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fete cITimrs tL ^.jmlrh
?>?..-., uaue.Mi a. Mala Btrtat
Cuuth Richmond.ion u i Btreet
f?totf^ui? }jutrau....ioa N. Bycamore yitett
Xynctiburi- Bjirtu.lit Eighth Hirtel
BV 1WJ:. One *lx Vtcra One
i POSTAHIC PAID Ytlr. Mos. Mca Mo
Daily with t.jciy.I ?.00 1100 ?L30 U
Oelly without Bunday.... t.09 IW 1.0? .Si
?flunejay elltlon only. t.M 1.00 .K .X
Weekly < Weekday >. 1.0? .? .? ...
By Tlin*?-Dt?t>a:ch Carrier DellTery Ber?
eu? In Richmond (und ?uburbei ai ' Pe
t?r?bi?rf- One Weak
ball) with Sunday.>1& cents
Delly without 8un?ay. . '.o cenu
bui-Joy on'y. b ?ot>
Er.tr."?.? Januurr 77,
Vn.. r? ?f>"on-*cla?a mntti
Cenrrefp , ' March .". lfTV.
wii.ma: run im'.oim.b^s choice
rand renew the hopea und expeditions
}of an earlier age by bringing to tlieir
support experience In administration,
iwlsdom of choice and lorce in ac
All this and more Woodrow Wilson
'."Will do, because he Is the embodi
m- :it, the outward- and visible sign,
lparty had wandered In the wf.nie.rn
r of Ouubtful experiments and d(s
i pointed hopes, but its Journey
party approved, the' income
Neither party denies :i Jury trial
cf government u< ece that old p
tiioraenoii, the terrifying demands:
|commonplnce political platitudes
leinothcr, At last tin 11 i
lie i
BpOkesmah of the people's aspiratli
Ttielr dream became a verity w
Woodrow Wilson was nominated;
Yet th'ls great consummation <
achieved not without strain nr.'' rtr
gle, and the ever present risk of
t,r failure. No grem forward mo
the chance of Ijcavy loss; Colutn
Washington stood in the ah uldw
a rebel's gallows to gain ouy fr
dorn, nnd William J. Bryan dared
miltatlon, abuse, hleslng and <l< t
till,, to:.- was arrogant, -Us act!
rs, fr'-.- to ?erv
ipntch bus regarded Oharhp
,r,- umninKanie.
'.appear to the del
! his 11 tifttTIt ss. hu'
have Ij
btbltberirOSB, nnd unite liib whole boil
Wtrmoerapy anew, in the splendid
lasade foar I lion for m ? th<
f To tV I ;? irp ??: Tile Tlim ?
jpl- dges line r or, .? m< tt will t
Vntfiodfast foT the 'new visrton arid
I-new hope. It IbcHovea In the se
Vtho, I^emocrat'.o party can render
jcoiintry nr.l the Wohld. I;
'?thia patriot *ao.!r.ft ihe penceful <
I tore of n ci.iv'-i jii ty to lead the p
[la ti.etr har.ih tu-id bitter ?truggl?
vpj? he will protect ?s 1
lien selfishness of dis- '
I'llO I'KC'l' Tin: < 11 \.
Richmond, if the facts presented by
The Ttmes-lilspnteh ntid by the sub-'
.?oinmlttee have hot been convincing as,
to the Impossibility ?'f true find regu?
lative control of public service utili?
ties by competition, the Aldermen j
should at lest listen to the advice of
the city's legal department upon the
necessity of framing this vital ordl
? tri c to pul the burden of extensions
broad ground that It will Ine vettably j
Inline the city. Hut if there Is an'
it Is the most forceful argument fori
framing hh act that will be a sincere,
endeavor to protect the consumers c,f
vhncc any pled of Ignorance. They are
aware of the dangers inherent In this
gift as nt present proposed. .They
know that the franchise sought does
not guarantee 'tie people any benefits.]
1' assumes no duties towards the com?
munity in return for the right to Use
Its streets; Iis effect win be to injure
the service at present existing and
ultimately add to the r"s< "f Mgflt ?ml
power. It Is sought fjbr private profit
thing for bargaining. There Is no
reason yvhy It should ho granted. It Is
the duty ot the Aldermen to sec thrit
It ic hot, l?p6n them rests the re?
sponsibility of unfc-guttrdlng the In?
terests of ail the people of Richmond.
