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Jewelry, Watches, Umbrellas
and L.i'sa Valuable Uuuda
Await Rightful Owners.
Baltimore, July o.?Uhu clearing out
of tha great hall in which the l>omo
ciatio National Convt litlon met has
been completed. All kinds of articles,
including bottles oi over) description,
have been found; including, a package
of ten pounds of Mi^.ir n? i? 1 a half
dozen water glasses, which wore under
one delegate's chair, litptidreds ol un
ola'med articles are at pollco head
quarters, und pieces ol jewel')'; u h.ilr
doseh diamond brooches and ether val?
uables have .been restored tu the own?
ers. Other articles range from um?
brellas to banes, cuff buttons, hatpins,
tobacco pouches and u smaU mirror tu
u pound package uf tartaric mid.
Among the articles was a gold
hunting cube watch, with a silk tob
und locket. Identified by ana deliv?
ered to j. J. McGovern, a justice of
the peace in Uridgeton, X. J, Four
?straw huts also await claimants, two
mileage books, two Hunnuiu huts, one
cut button with a diamond chip, one
kid glove, a Cathoili prayer I.k and
a light-colored vest, probably dotted
by some chtliuslastit delegate when
liiere was a demonstration for his par?
ticular candidate. One ice puu also
t awa'ts a claimant, and u tin bucket ib |
another contribution to the "fotuid at
convention'' list. <
There were tw.ent yuthbrellas found
lr. the hall and delivered to the po?
lice during convention wcoki and live]
oi these Have been Identiilud and re?
turned lo their Owners, a ptdi ? : Kola
eyeglasses with heavy louses has not
)ft been claimed. There \\ lutlu
money found in ttie ball, or it It vuis
it wua not tui ned 6>*er to the police, I
for the total "found'' receipts of cas.iti
amount t'< $5.00, a portlhu oi the.
amount beiu); in small cola picked up
in different ucctlohs of the armory.
The thousands of persona who at?
tended the Sessions of the convention
und witnessed the wild ?icinohslrnlions
when the names of favorite candidates
Were mentioned and saw port-oils Jump?
ing on tiie chairs will l;u Intcresteil lo
know that out of I6.00U chairs Iii tlio
hall lci-a than twelve, were broken.
I-Lity, however, have disappeared, and
Jacob IMnlielro, of Philadelphia, who
furnished lhem, said t -day that they
hod probably been carried away as
souvenirs. A loc.ii sucnmbonl company
has bought U60 of the chairs, and
about <00 have been sold In Philadel?
Existence of DlNeiiae Man in , u Drfl
nltrly Determined;
Havana, July 6!~The existence of
b-ubonlo plague III IlAvana has been
definitely determined A gppcial board
of physicians las pi mouncod the case
? t Los Antmns Hospital triio bubonic.
The patlettf Is ... Mi rtdea Clucrra, a
Leading Figures in Wilson's Campaign for Presidency
Senator lleiijnmiii Tlllniuii, ?t South
< nrollnn, on *i??? \i-rt, eouKrutuladuR
Woodrovr \\ llsfin.
\\ II II \ M f. >|.( m|||?i,
ott tin* rlulit. ettniptuKii iiimmucr for
Wood rot' \\ II., dlncitvilng th(.nt?
Inis efiiiiiinlirn tvltfti Tum TnigKcrt, Dent
ncrittlc lender or Ittilinnn,
Spaniard, employed on a sower ron
tract. II? was taken Hl .inly .1 ?t
Iiis lodgings close to ib.? palac*.
Ouorrii i* anlti to tu dying! and
tili.thor patients are reporti-tl dead
at Hu) some hospital with marked
symptoms of the plague. The secre?
tary of snnllatlotl ordered Intihedl :>
Mitigation of tlio infected house us
Well as nil others In that vicinity, in?
cluding the palace. President domes
?ml his faintly left to-day for their
country home nt Calabazar.
