer with her
mother. Mrs. J. P. Slack, and other
Hugh Taylor, of Fort Worth. To\ . a
brother of the late Senator Bob Tay?
lor, who 's spending some time tn
"East Tennessee, was here this week
|on a brief visit to Dr. and Mrs. W. K.
Vance and other relatives. Ho will
return to Fort Worth in the next few ;
Miss Maurlne Stuart, after a visit '
to Mrs Clarence, King, has returned te>
her home at Longview. Tex.
Mrs. Lucy Rhen, of Columbia. S C .
is here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs.
W. T. Ens- r.
Mrs. C. H Varnr-r and hahy, of La
Follette. Tenn. are here on a visit
to Mrs. Varner s parents, Mr. and Mrs
J. H. Swan.
Mrs. T. E. A. Sweet and daughter,
MISS Mary, are visiting Mis. Sweet's
son. Clarenco Sweet, at Bluefieid. w.
Mrs J. N. Dillard. of Brooklyn, is ,
the guest of Misses Sallle and Julia
Gordonsvllle, Va. June 22.?A do-'.
Ilghtfully Informal dance was given by j
the younger set on Thursday evening
at "Sprlngllelds." Among the guests
n were the Misses Dcano Scott, Maria
Scott. Homasseii Graves, Martha
Graves, Irene Goodloe, Julia Goodloe, '?
~*rs. Helen F. K'ng. Richmond, and -
"Mrs. Rufnn; Messrs. .lohn Graves
Somerset, Bensley, parrlsh, Richmond;
H. Beverly Goodloe, Roderick li. Cow- |
herd, Herndon Cowherd, J. F. W. Ruf- j
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Flewellen re- i
turned from their wedding Journey on
i'riday, and will be at homo with th,-. \
groom's parents. Mr. and Mrs .lau. ..
Edward Flewellen, ot Barboursville '
rafter June 20.
The marriage of H'ram Miller. of ,
Midway, and Miss Mary F'sher Minor t
?will take place nl th>- bride's home.
Hear Charlottesvllle, on June 26.
W. Wilbur Oshorne spent Beveral
days week In Petersburg visiting his
irmany friends.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Scott. Jr..
?with their young son. John the thlrd.i
?re guests of llr. nnd Mrs. Scott this i
?week. Miss Katharine K. Scott spent
in few days this week at home, going
No Charlottesvllle on Tuesday, where
? he will tench In the summer normal
In August sh..- will ho mnld of honor
lor Miss Julia Stehbens at Stehbens
Station. Later the .M'BSCS Scott will
*peni"i some weeks at Cape Mary.
I, Miss Julia GOOdlpe was a guest this
l'> -Week of Mrs. W. . Wilbur Oshorne at
) ""Lower Sprlngllelds." ?
Miss MaVshiill Buckner Is spending
this week at Green Spring, the guest
*f Mr. and Mrs. West. She was mnld
of honor for their daughter. Miss
tUattte West, whose marriage took
plaae on June SO.
Exclusive Apparel for Women
Among the Items below rtre values which are obtainable only in August, and
then not in such a desirable- selection* Those who desire to freshen their ward?
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considerations are Incalculable In dollars and rents to one who knows.
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Women's Suits, Coats, Skirts, Dresses and Millinery
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(Special t" The Times-Dispatch;]
Hlg Stone Gap, Va . June 2.V?Mr.'.
John Fox, Jr., reached the Gap Twos-,
day night, accompanied by her maid,
and will spend the remainder of the
summer here.
Dr. W. r. Moore, of Washington. D
C, is visiting Mr. and Mrs John Fox.
Sr. Mrs. Moore hue been here for
some time with her father. John Fox,
Sr.. who ia In feeble health.
Hon n. T. Irvine returned Tuesday
night from the East and \Vythevflle.
where he argued several cases before
the Supreme Court of Appeal?.
A. B Ferguson and two children.
J. F. Buiiitt and John W. Chalkley
have returned from Wythevllle.
Mary and A. B . J?\, of Richmond, are
visiting Mr Ferguson's Bister, Mrs.
John Goodloe.
Mrs. .1. A. T. Bacon and daughter.
Mica Miry, who haver been the guests
of Mr.?. J, F. Bunn for several weeks,
le't on Monday for n visit to friends
and relative? at Bristol. Mountain
Springs and Johnson City. Misses
Margaret and Mary Bunn are visiting
their sister. Mrs. Herrhey. at Pulusk'. i
hut are expected home within th,<
Hatcher Willis has returned from
Rsndolph-Macori college to spend hl.s
vacation with his parents here.
