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Bowman Resolution Meets Scant
Consideration, Securing
But Fifteen Votes.
Hast End Gets Important Im?
provement at Thirty-First
and Grace Streets.
Appropriations for equalising tue \
pay of. pubLlo school teacher.", tor pur?
chase of an automobile hook and lad- j
der truck for the I Ire Deportment; for
purchase of u. t-aot of land for en- i
largcment of William 13yrd Park, and
a large number of othi r Important
papers received the approval el the
Common Council laut night.? Hut fif?
teen hands iwero raised among the
thirty-flvo meniberc present when an
effort was made to pass u resolution
endorsing tht> nomination of Woodrow
Wilson for President The Council re?
fused to reimburse certain paving con?
tractors for ihn expense of memlbcrs
on a recent junket to Atlantic CHy i
In connection with a ptreet paving con?
tract, and deferred action on ah ordl-i
auco forbldd.g Oouncilmon or members
of municipal boards from taking such '
trips In future at the cj;t of prospec?
tive contractors or applicants for fran?
Justice to School Teachers,
A resolution cam* over from the
Board of Aldermen for cbhourreni ?
appropriating $10,610.67 for ?increase
of pay of public scluol teachers ether
than In the -while, elementary gr.il. a,
the Elementary Teich et V A>s? ???!.?: on
having forced tho Council last, winter
to trlvo -to Its own members all of the
Increase provided In tu- ?Udget fox all
Olaasas of school employes. The Jus?
tice of the companion Increase was
readily seen, and the vote was Unani?
mous, tho increase. .:i Pay of jarilt >hs
end thoso employed throughout tho
year to dato from July 1, and of teach?
ers and principals other than In the
?white elenwntfl.ry grades to date from
t?ei't ember 1 next
Tho Hoard of Aldermen also report?
ed that it had adopted ah ordinance
tnaktng it unlawful f<>r sny city of- j
fleer or employe, member Of the City
Council or of any municipal board, to
gecept free transportation or to visit |
or travel at tho expense of any person. ?
firm or corporation which may be an
octlvo or prospei live applicant for con?
tracts or franchises, Imposing a line of
from $50 to }".('0 for violation. Mr. '
Umlauf stated that he was In favor of f
tho pr'nclpal Involved, but thought the
paper should go to the Ordinance Com- I
Vote lor Dein;',
-?lr. Blake thought Its intent per?
fectly pluln, and that no reference was
hi cssary. Ho would ??break up this,
runmug around of Co?ncilmcn ut some- !
body else's expense." The Council re - .
fused to suspend the rule.'., and the!
paper was referred to the Oidin :.
Commit to I, the roll call on the motion
to put the ordinance on Its passage be - ,
ine as follows:
Ayes?Blake, Bowman, Bradley,
Burke, Fergusson, GUI, Hobson, Miller,
J. C. Powers. Katcllfto, Itlohurds,
Ttlchardson, Seaton, Sclph, pet.:*
Noes?Batklns, Butier, Cease, Kuller.;
Jladden, Hirschberg, Mutier, Mills.
Pollard, Pollock. Powell. J, T. Powers.
lingers, Sullivan. Umlauf, Vonderiehr,!
M'i.rkman?1 ii
Absent?Boschen. Brown, Jones, I
Lumsden, Pinne:, H'-a-: - W, st-.n and
Wiltshire. ?
<.>n recommendation Of the Commit-!
r tee on Streets tin Council adopted a
it-solution authorizing the transfer or.
exchange of s'x acres <-f city property
lidjolnlng Maury Cemetery, South
Jtlchmond, for tho rignt to.dig grave;! I
for street purposes from certain prop-i
^trty in the same section belonging to
the Broad Hoc'; M'neral Springs Com?
pany, for a period of twenty-hvo years, !
No I jock for Nee. Dh**k.
The Committee o:i Streets recm- i
minded thatt permission be given io
the First SftttUrmi 'Bank Building Cor-j
poratlon' to erect and maintain bill
Illuminated clock op. n pole at the |
to hwest corner of Ninth and Ma'ill
nref ts Mr. Mills objected that It was
tne policy of the Council to have all
.such obstructions removed from streets
tn congested sections, and that this'
v\ u-s probably (he most congested;
comer 'n Richmond. Ileference was i
made, to obstructing show cases on J
(the Etitne block which aro a public
nuisance, and the resolution was re-1
Jected 12 to 23.
Murphy's Hotel irr.? clv?n pemvUeton to
eioni ndjolnliir tldewalk^ durinit rebuilding.
? r.rt permission tvni, Klvcn the ICllio- .Motor
Car Corporation to connect with the Fnlr
Grounds aewer
FarmUtlon wni given the I.lpsett My era
T'.'.'icco Comrany t,? to1, an Immense,
"Berry's for Clothes'
True love of one's country? is
not mere blind partisanship. It
; is regard tor the proph of one's
country, all of them; a desire
for the prosperity and happi?
ness of all of them. "? Blihu
For tho Gortons Fnu p t h
hero's a glorious straw hat at
Here nro dandy b q thin g
Suits at $l.OO.
For Boy?, 50c.
White Matmel Trousers. $B
to $7.BO.
White buck Shoes, $4.30.
f French mad v n s outing
I Shirts, $2.00
Pure silk Socks anrl Senrvos,
1 BOe.
Athletic Underwent, BOc to
Linen crash Suits, $iV
True blue sergo Suits, $13 to
Genuine Panamas, 2r3.
