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Strikes Out Eleven Men and
Yields But Five Scat?
tered Hits.
With Masterly Bon Work, Rich?
mond Shuts ( hu tho
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Newport News. Va., July -? ?Young
?tin Avers, the Jilllsvllle filhger, I
it hed sensational ball this afterhobin'
.eorstlng ''Lefty'! Brown in o pretty;
? . .. ..r.,j Richmond copped the second
tame 2 to 0. Ayers strticlt out eleven I
... ::. passed but One, and yielded but |
lye scattered lilts, two of them dotl- I
iles by Brown and Mattls. which did j
Brown was strong in all except the
loventb round, when he walked Ten*
inh( as a starter. Mace sacrificed the
leet-fdotod outfielder, and lie counted i
>n "\Vee Willie" McConias's single I
vor second. Only fast fielding and a
remarkable throw by Ralph Mattls |
?aved Brown in the sixth With one
5 nc1, Carter drew u pass, ?raff at
empted a bunt, and the ball went foul,
tnu It rolled fair again after going
lalf-way to third. Orillln popped to
Lake, but Burke chopped n plngle be?
tween r-hort and third. Mattls was In
last in'd by a quick peg to the plate
i, Id Carter at tlurd. Haley rolled to
>n ending the round.
Wolfe's two-bnsi wild heave, with |
wo gone. In the eighth gave the vis- !
tors their second run. Grifftn. who |
iad singled, scored on the error. The
o sis threw away two chances to score
jy poor base running, Carney, former,
y Of the Mountain States League. Joined
the locals to-day. The score;
Xctvpart .\>?i.
A.B. R. II O. A F.
"arney. rf. 4 0 0 6 0 0
Kichbcrger. 2b.3 n 0 3 3 1
Hooker, cf. 4 0 1 2.10
IVolfe. 3b. 3 0 1 0 5 1
Mattls. If. 3 ? 1 0 0 0
3owen, ss. 4 o o i 2 o
Evads, lb. 3 0 on l
It ich monili
rltlln. 2b. 4 1 2 1
jrke. rf. 4 0 2 0
airy, lb. 3 0 0 !?
ennant, If. 3 l 0 1
see. c. S 0 o 12
IcComas. ss. 4 o l :t
yers, p. 3 0 o i
Totals .31 2 J 27 S <
Score by Innings: R.
Newport News... onooooon o?0
Jticiimond . 00000 0 1 1 0?2
Summary: Sacrllice hits?Wolfe, Mat
tis. Ralcy, Mace. Two-base hits?
Rrown. Mattls, Struck out?by Brown
4; by Ayers. It. Bases on balls?off
Brown. 2. off Ayers. 1 l*oft on base??
Newport New?, o. Richmond, o. First
base on errors?Richmond, 1. Cmplre
Mr Cowan Time of game. l:3S. At?
(Special to The Times-Dispatch]
Lynchburg, Va., July i>3.?A) Orth,
wno has been umpiring In the Vir?
ginia League for nine weeks, left to?
day for New York City, where he re?
ports to-tnoirow to President Lynch,
of the National League, for work with
t ? indicator Ortli's release was pur?
chased from the Virginia Leagtii after
lotig negotiations. At first the direc?
tors of the circuit refused to permit
him to go bofoa-o-the,cl<isi of the sen
son, but Orth narsorfriily saw fi it of
them, and they ngreed to his sale.
Orth's success as an umpire this sum
in>vr has been nothing short of phe?
nomenal, for H? r.- were practically no
kicks on his work in more than two
? irtii feels confident that he wili
have no trouble making pood in the
circuit 'n which lie was so long a star
on the sla;b, nnd If he does. tit:, i-?
another decade or two of usefulness
In him for the national game.
At Mobile: Mobile, 2; Nashville 6
629 E. Main Street. - - Richmond, Vn.
^) Relieves in 24 Hours Q
Catarrh of the Bladder
Alt ttrusi/litt llni.iirt ni Counterfeits
Th? v.oyer who knows tho differ
automobiles will own a
? ?ll?n Avenue ana aroed Street.
\ irginia Leaeue
t IlSTKItl? \ t '?? ItESI I.TS.
Itoanoke, 5| Portsmouth, o.
Vom port \e?vn, 0) litehiuoud, 2.
Petersburg, ii\ Xorftilk, i.
* i vmiim. OK i in: i i I ii-.
Won. I.omI. I
l'orlMIKMK Ii
I >r tr ruh tirit
\cwporl \i
! II) i
?. :t::
. loa
Wlllllill Tfirv pi.tt TO-DAV.
III. Inn..ml n t \rwpurl Xcvr*,
Peterwbiirit nt Norfolk,
l*i?rt>*moiilh "ii itonitoki
They Solve Mayer's Delivery and
Jump Into First
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch ]
Roonokc, Va.. July 23.?Tho Tiger?
lend tho Virginia League to-night
through their ability to solve the de?
livery of Ersk'ne Mayor. Portmouth's
star twlrler. this afternoon. Mayer
was found for nine hits by the locals
Ho received miserable Support, the
Truckers making seven errors bohlnl
him. Green held the Truckers to three
hits for the first seven Inning.?, then
let down somewhat, but pulled through
without belnir scored on. nlthouah Iho
Truckers filled tiie buses or. three h'is
In the eighth.
it on noke.