\ imiocumssivf: pi.atfohm.
The pi itfrtrin on which Wilson Is to
go to the country Is built of many
planks, but each Is stenciled "progres?
sive.!' Considered ha a whole, the.
document Is able and effective, clearlyj
presenting the Issues for which the
Democracy |- to make its battle.
The tariff plunk was placed first, I
as It should have been, for tariff re?
vision is rendered tli- paramount Issue
bj Hi- oppressive high cost of living
In the republic. The blank Is n flat
i. oteri declaration fir a tariff for reve?
nue only j It recognizes the high Re?
publican taril'i as the ''principal cnuse
of the ?tric<|ttal distribution of wealth."
?That tax does make "the rich richer
and the poor poorer." The ? JTyhward
revision of tile 'a: iff Is absolutely es?
sential to th? lowering of the cost of
heap Mirty i-= assailed for Its deceptive
tnrlff plank of 190S and the charge is
The record of the Republican ad
of tiie Sherman nnti
such legislation as wll
lye, it ii..s been weak
Tho ? hrilnni punish
list law Violators Is als
(.. : rs, and pre
that will bettor their condition nnd
Increase their prosperity.
The plutform will bo ^\ ?? 11 r.Ivcd.
Tb.. people an- tired of broken lle
i ubltcuii promisoS and deceit; tti?y
wlll ?<>l4t> upon the Democratic pnrty
ui tho boat available agonoy through
which to rcstoro tho government to
the people. Tho platform Is a pro
Ivo declaration of Independence
Of the Interests. In the past sixteen
years the Democratic party, out or
power, hath done what it could, ami it
la about to bo ?entrusted with the com?
mission of further enlarging the estate
ot tb,- common people and promoting
Virginia is progressive, and The
Times-Dispatch is gin tilled that the
antl-Wllson men in the delegation
from this st.,t,- paw th? light yester?
day arid vot?d ;"?>! v, uson in time t"
pr vent their votes from coining like
grace after a meal: Tho action of
UiCSc men wns in obedience to what
tltey believed was demanded of them
t-y ti c extraordinary situation at tho ,
elevi nth hour. They rose to a rcnll
the will of the people Who cltOSC Ittbm
to act In L'onvi nt i.mi
Nor I.? u word of praise out of
lilntii here tor Mr. Speaker Uyrd. Ho
fought a good tight for Wilson at i
Uaitimoro, and ho kept his forces In
'i::.. coolly nnd strongly guiding them,
febtlvo, and he niust \<<- given much
credit for bis work in Vlrp/illn In
behalt of tlie successful candidate.
The sudden outburst of the extreme;
German Jingoistic press against Italy |
on tho Titrko-Itailan question Is but I
another evidence that Italy Is en- i
forcing recognition that she is a first- |
elnss rc-wer in fact as well as In |
name, r.nd that It would be no longer j
safe, especially for Germany and Au?
stria-Hungary, to treat her as the
little sister of the powerful. One of
these ultra-organs, under the caption
"Tho Italian Peril," raises the cry of
"Italian |ierfldy"; charges that Italy
has "violated the International rights
of ttie peoples of Europe"! has be?
trayed those who have been faithful,
to her In seizing Tripoli, nnd Indulges;
in much more crimination of the same
sort, llow- Italy betrayed her allies'
by her Tripolitnn venture l< difficult 1
for one even of the hibsi iiBxy coin
prehension of the niovemenl In Itself,
or ovehtsiprecedihg and connected <vlth j
it. to see
The charge Is not only llloglc-tl, I
hut utterly senseless, and comes with,
particularly bid grace from Germany,
it is seMf-stultlfylng to the latter, con?
sidering that It Is well known that
Germany coveted Cyrencra; that she
bail been planning to grab it When
tii" propitious moment arrived, nnd
that Italy merely got there first, j
Apart from this, however, nnd as n \
proposition disassociated from ari>' !
question Of alliances and associated
t.i'.iio wit It the matter Of territorial'
aggrandizement In Africa. Italy has'
only done in tho ease what Germany
and Great Hritaln had repeatedly I
done. In that view, she had aburi- j
daneo of Justifiable precedent.