Homespun n n d two-pi
uhlined cassnncre Suits, $1S
to $23.
And an nil leather Bag nt
$8.50; Suit Case, $5.
Tourist's Trunks, So up to
t?he best wardrobe makes nt
$20 to $6B.
Here's the place to start
electric sign, forty by forty feet, to con?
tain 1,1(4 1 .'tili bulbs, on the mo! nf the
]ir\;in Building .11 the northern! corner of
Klchth and Broad Btrceta.
bvnie Appropriation?.
At! Appropriation til i?.SOO ?'a* made to ?c
qttni bit nt hW .-natu Pino Btreet for en?
largement 61 the A rents'* pubu ?choolyurd
-.in pjnygruund purposes, the du.'line to bo
:.1 back u? 11 home for tin janitor. An
ipilatlon of T'..vOu "as in,iil< to thu
Board 61 lleultli'i vaeCIntttlop account, and
? . , ,.: ihl keepers or '.w?urj and tth'i -
ccmelerlea wai Increased in ft.020 u<t
at.r.uui cich. The ?nlurs of the medical
? . t ?r of the Health l">?p>rtnicnt was 111
? riiti .1 ... by uniinlmouil vote, iil't*r a
nioM IntoreminK statement oy Dr. Herdt
. .. norli belli? ilonii by the ILnlth De
iirrtmettt, An appropriation wt Vi,1*?*
iii.Mln !?! rebuild tile Uaurei Street Flro ISnr
>..??? - H.iuiie.
? goard of Fire Commissioners wai ai r
ihdi ted to ptb certMn hogplial, puyslcj.in,
hi.'i , taker and nur*??' bill* In connect) >n
ivlth the Injtirlen and d-i'th of certain nr.
111.11 nt Hie recent Binswangen tire. The
iit'let Coinmlitce was nu.horned t.> smooth
pave Thlr.ly-sc.eond Kti'ee; froin '"ire.? t.i
in.Tui beside Clilmbo.ajio lern, to <oji
i-i.- i ISmptoyn.enl o! n fourth deputy
Building. Inipvctoi Wn* authorized, and the
pn; of the Clerk to the Bunding Inspector J
wai 1 Xi ,1 .it II, SM per annum.
I?ny l-'lxeil nt eo.tiOO,
The ordinance HxIiir the p?.v ..f member*,
of Hie Administrative Board at $j.o>? each
adopted without comment, n.i' an ap?
propriation of Ili.OeO wn* made t<. pay com?
missioners for revision of registration hooks
tin recoihiuuitdtitluh of tho Pittance Com?
mittee toe Fire Hoard iviu authorized to
contract fbf a pindern automobile hook and
ladder truck, to ebsi nut mote (nan fli.COO,
Ihe ''iint to be provided In the annual nud
f61 l?i3, when an additional hook and
ladder company will I? installed
The Finance Comnilttco recommended re?
jection <i a reiolutlun appropriating fi.^i1
for repairs In Jetf r.ion l ark, and ttie Daper
was rejected K 10 -'.'. An appropriation of
M (11 ' w'o> made :..r grading Taylor's Hlil
Would N'ni Indorse Wilson.
At this point Mr Uowimin asked suspen?
sion of the rules in order that be mlitht
offer 1 resolution requesting Uli Virginia
tlelrgatoh ni tin 13a ilmnre couvcullcn to
voti fol VVoodrow Wilt-on, mid Ids speech
in belinl! of tile rr^olutlon wo? followed by
.. brief nifconillng speech i>y Mr. rollack.
Mi. Millt (?'?!? led ifuit It wa.? nut a portl
nenl i|ue?tlon for the ?.'ounrll to net 11pm;
thnt thr delegate^ of thl* comrrenidonal dis?
trict wrre on the Rroiind and n-rrn fully
competent t" <lr.i! with thu situation, nno'
-??????U action would be impertinent and
Inopportune, und mVht mak< ih^ Council
rldli-ulm:- Mr. H!sk.- was not positive that
AViljon the man who should ba named,
lti- would take anybody before ltr} nn, If It
? ?ine to a pinch, but would prefer ?'l.irk to
Wilson. Out of the thirty-five members
' 'fllftean vet. ? were cast for sus?
pension to place the Wilson resolution on
its r.iHMitf.V
About tlir .Tunket.
The Committee on finance reeoinTnondeil
rejection of 11 r?solutlon npproprlntln^ c|
10 relmbtirs.rtain paving contractors for
the expenses ,.f entrriutnlni; Council men nt
Atlantic cuv ttnd other n?.ints. The mem.
r.j Bone Junketing without sny an
" ' ? nod ih.- commit toe
Polarine is an economical
motor oil because it lubri?
cates so thoroughly.
You get the full working
vulue from every drop?then
it burns up cleanly, and you
have no trouble with carbon.
Half Barrels
For Sctlr Everywhere
Il..-r>.-p3r??3d in New Jrrfry 1
Every Grade, Even the Finest
.Here at maker'.*- price*?saying you dealer's profits
ar.d expenses atjid (jiving you the manufacturer's
tiron-clad guarantee of satisfaction.
