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[Special to The Times-Dispatch. ]
Hot Springb. Va.. June 21?.?With a.
ow temperature, a bright sun and a re?
freshing breeze which encouraged such
lutdocr sports as golf, tennis and
?orseback, and even suggested tramp- ]
ng trips over the surrounding country. I
Hot Kprlnzs this week har seemed
nore than ever an enchanted valley.
The beautiful place hr.s reached too
teight of its midsummer glory, when
'he hills arc great mas>es of emerald
ilumes and the sky is a marvelous.]
leap blue, only found In the Virginia I
iighlands. while lawns and goif links'
ire vast stretches of gently rolling vel
??et. So Ideal is the climate, with IU j
.?Ivld days and cool nights, that North. !
?rnert> aie delighted ut the idea of the
southern mountains as a .summer re- |
Prominent among the week's arrlv- j
tls have been John A- Stewart, of New
York, last year acting president of
Princeton University, who lias come
with Mrs. Stewart and Dr. Francis A.
Oelaflcld, of New York, to stay through
July and August. They were giectci
upon their arrival by Colonel John C.
C'alhoun, of New York, who made them
'i mint julep in a handsome silver cup
which has been in his family for nearly
a century and has been drunk from by
Henry Clay, Daniel Webster ?md John
'J. Calhoun, the statesman, and ti-.?j col
iricl's grand(Jthcr The cup was given
to Colonel Calhoun? father, Colonel
Andrew Plcklns Calhoun, In ims by j
Ciovernor Means, of South Carolina, und
descended nfty yearn later to t...; pre-s.
int colonel, who carries It about with
aim in his journeying* to make his 1
:elebr,ated mint Juleps In.
Colonel and Mrs. Calhoun, with their ?
laughter, Miss Julia Calhoun. who
have bene here for several weeks, left |
Thursday for Bar Harbor, but will rt
:urr. to Hot Springs for O-.tobet und
November. They have spent the last
three year.- In BuropV, where they have
made some; extensive motoring trips
snd where Miss Calhoun wae presented
it the English court. They gave, a
luncheon at Fesslfern Farm before they
left, entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Itobcri
Waller and Mr and Mrs-George Barton
French, of New York. Mrs, benjamin
Cable. Mrs C. C. Helsen and lohn C. I
Knox. who was the delegatc-at-lurge
from Alabama to the Democratic Na?
tional Convention, and who lcl? on It*
2Vc for Bsltlmore.
Dr. and Mrs. Mji. oiin McBurney, who
were married In New York recently,
are spending their honeymoon at Warm
Springs. They come over to "Tue Hot."
as the natives designate it. almost daily
for tea and tennis, and dlne'l tne olhci
?iigi.t at the Homestead with .Mi- and
Mrt. Robert w.,iier.
Harry S. Turner, of St. Louis, who 1? '
here for the season, has just returned
from a trip of several months through
England, France and Portugal. Dur?
ing fii.-. absence - he visited his sister,
Hies L Turner, In Funchs), Madeira.
J. A. Dougherty, Arthur Lynch, D. L
Honeynian and Gay Lombard, of port
land. Ore. who are making in auto
mobile trip which when it is ilnlshed
will probably exceed 4/>0fi miles,
stopped at the Homestead for a day i
ir two this week, stretched their legt
tn-i played thirty-six hole? of golf be
lore going on. They shipped their car j
from Portland to Chicago and came in
it from that ity tu Hot Springs In
five days, running it themselves. They
left here for White Sulphur Sptings and !
will continue their trip to Lexington,
:Jetty.-burg. Washington. Atlantic City,
Boston and Portland. Maine, from winch
piece they will start on a straightaway
return trip across the continent to |
Portland. Ore
They began a elfllar trip last year
|tl a French car, which broke down,
ind this year they are using one of I
American make
Mr, and Mrs. Oeorge Harton French,
Df New York, who are at The Pillars. ?
?vi 11 spend the next few weeks very
luictly there, as they have with them
Mrs. French s cousin. Miss Yvotte Bo- !
rup. of New York, who is In mourning
lor her brother. George Borup. who '
was drowned recently at New Haven.
Mrs. George Gunton gave u lunchton j
tltd bridge party at Gunton Lodge the
middle of the week for Baroness Rosen
kraritz, Mrs M, L Akers and Mrs. R. A.
Black The same quartet was enter- j
tained at the Homestead another day I
by Mrs. Black, and bridge was played j
it the Casino.
