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Boshes Meets Grim To-Night on Mat at Ball Park
It Took Just One Inning, and That the First, to
Knock Pins From Under Newport News.
Strain in Rare Form.
Virginia League
lilrbniODil, ?| .Vi'ivpurt Sewa, 2.
Itoanoke, Sj Petersburg, o.
l'ortHUKiulli. 1; Norfulk, :t.
Clubs, Won.
Petersburg ? ? ?? ?10
Roanoke. >'<?'
l'ortuinoutii ... ;n
Richmond .
Norfolk . SS
Newport News, "il
Lost. P.C. Yean
22 .021 .000
20 .?S3 .ooo i
24 .504 ... j
.001 .527 1
"7 .IMS .."1
?0 .MM ... I
VewPort \r\o im Richmond.
Roanoke nt Petersburg.
\orfolk nt Portsmouth.
Jack Grim, tv'aping the smile of a i
trualy happy newly made benedict,
walked stealthily aciroas the yard of I
Olfalfa fame yesterday afternoon. hold
Ins: out his hands, palms upwards,
count tiff the gentle patter of the "Joy?
ful June time sprinkle which was at
?that moment bedecking the greens?
ward thereabouts. In the stands sal
many hopefully yearning individuals
r>f the genus, fan. Suddenly Jack, of
Ute twain-made-one smile, broke Inf)
n !aus;h, waved both arms in a -<ort
of "you have my consint" marner, Al
Orth announced the .-.antes of the
niribit'ous young men who would ct
ierr.pt to make records for themsMc*?
and?the came was on. A f*w short
minutes thereafter, Jack, with the gum
rhocs In his pocket, was seen 'n wild
despair, hovering behind the toM chest
in which he keeps Iiis workmen, sh:J
d'ng tears as copiously as the hfivena
Jiad shed th? pleasing drops a few
short moments before. The ?ccr? Vva.1
*s to and it was 'agin' h'm.
Not for an instant did our Colts
hesitate. The clouds looked too fore
boriir.c to take any chances with that
husky crew which has only recently
annexed such valuable -imb r as Buck
Hooker, Marti.i Walt.h and our lite
fr'end. Raphael Maltis, esojiitre, from
Manna. Pa. So by way cf graspip?
?time (by the forekick. so to sp-Mik,
Griffin led four of his best knotvn Tun
gettois around tho circuit in the vety
beginninc of the encoutttcr. Tha; four
was enough. Indeed It was cnMr-jly
too much Sic: Jack Grim says so.
Charles Utility Strain was the man
with th.' gun. and he tired true, most?
ly, but ho fired more effectively than
accurately, which is all the same when
he wins.
Vlnnnae to Score Twice.
Just twice during the nine boxes fl'd
the New-port News outfit manage to ]
get even remotely ncqualh'ted with
what |S technically known as the home
plate. Th's brace of tallies came
across casually in the eighth, after
the sun had boat a lasty retreat be?
hind impending darkness and had
given It up as a b?d joi>.
Johnny Graff was the party directly
responsible for the double count,
though in extenuation of his blunders
? It can be definitely and positively
stated that h... blundered on drives
Which would have caused even worse
blunders on the part of less expe?
rienced and less capable thlrd
sackers. Hates and Mattis were, the
stouthearted individuals who got
Johnny into trouble. Both hit balls at
him which were hit In ?n entirely un?
friendly manner. Bates was the llrst
and Johnny Holder! the ball perfect?
ly, but whs off his balance on the
heave which netted Bates two sacks.
Mattis repeated the trick and Johnny
llkewist repeated, the result being that
Bates crossffl'tiie ,'j>an, while Raphael
was at stdrtloh* No. :'. Evans, who had
no right on earth to hinglo safely,
having been easy picking for his other
three appearances, dii the unexpected
and while the ball rolled leisurely to
1'ft field, Mattis crossed, and it had all
happened after two wore down.
Bin while the visiting horde count?
ed only because of mlsplays, at least
two of the Colts' tnlloys happened be?
cause Mr. McTlghe was unable to take
(are of carefully laid taps by Graff
and Flournoy, both deliberately bunted
to help advance. Griffin, who hit the
llrst ball offered him far afield for a
single. After those two errors on the
part of Mr. McTlghe, the tolls pot
courageous and Burke. Plelss and Mc
Comas each hit. wit., Burke's sandwich
of a sacrifice in between, all of which
yielded the quarter which won. Plelss,
by the way. Is the latest acquisition
of the Colts. Ills initial appearance
In the local yard made ? decided hit
End he Is apt to gallop around for a levy
days at least. m the fourth Griffin
who evidently expected rain told!
Strain to get out In order to hurry
tnatters. The manager himself, how
ever, hit safely, which hardlv looked
good at the time.
One run was marie in ach the third
and fourth, two hits each time turning
the trick. After the B|xth Orlrn de?
termined to change his luck if pos?
sible and selected'Brown, a portpaw
to tinish th. engagement'. He was a
vast Improvement over the elongated
Frisbie Collars
Everybcciys wearing it ?
The high-low
collar for now.
15 c Two for
Sold by most
good dealers
Miller & Rhoads
McTighe and not a single tap was
safely landed oft him In two Innings.
Strain was on the job at all moments.
Holding his position well and being
hit safe.y Just four times, which is
quite a nice ball game for any hiirlcr.