You Save 20(,(
E. G. RIKE, Mgr., 117 W. Broad St.
without m" - authority, und the remits
"t';,,7; , O : otttee recommended en|
auS.rooriition or IU.Stl r< r equipment of (
? \, , \ Iii od under in. rulo?.
"hi \\ ?I r Committee authorised to no.
,ulrc ?n es?emcnt o l ?? ik'll? J?>? ??' *?
unter mam to K ? 111.?>":"'- 1 V ,, ,'?. ?
M?ilhUte? Wui authorised 10 IMnnlen Ben
.?:,.. . It. I.m, o vnl i. 'i ? mploye. growu
old hl Ih. i< rvho. ..i MO ??' in >ntli ?
un recommendation th< ?tn? Uenning
?.mittel the Council ?pproVed ?*Br*
et contract lo .?. T. Nuchdts for erection ?t ,
brfek ..ed cone u stub c - for Ii e 8?J??>
Meaning Department lo cosl ?-?????> ?
Dlublu? conira i weht to W. V. Mnhnney ?l.
- -.. .;. und? rtnd llulldina? Horn- !
.mended adoption ot i\ resolution
Hobstins Ihe <!? ?v. ab?! chalr? of r.tlrlnar
members ".? ilio Council to them on their,
retirement Auguil Sl. Mr. Umlauf thought
the Council h?d no rlltht m sent men whom
ihi people had refused to feat In the re?
cent i rr.'..v. and ich resolution uns re- j
.... Ilepeated efforts l? reconrldcr ?!?o ?
^ failed.
Miift Abate Xnlsanre.
? An ordinance v adopted requiring own
1 . r.< or vacant lots lo remove weeds when
notified !?> do so by the Health Dcparl
mehl iind the traffic ordinance ivns) nmciid
,,l ,.?' pernili hei ? iHnK on 'this street*
the Ordinance ' nmmltteo, papers looking
i <n t!,t annexation o'f Barton Heights Mid
I other out ai 'tis wore transmitted to
Mr. Itnwmnn er', d on roll call a pro
1 iM.*i'i..i! for i.tiii?'oyniotit of n permanent
municipal band ol eighteen men throughout
ivhlcti went to the Finance Cotn
m plat cd .in appropriation
VI illfd from the tuble and sc
; l-ureii idbptii'ii h resolution providing
: ?? urn bus., oi tin' ttutliskollnr property
? i ? in ot William ltyrd |>ark, io
? 1 Pile resolution ear led it it np
? ..0| <......? in addition to the
, ;<v pro. .di d lh the annual tutdgct for this
The tract embraces a hind some
grove ol oak trees, ii dance hall and ?e\
? rnl buildings, and wit! prove n ir >.-t \ai
u.iblt addition t" the park.
I .isi i tni Improvement.
Mr. Pn .... ., , Called u^, and secured an
Ol I tie lllchurdu resolution appro?
priating i'.t1.mo for erection of rcpiiiitri?!
wall?, . v.t uaion or the Chui?h mil tuiuiei,
. the opening of Oriica Street from
I iiiiitieib to Tlilrty-Secondi it was explain
I ed by Mr. ItlChdrds thin the Improvement
would gu fur to preventing the disastrous
|hll?iis in the park, and would at the same
j Hint bu u great Improvement to the enure
I (last Knd notion, iiiuk.hu n new during
? ntr mi ?? to Uie purk.
i An appropriation of $150 wus made to pay
? tue salary of the custodian of the City
: Dock pen ling adoption tl u'din'inc, n gului
1 Ing the usi of the Dock.
Mr. Hogers offered und had referred to
the Finance Committee u rebolutlon appro
! prlaiini; IP" tor membership of the city in
the Ailniitlc Deeper Waterways Associa?
tion, and pro\ldliiK itno for expenses of a
I deligc.tion from this city to the convention
j to be held ;n New London. Conn . September
j ??. A communication from Bioto Auditor
Moore in regard lo checking and certifying
the fines collected In the Police fouri und
accounting tor same was referred lo tlio
Committee or. Ordinance. Charter and Ite
[ form
Mrs. i nrier Hurrlaon ISnrollcil n>
Member ol (icnernl ? ututnlltre.
Washington. July 1. ?Mrs. Carter 11.
Munition, wife of the Mayor of
Chicago, has enrolled r.o a member of
I the general committee of 100 of the
I Women's Titanic Memorial. Und has
I notified the hcodquartera olllclals in
i its i'tv of her intention to work for
the success of the movement for "wo?
men's tribute to heroic; manhood."
Mrs. Harrison's Interest In the me
? m-rial project was aroused by Mrs.
.lohn Mays Hammond, who, with her
husband, was In Chicago during the
recent Republican National Conven?
tion, Mrs. Harrison at once decided to
lake an active part In the work of the
memorial, and she Will begin the task
of prs*l'rilzlng local branches In
Chicago and Illinois and Interesting
club women and society women ol
Chicago In fi.e raising of funds with
, which to erect the memorial to the
men who went down with the Titanic,
that wom-n und children might be
I saved.
TWO Dill \s t I III 17PSRTS.
Third PnKKenger in Mortally Wounded
In tccldciit mi Road.
Auburn. N. v.. July l?Charles
Slephons, editor of thu Skanctiteles
Free Press, und William Topp, also of
Skanoteles, were killed, and John Uoan.
