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Trees in Chesterfield lu?
red and Growing Crops
freight Cars Robbed?Curious
Phenomenon?Other Peters
burs News.
Times-Dispatch Bureau.
? Bolllngbrook Street. '
Phone MS5,
Petersburg', Vo., .Inly
The electrical storm which 8W( pi
vor this section curly inst evening
,'ug more severi in the country around
huh in Petersburg, The rainfall w .> -
ivavlcr and the wind higher. Ovei u
ihestcrrield, n few mlies'from the city,
ruit trees were damaged, fruit blown
0 the ground, and the growing crops
rostrated, in portions of Dinwlddle
rocs were unrooted add the growing!
drh leveled with the ground.
The limned Milling Plant.
Lightning caused ilie destruction of
he large plant or the Cockade City
lining company, on Canal street, en- .
.iii'ing ,i io.-s .?r some |L<5,U00 jrlSn.-!
?o. The lightning entered the bulld
ng oh the main wire, which furnished
he power lor operating the mill, set
lug fire to the interior. ? i
The building was u tiv.-st..ry struc- j
are, comparatively new, and equipped |
\lth modern machinery. The company
lid a large business, extending Into
loverai states, a large stock ,>f corn
md meal was consumed. Nothing was
eft of the big building but tottering
k'ails and ruined machinery. The
'i.'perty was well insured.
Tno main high-power wire cohnect
hg the big power plant of the Vir
iltiia Railway und Power Company at
the locks." In Dinwlddle. with ti..
?ompany's plant in this city, and fur?
nishes electric lights and power for the
dreet railway, was burned out by the!
titir.se heat of the fire, and in Cdlt
?cqucncc the city was thrown Into
iat'kncss for scVerni hours. The eats
tinning on the various street lines |
iveri stopped, and it was not until
tbout 11 o'clock, after the wire hot
.h repaired and the current restored; ;
???:id the cart be moved
The Seaboard Air Line trestle on
.'anal Street was saved troiu damugfl
Ijy very careful watching und llie Use
r fire hose, Thi riro department div
..ood work In saving buildings near
ihc fire from destruction. Si.\ houses
... slightly scorched, hut wer.' s^\..I
irom serious dumage. The burned noil
property of the Virginia Rail?
way and Power Company, and was
Posed by the Cockade City .Milling j
1 unj any. Several years ago a l u ge
mill at the basin, belonging to the
railway and powdr company, was
burned, but was subsequently rebuilt,
Nnrrovt liwcnpe Pr?m lightning.
Robert L Bowman, a well known
druggist of this city, his brother, Oeo
?Jowman, and the latter's son had a
larrow escapis trom death by a ltghtn-1
ng bolt last evening; They hu,i been
iMiing down the country und wer. ro?
ughing home when overtaken by the
torhl. They stopped at the borne of j
[, W. Slate, aiout on.- mile beyond
itams, In Dinwlddle, where they were
:.? 1 and taken in until the storm
ihould pa>s. While seated in one of
be rooms und not far from the! tiro
lace, the whoi,. party M'erC shocked
lud almost blinded by ah electric bolt!
which struck and shuttered the chim?
ney and descended through th.- house
t ? the git.and. lSvej'y ua.' In the house
was temporarily severely shocked and
bu lly frightened, und th. ir escape from
death or serious Injury was a very
vlosc one,
l our Seaboard Cars Robbed,
Some lime last nlghi the seals on I
four loaded cars on the Seaboard Air}
Line tracks, Just outside of the weist-i
erh portion of the city; were broken i
by thieves and the cars entered and
robbed e.f goods to the value of $200
or more. The content: of the cars
we:.- scattered about, and clothing,
shoe*, Cigars, silver wire, chewing
gum. etc., were taken. The parti' of
thieves must have numbered live or
Six persons. Five suits of castaway
clothe*, exchanged for new suits taken
from the ears, were left near the track.