Mrs. Edgar A. Pole rfave a bridge I
party Friday ut her cottage and invited \
Mrs. Gunton. Baroness Rose.ikrantz,
Mrs. James A Norrls, Mines Sallle I
Bird. Adele Fishack and Ailce Read, of |
Baltimore, and Miss Cowardln.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Gordonsville, Va., Juna l'S.?Mrs. H.
F. Dunn, of Richmond, was a guesti
icveral days this week of Mrs. W. S.j
Mrs. Mary Thomasson and daughter.!
Miss Florence, of Clifton Forge, havej
been spending th); week -with the ;
former's brother. T. \V. Ross, and oth-i
?i relatives in and near Gordonsville.I
\V. O. Thomas was In Richmond j
J. VV. Martin, of the Johnston-Willis!
Hospital. Richmond, has been spei.d
ng the. week with his parents, Mr.
nnd Mrs. A. B. Martin, in the city.
Miss Rae Block returned home
Tuesday, after a pleasant visit of
lbout six weeks to relatives and
friends In Baltimore and TVtchmond.
Mrs. Quesenberry and daughters.
Misses Lois and Gladys, spent a few!
?layH this week with Mrs. Lois Weak
ey and Miss Cora Lynn, en route from]
iulpeper to their hum.i in Hinton, W.I
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Scott. Jr., have!
returned to their home in Basic, after!
mending several days with the for*
mer's parents, Dr. and Mrs. John W.
Miss Grace Wroodson, of North Gar
Jen, spent several days this week with
her aunt. Mrs. Z. A. Bibb, in South
Mrs. Lulu Perley. of Modlson Mills,
has been spending the week with her
sister, Mrs. J. L Faber.
Mrs. C. W. Matthias lias been spend?
ing the week with fr'cnda in Balti?
Miss Nellie Goodwin has returned to
her home In Alexandria, after spend?
ing several days with her grandmoth?
er, Mrs. Emily Goodwin
Mffs Sadie Block, of Oregon, has
been spending the week with her par?
ents. Mr. and Mrs. L Block, In the
W. L Dowell was in Richmond Tues
C. T. Faulconer has returned frors a
visit of several days to relatives In
V. W. Turner, of Mineral, was a
Gordonsville visitor this week.
(Special to Th" Times-Dispatch.}
Massanetta Springs. Va.. June 29?
A largo number of motorlstb are ex?
pected the Fourth of July, for which
elaborate preparations are being made.
In addition to the rcgula guest.-., a con?
vention of ISO Knight.i of Pythias, ac
companleTl by their wives and daugh?
ters will be held upon that dat.- at
the Massanetts Hote..
William O. Noltlng, formerly of, Rich?
mond, acomponled by Mrs. Noltlng,
their two children Liid Mrs. Noltlng'*
motlicr. Mrs. F. A. Bonn, will motor
down from Baltimore on the Fourth
to spend tho remainder of the season.
I*!ie venerable Confederate veteran, j
Colonel John S. Mosby, is among the (
large number of prominent persons who
will spend the summer here, both for
the benefit of the waters and the social
charm of the place
w Nelson Mercer, of the University
College of Medicine, at Richmond. Is a
recent popular arrival at these springs,
where ho will be Joined during the
iater season by his mother. Mrs. Corbln
w. Mercer.
C. Perkins, Of Newport News, is an?
other popular member of the permanent
summer colony.
Among oth.-r guests expected shortly
are Miss Gertrude F. Bowman. Charles
, F. Jones. Mrs. John T. Alvey, E. T.
I Crump. Captain John Coke, F. T. Glas- [
gow, John A. Lamb, Mrs. B. 11 Marsh.
Mrs L A. Mason, w. S, Rhoads, Mrs.
' B Williams. Mrs. .lohn H, Williams and j
Mr.. and Mrs. Lelbormuth, all of Rich- j
[mond, I
("Special to TheTlmes-DlspatchJl
Bristol, Va.. June -'?>?A social event
I of mire than usua. .merest to many |
I friends of the "bride her-?, will hi the
I marriage of Miss Mirgaret Aston, the
j accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
, William H. Aston, of CedsrvlUe, Wash
I ington county, and Kenneth G. Price.
' of Magnolia. Mia*. The wedding will
take place in the near future.
The marriage the past week of Miss
Lillian Belle Whlteaker to William]
Brown Casscll. at Wyfhevllle. was at- j
I tended by a number of the relatives
' and friends of the bride from this city.
