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Announcing Extra?
ordinary Reduc?
tions in the prices of
T Ii i s announcement,
coming Jusi before "the
l ninth." when Parasols
>.?.ill be in ?icat (lctnunil,
will evoke imnu-ili.it-.' re?
sponse from n large hum
bei <-i "iir patrons. It is
tin- event for which man)
Richmond Women have
been waiting.
Everj Parasol is in the
best ol style and In per
1011 conditIon. \\ c arc
largely overstocked, how?
ever, and this condition
causes prices that -.ire tar
below the usual.
$2.98 Parasols, $1.98
The best yaltn ; in Colored Silk Parasols yi'c have otfered this
season. These include solid colors and combination effects; With
wide l-crsi.m borders and black and white tops. All the most
popular colors in thi* lot. At $1-9$ each;
$3.50 Parasols at $2.48
High Grade Parasols, in all colors and combinations. Many
effective styles and wonderful values.
$2 Parasols at $1.48
Special lot Solid color pure Silk Parasols (the kind that will riot
split*, in all shades; also with black and white top? and colored
7 5c Children's Parasols, 50c.
A special lot of Children's Parasols, in all sizes; light blue.
Negro Chauffeur Pays Fi
Rather Than Run Chance of
Jaii Sentence.
rearing that tin hearing "5 Iiis
before a Jury might result more (-?
ously than he ever anticipated, Fi
Robertson, colored, ohauffaui for Hu
Campbell, who was lined Ji'C' for Hlici
ingmore than a month ugo; and took
appeal, came to Magistrate Smith >??
tCl'day and paid the tine and costs,
told the magistrate that in vley?of
e<nt proceedings in th- county coin
ha thought the line much mot'i
tie faith in a. llcnrlco i: unty jury, i
pocl&lly when it came t., passing en
When Itobert was tried; w'ltricsi
bald that ho was ...mi,:; at about ih
repair; and that the, brake w.vs so in
1> out of order thiil Ii \s :s afraid
take -Mi.-. Camrti'CU out that ufterno
Instead. hevwaetactomptuUed by
friend, <m<i wnep arrested v. drlyl
throuKh a crowd-portion ir C.
ed him when ho appeii: . be for, M
istrate Smith;
The action of aiagtstr?te Puryi
Saturday, when he sentenced twoape*
crs to ten days in Jail, was undoubt
ly responsible for (tohi ?:. :-.
Meet Ins li.-in,. win i'ohslder m
Association ol \d vei IIvIiik Men.
Colored Butterine Seized in Stail
of Councilman C.
Linder the direction of Internal
Revenue Agent \v. H, Chapman, In?
vestigations were pursued yesterday
Int<i ihe ease of Councilman Albert C- 1
VVeston, at ivhoSe stall In the Second
Markcl revenue officers seized last Sat
tirdnv niglit n quantity of oleomiir
gitrlne claimed to have been artificial* I
Jy colored without a government !!? :
< ? rise. The seizure was made by
llcput: Collector <'. H Carter and Spe
e lit I Khiployen M. M. Williams and
Kr'Om Colonel Chapman It was learn
- 1 ?hat the' officers char'gi Councilman
Weston with coloring oleomargarine
wlthoui t).. hocessarj, iicenso. and
wjtlt selling it at retail as huttet. Both
i loin severe penalties The statute
provides n penalty of from Sl.oon to
00 tin, or two years' imprison?
ment for persons convicted of these
A it f Western iyas a candidate
for el. etn i' t.. the Common Coivrcll
m the recent primary, but retired
shortly before the day of election. |
Upoii the dculh of Councilman John j. i
Lynch he was appointed by the Conn- ;
, il to serve In.- unexplrcd lernt, lie |
will bo retired September l.
Is if Superintendent Davis
Will Give Holiday on
Election Day. ,
in whose
lip to tfl
ailment t
? 1 : he men to work on
which they are paid.
Aldermen Find Many Defects in
Ordinance ;b Now
Street Committee at Single
Session Undid W ork ot
Many Months..
i'lu Board of Aldermen has boon
called to meet to-morrow night ut S
o'clock to lake up the pending light
and power franchise sought by the
Richmond and llcnrlco Railway Coni
pany. By a narrow margin the com?
pany tailed in its program of jamming
tin ordinance through without con?
sideration lust Wednesday night, and
tlii p a per lias been printed tor distri?
bution among the members.
