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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, July 21, 1912, Image 6

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# PK
n t
>. ?51 - A>n Ii. n \ viu. I
willie e. chadwick.
! ? ?' / ^i- \ ofc ?- SS
" ? A. \\. ZA DER,
e'dith \i Lex.
\ ei i ii i (h l |%v.
i\ int in>\\ m;ii.
LOTTIE du K i n SOX.
W/ir.rr?.Eii SEM Ann ??
\irnm \? nn \un.
ran? Fourth tn rrtersbiiTTT.
r?sr rdl'or.-I hop<! you dopt think that
I v, forgotten th? club. That would ba
Impossible. I'm going to try to win a,
- '-. The Fourth of July was ranged
?,-\- qiiUtl] nter here. I heard ten tire,
works shoot. Think of that] Enclosed I?
? story end seme punles I remain, your
old member.
Petersburg. V?
Bending: rhallkl tor 1'rl/c.
'ftear Editor,? Please do not think be
r.imr 1 did not acknowledge my prise that
I nut hiiapprculuf Ive. The beautiful p.rlsc!
Von couldn't have pleased me better, t !
>>? -1 In need of one. .Many, many thanki
for lt. I am sending 'his wrek. a? you
requested, it composition en my choice of ,
Preildent. and hope it ?hall prove worthy
? printing lyilh wishes of beat success
nl the club and ii? member*. I remain,
your old member.
mvi.vo H. white.
Preise? Several Members.
Pear Editor. I am lending a dratttnr this]
rweek which t hope ?III ttnd a place en
ih? page. 1 think the Chadwick girls
?Wilte real nie? etoties. end I was very
?orrv to li'.vr of Bessie's i\< kneae. I think
Curtis Elder had a tine July h'adtn? last
?cell, end bottle Dlckenaotl also had a
nlre drawlna I ea? the first part Of
Harn Chadwick'* siery. "Hobnobbing,'.'
em id. net sec the lint psrt Van Miller
hurt n nice drawing Ian week and Dorothy
Smith ha'l ? (toed store 1 am saying ?II
mv drawings ? hat are In print to make a
scrap hook I h?\e (even or elsht now.
?m niM watching an?t waiting each Sun
da< ? i aee II tb'r? I? another one that t
can add to nty lint, Wishing iu"'?? to all
!>ie member*. I am your true member.
PMJItStfCK cot.i.iv.
BJ2 West Orace Street. RKhmnnd. Vs.
Teil? Almut Picnic.
Dear Editor,?I have lust get bark from
h plcnli There were four of us. We ran
.-, i.,., nnd I heal We had H fine time.
l\ round .i ?ho:. lot of pretty pebbles nnd
..: .i things. I am awfully tony Dbastu
t.'hartwlek is sick. Hope she will bo better
soon What has became of Susy Crooks?
Editor, please send me n list of rules,
liuoil link to all.
Floyd, Vs,
Tells Alimil Fulrt-Smncs.
Bear Editor]?I am sending a rtrawlr.a
whli h I Hop* to ace printed. My sisters
wont h;. in ihr Fulrv-siuiic Mountain the
Fourth ?! ,lu > and brought back thous?
and- ol fair; -si.s. I think tin y uro so
pretty TheJ an ns thick us rocks bu the
mountain. Wishing sou and all tue I'. [>,
i' i'. mcmbeisi a p.-od success, will close.
> our member,
BaSaett, Vu
U'rU'c About Her tl.int
Deal Editor,?1 havi been going to write,
but have been putting It off. item are
two drawings. Nannie, our goat, la sick.
Helen and I gave her a dose of quinine
this morning Vou would laugh to ire
such funny seat doctors It Is so hot I
am n? lazy as our eat Oood-by.
Lorraine, Va.
Interested In T, f> C. C. Page.
Dear Editor, ?1 am very much Interested
in the T l>. C. i.1. i'.ige. and would like
to bei oinc a member ol your club. 1 ant I
sending you a dinning which I certainly I
pi i> ill escape Mr. Waatebasket. When
ybu send me my badge, plrusn send me
ihi :ulcs also Yours truly.
ISlt West Orace street. City.
A New Member,
I'esi Edltor,?1 have been yery Interested |
:n ii.e paper, inoklng nt the pictures and
tttariea, tau ivould like to join. 1 urn
?ending you .i little plctufa which I would
like to sec In the paper.