Misses Myrtle Cnwo.'d. Olga Hor?
ton. Janet Bailey and Maude Wolfo
have gone to Ilarrlsbltrg to attend the
Stale Hummer Normal Schoo). *
Mrs. Mary Cummins returned lo her
home at Springfield, O.. after a visit
of several weeks to her .son. H, I..
Cummins, of the Slonega office force.
Creed Kelly has returned from
Blacksburg, where he attended school
the past session, and . will spend his
vacation With his parents here
Misses Anna and Elizabeth Agee.
of Knoxvllle, Tenn.. are spending the
summer with tholr grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. & Poiley. of ihis place.
Mrs. W. S. Beverloy and Miss Vir?
ginia and William are visiting rela?
tives at Dryden this week.
Miss Mary Carnes has returned
from Farmville, where she attended
the State Normal School. On her way
home she visited her brothers, Robert
and Allen at Dante, and her brother
John, at Bltteflcld.
Mrs. C. C Coehran has returned
from a visit to her mother at Char*
Miss Sarah Long has returned from
Farmville, where she attended the
state Normal School, and will spend
the summer with her parents here.
Rev. Raleigh Wright, one of Ihe
Home Mission Board of the Southern
Baptist Convention, will begin a series
of meetings at the Baptist Church
here next Sunday morning. Mr. Bab?
bitt, of Dallas, Tex., a noted singer,
will accompany Mr. Wright to lead the
O. E. Post, of 'Cove Forge. Pn., Is
visiting his father. John Fox. Sr.
Mrs. C. I,. Wiide entertained Infor?
mally Tuesday evening at* her home on
Poplar Hill In honor of her guests.
Mrs. Robert Doughty, of Greenville,
Tenn.. and her sister, Miss Ina Thomas,
of Bristol. Rrldge was played, and
at tlie conclusion of the gamo de?
lightful refreshments were served. Mrs.
Wade's guests were Miss Mary Ram?
say. Mrs. Montague and Messrs. Grab?
er. Caser, Gaut and Trice.
The following officers of the Moun?
tain Golf Club have been recently
elected: H. E. Fox, president, M.
Stevenson, vice-president; H L. Cum?
mins, secretary and treasurer. Board
of governors: H. E. Fox, M. Steven?
son, J. F. Bul'.itt. D. ?. Payers. K.
fctOehfc Invitation committee: Mrs.
Pierson. Mrs. Stoesh. Mrs H. E. Fox.
Mrs James B. Aycrs. Miss Margaret
The musical recital given at the
school auditorium on Friday afternoon
by Mrs. S A. Bailey's music class was
well attended, and was a most enjoy?
able occasion. The pupils acquitted
themselves well and reflected great
?.redit upon thetr teacher.
ArvenlS, Va . June il.?iMlssei .\fa.-!e and
Bessie Williams left for New York on Mon-i
dnv of tats week, whence they sailed on
Thursday for Europe They will be gone .'or
s?^et?i montns. and will on this trip visit
Bag la ad, Wales, Prance, tSerman;. Italy und
osber Kuropean countries.
Mr. and Mrs. ftobttt Fuu.ua. wno hsve heen
sp^sdlng some montns ?'. the come of Mr.
FiiOiUi's mother st New Canton, left on
Thursday of this week for Bed'ord county.'
where they will remain throughout the re?
mainder of the summer, returning hTe itt
Mr-. Roster Pet tit and William Stone, of
Stearnes, Pluvanna county, visited Mr. and
Mrs n. Lindsay Stone here on .Sunday or'
rhls week.
a. fi IIa;:, of f.ynehburg. spent severalI
days last week at Penlan, being the guest |
?.: Mr and Mrs Ralph Chandler Root.
Mr. und Mis. Rdwgrd E Roberts motored '
?.'< Farmyllle, >lr?. Roberta's old borne, this;
week, spending several days, ar.d returningi
here on Friday.
Oregon F. Morgan, formerly of Minnesota,
now permanently a resident of Virginia, and
principal of the Arvonls High School, spent
last week in Richmond
Mr. and }i r.?. Leslie B<-rsrh. who went to
Lynrhburg to live two years ago. and who
hHV? been residents of that city since that i
time, have returnod to Arvonla permanently i
to reside here.
<MISI Margaret Pierce, who for come time'
hns heen In Vewhatan county visitin;
friends and relatives near Ballsvtl'e and
Belona, has returned to her home here.
Mi?? Corinna Haunders, of Richmond. I?
spending son..- time here as the guest of
Mr. and Mrs John W. Pierce.