Not a single extra base clout was re?
corded, but three fast double plays,
two by Newport News and one by tho
Colts, stopped possible danger. The
AB. K. H. O. A. E.
Griffin. :b.4 3 2 4*0
Graff. ,:h.4 ' 1 X 0 1 ?
j-~iournoy, cf. 3 14 10 0
Burke, rf. 4 1110 0
Haley, lb. 4 1 3 13 0 0
I'leiss. If. 4 o i q i o
McCoinsa. ss. t '? 0 ? ? S ; t 2 ? o
St ace. c. 3 0 0 3 1 0
Strain, p. 3 o o 0 4 o
Bennett, c.100:00
Total? .31 t> 10 SI 16 Ol
Newport Neu?.
AB. R, H. O. A. E.!
Hooker, cf.,. 6 0 0 2 0 0
Walsh, rf. 3 0 0 0 u u!
Bates, 3b. S 1 1 1 3 0!
IMsttls, If.t... 3 1 1 4 0 0
Wolfe, sb. 4 0 0 1 3 1!
Lv.1115, lb.,. 4 0 1 II 1 11
Slaven, :o. 3 0 0 0 3 0,
Hogers, c.5 0 13 11!
IMcTtghe, p. 2 0 0 1 4 3;
Brown, p. 1 0 0 1 0 0
M.nke . 1 0 0 0 0 o!
Totals .4.31 3 4 24 12 61
?Batted for Rogers In ninth. j
The score by Innings: R-1
Richmond .4 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 ??? j
y, wport News.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0?3
summary: Sacrifice hits?Graft. Flournoy.
Ralev. .Stolen bases?Bates. tRsvlcy, Graft
hi. Double plays?McTlg ho to Evans;
Strain to McComaa to Raiey; Evan? to
Brow.-.. Left on bases?Richmond. 6; New?
port News. 7. Hits?Oft McTighe. 10 In 6
Innings; off Brown. 0 In 2 Innings. First
base <>:i lialls?Off Strain. 4. Struck out?By
S'traln. 3; by McTlghe. 1: by Brown. 1. Hit I
bvt pitcher?Bates Time of paint, 1.33.1
Umpire, Orth.
At a meeting of the Old Dominion
Motorcycle Club, the lollowlng pro-1
gram was arranged for the meet of
the club, which will be held at the
State Fair Grounds July 4:
Event 1?Three miles; motorcycles
rated four-horsepower and under;
Event 2?Three miles; rated four
horsepower and under; closed.
Event .1?Five miles; soven-hors
power; closed.
Event 4?Five miles; rated four
horsepower and under; open.
Event 5?Comic race; open to all.
Event 6?Flvo miles; seven-hor?e
pewer; opeii.
Fvent 7?Ten miles; handicap; open.
Event S?Three-contestant match, in
three heats. seven-horsepower ma?
Announcements from judges' stand.
The regatta on the James to-mor- !
row afternoon under the auspices oft
the Virginia Roat club will draw a
large audience which will spread itself |
along the course, occupying all vantase
ground. The chief interest lies in thai
eight-bar race between ihe Blues and
the Virginia Boat Club crews. Both
of these teams have been training
hard and each Is reasonably sure of!
winning. An elaborate program has
been arranged, including rces of all
j k'nds. The lirst race will begin;
promptly at 4;"? o'clock.
Dodge's Triple and Hinton's
Home Run Cause Defeat
of Pirates.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
. Norfolk. VS., June ? Dodge's
three-bagger, followed by Ulnlon's
home run in the lirst Inning, won the
game for the Tars from Count Cas?
tro's Pirates at Lafayette field this nt
ternooh, the score being :s to I.
Mayer, the pride of the 1'lrates.
j twirled a good game, with lite exeep
\ tton of the tlrst Inning, while Pool**,
' for the Tars; allowed only six hits
land was given excellent support. Th
AH. Rj II (> A E. 1
Becker, rf. i 0 2 1 0 il1
1 Keating, i-s. ;: 0 o :: i ? I
i Watson. If. I o -J u ?> oj
i lludgins. c(. 1 0 1 0 li 1 I
; Castro. 2b. 1 0 0 2 ii i> I
I DouglaSB, lb. I (' 0 12 0 u
j 'Cooper, 3b. i l o u i
I (San In, c. 3 0 l 8 1 l
i Mayer, p. 4 ft i 0 l 0
j totals ."I l T 21 S 3
L AB. R. H. O. A. E
I Dodge, ss. -i 1 t ft 2 ii
I Keller, lib. 3 a o i i
I Klrcher, If. :t 1 fi 1 1 o'
Hlnton, ss. ?. 1 1 2 6 0
I Blgble ,ib. a ft in o ii
ITltman. rf. 3 not 1 0
Staub, of. .1 a a .=, (i o
I Husky", c. 3 ft o n 1 l
\ Poole, p. 3 0 o 0 2 0
! Totals .2S .1 3 27 1? 2
' Score by Innings: R.
I-Portsmouth .ft 1 0 0 0 0 0 ft 0?1
i Norfolk .3 (i 0 0 ft 0 ft 0 x?3
t Summary: Two-blCse hits?Mayer,
j T?TYee-bose hits?Dodge. Home runs
?Hlnton Stolen bases- Becker. Dou?
ble plays?Hlnton unasslstc'd. Sac?
rifice hits?Keating. Base on balls?