MART cooke,
Frederick's Hall, Vs.
f\? mpalhj fur the hielt.
Dear- Editor,?Enclosed you will find a
drifwlng. Which I suppose U too large to I
be published; als,? a story about milk,
which I liop< ?Iii ne primed. I was very
soiry 16 hear 61 yoil being si.-k; also one
of Hu Chadwick girls l.ottie Dtckenaon. |
lei me congratulate for bring a prize win
r.T I will new close. Your member.
..'it." Venshie Htreet, City.
Delighted to \t lu .'rise.
I'ear Kditoi. I surely was surprised and
delighted when 1 saw my name among
- ?? of prls.e winner*, in Sunday's Pa?
pel You ? I n't Imagine how hnppt It niail"
ihe feel I havep't gotten it yet. bill Iiopu
d i .-t.tiK \ ...i se much for It.
I - Mltlllg bl im ?lde watching nie
I in. i w?euer dogs Sport and
Dtile, und I certainly do think a lot of |
Iben. I hfii? Iiiree cuts and one of
h prellt while and black rat,
itlileJi intrhea chickens, so we hav,
ri ?: lied ail the lime I thought
tl.htlck't poem, "Memories of a
? - lieantlttil I let e to lead
i.ri I i.iiisi .-lose as it I? get
i Ret cited Her I'rlie.
j |.c,ir Editor, The beautiful wstcb fe^
Ived yesterday, and for I? accept
' ma i (hanks fi'-m tour Hille meinb^?- t
? t-er? stirry to fcetr of ne;.i? Chadwick
r ||ck and bop* sbe Will SOOn be well.
I Tlianklne t ci, again for i he r-!s?. I r?.
r i have been thinking thai I
?o the r r> v c for a ton?
?? read the I'U' md thltift It
But I am t" ?11 and lone
dear mnfh?r pafted awae from
tun? I tnd t nilsii her so
ri sendin? s drawing and bird
1 1 h?p? will e? ,i>. ihe .tasta
ne? rnerr'"
M|ci WHBE1 i h ?frtt-ARP.
M N I M Mtf. Mll. t '-i VISIT.
was a . summer evening when
Mar; s mother said * he was going to
t i train to m?'-t tief Aunt Margaret
Man and mother were waiting when
the train earn* Up, and Ann? Mnr
gare! gel off They went home The
\rrv n'vi day tlicy all three went to
thl seashore ;ii-,d had a fine Ilm?.
I 0(1 Fast ClSy Street, Richmond ,Va
Hl "i It 11' I ION or ill || KLAfi.
0 ir flag I? ver- pretty. It I? shaped
like a rectangle tvlth the MartH In one
''-;-.er Ther? are fortv-elght atara In
the flag and each op.e Man*.* for a
Statte The stars are white, with hlue
I ft md therr, T1-? stripes are red nnd
white Th?r? ?.i? thirteen In number
Thev $tand foe the vhlrteen colonies
In the time of the Revolution.
""emrosed b- MARIAN MOTLZT.
L'r:t-r Zion, \'a, t <
Read the Rules Carefully
My Dear Boyr- and Girls:
So many now member* have com* In
during June and July and there have
b?rn co many requests for copies op
Hie rule* that they are be|ng published
ajtalti to-day, He sure and read them
carefully Many of the old members
are violating these rules weekly, and
for that reason often are disappoint \l
In having their contributions printed.
The most common violations are using
both sides of sheet, drawings ill pencil
or colored crayons and Stoibs or let?
ters over 150 words In length. Any one
of these violations will send your work
to the waste basket.
Now, children. w?- havti very few
rules, and they arc easily understood.
Try and live Up to them In the future
r have been much Interested In' your
letters giving jour preferences as to
the man who is to he the future Pres?
ident of the United states, snd I would
like to hear further from you on this
subject. The state Fair is drawing
nearer and nearer each day. and I hope;
our girls and boys are Interested tr|
the magnificent exhibits that will bo
inade, in the corn; In the canning. In
the fancy work and In the cooking con?
