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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, July 26, 1912, Image 10

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Home .1 Miv tlnrthi.
Odd-Fellows Get Charter for
Building to House Local
Lodges of Order.
Kmnowercd to build .1 temple which]
may he rented for stores, oftico roomsI
mill lodge rooms, th- Odrt-i-'ellovvs'
Tempii Corporation was chartered yes?
terday bj the State Corporation ?>ni- |
nilKSioh. 11 hits .1 cupltal stoch of i
000 nilnlmutn and $l&0,0u0 maximum.
Tim Ide'u is t" urcci .?- temple fur a]
nicetlng place foi tii ? various lociill
!? d. ? k of iiti 4ir.it r. und for the Grand]
Lodge ivheii it elects to h.d.i its ses"-|
sichs in Iklchniond. ;l4' lot ,.t tho
iciUieiiat corner oj Br ad aiidj lSiuVChth
The officer* Of the col porntlon are-!
ll ill MUhtuguci president; Thomas N.'
Oglbuce, sccrbtarp; M. L llofhelmer.
tieiistjrer. LHrVcturS -T Wiley Davis,
Hill Montague. Thomaa X Kendler,
1 hartes l'ohiig, M 1. ilcfhelmcr, Meli
M tfergtissonj Cornelius S. Wells. .1. 13. j
.- Luder*. Harry M. Relnlinid. 1. .1. Stone,
i: .1 Carltoit, !?*. C. VVilfcoh. George W.
Graves, Samuel SehoCr, .1. M. Lancas?
ter, Itrank L. Butler, W. itoss Smith
ivurd, .lohn H Allen. W. Dttnford,
o c Rtcharrtsdrh Charles .1. Billupsi
!. itii ii AH. h, w. r. dgletrce, <W.
Mot ? is-, j. T. ilnyncs, .1. 11 Dlckerson.
I.in- '.-in in tlnind Jurj on ( barer
el Murder.
Members Appointed to
Serve en Committee on
I ?lil.?!^? '1,^ ,?w' "1wk''1''' Ihe e?y
A Mtf .' ' ' : n "> Virginia Hoi
STATE $11,000
K.j L*. ?\ P. Proposes to Compro?
mise on Small Part of Vir?
ginia's Claim!
W ell-Know n Law Teacher is
Fifth -Man?Stale to Make
Counter-1 'ropositii ?n.
'< ?. - <o ? ?,. . t, ,?, (he imond, Kr-d
cricksburg and Potomac r.alU'bad Vas
ofTeied to p*y to tin stritt- its fr.m
chlsti ai,,i proper!y taxes for thi years
1911 and I ?12, amounting to about
.' This, of course. )r- in consider?
ation that the Stan, will withdraw itti
nut for arrearages of frnnch'sc taxes
for the past tin years, now p.n.line In
tin Supreme Court L,f the United States
pit an appeal taken by the railroad,
if.or R?ll, th.- franchise tax assessed
iKaiiist th.' railroad amounted to $.?.t.
CRLOtf, ami the property lax for State
purposes to $li.72si. The assessments
? or lata have not hoch mad- hp, since
th. i.uii <.id has hot vet reported it.
Rross earnings. Counting ,>n the basis
of tiie a .rmai increase, the property
taxes for this y.car should amount to
$l-.?iin ahd the franchise tax to $: i -
'. The total would h. about $71,.?
State Mny ?.??! Mni'h Mitre.
Members of the special commission
empowered by the Legislature to ne?
gotiate and conSummnti a settlement
of the differences between the Statt
and the railroad, say that as a mattet
of course no such offer will be ;..c.
behte'd. if the State wins Its stilt, ii
will collect JiMJ.T 17.00 in arrears of
taxes, provided t lo point on which th*
Siate won in the Virginia. Supreme
Court can he made to apply equally
property taxation. In addition, then
? ill Interest and penalties, and. per
l.aps. local taxes, if the localities i ii
also e,,, back to the adoption of tip
ii-w Constitution, the total sum may
reach J 1.000.000.
In addition to thie payment of about
$71.ooe, the Richmond, l'i < dericksbut'i
Ulld 1'lllulll.lC proposes to give Up Its
charter, which Imposed on it special
burdens and responsibilities, and which
exempted :t from all forms of taxation
Stat? .?.Iii local, and to take out a new
charter uhdet th, general law. placing
it on the same basis with all Other
railroads In Virginia II will also ,.f
fect a merger with the other three
railroads making up the Richmond
Washington line, on such has'.s regard?
ing the State's stock holdings as may
he approved by the special commission.
