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Tigers Take First Game From Colts by ;r'core of
1 to 9?Eoth Pitchers Are Given
Perfect Support.
Virginia League
KESl I.TS \ KS'I lllttl V> .
Richmond, <>; ilonnnkr, I.
Petersburg! 3) Norfolk,
Portsmouth, !: XewpOtt \fn>, <??
m whim, or i im.
du?. Won
Petersburg . IS
llonuoke ? ? ? as
I'urtuhtoutli . . 3-1
lllchminml ... 1.1
Norfolk . 3.1
Newport Xcw?.
?t. IM'.
..V.I I
. Ill"
1 .111
WIIKIIG TltHl l'l.\\ TO-DAY.
nichitionil ni llounokr.
Norfolk in PeleraburK.
Newport Nova ni Portsmouth.
first game 91 tite (des with Richmond
Jhls afternoon, l t.. .. It was tiit: pret- 1
ties! game of tin- s.? :i -.>n. not an urr'oi
I (marring the exhibition. Ellrei and Per- j
rryinttn pit. bed in beautiful form und
jlliither jfcould be bit to a d V.l ill i, t.. by
(fthe bp'posihg learn. ICaeh was given
ipcrfeet support, several brilliant plays
jtniirltlng the game, notabh cirntf? l. u>
Mnto ti... air wiien h?' pulled down
wPressly's liner with one hand in the
? fouitb. cutting off n run.
t'ei'tyrhnji became more and more ?
-.v. the guttle went on. Nine
KTlgi rs fan nod tin osonc bcfoi.
Ksurves ami l.ut live hits wen made off
pi;s delivery, lie gave four liases' on
Fljalls, tlie first or which blossomed into
jia. run in the" lirst tithing and del .1. i
Itho gam.'. Nelthei sldi could gel
jnan across the plati thereafter.
I in ti:e opening tuning, Graham wtilt
'. #d t'? rrymatl nit ana ran down the
fjirst on four bad ?h?h He; was snort
triced to second by the reliable Ited
JCnrinan. went to third on (linns In
jolold out. and crossed tin plan on
[iHolland's . lean bit t.. Hi. otitlleld. Joe
[was thrown out trying t.> steal see
; und.
; lloanoke made n bid for some more
.Tuns n the sixth liming, but failed
,tn make good. Graham opened t|i<
iir.ning with a clean lilt. Gannon floto
out to Giaff. Ginn singled, Graham
! going to third Holland struck out.
tGlhh stealing iccoiid in the lasi strike.
Newton ||ew .on t.. Grillin, ending the
tgamo and the Tigers' chaneds ? '!' a run.
j"jn liie ninth. Mace was i-. :.t in t.. but
[for Ferryman and struck out. Grillin
'tdnirled down the third lisi f oil lino.
iGroff struck fo.it. Griffin attempting
Ito steal second on the last strike. He
Sias thrown out, I.nl'-.tt.- to Sliields.
{eliding Hi.- game.
? The timpirliiK of Mr. Black did not
prove satisfactory to the fans, who
[panned the umpire from start to finish
III must bo admitted thai they had
Lgood cause, as his work was decidedly
:po,,r. especially on bills and strikes,
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Vsk \i.i li.
? 18.75 SUIT SALE
July- ?4th?July
-Dm POINT, lit < K it or., oi ;.n I'li-lW,
\s II.I,(M i.Hill III.Mil. VOItl'OI.K
Round $1.50 Trip
I HB BE? PAS I ill vi.vs?tiiiii;i:.
8t30 A. M., U A. >l. ?ml Ii' Noon
( hope ot Two lioutes to Norfolk,
Norf?.Ik tickets good via Newport |
Kew? oi Via Old Podnt ahd ?> .a:, Vlety
Virginia Beach tickets good 6hiy v.a
Newport New* and C, & 0 k
[yrtop at Newport News;
Ml trains connect at old Point ?Ith
jtteiiiuer for VVIllpngbbj [leach odd
I (Iri na VlMV.
r Returning, passengers can leave
.Ocean view foi Old Point ever-,- hour
lain oi ?' M
l#tpr.|nl Pourth of .lulj Schedule He.
JT lumlitKi
I '<:. & 0. steamer 1 ?>?>?: Norfolk t ?,: ?:
fP M. ?
Trains leavi Old Point 4:2fi, " :f. and
V*: '?" P. M
I Trains leave Newport News r. no and
pas P
f Giving on hours il I lie sennlrie,
I Two sleniiiers in e nio betnveen old
'P'olut mid 'A illiiiiKhl.. Ileurh .Inly lib.
f ftmind (rip ltek.li. iil?o on ?n|r fur
a-h regular train* ??( July 2d, .'Id and
Mtb. good until Bth.
r N iwport New*. $8.00: Old Point. $3 40;
l^/rfolk. 1l.il; Virginia Beach. 12.?0.
iihd both pitcher Buttered alike fror
hii incompeteiiey. The score:
ab. k. II. i? a. I
an. Hi. :: u 0 12 2
AB. 15.
niiiriry: Stolen lutse. (Jinn. Sacrl
hits?Caimuti. tlrntT. Two-luise
l'.-i i ?> niitii. i le pi.iv.. Newton
[elds to ihiitn.iu. Rogers to Grit
.-:t ick "in B> Perrytn.m, :>: bj
I. Buses on balls -By f'< rryman.
It by pitched ball- -By Kflril (Grlf.