I wish to extend a hearty greeting
to our large number of new members
anil wish you all to join me In welcom?
ing them Into our midst.
riie attention of eluh memher? I*
called i" ike aecesallj of their tel?
ler- being addrcNHed to I he "Editor
of the i bildren'a Parte," Letter*
?ent addressed i<> the "Editor of The
Tlim'H-ninpntcli" from glrln mid boy*
eiiiine much cnafualon and needle**
work. Sign Idlers and NtorlcM ?Ith
name nud address In full, and write
mi one side of itie paper only.
CM H l?t LES.
1 It is necessary to apply by letter |
to the editor for a membership badge, j
Aftrewards, to bo a member in good
standing, it Is necessary to be a reg?
ular and interest) d worker along some
line preferred?that 's. in the Writing
of stories, puzzles or letters or in '
It is necessary to write in ink and
ion one side of the paper only, to write
neatly and distimiiv. with attention to
punctuation and spelling. All original
composition will receive preference
over selected articles.
a. it is ei.dally necessary to sign
everything sent In?not letters merely
bti( everything?-with the full name and
address of the sender.
4. Only those drawings done with
p.-u. in black Ink. on white paper, will
I>e accepted, as Others cannot be repro?
Prizes sre awarded weekly and
medals ui vcu monthly for the l>
contributions during the week and
month. Stories must be limited In
length to 16,0 words. Look to those
limits if you desire to see them in J
print. Letters should not be over 1'") |
words, and as much under as possible
Mini Florence Collins, 23S3 West Grace
Street, city.
Mies Marguerite llrnndrup, l.orrnlne, Vh.
ill?? Edith Allen, 22Sity& \ enable Street,
HIE v\ KEK'S < <>\ i it i ii t runs.
Allen, Edtth Jones, Blrdlc 1..
Holling. Ethel G. Loving, Irene M.
Rrosdrup, M Lincoln, Elizabeth
Rrondrup. Helen Motley. Marlari
Bowman; Wilbur Mason. Margaret B,
1 Batley. Clifiord Neuman, Mary
Chadwick, W. E Pannlll, Mary E.
I Cocke, Katlierlrie Panhlll, Amy ii
Cooper, Rebecca Fl. Rlicutan, Dorothy
I Chappell. Thomas Richards, Ramon I..
Collins, Neide S. Itans,.|i. 1 ,vra V.
Collins. I-" s. Howe, Glndys C.
I Cooke, Mary Rudd, Rachel
Cooke, Elisabeth Beward, Wheeler
i niekenson, E M. Shands, \V. R,
Drake. Nicholas Taylor. Qladya
1 Hattorf, Alvln Wnde, MargHret S.
Howard, Mary Ella Washer, Alice If,
I Howard, Kehl Watson, Martha
Muri?. Annie White. Irving II.
H urls Idj Wilkinson. Edna M
Jackson, David wtebke, Quisle
/ander. R Whltlock.
The Hesperus was a schooner nwn'd
i>\ a skipper The skipper's company
was his little motherless daughter,
Fd"e uere her eves as the fairy-flax,
Her ?hreks like the dawn of day.
And her bosom white as the haw
thorne buds
Thnt ope In the month of May.
"">ii? Mnrmy nicht an old sailor said
to the skipper: I fear a hurricane. It
would he hest ii put Into vonder port,
f^st night th? moon had a golden ring.
To ii I st h t the moon Is gone." The skip
per laughed scornfully,
j tt v at \er. roM and windy that
i night \ gale swept from the north
? an. ihe snow w-as hissing in the
brine. The. storm cam* down and
smote, the schooner, which shuddered
iand then leaped her cahle's length
i Then spoke th, -kipper: 'Com* here.
my little Beatrice. Why sre you
I tronfbllng so " He wrapped her In hi
warm coat After that he cut a rope
from a broken spar and hound her to
the mast.
Eater Iteatrlrr heard the sound nf
Riirch bells. She asked the skipper
What It meant He said ?' 'Tis a fog
beii on a rockbound coast." Then he
steered for the open sea "Father. I
hear the sound of guns. Whit may It
he?" asked Reatilce. "Some ships that
e.-mnot live long are in distress "
Later she sa^\ a gleaming light and
repested her question The skipper
didn't answer because ha was a froiten
1 Poor Beatrice prayed to G'^d that
she mlrht be y< ed fmm such an
awful death Tri* Hesperus struck be?
fore the fleecy ivi es, the rru?! rock*
gored her side. Uki> a vena*: of glass
she sank. In the mi mlhg n fisherman
found Beatrice's irm lashed close lo
? drifting mast
cell t. her breast.
i eyes.
r, like the brown
Thf salt sea was f
The salt tears in I
And he Raw h-r h
sen wood.