?S for Italla'n alleged Violation of
the International rights of the peo?
ples of Europe," which has \ ? trr/u- o ,
to Italy's operhtlbng in the Agciiri an"
threatened invasion of tm- Turkish
mainland in Europe, If the allegation
Is- tenable why have the powers not
protested? The query effectually djs
\!OSi s the Issue In point, sought to
)."? raised by our Germany contem-!
porary and Its allies In bringing it
forward; In her policy of taking
temporary possession of Turkeys
Agcari islands Hud menacing the
Dardanelles und the mainland, Italy1
adroitly, though somewhat audacious- j
ly. placed the other powers on the ?lc-j
fenslvc, arid so far from evoking so |
much as nn Intimation from the
chancelleries that she nad violated:
the International rights of others, j
compelled silent, which was as strong
as voiced, acceptance of her claim'
that she was acting within her own',
lights and the rights of war.
TTTt truth Is that when the attitude |
of the section of the German press
in discussion is analysed it Is indica?
tive of ileep and humiliating chagln
over the pnlpai.de fact that Italy has
tit Insl asserted herself, declines to he I
].<1 by the nose by ner associates In
the Tralhund, and has stretched to tho |
p.dnt of danger of breaking the apron
strings ('??iniaiiy and Austrla-Hun?
gnry with which Bismarck tied hier to ??
those t'v.. powers. Tho "Italian peril"
6Vir contemporaries foresee has noth
Irt? to do with "the International
rights of til" people of liurope."
Tnat Is a stalking horse behind w-?ch
Is serious apprehension that Italy will I
snap tlie apron strings which have:
long been exceedingly irritating to j
tiie Italian masses and turn to the j
embrace of Great Britain and France.]
This would mean a freer hand fori
eat Britain in concentrating her
Medilcrunoah fleet around tne "Tight
Little Isle" as n safeguard against
i, . man attack. It would glvo her
. ther ally in protecting her Medi?
terranean Interests and In Keeping
>pen arid secure her routo to her Ori?
ental <mlore \iu that great tnlum'
? I the Suez Canal. It would
further Isolation f?r Germany
i vastly Increased ability for Great
? Italn to dictate the sea power of
[the world, nnd that Germany keep
the peace. There Is method in the
Mtteriicss and tho anger of our nppre
e ,iid Jingoistic German con?
temporaries after all.
'Vi a' r become of the Hon. Albert
.1*roml/th Teverldffe these warm days?
I Wilson and win.
li is *? \.->o.ly a full list of the prew.i
tickotd tn the Held?
On the Spur of the Moment
By Roy K. Moulton
Truthful Things We NniT Hear,
??T? tell you frankly, Mrs. Brown,
1 think your grown Is u. fright. It
doesn't sot well in tho hack. dear,
mid tho color scheme Is not particu?
larly adapted to your stylo of equi?
?'1 would much rather you had
<ull,(l another day. Mrs. Jones. If
you felt that you wore obliged to
call. It has Interfered ?Ith my plans
const Idrably to have you here all the
afternoon. Coma again; If you ihlnk
that you must."
"Holiest to goodness. Mag. that new
hat Is the limit. Why didn't you get
one with n little style to it?"
"Really. Mis. Smith. I don't like
you,- ids,-iiis. They me not nearly
us light und Huffy as those I mike
for my husband. Y?>u inay learii some?
"1 have not had a perfectly de?
lightful time at your party. Fact Is.
t have boeu bored unspeakably. Why
don't you think up something new to
spring on your uucsts 0tic,o In a while."
Side TnlkN With fitrl*.
leraldliie?The best cold cream we
ow of Is lee cream It's tie cold
. anyhow.
\natusin No. we do not believe the
tragets will ever Imperil their unt?
il grace and poise by WeOTlnK sus
I at tie nibbln*-? Vo? say stone ladles j
prove their facial appearance by i
a ring rubber mosks at night. Why!
t wear them all 11.e time Mltlo? j
Madellni I ear not, little one. oven
align you are too stout. Thi :i|gh
st of living will soon tlx that'.