At pros, nt tl'.e question of Isolating
Havana front the interior Is not being
considered. The rat-kllllhg corps of
I be health department has been largely
Moose vet 1 llonnicrfi to 11011 out Ir
grcsslve t iiitipalgn.
New-nil!. N .1. July C.? It was an?
nounced to-day that there will be a
conference of the leaders of the noose
veil league at the olllce -if former
I.nirai i?Uo.r Mr. nuil >lra. Thorium It. >liirnbnll, tuk-ii a I lliclr l>..ni<- in
Culiitublii City, Iu<l.
Home or Tlionmn it. Mnrxhnll, Demo frolic nominee for Vlcc-I'rcalilcnt, ni
< 'oliuubla < My, I ml.
Soyernor J, Franklin Kort Monday
litght, at which i> 1 i111n for the third
party1 m?v?mohl in this State vu'i ho
Takl r the recent primaries .is their
h.:-is of calculations, the 11 iosovi II
leaders! predict that they qah name
:!'.? electors thai will ho placed on the
regular Republican ticket In S'ovetr)
ber. It la also planned to place ROoao]
vcll tickets in the Heid Ir. every 1
county In the State.
??l.lMlc Hctl School lions.-" \o Immer
ITdves Mtrncllve.
Ctlli apd, .itily B. ?The ??llltle red
school house'' hi so ? unattractive" that
-more tltnii two-thirds of the 12.0<.>
pupils in tho rural public schools mil
to reach a high standard in the Ii* i
That condition was described as n
menace to ctiucatlnnal progress and its
, ,.r the reasons why the country
Child looks IdtlKlnprly toward the city
In n speech snbinlited to tile National
Council oi" Kduenlion lo-day. The
council no t prior to the opening here j
on Monday of the IIf I loth nntiunl con
ventloh of ti:.- National Educational
iclalion. 'i ll- conditions surround?
ing the traditional "little red school
house" Were described us so deplorable
ti. t the council considered h plan to
Iij vei the national association employ
ah expert to investigate and report
i on t in ill dist rlcls.
11. Ti iriiirclilld, state Superintendent
of l'uldic Instruction r.f Topckh; Kan.,
land .fames y .loj-'ncr. of Unleltrh; N. <*.. .
tl< tared thai "the country child is n
i neuliieted child, anil the countr; school
I hom e a neglected school house."
j The lehcliiiiM of ach ntlilc farming
? and ijrul.t growing, with fpccinl
I ' i' ? r. ? ? ? to local c.ontl I lions, was recom
I mended as an incentive to renewed
? Int- rest in rural education.
I not in,i: (.i tun vt as'i'on tomh.
liieud- I.row Alixii n< IVhcn T?va >lore
Men Are Added,
lllST?ltr-MAKI.Mi sllll' HOTS.
Ituick Action Ii) I'ulilie Needed to
Save old I'rl^nte I'oi'iMtrllittloii,
> '? Coil '?? il.i'.Vnn, Triixton'a gallant
? : i > : cloartid th? '.ihu^oi'
i'.-.'i,c!i pel vatorvs and lowered the
leol?ti or imiay a hostile craft In the
! \ ..r ? ? 1*12' ''ts off NcWporft. it, I..
\ ltl( b It Ohl iiio^ Many patriotic so?
ld 'i. ?? uro pressing i lie Navj Depai i -
h i nt to i-. e in it that she is preserved.
tVhlic t ore in ii slum,; eentlihont In
i Hi. navy for the preservation of tho
fur ,oils old ships which lit at won re
HJ? ' for the Hug on the hi^h seas and
Iii: the traditions which have been
.perpetuated by the fleets of Ironclads,
j i ii ? - has lo >?? tofdro been reluctant
j l ? i ;?; oprlate for hi
I The famous Constitution ''Old Irori
i ? a loving nation was savel
from nn Ignofnlhous end only after the,
Benins ,.i Oliver 'endell Holmes h oi
lortnllxcd her name In verso that
stirred the land She now swings In
the tides of notion hailiur ?luui; a
training ship's duty.