I The bride js a sister of A. B. White
; ake;. of this city. She taught Fchoo-.
here for a number of years, and I?
widely known In th> city.
Mrs J. A. Wllkm.-on and her young
daughter, Misa Blanche Wllkinaon.
were visitors in Johnson City a part
! of the present week .having been en
| lertalned as guests of Mrs. George I
Csrfcer, at the Carter mansion, in South
Johnson City.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Anderson and
: Mr. and Mrs. Audley Rhen Andersen
have returned from Johnson City,
where they spent a day or two as the
' guest; of their uncle and aunt. Gover
? nor and Mr*. John P Smith, of the
National Soldiers' Horn*.
I Mrs Amanda Krisor. widow of Dr.
i John J Ensor. celebrated the eighty
fourth anniversary of her birth this
! week by entertaining a number of her
I neighbors and friends. Among toe
, guests was Mrs. Lucy RTiVn. of Colum
I bla, P. C. mother c/f Mrs. W. T Ensor.
Mrs, Fann.e Bro/wn, who h-.ts for a
i .lumber of years been a missionary of
th? Methodist Episcopal Church. South.
1 In Brazil, and who came to this coun
> try tnree tr.otr.h5 a?1-,, his arrived h?-.e
from Ashevillc, N. ft, where she vis?
ited relatives V.'hi'.,- here she is the
I guest of her relative. Mrs. R. L. Gaut.
HArrlsor.-"burg, Va., June 2?.?MOss
; Lucy Walker, of Staunton. spent a
week with Mrs. C. H. Chandler.
Mr*. Annie Baird. of CedarVlile, Kan.,
is visiting her aunt. Mrs. Giles Devlcr.
Miss Avis Tatum arrived yesterday
! from the Indianapolis Conservatory of
i Musi.-, where she received her diploma.
Sh? will teach next session in Carters
i Mile. Mo.
i Miss Minnie Lee Price entertained a
few of her friends several nights ago
Among the guests wsj: Miss Edith
Stafford, of Texas.
Hugh r>uffey. of Winchester, visited
friends here this we*k.
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Bell, of Alexan?
dria, are visiting friends In Bridge
Kemper Yancey, of Crozet, visited
his mother here this week, and then
left for N?w York.
Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Sherman spent
th-e week visiting relatives In Balti?
Miss Elizabeth Armenbrout. of Stras?
burg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.
Jlohert Swltzer.
Miss Hattle W(!ton is visiting her
uncle. Robert Wilton, In Charleston,
Miss Margaret Robertson, of Ctll
P'per. has returned home from a Visit
to Mrs. T. N. Thompson here.
Miss 1-ois Yancev is visiting Miss
Mary PortorfleM Neff ;n Charlottes
Mr?. Dodd "has returned to her home
at Singers Oien. ?fter a visit to her
husband. Dr. C. S. T>odd, In New York
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Buckingham. Va., June 29.?An en?
joyable entertainment was given in
honor of Mr. nnd Mrs. John B. Boat
wrlght at the Nolin House, at this
place, on Wednesday night.
Miss Lucy A. Moss has gone on a
week's visit to relatives In Richmond,
and leaving there she will attend the;
summer normal nt Farmville.
j. Mrs. Annie Smith, of Denlson. Tex.,
is spending the summer months with
I Mrs M. M. Rogers.
Miss Hallle Hasklns. of Houston.
Tex.. Is spending her vacation at her
old home here.
Misses Nettie and Ruth Swoope have
declined reappointment as teachers 'n
the Buckingham High School.
Professor J. Walter Kenny has been
re-elected as principal of the graded
school at Dlllwyn.
B. A. Seay and Miss Myrtle Lillian
Steele were recently married here at
tho home of Rev. J. j. Spencer.
Miss Bessie Lee Patterson will leave
on Tuesday to attend the summer nor?
mal at Farmville.
Mrs. Cunn'ngham. of Lynchburg,
has been spending cons time with her
daughter. Mrs. p. E. Tucker, here.
Miss Anna Roy Rogers Is spending
the summer months at '-Serchon," her
old home. ?
Misa Mary McCuo Is spending the
summer at the home of her sister. Mrs
H. T. Antrim.
Miss Kent, of Kluvanna county, baa
been appointed as one- of the teachers
In tho school at Dlllwyn.