Poole .; H.ft on bases? Portsmouth.
S: Norfolk. 1. Struck out?Mayer, ti,
Poole, 2. Time of game, l 30. Umpire,
1 McB Idt. Attendance, 750
After Apparently Being Beaten,
Take Game by Score
of 4 to 3.
Brooklyn Defeats Boston, and
Reds Fall Before
New York. June ".?After belnz apparent*
ly beaten, the Giants rushed from behind
with four runs In the last two Innings and
beat the Phillies to-day 4 to 3. The victory
gsie the Giants the entire series. Score:
Philadelphia. New York.
Paskert. cf 4 2 3 0 Ol*Sn'dgrnss ;. Z 0 0 0
Downey. 3b i! 2 1 3 1 Doyle. 2b.. 4 113 0
Magee. If.. 4 1 4 0 oMcikle. lb. 4 2 0 1?
Cravath, rf 4 1 1 n 0 Murray, rfl 0 I 1 II
laiderus, lb 4 S 10 0 0Becker, cf 3 0210,
Knabe. Jb., 3 114 1 Devore. If. 0 0 0 0 0|
Dool.m. ss. I 0 0 1 OxShafer ...41311]
Kllltfer, c. 4 0 5 n OMyer*. c... 4 2 7 1 1
Brennen, p3 1 0 1 iKIet'er, ss. 20?." 1
tllerzog ,.3010n
Crand'll. p 4 10 3 0
{Wilson ..10000
Totals ...S3 io?:.- S 2 Totals ...?S 9 .7 :? :
"One out when winning run was scored.
?Ratted for Fletcher in eighth.
tBatted for Becker in eighth.
zSnodgrase. left field and centre field.
xShafer, third base and shortstop.
ycore by Innings: R.
Philadelphia .2 0 0 0 0 0 0 10-3
New York.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 L?I
{Summary: Runs?Pnskcrt, Downey, Cra?
vath. Doyle. Shafer. Myers. Crandall. Two-,
base hits?Paekcrt. Downey. Throe-bate hlt|
? Magce. Home run?Myers. Sacrifice hit?1
Downey. Stolen bases?SnodgrsLSS. Paskert.
Murray. Double play?Fletcher to Merkle. I
left on bases?New York. 3: Philadelphia. 5.1
First base on errors?.Vnr York, I; Phlla-1
delphla. 1. First base on balls?Oft Crumb
all, I. Struck out?By Crandall, 4; by Brcn
nan, 3. Umpires, Brennen and Emslle.
Cincinnati. O . .June 27.?The <~ubs made It
three out of five in their series with the
Redl hy taking to-day's same 6 to L Hen
ton blew up In the eighth. Rnd the visitors
garnrrel five of their tallies in the two last
Innings. Score:
Cincinnati. rhJeogo.
Bescher. If I 1 4
Marians, rf 3 0 l
Hoh'zcl. lb. 1 ft fi 0 OTInker. ss. I 3 1 2 1
Scvrohl. lb 3 0 t 0 IZIm'an, lb 6 I 0 2 0
Mitchell, rf 3 0 2 0 OLcach. cf.. 4 ft 4 0 0
M'D'sld, ss 3 0 1 I OSaler. lb.. 4 1 ? 0
Phelan, 3b. 4 0 0 2 OBvers, 2b.. 42111
Egen, :h... 4 1 r. s 0Archer, c.. 3 0 0 ft
Clarke. %.. 4 1 3 S IReulb'h, P 3 1 0 fi ?I
Bcr.ton, >.. 2 1 0 3 ? i
Totals ...32 4 27 14. 2 Totals ...St A3 27 11 2
Score by Innings: ft.
Chicago .0 0100002 s?l
Cincinnati .0 0000001 0?1
Summary: Huns?Sheckard. Schulte. Tink?
er. /.Immerman. Evers. Reulbach, Bescher.
Two-base hit?Bescher. Three-base mis?
Schulte, Tinker. Sacrifice hits?Archer,
Mitchell. Stolen bases?Tinker, /.in.merman.
Saler. Besehet, Marsan*. Kg an. J.eft on
base*?Chicago, 7; Cincinnati. 7. First base,
on balls?Off Reulbach, 2; off Be n ton. I.
Struck out?By Beaton, 4; by Reulbach. 4.
Hit by pitcher?Zimmerman. Wild pitch?
Bftiton (3). lime of game. 2 hours. I'm
plres, Klem and Bush.
Boston, .tune 27?The. P.->drers heat the
Doves to-day 9 to 8 In a game that over
lowed with runs and thrills. The Doves tied ,
the count with five runs In the eighth, but
fell down In the ninth. Score:
Boston. Brooklyn.
AB Ii O A E AB I! o a F.
M'D'ald, Sb 4 0 2ft ODaly. cf... f. ft S 0 0
Ca'p'ell, Cf. 6 4 1 0 lN'rth'n. rf S 3 ft 0 0i
Bween'y, :b t 4 4 .". nsmith. 3b.. 43030'
Klrke, If... 1 2 1 ft ODauh't. lb. : 1 S Ml
Titus, rf... 2 2 1ft 0 Wheat. If. S 1 ! 0 t|
llonser. lb. S 3 11 1 IHum'el. 3b t 14 2 0
O'Ro'ke, ss 4 0 0 0 ITooley, ss. 4 1 l 0 Ol
Devlin, ss.. 1 1 0 ft ?Miller, c... 4 2 S 0 0
Rarlden, C. I ft 3 1 ftKnttzer. p i 1 111
Dlckaon, r 4 ft 1 2 I H?cker, p. 0 0 0 3 ?