The Constellation; too, is being used
as n training ship, but she soon will
be t.>kon out of commission and
1 ?? ::.!?: to Annapolis. The Navy De?
partment has no money to rebuild her
old hulk, and unless a patriotic pub-'
lie. sentiment demands her preservu
t on, trie once magnificent olu frigate
will become ? rotting wreck or old
timbers mi'l moss.
\rw WorldVi Aero Record,
Leipzig, ?'.?/many, duly 6.?The Ger
man aviator. riehlrrtnelstor, has estab
Cured by
and Most
Factory Mgr. Am.
Tob. Co. Say*:
"I have been suffer?
ing very muoh fiunt
Eczema I n my lie > I.
can lag Itchlrtc of tiio
si .du for several roars.
1 was of'en waked up
at uiein scratching
my bead, and was pre?
vented f r oia ?leep.
After taking four Imt
lles of Mi LAM, 1 feel
entiroly relic v e d,
though 1 "inc to nie it ro as to be
?uro the trouble eradicated from my system.
[Sliinedj R. U. SHACKLEFORD.
Danville. V.. laroil SO, 1810.
F.C7?m? cf 2(> Years Standing Cured.
nifton, \V. Va'? July 16,1010.
he Milam !I< . ?? Co., Danville, Va.
: a lary l.nt I wrote you re
nrdlmi Mil i ou ?nid you would cure ?.?>?
nil Hi V. dl, \ . ,a l;..rp it all.
nil .ell. I feel boiler thsn I have
.ye?i tin .. . Am finishing up ??>' sth
. ? H t.' w alter ?0 years o; Eczema
in cured, w itli 11 ,t wishes,
\ ? . > :.p.:etful!y.
ilolent Form of Eczema.
Blanche, N. C, .Inly I?, laiQ.
. Danville, Va.
?? beert affHcied with a lor
pronounce i bv the phyti
i," arid havebad it for ten
I t of the physicians ever rci
.tinned to crow worse and
? work. By the advice of my
?so tOttitO Milam on March
ti .1 the read lo recovery,
. entirely cured. 1 am now
. inconvenience from it.
ire lit civins this c ertificate
, -real medlciue.
i'oura truly.
Ank Yo ir Clrupgidt or Writ?
... c Co.. Danvilla, l/a*
t Becnred or
I ee
to fstentablT'ly. Quid?
Inventions Wanted nnd
Inventions sent free.
' Victor J. Evans & Co.
\1 .'i-l.lnclnn,
King's Dollar Day
All Summer
Everything in the house re
duccd. Values as high as $3.00
per pair for you ui
ei? .& ?
One More
of Bargains
The crowds at our store the
past week forces the King to
continue this groat feast for an?
other week.
Gunmctal Pumps,
Tan Pumps,
500 pairs Women's
White ( anvas
Hutton Shoes,
Women's Tan
( ol' irtiul Pumps,
Women's Patent
Oxford Ties.
1,000 p-.iirs Women's Patent One ant! Two-Strap Pumps, low and high heel,
all this season's stock and worth S.i.OU the pair.
\\'? imon'i
I 'tinips,
I 'timi>
Soft and
tsy Wcarihj
Ho\ s' Shoe-,
for general
Patent and
Tan Pumps,
all leathers,
Misses' W hite Canvas Pumps, one
and two-Strap, low heel.
Missfs' White Canvas Button
>hocs, high slant top, pearl buttons,
Cor. 5th and Broad.
King of Shoes
ilshed ii new world's record for du- |
ration of time in the, air with four I
passengers. iljg machine remained
.ilolt 33 minutes and 42 seconds. Thu
previous record under similar condi?
tions? J2 minutes and 33 second?was
ma.;.i by Hoffman at Johann sthaJ,
Ma roh >.
Chanted With Ising Glrro to Unlock
l-Tal to Hu? I'nla,
Xew York. July u- Ann'c Lewis, six?
teen je.old, with a muss of dark
brow II na.tr tailing around her should?
ers, ; uked t oar roily llw at Magistrate
Oorrlgan In Coittro street Court yes?
terday afternoon, and said she wasn't
a burglar or anything of the sort.