[Spe?ia1 to The Times-Dispatch. J |
Wh'te Sulphur Springs, W. Va.. June
3ft,?j?i-, is idea! at this mountain
paradise, and even before the hotel was
officially opened a bride and groom
arriv<d. Their ilrst week of the honey- '
moop was spent at the Hoiwley cot?
tage, which Is Just far enough away
to be delightfully secluded, and which
last season was occupied for a num?
ber of weeks by the late) Edwin Haw
jleJy. Although the hotel hss been
opened only a little over a. week, many '.
of the old guotts are already here, and
three brides and grooms are spending
the days and the entrancing moonlight
nights In wandering through the ro
mantle paths which l?ad to Lover's
T.eap a charming bride Is Mrs Free?
man Llnvllle. of Charleston, W Va..
and another ;s Mrs. O, O. Bolts, of
Louisville, Ky., who. h?:ng an enthu?
siastic sportswoman, spent the long
June days, in exploring the p|cture"o,ue
hr'die paths which have b?>n latd out |
ov?r the mountains.
j After an absence of iwenty-flve ,
years. Dr. and Mrs. James F. Head---. i
j of Cincinnati, have returned, and they!
were enthralled at the marvelous
changes made and enthusiastic over1
j th, wonderful effe.-t < i landscape gar- !
ucorge V?". -Stevens, president of the'
i Chesapeake anu onto iui.r./du, came
[ uuwn 'Tuesday mgnt in his private,
[car wan a Joliy party 01 yoUng people,
j who remaineu tor a short visit, out
Stevens and iiii ?on, lit-org-. W . I
Steven*, Jr., lett Wednesday morning
tor a trip to the West. In his party
j were Miss Helen Stevens, Mi^s Mary ,
I Moul'ton, M.ss Elizabeth Hotchklss and'
[ Garvin Tiioiiut, of Paris, France.
I John Bra heil, ot Richmond, is again
: occupying his cottage in Virginia ROW, '
I and n ib with him Mrs. f'nomau Mc
> Adams, and child, and Mis* Flippe j
I Mr. Branch has bi?n com.ng here lor
I many years, and. in Ihe opinion of his !
I large crcle ot friends, no summer
wojid be comp". without him.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Potts and [am
I lly, of Richmond, have been promt
I nently idem:tied with the social Hfe
I of White sulphur for a quarter of a
j c?ntury, and were among the first to
arrive. Miss Nell Potts is one of the
! most popular and charming of the
younger set at the Spring.-.
Miss Alice Lewi:-, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Thornton Lew.s, ..f Cinctn- I
natl, is entertaining a house party at
her home, "The Meadow..." arid every !
i day a merry party goes on long ram- j
bles on horseback across the moun- ?
i tains He.- guests are John Barr and j
.Stewart B.rr, of Washington, D. C.
lspecia.1 to The Times-Dispatch.]
West Point. Va., June 29_Mrs. R. ?
R. S. Hudspeth. wife of Judge Huds
peth, of New Jersey, who had beer,
the guest in the home of William L
Wheeler for several days, went to,
Baltimore on Monday evening to *oin
h-i husband In Baltimore. He is a
n-.emb.-i of tlie National Democratic,
Committee. ]
Mrs. Branch Kevan Parker a for-,
mer resident of West Point, hut for
several months in Warrenton, arrived
here on Wednesday to be the guest
for some time of Mrs. J. L Muiford.
From this place she will visit friends
[ in Gloucester and Newport News,
j The following delegates will attend
the woman's meeting auxiliary to th<s
Dover Association, to convene" in Glen
Allen on July 2: Mrs W. R, Broad
dus. Mr.-. E. If. Spencer and Mrs John
S. De Farges, who will represent the
woman's organization; Mrs. Clyde
Gould man, the Young Woman's Auxil?
iary, and Mrs. William H Bell, the
S ml earns, or Children's Missionary So
clety. ? j
Mrs. C. C. Roberts and daughter.
Miss Lucy, have just returned from
a pleasant sojourn at Ocean View, and
with them returned Miss Minnie John?
son, who remained a week or more the
guen of Miss Mabel Roberts.
Mrs. Lovl Ringgold and family left
t!ii.- morning to join her husband in
Blu<_:iold, W. Va. In a few days jhe
will fro on a visit to her parents in
Cleveland. O.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmer, former?
ly of West Point, now of Norfolk.!
are touring Canada for health andj
Last Sunday a large excursion vis?
ited West Point, given by Norfolk peo?
ple from that place for the benefit
of the flood sufferers in the South.
On next Sunday the "Home-Coming"
excursion from Norfolk to West Point
?111 bring a gneat crowd of old resi?
dents of West Point.