AiB. n. H. O. A. !?:.
Graham, '.f. 4 1 0 2 0 0
German, lb. 4 2 r ;. l 0
Gihn, cf. 4 0 2 2 0 0
Pressly. 3b.? 0 2 2 1 0
Holland. If. 4 <? 0 2 0 ?
Newton, ss. 4 0 0 f. 1 0
Shields, 3b. 3 0 0 : 2 0
baflhe, c....-. s l 1 7 2 0
Green, p. 3
l l
Flerker, rf. .
Keating, ss.
Nixon, cf. . .
Wi,v*on, lb.
Castro. 2b. .
Tltman, If..
Cooper. 3b. .
Garvin, i ...
Mayer, p.V.,
Port? mo ii tli.
Totals .21 0 7 2t ? :
Score by Innings. R
rtonnoke .0 0 2 0 0 1 2 o*?1
Portsmouth .ooooooooo?o
Runs?Graham, 1. Carman. 2. Latltte,
1. Hu t u. l. Elolenlbas'cs?Keating. Two
has.' hits?Pressly. Lett on bases?
Roanoke, I; Portsmouth, 10. Struck
out?by Green, 5; Mayer. 7. Ras. s oh
halls?by Green,; 5. Time of c.nn.-,
1 i35i Umpire?rMoBrido.
Son of Famous Sire Duplicates
Last Year's Performance of
Stable Mate.
Detroit, Mich, duly 2.1.?R. .1. Mc?
Kenzie, of Winnipeg, Man., had the
.:. faction to-day of watching his
spk-nd .1 horse, joe patchen II., dupli?
cate last year's! performance of his
stalde mate, Vernori McKInney* an<l
uaptiiri the rich Chamber of Commerce
-til..-, the feature .vent on to-day's
i;rand >ir< uit program.
'Iii. son of Joe Patchen was always
best In tho big i nee, w hich is classed
US the l' 1'? patio. Away in front in]
.?.ii a of the three he.its he led from
Win to wire, never faltering and never
in da liger.
(leer's horses acted badly to-day.
third money in one event bc'-ng the
i. -i the \ derail could get.
h. lite 2:16 trot Kuth McGregor ,von
rather easily. it took live heats to
decide the 2:10 pace, of which Baron
Chatty Direci took the 2 10 trot In
Joe Palohen II '? liest mark to-day
a second
ri cord; 2
In ."?Ruth
i- McGregor, i
. .,nd; Punny
into, if :0S l-1. |
f ( timmorce
Patehch II .
Chimes Hal,
: in 7.? Paron
it! It.th
II- - P..eil'
nid gam
Collegians Vs.
( harlottesville
i bariotlesvllle t. >l. C. base
i.uil cltih %>Itl he lbs it I traction ill
itr.I Street Park U.i- titlesT?n.
when h KOihe ?III be pliiyed with
' I > r. ltiiich)'k i illicit In it na riillnem-up
In ihe I'npllnl Mm l.rnsue jirnnniil
run. ill,. itnmt' trill I,,- cnlled ni '
n'dork, \? id,. tUllors', nine I?
<.to... ,: ..I ...in,. ,,r ihr flirr nt oft I
rnllrK'r ?tiir?. ihr local dull ?rill
i have io pin] real luisrlinll t.< irln.
I \ larfte-erorrd I? expected.
lege Recruit Takes St.
Louis Bunch Into
Pirates Shut Out Boston, and
Cuiis Fail to Score on
St. Louis, Mo. .Inly 13.?Wim?, a left
bander, vviit chosen to oppose Blxey. the
left-handed recruit ot the IMilladelphla Club,
but the local pitcher lasted onlj tour lii
nlnps. and the t?<> pitchers who succeeded
lilm fnrr.l but 11111 ? belter, the visiting eol
legi twUler winning lilt luiirth straight
Kami 10 to * The .--core:
tit. I.ouls. Philadelphia.
llugglii*. 2b (?51 0 PSsk'rt. < ii ; ti Ii 0
Ii. M Bee, It .'> 0 3 1 0 hobert, 3b. .".Oll 0
Mow rev. 3b i 2 1 2 M r e. If 3 10 0 1
Kon'hv, lb. I 2 6 0 DCrav'tli, rf C 1 - 0 0
i:\iin?, r:.. 112 1 Haider's, 11.? 0 10 0 0
? Unser, Is. "i :i 1 .1 1 Knill)?. 2b. I t 3 C 0
Ouk -. ct.. ? 3 0 OPqolon, KS. 4 li. j t> 0
II Ii c... I . * 1 oiCilllfer, c. 4 3 '.' 1 0]
u :i Is, 1 ?) ? 2 onixt i. I,... I o 0 n 0|
Woodb'll, p I 0 0 I 0 Alex der. p 0 ? 0 0 0 ?
? lller. p.... 110 10
?Uri inahan l t o o o
tWInco .... I 0 u o 0
Total? ...10 1117 13 2 Totals ...39 14:7 11 1
?Balled for Willis In tourtli.
tDatted t?r brier In ninth;
Score bv Innings: " ?