Detective Raphael had a rather dif?
ferent account of tno way Annie came
b) her ii:.cry. >io said lie had touud
tnai Annie, leading three hoys, had
Climbed it,., Ore ufeape -if *. Hector
Place, oh the night of June 25. Annie,
he declared, cm out a pane from a
window in tho flat or Airs. Kuunlu
Rfiblnowlts; with her diamond ring and
the boys worked the window open
and climbed In end stole a lot of
? loth::, k .m.l silverware worth about
? 60, which they gave Annie.
POISON l\ tri: 0HBA3I ? III UN.
Serious Mistake Mnkr* Si-ioml ISntera
ol the Stuff Ml.
Phllllpsburg, N. J., July e.?A dozen
or mm: residents "f tins town were
niude Ill Thursday by ?ut.tng lc? cre.;tn
purchased from n local mantlfact :?
und; while a majority have recovered,
several clill are In n serious Cond -
tlon. An investigation by the police
disclosed that. In the curry of making
the loo cream, an employe of ti e ?
tubltshnient dumped a bottle of po' 01
ous llt|iild into the churn, think' nr. ':
was the flavoring cxtriiot for which
he h id reached.
Believed Ho W lit Observe lllrtbdny by
Making tleneroa? lilfts.
[Slieolal to Tho Timea-rJlspat?h. 1
Cleveland, O.; July r..?it Is expected
thut John D; Rockefeller will follow
the example he sot himself a year ago
and give away several millions when
he celebrates his seventy-third birth?
day to-morrow.
The oil Ulug has not Riven away any
large amounts for a considerable time,
and many schools and colleges are
anticipating his birthday with a cer?
tain amount of hope.
Could llnve Come Nearer Komlnatlon ?t
Chicago, lie snys.
Lincoln1, Neb.. July C?"Never In my ex?
perience," ?md William Jennings lirvan.
oh his return homo yesterday, "ha* victory
hung by such n slender thread, and no. r
has !t bn-ii dependent upon so many per?
sons about whose position I knew nothing.
"Never for n moment did I delude myself
Into believing that I could seciira the nom?
ination ?t Baltimore. 1 told the, uepulill
cani that I could conn- nearer being nomi?
nated nt Chicago than at Baltimore. That
was my belief before I went to Chicago,
and after the Republicans had nominated
-Mr. Taft, by means that T'Sx-tll not now dj ?
nciibe, and nft-r Mr. Rooaevell had an
nounced bl< willingness to ran as n third
candidate with a new party, I fell that the
one thing to do nt Italtlinoro win to write
? platform so progressive and nominate a
candidate an progressive that Itootovfli
Would find no excuse for running.
?If ?Mark had come nut as Wilson dirt,"
?aid Mr Bryan, referring to the temporary
? halrmanshlp iisln, "if he had refusi ? to
il ,,v. hla leaders to place him In the posi?
tion he occupied, the result of Md? conven?
tion might have been very different."
Ilrynn Absolved From < hnrKc of ?Pnt
tliiit tiue Over on Wilson."
Washington, July f<. ? William .Tcn
ilngs Bryan didn't "put one over" on
lovornor Wilson in the plank of the
Baltimore platform which declares for
0 single presidential term and pledges
lie nominee to that proposition.
This assertion was made by a man
who wps n member of the committee
1 i resolutions und platform nt Rultl
more. He snid the story so widely
? rinted. Intimating that Bryan was re?
sponsible for the one-term plank, and
that he had framed it up with a view
to seeking the nmnlitnHon for himself
III ISlfi. wan without foundation.
There had been Considerable discus?
sion in the Committee on Resolutions
over a declaration for n single presi?
dential term of six years, but the com?
mittee whs divided on this point and
so the plank wns silent on the length
of tho term. There wns the same di?
vision of sentiment over the length of
the presidential term among Democrats
In the House and Satiate; But. there
was siibstnivtlnl agreement on the
proposition that n President should not
bii eligible to a. second term.