Of Auburn, probatily was fatally In?
jured when Air. Dean's touring car, go?
ing at high speed on the Merldlan
CntQ Stale, road, near C:ito last night,
skldde<1 off the road, struck a tele?
phone polo and turned turtle, catching
??ill three men henenth :t.
The accident happened near the
Jlidson Cook farm, and Mr. Cook and
others lifted tho heavy car from the
men. Mr. Stopher.soh und Mr. Topp
'were dead, and Mr. Denn, unconscious
w;i.-i taken lb the hotel at CfttO, Wlicro
! he was attended by physicians, but
they held out no hope foi lus recoveryi
MetiiniK I?. lllmchnrsred.
Liynchb?rg, Va.', July l?.lohn c. Mc
I'lung, who was Indicted a month ago
In the Corporation Court on the ohargo
of the larceny of sr.'""' of the fund
: of the Jewel PruH Company, which
made assignment several months ngo
? for the benefit of i-reilitoi.?. was d.s
' charged to-day and nolle proseq?l was
I entProd n.< to the indictment._
Forecast i for \ Iridnla?Showers
Tuesday or Tuesday night aud probably
Wrilnewdiiyi lipiu lo moderate noiith
t-iiHl n'lnda,
I'or Norlli I iirolliin ? I.oenl showers
'I ucsdny nud probably WCdneaUnj ; mod?
erate enel mill Hoiilbetial ivlailsi.
Special Local luita for Vesterday.
12 noon temperature . 71
1'. M. tempuralure. .
Muxliiium temperhturo up to s
V. M. T."?
Minimum temperature up to s
1*. M. 64
Mean lemporaturc . 70
Normal temperature . 18
Mellciehcy In temperature . 8
Dcilclency in temperature slr.co
Muren 'l . 121
Accum, dcilclency In temperature
since .luiiuary 1 . CIL'
Kxcua* in rainfall slnco March I. v>j
Accum, excess In rainfall since
I January i . 2.73
i.oenl Observation ,s |?. >l, Vealcrday.
, Temperature . 6S
Humidity . uj
\\ lud, direction .S. K.
W ind, velocity . ,i
Weather.P. C.
(At s P. M. Eastern Htniidard Time,)
I Plhce. 1 In i. II T Ii T. \V. iittli :.
! Ashovllle . . ?? ?0 JS US Cloudy
Atlantic City. !>0 '.-' 81 Clear
llohtoh . V" 72 <i'i p. cloudy
Buffalo . CS "S 00 i lear
Calgary . .'?-' M 40 Cloudy
Chaiietton .. s" '?'-' 7S Cloudy
i 'bu ago . Gl 7 a oi Clear.
I lei.ver . 7'.' 70 1? Cloudy
; 1 luluth . 6fl B0 ;." i l. ar
.Galvcston 84 7S clotidy
Hatteras .... 72 7 1 72 cioudv
j jidvre .58 OS 52 Cloudy
Jacksonville.. 80 >j P. cloudy
!<,u..-as cu\ . s2 v i Cle&r
Louisville ... 76 Srt 72 Cloudy
i Montgotnory., 74 >4 72 cloudy
Now ?rlcans. 74 80 7t Cloudy
: N-w York ... 60 76 61 Cli ar
j Norfolk . ?s 72 us Clear
' 1 iklahoma ... 7s V2 7" Clear
I Pittsburgh . . 72 . ? . 02 1' d?udy
i Malelgh . 76 66 Cloudy
81 Louts .... 76 8 2 70 P. cloudy
|st. Paul .... 70 72 61 Cloudy
I BanKranoisoo 60 7? ;?; p. cloudy
Snvnnnan ... <>3 . 90 76 Cioudv
Tampa . S2 90 ?0 P. cioudv
I Washington.. 70 76 66 Clear
SI lif 72 Clear
60 llnln
MIM \ I f HI". Al.M \N \f.
? July 2. 1912.
Sun rises. i.r. 1
fc-il Ho'ilnri'.. I if ?<ie.?,V- ??!?? ???.?. ',;'J
VIctr?Ia and Cabinet
You'll be surprised al the low
price and easy terms.
Successors: < ntale Plnno Co.
213 E. Broad
Fully 400 persons Injured, and
Property Loss Will Reach
Uegina. Saska, July 1.?The number
of dead as the result ?? f the tornado
thut struck Fceglna hi. 1 vicinity lust
night Is now placed tit forty-one. It
Is ?.xpected that when the list Anally
Is completed It Will ahow a total of
eighty deaths, as maiiy persons were
boating on Vuacuns Lake when tho
Stortn struck, and bill}' a few of them
have been accounted for.
Fully 400 persons were Injured, and
of these .1 few iira expected to illo.
The property loss will reach fully
in.- military has t in recalled from
I.' annual chaampmunt and is in charge
of tho city.
The Morni lasted only n short time;
In fact. It wns ot'er ;'o quickly that the
people hardly had time to utilize what
had taken plucuj and seme. ..f the es
eap< s from death wen- miraculous.
Buildings only a block front tho path
of. the storm were injured only slight?
ly. The nrst Intimation that those out?
side, of tho storm zone had of the dis
! aster wus when threo girls who had
'escaped from the wricked telephone
exchange, belonging to the govern
i tnent telephono lines, appeared at a
j newspaper olHce and told their experl
i onoes, Tlie young women had slid
I from the S' c?nd iloor of the telephone
I building to the basement, carried down
by u Ufte, n-ton switchboard.