No clue as to the'robbers has yet been
Sycamore street Robbery,
John W*. Phillips'* liquor store or;
Sycamore Stro.ei was robbed early t.his
morning ot J2S In money and som..
liquor, when Mi R< llnond, the bar;
keeper, opened Hie, Rtdro this morning
,.t 6 o'clock, he heard a noise Iii Wie
rear, artst' gotta o back t" Investigate,
saw a- negro * rush out and disappear
through ri .window 0?i exantliitillftn
it was found thnt the lion grating ..f
the window had been prised open- The
negro In bis flight left several quillt
AT Talcum t
the shiny redness
and gives lhai smooth,
natural, wholesome etlcct
that men covet.
talcum purr CO.
ittierssml Manatacturtrs
Bush Terminal llulldinc
OraoKlyn, N. V.
T?lcumPo? der
Hear the
Given each afternoon and
night at
Forest Hill Park
By the famous and .ihlo
Chicago Ladies'
Symphony Orchestra
? These concerts nrc very
popular and are free to .til
visitors to Forest Hill Park.
The selections arc varied,
and include pieces to please
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A whole table of $5 and $4 Shoes?mo~tlv sma
O. H. Berry & Company
bottles "f whiskey. But he got safety
away with the money.
i iirloiiN Phenomenon.
Thousands and tens of thousands or
dead lish were found floating the
ii this morning Just below ro
rahontas Bridge, and other thousands
tvcri swept away by the curfent. The
fish iverc generally of small sl/.e ?
tar.-, i,, five Inctiet in length?and
f'mbi iced parlous kinds?young hlek
? ?i y Shad, cattish, mullet, perch, roni hes,
etcii Low places left dry by t!..- out
BOlllR tide were white with the bodies
6( the deiid fish. Hundreds of people
??"nrecaati F*or Virginia* Vorth and
South Carnllnn-?-Genemllj fair l-'rldaj
mid Saturday.
Special l..niii llntn for Vesterday,
inn 7:
Maximum temperature up to S
k .M
? :i t > - four hour:
ill since March
in rainfall s
Local <ilisrrMiiii.il s l1. ?I. Vralrrdn
', Wind -direction .
Wind?velocity .
Itulllfall last I '_? hours .
(At S r M- Eastern Standard Time
I i... e. Tlier. II T. L T. W. ail
i a tin in i. city.. :?; Clear
! Boston . To .1 " l Cloudy
; Denver
I 1 "til-.th
s.u. . I inrlsco.
I Ss \ anniili ....
Spokane .
Tampa .
Washington . .
Winnipeg ....
Ciea r
i 'leai
I'. clou,
Cleft r
" 'lea r
< Hear
Cle.-l r
Mini \ti hi: \\ \< .
.lulv 25, lfil2
Sun rises ....?..10 1IK3H TIDBi
I s'uti sets .7v32 Morning ....?:
i :. s'.ta ...2.it HvsulU* ....8.1?
??tu t., ihi harbor to yie.w tho spec
N ? ? itisfnetory' explanation Is given
ol this sudden and tvholesalo destrue
(foil of the' llsh, though many theories
' ? ? ? bsed. Some reasoned that
the viok-nt electrical storm of last
evehlrife was the cnuse; some that the
"Hi. i had bcoorrii contaminated by
n ??? isitlng Info the river of oil from
the .htiy oiled streets; ethers that
it. i had been poisoned by the
ii i. .iini. used in purifying ,hf
? ? others still that the prepara?
tion freely used by the Health Peparr
ihent nr the destruction of mosquitoes
? . _ ii. ii into this river and poisoned
the rishi However It moy be. there
has hoi before been such a wholesale
destruction of fish In the Appomattox.
Personal nnd Otherwise,
A petition sinned by a number of
i citlitehs has been forwarded
Salvation ,\rfny headquarters asking
Hint Adjutant Wood.-, who has ro
? ivi ? : . .t. nlhg orders to another Held,
i peitnanontly stationed in Peters?
burg, on account of the great good
he ha? done und is doing.