As adopted by the Common Council
tliidci an Iron-clad railroading pro?
gram, under which debate and con?
sideration was . in off, the ordinance
la practicully as Mist drafted t>y
Samuel I., keiley, counsel fur the rail?
way company, win. naturally included
every concession that his company de?
a subcommittee of the Committee
on Streets xvent into the matter In de?
tail, considering the ordinance by -
lloiii tit d number Of meetings, and
adding a number ol amendments de?
sign. <i t,> protect ti.e Interests of the
.it... Tbe full Committee: oh Streets
at a single utteriioon meeting, with?
out consideration; and with a pledged
Vote in ad\anc, rejected all the work I
et the subcommittee, cutting out the. |
amendments and recommending to I tie ?
Council the. ordinance practically ns |
asked by the company. The sinui ? j
amendment was drawn by Assistant
i n.. Attorney^. Anderson at the Ihstruv- i
tlons of iiie committee, and In his
opinion he stated his belief* that it ;
does tu t cover the case, und that it !
may lead trie city into endless lltiga- i
Mud Hnii}' Defects,
Many detects have been pointed out
In the ordinances. It dows not require
the incoming company to sell current
I to residences, or 16 run lines Into any
[stive the wholesale business section,
and any extensions ordered by this
'.street Committee or the Council?for
j in ohe. place the ordinance Specifies the.
I Committee and In r.notlier the Council
- Mould in the opinion "i the City At
I toriioy bnlj lead to litigation. There!
is no provision in the ordinance by
j which at the end of the franchise
prr'od if it is not renewed the com?
pany will remove Its poles and wires
trum the streets, and the whole cost
of sUch removal In the event tlie fran
I chlsc Is riot renew* i Or the company
I goes out of business might fall on tlo
eilj Only a nominal bond Is required |
of tin:- applicants, and tliere would be
littl" chance ot us forfeit were the
COinpanJ tp no rely hold the franchise j
for speculative purposes and make no
real effort to orect or operate a plant.
Wnnl Rent Competition,
Pome members of the Hoard of
Aldermi h have expressed tlie view that
if there Is to bo competition it should
compete?that trio company should bn
required to specify the streets and
alleys it will serve, and to give a real
i.i.iol guaranti ftlng that the work will
be, In gun and completed within a rea?
sonable time, and that the franchise
will not he lu-1,1 as a paper asset for
eight fir ten years, as was the street
railway franchise secured by this com',
panv i:; 1902. and not exercised until
ifio. and not then until the council
required ntriple security that the road
would be built before giving a further
exten - Ion
former Cenernl Mnhttirer <>r C. .v. ?>?
Die-, in * nlifornla.
Telegrams were received hero last
night announcing tin- death yesterday
morning in Pasedbna, Cal.| of Charles
w smith, formerly genernl manager
of the Chesapeake and <j!.1o Ra'lway.
! hi messages, which came to former
friends of Mr. Smith, did not give Ihe
uausi of his ii.utii or the arr.mge
ihents for the funeral. It Is presumed
tbar lie will b? buried In California, as
ills' wile, who died <t few years ago.
I also buried therei lie is survived
by one son. W. 11. Smith, who is gen?
eral mauugei ut one "i the California
street railways,
Though not a native of tills State;
Ms. Smith, whit.nnccled with the
1 . ? pcuke and Ohio, made many
III. mis In tills citj and became uhe
or nichiiiond's best-known cltlsvris. At
ii : serving f"r .1 number of years w'th
'.!..? local railway, he became connect "!
with a railroad m B?ston In the ca?
pacity ? ?: general manager and later
on went West- A few. years r.go 110
retired from active business. He was
itboui seVenty-tlvc years of age.
.i. iicr-.-u vVnrd Voter* nt ChlinlMirsxb
Park liimi Mgbt.
A good si/.e.i crowd, at Clilinborui >|
i'nrk last night greeted Captain .lohnl
l.uinh, candidate for re-election from I
ti.i- Third Cpngresslonnl District. 'P.. :
ISpeaking took place In the open hear
the clubhouse. Captain Lantb, in a
vigorous address, review his past rec?
ord as Congressman, and bused tils
claims for it- elect Ion on his record
. 0! S.TVit e lO l he pail\ .
The meeting was held under the nus
p! . - of th* Cast End Citizens' Irri
vftihent Association. An invitation
had heeli extended to the rival ciindt
forniiir Governor A. .1. Montague.
, lull the latter found It lmpojS'hlt to
tloh vnti.I tri hold n not hoi me., tin g 111
t .. near future for the purpose of
I,in? Cnrncr-Slnne.