ItcMcuc Work I? Ifeguu.
Poon hundreds or willing hands be?
gan tthe work of rescue.
Tho electric l'pht plant supplying
the city wus put out of commission
when the storm struck, causing con?
fusion and retarding the xydrk.
j The new parliament building, Just
I completed at a cost of 12,000.. was
one of the first struck, and while It
still stands was badly shaken.
Many freaks of the wind are shown.
1 The roof of tho fancbry building was
carried three) blocks and crashed
through a handsome new res'donce.
Kour livery stables were demolished,
and every horse in each of then)
The escape of seventy-five girls
working in the telephone exchange
vvna probably the/ most miraculous of
nriy. The building was demolished.
i It was at first believed that a large
I number bad boon killed. Superintend?
ent J. R. Sutherland wired tho g.'neral
office, at Winnipeg early In the night
thnt probably twenty girls had been
killed and forty injured. This, how?
ever, proved to bo untrue. .lust how
many woro injured Is not knpwn, but
none was killed nor fatally Injured.
I.Ist of Demi und Injured.
The following is the list of dead so
far recovered and Identified:
J. J. Bryan, manager of the Thorpe
,fc Anderson Company; .1 X Scott.
Ceorge -Craven, Mr:t. (luthrle. Mra. W.
T. McDonald, Mrs. I*og|.> and Child, Mrtl;
; J. I.j. McKay and two children, Mrs.
: Prod IIlnd8on, James Klndson, Rev.
Thomas lions-. Mr. and Mr.-:. Rtenchom,
I :iluen t lonnl Advantages Unsurpassed.
College of William and Mary
! Degree of A. rt. n. p. and M. A, Spe
' .-iiil courses for teachers. Vine nth
'?."!ic field. Healthy location. Total
j cost per session of nine months (board
land fees) to Virginians pledged to
i teach, ?1R2; to those not p!<*dercd to
teach, $ 1 ss. Bight weeks' summer ses
si-.u 1 e.- n.-. nt Puhlln, Pulaski county,
V 1., Juno 10, offering regular college
work and special teachers' courses.
Write nt once for particulars.
II. 1. DIU DO KS, Registrar,
Williamsburg. Va.
u $tMO>!cike-DOTmfUY-raARSMCY
t' - ? r.xv, 11 Nil
?wctlmi I>Sm>ii>i> ?4 ?IiimciI UtihMt
Om^!'! Ic iif W**. M D. Ot?a. Kld.-.i-nf. V?.
I I/O w
Virginia Military Instifula
"The West Point of the South"
Collegiate nnd technical courses combined
with the ri|:ld dl? Mpllue of an army post.
Virginia Cadstl tuition tree.
Leiiiigton, VS. Grn. E. W. NICH0LI. Supt
McGuire's University School
f rntiiT Is. Thorough prepartlpn for nnt
veralty. college, ?? ihnical school. U. 8. Naval
?ih! Military .\> aileintea. Prlinnry depart
to: -.;.i. i'uys, with ?<l>? r.? tn Instruc?
tors, studyd.ali. and recitation rooms. The
Principal will be .it ; N. Dolvldere St.. nM. r
[Sept. i. Per fu ; information reo eatalogus
at Look s'lires. or by mall.
JOHN r MctitURK. Principal.
I For Olris and ltova reopens fJ?ptcrr>ber
2? at 2607 Honorar Avenue. W??st
lu. :n;iloii ears within hilf ? blo-k.
[ Mci:son Mi2rl* *, -?
; formerly of Illinois; Mrs. William
; Shaw, John Fergusson, Laurence Hods
man, ten years old; Arthur Donaldson,
W. a C.rey. William McMnrdu. William
Orabb, Charles Lynn. E. Frompton, A.
R. McKlllopp, Mrs. < i. McDoUgal and
three (laughters. \V. .'. WUoon. M. F.
Restudd, Sirs. H. Ayr.'. James P. Cof?
fee, Lisbon Island; T. \V, Harris, throe
Chinamen, unidentified.
Mrs. 15. P. Cordon, Ellen Nyklns, Mrs.
Holmes, Mrs. .Susan Holmes, .Mrs. llra
ham, Jessie (irah.tui. James Loulckle,
Mrs. A. Bruce, Alexander RoabOrtSOIl,
->n McKcgny, Lois Hates, Ulenk
horn, Frank Uarston, Carl Kelstcr, J.
P. Hudson, J.lines Duhu, Mis. James
Uutin, \ era A. Saunders.
On Lorn Street, one of the principal
j residence thorough!ares, scarcely a
I building is left standing.
Ilallwiiy llulldloua Ilased
I The Canadian railway yards are a
\ ilat oNuunsu of ruined hoods and trains,
Not a \vholu car romuins in the yards.
! Some of them wero picked ui> by tho
wind und cur.cd for several blocks.
One was curried clear turough tho
fr< ighl sheds.
The Whole norlli side of tho city Is
pructlculty wiped out. No one knows
Jiow many are dead on that side. |
A canoe w.is carried from Wascana ;
Lake to Victoria Park, u distance of!
three-quarters of a mile, and dropped
there. Sailing vessels were picked out
i of the water :uid strewn over tho
southern portion of the city.
The cupola or the Baptist Church
was dropped In the middle of tho
street three blocks away.