Walter M. P?kc line l ?ml \uneh of
Henri Trouble in -irr.i
Seized With it viol-tit attack of heart-:
trouble, Walter M. Pago, .'.'J years old.
? if 127 Cedar Street, Chelsea Ulli, last'
nlKhl about !> :i<i o'clock, went Into the]
home of Maud M'tchell. colurej. 40)
North Fifteenth Street, und asked tori
; i rmissiou to nit down a moment. It
ivua granted, but ho fuiied to recover
froth Uio attack und died bcioiu medl
cat uld arrived.
Mr. Pave, w;io leaves a wife and
twelve-months-old child, has been
sutlerlinj Mom ne.irl trouble for aev
eral inuiitha It was said, lie was pns
HliiK the home of the colored woman
when ho had h sudden und violent
seizure. Thn Woman quickly sum?
moned aid, und In 11. a. Bullock, am-]
i buiance surgeon of the <Ju> Hoepllul, I
was called. While the 111 man was j
being made comfortable lm died before i
Dr. Bullock arrived.
Coroner T?ii lor was notified arid to
directed that Uie t ody b< tur-'T i over
to relativ.,'., ile will examino 't today.'
Bight-Vear-Old ll<>) Held for Steading
Sum of Mono?
McKinley McClurv, .-.u eight-year
' old negro, was arrester) yesterday by 1
I Detectives Bailey and Atkinson, on tlo.'
I charge of atfiullng $IS from Mrs. tier- j
I 11 udo M.i> niird.
John Marshall; colored, was arrested I
liv O'ficer Spurr und locked up at the'
I First Police tor carrying a conceali d
w. apoti.
Thomas Smith, colored. foijrteen
years old, wa.- arrested by P.oiiccmttri
Thomas as an escaped Inmate of tiio
Iteformntory at Hanover (."ourthouse.
lie was taken to the Second rollen
Station and will he returned to Han?
over this nfternoon.
?too Williams, colored, wan arrested
on a warrant sworn out by K t\ T?y-1
lor oliar^lntf him with cruelly treating
a hOTse.
Thomas Burns was arrested for
bo'llg drunk arid, disorderly In the Bex 1
Theatre. When Officer Wyalt t,.o',< html
I in charge he struck him. Ho will also!
.have to answer the charge, of resist
!?"*? _ 1
Report* Pocketuook stolen.
Miss N. Saddler, of 15 South rifth
Street, reported to the pollen of the
Second IMstr'ct yesterday afternoon
Hint her home wan entered during the
day and a pOcketbook containing
J'nthcr end ^ mimr Son Held Da
Suanlelona t hnrnctcrM.
.fames II. llowell, -Is years old, and
Ids llfteen year-old t*on. James, wore
arrested last night by Deteotlvo-Ser
gcants Wiley and ICcllnm and taken to
the Second Police station whore they
were chorgod with belrig suaptclous
ohoractors, suspected of having < "m-1
mtttod larceny. The officers allege that|
B?weTI Is n worthless check operator,
and Is bellevod to have passed several j
In Richmond, It was also said that i
the man Is guilty of several small
robberies, and. according to the de?
tectives, lie used his son to carry out
some of h's plans.
Lightning Strike* Ten! in which l'hr?
lind goujrbl *.tarlirr.
Rprintrfloid, in., juiy 6.~ si\ officers
and one private Of iho First JieK |.
mont, Illinois National Guard, which
arrived ul Camp Lincoln early this
morning for their annual encampment. .
wore Injured when ft holt of lightning
"truck a tent In which they sougin
sholior from n severe norm whtcu
struck here late to-day. The Injured:
Major Abel Davis, Captain i-uul fj. Gale.
' mpany Ii. Lieutenant George P.
. Company Kj Lieutenant Berry
Klugmsn,' Company II; Lieutenant W.
II Tro\ei|. tmtlalloi, adini.i ut. .?????: ?ca..t
1 'cks >n, C impany If; Private Christen
aou. Company .\.