Teiilntl. c I'ropiiNiil.
It is evident, according to State offi?
cials, that thi railroad did not ,-s
p. et lt> proposition t>> he accepted. It
only reaches the minimum stipulated
for'in tho hill which passed the las'.
Legislature, epnst't?ilhg the sp< i 'a!
coinmisalon and providing a plan tur
a merger. The Intention seems to have
..?ii to have a starting point, and to
in,in it.- .i disposition on the part pi
I he railroad for n friendly settlement
of the disputes which have been fot
>ears provoking a hostile attitude to?
ward the road on the pari of tip pub?
lic and the Legislature
Another stipulation In the art l< thai
aftei I(il2. the railroad must begin
t,. pay local property to the counfii*
and cities through which it runs. H
? merger 's affected, t;.-; new charter
will take .are of this.
Ma tin P. Burks, dem of the law
ftii ulty of Washington and Lee Uni?
versity, has accepted appointment as
ti., fifth member of the special com?
mission. Mr. Burks Is reporter of the
supreme Oourt of Appeals, handling
the opinions befort they are prlntedi
ills selection Hives general satlsfac
? ? i
Meet on July
meet In the Governor's otuce on July
;;.i ... j.i o'tloi 's. At that time t he
proposition of the Richmond, Kreder
Icksbtirg and Potomac, as outline, l
above; will be presented and consid?
ered? and rejected
The first IniHihess will be to weigh
the State-* chances of a final ju.ik
nicht. The Supreme Court of Virginia
,has decided for tie Commonwealth
nd against ihr railroad, Saouid the
appeal be dismissed or the de.-r.-e af?
firmed th. will collect, certainly
51 rjno.i Should the supreme Court
? ?
railroad, it will pay nothing, and the
old light to tin nip. r the road and drive
It p. ., merger and amendment of its
the duty of the commission to weigh
these chances Mr. BurltjJ is especial?
ly wanted for his judgment as to the
I i
[in ? ; . lal corhmlsaibn will be |n no'
S'ome Hinhi Irrest*.
? .
. lined by CartT. ftharglnj
Appeal Allowed on Question of
Jurisdiction Over Richmond
Alley C<v
.?: Itichmoiiu
bus exclusive
? all cases in
iy ordinances
[?'Olli csl.lU l:
sterday, jar lien
?. ?1 a writ 01
lohn ?'? Crutch
.11 their cast
land, The tip
What looks llko a
contention of the ell
that the police Justlc.
oi Iglnal jurisdiction o\
voicing violation ..f .
even ?heh tho titln t<
involved, was lion
the Supremo Court gt
>?> ror to the city arid t,
Meld, police justice,
ap.ainsi .). Loroy Suth:
peal eoincs from tin Cnanvery Court
oi i!:i:- city, in which Sut'iterluiid won:
.\ purl ol Sutherluii k residence, it
appears, was built on ? pleci ??! luhd
?hieb i.; claimed by th -it.. as pari ? f
v hat was once Sydney ? >;:<?;.? arid later
Hoticoias Alley, running from prove
tvemic to Floyd ?Wehn between Mor?
ris and llaiylc str.-ct.
back to isr., when t:
neyi 11 ? nrlco cOtinty,
vv I.at is now far insi
thi city ?>( Richmond
01 pin illy >'.' .Heated ti
pti 11 of u was never u
yard glvcri by J. Thompson mown was
Ihn nded. H is said, to lake its place.
< bunted olisi i iiolliiB.
According t" Sutherland, the <it>
: wanted the r?M of the ?.: iginal alley
; which had long been b voted lo prl
j vote un s. and he aa> ? that knowing
It could not win by law, it undertook
by criminal prosecution to frlghter
j him iiitu nlviiiK it tip; Therefore, hi
was charged (ti Police ? > i with ob
|3trU0l itiK the alley.
Sutherland raised the. ntiestlpri ol
jurisdiction against i
Crntchficld. because th
I id pa-s upon title to i
Chancery Court sustain'
sued iho writ of prohibition. In
p. i it ion for appeal. City Attorney I
lard asserts that th
!:?]". to meet just sue"
passed a IliiV giving I
, xelusiyt) original Juris1
oialliance violations.