Lute In the evening clerks wero
woi king in the ruins of the local
bi rich of the Royal Rank setting
things to rights when some men. see
in the door unlocked, walked In and
demanded the money there to their
ere ill
Grain Klevntor Dlalodged.
I on' of the largest grain elevators
i facing the railway yards wus picked
UP bodllv and carried a distance of fifty
1 feet from its foundation
' There were many pathetic Incidents
during the night of scutching for dead
jnr.d wounded u-hen tho workers d b
I covered some members of their own
families among the debris.
Husbands were searching for w'ves
and mothers for the children. Men
would stop in their work of rescue
from time t" lime to Inquire from a
? passing acquaintance for news of |
friends or r?latl?es. Many families ;
were separated at the time of the
Storm. Tile day had been extremely
hot, and many had sought comfort In
th" parks. A large number of people
were out on tho waters of Waticnna
when the storm broke, and ttvc
uro known to have been drowned, fall?
ing reach thu shor.> In time.
In (he meantime trie work of relief
for those made so suddenly destitute
in- bt-eh ct.-irt.-d. Every home In jh?
city that 1? standing has been thrown
open to tho hoineb Bs.
News of South Rich mond
chti.ond IPir. ,u.
t Times-Uispa-.cn,
Hull Strei
Phone Uaals?n
igton Ward for
I He
h Jtiri?. ri I 01 ??< ii t
.1. W. Uronough. Jr..
?11 ?1?-? . urr. at tl.xi? col'.ccud by U<puly
;. . r'V'"i;' a.n?? tor H. I. Haler.
Mr l' lilhson also turns ov? r :o T. ''. vYiil
tarn tixl.ti in delinquent taxei.
, ;,:,\.a , tut }.-..?. Al.!.- nation licensts
'. . - <- . Maury ''? m< -
?SrV UM? ond Mti Olivet Cemetery. *?.?.
To prov. ? J?i t . Maury. of ?he Polle?
Court Pan .. - ? ..-r.itiR hi* salary. I..-0 I*
set d?wn as :?? collections from hi. court
*l flnei Fee. rorii th? Hustings Court,
Part -. re i. >? ,
Hur: I lr-t Day Ml < >?> ?
. hour" *ftei reached
I thi eltV t ? the end o! hi* ?rat
! u^i work W'atrcn Young, colored, twenty
i'i'i..- veer's old, tell from an abutment on
tii. ntT Mayo Bridge, arid nbWjlles In the
rilv lioatdtal hi' a pri cnrlovs* condition
broken rnlne It If feared.
' ' a potjy'.var.la county.
,? ih* rttv yesterday mornlns to
\ W n laborer on the new Mayo
iVe., ihi ? o'clock whistle blew
ft*" man started <? the ground, und In
|01t h's balance nnd topph 1 off
;",'?.,.,, ?,a'i ;?....,; .is. He fell a dis?
tanceof rihoui twenty feffti landing square
> on his back. Fcliow-wOHkrhen carried l.lm
to a safe point The city ambulance In
6hli g< 'if f.r It. TliylOt Hawkins respond
! ed to a call, and after giving the man at
! trntlon carried him to the City Home.
Supervisors Merl Here.
For tie purpose apportioning the work
o' the County r?. id force tor tin- ?.est ?Ix
] months ? ??'? field Hoard of Ruperrli;
on Will rrie< t to-morrow morning nt 1'
o'clock In th? courthouse in Washington
i Bquarc. The county reads nt present are
In an excellent condition; "nd with the
opening of *-\<th'. which are now being
i constructed the epunty will be as well
I equipped im any In the State. Substantial
concrete bridges, spanhthu the creeks and
branchs. have been erected on every roml.
i Followlnit the meet. the supervisors.
oecomptinled by Commonwealth's-Attorney
, Itasklni llofeson and County Engineer W.
? W, baPrade ond Attorney n. P, fox and
; Engineer .1. P walker, of the Atlsntle Cosst
I Line, will make n piur of Inspection of the
' proposed crossings to be erected by the rall
j mud company where their new belt line
[ rros?e? the Fen Air find Rtv-r Roads.
fined for Contempt,
i Holding that failure to appear when hi"
case was rilled Is contempt. Justice H A
Maurice, of the Polle.. Court. Part 2. yes?
terday Imposed a lino of I2.S0 on Gilbert
Turner, who was tnWen Into custody on an
attachment Issued by ntder of the court.
Turner was arrested 'as: week on a trivial
charge and was granted n continuance.
Ignoring the date set for the hearing ho
I failed to appear. Justice Maurice Is drter
j mined that Ills court shall be respected, snd
: will deal summarily with all offenders
j hereafter.
ordered "Skinned" In Court,
Samuel Staples, a dlmunatlvo negro, toe
I small to he punished otherwise, was order?
ed "skinned " The boy's mother took him
aside and sdmini lered a iitind thrashing.
The boy was charged with throwing rocks
nt n woman.
Upon the withdrawal of the warrant.
Robert Oeyser, charged with nonstipport.
cas yesterday dismissed.
Prank Prame'r was sent to jatl for nfteen
dnys In detautl of a fine of $f. and costs on
a charge of being drunk and disorderly.
With lite Police.