Crosby Thompson, his father. Pro?
fessor Thompson, from Newark. N- J..
and h's sister. Mrs. S. C. Jones, and'
Utile daughter, left Wednesday for.
New York, and Crosby Thompson will
return Sunday morning.
Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Bagby will have
as their guests during the next week ;
Captain and Mrs. A. F Bagby. of T:.p-i
pahannock; Rev R:chard Bagby and;
familv, of Clifton Force; Rev. E. B.;
Bagby and family, of Baltimore, who
has just accepted the care of a church!
there, after a pastorate of several
years at Fort Smith. Ark Miss Janic
Robins will ,'lso be of the party. j
Misses Evelyn and Esther Cube, of i
Baltimore, are guest? In the home of!
Ed Morvitz.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan He?? have re-!
turned from Baltimore, where Mr?.
Hess and children have paid quit? an
extended visit.
On the Fourth of July there will
be a great demonstration here. Among
the sneakers will he Douglass Mitch?
ell, of Walkerton. who will make the!
i address of the day. C. S. Smith, of.
[Gloucester C. H., will preside. The
Declaration of Independence will be
read by Charles Gault. of West Point
Excursions from Richmond and on the
rivers will bring many people. The
greatest number always comes by prl- '
vate conveyance from the surrounding :
Rev Alfred Bagby. of Richmond,
who Is visiting relatives In King and 1
Queen county, will be the n-nest of
Mrs. Thomas P. Bagby the coming i
week, and will probably gr. from here
to the Baptist encampment at Virginia
Beach later.
Dr. Robert De Farges and wife, of
Washington. D. C? have been recent
guests here.
George E Trice and familv. of
Hampton, will arrive h^re on July 2
to spend the Fourth.
Mrs. W. H. Healy, of Maryland, a'
former resident of West Point, now of i
Harford county. Md.. will come Sun-'
day morning to spend the summer,
with her niece. Miss M. G. Trice.
Mr. Phaup and family have removed:
to New Kent county, whence they;
came about two years ago.
Latane Montague, son of Andrew.
Jackson Monta-gue. of Richmond. Is
visil'ng Mrs ,T. R. Sannders. his aunt.1
at Saludfl
Beniamln Richardson, son of Dr. ,
Oeo. W. Richardson, set sail for Porto I
Rico with Captain Spragg 'u his four- '
iijtis.tcd vessel, the Sylvia f Hall. |
The vessel will return by Charleston.'
take on a load of. lumber there for
Newhuryport, Mass., returning here be?
fore September 1. '
(Special to The Times-Dispatch]
Gordohsville, Va . June 23.?N. T.
Cowherd, of Richmond, was a guest
of his coualn, M H Cowherd, sr., on
Mrs. George Tyler Cowherd spent
several days this wr-eic with her par- i
cuts. Mr. and Mis Camper. near
Orange. ;
The dramatic entertainment given oh ?
Monda) < veiling by home talent for
th>- benefit ot .the Memorial Association
wa? a great success. The parts were
Well sustained by the entire company.
Especially Is this true of "The Sweet'
Girl Graduate," Miss Martha Graves. ;
and Mrs. John W. Scott, who took '?
the part of her mother.
Invitations have b*en Issued for a
g?-iman to be given by the members of
the clUb on Tuesday evening, July 2. at
Memorial Hall.
\V. Wilbur Osborne, of "Lower
Springneids." fp-ni severs! days in
Richmond this week.
George Tyler cowherd and Mr and ;
Mrs. John C Hcndrlcks were Sunday
visitors ai "Oak Hill," guests of Mr. |
and Mr. Charles P. Cowherd.
Miss Ethel Wambersie, of "Charl- ?
ton,'" spent several days this we^k
with Her sister, Mr* w. \v. Osborne. at !
"Lower Sprlngflelds."
Mrs. Goodwin and little daughter, of
New York, are Visiting Mrs. I.sle* at '.
""Thlstlew ood."
Mr. and Mrs Aubrey Brivo. of San
Francisco, returned home on Mond.iV,
alter a week's stay at the home of
Mrs Fleming Brisco.
.Limes C. Graves nnd Misa Martha
Graves were Charlottesville .isituis on
Beverly Goodloe was one of the
many who attended th? ball game in
orange. I
(Special to The Tlmes-D spatch.] '
Bowling Green, vu.. June 29.?Mr.
and Mrs. Preston Cocke. of Chatham,
Professor Lyn-.an Carrier, of Blacks- i
burg, and E. H. Mathewson. of Ried
vllle, N. C.. were guests this week at
the l.awn Hotel of Mr. and Mrs W. W.