The tlth goes
i town of Syd
as laid out in
i!,. limits of
An alley was
the public, but
d, und a court
oflletr could
i , state. Thy
N.-^ri. Win. Would Have IMed
ed Self-Defensi
I n.l'a.v < laim
? r reviewing the ? '
? -.lay i omm?ted
ird niley. the (Nprtl
murderer, from d.;,'
to ten years" Iip.pt
Penitentiary. It wr...
t.... ti :? i..,
, il w.
loath to-day. would clemei
e tesitmenv lndleat.il thai Rite)
d to call for help sevoritl times be
!iot the murdered man There wer?
witnesses, and the t>. n. - m d ?
? a to be ah Indication ni ?'..;
judgment fur so'..
dement was entered yesteulay In
and Rcjulty t'ourt In favor of the
?i Taxi'Servlce Company against
m Motor Company mt s verdict of
.. : tome weeks site In the
Motion to set nrldt that vet
? n .ir:o. d before Jud?f i'rulop.
yesterday overruled inri iidgmerit
d for the amount of th< verdict Li
given the defendant to flic bills of
ic litigation sn ?? nut of i],e pure!
< number nf laxlrab* from the Su
r.r Company, whleh Ii was claimed,
come up to tr-eeificatlons.
Farmers' Meeting*.
er the first Farmers'
in were announced y?
Director .loha .T rv,
st! on AUgUSt IT
Charged With Disorderly Con?
duct and Striking County
Officer Tiller.
t.me incident of the police nlqnlc af?
termath was thi trial in the Henrich
count;. Justice's f. jrt yenterdav of
Floyd E: Delaney, for disorderly con
'! .? t and M.-;k.. . ,,..|tl. er .', t the
Fair C.rounds on Wednesday. Magls-]
tr?te Pnryear Imposed a line of I*, for
the forme! offense and ?20 for the lat
Magistrate Smith was the principal
v. it riesi e 5 ilhst i ti la icy. 1 f< said that
he hat) gone to the picnic to see that
ordei was pitsei ailci that he saw
Delaney "shooting .raps" on tin
grounds Officer j it. Tiller arrested
him after repi it ?: .earning '?? stop,
i oi Delanoy m opportunity to
Escape and t m li id red yards before
ho iva- overtaken, crowd siltroupd
e.i Tiller arid dem h .] Id that h ?? bo n -
It used, .md when ? io member of the
gang grabbed 'i'lilei by the shoulder,
Drlitney struck ? fleer a straight
arm blow op ih?- leli eye, making on
ugly bruise TH ? brought down his
bludgeon on !> lahey^s head. Inflicting
.i ilp wound, ami prevented n soo
Delancy tens . d on bail, and h"
r ftcred sc vet i! u itioi'nos yesterday to
prove, that Tillei ihe ngjgressor.
'It,, criso win I io the October
t-rm of thi Mel leu county Circuit:
Magistrate I'nryeat also fined Marlon!
McCrt'nd: ; f ting oh the Fair
firoundH li A M ,,.r. arrested t>n a
similar charge. ? is dismissed.
An Eligible
Yoim<? Woman
?|tt if ^'Vlfea Recently said, "I ivould n ,-cr think of
?Ef Balsl] marrying a man wjjo did vcTHRl FT
jt?i&f f 3P&j? enough to make moni incl SENSE
ill t Si Prag? enough to pin sonic of it iwtn a Savings
LkfittEjffl Batik."
KW$..*. VVc nor onlj approvi oung lady's
i< :v .-^'j?-*^ ':? t-:i' v.--- ?:. '?; ; ;it\ to every
^BRQ&SMf?^ ouhg man to start with us to-day to
make himself eligible, riot only as far as
SHI", is concerned, hut also in regard t<> arjy good busine?
proposition svhich may present itself. In helping you to accept
BO] II enlist tho services of the
Reforms Advocated by Former
Governor Characterized
Congressman t int Appropriation,
I le Says, in Kick of
Merc bosh and rut are 111reforms
advocated by fiovernor .\ j Montagu*
in ;iii.- campaign, according i<> hid op.
peiicnt, Congressman .lohn Umb, Tim
tl Inge Governor Montague wants an
either in bo obtained now or an Im?
practicable, i-.ii? I Captain Lanib,
To an avi'lli nee in the schoolh?usc In
Barton Heights lust night, the Con?
gressman referred to the proposition
thai Cabinet members should haVi i
seal in tlx Hon .- of Representatives,
.m,l answer questions on departmental
mutters. "I" allow this, said Captain
Lumb, It would be necessary to have
an amendment to tlio Constitution?
and amendments have not been secur?
ed since the country' Infaticyi save
at the point of the niiwket.