Time bf game, 1:20. empire, Mr
Close Game at Petersburg, in 1
Which Champs Deteat
! [SVcelul to The Tinics-Blsputch. I j
Betersburg ,Va., Jill} I.?The Champs
tools the IIrat game of th< scries from]
the Turn Ihls afternoon by a score of
to a, V.ine. anil Bool were both in'
line form, and honors Were evenly di?
vided. Tho T.tis scored their runs In
the second and thiid lnn<ngs, when the
Chumps played loosely, making three
errors. In the fifth inning the Chumps
j tied the score on ah error by Dodge,
two buses on balls und Busch's single.
In the eighth, the Champs scored the
winning run with one man out. Pool
111) to Barholt and he went to third on I
I .. ? ? Ies by Lucia and Vance, und scor- |
i on Simmon's sacrifice By to staub
Staub throwing badly to tlrst in an:
attempt to make a double play. The
A.M. K. 11. O. A. B.
Simmons, 2\i. l l 4 o l
Morrison; If..t 0 1 2 ? u\
Busch, ss. n i 3 i a!
Sp< to er, rf. .: o " l l o
llowedell, 3b. <? o o i: o
Krebs, cf. 1 o l 1 i< ?:
IIa met t. lb.:; 1 1 It" 2 li
Lucia, c.;t i i r. ? u
Vance, p. 3 1 I U 7 ti
Totals .2? 3 7 27 IS 4
a I: p.. If. o. a. e.
Dodge, r.b.;t l j o <i i '?
Keller. 2b.j 6 2 :: :: li
Klrcher. If. . .'. li 0 1 u i>
llinton. ss. 0 n l oi
Blgbic, lb. 4 1 1 li ri n
Staub, cf. 0 0 .1 1 ill
run.ua. rf.2 o I l ft 01
GarYlin, rf. ?_? 0 u o it o,
Hi sky, c.2 n o 7 n rj
Bool, p. : .1 7 (I
? Klnheran . l ? o 0 (1 0 j
Total.? .32 2 s 2t 11
?Pitted for Pool in ihr ninth.
The score by Innings: 1\.
Norfolk. 11 1 1 0 0 00 0 0??> !
Petersburg . 0 0 ? 0 2 0 0 1 ??3
Summary: Tivo-basc bits?Burnett.1
Stolen bases?Simmons, Busch. Dnn-j
bib plays?Vance, Barhott, Lucia. Hase!
? :i balls--?Vance. 5; Pool, L?ft oh|
bases Noorfolk, 10; Petersburg, 11.
Hit by pitched balls?llowedell. Bar
iott Struck out?Vance, f.; Pool, 0
Time of game, 1:45. Cm pi re, Orlh. At?
tendance, 7B0.
Crack Amateurs to Play on
Morning of Fourth
of July.
H gatm.-s this year is scheduled lor
morning of July t et Broad Street
?k, when for the third time this
son. the Battle As.- and Richmond
lys Will 1 i ish. There Is SntOIUip
iilry I 'tween these uwo contenders
in., pennant In th- Capital Cliy
.?nd ail who journey out to
it:!. AM started the season
t ha-ve now ?-?.rack tin :- stride,
i.- considered a formidable
to any aiitil -u: or seirtl-pro
feam, ivh'lc tit, Uruys are
1 r> th.- most spectacular game
1 -in the city for a number of
ie tint meeting of these t.-ams
: 1 resulted in a score of 4 to 3
of the Grays. The Battle Axe
-k strong in the next game
'.s. and pulled down a 6 to 5
a nr. eieven-inn'r.g contest.
Will be called promptly
a M Women will be nd
r-e The teams will probably
.. catchen Whttfleld,
o tut op: Hulcher, first
second base: Blunt.
?,: it. left field. Ford,
:etti right held: Bauer
?? lys- -1 eattohetr
Van I'.-it. shortstop;
it> ? >-. baughj second
ilrd Hose: Klein, left
oe.11t.re flfditk; Jewttt
\t .To)-,n?nn city; Johnson Olty-Br's
l.lol. rnln.
At Morrlstown; Morrlstown. 4; Ashe
vllle, f.
At ' "ovelarid; Clwve.land, 8'. Knox
vu1?. A.
W ilson's Home Run With liases
Full Brings Victory
Over Boston.
Phillies Take First From Brook?
lyn and Lose Secoiid?Vic?
tory for Cubs.
New York. July I.?W llsori's home run
drive with the han'i ful! In the third Inning
gave the Ulants their thirteenth consecutive
victory lo-dny, :? to Merkte opened an?
other homer In the eighth with the ?.iik..
uinpty. Score:
K.i.Inn. New York.