The corner-stone Ascension ftp s
? pal Church. Chestnut illll, will bo
He) with Masonic ceremonies this nf
rnoon at 4:30 o'clock. Northslde
udge. No. 2<.<2, a. l'. ?v a m , has
eun called In special communication
ir ihe purpose .t conducting the cere
lon'cs. Members of other lodges fire
ivitcd 10 take part in the exercises,
Married in "A nshlngfon,
A marriage license was issued In
Washington yesterday to Rohal ?.
Vood} .mil Sadie a. Wells, both of
Board Meets ro-Morrow Night.
The monthly meeting of the Board t>'. Po
? ? Of.milllMlener? will lake place io-mor
ow night at S o'clock. The mssIoii win lie
brlfl ...... it was ssld; a? tx.re are few
jntters In n.R.iito In? noir|inlstloner?' at
1.? inr Prisoner.
Deb KreOg?! let I lasr night for
? harleston, .- r. for A. .1 Stuart, wanted
lu-re .a a charfe ?l grand lurcony. Stuart
vaa I lettd yesterday by the grand Jury
In tb? Hustings Court.
The ni.-hniond police are tr\lnt- to
establish the identity of a young white
inah, believed to have teen from this
city, who was accidentally .shot and
killed on .Inno 27j on tilu V.itima side
cf the Potomac River, pp'oslte Wash?
ington. Major Sylvester, chjet of the
Washington department, yesterday
. ? :.i I,, Chief of Police Wi I nrI a photo?
graph and d-scriptlon of the uniden?
tified man. The accompany letter stat?
ic tli.it the dead man bad been heard
lo say that lit was from Richmond.
He was shot by a youth, who with
several companions, had been shoot
-iii endered to
onfessing tiiat
o was asleep
s were camp
l tent where the
They had given him shelter; lie
said that he was irpm Richmond
was on his Waj to Norfolk or
?port News.
Is description furnished the locul
ce Is as follows. About twenty
years old; ;. feit ; Inches; slender
d; dark complexion; dark hair;
niueiit teeth; Won dark nine serge
is'ers; heuvj black belt; gray
-?ked vest, with leite: s U. W. and
i written Inside pocket, white out
shlrt with detbehed sott collar;
knitted tie, with small white.
;??; across; low button tan shoes
brown socks.
u 1'ought I'll I'ocnhonlaj Punished
in Pulice Court.
irastJciKtr ai.d P. 1- Tucker ?tu
?d !-" "ii i ??:? yesterday moi nliu
Court i"i' bi Ins driink and ngntin,:
su-amei Poehhohtss while on
tor maintaining a gambling resort
North Thirteenth Street. Blxi
leu who were i imured when the pj
riilded Were each fined .md costs
card Patterson, colored, was tenter
hetj diiyi in Jull 'or stealing %Si f
. Coll i. lie appealed to the lluti:
< uunty Ornnd Jur) l intls True Hill? in Four
t uses?CriUcnden l Ined.
The -rand Jury ih>- llenrlco County
?'?Ircult Couri yestei lay returned true bl!U
In the following caseiii
Andrew D. Smiti,. ..urged with shunting
Ca rti : Braxton, May
with b?atlng and 01
wife: Samuel Colter.
Christian with ?? V.
Itobl rt Wi i 'rltT< ii
w irranl charging ti
tho magistrate's ? ?
.; Vernnn S. Ooodwln,
rwlse mistreating hie
tb wounding Rdward
m> ftni cl en a
ic was riUoi d? r y on
ic case earns from
on appe ? !. Tin re
ts. on ohi of which
the other was ills
It from nr. Sutdmd
?n and a ntinOcr of
inth are.
Stibnilttril in Court.
>?? <>' ti .? i Irst Nailonnl Pank ot
acnlnst nr- National State and
of Itlchm nd. which was called
stc.-dny Iii th?i f.sw and ESqulty
mi? before a Jury was waived,
iolfl qdestlon 6,1 law and fact was
.ludKc Crulnp. The uif was
I lutirrtlttcil the suit helnic 'or
q ue? t Ion at Issue hetnr- which
hanks m ISI stand the l?st <?'. a
Demand fur Virginian Securities.
Must house llr
I2S.040.O04 first in"rt
'?l' gold l>nr,d? of 1*1.