IIa? Upen Meetings).
"My distinguished opponent." hi
said, "declares for publicity in com1
mlucu meetings. The committee 01
which 1 have me honor tri be chairman
? that On ugrlculturi?has held a great
niuny meetings during the pi isent
Session of seven months, dhd has had,
I believe, fully twice a* many import
in. t bills Under consldeiat'on as any
other committee. yet iu that ilrricl
we have bad but one' executive session.'
Th. pr.dings of this committees arq
printed, ana 1 will take pleasure In I
sending a copy t.i my opponent, or toj
any other citizen.
"It Is all the veriest bosh.
"As a matter of fact,' said Captain
Lamb, "the daj Is gone whin ihetqil 1
in Corigreits will t;.-t anything for aCI
member or his constituents. It re>.
quires long sarvlee, experience and |
con.a sense, and oratory is hoi a I
VI.I nlir n? t iili<ii Mini.
Quite a sermon was delivered by khe
Congressman on tlio snbjecl >f pre-|
jtldlcc Hi! had fotlhd sonio on.U
leading 6itlr.cn and Cohte,deratp v.-t
eian ? who said hi- would not Vbt?! for
Captain Lamb bc'catisi he had favor?
ed putting tin' Post-OHlce "ii Broad
Street. He d'-nl<d this, ,vnd en|d it
minded th. speaker ..f Daniel w, li?
ster's advice to his old friends when
In. \vent back to Boston.
I.est some one should criticize him
for going :?> Massachusett f' i u com?
parison. Captain Lamb load, tin rath-l
er startling assertion that environ- '
hieht was the m?kln? of th. m?h, arid
th'at Captain \V. Cordon McCa ?? won l
have fought and written i"i Ihn North
bad hi- been reared In Huston, whlli
Charles Francis Adams, If a Southern
ier, would have commanded a brigade
under Lee.
Early in the campaign, said Captain
Lanib, sonW om wt'oti front King Wil?
liam county thai the Baptism would
rally i? UoverriOr Montague; and ilia
Methodists would vote f". Captain
Lamb; "1 then wrote/' said the Con?
gressman, "to an old friend there, ask
Ing if denominational !>ncs were to hi
drawn, and Saying that if they were I
would rally th. Methodists in this dis?
trict around me. He replied trial I
would ir.-t many Baptist votes."
Another refcrenci t t his opponent
was regarding certain Suiidaj bcIiooI
Speeches, "made by peoyli that I h id
Pol heard of is speaking mu"h on
such matters before."
The COngr?SSman defended his ro
ci l. editing attention to the appro?
priations secured by him. ? si <''a'}>
those for .lames River, although told
that the lack of tonriajre on the river
mode it undesirable to spend more
nioiiev on It. li- secured a claim I ji
the government for the Klchmond Lo?
comotive! Works, hr ad. wh.-n thai
coni erri was In a bad ? a Mnan ill
end he had been told by Mr. rrlgg
thai th?- money canic in umo to '-.o- It
Building Permits.
Building ar.d repair permits were Is-'J"!
!"y. .' ':'.!.":.: sV and , Merchants' Bank, to erect
Murphys Hnlel Unci, to erect ?n eleven;
?tnr> and attic brick, steel and concrete
hot.-l on the south side of tiro.id S?tri ? ?
I* r Kesbltt Company; contra * ir
R Q F.:than.?. to rrr.-t a detached t?o
Hery brick divelllns. on the n-st side ?1
Harrison Street between Main Street .v <1
I'Avet le, to ens; fl.W
.lohn H, Lynemah, to erect a two-story
pries store and dwcllInK on thf ca-' sldi
of Thirty-first .-treet between N and <"<
ytf.ru, to i sit! I3.?0t>,
! Forged Name of City Treasurer s
Clerk to Receipt for Thorpe's
?as Bill.
On hl? plea of guilty. James B.