Alt II ii.\ K A 11 11 i) A K
?Devlin .... i ?< 2 0 I)S'grass, n i l t l o
Ca'p'ell, efj 3 l ii ODoyle, 2b.. .'. 3 1
Sweeny, . ti OMuikle, la i j II u u
Kltke. it... r t : o UMurruy, ri .". l ? ? ;
Titus, ri_?> - 1 ? I? Meeker, cf 115 0 0
Heuser, lb. 4 ii .! ii 1 Herzog. 3b 3 2 14 i
O'Ko'ke, is I! ,i j t 0 Wilson, c. I l o l ?
M'D'ultl, In 1 v ? 0 il fiel er, ss :< I 1 4 0
Itnrldeii. c. 4 i 5 ,i OTmrenu, |. l ? ? 2 ;
Tyler, p.... I I u u if Amen. p. 1 " U 0 f
Total* ...W B |23 7 1 Totals .1 12,27 17 4
'Devlin, tli.ru buaii ami Shortstop, i
iTesrcnu out. lm by batted ball.
1 :<o- O'Uourke In eighth.
Score by innings: It. 1
?OI ion .l oe o o I 3 c o-?
New Vork.J ii 1 0 0 0 2 1 ??9
Summary! Runs?Devlin. Campbell (3>,
Sweeney; Tyler. Doyle til, Merltle (S); Mar
ray. Becker, Herzog (!), Wt:s?u- Two-oasc
hits?Titus. Fletcher. Three-base hit?Beck?
er Home runs?Wilson. Merkte. Stolen
base?Snodgrass. Double play?Wilson . to
Herzog, Left on bases?New York. 10; bos?
ton; tS. libs?i in Teireau, ?', in s 1-3 Innings.
First bnae on bulls?Off Tesroau. ."; oft
Tyler, 3 Hit by pitcher?By Tyler, : (>icr
kie, Herzog): Umpires, Jolinstonc and
Philadelphia. July 1 ?The Phillies out
slugged i... l>odgcrs to a 10 to 7 victory In
thi llrst game to-day. and had the tables
turned on them in the second, losing H to
I. lank run. Lohert and Smith made home J
runs In the i'P*n*.(l. nml Linterns ninrti- an?
other In the ei i oiul contest, the only run of j
the k?anie. Scores;
I lit - I IIA Ml"..
Brooklyn. Philadelphia*
Moran, cf.; "? .'CO 0 Pnskert. cf 3 11 I 0 0
N rth n, rf. 4 12 0 0 hoben. 3b. r. :i : 1 0
smith. .7b... ? : o l 0 Ma gee. if . 4 l : n II
Daubert, Ibl i ! ii OCrsv'th, rf '-'1 0 0 01
Wheat, If.. S o 3 l OL.uder'1, lb 4 112 1 o
Hum'ei, 2b. ,t o i ,i 0Knabe. 2b. 4 o : 8 el
T?oley, ?s.. .'. 7 2 J Obimlan, es. 4 l ISO
Miller, e.v. 4 2 3 S ODnoln. c... 4 2 1 2 01
Knetzer, p. o ft o o o s, aton. p. 4 3 0 '.
?Daly . l o o o o
St.-u-k. p... 3 0 0 0 0
IKrw+n ... l t o o o
Totals ...39 11 24 10 0 Totals ...34 14:7 1? l]
?Batted for Knetser In s-eond.
IHntted for Stack in ninth.
Score by Innings: R.
Brooklyn .0 000 2 1 00 4?7
Philadelphia .l 3 o o o o 0 3 ??10
Summary ttunr?'Moran. Smith (2), D?n?
in rt. Hummel, Tooley, Miller; Paskerl fit),
-l.oliert <2),Magee. Linterns. Do?lan; Dooln,
Beaton (iL Two-base hits?Seaion; Daubert,
Erwin, Dooln. Home runs?Ludcrus, 1/obert,
Smith. stolen bases?Lobert, Djaubcrt. I
Doubli play?Bummel :o Duubrrt. Left on'
bases? Brooklyn. 12: Philadelphia, C. First |
ibaae on balls?Off Beaton, 7; off Stuck. I
Struck out?Hy Knetzer. I; by stack, l. Hit!
by pitcher?By stack. 1 (Paskert) Passed,
brill -Dooln (2). 1'm.pires. Brenn.m and i
RrtMil.lt n I'll IIa del |>h hi.
Moran. cf...", 7 2 0 0 Pn?krrt, cf 3 17 0 0
IN' rth'n. rf 3 ft 2 0 ot.obert, jh. 3 0 :i 1 11
Smith. :th.. 3:oi l Boyle. 3h.. o o t o Q
Duutiert. th I 3 1? 0 OMasee, If.. 1 0 0 0 0
Wheat. If.. 113 0 OCrav'tb. rf 4 0 4 0 0
Hum'.-!. 2b. 6 3 3 S oI.uder'H. lb 3 1 10 ft o!