Totals ...41 11 37 15 3 Totals ...37 13*31 I ft
?Titus out. hit by batted ball.
Seore by innings: R. t
Brooklyn .3 1 1 1 ft 0 1 1 1?9
Boston .0 0.0:0 2ft 1 r. ft?s
Summary: Runs?Northen <-"?. smith fl),\
Dauben <2>. Hummel. Miller. Campbell (2).|
Sweeney <2>. Klrke. Titus (2>, Heuser. Two
base hits?Tooley, Smith. Campbell, Titus,]
I Heuser. Three-base hits ?Northen. Sweeney,]
luiouser. sacrifice hit?Knetser. Sacrifice
; fly?Daubert. stolen briees?Smith >-> and 1
'Northen. Double play?Sweeney to Heuser,
t.'ft en bases?Brooklyn, 4: noston. :? First J
l.nse on halls?Off Knetser, 7: oft Hu<ker. t:|
->ff Dbkson. 2. Pt-uek out ?Hy Knetz*r.
by H?cker. 3: hy Dlekt-on. 3. Wild pilch?j
K??tzer. Dlekson Time of game. 2 hour*. |
Umpires, .lohn?tone and Bason,
St t.ouls. .Tune 27 ?The Pirate, snatched
a twelve-Inning came from the Cardlnsli
to-day. 3 to -' With two on In the last
truing. Willis passed Wagner nnd Miller,
forcing in the winning run. Score:
St. l.ouis. Pittsburgh.
Hui ins. 2b 2 ft 2 4 OHyriie. 3b.. ?2120
Maite?, If., fi 3 2 ft 0 Carey. If...:. 3 3 0 0!
I Mowrey, 3h 4 1 3 2 OKd'tnn. rf. ". 2 3 11 ft
I Kon'hv, lb. 3 0 12 0 OWagn'r, ss I ft 2 1 ft
I Evans, rf.. I l 3 ft I Miller, lb..:, l IS 0 0
III a user, ss. :? '? 1 ? ft Wilson, rf. I -' ?'? 0 0
lOakes, <.'..:. 1 4 ? OM'Car'y, 2b5 I 2 3 ft
Iwinsb, c... 5 1 3 3 6Kelly, c.... 1 0 ft 1 0
1 1 ?eyer. p .. 2 0 0 2 OGibson, e.. 3 ft 5 I
ft OO'Toole,
0 0 Adams,
I wine', cf. ? 2 ? ? o 0
Willis, p .. ft ft 0 2 ft
I Harmon .. 1 o 0 ,1 n
Totals ...? fi M 17 ft Totals .13 11 34 17 1
?Batted for never In eighth.
Gtan tor Oakes In ninth.
Pittsburgh .i 0 1 0 (, ft ft ft ft 0 :-?
j St. I.oul*_. ft ft ! 0 ft a ft t ft I, 11?
Summary: fluni?Mas?'. Byrne. Carey tit.
TtVo-bane hltc?Oake?, Byrne. Sacrifice fly?
Knnetchy. stolen baaes?Byrne, Wagner <rti.
<>.l;f?. Muggins t.>. Konetchy. Double plays
?Wagner t.> McCarthy m Miller; Mewrey
(unnnflatcd); Willi? to Win bo to Konetchy.
I.oft on bate*?St. Louis. ?; I'll iMnirgh. 12,
Pitching record: lilts on* Beyer, t .tr.il 2
inn* tu s Innlngi; oft Steele, i and no runt
lit 1 inning: ??>(( O'Toole, 6 und ?.' runs In :i
Innings, kiim base on ballt?Off Geyer, .t:
loir Adams; i\ ?u O'Toole. off Willis, i.
Struck out?By Ot-ycr, 1. by Adam?. ?:: l>y
O'Toole, ::: l>v Willis. 3. lilt bv pitcher?By
*<;>?.. l (Byrne). Balk?O'Toole. Time of
I grum, 3 hour*. Umpires, Itlglcr .inrt Klnncr
l an.
At Atlanta. Atlanta. 0; Chattanooga,
I 4.
I At Birmingham: BIrmlngham-Nash
1 vllle, rain
AI Mobile: Mo'Mle, 1 Montgomery. J
i Only thr.-c games scheduled.
At Savannah: Savannah, 5: Macon. t.
At Columbia: Columbia, 1. Jackson?
ville. T.
At Columbus: Columbus, l, Albn'ny,
I At Knoxviiic. Knoxv'lle, T: Bristol, 0.
At Morrlstown: Morrlstown, l'Cleve
I land, S.
, At Aslieville: Athevilte. 1. Johnson
I CHy. 5.
Results in the Big Leagues
Cincinnati. 1; Chicago, 6.
New York. 4: Philadelphia, 3.
Hoston. S: Brooklyn. 9.
Plttsourgh, 3; ?t. Louis, - (twelve
Cleveland. 4; Detroit. 3.
Philadelphia, 4; New York, 0.
Washington. 8; Boston, 4 (eight In
nliifA. by agreement).
Other game not scheduled.
"Won. Lost. P.C. Yeur.