I".. 1' Goodwin, of Petersburg, nn
esperiefi cd political observer, who has
Milam ir- the greatest prevention for
heat prostration. It not only builds up
ii..- general system to resist the heat, but
iltar^ the blood 'if all arid and othor
Irritants that imlumc the skin.
lie Modern
Rat Destroyer
Kills and completely consumes th
body of the rodent, leaving no re
sttltani oder.
It really doe? what, others ctalr
to do.
Safe, sure nnd s.-inilary. . Prlet
lfic per box.
N. Klein & Son, Inc.
620 E. Broad Street
neon spending sonic time in New York,
predicts lhat Wilson win carry that
Slate i>\ 60,000 tO 100,oyo
Mr and Mrs. B. B. Booth, of this
eity. in. visiting their daughter, Mrs,
W. H. Plug, raid. In Clarksdalej Miss ,
who has heen ill of typhoid fever, but
is now recovering.
Brought tu llnsplpil Here.
Clarence Clements; the young man
whose skull was fractured .Saturday
i afternoon during a game of ball at
Sussex Courthouse by a blow with a
bat b> iiobert Mitchell, was brought
to the hospital here this morning. Dr.
I Henill? on Saturday night removed a
I piece of bone, but there Is said to be
' a fracture also as the base of the
I Bktill, Thi young man'd condition is
I critical.
Amendi .ni ens Issued to the charter of
..- Henri a County Oos Company, ntc'n
onil ... its maximum capital from
Fid It) la n and Savings i'ompany
tine I, Richmond. Capital. ?Wi.OC? to 1100.0'A
I Thomm . am, president; If; D. Elchel
j bet-rfet. -.?ideitt; T. Oarnt.it Tabtj,
treasurer; .1? P. atrothcr, secretary?all of
I ttichmoini.
now -is Corporation, Lynchburg,
Vit .? I ?,000 to ?50.000. Charles n
lit , lent; H. P. Adams, vice-presi?
dent! i ' irlstlnn. secretary and tress
I uter?all ol I, uchhurg. Va.
, Odd-Pel: Temple corporation, rtieb
I niond Capita JlWOcO to ?110,000. Hill Mon?
tage . prciltb it; T. N. Kendler, tlrst vtce
i ^resident; Charles I'ohilK. second vloe-preil
1 w ! Ogletree, secretary! M I.. Hof
lielmei .er?all of Klehmond; w. W.
D nford, ?:;:. . ior. Richmond.
Pri Oi eery Company tine). Green Bay.
\'a Capita . -noo tc. ?10.000. R. W. Price,
pt'Ci Pel , slung. Vi,.; T. V Price, sec?
retary n~. i treasurer; II V. Price, both of
ClreOn P...>.
Ohl iro urn Corporation. Richmond.
Capital, . to ?2.000,000, C. W. rieale.
president II imond; Thomas B. <>ny. vice
president ii n. Chalkley, secretary ar.d
m all ,,f Uichmnnd.
speal.er It ill rell Ocean View Plcnleers of
His visit lo Seagirt.
Bpi k*r !: U. Byrd, of the Virginia
?i !gates: President William Ii,
Johnson, m the international Association
'<: Machinists, and Prank Morrison, secre?
tary o' Hi American Pederntlon of Labor,
u ? d iWii r speeches at the picnic and
dele] da) of the local ni"tnl workers, which
win he held at Ocean View to-inorrow. Mr.
Byrd has been requested the commit?
tee on arrangements t'? tell the o'cnlcers
of his n visit to Seagirt, and to Ols?
ens- the political situation generally.
An Invitation to attend was extended to
President Samuel Gompers. of the American
Ft n of Labor. A message from him
yesterday expressed thanks for the Invita?
tion, but stated that presslns business In
'A Ion uld prevent his attendance.