St. I^ouls.4 ; (i I (i 0 0 5 I- S ;
Philadelphia..1 0 : 3 : 0 2 0 o?1<"
Summary: Runs-Mow r^:'. Uauser (0,
Konetchy. n.Tkcs ?). Paskert fS). s. MaRce.
I.uder?si Knabe. Doolan, Dooln. Kllllfer
rtlxey (2). TwOrbas? hlls-r-Cravsth, Knnet-,
. i) II..user. l.e'..cit. Cuke?. Ktllifer. Three
hits?Lobert MoWre.v. Sacrifice fli ?
Bliss, stolen base?Doolan. llit??Off Willis,
7 in 4 Innings; off Woodburn. l tn 2 1-3 In-!
niilESi off Rlxey, II In ? :-*? Innlna? Flrft i
, ,f. bails?Off Willis, li oft Oner. 1. off
v. lodbiirn. 3; off Woodburn. 1? Struck out
By WIIII?. 2. bs Woodburn. '.; by Blxey.il.
lilt bv pitcher?By Woodburn. t (KililferL
Wild pitch?Woodburn. Time of came. 2.IS
Umpires, Klem and Bush
Cincinnati, July 23?New York walked
?wov with the third Kfttna o' the "cries to?
day by n to l. Cincinnati's tviJing was
wretched, while Marquiird held his oppo?
nents In th< palm of his hind throughout,
letting dow n a little In the filial liming when
the canie ivas won beyond a doubt. Mitch
secured three of tie four Cincinnati hit."
Ions pitched well, while Humphries was
bit bar-! In the opening Innin? The (.core:
< Inrlnnatl. New Vorl..
AB H O A F. AH II 15 A F.
p. ? er, If 4 0 7 0 ftDevorr. rf B 0 1 e !
Bates, ,-f... 4 ose OMC'lck. rf e e ? ? ?
iipb'zei, ib ? l ? o or>oyie. Jb.. 4 ? 8 l i
Mitchell, rf 4 .1 :o ftShafer, Jb. 1 t> i 1; 0
Phelan, jh. t ? o l 2 Beeker, f I a ? : M
CJratit. lb,.. 8 0 2 0 n Merkte. IM : ' " I
>:.? ii 4 n 4 S OS'srass, Ib? ? 3 0 I
Esmond, M I " 1 3 3 Murray. If 4 1 S ft ft
M'Lean, c., l 0 0 0 2 Rob'son. If 1 0 ft ft ft
Be' . rold. C 2 " 2 1 ?Herzog. 5b 3 0 ft ( 1
llu'p'lif. p. ft o ft o 0 Myers, c... l ft 0 o 0
Davis p...1. 3 0?: 0 Hartley, e : 1 200
Wilson, c.l ? ? ? 0
FIrt'?r. ??. 3 2 0 ? 0
Mar'ard. p 3 2 ? 0 0
Totals ...M 4 27 ft 7 Totals ...? 5 27 12 4
Score by Innings: B.
C'.nrinr.ntl .a ft 0 ft ft 0 0 o 1? I
N'.-w York'.0 4 0 0 1 1 ? 0?r.
Summar) Buns?Hohlltzol. Devore, Doyle.
Recket Merkle, M :rra>. HerzoR fl>, Myers
(2), Fletcher. Two-base hlti?Boblltiel and
Doyle Three-hate hit?Mitchell. Double
play?Doyle (unassisted) Sacrifice hits?
Fletcher Marquard. stoim bases?Dev?r?,
Merkte (2), Murray (!), Herzog 13), Struck
By Davis. 3. Illts-Off Humphries.
..rf Davis, fi Balk-Humphrlet. Time ot
game, i.e. Umpires, lllc'-r and Flr.nrran.
chieaeo. .Iu!v' 23.?Surrounded by humid .
atmosphere. Mr. Allen, a southpaw of |
Brooklyn, beiu the Cubs In a most humlllat- ,
Inp matter, s :a ft. to-day. The mysterious
Dodgers played a bans up defensive game. |
and hp.d the Cubs tr.illini: from the sturt.
illrh Moron. :, pin hiii his swan game for the
?'-:hs. II- did riot finish the combat, and
was unconditionally released before Charley
Smith could wind up the nff.ilrs of the un
forturiftte. southpaw. The #core:
Brooklyn. Chlroao.
AB II n a 17 AB H O A K
ft -hek'id. If S ft 1 ft (1
h'n. If 1 ft n ft n Wlllla'f. If 0
?Ith, 31)3 1 0 I 0Schulte, rf 2 1 1 1 ft'.
iert. Ih 5 1 I ft ITInkfr. St. 4 ? 2 6 n'
li'.Wi 2b 3 2 s n ftXlm'on. 3b 3 0 2 2 1
?e'. rf I I fi 0 ft I..' ach. cf. 4 2 ft I ft!
rr, is.; I 2 II a nsnier. lb.,. 3 0!? t 0
r. e.. 4 0 3 1 OKver?, ib.. 3 14 11)
i, p.;.. 4 r, n 2 O.Vdham. c I ft s 2 ft
Moron'y, p I ft ft 2 l
c. S Ith, p 1 0 4 ft I
?Downs ... 1 ft 0 ft ft.
tAreher .. ! " o n n
tCotf r ... 1 ft ft ft 0 1
tal? ...32 10 17 It) ft Totals ...SI 3 27 2ft 2
Rtttd foj Sheckard In eighth.
iitted tor Haler In ninth.