David Mors in. whose home was formerly
here, bin who for some time has been a
resident of Penlan, Buckingham county, has!
returned her,- to live permanently.
Mist Phoebe Potte. of Newport News. Is
here for som- weeks as the guent of Mr.
and Mrs John W. Pierce. I
Rev Plummer K. .lor.ej visited Mr. and
Mrs. K. .1. Harrison, of Cumberland county,
this week. On Tuesday of next week he
II go to I'hat'.ottesvllle to remain several
Prof. W. M. Ashby RlOTton. of William I
and Mary College, Spent several days this
week here as the guest of Mr and Mrs J
Plummer F. Jones. Prof. Bloxton also vis-,
Ited Buckingham courthouse and spent aj
da) at the home of Ceorge Washington!
Patteson, at Manteo, Rurkinghnm county I
Robert 1.. Martin, of Clreenflelil. Nelson |
county, visited Pr. Perkins Glover here this,
week as well as other friends
.1. O. Shepherd. of Palmyra. Pluvnnnaj
county, Vir here this week.
.Back Bley, of Richmond. nnd Bledsoe j
Reale, of Lynrhburg. were In the vteinityr
this week. i
Edwin R C'rooke. of Washington. D. C .
aecompanled by his friend. Mr. Roe, of
Tlorhesier. N*. v.. spent two or three davs
iiere early this week, visiting while here
Dlllwyn. Penlan and Johnsons
Master Charley Pierce, of Richmond, is
spending some time here as the guest or I
relatives and' friends
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. SaWyer, of New York, i
were here this week ?? visitors at the home 1
of I.. B. IveSueur. at Ore Bank, or Fast Ar-j
The Marshall District School Board met
here to-day and elected teachers for the
twenty-two schools of the district, includ?
ing th? Arvonls High School._
r?pec1al to The Times-Dispatch.)
Boydton. Va.. June 22.?O. W. Wil?
liamson Is here recuperating, after a
six week's stay In the hospltaj, at
Bluerie.d, W. Va.
Douglas Goode, who has heen a stu?
dent it Washington and Lee. has re?
turned here for his vacation.
Miss Etta Ambler, from Staunton. is
the guest of her grandmother, Mrs.
Johnson, of this place.
Miss Anna Williamson, who has been
teaching in Or.-ensboro, has returned
tor the summer.
Oeotge Baskervllle, who has been at
college at Hampden-Sidney for the past
winter, is home agHin.
Marion Homes, a student of the Wo?
man's Coliege, has returned.
Dr. E. C. Laird, formerly of Haw
River, has permanently located here.
Dr. and .\irs. William Mooie. of Co?
lumbia University, are spending the
summer with Colonel J. Thomas Goode.
Miss l.eta Hester, of Chase city, paid
a short visit to this place last week.
Mrs. W. A. Beyson, who hns been on
a visit to friends and relatives in
Greensboro, K. C, returned here yes?
Mis-. Mamie Jeffreys, of Chase City,
has been on a visit to Miss Lucy Bry
son Miss Jeffreys returned home
Alice Raskervlil returned last week,
after attending the Normal school (or
the past p/iPKlon at Farmville.
Miss Marshall Homes has returned
from Columbia. S. C where she at?
tended college during the past term.
Mrs Thomas F. Goode and daughter.
Miss Kate Goode. have returned home,
after an extended trip to Baltimore,
und New York.
Miss Aloise Turpln. of this place, la
visiting Miss Sklpwlth, of Richmond.
Gordon Goode. who has been away
;it school, has returned for the vaca?
Ned Turpin. from Bedford Academy,
is spending the vacation here with his
Bowling Green. Va., June 22.?Miss
Pearl B. Wool folk and Miss Elizabeth
Cbenery, of Ashland, spent a part of
this week with Miss Lucy Jordan.
Miss i.ena Gregory, of Tunstalls, and
Roper Woollolk. Of Ashland, visited
the Misfts Wool folk at Mulberry Pia e
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B Chandler. Jr.. of
Frederlcksburg, are spending some
time with Mr. anu Mrs. A. B. Chand?
Mrs. Clara Lake left this week for
Charlottesvllle, where she will attend
the summer normal.
James A. Ennls. of Baltimore, spent
a part of thlp week with his mother,
Mrs. C. R. Ennls.
Dr. Leonard, of Richmond, visited
friends here this weak,
Mrs. Bright running haru. of Rich?
mond, is spending ihe summer at
Spting Grove farm, the, homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel C. De.larnette.
John Newhlll, of , Essex, visited his
sister. Mrs. C, A. SBroqfldUs, this week.