Miss Jean Brf nz. of Philadelphia.
Is visiting Miss Margaret Smoot. |
W. E. ISnnis spent part of this week 1
In North Carolina.
Mr.- H. M. P<gg lett this week for '
West Virginia, where she will spend
some tin.e with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Wooddle J. Wright, of
New York, are spending sonic- lime ;
with Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wright.
A. J. Lapsley, of Kentucky, spent a ,
part of this week here with friends.
Mrs. Walter Wilson left this week
for Hit- Eastern Shore of Virgin! t.
where she will spend a month With
relatP es.
Miss itena Wright, of Norfolk, is .
spending the summer at the hoinc ot .
Mis. C. R. Ennis.
Mrs. Todd and daughter. M'ss Mary
Garland Todd, ot-Richmor.d, arc guests '
at the home of Lr. and Mrs. Roben l
T. Qlassell.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.] I
Gladstone, Va.. June _Miss Alma ;
Smith has returned from a visit to
Ashevllle, N. C.
Mrs. W 1.. Gardener, of Warren, is;
visiting Mrs. !" O. Bolton.
James Wallace left this week for a
visit to his grandfather, J. A. WalKer.
oj iiockbridge.
Mis. ^poiwoods Major, of Lynch
hurg, is tiie guest o: >Lrs. E- D. Ma?
M'ss Mary Copell made a short visit
to Richmond tills week.
The lawn party given by the order
of the I. O. O. F. here on last eve- j
ning war a great success, there being
a large attendance of the home order
a.- w,:i as visiting member*
Mrs. D. Jonts has returned from
Miss Mabel '. Harris left a few days
."lito tor Charlottesville to attend the
summer school at the University of
Miss Lottie Moon and J. W. Moon,
of Aliens Creek, were guests of the
Misses Harris yesterday.
Old Sweet Springs. W*. Vs., June 29.
?The advent of "gaol o'.d sumn?-r
time" find:; "Old Sweet Springs'" with
wide-flung portals, and a cordial wel?
come awa'ting the coming guest.
Hoary with reminiscences of its
more than century old romance nnd
charm, yet ever youthful and re?
splendent as the season comes to call
the weary and Invalid to rest and re?
cuperation, the young min and maid
to merry dance. t"he business man to
forget his cares, as he drives his
spheres ov.-r the velvety sward of the
golf l'nks. the children in their merry
cambols on the spacious lawn?to one
and sll, there I* especial aitraetlon.
C. C. Lewis. Sr.. and family. of
Charleston. W .Va.. .ire located in their
cottage fo- th.-? summer.
Monday evening IMS the occasion if
a most delightful and informal '"house-1
warming" at "Oak Orove Cottage." |
wh'eh has been taken for the entire :
summed by Mrs Hugh Ruck-.nsrham and
her daughters. Mrs. John Hamil. Bos?
ton, and Miss Louis* Buckingham, of
Memphis, Among those present were
Miss Luclle Paxton. Washington. O.
C. Palmer Stacy, Richmond and Frank
Lewis. Charleston. W. Va.
Among hecent arrivals are Mrs. Ch.is.
S. Stacy and family.
~ P?WH?TAN ~
[Special to The Times-D.spatch.1
Powhatrin. Va., June 2fi?Miss Nellie
Smith, of South Richmond. Is visiting
Misses Reynolds here.
Willis Fentress. of Norfolk, was the
week-end guest of relatives here.
Mrs. Joseph Tucker, of Woodlawn
Heights, was the week-end guest of
Mrs. R. D, Tucker here.
John Grtlbbs and little daughter.
Virginia. Of Richmond, were recent
fu^sts of relatives here. .
Mrs. James A. Tdman spent several
days in Richmond this week.
Mr*. J. Hasklns Hobson Is visiting
friends In Richmond this week.
Miss Ionise Reynolds, who has been
attending the Woman's College. Rich?
mond, has returned to her home here
for the summer.
Mrs. C. D. Wlngfie.ld has returned
to her home in Richmond after visit?
ing her sister. Mrs. R. I">. Tucker here.
Miss Eunice Winfree is vis'ting rel?
atives in Culpeper.
Willie MlChaUX was tho week-end
guest .->f Mannle and Willis Miller
here. ' -
Mis- Gnv Patterson, who has been
visiting her. sister, Mrs. T. M. Miller
here, has left for Richmond, where
she will visit friends and relatives.