Jane A very, forty-five years old. .was ar?
rested yesterday on a warrant, in which she
Is charged ?'Ith cursing arid abusing Henry
ltranch. a colored neighbor,
John Wallace, colored, was placed under
arrest last night on a warrant. In which he
Is charged with crnpshootlng. .lohn, or
?"IjOW Brow," ns he Is known. Is said to
I have been one of n gang of bone manlpula
i tors caught last week by CoptAln A, 8
Wright and Officer j a. Raughn.
t lsltlng ConrmUtce to Visit.
Southsld'- members of the vl?lt!nr com?
mute., of the Richmond Junior Order
l.tnlted ,\nv?rlcnn Mechanics will meet m
nlghl at ": ?X o'clock at the corner of Elev
I enth nnd Hull Streets for ttie purpose of
paying n fraternal vlall to Rescue Council,
j No, I This lodge Is the mother council of
the State, nnd -a lari/e crowd nnd pleasant
! ev ening Is anticipated.
Officers Are fusfnllcd.
' Iterently elected off'.'-ers were Installed
?r>sl night by Rocky Rldire Council, No se
Jf 0 If. A M. at their regular weekly
? .ellng. Following the Installation several
fine addresses wero mnd- tiy visiting
fimeo nt Atlitetle Turk.
RnrU * Company, Of the Richmond
league. Will p!?v the American Clothing
, Comnanv Thursday nftcinoon e? Athletic
i Park Fonrteentli and Fverett Streets. The
I Sniithetde beys are iendlne the league, and
I are pit'Onir up n fine c.ime. Tltelr nppo
) nents ere well up In the (tret Clvl?ion. nnd
1 are nlsn olavlne peed t.ail.
Fimernl of tt'nt??r Olren.
The fiincrnl of XVnlter XA'ul'nee Clreen. the
j Ihree-vesr-o'd son of Mr and Mri Pern
I A. Oreen. who died Rnndav at the home of
Ms parent* ?t Woodland Ttelrht?. ivns held
vesi-rdn- afternoon et 4 oVlncV. The
Coo Slate fov Clrt?sffirtition
f^A'siT.'Vixr. srvi'.Fli.-tT Mini r>i.\
mniiil In centre. Howard If left at
ticket oince. Victor Theatre. S00 Lust
I Ui;oa,d.
sorvlcet wert conducted ?t the grave In
daury Cemetery.
Death of Indult.
' (Catherine, the two-months-old Infant of
! Mr. und, Mi?. iL Ii. Erwin, died Sunday
'uftrrnoon at her parent*' t.oun . Uli McDoit
. ..?.,*!> titreet. The funtral will take place
! t;.is afternoon, although the hour haa not
lutea determined. The interment will be In
The child, with I:* twin ?Utar. Pauline,
I -a.,, nrat in tin. stat.: W b? registered
? under the. new vital statistic* law, passed
ul ihr last session ?f tho Leglalaturt.
Holds f.t.Mi I'mrty.
I The I'hHatlna Society of the Porter Street
Presbyterian i bureh gave a lawn narty lait
I nlKlu >ui the chuich lawti. .V considerable
? urn was netted !?>? the sale of Ice-cream
and cake,
To Hnvo Lasern l*u't>.
for the t ' hellt o: the Clopton .street Bap
tlst Chui Ii a lawn ;ia::y will be gU'.n to-,
I night at tin residence of Mrs W. K Sadler,
i:. i" irdln Avenue.
Personal Mention.
Mies Gladys James, 'if Crewe, Is the guest
of Miss Marl? E.Ilngton.
Kempur Walke was u visitor Fundey In
P< tersburs
Mrs Jehh Jeffers. of Wilmington. V. C.
I? vlritlng her brother, William Jeffrrs. at '
Woodland Heights. |
I Miss Katherlhe Daniels returned Sunday
from Newport News, where she sp. ut th? !
polst : ? w month*,
,i. T. Dunn.
J. T. Dunn dbd yesterday afternoon
at hit rculdi nets, 290G Floyd Avenue.
I He leaves his wife and six children.
Announcement of the funeral ar.
1 rangement* will be made later.
Albert s. Drewry.
I A telegram from Oalveston. Texas,
I received here announces the death
i ::i that city a few day's ago of Albert
i S. Drewry, ?formerly of Norfolk and
Mr. Dn wry was a faithful and gal?
lant Confederate soldier. He enlisted
j In thn Purcell Battery In thlej city,
1 Commanded by it. Lindsay Walker, on
Its organization In April, 1861. and
served with thU famous command 'n
all tho engagements of tho Army of
Northern V.rglnla until tho close at
At tho close of tho war Mr. Drewry
removed to New York, and after ii
short residence there went to GalVes
toh, Tex., where he mado his home un
til his death. He will be mourned by
many old friends In Richmond and Nor?
folk, ns well as In his adopted home.
His remains were la'd to rest by the
side of his wife's in Grconmoiint Cem
i etery, Baltimore.
George T. Dowuiuir.
[Special to ThO Times-Dispatch 1
?Fredericksb?rg, Vo., Julv 1.?Geo. T.
Downing, a well-known citizen died
at hip home here yesterday after a
Icng illness, aged sixty-five years. He
was a native of Maryland, but had
lived In this city ever since tho Civil
War, In Which he took part as a (.'on
fcdi rate soldier. He h survived by hIs
w ?
Proinnlrs Di^pslion.CkerfJ
ni'ss and ReslXonloinj neiitw
Opium.MorphlrAe norMiocral
Not Narcotic.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Havi
Always Bought
Bears the
FUspk a SfiJ
JlxSrwia *
AtisiStti ?
ntganml -
WUufia tfortr.