Ittcd for Evers In ninth.
?r.- hy tun 1 nus: It.
ikiyri .o o i e i o i o 1?
ago .?00000 0 0 0?0
mmary: Runs?Morari (:>. Northen (2>.
imlth, Daubert. Loft on bases? Brook -
!?: Chicago, 8. Hits-Oft Mnron?v, 7 In
iilnp* off < Smith; 3 In Innings. Two
i >inllh. Sacrifice hits?.I. Smith
Cutsbaiv, Schulte, Three-base bit ?
hnel first basi on balls?Oft Morohe'y,
(T C. Smith. off Alien, 4. struck ?ut
Allet " l.j R Ktnlth, 1. Hit by pitcher
irtberij Mornn Wild pltch-f. Smith.
? ? ' ???????? ITmplres Owen and
lb; lulv 23 The Pirates shut nut
'.s afternoon Ih a pitchers" battle
Of I I" 0 Wilson doubled In the.
Iii no dow ii, and crossed the
?i Wagner singled while the Bos
W li 'rvlni; to wnlk him BoMi
" ? I Krand ball, and
i in iline.r until the ninth. The
? O ison > < atchlntr. he ncccpllnc
? ?flnirs . . . ft ft ? ? ft ft ft ft l i
??ton . ...0 0 0 9 ft 0 0 0 ft- ?
"ammarv Runs-Wilson Two-haai 1,0
I(son, Three-base lilt?Wagner. Rncrlfles
n ? n. Titus. Stolen bases?Menxnr.
' 1 "i ' Double piny?c,|h>on lo w.itnft,
ft on base*?Plltsbnrr, ?: pnvtin. s First
se en rrrors ?Boston, 1. First base on
lls-Off Hennrlx 1: off Hess. 2. Struck
? By (tfndrlS ?i by lies?. 3. Tl-ne of
rt?. 1 I! I mnlre? .lohnstone md 17/ison
"Kahns Daily Special"
1 SuitJ now. J17.50
Suit a now. $16.50
$22 SO ^uit i now. $14.50
' Suits now. .$1.4.50
? S?itS now. $1 1.50
' ~-"iit j now.$9.50
IW'iken >i7e^ only.
On Dlsplaj in Window.
Ni>. 7m K, Broad m.
Pittsburgh, l. Boston
Cincinnati, 1 j n, w v
Chicago, j; Brooklyn
St. Louis S; Phlladelp
Boston, 6; Ci<
St Louis, I,
eland; I?,
lxtrolt. 12.
New York ..
Chicago _
Pittsburgh .
Cincinnati ..
St. IvOtllS . .
Brooklyn '...
Boston .
Won, Lo i
Boston .
\\ asnihgton
i Chicago . .. ,
Detroit .
c Movi land .
St. Louis
oit .-it Pittsburgh*
Brook I) n at Chlcap
Now York .it ?
it Now York.
IjOUIm :it Philadelphia.
I troll tit Washington,
Cleveland :it Boat*
Criegcr Pitches Beautiful Bai!,
Always Holding Norfolk
in Check.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspateh ] '
Norfolk, Vn., July 23.?The Goobers]
took the Bccon? Kamt : tl.i seriesj
from the Tars to-day. the score be?
ing 3 to i. Crleger pit' l ? beautiful
gajno for tho visitors and held the ]
locals well in check. Bush Scored a
home run by driving ih< ball Into right
Held, Walters falling in a run back?
wards trying to Held It. The hall went
to the fence and was lost In some rub
Dodge lost a beautiful chance to save
tho game In the eighth Inning, when
two men were on bases w tit two out.
He struck out. Th<- scon
AB. it. it. o. A. i:.
.Simmons, rf. I i 1 1 0 0 |
Blackstone, if. 6 o l l 0 (I
Husch, ss. 4 : 1 2 G 0
.Morrison. 2b. 4 0 1 2 4 2
Anthony, cf. i " 0 l o o
Barnctt, lb. 3 n l 16 1 o
Howedell, 3b. 4 l 2 3 o
Hurley, c. 2 (I 0 2 3 1
Crleger,, p. 4 fl l o 2 o
Totals .T. I S 2T 13
AB. R. II. O. A.
Keller. 2b. 1 0 0 1 G 1
Kt."chor, c. 4 ? 3 3 u
Dodge. 3b. 4 (I 0 1 2 1
H'ntoh, ss. 2 0 o "j 3 1
Wallace, cf. 4 11110
Walter, rf. 4 0 i l o o
E'gbio. lb. 4 0 1 15 u 1
Gordon, If. 0 0 2 0 0
Gas ton. p. :: 0 1 1 5 0
Totals . 31 1 4 2T ID 4
Score by Inn'ngs: It.