New York. 4 7
Pittsburgh_ 35
Chicago. 33
Cincinnati. 34
Brooklyn . 23
Philadelphia . . 21
.St. Louis. 25
Boston . 20
Clubs. Y\*on.
Boston .42
Chicago .37
Washington . .. 3S
Philadelphia . . 35
Cleveland . 20
Detroit . 30
New York. IS
St. Louis. 17
.51? j
Boston at New York.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh at Chicago.
St. Louis at Cincinnati
Chicago at Detroit.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
Philadelphia at Washington.
New York at Boston.
Only Memory Left of United
States League of Profes?
sional Ball Clubs.
A memory and Dan McAleese are all
that Is left of the United States
League. Every other member of the
Rehs Is on his way to some less fav?
ored but more favorable ellmo. Ic
wasn't af all a happy hunch that de?
parted. Several thine1' combined to
make the parting not only sad. but
one to be remembered. Touch a man's
pocketbook and you come very nearly
touching the fountain head of his ex?
istence. Members of th( club hero re
rclved for three-quarters of a month's
pay exactly J16.33 each. The difference
between what was paid them and what
was owed them, It is easy Co see. was
As already stated In these columns.
Bert Blue goes to New Orleans, but
before reporting for luty he decided
to visit the folks at home for a little
while. Bill Taylor has signed a Wil?
mington. Del., contract. Shorty La
throp will try to finish the season with
Portsmouth, Ohio. Tom O'Hare and
BUI Protit left several days ago. Bob
lie Adler will go back to the Ohio
State League. Patsy Bohannun and
Fritz Hoffman left for Newport. Ky.
Ai Nownham, with Orover Qoshorn,
will try Greenville. S. C. for a few
days. Nownham has been oifored the
managerial berth, and if terms are sat?
isfactory he will try to make a win?
ner out of the talVnd Greenville club.
Dan McAleese ann HcrmOS MeFarland
are in Richmond. M.-Parland will prob?
ably continue hero, where he has made
many friepds. ami whore his services
will be in dmnnd. What will be Mc?
Aleese's final destlnntlon even he does
not know.
Thus the brief season of the league
Ir over. It gave pleasure while it last?
ed, and Riohmonl will long remember
the league.
The scores last night In the Palaea
Summer L.ague were very close and
exciting The Howitzers won two out
of three game? from the Hanovers.
Howe, of the liowitters, was star of
the evening for the soldier hoys, while
Thompson, of ti.. Hanovers captured
high score o:' Hit
The Times-Dispatch-Vlrginlan game
was postponed until a later date.
The games on July 4 will bo post?
poned on account of that day being
a holiday and many of the boys will
be out of town. Following are the
Seay .
Gill .
R?WO ....
;<4 26S
77 "iS
Totalr . 143 46?
Players. l. I
Ma thews . SS
Dlxon . S6
jordln .
Thompson . 73
White . no
114 4?3 4?!> 1,
Call Meettnu.
A special call neetlng will be hold
on the Palact Hoys next Tuesday
nicht at s:S0 amongst the captains of
the different learns In the Summer
Duckpln League
\ Howitzers .
! Times-D'spntcli
. Richmond Lunch
Journals .
! News Leader
! V'rrlnians .
palace .
Hanovers .
I -
? f League,
At Chariot
boro, 2 Hire
At Wlhsti
6; Oreenvllb
AI Anders
burg, 2.
Charlotte, i i i Sreens
amc i. * 'ha rlottc, n.
even innings, second
in- - .lem: Wlhston-Salem,
Anderson. 3: Spartan
Dos'l fall t? attend our
7/3 C. BROAD
mxoniles will own a
Knoro the different
^ Joshes Motor
Car Co.
Jlca Avenut end Broad Street.
Petersburg Held to Four Scat?
tered Hits and No
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
P.oanoke. Va.. June 27.?Bert Gardln'
emerged victor In a pitching duel with
Hedgepeth to-day. holding Petersburg!
tc four scattered hits and no runs. The
Tigers found Hedgepeth for six hits
and three runs and won handily. The
fielding of Graham and batting of
Ginn were the features. The score: j
A.B. Tt. .1*. O. A. E
Graham, rf.3 1 0 I 0 0
? G.-irman. lb. I 0 a s 2 n
joinn. cf. 4 1 i 2 a o
' Holland. If. 4 0 1 2 0 0
I Newton, ss. 3 1 1 1 2 1
' Pressly. 3b.:i 0 l l 0 0
Shields. 2b.S 0 0 2 2 3
j Labtte. c. 3 0 0 7 1 0
Gurdln. p. 3 0 0 a 2 0
Totals .30 3 6 27 0 :i
A.B. R. .11. O. A. E
Murphy, ss. 1 a j ; 3 1
' Morrison. If. 3 0 0 1 a 0
j Spencer, rf. 4 0 1 1 11 0
i llarnelt. lb. 4 0 0 f> 2 0
I Howedell. 3b..". 6 1 0 1 0
j Krebs, cf. 3 0 0 2 n ..
i Morganrath. Sb.'. 0 0 13 1
j I.ucia, c..'. 0 0 S 1 0
' Hedgpcth. p. 0 0 0 1 0
Totals .30 0 4 23? II 2
Score by Innings: R.
Rosffoke . ?-? 0 n 0 0 1 0 0 ??3
Petersburg . fi 0 0 0 0 0 0 ft (1?0
Summary: Runs?Glnn, Graham.