The annual r>eid day Is being held Jointly
by the local division* of the Metal Trade
i : : ocomotlve Works employe*
nn.l International Association of Machinists.
mpanled hy friends and rela?
tival Rill .. on a special train for Cue
seash i ? i o'clock to-morrow morning.
QiinPflrs ii* Rteenlor.
Wll Townsond qualified yesterday
In tl. rv Court a? executor of the
t\r: of I no) n Townsenel. who riled recent
Ij In fla ? v,,ie. The estate In Virginia Is
valued at I?00O,
After Shooting 17-Ycar-Old Wife
Attempts to End 1 li*
Own Life.
Surrenders to Officers and Is
Lodged in Jail at
(Special to The. Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
Gloucester, Va., .luly !t).?Joseph
Smith, a shipbuilder by trade, mur?
dered Ills seventeen-year-old wife, a
bride of three months', in rohl blood
before eye-witnesses on 'the puollc
highway within 200 yards of Muyrus's
titore In this county last night us
they were returning from an excursion
trip to Norfolk, lie then attempted
tu end ills own life.
The deed was apparently pr,medi?
ated, for Smith purchased tho pistol
With which the fatal shot was tired
while In Norfolk yesterday.
Alter making su e that his aim had
been correct and that his wife was
dead, Smith Walked about fifteen feet
away from her dead body and lired
it bullet into his head. 'Pile wound is
not serious, and I'r. lie .ley. the at?
tending physician, states that smith
will recover,
Mr and Mrs. Smith were members
of an excursion party returning from
Norfolk. They, with otht rs, got oir
the boal at Severn Wharf and were go?
ing home in a buggy. Smith, it is
said, was dissatisfied with tho eon
duct of his wffo while on the steam?
er, nsd when they had reached a point
Within a lew hundred yards of their
omc, ne.ir Mayrus's Store. Smith usKod
his wlffl if she was going tp their
hbmc. Her reptl ovioonUy did not
please him. and with the remark,
"This ttilriK has been going on long
enough," ho pulled the revolver out
of his pocket and fifed. Mrs. Smith
fell out of the two-seated conveyance,
and before medical assistance could
be rendered she hi! breathed her last.
No statement was secured from her
before she died. The bullet penetrat?
ed the back of her head and lodged '.n
lier brain.
Th- wife-murderer made no effort
to escape and was arrested at his
home this morning by Deputy Sheriff
Cioodall Minor. Smith v. as given a
preliminary hearing before a magis?
trate, and was brought to Gloucester
and lodged in jail this evening tu
await grand Jury proceeding's.
N.? 111 reel Motive.
No dlreet motive for the crime has
been ascertained, except the rumor*
that Smith was displeased with his
wife's conduct with other mtn while
on the excursion steamer.
These who witnessed the shooting
could not be communicated with to?
day as they live in a remote part of
Gloucester county, known as Guinea;
Several ptople who saw Smith on
the excursion yesterday state that hi
had not be.en drinking, while Others
slate he had Imbibed somewhat.
When brought to town this evening
Smith said he had been on an expan?
sion yesterday and was not feoilng
very well to-day. lie asked for a I ip
of coffee and was permitted to j:o intu
rt nearby restaurant. When asked by
a correspond! nt n: The "Tlmcs-Dls
patch if he had any statement to mane
he replied "Not this evening, maybo
later." Smith sent word to an attorney
to come and see him. after which he
was placed behind the bars.
Smith Is suffering considerably
from the sclf-lnfflctcd wound !n his
head, and he appears to be under a
heavy mental strain. He was appar?
ently composed when the deputy
sheriff arrlvod on the scene this morn?
ing, at which time Smith made the
remark that he would have gone to
the sheriff had he e n requested to do
so. Some of the acquaintances of
Smith declare he Is unbalanced.
Smith's crime is the third one re?
sulting In death committed In Glou?
cester county during tlio pits*, four
tun? months.