Petersburg .1 l l 6 0 0 0 0 0?:t
Norfolk .0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0?1
Summary: Two-base iri>?Wallace
Walter. Horn? runs?Busch. Stolen
bases?Klrchcr, Simmons. Howedell
(2i, Hurby. Double plays?Wallace,
Kircher to Keiler. sacrifice h'ts ?
Hurley. Rnse cn halls?Crelger
12?. Gaston <2>. Deft on bases?
Petersburg. S; Norfolk. 6. H't
Crelgor (2), Gaston (2), Deft on
bases?Petersburg. S; Norfolk, 5. Hit
by pitched ball?Gaston (Simmons).
Siruek out?Crelger, 2; Gaston, 2. Pass?
ed bills ?Hurley. I, Time of game. 1 50.
Umpire, D?nohue. Attendance, 1,200.
Ktiuf iruinn'n ^- e 111 w inning.
Kaufmann & Co. defeated J. B. Mos
by's yesterday by n score of 3 tot",. Tho I
fight was a hard ?r.e and In the first
part of the gain, everything seemed to |
be In favor ?f Mosby's team.
The feature of the game was the
catching of Sander for Kaufmann and
Company, who caught the best game
of the season.
Two ihr.base hits' wore mail* by
I.ynham. of Kaufmann and Company,
and one by Cardoza uf Mosbys.
This Is the sixth gerne that Kauf-I
mann'? Have" played, and they are still |
holding on to the 1.000 per cent.
Score by Innings. n.!
Kaufmann K- Co. . .100131*?9
Mosby's .212100 0?6
Batteries?For Kaufmann. D'esfeld
find M. Stander; for Mosby's. AtkljlB,
L'ardor.a and Clark.
At Jacksonville Jacksonville, 4; Co?
lumbus. ::.
At Mncohl Ma on. 3; Columbus, o.
At Albany: Albany, 3: Savannah. 5
(twelve Innings).
At Mllwaukei Milwaukee-Columbus;
wet grounds.
ai Minneapolls Minneapolis, ?.
Detilsvlite, 0.
At .-i Pa .1 St. Paul, 3: Indianapolln.
Al Greensi r . Greensboro, 2. An?
derson, T,.
At Grcenvllb Greenville, 2; Char?
lotte, i. (i:: Innings.)
At s: >??? Spartanburg. 10;
Wlnstoh-Hiilem, ::.
ai Bristol i' It tol, 2: Ashovltic, 4.
At Know ill. KnokvlilC. 1; Mori's
lown. 0 Klral ga| o->.
Knoxvllle, Moi ristown, 4. Second
Ai Johnson ''? Johnson City. 5;
Cleveland, 2 Plrst game.
Johns..!, Clt; < levcl?nd, 0. Second
Amateur Commission to
Thresh ()ut Charges
\ meeting ,.i tUr Vmateur Base?
ball / ?iminlsslnn ?III he ln-lil <??
iiiuiu in t: 1.1,1h toi jfiitunl Build?
ing. I he ohteei ol ihr meeting In
to tithe ?int threHh ?im certain
charges, rut her sinister I" their im
? ire. ihm id,- relenao ?f Pitcher
I'revllllnn from Hie lanland niuii
in Ihr ? oil. ^iniis ?van not done In
roiiforiiiniiee >>i>h ihr Ity-laws and
roastl! mlnn gittrrnlna nnintciir
bnsebnll. \n malingers In ihr Cup
If Ml ? lo l.riigtir tt ho hnve nnj
grlrvnner, in tvhii tnn> He Inlrr
iHcii in Hi,, rase in quesllon. are
rrqiinrtf rd lo lie on hand, The rnm
mlNsInn ??im inn, evidence, esnmlne
uilnesHpN and inke mich notion as
Hie fuels mi) ,i, iomi.I.
Deputy Sheriff Fatally Injured
In Clash With Striking
Charleston. W. Vn , July 23.?In a ? .a mi ?
with ?irlklilg miners at Vcyloria, llouiio
county, lute to-day. Deputy .sheriff Krvin
B?tphln was probably fatally shot and a
cohtpany of the West Virginia National ;
Oilurd, accompanied by a machine (?u j
?qtiad. hiirrtedlj departed Iroin this city for,
the ?eerie of the trouble.
Shortly after the shooting, which occur- |
t?d when the officer attempted to disarm u
group of tinner." who lurried ritte?, cendl- I
tloni became quiet Meanwhile, Sheriff
White, fearing (orlous iruuair, request, d
Hoops, and Oovernor cjlasscock compiled 1
Commanded by Adjutant-Oenaral Elliott,
the soldleri reached Peyton*; Hn Isolated
-i".i. lb-night nnd found the place quiet '
The militia went Into camp nnd prepared!
to quell any further outbreak
Thi clash to-day la ti.. first to occur dur-J
Ing t!;. present strike In which mi OftlC?r I
has lost his life. An Italian miner ? 11
shot and killed by the National Guards sev?
eral weeks niro. T>:c trouble to-night, how?
ever, la e.-ild to hnve been between negio i
moors 1 tie deputy c-.erlffa The <c.:.kc
h.iH been In progress since lart Apr!!.