Newton. Stolen bases?Graham. Ginn.
Newton. Presslln. Sacrifice hits?Mf>r
tiFon. Two-hnse hits?Gin. Howedell.
Left on bases?R-oanoke, .-,, Petersburg,
4. Double plays?Lucia to Barnett to
Morganroth to Murphy. Strurk out?
By Gardln. 7; Hedgepeth, 6. Rases on
balls?Hedgepeth. 2. Time, l;t:>. I m
pire. Mr. Black.
it fs6H tox (( k . . ?> . . 4 . . . . pl.l I'o m ml>
Boshes to Wrestle Grim,
Alie Boshes rind .Inp Grim "III meet
I ou the mnt nt Itroiid Street Park t<>
Itilpht at D?IO o'clock lo Had out ?hieb
In the better man. Both nre ninklni;
I etalms fi lift eneh is \ oui"g vengeance
against (be other.. Boohes. apparently
I Im the bigger nod stronger rnnn. There
I will tit- tin appreciable disparity In
I weight, Itosbrs. nliu comes from New
j York, lintlni; It on Grim, from lllrnl
I InKbant, by shout fifteen . ounds. Mill
tbe Southerner feels thot he ban the
best of l>l? ntocklcr opponent, n?d
thinks, tlmt he will pin bin shoulders
to the mat nf Icnst twice,
'I he bi>>* have been working like
1beavers for sit-vprnl diiyn getting Into
Nimpe and hath have friends who will
lie 011 hand to wntrli the bottle. Boshes
i ?011 11 bniidlcnp 11.111 ? ? 1 ? from George
' Herbert innt Friday night, throwing
! the local loil Inlrp tvlfhin nn hour,
; bin only nflrr the most gruelling kind
J of work. lie believes flint he will
'have 1111 easier time "Ith Grim fhnn he
hnd With Herbert.
' Friends Say She Pell While Struggling
With .Nurse.
London, June 27.?The funeral of
i th? Raron'ss de Relnach-Worth, form
l erly Miss Diane Morgan-Hill, of Wash?
ington, 1?. C, who committed suicide
1 from a nursing home on .lur.e 21,
took place yesterday morning from
; the French Roman f.ithoii.- Church In,
! Leicester Square. The funeral was at
? tended by ten members of the Baron's
. family. The body afterward was
placi d in a vault in Kenstol Green
I Cemetery. Later on it will i,e trans?
ported to the t'nited State?.
It is learned that wiien the baroness
came abroad with her hughand sis
months apio she was ufferlng from
nervous breakdown. She had been
treated by specialists at Paris, Pannes
and London, where she had bt^n for
uvo month?. Tiic Baron had planned
to take his wife bn.-k to France, but
while jn the London nursing home on
June 21 she wa-; attacked with violent
hysteria and rushed to an open win?
dow with the evident intention of
making her escape. A flowered bal?
cony concealed a nheer drop of ten
licet to a stone flagged area. Th<M-e
wia- a struggle between the Baron?81
and the nurse The former made a
dash and fell ir.to the area head fore
mo?!. She died soon afterward The
friends say there was no idea on hfr
part of committing suicide,
The husband, who is disconsolate,
j will return with the body to Nevada,
where ihe bride's pirents are residing.
The R.tron's interests are at prer#nP
In Canada, where he is a big ranch
ma n.
At Minneapolis; Minneapolis, d; Mil?
waukee. 3.
At Columbus; Columbus. 6: Louis?
ville. A.
At Toledo: Toledo, 4: Indianapolis, \.
At St. Paul: St. Paul. 13; Kansas
City. 12 (twelve lnnlno-sl.
Hall Knocked Out in Third and
Pape Is Found for. Three
in Seventh.
Errors by Tigers Responsible
for Victory of Cleve?
Washington. June 2J -The Nations:!" won'
the last gam* of the scries from Bonon to-!
day by a more of 8 to ?. The National? I
kno.ked Mail out of the box In .be tlilr.l
lrntnu. Pape succeeding lilm Pap,. ???
touched for three run* In the aeventh. Score.'
????ton. Washington. '
Densen, rf ? 1 I o O-'chTtr. 2b. ? 1 ; 4 0
terkea, :b. ? j 0 t 0Fester, sb. 1112 0
Speaker, cf ?282 o.Mihin. cf? t 4 3 1 .>
l.-vv ? If... 4 0 1 l OQundll. lb. 4 2 10 0 1
Qardn'r, aba 2 3 2 | Walker, rf 3 a 0 i
Bradley, lb 4 1 .-. 0 OShanka, if. 2 0 0 0 0
uagncr. ** 1 3 ;) ? Qji'ltrPe, U i n .3 3 n
EMf' . I ? -* ? 0 Henry, c. a 1 :, 1 0
Han, p ... 3 1 0 1 a Hughes, p. 3 0 0 : t >
I'ap*. p.... 1 0 0 3 1)
Total? ...3)113113 1 Total? ...25 11 It'll I
.".?ore by Innings: n
Washington .3 0 3 a 0 0 3
n2"?" .one 3 .-.00 1-4 :
Summary: Ituns-Fhaefer. Foster 1*1 Ml
? ?n <:>, G.indi!. Henry, Hughes, verke, (?) !