Tooley, *??? 4 2 2 * 2Kna.be. 2l>. 4 1.3 01'
Erwin, r ... >; l s . ODbolan, .?.?. 4 ft o a t|
KSgon, p... 8 o i i OKlllifcr, e. :i o i i i
Moore, p.. 2 0 ft l n I
Wallace, p fl o ft o ol
?Miller ... 1 ft ft ii o
Totals . I? IS 27 IS 3 Total? .. 31 3 27 b l]
?Patted lor Mages In eighth.
Score by innings: It
Brooklyn .0 HS MM f.?II j
Philadelphia .ooooooooi-lj
Burrtmnry; Runs?Moran <-?. Northen I7>.
smitii (2); Doubert 17?, Wheat. Hummel <2>. j
Tooley. Erwin (Si; l.uderns. Home run ?
Ludern? Sacrifice hits?TxiberL Wheat.
Stolen bases?Hummel, Paskert. Northen
Left on bases -Brooklvn. !!; Philadelphia.^
first base on errors--Philadelphia. *: Brook* I
lyn. 2. Hltn-otT Moore. 10 in S Innlns?. j
Firs! ho?o on balls?Off Moore. S; off Wal-!
laCe. 7 Struck out?By Moore. 3; hy Ragon i
3. Wil l pitch?Wnllare. I'mplres. 'Bn-nnan
and Erhalle.
Pittabursti. July I.-Frank Schulte's hom?
run In the twelfth Innltiv pave tbe C7|lb? .-i
1 to ft victory ovn thr p,rater to-.i.-iy. Score:
PlttsBurgh, Chleaao.
Rvrn... 3b.. I ili :? a OSheck'd; It 5 0 \ I 0:
CereV; If-- 3 0 S 0 pSchulte, rf .'. I 2 ft ft
Doniln, rf .". i l o minker. *s. :. o .-, ? Ol
Weener, a* 3 i 3 i OStlm'ah; 3ti " 1 o 2 o|
Miller, lb.l 7. 0 1-, t f, Beach, cf. 3 0 1 0 0,
Wilson. ?'f. I I " 0 flS.tter. lb... 1 0 r? 1 0
M'Cor'y, 2b t or s OEvers, :b. 3 2 4 l'
Olbson, <?.. i 1 S 2 PAreher. c... 4 1*40.
O'Toole, p 3 1 1 3 0 Lnv der, p 4 0 0 3 0,
Totals ..37 C -.'. '". 0 Totals .. .3? 6 28 IS 1}
S.ore bv liminss: It.
, 'hlcago ." o 0 ft o o ft ft 0 ft 0 l-l I
Pittsburgh .I? 000000 0 00* 0?0 j
Summary: Run?UchuHe. Two-base hit?*
Archer. Horn, run Schulte. Sacrifice hits
?iKvera. Byrne; Stolen baso^Zlmmarrhani I
Double plays-rGlbiten <o Hvrne: Archer to;
Tinker. I.efl on bases?l.'hlcagb. 5; Pitts-:
burgh li first base on balls?Off l/iv, ;;?>??. ?
. ?. O'Toole, 3. Struck our--B- O'Toole. ?: 1
b' Lavender, '. (7hiplrcs, Itlgler nn.l I'm-!
Cincinnati. .Inly l.?The H?rl? lnmrhrd ]
tl. lr bits h.-itt r than the Cnrdlnail to-day I
uhil ivon a p.n.r game on n muddy field by]
.i score of 12 to ?: Konetcby f.-nturtd wlthl
three itingles and a trlpli In five tlnire up.'
Cincinnati. St. Louln.
Tinrhcr. If 2 0 2 0 ollus'ii?. 2h 4 1 ;i 0,
Haies. If... 1 1 1 o OMSsee, If. ?13 0 0
M'ars'ns, cf 4 l 3 o oMowr'y, 3ti l 0 2 1
Hob'zel, ib. . 1 4 0 0 Koh'by. u> i ? ' o o
Mrti hell, if I 1 t. 0 o Evans, rf.. 4 0 4 0 0
M'D'ald, hi : : 3 l Heuser, ?s. : : o o
Phelnn. 3b. 4 2 3 3 pOnke?. cf.. n 1 1 0 1
Egnn. 20... ? 2 4 2 0 B.Iis, c... 41410
Clarke, c .. 3 1 2 1 0 thlyer. p.. 1 0 0 0 t
Benton. p 3 0 0 J * ?Urea'han. 0 0 0 0 0
",1- p.-le?, i> 0 0 0 0 0 Dale, p-1 1 ft 2 0
? Ell!? .1 1 0 0 *
Will?, p... 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ..33 10 27 11 1 Totals ...3117 24 S 3
?Batted for lifter In fourth.
? nniti-d for Dale In eighth,
g ore hy Inning?: tl.
Cincinnati .4 or, o r> 4*1 ?-u
St I.Ollis.1 0 O 2 2 1 0 0 1?
Summary: Run??Bescher Iii, Marsans
ii... Hoblltzel, Mitchell, M.Dnnaltl. Phelsn,
I Egat Clarke f2>, Hurfiphrlea. Mowrey, Kon
I etchy ISL "Evans, Hnuser i Si. Three-base
hit?Konei.-bv. ^acrlflca hits?Marsant, Ma?
liter. Mitchell, stoiin bsses?Beschert Ph?