Aperfecl Remedy .orCimsnps
tton. SourSloroath.Dlarrt!oei
iiess aixd LOSS OF SlEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
n;f.w york.
Guaranteed under the F?lnT?i
Kxai- f^py of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
iHicn.Ti??ee?'iM. Ni*iM?ein.
WlfO, two tons and two daughters.
Morris Burton.
[Spectal t<> The Tithes-Dispatch 1
Froderlcksburg, Va., July l?Morrtt
Burton, of Stafford county, died at till
homo In Pulmouui, after a brief ill'
ncss, aged thirty-three years; 11? ,t
survived bv his widow and two chit*
Mr?. >lnrj Vlin Mayo.
(Special to i hi Tiin<.- ? I dispatch. J
CharlottcSvlllo, Vu . July 1.?Mrs,
Mary Ahrj Mrtyo, nged .? ghty-one yeari,
widow of Uriah Mayo, (? i years prothl?
ii< ui In railroad circles, died last ingot
at trio hOnto of her? daughter; M.-.?.
Burton, at Ctoset, mis ? ounty.
Mrs. Mayo was a. Miss Clarrlion, 01
Balesvlllo, this county, and for a num.
btjr ol yoara after hei marriage resided
In Oordansvllle. Three sisters survive
:.? r M: a Bell a Hal ? i and MrS. C. K.
Murray, of Chdrlotteeyllle, arm Mrs.
Mattlo <Jlas?. of LyrtchburB?and ono
brother. Isaac Qarrlsbm of i:l< lunond.
Tho funeral will he conducted at tho
litliiburo Baptist Church by tho Hev.
L, Pi ytoh Little
Mr*. Katberlne Link;
Salisbury, N I . JUIv 1.?Mrs. Kathe
rlho Link* aged seventy-three years,
died ;i.is afternoon at tier home mar
Salisbury. She had been ?ick. several
Weeks, and is survived by three daugh?
ters, Mrs. Julia Hides. Mrs. It. A.
Owens and Mrs. Bill ? Cranford,
Mrs. tnnle M. w.I.
[Special to The Tltncs-Dlspatch.l
Lynchburg, Va., July I,?Mrs-. Annie
M W ood, widow ol Jonn it Wood, ivlio
died in Appomattox county two y< irs
ago, d'Cd to-day ul tho home ol hoi
daughter. Mis. W. N. Turner. ITH
Union Street
Mrs. Wood came here about two
years ago and shi was In ill health
during this period She was a native
of Appomattox county, and was 'n le.r
seventy-ninth year.
l 'unernl of Oiij < . Beck.
[Special to The Tlmea-Dlspatch )
Sal'sbury, N. t.'., July 1.?The funeral
o. uuy C, Beck, who died at his home,
in Salisbury. Balurdaj' night, was held
Sunday afternoon by Rev< II. r.
.-'l/finkle. pastoi of Spencer Methodist
Crr.irv'i lit was twenty-nine years,
old. and Is survived by a wife and,
three small children.
DUNN*?Died, at 1 P. M . July j, lbl2t
at his resldeiici 260B Floyd Avenue,
J T. DUNN, In his fifty-seventh year.
Ke Is survived by a widow and six
Funeral notice Inter.
MC4TULLOUGH?Died. at Quite Hali.
Powliatan county. Vu_. GEORGE 1...
cldesl son of l/c,ank J. and Alice U
McCullough, need six years
2, mil*, from his brother's residence,
22uo Beverly Street, at io:30 o'clock.
Interm.int at Mt Calvary Cemetery,
EDMUNDS?Houston, Va.. June
1912.?The fum rai of HENRY ATtClL
ER EDMUNDS, whose death occurred
Thursduy moriiir.g at the home of
his mother, Mrs, Captain Henry Ed?
munds, was held at St, John's CtUircIl
Friday afternoon nt o'clock. lie
was tho only son of the late! Captalii
Henry Kdmunds. and was in hie
twenty-eighth year. Besides liU
mother, ho leaves three sisters. Mil?
dred t'olcH. Salllo and Qracc Ed ?
The familiar letters, S. S. S., stand forSwift's Sure Specific, a name hon?
estly and fairly earned by a prent Mood remedy. The majority of physical
afllictionr, are caused by bad blood, because a weak, polluted circulation de?
prives the system of its necessary strength and disease-resisting powers.
S. S. S. cures every disorder which comes from weak '
or diseased blood, it tones tip and regulates every por/'
tion of the system, and creates an abundant supply el.'
nourishing properties which permeate the circulation
and bring health to the body. S.S. S. is made entirely
of healing, cleansing roots, herbs nnd barks, which are
also possessed of great tonic properties. It does not
contain a particle of mineral or other harmful drug,
and is therefore the purest and safest blood medicine
for young or old. S. S. S. cures Rheumatism, Catarrh,
Sores nnd Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Scrofula, Malaria and all other troubles
of a deranged circulation. Book on the blood and any medical advice free.
itTOBiWin a y BM?
Headquarters for Stacks,
Breechings, Blowers, Motors, fg
Blow Pipe Work.
Heating and
Ventilat in
15th and Brown Streets.
Phone Mud. 7160.
?.^? ^?IIII.IIIIIK???).'.,!V*,"?"1?

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