All the Injured ara residents of Ch -
cago, Major Davis, who waa perhaps
the most seriously Injured, is in a c.-tt.
ical condition Uta t?ngue was black?
ened nod tho soles of nla shoes wore
hurried: lie is the recorder ol Cook
county and active 'n politics. Tho In?
jured were t'tken to Ihn post hos?
pital, where II was said to-night they
would rv< over.
will. >n:i i m:\t \i main ton.
I Rural Mnli Carrier* of Virginia End)
tnnual Senslon.
Norfolk, VS . duly 6 ?Tho Rural
Mali Carriers' Association of Virginia.
I concluded its ninth annual session
? here to-day, selecting Ktaunton as the
inevt place of meeting on July 2, 3
and 1. lDirt.
\v I. Itsmmersley, of Randolph, and.
R. T. Holtzel, of Mount Clinton, were,
elected delegates to the national con?
vention lit Nashville, T' nn.. September
13. The following officers were elect?
ed: President, G. F. uiurray, Boon*
Mill; vice-president, K. S. Moore. .Saxe;
secretary-treasurer, ('. 1J. Connor,
Notarial Thrnvra Elflj Feel, hol Eaw
cupes Serious Injury.
Kaston, Pa., july ??Roy Kiefer,
president of tn.- lAfayettc Motor Car
Company, of this bit y, had a mlracu
lotia escape from death yesterday morn?
ing, when his automobile exploded HC
I Sandt's Eddy, about three miles from
here, and hurled htm fifty foet through
1 t he air.
Kiefer was on his way to Flastori. As
I he passed'the farm of Wllltam Stou*.
i ti,.- latter, who was working In tho
Held, noticed that the nutomobMc waa
on lire. BtOtss yelled to attract Kief?
er'.- attention, hut failed to stop him.
Then Mr. HtOtr, took a cut through
; the held, heading off the autnmoblllat,
and bringing him to a slot.. As Klefor
tried lo crawl out of tho car the big
1 gasolene tank exploded, tearing the
machine to pieces and hurling him Into
I n nearby Held. Although he was paln
lully bruised, the most serious Injury
he sustained was a badly burned hand
Parts of tho car were thrown Into a.
nearby field, the steering wheel land
?rig In a truo 110 foot away.
Aged Gardener Would Not < lnlm'
?15,000,000 Rstnto.
London .lulv 6.?-11 has Just been
learned thai Richard Walters, an aged
gardener, who died recently In Auck?
land, New Zealand, was the long miss?
ing heir to a ^ 15,003,000 estate in Chan
j eery. Walters knew he was the heir.
and his employer urged him to prose
! cute his claim, but the old man said
1 be was satisfied with his .slntlnn In I
I life, and sent word that he regarded .
' the' fortune as not 'worth tho trouble.
Malaria is a species of blood poverty known nr. Anaemia. In the firs&
stages of Malaria the complexion becomes pale and sallow, the appetite ia
affected, the system grows bilious, and there is a general feeling of weak*
iiess. As the circulation becomes more thoroughly saturated with the ma*
______ larial infection,thc digestion is deranged, chills and fe
^<!^|ji^^^v ver eoine and fro, skin disease ;, boils, Bores and ulcers
^gtf^ZUI^jiSjwS^ break out. Malaria can only be cured by removing the
l A*Zti ,?gfa genns from the blood. S. ?S. S. destroys every particle
[fCJ C*J 1 of malarial infection and build:; up the blood to a
\ (?-'? '/. t 'S) b&iw / :'*rn,1M> Ii?iiiri:.hing condition. Then the system rc
* ^ * ^?Jr ??< iv. ::. i!:; p:..pt r amount of nut rime nt, sallow eoniplex
Mions grow ruddy and healthful, the liver and digestion
are righted anil every symptom of Malaria passes away.
S. 8. S. cures in every case because it purifies the
blood. S. S. S. is a safe and pleasant remedy as well as an efficient one.
book on the blood and any medical advice free to all who write.

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