London. July 23.?The speech yes?
terday of Winston Spencer Churchill,
PI rat Lord of the Admiralty, on the j
supplementary naval appropriation
has provided widespread dlsc ission '
both at home and abroad. It la held ,
In some quarters to presage the lnsti- 1
tutiou of a naval law on similar lines !
to the German measure to provide a j
systematic growth ot the navy over I
a series of years. It was bo Inter?
preted by Lprd Selborne, who was j
Fir^t Lord of the Admiralty from 1900 ;
to 1905, in a brief debate In the House
of Lords this even'ng lie declared
that Mr. Churchill's words ought "to
Be written in letters of Kold in both
houses 6( Pu rllament."
in the same debute, Viscount Hnl
dflne; Lord Hlnh Chancellor, who re?
cently visited Berlin for the purpose
!of d'seu.?s!nn Anglo-German relations
maib- an Interesting Statement that
Germany had been told In the friend-'
liest manner that whatever naval ef- !
forts she might make Orcat Britain 1
would make still greater.
"W? have said," VjscoUnt Ualdane
added, ? that we would do this with :
no tntent'on of aggression, but because
sen power 1? our life and in sea power
Live intend to remain superior,'!'
It Contes Heads, und Vnung Him Kills,
New York. .Inly ?3.?"Heads I die;
tails I live."' said Francis Prang Sclrl. |
twenty-tour yi are old and out Of work,
while In a shooting ?-taller:, on Eighth
Avenue to-night. >'? irl took a 1,1c!.. 1
from his pock.-t and nipped it in the :
i "it's heads,'' ho said as the coin <;? - .
scendod. "Well, I've got nothing muoh '
to live for." TlH-lI. before ;m\ ,,f those
around him could make n move to Mop
hllfl, be drew a revolver from his
pocket, turned it against himself, sind
tired one shot, which lodged Just under
tin heart Sclrl died In an ambulance
oh his way to n hospital.
L, II, \\ Inn, liiiNeluill >|nn, Losest Con?
trol of Automobile.
Annlston, Ala., July 23.?L R. winn.
president of the Annlston baseball club,
and Robert itrltton, aged eight years,
w. re killed here to-night when Mr.
winn's automobile turned over an cm
b;int{ment thr.illes outside the city.
Mrs. Wmn. her baby and two yoitug
women were also Injured, but not se?
riously. The car was a new one, and
Winn lost control in attempting to
turn about on the road. Ho and the
Brltton boy, who occupied the front
sent, were cautrht under the rnr and
crushed to death. _
Tanner Paint & Oil (Jo
1117 ami 1110 Last Main,
Hichniond. Va.
.thlctics Come From Behind
and Win by Narrow
Fast-Flying lioston Team Wins
Again From Cleve?
Philadelphia. Ph.. July 23?The Athlet
came from behind to-day und l>y a rally
Iii? ulghtli nosed Out St, Li?uls to 4. In
? r> double halted in one run. and licln
broke ui> the game with a hit to cent
m. Louis. Philadelphia.
A H II ?i A K AB HO}
Shottcn, cf 3 o I 0 OMag'crt, It I ') 3 i
Austin. 3b.. 4 : I 1 Ol.erd. rf... ill'
1'ratl. t..s... 4 J 3 4 IColllns, 2b. 13 3.
Laporte, :b 4 1 J 3 0 linker. 3b. 3 11
Ivutlnn, lb. 4 0 10 0 0.M lniil?. lb 4 19 i
kluntzehi rf 3 o o o ostrunk, rf. i o a i
Bogus; if.. 3 o 2 u 0 Barry. m?.. 3 l o I
Stephens, ti l l l Ol.app. ?.... 3 l l>
l'owcll, p.. 3 3 0 4 Ql'en'ock. p 1 0 1
ICouiptop.. 3 0 0 0 0 Coombs, p l 0 0 <
Tall i
Total? ...HU S 21 13 3 Total? ...31 ?. 37 11 0
'Batted for I'onnock In third.
(Batted for Powell In ninth.
?eure by Innings: It
et. i/oiiii.l 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 *--i
Philadelphia .0 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 ?-5
Summary Finns?Maggert, Lord <2), Col
lllll lkikrr. Sliotten, Austin. I'rnil. Ste?
phens. I.' .'' ori buses- Philadelphia, '. ^,
Louis, I First base on error*?-I'hl id. -
phlu, ;? Stolen bare--i'olilns. Two-lmse hits
Stephens, Pratt, L-.rd. I'nwt'.t. Baker.
Born? run?Pratt. Sacrifice fly?r.akr r.
Double play?Laporte to Pratt 10 Kutlna
Bitching record! Mit??Off l'ennnck, J. In 3
Innings; off Coombs, j in u Innings. Struck
b?t?By Penhock. 1: by ''oorTths, 3, by Pow^
ell, l. First bau? "n balls?Oft Pennock; 7
Tline of ?mir. l.?0 Umpires, Dlneen and
< rBrien.
Washington. July ll.-Thf T!;.rs clawe
e'lt seven runs In the ninth Innlnc to-<Sa
beating the Senator? 7 to 3. The ?rore:
Washington. Detroit.