\ Itcnmrknhle Mnn.
The cares and worries of this life
Ne'er bother him n Blrigle bit;
Ho hover quarrels with his wife.
And Is content, no doubt of It.
He gets no pesky monthly bills
And money's nnught at all to htm.
He never knows financial Ills;
I!., doesn't hnve to skimp and trim.
He takes no Interest at all
In things political, yen see.
He docs not hear hits country's call)
No ofllce-seoklntt man Is he.
He dares not If It's wet or dry,
<~?r bitter cold or fiercely warm.
He cares not how the winds may
Presaging an nppronchinj; storm
He never takes a passing ::! men
At the official weather map:
And there Is not the slightest chancel
Thai he coul.l ever e re a M:.ip.
He's not arald of footpads or
Of burglars who break In and steal. '
He never must go begging for
The price to buy a good souar? ;
He doesn't enre how prices soar.
The cost of living I? a j.ike.
H" ne'er lets out h frenzied roar
The same as other common folk
He lets things happen ns they will
And takes th? good right with the'
bad. I
No bobby can give hlrh n thrill,
He's n?t a crank on any fnd. j
He nev. r speaks an unkind word
About a single living soul.
For gossip to him Is absurd.
Ills- tongue Is under strict control. j
"llomnrkaldc." of course you say.
r.'i! this man you will never know.
Because, you see, It Is this way:
They buried him ten years ago.
The Hook Worm \gii|n.
Ah sirhply f- eis Ink layln' 'round Rn* |
hin' got no ambition.
Ah f?els Ink. layln' on do groun*.
Ah feels dnt man cohd tlon
Pin' fit me to do no soht of wo'k '
and though et may soun' funny.
Ah'd rather J< s lo I nroUn' ah shirk
than m ike a pot of money.
De sun am shlnin' down troo de;
trees: do little b'lids am slnirln'i j
De breff of summah am In de breeze.
n sweet contentment lirlngln'.
Et sho'Jy am raising all kinds of hob j
with mah Old occupation,
Fo' ' kaln't do no whliowoshln' Job.
eil se?ms hen ath mah station, j
Ah feel* Ink kind of a millionaire
who hasn't got no worry.
Par sho'ly am something In de Mr
what tetls me not to hurry. i
De doctor dune nay All nln' quite i
Well, but he'i the gay deceiver:
Ah's simply a ho- 'n' mah annual I
spell of ohri :. o old spring fever. ]
nasehall Player Itiins Into Station
Laboring Inder Hallucination.
Laboring under the hallucination I
that every one lie met Intended to i
kill him, a man who said ho Was Bob- J
ort I. Carter. North Carolina, and
a baseball player, ran into the First !
Police Station vest- day afternoon and:
pleaded for Prot? -Ii. Believing the.,
man to Be 111, persons at ?.n> station
summoned the Cli Hospital ombu- !
lance, and Dr. II. a. Bullock respond-1
od, Me pronounced farter to be
drunk and upon verge of delirium
tremens as the result; of n protracted
spree, fatter admitted that he had
been drinking hard for more than n
week, He was hoi on a chnrge of
being drunk ftp! ---cnt to the City
.tall hospital.
Carter said that his ..onto' was in
North Carolina, hui that lie came to
Richmond from Beading, I'a, He de?
clared h" hod Intended to sign with
the Richmond Bill Club ns an out?
fielder. Ii" appi d to be about
thirty years old
Abe Martin
; TU' first thing S mo folks do when
they go out o" town is bunt up a mon?
ument f climb, j 1 i' i:*-tail tor Cole
Fluhart soys his fiuhor 'dlod a disap?
pointed man. Il- /. a power polltl
I rally for years, but he never got
j prominent enough t have his speeches
By John T. McCutcheon.
ICopyrltht; ma; ur jona I, McCulc?eoc.l
Erstwhile Roosevelt Leader Will
Speak for Regular Re?
publican Ticket.