(Speaker. Gardner. Earned runa-Washlng^
ton. ?; Hosten. 3. First base on error?. II.ig?
ten, I; Washington. !. Left on basej-Hos
1?" Washington. 2. First base on bsiia
orr Hughes. 3. orr Ball, 3 innings pitched
Dv Hall, 3; by Pape, 4. Hlts-Ofr Hail Si
off Pape. ft. Stmrk out?By Hughes, i. by
5*. h'' Pape, .. Three-base hit? Oandil
rvo.t.asc hits?Hpcaker. Milan (1). stolen
bnee?Milon. Double play?Catly to Oardner
Milan to Poster; Mcllrlde. to Gar.d!:. Wild
pitch?Hughes. Time of game. 1 Um
plrea, Bvaaa and W.estervelt.
I ve ard. O., .Itine 37 ?The Naps won a
hot game rroin :be Tigers to-day. 4 to 3
Olson stored the winning run with two
down In the ninth. Errors by Galnor. Cobri
and Stanase gave the Naps their three runs
In the third. Score:
flcvele/id. Detroit.
AB II O A F. All H O A F.
Oraney, if. 3 0 3 1 ovitt. rf-3b 4 i e 2 0
Olson, st... 4 12? ntttish. ss... J a 3 7 1
.lee),.on. rf ? 3 1 1 0rotib. If.. 12 111
L?jele, 2b.. ? 1 3 1 OCraw'd, cf. 2. 3 2 0 i
Drigge. Ib., 3 0 11 2 ?"..itnor. lb. : 0 ?, 0 1
Easterly, <? 4 l 2 0 IDele'ty, rf. 10200
lor ham. cf 4140 Q'TMotlarltv. 4 1 ft 1 n
Turner. r,b 4 0 0 n 1louden. l"b 3 1 2 2 a
Blandlng, pi 0 ? :. Ostnnage. r 7 n 2 1 1
Works, p.. .1 a 0 4 1
Totals .. II - 27 |(j ; Totals .,.? 71? ;t ;
?Moria rlty, third *s<' and first base.
? Two out when winning run was scored
Score by Innings: p.
Cleveland .0 ? 3 MHO 1 ? |
'Detroit .000:0100 ft?3
Summary: Buna?Oraney, Jackson. Blt
rr.lnsham. nianillng. Vitt. Ituih. <%,hb. Two
base hit?Cobb. (Sacrifice hit?Oraney. Sac?
rifice fllta ?Delehanty. Illandlnr. Stoien base
?Crawford. Double plays-Olson to I.njole
to Qrlggs; Bu?h to (iatnor: Jackson to ?I
! son. Left ,,n bases?Cleveland. Detroit. I.
First base on r TTTt? Cleveland, 2 First
bos.- on ..a;:.?o,rr n.andlng 3 on* Wo-kr. I
; Struck out?By Blandlng. II by works. 2.
Wild pitch?Blending Time of girre, j |_.
t'mpirrr. Dlnren nnd Sheridan
Philadelphia. Pa . June 27.?Inabliltr to
solve Drown to the extent of more than
three hits rest the Tankeea a shut-out rte
i feat to-day. 4 to 0. MeConnell lort his grip
I In two Innings III? Mipport ulso faltered In
these rounds. f-"eore:
New Vork.
AB it o a F. Philadelphia.
Maloney, of 4 ft 1 no ab hoar
Martin, ss.. 3 13 3 1 I.ord. rf... ? 1 3 0 ft
Chase, 2b... 4 0 1: OOIdrlng. of 3 1 ; o 0
Cree. If.... .3120 ee-o:iln?. 2b. 30130
Zinn. r.'.... 3 0 0 0 1 Dakor. Ibi 3 2 1 3 0
Stampf. lh 14 3 0 I Lapp. e.... 4 0 ft ! n
Ilnrt7.'ll. 3b 3 0 4 3 ft.M'Innls, 1h 4 1 14 7 0
Sweeney, c. 3 1 f. 4 0 Strunk. ir. 3 1 3 ft f.
St'Coh'll. p 3 ft ft 5 ft Porrsck. Ill 6 2 * 0
| "WolvV.'tOn I 0 ft 0 0 Itrown. p . I 0 a 2 0
Totals ...30 3 2111 3 Totals ...2? t, 27 17 0
?flatted for Martin In ninth.
Score by Innings: II
New York.OftOOOOOO 0? 0
Philadelphia .ft ft 0 2 2 o 0 0 ??|
Summary: Runt?Collins 0>. Daker (2);
Two-base hit?Sweeney. Thrce-ha.e hit ?
Haker. BnerltlCe lilts?Derrick, folllnt:. Stol
en baae?Strunk, struck but?By MeConnell,
2; by Brown. 3. Flr*t hase on balls?Off Me?
Connell. I. I mplies, tri.ougbiln and Bgan,
nit tips PHOM A BIPLANK.
Law Ploata Safely to Knrth From
:i,r,on Feet 1 i>.
Hicksvllle, N Y . June ^7.?J. Rod?
man Law. the parachute jumper, who
has made spectacular leaps from many
New York skyscrapers, left the biplane
of Harry Brown at an altitude of 3.7.00
feet here last night and came to earth
safely about a half-mile distant.
Just a1* the sun was leaving vivid
splotches . of red behind the pines
around the Meadow Brook Club, the*
whirr of an neroplane motor at Mender.