On the billows fall and rise.
Stich was the wreck of the Hespert]?.
Composed by,
231 Halifax Street, Petersburg," Va.
ItosA III page,
"It's the mess, ni:> ? .i id It s a girl."
he replied ns he carried his burden
over to the tin-.
Lee was surprised it first, but when
she was seated by the. lire, ho treated
her ns if she wer- his own daughter.
"General Jackson sent me; here Is
his message." she said simply.
The general read the message, and
then said: "Jackson and .Inhnston have
united and kept 'he Federals from
tiein?: reinforced They are not as
strong as we thought They will at?
tack us to-niorrov. at noon. Now.
little lady, let us hear your atory."
"General Jackson was staying at our
house nnd he wanted t" send the mes?
sage to you, so i volunteered. When
reached the Federal Army, 1 pre?
tended I was a Northerner and at?
tended to the sick for nn hour, and
then I escapeil mehow. I ws* pur?
sued, and they wer,, gaining, but we
met Captain Moore. I've known him
all my life, nnd he live? On the next
plantation to 6Urs My full name is
itosa Lee Page."
The attack took place the next day.
and the Confederates were successful.
After the battle Rosa went out with
the surgeon to ci.re for the wounded.
They found Ralph shot in the shoul?
der, but he soon recovered, He was
sent borne, and Rosa went also. Thei'
spent many delightful hours reading
together while he was convalescing.
The next June they were married,
nnd General I,eo, happening to be
near the town, was present.
Rosa I.ee uns a beautiful bride.
There was a June rose in her hair,
and she carried a bunch of them. The
ofll. crs of the army had sent them
to her.
Ralph went back to the army, and
was with Lee at Appomatteix when
ho surrendered.
They now live In rhe southeastern
part of Virginia on the large family
estate, "Overland."
3!>0?> Willlnmsh-irg Avenue.
The first train leaves at f. P, M.
For the land wheee the |>r,j.ri' blows.
The mother dear Is the engineer,
Ar.d the passenger laughR an.! crows,
The palace enr is the mother's arms:
The whistle, a low. sweet strain;
Tin- passenger winks and nods and
And goes to Hleep In the train!
At S P. M. the ?ext train starts
1 For the Poppy-land afar
.The sttmmoi j clear falls on the ear:
"All aboard for the sleeping car!"
Rut what is the fare to Poppy-land?
I 1 hope it i? not too dear;
I The fare I? this, a hug and n kiss,
And It's paid to the engineer.
So I ask of irim who children took
On HU knee In kindness great:
"Take charge, I pray, of the trains
each day
That leave ,-,t ? and
"Keep watch ^f the passensrers." thus
I praj
"For to nie they are very dear.
And special ward; ii gracious Lord,
O'er Ho- gentto engineer!" .
Keysvill, \-a
t true irniEND,
In a little village on Hie outskirts
of Arkansas, there lived a lord it*
was a kind man, and everybody loved
him. Rut the one who loved hliu most
was his son. Will, two yours old
He had a nice dog. who protected
win Everywhere will went sport
Mhat was the dogs nauiei went, loo
one -lay Will foil down a well, and
Sport pulled at the child's rlnthes to
get It r?lX of the well. At last he
got Will
He was so exhausted
in i ? v nnn.tnnt r
|that he fell dead. The lord afterwards
I put up u monumenl tn honor of the
?1?S who saved Wills life.
Composed by
i?27 Floyd Avenue. Richmond. Va.
In making a Bleich bell the Minulet"
is put inside a Hub hall of muri, just
the ah.'tpe of the Inside of the bell.
Then a mold Is made lust the ?hape
of th- outside of the boll. This mud
hall, with the "jlnglet" Inatde, is placed
In the mold of the outside, and the
metal I.? poured In, which r 111st up the
spare hetweeii the hall .?ml the m'dd
When the mold Ih taken off you
seo a seligh bell, hm It will not ring,
as it In full of dirt.
The hot metal that the lull Is made
of dries the mud mi that It can he
shaken out.