Washington, July 2.?Senator Borah,
of Idaho, who led tho Roosevelt fight
In the Republican National Committee j
at Chicago and remained In close touch i
with the Roosevelt forces up to the I
time of the nomination of Tnft, was ?
cordially greeted by President Taft to- .
day whert lie entered the executive i
olflces to present a constituent.
Senator Borah announced at Chicago |
that he would not follow Colonel I
Roosevelt and that he would support i
the regular Republican ticket. had!
nothing new to say on the subject
to-day beyond the fact that his po- .
sitlon was already well known.
"?The Democrats at Baltimore are
doing splendid work for the ROpubll- ;
can party.' was the comment of the
Idaho Senator as to the Democratic
rumpus, "bUt I do riot wish to make
any statement at this time."
There is little doubt that Senator
Borith will bo oho of the most prom- i
Ineht of the Republican speakers In j
the coming Campaign, lie win go
into protr-sslve !:? p '.blirnn territory,,
where he has many friends who were
Strohe fol him ns a compromise can- |
dldnte at Chicago.
No lime ha.- 1>een given to the detutls
of the Republican nynt this year. The |
President lias :.r>' conferred with Sec
pettary Hilles, who la to run tli" cam
paign, oh plans for tine campaign,
everything being held up pending the i
outcome in tho Baitlmore convention
and the c-m'.ng here n.-xt Monday of
the executive committee of the Repub?
lican National Committee.
Tho Republican attitude will be
Shaped after '.he Democrats aet, and
after the program Of Colone] Roosevelt
becomes more definitely known, The
Jo itlon of national committee head?
quarters has not been determined, (but
"tvill probably be In Washington or New
Tork, ?with an Important branch at
Chicago, where Mr. Hilles will spend
much of his !!me
Tho prevailing opinion Is that the
R* p?bll ?'.?>.ns will be well supplied with
fand*. In th" tight for the nomination.
1t ?? understood, thf Roosevelt people
obtained three or four times as much
money a= did the Taft people, but in
the fight for the election the situation
will 1... reversed, especially If Colonel
Roosevelt looms up as endangering the
?Republican ticket.
Whatever Che views of Colonel
Roosevelt and hi* hackers ns to his
chances. It Is 'beyond question true
tlhat regular Republicans who dolly
visit the White Home are unanimous
In declaring that the new party will
make a comparatively poor showing,
and that the race will be between the
Republican and Democratic nominees.
HitSrtory Of varlOUS degrees and ages
oh Stan US' quoted to show that bolts
from the regular parly ar> usually un?
Ship Soil* Prom Xew Orlcunn for
New Orleans, La., July 2.?Inaugu?
rating service between the Mississippi
yalloy and South America, the IliitHh
steamer Inkume, of the recently formed
Mississippi Valley, South American and
Orient Steamship Company, sailed to?
day front this port for Brazil, carrying
n cargo valued at more than $1,000,
000 The new service, representing
the enterprise of many American mer?
chants and manufacturers, i* designed
to provide for all water shlj.nts
from MIsSlss pp| valley cities lo South
America, and upon the opening of the
i Panama Canal to the Orient.
! The departure of the first vessel was
made the occasion of an official demon?
stration, which was attended b.V mar.,'
business men from eitles of the Middle
W. St.
Itolllnaon Arrested.
fBp< clal to The Times-Dispatch.1
Lynchbttj-g, vn . July I.-?James Rob?
inson, white, who I'll" been hunted
during the past ni\ werk? on the
charge of attempting to attack Mrs.
Richard 1.1 to! ford. In Amherst county,
was arrCStod this evening by the local
police. He w.ll be tried In Amhcrst
k county.
News of South Richmond
Bout). Richmond Bureau, .
Tli.j Tlmea-THspatrh.
10J1 Hull .Street.
Phorie Madison ITS.