Corner, four miles east of Hcmpstead.
signaled the start. with a smooth,
swift getaway, t'c.o biplane left thc^
ground and mounted steadily, the sun
colored planes lying flat against the vlo
Ict tinting of the sky. and the two
black heads of Law and Brown Stand?
ing out sharply above the blur of the
whirling propeller.
Finally the machine was only Just
discernible; suddenly It wns seen to
throw off a small Object, which even at
thai distance could bo seen to be falling
rapidly. The crowd held its oieath.
Then gracefully the umbrella opened,
ami the swinging body of Law came
floating gently to earth.
KN.IOYS HF.lt fit, AltKTTKS.
Rertrude A ?herton, Author, I'roteats
Agnlnnl Prejudice.
Chicago. June 21.?"I most certain?
ly fld smoke a cigarette when I feel
like lt. I woulj smoke, as a matter
of fact, whether I really like It or not
jusl as a protest against the ridicu?
lous prejudices against tobacco as it
concerns women. I shall continue to
smoke cigarettes."
Thus spoke Mrs. Ger..udo Atherton,
author, yesterday. She made her re
! marks In a tiulet but ,:rm tono ot
voice and apparcntl meant what she
"la It true that you smoked a cl
I garette last Monday nlpht at the
j South Shore Country Club?" she was
"A clR.irette? Bless me, 1 suppose
j I smokerf several. 1 always smoke
' after my meals. I do It because 1
hike It. i>?1t-I really would, do It any.
1 Way, just to show people that 1 don't
j.ne for their foolish old sentiment
I and prejudice.
"In Lurop? a woman nifty smoke
Without occasioning comment ? not
alone the aristocracy, cither, but the
women of the middle classes nud low?
er classes If they want to. Mo one.
cares or notices. Why shouldn't they
do It here?"
C\ halmers
Gordon Motor Company
[.Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Culpeper. Va., Juno 25.?Thero ar?
hriyht prospects tor the races at Cul
peper on July 3. 4 and 5. Some of the
t est horses In tra'nlng are now quar?
tered at the track, and all aro In (Ins
condition and ready for the word.
With a track that guarantees top
notch speed, and with Ideal weather
conditions almost certain, the summer
meeting will open on July 3 at the
Fair Grounds, near Culpeper. under
the most favorable auspices In Its his?
tory. The record crowd that is expect?
ed w wlli have no fault to find with the
elaborate and painstaking arrange*
meilta that have been made for their
reception. Never puuslng to consider
the cost of Improvements, and always
?nxloua to pit as,- its pulrons. the man?
agement has gone to the limit this
year to insure the best attention and
greatest comfort to tho public.
Reports from the track say that
every horse alatcd to wotk Is In per?
fect condition.
j DrrmrrhofT Signa With Ilrlatol.
i (Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
I Bristol. Va., June 27.?Brcmerhoff,
; the puzzling mound artist of the John
? son City team of the Appalachian
i League, has been released by that
i team, due to a lack of harmony be?
tween himself and tho manager, and
I has signed up to be a member of tho
I Bristol team of the same league until
the end of the season. With the sign?
ing of P.remcrhofl by th- liristol team.
Ham Ron received his release.
Want Hull t.nme.
The Dumbarton baseball team de?
sires a game with some amateur team
fur to-morrow. A game Is also want?
ed for July 4 and every Saturday.
1 For games write Wm. M. Smith. Man?
ager, ftoom 905-6, American National
; Hank Building, Rhone Madison 1343.
nixnn Will Meet KRbane.
Kansas City. Mo. June 27.?Tommy
T'iNon. feat her weicht fbamplon boxer
, of The South, was matched he?e last
; nicht to meet Johnny Kilbane for tho
i vorld"s featherweight championship,
j nt Cleveland JuJy 4. Tile bout will be
i of twelve rounds.
$18.75 SUIT SALE
Round $1.50 Trip
Every Sunday
Sunday Outings
Til t IX S?3?TH AIX S
8:30 A. M., 0 A. .M. and 12 Noon.
S:30 train (seaside special) makes no
i stop between Richmond and Old Point.
fcrtri a. M. and 12 noon trains trop
i only at Newport New.-, connecting with
I C. & O. steamer for Norfolk.
Virginia Beach pass-ngers must take
9:00 a. M. train. Norfolk tickets good
via Newport Nows or via Old Point and
Ocean View.
All trnlns connect at Old Point with
ateanuVr for WIlloiiKhby Reuch and
Ocean View.
Short?-?!. qillekeBt nnd l>e?t route.
Returning, passengers can leavsi
Ocean View for Old Point via Wil
loughby Roach every hour until 7:3.>
P. M.
Trains leave Old Point 4:25 and S:45
P. M.
Tlrsilns leave Newport News 5:00 and
3:15 P. M.
C et-, O. sdearner leaves Norfolk 4:00
and S:00 p. M.
Three Train*. fl.R0 Round Trip.
i Feature Acts 4
Elite Vaudeville.
Dally ('hange of Pictures.
5C.?Xo Higher?10c.
Thursday, Friday anil Saturday,
JUNK 27. 2S AND 39.
Game called 4:30 P. Si.
AilmlKsilnn. -'tr. Grntidntnnd. lttc.
To-Morrow. Saturday, 20th,
Polk Miller's Quartet.
Y. M. C. A. Moonlight
Gentlemen, nOc.j Ladles, 25e.

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