'i'mpnny have been
nuneed hy New Vork
r.a the Issue that nil
Finance Committee Recommends
City Aid for New Concrete
Ultimate Extension of Direct
Line to Joseph Bryan Park
Carrying oui the plan of tho ''Park
Park" Boulevard, providing for a
di<*ei t afreet car entrance Into the
.Slat'' Pair tlrounds. and paving the
way for an ultimate direct street car
Hr.?? with only n single faro to Joseph
Brian Park, the Council Coinm'tlee
on Finnin e reported to the Council
I last night a resolution providing for
I orei lion of a hew concrete bridge
over the railway tracks near the Fair
j Grounds. Under the rules, the retro
I lution. which carries an appropriation.
jw.is tabled for action at the next
meeting. The Finance Committee has
I been 'n negotiation With the State Fair
. Association and the street car and rail?
way interests, and under the plan
recommended for adoption, the Vir?
ginia Hallway and Power Company Is
to donate S?.oOO toward the cost of
the bridge, the Richmond, Fredericks
burg and Potomac Railroad Company
(:.. and the Seaboard Air Lino Rail?
way $2,000. The bridge will cost $i:i.'.
and will be a permanent concrete
structure of ample width both for the
i car tracks and the new boulevard.
The plans have been drawn, and If
I prompt action Is taken tn._- Fair As?
sociation hopes to have it ready for
i use bv the coining fair in October.
Ready by October.
Under the terms o:' tho agreement
, the city appropriates Slii.?O?, Oil Which
the Fair Assoi iation agrees to pay the
I city interest .it 4 P"r cent, until such
time as the bridge and the surround?
ing section Is annexed to the clt>\
when the br'dge will become public
proerty as a city street.
The Btroot railway company w 11
extend Its tracks ov. r the new bridge
and plans a hew passenger entrance to
the Fair Grounds beyond the grand?
stand, about where the paddock Is now
located, thus Bttvlne the dangerous an!
difficult climb over the old wooden
I walkway which has always boCn rje
I gafded as of questionable safety in
j time of crowd or panic. All of the
! land lias been secured for the Opening
! of tho Boulevard to a uniform width
from . ? Reseivolr north, crossing
j Broad Street Road, over the new
bridge, past tho Fair Grounds, and un
to the! intereyecllon of Wrslwocd Ave?
nue and the Hermitage Road. While
no action has been lak.-n at this time
it is regarded as not Improbable that
at an early dale after completion of
the bridge the street car line win he
continued by ihe Fair Grounds to the
A P. Hill Monument, connecting wits
t.".<- extension of the present l,akesid'
line, and thus giving a direct and ac?
cessible route to and from Bryan Park.
Veuro nadly Hurl when Stone lolls
I pun Him w hil>' in Work.
William Carroll, colored, of ?00 East
Byrd Street, had his left leg broken
yesterday morning when a heavy piece
of stono fell upon him while at work
at Fifth and Byrd Btr< ??:.?. He wan
treated by Dr. 11 T. Hawkins, ambu?
lance Burgeon, and removed to the citi
lid ward Moore, colored, of 130s North
Thirteenth Street* broke his jaw when
he fi-ll about twenty fe.-t While
Work yesterday uCernOon about
o'clock on the Fir<it National Bank
Building, Ninth and Main Streets. He
was treated by Dr. li.'.wklns and
moved to the Virginia Hospital.
C. It Snon nnd Hamilton Field Officers of
I Southern shoe Wholesalers' Association,
Cartel1 n. Snow, vice-president of W. H.
Miles Shoe Company, lias been elected pres?
ident of the Southern Shoe Wholesalers'
Association, which Is composed of practi?
cally all the wholesale shoe houses of Ihe
South. 'Hamilton Field, of Flelschman.
Morris Company, has teen, made secretary.
The Southern Shoe Wholesalers' Associa?
tion "in hold Its annual meeting oil July
: .,? Mew Ocean House, Swamscott, Muts,
MCI . I VI l.KK ?I VI.I, TO-D \ \
The regular monthly meeting of Lee
? chapter. United Daughters of tlieCon?
federacy, will bo b< id this morri'ng at
ll o'clock in Lee Camp Hall.
\ rres.li ^ pMter<In<>.
. .lames Richardson, colored, was ar?
rested yesterday by Bicycle Policemen
! Napier and LelsS on the charge of
? stealing $6,10 from Daniel Clark.
Charles Green, colored, was held at
the First Police Station on the nbarpc,
oi stealing clothing from William Kibo
?lohn Henderson, colored, was nrre?t
ed :or carrying a concealed weapon,
When he was searched at the Flrsl
station a revolver was found In his
Find Infant's! Unity.