After the dirt In all shaken out of
the holes in the hell, the little Iron
"linger will Mill he In Ihr hell and
will ring. It took a good many years
to think out how to inaki a sleigh
bell. MARY ll'AVAKD.
IToyd, Va.
To hue co.
Toh.icto was llrst raised by the In?
diana. They used to trad" it to the
white men for beads and nthcr thlnK.a
that they ilked.
Our country has a largo ?\port trade
in leaf tobacco now. Immense quantities
are bent through the ports of .Nr?
York nnd Baltimore to the manufac?
turing countries i'f Western Europe.
The ?fnltcd .States rals< s more to.
hac.o than any other country.
The Cuban tobacco is said to he the
best In the world It grow s chiefly In
the lowlnnds of the wem, rn part of
the island.
Dumbarton. Va.
Why Halts Kalla in llrnps.
Its lucky for us that it does. If
rain fell In a stream, anyone .aught
under it would he drowned
Th. re is a good reason why It can't;
a rain cloud Is not a tank, and the
water is not In a liquid ?tute.
A cloud Is lust a mass of vapor.
When a. cold wind blows It. It turns
to water.
But a mass of water cannot form
In the air; It la too heavy.
So each drop clings to a partble
of du?t and falls with It. I hit* "clean?
ing the sky."
Hi W. Marshall Ft..
"Now. .syllable ticking from the
I clock of Time. "Now'' la the watch?
word of the wise "Now" I? on the
i banner of the prudent whenever any
' thing presents Itself to us In the shape
of work whether mental or bodily,
i we shouid do It with all our might.
! remembering that "now" Is the only
1 time for us. ft la a aorry way to ?et
; through the world by putting oft till
to-morrow, saying: "Then i will do
It."' "Now"' Is ours. "Then'' we may
n?ver have
annie il\rris.
Dumbarton. Va
My mother has a string of pearls.
Bo pure nnd fin* and white.
lets me take them In tnv hands,
And hold them to the lltrht.
My mother nays that ltk? that chain
My life should ever he.
Each day a pearl to atand apart
In flawless purity.
Dumbarton. Va
j i lev each furrow In thy far?.
The silver in thv hair
There's naught but beauty l ran tra.-?.
There's none one-hnlf ko fair
The luve shines out from those dear
How well I know the slcn
.Of kindness sweetness, all that's Rood.
J Dear mother, mother mine.
Ton nursed me through my Infant
yea rs.
Vou loved m? ns a child.
You shared with mo my hopes and
f?a rs.
With counsels good and mild
And when my erring footsteps straved,
How wad thai heart of thine,
Ton loved me hetter than before.
Dear mother, mother mine.
And now, when those dear eves grnw
And pain clouds thai dear fac?.
The Imr. thai von still heir for him
"Who oft times fell from prnc?
Will vet hear fruit a hundredfold
In love, dear heart, Ii'to thln?.
More precious far than virgin gold,
Hear mother, mother mine
Selected hv OtJSSIE WFERKE
Highland Sprints, Va
fContlniied from Last Sunday.!
We wont In to dinner and my' what
a feast we did have After dinner all
the children went wadtna and had n
fine time.
.foe took his fishing line, and while
? were wading he flsh?d and enuitht
some perch and a few other kinds of
I at? In th* evening we made n fire
and rooked our fish and baked some
potatoes roe hrousrht alon:r YVe also
picked and ate some huckleberries
When It commenced to gel dark we
went to the house and found mother
and father waiting for us to go home
YVe asked Relle to uro homo with us.
and she said she would po thus ended
a happy day spent In the country
maroaret F mason.
THE on trin,
Oh. litis* bird, thv faithful watch
Is worthy of mv praise .
And so to thee I will dictate
The burden of my lays.
Yrur wee. brown mate upon her nest
In peace Rh? doth reside,
Because she knows thou watchast o'ai
And for he:; brood will provide.
And from thy guard, n'n little friend,
A lesson we. should ca'ry
That which ynu do. do It well.
And when duty calls never tarry.
Composed hv
Puzzle Department
Hlatnrlcnl Questions.
1 Name the three causes of th?
French and Indian War.
7. What chief evont led to the- dis?
covery of America?
8. Name the two great American
battles of 1 776.
4. "What great general fought In
the battle of Balaclava?
Composed by
231 Halifax Street. Petersburg. Va.
FlOTrer Puczie.