I 1an, i^Iiirke, Mowrey, Konotohj Double
p Rentnn i.? Clark? to lloblltzsl. l#ft
Ion bins Cincinnati, s' i^.uif. II um ?
? < irr Beriten, !?; off HiimpNdrs. <. off Oeyer.
' . off liste, R First bss? .,n' bulls?OK li..n
ton. 1; orr Oeyer, 3; oft iiai*. 1; off Wim?.
1. Ptrnek <.iit-1ly Benton. 1; >iv (Jever, t;
'.t- Dille. 3. >v Willis, 1. Hl! bf pit.her- Bv
Benton. I. by Dnle. 1 Time of game. 7:1t.
1 'iiplres. Kli m und Bu?!i.
At Greenville: Greenville, 3 Ppar
tanburg, 2.
At Chariot to; rtinrlnttr. 0. Ander?
son. 2
At Winston-Palern: W .naton-ftnJem,
8~ Greensboro. A
Kllitc t ar Making; Mil.- In W Second* tin Bell
llreaklua Truck Hecurtl
ruck, I'tiiiinlelpliln.
Results in the Bi
New York, 0; Boston, 6
Brooklyn; T; Phlladelphl
Same I.
Brooklyn. 14; Philadelphli
Chicago. 1: Pittsburgh, 0.
Cincinnati, 12; St. Louis,
Washington, -. Philadelphia, 0.
Detroit, S; Cleveland, 2.
Boston. 4; New York. 1.
St. Bou-.s-Chicago. wet ground;
New York ..
Pittsburgh .
Cincinnati ..
Brooklyn ...
St. Louis ...
Boston .
Yvtr-rl Club.
.686! Boston .
-."? ?Jf?f Phllud? lphla
.?'.'ni; Chicago .. .
WVishln gton
Cl< v. land . .
New York ? .
St. I.ouls . ..
at New York.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia,
Chicago at pittabur
tt Ft. Louis.
ladelphia at Washington.
Cleveland at Detroit.
United Slates Adds Another to:
List of Victories at Olym- 1
pic Games.
.Stockholm. .luly 1.?The United
.states added to-day another to their
list of victories at tho Olympic games
by winning the clayblr'd shooting com -:
petition. The Amerh m team took the
tlrst prize gold mcdtll v. ith a score of|
out ?f n possible ti?"'o. G,roat Brit?
ain won the second pilzc and sliver
medal with a score ot nil, while Ger?
many was third with tile. The best
individual Scores of the members of
the victorious American team were:
j. K. Orahant, Chicago Athletic Asso?
ciation, 94; Charles W. Billings, ??.-. i*-,
tain. &3i Il l- spoils. Larchmoht, Y.
C, 00; J. C. Hendrickson, Gergeii Beach
G. C, .si'. Frank Hall, N. V. ,\. ?'.. 86.
The individual army rifles shooting
competitions were1 starlet! this morn?
ing. The contestants tir--- at 100 metres
and then at 600 metres. At the ilrst
range enCh competitor res ten shots, at
.-. buli's-oyo target prone, four kneel?
ing and tv>o standing. At the second
range each competitor lires ten sliots
at a figure target, live prone and live
kneeling. The tl. limit fof each
scries is three minutes.
The. Hungarian, i'rocop. le.i .it the
300-metre fnngo with n score of :>',.
Lieutenant t'arl 'i" Ohhorn. of the
United States N?vy, tied for sei "H i
place with Norwegian a??d Greek rifle?
men, with a score ..: 95.
Sergeant Pulton, . ( the British army,
was third with a S' uro of 5i7.
In the shoot-off ? >:' tho tie for second
place. Lieutenant ''.:>orn secured that
place with a score of ?S. Thi ?score
beats Hit total mil. by tin- Winner,
s'kogen. tiie Norwegian rifleman, was
placed third, with ,i score ot 91, and
the Greek representative was placed
Vmerlenus in Training.
.Stockholm, duly t.?Tho American ath?
letes bog?n training to-day on the Hold
near the stadium where the Olympic is
to bo held. Tiny attracted no fewer
than 10,000 persons Some of the run
hers wbro :-ent out twice for their train?
ing, ami that course may bo followed.
Thji weather ha!? been hot. and If this
condition continues it will help much.
1 Mylvln Shepherd was in fine condi?
tion, as was Klviat, but John Paul
.!<?:.. s complained about his condition,
because ho had been short of work.
Johnny Hayes has charge of the
training of the Marathon runners at
the Landborg villa, live miles front the
, 'I'lie living condition!, on the Finland
became so had (hat Mike Murphy, who
Is responsible for the athletes, and the
men themselves, objected vigorously.
At Montreal Montreal, 3; Buffalo, n
(first game): Montreal, 7; Buffalo, :'.
I second game).
i At Toronto: Toronto, 7. Rochester, .'?
(first game); Toronto, p,j Kochest.-r. u
< AeoOhd t-'anie).
At Newark: Newark, 3: Jersey city.