K.ir a consideration of r. It. II. llture.
trustee, yesterday, according. 10 n d'?d of
bargain and sole! entered rot record witn
Clerk waiter K DuVah of i!..- Hustings
Court; i'.ii i .-. transferred o> the Vn ? Se
? <:? 1.: property, making what I? aahl to be |
the largest transfer of 8outhsldo realty ?Iric?.
annexation. The im.nt valuable part of the
property ?? >.t. Hull sir..;, embracing Nu?. I
51 . 915 and fc'l Hull Street, wjth a!
nioge ..? ;<. feel and xw-t vxcant Iota on
II . ivltl ?? fron 1 age of eighty-eight I
(... between Klghth and Ninth. . tittier
i.r-.;.. 11 f waa Hi and M< !>? ???? .! Street,
fronting nlety feet between Fifth and J
Sixth; 1': Routh Thirteenth Street, with a
frontage uf sixty feet; vacant lot on Kley?
en 1 near Stockton. With a front?ge of I
sixty feet, tit I a let fronting 12: f??! en
Everett! e-tre.t between Eleventh and
Twelfth 8treeli"
Sniall Property Transfer.
Richard Roynll yesterday, according to a
deed ?>< bargain and sate off. tea for rear
Istrntlor.. aold to U. O. Moaley and r? K.
LaJ'rade, a piece uf property, fronting twen?
ty-seven fen on Tenth Btrtet near Stock-1
Unklar?* Aim t<> Meet,
The quarterly meeting the .South R|eh
monrl and Chesterfield BualneM Men's a sso- !
r quarter* in fraternal Hall. In vita-:
Hons to the randldatex for t!,? Admlhiatra-j
fh'Hr.l have 1.n Sent Oiitj and a ntim
i ber are < xp. rt. r| t? be pri si nt
Ktipervleors Meet Here.
work for '..':<? Ti n i furo?, for the next ?is
month* will be mapped out After the
meeting- the $ uper\ taora, accompanied ny
th>- advl(or) road boaul and repre*entatl\et
ol the Atlantic Co**t I.tne. will rteW, the
propblod croiwlngi In the .ounty.
Letting Out Premium l.i-t.
ManagrI burt ut the Cheaterflc'.i
? 'ounty Pair. ba? ee-nt the copy for the an?
nual premium 11et to the printer. The do. u
inent will i. ?,ui In about two week*, i'ha
Hat Will thl? year t>i a booklet of about
f"rty pager, .-.ml Will <ontaln full Inform*
? rrnlng the en'rl.? ana prlxe* Two
thousand copies evtll be printed.- and ?III
be distributed to the Urn applicant*
\ Uli* ltl< hmond Lodge.
Marty of the SoothaUte membera of the
.tumor i'rder United American Mechanic*
laat night united with their llichmond
friend* and paid a fraternal vtalt to Ke*cu*
. in II, So : Tide council l> the o'.deat la
the stnte. An excellent program W?s ren
dercrl und an enjoyable time reported.
I uneral <>f infant
The funeral of Kuiherln? Irwin, Infant
daughter of Mr. and Mr* E. L. Irwin. wn?
: t ' aftvrno n fr?nt the parent*'
home, iiu McTDonough Street. The burial
In Maury Cemetery
IVl tonal Mention.
left yesterday
vltit her paren
iisiting ri j ? i\?i
? n' y and jm, Melvln. will
War Department Plans Will Be
Carried Out?Appropria?
tion Bill Passes.
Washington. July 2.?The Houie ruehed
thro?gh yesterday a resolution Introduced
li> Representative Hay, chairman of the,
Rouse Military Affairs Committee, providing
for a Special appropriation of H.ltA.MjQ, a?lt- 1
ed for last Heek by President Taft, to pro-j
vide for the holding of the Joint militia I
and regular army Slimmer encampments j
already planned by tho War Department. ]
To-day the House rmnri the army appro?
priation bllli The bill contains ?ovfiral
,:. * 10 which the President bad ob- 1
locted lt> bis veto message, but did not 111
c nt,. any legislation which had been added
?? thi I'll! after It bad gone Into conti r
An attack on the way In which President
Taft vetoed the bill was made by Repre?
sentative May, of Virginia, tnis afternoon,
when in- hriiugiit up the oil" for discussion
and pastSgh, Mr. liny spoke for only a
t, w minutes, but he. had a large typewrit?
ten nianjiscrlpt on the subject of the veto,
which he asked to have inserted In the
iloenrit. Ill diseasing the matter, he IS Id!