AB HO A E All II n a
Morl!?:, rf. 13 1.1 ODubuc, rf. ?111
?iiindll. 1*. 4 0 10 0 0'Traw'd If. 3 3."
wnifnn, ei i 11 l 1 Don'V'n, 3h o o i o
M llrldo. ?s I ft l i ptMorlarlty . I 1" ft
Shark-. If.. 13 3-1 Louden. ."> 3 n ? 2
Total? .. 37 II 37 11 2 Totals
? Batted for Vaughn Iii fourth
tMbrlarlty, first l.??? nr.d tl:'.r<t >,i?i
:Batt<d for Deal in ninth
Score by Innings:
Washington .i ft i a ft i | a ft.
Summary: Buna?Miellen K-i?t*r. Ml
Crawford (2). Mbrlarlty |3), Donovan; !.t
ilen <5J, Btanage <2>. Earned n;n??Wm
Inptoh, *! Detroit, 3 First bare on er.-ri
Washington. 1 I?eft oh lnpr?-Washing!
t: r>e:rnlt. ?. rir?t b??.. m halls?Off VaUg
<": off Oroom. 4. off Wjliett, ! Irir.lr
3: Willed, J; lake f Htf Off Vaughn,
'.f PettyJ Ii "fr Oroom, a- ,,r? iy\ ?. .t. I
? alii rinndll Morlar
Boston. July 2* ? Wood wn very effective
with ten on ba*es to-day and kept the
Cleveland? weil in hand throughout. Blind?
ing blew np in the seventh and Kahltr re
Cleveland. Boston.
AB B O a F. All H n a H
rvfk'gh. ss 3 o 1 5 Ollooper, rf 3 1 3 0 0
c ll?on 2b... 4 13 1 1 Yerkc?, ib. 3 1 a 1 0
Jnekson. rf 4 1 1 1 BBpeak'f, rf 3 0 I) 0 ft
iirlgg?. 11... 4 2 l< 1 "i.eivis. If < I f) o r,
Turn-r Ih 4 1 ft 2 tOtrd'r. -b. ?Sil 1
. r p . ft a 0 1 0
rreli.... 1 <> ? 0 0
jterly... 1 1 0 ft o
ital* ...31 9 3111? 3 Total? ...SO 1* 17 II
lotted for Blanrttng in seventh,
lait. '1 for O'Nl 111 In ninth.
;.,;!.? I |.>r Kahlei in ninth,
ore by innings:
ilrtmary: Buns?Peeklnpaugh, Blrmlr
l. Kamerly, y? rk?? (2>. Oardnen 11?
v. SVood, Two-bane hits?i-nr v. Vr:.
. . -:. ... hits?Wodd, 'lardn/r. .-'.ill! Si
, hits?Verk.ee. BlrriilhBharn. Wo.
ibie ploys?Wagner t? Stahl; Blandlng
klnpaugh to r.rigi;-. stolen baset?Pei
,,ii-n Gardner, Ryan. I'lrst basn on ba
fi Wood, 1; off Blandina .. Struck oil
Wood, 7; by Blnndlnc. 3. by Kahler,
by pitcher?Olson Wild pitch?Wo>
plre?. Hart and Connolly. Attendan
New York. July 23?Ben? and Ford en
gntted In a duel, and Ghlcogo won nut. ?; to
4 Walsh pitched the Ibii two Innings be.
hause i'allalinn wanted to die a runner for
Bent in the eighth, in addition to allow?
ing but nln^ hits, Ford lined out a homo
run for the Yankees. The score;
Chicago. Sew fork,
Alt II O A F. KU II O A F.
Rath. 3b.... 3 2 2 4 ODanlel?. If. " ft 1 a ft
/.elder lb . ( j '?' o IChiise, lb.. 3 n 12 l 0
iv,::in? cf 1 ft I n OSler'elt, cf I 13 0 0
Lord. 3b... I ft i t o/lnn. if.. I ft I o 0
Carhari, If. 4 ft 2 0 BRIfn'Ons, '.hi 2 3 2 0
Bodle. rf... 4 3 ft ft 0H i.-t'll. Sb. 4 113 3
Weaver, as. 4 a I 2 ft Martin. ?? I ft c 2 ft
? ; II'. .m. c. 4 2 r, ! ? Sweeney, e I 2 2 4ft
Itenr. p_ 3 ft ft 3 ft Ford, p- 2 1 ft 7 1
?Mattick .. ft 0 ft ft ft tWev'rltbn 1 o o ft o
Walsh, p... 1 ft 0 ft 0
Totals .. 32 ft 27 12 ? Totals ...33 7 37 13 4
'Iton for Bens In eighth.
tBnited fni Ford In ninth.
.... by Innitm?: It
Chicago .1 ft ? ft ft ft ft ; 1_?
New York.ft ft 2 2 ft ft 0 ft ft?I
Summary: Ttuns- rtftth (31, Weaver, Mat.
t'ek. Daniel?. Simmons. Ilattsell, Ford
Three-base hit -ftarlk'oll llbnia run?Kord,
lilts -rtfr Bens, 7 In 7 Inning? Flrai base
on balls -'iff Bens. I; off Ford, 3 Struck
nui By Ford. 2 i P..1.7 Weaerl: hi- Bens, 1
fFordl; b- W.i!?b. 3 (Ilartzell, Wolverlon.