Miss Lucy Barlow Is visiting Mrs.
Thrift In Richmond.
Miss Ruth Barlow hue returned from
B visit to friends in Richmond.
Miss Ressie Butler, who has heen
leaching school at Toano, has return?
ed home for the summer.
Colonel R. E. Lee. Jr., of Fairfax,
spent a part of this wook here.
Mrs. Clarence Campbell, of .Sparta.
Is visiting her father, O. P. Smoot,
this week.
Mrs. Leslie Reed and eh'ldren. of
Richmond, are spending some time at
i the Lawn Hotel,
The Brotherhood Bible Club and Its Leader
[Special to The. TImes-iOlspatch.]
Radford, Va., Juno 22_Few young
women in this section of the Statn
have wleldetd a greuter influence for
good or have been more successful in
ethical leadership than Miss S ic Hamp?
ton Tyler, second daughter o: Ex
Governor and Mis. J. H?ge Tyler, of
East Hadforrt.
Miss Tyler's work began in B small
way ten years ago, when, at the close
of her father's administration as T*??v
crnor, ho brought his family from
Richmond to their attractive home on i
I the outskirts of East Ttadford.
1 At this time she took a class of
boys about twelve years old in tho
Sunday school of Central Presbyterinn
Church, of which the Tyler family uro
members, and from her intereal in
their wcllfaie ami her gift of leader?
ship lias grown m> a gre.'tt work.
It was not enough that they attend
Sunday school regularly and have per?
fect lessons Her love for them and
! her desire to help them grow into
clean, honorable, Christian men caused
her to reach out Into their everyday
life and strive to help them t.eslst
the temptations that boavt young boss
i In a railroad town, where at that tlmo
(saloons abounded and whero ex'stod
[influences oi downward rather than
j uplifting tendency.
I She entered Into all of tbrlr Inter
jests and plans, and ?oon was the
j adored leader of "The Roys' Christian
i Band," as they styled themselves, ai?
rways planning for their pleasure as
well as for their Improvement in
morals, manners and Ideals.
And so her Influence grew and
widened, play'ng a large part In keep?
ing the feet of her young band In the
straight und narrow way that leads
ti> noble manhood and useful citizen?
Two years ago. feeling what a help
this lnflucncu had been In molding
their characters, and realizing the
need of a recreation room for the
young men of the town, the class or?
ganized the Brotherhood Itlble Class
Club, und rented u club room In the
Noell Building, moving a few months
later into their present comfortuble
quarters on Main Street,
There were only eight charter mem?
bers, and they began with a cash capi?
tal of $17, but the scope of the club
was so,mi extended by admitting asso?
ciate members between the ages of i
sixteen and thirty-five yours, nnd a j
month ago honorary membership was
added to Include men beyond the a*.- ,
limit of the club.
There aro now thirty-one members, i
and the club name has been changed
to the Brotherhood Bible- t'luh. wh'ch
is non-sectarian, and has for Its objot t.
In the words Of the constitution. --111! le
study, Christian culture, social inter?
course and aggressive effort to bring .
adults into the Sunday schooi and
The club quarters consist of an as?
sembly room, comfortably furnished,
with a handsome piano, and a reading
room, handsomely furnished In mission
Btylo, through the generosity of Henry
K". McHarg, whoso gift of $50 waa
applied to tliat end.
The library contains sixty well se?
lected volumes and a dozen of the best
magazines und one daily, with club
stationery and games Of various kinds.
An orchestra, .1 quartet und chorus
adds much to the pleasure of tha
members, and at their monthly social
there Is music and refreshments, and
the. presence of the fair sex to udd to
their pleasures.
There a rt> also special entertain?
ment* Of holiday nature and public
entertainments for the raising of funs
for the extension of the work.
Tin' clubrooms are open from 6 .V.
M, t-. I! P. M.. and the members
are privileged to invite their friends,
a half-hour a week being devoted to
Bible study.
The Bulletin of the Brotherhood
Bible Cl i) is 1 small four-page sheet
clued Ij\ Miss Tyler and devoted to
ihe Interests of the club, Winfrert
Elmo V\ immer is business munager.
Tli.- offii era of the club aro .lames Ed?
ward n.iker, president. John Chapman
Turner, vice-president; Winfred Eime?
Wlmtnor, secretary; Clarence Kidney
Haley, treasurer; P. R. N. Carden, 11
hrarian, and Miss Sue Hampton Tyler,
Miss Tyler and her band of work?
ers have accomplished much. They
hope to accomplish much more'In fo
ture. A gymnasium and baths ara
their uext aim, JU* A. J*V_''

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