Thompson, colored, was yesterday
sentenced In the Hustings Court ?o
One year on the public roads foi forg?
ing the name of Clerk T Peter Hpwlc,
i- ?..? biii of *&."?.
t Thompson was Kivcn the bill and
tin- nioncy to pa;, it by Ucorge A.
! Thorpe, of 30S-A West Main Street,
arid in dud season returned with tho
I paper receipted Then when the
[proper time had eloppcd, Mr Thorpe'i
supply of gas was cut off. Thinking
j that there lud been some mistake, he
went to the Treasurer's' office and teg
llstered a protest, supporting his ar?
gument with the receipted bill.
For n time It looked as though the
Joke was on the department, but a
careful examination showed that
Thompson had neglected to put on a
{? ? flourishes that make Howie's
handwriting dcstlnctlve, and tn. f.
tvAs discovered.
Cornelius Saunders, colored, was
sentenced to six months in JH1 and
lined }1"" for throwing rocks at a
car of the Richmond atfd Ilehrlro
Hallway. Another charge of resist
In., an oflher and rescuing ;< prisoner
was not p-ose, uted. The < ?s. grew
. ,t of i fight '>n one of the cs-.s seme
time ago. In which Conductor Schrein- '
er was Assaulted after he had pi tci t
.-. negro under arrest .lames \V.I
sen. who was also nrrested for takins
part in it. was acquitted. >
The trial of James Tilden sjl ir*,'. j
charged with aldtnir the ncirro h.-rh
dertor. Froadcricc, In performing a 1
criminal operation on Mrs Sta kg,
which resulted In her death. w,is post?
pone,! ,-<t the request of his counsel j
to Ortoher 22. s'tnee was admitted lb
hall in the sum of $2.0io. ;
The case of Krank Miller, a barber;
who Is und'r Ir/irtnioiii for running
over land injuring Carl Ruehrmund*
with an automobile; was cohtinueij t >
October ? He Stave I..ml for ?1.000.
Water Drawn Off and All Fish
Removed?Complaints of
Muddy Water.
The South reservoir of the settling
basin has been thoroughly drained and
cleaned ?iuring the past few days, scv- !
oral bushels of line fish >>r itirr taken '
oui with the mud and refuse after the.
water had been drawn oil. Fishing
in the upper receiving r< rvolrs at !
the settling basin is prohibited, but;
poachers have frequently eluded the
watchmen and enjoyed good sport, it.
is hi licved that Ho- tish passed into ;
the upl'i basin from tin- liver ill the
edrly spring, when unite small, and!
have shown healthy growth since. As
soon ns water has been turned hack!
into the south basin the big north
reservoir will be similar)" cleaned, !
thus making tiie water supply entirely
free from mis nuisance until next sea?
son, and . itlrig It unnecessary longer
to keep .1 sharp lookout for fishermen.
A number of complaints have been
received in the past week of muddy
water in various localltlcr-. the trouble
in each Instance being local.
Chairman .Mill.-., of the w ate.r Com?
mute,, says that tins "in not bo;
remedied until an appropriation is
made for cleaning the Water mains,
ffome of tin- Older mains in use for
many years before the settling hasm
was opened are snld to have several
Inches of mud caked in the bottom,
portlonr of which i very now and tnen
break loose. The encrusted mud
meanwhile greatly lessens the carrying
capacity of the pipe
Jennines Pined glnfl und Vppenln to
Higher Court.
A Ci .1. nnlnsf. a chauffeur, w.n lined
*;iv> In tlo- Polle? ?'nun yeiterdsy mornln?
im exceeding the speed limit In Ttrnad
RfrcM With automobile No pOO en May 13.
Jennings pleaded guilty, hut noted an ?p
penl through hl? attorney, Ollberi K, roi
II,. v im Afresttjd hy Polle, in. n Harris and
Tlnsley. He fiaf as his excuse tor Violat?
ing the oidlnaii.o that the ear was iiim out
i of the ihuv and ho wanted to test it out.
Negro, Who Came Up When
He Feared Bullets, Acquitted
in Court.