"If the veto I' used In the manner to
which it !>? employed by President Toft,
theo Congress will be simply an agent for
registering th? will of th? oxeeullve. In
vetoing thin hill tlie President says hr will
e;n nny hi!' that has In It legislation
Which he approve!, but any appropriation
lilil which hat any legislation which h0
does not approve will not be signed by
him. He win sign any bill that takes'
m out Of t 10 Treasury, but he seems
unwilling to slsn a bill that will bring
about mi economy."
The bill, as discussed In the Ileus? to?
day, Is the same bill that wag pasted by
the House. It should not be confuted with
the bill as It v.as mart., up by the Conferees
of tie Mouse and Renate As the bill now
Hands Major-General Wood and his posi?
tion of il.lrf of staff Is not affected.
Tlie present bill cuts the number of cav?
alry regiments from fifteen to ten. it xeipes
out the appropriation for twenty-five fitmv
posts, und allows the Secretary of War to
abandon anv army poet he wlshos. The
five-year enlistment term Is left In the
I present bill, ,-inrt this Increase of the t>r:n
; of two years Is oae of the points on Which
j there Is great criticism of the War Depart
I ntent from certain officers of the War De?
This bin consolidates the departments of
the quartermaster general. commissary
general and paymaster general, and makes
:i great consolidation In ih?- eff|.?s of the
adjutant general, Inspector general nnd
i ehl, f of stofT.
I The bill earr|/,s nn appropriation of ?9;,
iCT.which Is nhoui It.eno fiM less than
I last year.
Oenernl Hokc Critically IJI.
[Sp. clal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. i
Raleigh. X. C.j July i.?,\ telegram
t this nftornoon to Alox Webb summon
I ed him to f.Ineolnlon on account of
the desperate condition of r;,,-.,] j>
F Holte, of Ibis eltv. now nt his sum?
mer home. The telegram Indicated
thai General Hoke war believed to h"
dying. Mrs Webb, who is General
Hnko's daughter, has been nt her fath?
er's bedside for several days. General
Hoke > ranking surviving ofllcer of
tho Confederates.
Aged Woman, in Attempting to
Cross Railroad Tracks, Meets
Her Death.
tSpcci.il to The Tiinca-Dispitch.]
Norfolk. Va . .Tnl\ 2,?-While .\fr*.
Martha Morris, aped seventy-live years,
u.is attempting to cross the Virginian
Railway tracks near hev horn* pear
Simpson's Biding thit afternoon about
?> o'clock, she was struck by a train,
sustaining Injuries which resulted In
her death a short while later.
Mrs. Morris, who resided near the
bi ? v.p of the accident, had. accordng
to the best Information, crossed the
tracks of the railway to gather some
garden truck. She was Just returning
to her homo when she was lilt by the
train. No. 2, bound for this city.
Coroner Carmine was notified of the
cldent and will hold an Inquest to?
J Mrs. Morris was highly esteemed In
the neighborhood In wh'ch she lived
I and there was general regret at her
j death.
Mrs Morris Is the mother of B. W.,
I .loscplt and William 8, Morris, of Nor?
folk; Mrs. Jones, of Coorapeke, N. C;
I Mrs l.asslter, of Portsmouth, and M ss
Saille .Morris; of Norfolk.
?mall Robberies Repeated,
Four small robberies w-*ro reported
to tile police yesterday. They were
os follows:
cuff Well Cigar Company, i3li Bast
slain Street, store* entered and a doz?
en boxes of cigars stolen.
Mvrtle Spence. West Canal
Street, }11 In currency stolen.
Edgar Roberts, "12 North rirst
Street, room entered, small sum of
cash and clothing stolen.
Lottie Hinke, 1110 East Main Street,
shoes stolen.
Engine Crosbes into Pole.
Leaving the rails of a spur track
in Pock Street at Ash last night
shortly nftnr 8 o'clock, a Southern
Railway shifting engine crashed into
a telephone pole, snapping it In half.
,No one was hurt. A defective ratl
?en. said to bo the onu?o of the ac?
National State and
City Bank
ntehmond. Vlrftlnln,
Solicits Tour Account
Capital. 81.OOO.O00. Surpia?.. ?.100,00ft,
Best by Test for forty ycara.

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