Other clubs not scheduled.
itnin interferes with Plhy.
Atlanta, Ca., July I.- Bain Interfered'
I with play in t n.- twenty-fifth annual
tournament of live Southern Tenn's As-i
locliition scheduled to have been start?
ed .'t Bast Lak< to-day, only one match
'lii ing played. Men's singles will he j
resumed to-morrow morning w'th for
iy-slx entries. Drawings in doubles,
ladies' singles and mixed doubles will
!'? made to-morrow. The tournament
I this year is strictly a Southern affair,
not an Kastern or western tennis star
be ng present.
.11 IM.i; Illl tl.S IIB.MI It it f.lt.
\ni Expected to Pass I pon Question
I mil Latter Part of Week.
[Special to Tio Timcs-Dlspatchi]
Bristol, Vit.. .Inly l_ludgc Jos. L.
Kill;., of tiie Corporation Court, to?
day heard argument ot the demurrer
of in. defendant in tin- case of George
W. llammltt and others against George
M. Warren, Mav or-, h i t of Bristol. Tile
petitioners have a suit ponding seeking
io declare tin- election of Warren 11
: legal, averring that he Is a citizen of
Glade Spring, and not of Bristol. Coun
, .-.I lor Warren, in addition to filing ?n
j ?Aver to the bill, also demurred to it.
land this was argued for the petitioners
I by Pulkcrsoii& Page and L. K. sum?
mers, and for tin- defendant by Roberts
I & Roberts. judge Kelly Is not ex?
pected io pass upon tin- demurrer bc
' i.e . I he In?! o| I he week.
j At Columbia: Columbia. I: Albany. 0.
ai Savannah: savannah. (1 :Colum
! bus fj,
I At Macon: Macon. 6; Jacksonv'lle, I.
Old Quaker Whiskey
lias this indisputable claim on your patronage?it is better
R. L.Christian &Co., Distributors Richmond, Va
Coleman Cutchins, 313 W. Main
Two ("lean Jlit^
by Nap?. Who Lose.
8 to 2.
Nationals Losing Streak Con?
tinues. Athletics Win?
ning Again.
Detroit. July 1.?Mullln pitched on* of the
brht game* of his curc-r to-day. defeating
Nrfpa S to I. Only two of the live hits
lieortjc allowed were clean. The Tiger*
played their old-lima snappy game, both
at but and on the defense. Score:
< levelantl. Detroit.
Mi II o a fci ah H O A B
Sraney. It. 3 0 I v u Vitt. ib.. . J 1 "i 7 i>
Olson, as... 3 0 1 3 tl Mush. ss... 3 I v" 5 0
Jacking, 11 I '. I C ICobb, if... 4 r 3 l< 0
Lajolc, Jb.. :i 3 l . t|rr?w'd, r!. * - 1 " 0
Uriggs, lb. i ! ii e oDeie'ty, lb. 3 : : I oi
I.n a mi, cf 19 3 1 OMorMty, lb: 3 l 1& ?0
Turner* ah. .i l e ol.uud.ii, :b 4 0 12 0:
O'Neill, e.. :i o r, OStanate, e I : i 1 <*
Irege. p... -' 0 0 3 u .'nulllti. p.. 3 l o l u
leufge. |i . ') ii ') l o
'Ea*t?rly.. l u o o it
Totals ...30 S :? '.2 2 Total* ...33 U 37 IS 0
'United fur Qresc In ninth.
: ore I?y Innings: 11.
Cleveland .1 0 0 0 0 0 0 t !
Detroit .ooros:oo *--s |
f uinmary: Kuns?tir.wo-y. 1-a.h.e . v.;!,
(2>. Hush. Cobb t-), i'r.iv.'uril Mmlarity.
Stunngc. Two-bust: hits?Olson. Deli hanty. j
Stolen basea-rMbrlarity. Vitt, Crawford (!>>
?old.. Double phiy?D'lihaiity t? S-anagi-.
Left "ii bases?-Cleveland. I; Detroit, i Ftisti
? ? on errors?Detroit, i Hits-on: areas. I
In 7 Innings: "if George 1 In 1 inning,
?i base on ta'.i?-<>ff Gregg. 2: off Mullln,
Struck out ? II;.- Cross, B; by Usorgo, !;
Mullln. Hit by pitcher?By Mullln. I
i bli ?? by Oregs, 1 i Morlsrlty i. I.'m
plri . Dlnsen snd Sheridan.
I'aahlngton. fj, r., July 1 ?Connl? Ma k'?
Athletics made It four straight from Wash?
ington to-day. ?Inning to-day's S to 2 Me
Itinls s fielding and Ihe slugging of Baker
and Strunk were bright feature*. Brown
for the Athletics was considerable r.t a
mystery to th<- Senators, holding the capl
teatn to nva hit*, score:
tl ?shblgton. Philadelphia.
AM It O A H All II OA F.