When Albert Hurley, colored, was
given a i N an bill yesterday in the
Henri, o er,nnty justice's court, where
he had been'brought on the charge ot
purloining some half-dozen suits ot
clothes and a whole arsenal of firearms
fmni the home of Julian Bubank, on
the Broad Street R6a<|, he felt that
the perfectly good riise of an Innocent
negro to escnpe capture had beeil wast?
ed in vain. Kor Albert, though Inno?
cent, had an Inherent dread of the prpr
, i sSi - of the law, and when he hoard
tii.it Officer Eubank ivas on his trail
for a housebronklng offense that was
neus to him, he told the Colored pop?
ulation gathered around that compared
to the Olympic Marathon tryout he wag
about to pull oft tin y had never seen
any runnlnt at all. ,
Well-and that remark let the cat
out of the hag?Albert took to th,. tail
limber and upheld the South Africah
reputation for maintained bursts of
.? i.J, and when hi got to' an apparent
place of safety he found that his sane
tiiary was a well and that he and the
old oaken bucket were as close as
twins, bimeby, as Uncle Remits would
say. alone came Officer Kuhink and
rode riaiit up to the well whe'e Albert
was feeling as snug as a bug in a rug.
for It was a hot day In Menileo, and a
well Isn't such a bad place to rest in
when thermometers are bursting all
around and chickens arc hatching with?
out any help hut the sun's.
Tin- following brief dialogue took
Id... .?;
I Officer Eubank; "What are you doing
j down thai well? Come on up or I'll
I shoot you so full of daylight thai your
j folks won't know you for a nigger."
No answer until a shot Is tired, and
I Voice from the depths: "All right
I boss, I'll be up in less tin:.- than It
I take to shoot me."
j Ofiicer Eubank took Hurley'to lall.
where ho war. released <>n bail.' He W??
I discharged yesterday for lack of e*.i
announce for to-day and Saturday two days of bargain sell?
ing, which will make new marks in the annals of value giving.
Hundreds <>f Suits which sold up to S.yO.oo
reduced to .
Suit? which sold up to $20.00
reduced to .
J'.xtra Trousers worth up to $4.50
teduced to .
Blue and Black Serge Coats worth up to $5.00
reduced to . ?J)
Fancy Vests worth up to $5.00
reduced to.
Straw Hats worth up to $4.00
reduced to .
Negligee Shifts worth ur to $3-0
reduced to .
Keglijgcc Shifts worth Up to St.
reduced to .
.. 79c
All Si.50 Wash Suits reduced to. 75c
All $2.50 Wash Suit- reduced to.$1.35
All S4.?0 Khaki Norfolk Suits reduced to.$2.00
All S5.00 Linen Crash Norfolk Suits reduced to. i. .$2.50
$4.60 and S4.50 t hevioi Knickerbocker Suits.$2.50
$$.OQ ( heviot. Worsted and Blue Serge Suit^. re?
duced to.$3.95
$7,501 and $8.00 Fancy Cheviot-:Worsted and Bine
Serge Suits reduced to.$5-95
Our entire -tock of Woolen Knickerbocker Trousers' til
Artillery Orhcers Reach Ad?
vanced Grade in School at
Rort Riley.
ptuln Jcnnlnga C \V( .. b.n
Utunt, w..t. .'in- i?: t:.. party.
Showing the standing of to. Vir?
ginians, they Kvors placed, with
isori of senior class, taking tin hO.
' only by New Yo*k
1 The firing record has n >t yet heo>t
pfli tally made up. but it is rxpuctfC
;lt will show that the ?' glh'atis 01 id*
[showing above the avofage.
Captain Wise Is Inclined t., thr. bo
lllef that for many reasons^ tAt school
of mstru. tie., should be moved tu Fori
studies before men leave for t'u'mn,
so tint Instruction in such matters
need not be Imposed on thfl o:r_--i
In charge of the school.
Summer Excursion
I Rates to point- North nr.! tVcst by rail
and water.
S09 Kast Main Street,
, The best roofing tin
for the money is
G. M. Co.'s "Pearl"
Roofing Tin.
Gordon Meta! Co.
Richmond, Va.
For fluslneas Stationery,
The pap?r that gives Incrjaae.l ef?
fectiveness at no additional cost
B. W. Wilson Paper Co.,
Richmond, Va.
Collars vs. Dollars
It you let us do your collars we'll -ave
you dollars, because they will wear longer,
and you won't have to buy so many. We
"mould 'em." There are other good rea?
sons, but this otiprht to induce you to try,
Call Monroe 1058 or 1959.
M. B. Fl?rsheim, Proprietor, t
311 N. Seventh Street.

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