Daniels), lilt by pitcher?Chase, Daniel?.
Tinte ef game. 1:55; Umpires, F.gan anr
Shrllters at Oeenn View .
f Special to The Tim es-Dispatch. 1
Norfolk. Vs.. July 23.?Khedive Temple of
Phrlners had a rremonla! s-f?lon at Ocean
View to-night und afterward? a banquet,
at whleh. Imperial Potentate W, J. r,in
ninchant. of nalllinore. and nobles from
Shrines In Washington. St. 1.0till and other
cities "ere guests of honor Thlriy-four
novlee? were Initiated' a fter ihey had been
required to farch at the head of a parade
through the city clad In women's bathing
Winston Vote-, for Bond?.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. I
Wlnston-Saleni. N C July 23?Winston
lo-dny toted hv mniorltles ranging from 9ft
lo ITS to Issue Moft.OftO in bonds for street
Improvements, graded schools, building ef
a new hospital end :i pleasure park.
niche* v.. IUI I,nine.
riiarloi'e. N r. July ;3.?Plleher Taylor
,,f the Rpnrtnnbtirg Club, ol the Carolina
Vftoclntlnn, plleheil t!,? (IrsI nn-.hit nine.
Innings' b un. of the m i>?h lo-dny sgahisi
the Wlnston'-Sslnm team. Taylor belongs to
j Ilie FMitthurg OlUb, being farmed nut this
lasSSOO lo tho Carolina L.i.ttfUu leant.
Gordon Motor Co.
(Continued From First i'acc.)
11-us.. il'x.-.iTuly 1 In~s77u77he~date for
Us Koiim Into effect. Im-iIovIiir that th.:
appropriation hill would lie passed be?
fore the close of the lust fiscal year. As
that <iat<- lias passed, the Seriate com?
mittee found it necessary to tlx u II? w
data and determined on March I next,
the beginning of the new administra?
tion- 'I Is understood that In confer
? nee an cltort will be nta.de to have m
earll. r .late fixed, January 1 or Octdbi r
Another provision of the House hill.
In which employes of the postal ser?
vice Were much interested, was that
guaranteeing them a hearing before
dismissal, and thi; was agreed to by.
the Semite committee. But the pro?
viso expressly permitting employes to
Join organizations was stricken out.
Th. st.-nate committee approved the,
provision of the House bill allowing
, $6,000 !?> be paid t., the widows or next
of kin of tin- throe postal clerks. O. fl.
' Woody, J. S. March arid w. i.. Owiftn,
; who lost their lives in the Titanic
; disaster,
The Mouse provisions for the prb
! motion "f BMventy-flv.e per cent, of the
Clerks and letter carriers of flrst-clri
oftVeo from the firth to the nlxih
grade ami of seventy-five per cen*. ? ?
the clerks nnd letter carriers of offices
of the second cla#s from the Court i
to the fifth prade was modified by the
'Senate committe,, to provide for tho
j promotion of only llfty per cent.
city and C?erhavaea Ihre? da!fa hgb
as in thp north, It was unanimously
derided at a Cab1 net meeting to-day to
ask the permanent commission of tho
Chamber of Deputies to enact a law
ispendln? personal Kuarantecs in
i:. which the law will affect ore
the states nl Chihuahua and Sonor?,
the northern part of the state oj Du
rang? and a part of Coahiiila, In tbo
north, the nates n? Morelos and
ti'porrrero and parts of Mex?
ico. Ptieblo und Tlaxcala, In the
south. The law WU1 be similar
to thut which previously has been In
' and will amount to piac'ng tho
disturbed portions under martial law.
Thin action has caused much comment
In the capital, and it was admitted by
A high official of the government that
? i
' which had surpassed anvthin* mad"
khbwn to tin public through the ;.:??
jit was also admltte? that doubt w .?
I entertained as to the joyaly of geV?
I commanding officers of the Federal
land St?te troops.
Last Mountain
VI \
Norfolk & Western Ry.
Lynchburg, Bedford
tad nil StHtlons between
Roanoke and Bristol
Leaves Richmond 11 A. M.
Tuesday, August 13
Iteturns liigust III,
Round Trip Fares
Ranging From $2 to $5
Special Main?through coaches?he
tween Richmond and Roanoke. con?
necting In both directions with regtl.
lai train I? tw. cn Ron nolle and litis
i tol. Full schedule and Information
I tnnv he bad at N & W. Oftlee, at Nltith
and Main Streets
District Passenger Agent.
Go to Buckroe
FairmoRt and East End
Baptist Sunday Schools
rmiJ.vv, .11 i.i so.
t rain leaves C & <">.. Mam Street Sta?
tion. f> A. M. Returning; leaves Buck
roe Beach 7 F. M.
T.ckets. Adula, $1 00; Children (tin
der twelve years) and nurses, 60c.
. P. A. Moonlight
Saturday. July 27, SilS I*. M.
Vleu, 50c, I ndies or ? lillilrrn. 'J.'.e.
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