Rev. Eugene Mlntse. of Richmond,
was the. guest of friends In the vil?
lage this week.
. , t. . .
During July and August the Thalhimer Store Will Close Daily 5 P. M., Saturday 6 P. M.
Fine Quality
Messalinc Petti?
coats, in white,
black and all col?
ors; deep section
plaited flounce; our
regular S2 r-'.s value;
spei ial, $1.9 = .
Where Thin;? Are What They Seem.
50 dozen Full
Bleached Turkish
Bath Towels, nicely
hemmed, large
lS.\40-inch size;
per dozen, $1.50.
25 dozen Large
Turkish Bath Tow?
els; sale price, per
dozen, $3.00.
One Thousand Stylish Garments
For Women
On sale to-morrow marked at prices that vary from one
third to one-half their former price. Not a single gar?
ment among them but what is new and stylish. If you
haven't bought your new summer apparel now's your
chance to secure an unusual bargain.
$5.98 Wash Dresses I Children's Dresses at Cost
In batiste, linen and madras; all good
models; sizes broken; now ....
$7.43 Wash Dress, in canvas and linen, all
shades, now .
510.00 Linen Dresses, in colors, broken fi?*? CA
sizes; to close out at. ?E? * ?J"
$15.00 Linen Dresses, in all shades, hand- (PIA A A
embroidered models, now . tUJ.U?U"
i olorr
Ratine l>rc:so-. in white ,incl?J5 00
of Material
All Linen Suits Reduced
SS.^S and S6.4S Linen Suits, in natural and ffi? C A A
colors, plain and Norfolk styles, now. ?P*J?VfU
S8.48 Heavy Russian Linon Suits, in oyster 4.8
and tan shades, tailored styles, now. J!)U?tO
$12.50 Linen Suits, in all shades, plain fiM A A A
and fancy styles, now. ?D1U?UU
$15.00 Suits, in wistaria, old blue, navy CIO CJft
and white, all smart styles, now.tP lintJU
Odd Linen Suits, in gray, lavender and
natural shade-. $10.00 and SI 5.00 Suits to (j? C A A
close out at.??/?.Uli
Children's Madras, Percale and Lawn Dresses,
sizes 6 to 14-ycar, values up to S1.4S; to close QQ0
out at. /OC
S1.9S and $2.25 Gingham Dresses, all new
plaids: special.
One lot of Fancv White Dresses, in broken ?0 QQ
sizes, values $5.43 and $3.08; special.WifsQj
S5.OOandS6.4S Fancy White Dresses, with fiPl QO
j pin tucks and Val. laces; special. ?5*5?yO
j S 10.00 Fancy White Dresses
j now.?..
$12.50 and S15.00 Dresses, handsomely API A AA
j trimmed, now. tDlU.UU
Sale of White Skirts
Wide Wale Pique Skirts, panel front and?lff 1 A A
back, fastens to side: special. wltu"
White Pique Skirts, cut tunic effect in # 1 QQ
front; special. Vf 1 a^O
Imported Piq-je Skirt, wide wale, three- CO QO
piece, buttons at each side, at.yO
Fine Quality Pique Skirts, high waist line #0 QQ
lap front and. bark, finished with buttons, at w?_/?70
A 98c Sale of Muslin
U n derwear
This sale includes Gowns, Skirts. Corset Covers,
Drawers. Combination Suits and Chemise. Garments
that are worth $1.25 and $1.50. All arc trimmed neat or
elaborately with laces and embroideries; some have inlets
of medallions; some are hand-embroidered; made of line
grade of longcloth and French nainsook. These have to
be seen to be appreciated. Extra values and can- QO .
not be duplicated; choice of several styles. yOK,
Sale of Hammocks and
Porch Shades
SI.50 Mexican Stripe Hammocks, with QQ?
pillow, only 40 in the lot; sale price /OC
Heavy Canvas Weave Hammocks, extra C1 QQ
large size, $3.00 value. ?01 ?70
Sadarl Porch Shades, made of best bamboo?