An Infant's body was found yester?
day at Vine nnd Main Streets by Bicy?
cle Policeman Napier It was turned
over |o Coroner Taylor.
K< .il estate mm of Richmohcl have joined their effort?.
The rcsiili is the Real Estate Exchange, which will tend
toward more clear cut and uniform methods of handling
Richmond's valuable properties. "In union is strength.'!
Appl*. tin- business principle to your efforts in "getting to?
gether" your dollars and in keeping them together in the
American National Bank
where with your effort and constancy of purpose, they will
accumulate one by one. Our part is to watch your interests
as your own. to pay you regular Compound Interest twice a
year, and to render in every way
Exceptional Values
mark the reason for the instantaneous success of our special
price sale. Suits in Worsted, Cassimcre and Homespun,
which sold as high as $.jS.oo,
NOW $16.00.
Gans-Rady Company
Management Sets Wheels in
Motion to Make Show
Bigger Than Ever.
with thr. view of making the com
Ing State Kair one of the host ever
given In the s'outh, headquarters was
opened yesterday In Room T, Mutual
Building; and the machinery was set
in motion.
The force at the grounds has begun
Its work, toiling the roads and by?
paths, and arranging the flower beds.
With the \ lew of having everything
in order when the c?tHaln is rung up
on the Mi; annual exposition.
.\b usual, the exhibition and study
cf corn will he one of the principal
features of the forthcoming fair. To?
bacco win i<o another, and thi3 year
special attention Will be paid to al?
falfa, which lias turned out to be ah
enormous Indtistty.
T. o Sandy, of the Department of
Agriculture, win superintend the farm
exhibits, as he did last year, and he
lias written the management that the
number of counties < tiering the dem?
onstration department will far excel i
that of last year. Th?sre were thirty,
five' countlci represented at the last
fair, and it is believed that ,,t least
half u hundred will be in th-i list this
Larve Live Stock Exhibits,.
the live sled; exhibits promise to
be larger than ever, ami whort It Is
remembered thnt additional buildings
ami stables had to be erected last year,
It is . lear that Ulla is going .-one-, the
idi; farm exhibits building was found
too small, and already contracts have
been let to enlarge thin department.
The tobacco department has .oit
grown Itself; too, and a n< ?v building
will be . :. i i. l to be devoted entirely
to exhibitions and demonstrations of
ttiij we d. The poultry dcpartmeriji will
have to be enlargi 1.
All the comfort spots and resting
places will be repainted and renovated,
and the grounds win resemble i neW
wonder city. The race truck will be
placed fast condition. It Is al?
ready in good shape, as it Is being
tittli7.cd by many trainers, who are get?
ting their horns Into shape for the
forthcoming meet. there ore about
lo" horses in the stabil?, many of
them In training for the circuits, ah I
many fcr the races during fair week ?
October 7 to l.', Inclusive,
Commission! wen Issut ii by the! Governor
yesterday appointing the following men
members of tin hoard ot trustees of the
St?b .Normal and Industrial School for Wo.
men ?; niidford, to serve font years fro'i ?
Jul) :i W : n.ldwln. P.?dfor<l; I..
' S lierer, Richmond; I*. K. T?cker Buck?
ingham; Frank Talbottl Danville. and IV, D.
i tnti:.. Oate <"!:.?.
Building Permit".
Building ?nil repair permits were issued
y**i< r lav as follows:
Mr.. T Waymack <" *rert n detached
ftanu- tenement, two dwellings, on the west
? ?a.. ,.' t,.. Street betvi. Thirteen!
ttnti FeiUrteenth Streets, to rest |3, ?
Mrs i: Isabel h .!. Wlntt to repair t ??r'.ek
dwelling, :rM North Lombarde Street to
os! J160.
Mr. Sue F Bawson. to rripalr a hrlek
rlw< n ST. 915 Park Avenue, to cost ISM
' Mrs Stella M. Paul, to repair n I rick
dwelling, 1203 Rainhrlrtge Street, to cost
Named lirputj Clt} Sergeant.
William M. Evans was yesterday appointed
a deputy City Sergeant by Sergeant faiicr
flcld. The .ippolnternent was confirmed by
Judge W. lls in the Hustings Court, and Mr.
livica at once qualified for the office.
Mr. Satteriicld dci Ided to Increase h:a
staff of deputies In view of the !?? rut
escape of three prisoners.. The new deputy
?Iii he one of the night guardt.
Supervisors Meet To-Day.