1. 20, 21. IS. 9, 16.
" 4. I. 8. 13, 9. 1.
3. 3. 1. 18, II. I, 20. S. IS. 14.
< 3. e. IS. 26. 19. 1, 14. 20. R. 6.
13 21. 14.
Find the names of flowers whose
first letter forma the Inll'al of a well
known club.
" Composed by
420 1-2 Kouth Fine Street, Richmond.
What bird do we alwav* have, with
us when we cat and dr<nk?
? Jholsonvllle, Va.
Annie* of r.rnernls In Figures.
I 1". 1. 3, 11. 19. 16. 4.
2. 7. IS. f.. f.. 14. f..
X 19. '-'?, 21. I. IS. 20.
4. 1. 1?, S, 2. 36.
5, 7. 18, 1. 14, 20.
' 'amposed by
Petersburg, Va.
filrls' Names In figure*.
1. It, 6. 14. 16. 18. 1.
2. S. 12. 16. 18. 6. 14, 3. 6
3. 12. 26. 4. 9. 1.
4. 19. 1. 18. 1. 8.
6. 1. 12. 9. 3. 6.
fi. 12. 6. 15. 14. 6.
7 1?. V. 5. 8. fi. 12.
5. 11. 1. 2". 1'. 9. 14. 1
9. 11. 1. 20.8. 1. 18. 9. 14. 5.
10. 2. B, 19. 1?. 5.
Composed by
Petersburg, Va.
t.engrnphr Puul*.
Take any two words out of etch
sentence and make a Slate mountain
or city:
1 The boip loaded the car w'th a
ton of grass.
Hush: h* Is very 111, don't make,
any noise.
3. Louise he* gone over to lee Ax.na.
4. The cats went Into the pojtato
6. Thii road le?d? across the Island.
Rockvllle. Va,
.lunihlrd II?)?' Names.
I?wcr Bremo, Bremo Bluff. V?
.Mimhled Nome* of Rivera.
1. Sotnermaarc.
2. Dpern'e.
3. Slierve.
4 l.elor.
6. Onhevra.
8. Potcsbeno.
7. St. .Ihno.
? Sanmiehuo.su.
9. Axtopmpat".
10. Kawh.ian.
Petersburg. Va.
Answer In Tbrre Clowns Putxle.
Turn clown No. c, upside down. mak
iir 8. 3. 1 Into 9 .">. 1.
420 1-3 South Fine Street. R<' sd
Answer* In I wrtl* i:tder'? Pui
1 Spokane. Wash.
2 Springfield, Mass.
3. Memphis. Tenn.
4. Colilmbia. fi. C.
2401 F.ast Carrlngton Street. City.
1 nswera eo luiat Week's Puzzle.
De? Molnes,
.lame* River.
Tetttngton, Va.
(i?an out every place where water
stands. So dispose of old tin cans,
bottles or what not that rain cannot
I possibly be retained. Watch your
roof gutters. Empty your rain bar
| rel of water every week or screen
it closely with fine meshed wire on
[top. Change the water every day in
drinking pan for dog or cat. Watch
the watering trough near your stable
Fill a hole In a tree with soil packed
tight or with cement. In other words,
get rid of. or coat with kerosene, all
stagnant, standing water, and you
will get rid of them. If you have a
playing fountain, put little fish like
minnows or goldfish In t.be water, and
they will eat the mosquito larvae.
i Composed by
Buffalo Lithla. Springs. Va.
The Horse nnd The 1'mbrella.
Betty was the name of a horse who
happened to be afraid of an open um
brella Her master tried to think of
some way to get her over her fear.
She was very fond of potato**. He
went Into her stall Carrying an um?
brella closed with a potato on the
tip. At first she shied away from It
and finally came nearer looked at It
and finally snatched It fff The ne\'
dav h? did the same thing. *?h* fook the
potato with less fear So he. kept on.
and In a few days he opened the um
t Iii a little way. then more and
more a? ?ho grew used to It. until she
would stand still with It over her
head. The flrat rainy day he. tried
driving out?he soon met ?t?i opened
umbrella. Instead of shying, she fol
lowed . It. hoping she would rind
Clay St.. city.
The moon has a face Ilka a, elook In
the hall.
She shines on thUve*. on the garden
On streets And field and harbor ouave.
And birdies asleep In th* fork of the

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