(Rch'fer, 7b. 3 13 3 ol.or.1. rf... t. I 1 0 c i
1 Pbiti r. 3b.. 3 .1 3 oOldrins, cf 4 1 I 0 0
Ml,in. cf... 4 t J 0 K'ollltis, fb. 4 0 : 0
[Oatidll, lb.. 4 t 10 0 ?llnkir. 3!i . 4 : 1 3 0
] Walker, rf. 4 l 4 o iM'tnnls, :b 4 i ii s o
shanks, if. 3 o i n ft-funk, if. 4 1 1 0 0
M Hi. ss t o o t 0 Derrick, s* 3 l 3 4 o
Henry, c... 3 o & i 0 Lapp, c .. 4 : : l ci
Iroom, ?.. i 0 0 1 1 Brown, p.. * ? 1 so
IVIly, p- 0 0 0 0 (l
?Wllllrr.s .3 0 0 0 0
tCj?hl"Ii ..10???
Totals ...31 8 77 13 S Totals .. :? 0 77 CO 0
?Batted fur Groom In seventh.
-Hatled f..r Betty In ninth.
Seore by Innings.
uthtnary; Runs?Schaefer, Groom Lord.)
Irihfl Collins, Baker. Mclnnls. Strunk.,
rned runs?Washington, l! Philadelphia, j
Two-has- hits ?Walker. i-tpr. naker
ree-base hlts-Oldrlng. Poster. Iloair
i?SirUnk .Sacrifice hit?Oldrlrig, Douh'e I
\ -Dtrrtek to Motnnls to Baker. Lett on I
Kl W ihlngtoni 7. Philadelphia. 9. Klr?!|
I? on errors?Philadelphia. I. First base!
balls?Off Groom, 1: o!T Peuty. 1; off!
own. 3. Innings pitched?By Groom. 7; I
Pelty 7. Bits?Off Groom. 9 fitruek
?-fly Gioom. 4; by Brown. I. Bit iiv
Bj PeltyJ 1 (Bakeri. Win pltch
Ity, flroom. Time of ^anie, |;2J, Umpires.
Evani and Westervelt.
n^simi, July 1.?Although they mad- r.r, y ?
wn iii:? Hesten h.'si ihe Yankees to-dayI
to 1. The Red S"x s^ered three runs In |
hi '.itii Inning on a wi;d throw, h pass.'
i double and an Infield out. Seore:
New York. Boston.
\ll II O a Fl AH It ri a E
MSloney. e! r 1 : ft 0 Hooper, rf 4 1 n ft ft,
Mnrtin. sf . 3 ft 0 3 oTerkeSi -h- * " -1 - n'
Da If. 4 ii ? 0 ?:speak'r. i f S I : ft Hi
Ifiterrett, lb 4 t t 0 L?w|?. !(...?> ? < i p
Zlnn, rf ... 4 1 D 0'or.ard'r, .lb. 3 ft ft 1 |
|C.hn?e. l'b... 13 11 t) fit ah I, Ib.. 1 0 II 3 ft!
Ktunip, .lb. 4 o ft ft {Wagner, ill it t! I t
3w?cn*.y, e. t ft 7 ft OCady, ??.... ? ft z 1 ft I
MTcn'M. p. 3 1 1 3 ?Ball. p.... 3 0 1 S ft i
Total? ...32 ? ;< t 5 Totals i..23 : 77 !* ll
sri by innings- B.|
S>w York.0 ft ft 1 ft o ft ft 0-!
Boston .0 0 ft I ft .1 ft 0 (>?4 j
Summary: Runs ?Zlnn. Hooper. Yorkct, I
Rpesfber, Lewis. Two-base hits ? '/.Inn. Chase,
Speaki . Sacrifice hit?Maloney S'toien |
I bail Martin Left on bases?"New York.
Hosten. 3 first icis. on balls?Off Hall,
off McConnell, t Slriuk out?By Hall.
I by McConno.ll, 6. Hit by plf-her?By McCon-|
lly. I. Time of game. 1:1s. t'mplr
an and O'Lotighlln.
Mayer and Morrisey Rival Mound
Artists in i-to-o
[.Special to The. Timcs-Plspatch. J
Portsmouth, Vn., July l.?in a ri'ch
ers' battle between Mayer and Mor?
risey, the Pirates defeated the Ship?
builders tills afternoon at Bland Park,
the score being I to 0. The feature
of the game wns a sensational one
handed catch of Walsh's hit to deep
centre by Nixon. Score:
.Newport IVetTS.
A B. It. Ii, o. A. B.
Hooker, cf. t 0 1 1 1 0
Walsh, rf. 4 0 0 J 0 0
Bates. 3b. 0 1 2 a
Maitis. If. t a 0 2 o o
Wolle, ss. 4 0 1 4 3 0
Porter, lb. 3 0 0 3 0
Slavcn. 2b. 3 0 0 3 ? 0
Lake, c. 3 0 0 1 1 o
Morrisey, p. ?. 0 0 0 3 0
Totals .32 ? 4*23 11 0
A.B. R. H. O. A. E.