Ti e Menrlco County Board of Supervisors,
win meet in regular monthly ecsse i this
monnltig. While no iinaiul business Is . .. -
peeted to come up before the meeting!,
there will he many Important mattery,
such hs the Improvement and building of
roads, for the consideration of the body.
Prominent Men In Whrclbnrrow lime.
The town of Highland Park is ar?
ranging for a sate and sane celebration
On July 4 In th< Town Park. An elab?
orate program of events has been ar?
ranged for mo uay by a committee.
Tho citizens of the town will liirn
i out :n large numbers to.enjoy the da:
I In the park. The residents of ltlch
i nmnd and vicinity will be wclcom- d
There will be prizes for numerous
events, and It Is rumored that several
prominent It'chmondcrs, wno are res'
<i- nts of Highland i'lirk, will compete
for one of me prizes in the wheelbar?
row race.
Small Roblierles Reported.
Dr. Clnrk.-on. resident physician at St.
Elizabeth's llosplta,, yesterday reported to
thu police as lost or stolen two gold plr.s.
T. C. Bottoms, of 413 Nona Twenty-iUlh
Street, reieorted two rings stolen.
William Mitchell, of i.i lirook Avenue, re?
ported }:? In currsncy stolen.
Mis. L. H. Culllngsworth, I6l3 West Main
Street, reported that her home was entered
and one black &l!k parasol stolen.
judge WaddUl ai Alexandria,
Judge Edmund Waddlll, Jr., and Clerk
Joseph P. Brady, of the I'nlted States DI?,
trlct Court, left yesterday for Alexandria
to attend the regular July term of the
criminal court, ?hieb will bo In session
through to-day. Both will return to tho
city to-morrow.
Tort IteceliitK for June.
Collector of Customs lt. H Arnold gi< es
the receipt? for the port Of Richmond for
the month of June is Jei.-'O 79. The ri
celpts for the corresponding month last
year were Ml.3rS.S4, showing an increase for
the month .lust past of IIS.180.J5,
Council Schedule.
The Council Committees on Cemeteries.
Improvement of the James River and Klee,
trlclty will meet to-night nt o'clock at ihe
City Hall.
Not Miss M5?rj> R. Tu I ley.
The friends of Miss Mary K. Tn'.lev re?
quest thai it he stated that Mary Taiiey,
thi Church Ulli girl referred to In last
Thursday's paper, was not Miss Mary B.
ralloy, East Marshall Street.
Siijn Drimntcc u m (1400.
Dr laaa< n Laien yesterday afternoon
?nid ihat the fire ,r. Ills home, i>*? East
llrond Sirr.t, Sunday did diunaga I* the
amount of ?I00.
Mr. Sutton Says Injustice Has
Been Done Him in Speed?
ing Case.
Th? TImcs-Dlspalch in its i>su? ot
Sunday, printed the following regard?
ing tho trial of Charles \V. Shields and
a colored chauffeur, charged unit
speeding In llonrloo county. The of?
fenders were sentericed to ten days'
Jail sentence, but this sentence Wag
later mi aside:
' Th< ai lion of Common wealth^
Attorney suttr.n in asking clem
? Ii y f"i the two ortender? after
Urging so vigorously the impost
tlon <pf the maximum penalty pro?
voked much speculation In tho
courtroom. While Mr. Sutton
himself offered no explanation, the
magistrate announcod from tho
bench that the jail sentence was
remitted at the express demand of
the Commonwealth's Attorney, and
solely on condition 'hat the fines
be paid without appeal.''
This Information wan secure,) from
ihe trial magistrate and cotintv of
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rharires; Dennis O.annard.
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nd larceny; Joseph Spruell.
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forgery, and Jor.r. reamster,
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inla Grant; Entmett Ollmer Thomas
Rlbfse Cullen Tuck': : Charles c. Mer
in and Haitle T, nrnmtnond; Leroy
ley Wart' and Jtnnle Lee Thuuton.
Summer Excursion
Rates to po'.nto North and West by rail
and water.
809 F.ast Ma'.r. Street.
For Kiislnras Stationery,
Tho pap?r that gives incriased ef?
fect Ivf.ness at no additional cost.
B. W. Wilson Paper Co.,
Richmond, Va.
s.iio Distributor*].
Have Your Laundry Done
Where It Will Be Done
The Royal Laundry
M. B. Fl?rsheim, Proprietor,
.111 N. Seventh Street
Phonos 195S-1959
Common Sense
It la nothing more than ?ooil l?de?
*G. m7co.'s "Pearl"
Roofing Tin
For your building.

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