$2.00 6x8-foot size. $1.39
$2.50 8x8-foot size.$1.79
$3.00 8xl0-foot size. $2.39
Two Window Shade Specials
! Lingerie Dress Specials
, S5.9S Lingerie Dresses, with embroidery C^ QQ
I and Cluny band trimming, now. ?JJ#70
ST.48 Lingerie Dresses, lots of broken sizes, C C Aft
I lace trimmed, now. tU?/?UU
$10.00 Lingerie Dresses, in very dressy Q'7 CA
styles, now. ?!? / ??/U
A new lot of Lingerie Dresses, dainty tucks and
Val. and Cluny trimming. $12.50 and $15.00 AM A QO
values; sale price. ?DAU?yO
$20.00 White Dresses, with handsome CM C AA
laces, made of fine voiles, now. ?5 A?/?UU
One lot Lingerie Dresses, all elegant laces, flPt C AA
i broken sizes; to close out at. wl?)?UU
$35.00 Handsome White Dresses, dabo- CO "J fifl
ratelv trimmed, now. iH>A?/?UU
Children's Colored
Dresses Reduced
in ginghams, chambrays and percales; some with de?
tachable bloomers and hats to match; sold for $1.25
and $1.50; sizes 2 to ? years; choice of the lot QC _
for. sD C
Children's Gingham, Chambray and Rep OQ ?
Rompers, worth 50c and 75c, 2 to 6 years; choice, ?3/C
Closing lot sale of Children's Coats. This lot com?
prises P. K., pongees, rajahs, white serges, Bedford cords
and creppella cloths; also some navy serge and shepherd
checks; sold for $2.00 to $8.00; 2 to 6-year sizes. Closing
]ot price is just one-half of the original marked price.
Children's Princess Slips, 4 to 14 years, C1 CA
several styles and materials, for 50c to.?5 A ?DU
Just a few more of those $1.00 and $1.50 Hats
for the little miss 2 to 6 years for.
About three dozen Hats for the little miss up
to 6 years; sold for $2.00 to $5.00; your choice of
the lot for.
35 c
150 Opaque Window Shades,
roller, with fixtures complete,
good shades of green; sale price.
$1.00 ("irren Oil Opaque Window Shades, for ZlQ _
3x6 window, hung complete. UT/C
mounted on good spring
3x6-foo( si/.c. in
$1.50 Inlaid Linoleum
If You Ever Expect to Buy
Trunks and Suit Cases
Extra heavy: .all new style-: large seiet tiou to
choose from: sale price, per yard.
40c Floor Oil Cloth, extra heavy grade, best
designs; sale price.
Best Cork Linoleum, 65c grade, in plain and
figured; sale price.
$1.50 White and Ecru
Colonial Lace Curtains, $1.00
These Pretty Curtains are 3 yards long and made
with the popuiar top valance.
100 pairs of 75c Swiss Curtains, with hem- /?Q ?
stitched ruffle and 2 In' yards long; sale price. LsQ.
S2.00 White Loom Curtains, very handsome AM CA
and 3 yards long; sale price. . ?51 ???U
$25 Axminster Rugs, $20
Lurfie 1x12 size, in rich Oriental and floral pat?
$40.09 Wilton Rugs. ft 70 sH
9x12-foot size; handsome Oriental patterns to uOii.jU
select from. See them to-morrow.
Now's the Time
Goldsmith's $8.00 Trunks, made with heavy
brass trimmings and unbreakable iron Q.A QQ
bottoms; sale price. lie/O
Sil.Oi") Goldsmith's Metal Bound Trunks, brass
trimmed, iron bottom, large 34-inch size; sale AP'7 CA
price. ?T? ' ??/U
Goldsmith's Large 36-inch $15.00 Trunks, brass
trimmed, strong iron bottom, linen lined and CQ CA
double tray; sale price. w/twU
Hand Bags and Suit Cases
For Those Going Away
$1.00 Hand Bags, made light, strong fibre, *7Q/?
with good locks and clamps: sale price. // C
$5.00 Leather Bags, large 16xlS-inch size, made with
strong lock and clamps and the new ring han- AtO 70
die; sale price. WL*IS
Large 17-inch $10.00 Walrus Bags, leather lined, with
patent inside pockets; this bag is a genuine AP'7 CA
seal walrus: sale price . ?5/ ?JU
$1.25 Brass Trimmed 24-inch Fibre Suit Case, QQ ?
light and strong: sale price. 70C
50c Solid Leather Suit Cases, with strong locks
and clamps, linen lined, 24-inch size; sale 0^0^
Monday Matting Specials
40c Heavy 116-Warp China Matting, made OC ?
0< best Llntan straw ; sale price. htDQ
Per roll, ?8.98.
28c Heavy China Matting, Cochin straw; 1Q
sale price. 1/ C
Per roll, $7.48.

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