Becker, rf. 4 0 2 2 0 0
Keating, ss. 1 n 1 .'< 3 0
Nixon, of.4 0 I 3 0
Watson, lb.4 0 l 6 0
Ktidglhs, if. . :; 0 0 10 0
Cooper, 3b. 2 I 1 0 0 f)
Castro, 2b.:? 0 1 3 t l
Garvln, c.n o i 9 0, 0
Mayer, p. 2 0 0 0 2 0
Totals .2fi 1 8 27 9 1
?Garvln oill for interference.
Score by Innings: Ri
Nepori i News . (i o o ii (i n (i ii a?o
Portsmouth . ooonooio*?i
Summary: .Two-imse hits?Bates.
Stolen base's?Hooker. .Maitis. Double
plays? Wojfe tu Bntoa; Wolfe to Por?
ter. Sacrifice hits?Keating, Mayer.
Base on hnlls?By Morrisey. 3. L.-fi
on bnses?Newport News, 4; Ports?
mouth. 6, Struck out?By Morrisey, 1;
Mayer. 9 Wild pitches --Mayor. Time
of game?1:30. L'mplro?McUrido. ? At?
Gordon Motor Co.
Prize List of Fifteenth Annual
Exhibition, July 24 and 25,
Is Issued.
[Spe< l il t., i hc Times-Dispatch.]
Chartottesvlllo, Va? July 1.?The
pr-se llxt of the ttftventh annual ex?
hibition of the Orange Horseman'*. As
Boclatlon, to be held Wednesday and
Thursday, July 2 1 nnd 2i>, has made Us
oppunrance. Entries must bo In th<>
hands of tho secretary, ? 8. fllcketts,
on or before t-'rlday, Ju,y ii, I-tft>
four Classes will bit shown this year,
'i iludltys thoroughbred stallions,
standard bred, hackney, Qermun and
French coaoh nnd heavy draft stal?
lions; : \ coli classes; brood mares,
roadsters, farmers' general utility
horses, horses In harnoss dive classes),
ladles' harness horses, combination
I harness and saddle horses, runabout
horse, tandem, four-ln-hand, ponies in
harness, ponies under saddle, park sad
dl< (three classes*, Kt> < n park saddle.
Bolted saddle, ?reen hunters, Orange
county hunter?, free-for-all handi?
cap, Tomahaw Hunt, lightweight
hunters. middle nnd heavyweight
hunters, hunt club tennih. ladies'
hunters, horse suitable to bo
? bine ri hunter. Corinthian class, hunt?
ing class, hunter class with hounds,
mule race and horn blowers.
[?'our cups have been hunt; up. as
follows! In the green park saddle
Cl isS, by William Du Pont, president
of the association, the cup to be rr
talned by the Orange Horseman's As?
sociation until it has been won twice
by thn same owner, tho name- und
dates of all winners to be engraved
on the cup. George T. Marshall will
present a cup to the winner In tho
green hunter class, conformation and
quality to count 10 per cent.; perform?
ance over jumps not to oxceM 4 feet
to count r.o per cent. lames N. An?
drews offers a cup for the best ladies'
Hunter, to bo ridden by n lady over
regulation Jumps not t.i exceed four
f-?' performance and manners to
count 7C per cent., winner In this class
also gets cash prise of ISO. Mr. Du
Pont also offerH a silver cup fn tho
horn blowers" class, s:.d kIvc.i cash
ptlzes for second. third and fourth
The biggest csth price, tr.o, is for
thn best horse suitable, to become a
hunter; to be shown at a walk, trot
and gallop, for best mar* or gelding,
three years old or over, bred In Orange
county, and owned b;. .1 resident of
said county; to bi judged on confor?
mation and movement only.
The series of games seneduled to
h iv I.e.-., :,'a \ ? I vest ??:?!,> und to-day
between the Philadelphia Collegians
and the Collegians of this city will
hot b? played owing to a telegram re?
ceived by Dr. Bagby, captain of the
local team yesterday at noon, statins
thai the Quaker ?'ity team would bu
unable to till Its engagement here. The
telegram (tilled to state what t:,.
trouble was. but t">r. Bagby th-nks
that .1 series will b>- arranged on ?onie
later date; as the Phllsdelphlant at"
h strong team and would make, a good
match for the local lads
At Atlanta Atlanta -Mobile, rain
At Memphis; Memphis, 6; NV;w Or
Icans, 7.
At Nashville: Nashville-Montgomery,
At Chattanooga; Chattanooga. 4;
Birmingham; t>
At l.onl'vllle I/OUlsvllle-Toledo, rain.
At Minneapolis: Minneapolis, 4; Kan?
sas City. 1.
At St. Paul St. Paul. ?; Milwaukee,
At Columbus: Columbus; 4: Indian?
apolis. 2. _
Frisbie Collars
Everybody^ wearing it
The high Tow
collar for now
Sold by most
^ood dealers
msaje coo.v tv co.
mos/. NM.
Miller & Rhoads
Don't full tn nttend our
7/3 ?.BROAD
lie buyer who Known tne different
?mobiles will own s
Joaes Motor
Car Co.
Jlei, Avenue and Broad Streot.
The New Policy of POMr Acls Brought
th-e Hist show Richmond Bvct
SartV for
. liKAID.

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