Tho wife-murdered Is about forty
live years of age. He lias b"n mar?
ried twice. Hit first wife died nhout
'two years ago. leaving r.fiven children.
Safest Antisep.ic
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! sons using them.
The value of an absolutely harmless
' antiseptic powder, as eompared with a
poisonous tablet or solution. Is appa
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I son why physicians everywhere have
j strongly recommended the use of
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i Antiseptic Powder uliould commend
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ard solution, Sold by drusglsts every?
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: J, S, Tyres, Chemist, Washington, D. C
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mond Jewelry for engagement and
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new nnd up-to-date bo sure und see
our line.
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Seventh und Miilu Streets.
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Our Salesroom
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Victors $10.00 up and Victrolas
$15.00 up.
Successors Cable I'laun Co.
21S Knut Ilrnail Slrrft.
four boy* ami three, girls About
! three mouths ago Tie marled Miss l^Ils \
Jenkins, Who was seventeen year's of j
nue The murdered woman wus a
daughtct of Vincent Jenkins, who Is
i engaged In the fishing Industry. It
Is understood that Smith's wife has
been living with her father most of
the rtfne since their mnrlage, rind tHls.
tncHhor with her alleged condrfct yes?
terday, greatly aggravated Smith.
General Sale Going to ( amp.
AdJUt?ht-General w. W. .'-ale will leave
I to-day i-latt th? manoeuvre camp at Mt.
j Cireir.n. PaM where the Kirn nrlsid*. Vlr
, sln'.a Volunteers, Is In enmp. H? will spend
, il f. tv days at the ' .imp. and will then ao
j i i New York.
Marriage Licenses.
The fol'.owliiK marriage licenses wer? Is?
sued In the clerk's off lie of the Hustings;
?'niut yesterday:
Walter Scott McNeill and Mrs. Martha
Chainborlayne Valentine; Herman c. Ann
entrout. Whltmore, W Va.. and Lina N.
Waldrop; Charles w. Moots and rjay P.
(Continued Prom First Page.)
win. h has not yet come to the surface.
To quote:
"From the action of the I. J. Smith
Company In the matter we must con
c! ..l,. that sum.- ulterior motive ob?
tained with it In submitting the- bid,
and this we do know, that it has placed
us In u mos, awkward position, ?vhere
oui attitude* We are afraid, lias been
misunderstood by other people not fa
miliar with the circumstances."
Saya Ulock la Chvapcat.
I.. O. Miller spoke with warmtr.
against the proposal to pave Broad
Street With a material to which thus.
Who aio most Interested are opposed
II.? produced Hgtiroa obtained from City
bmgincer Polling to show Hint aspnait
block at .J2.S3 per square foot, the lat?
ent quotation by the makers, was far
more economical than bitullthlc at
S.'.' il. The former has stood in the city
tor soventeeh years with a negligible
cost of upkeep, while the lau? r, it is
admitted by cities that have tried it.
requires constant repairs The cost 01
replacing; bituliuiie following the tear?
ing u;> ot the street for the instillation
of Improvements, Mr. .Miller pointed
out. wa? one and one.half times th
original cost of the work, while asphalt
blocks can be taken up and replaced
.i, slight expense.
Compared with the 10 to per rent.
Iiicrcuso that has taken place in the
price of granite spalls, the cheapest
forhi of paving used by the city, said
Mr, Miller, tlie 10 to "0 per cent. In?
crease in the price: of asj,halt block
spoke tjloriuently against the charge
C at the Washington company was try.
ing to "put one over'' on the city.
A letter, written under date of June
13, 1010, to the president of the Wash?
ington Asphalt Block and Tile Com?
pany, by C, P. Cormmelly, commandlnR
officer at Portress Monroe. Iti'lorsing
asphalt block paving, was read to the
merchants. Referring to a pavement
laid at the fort In 1903, the command?
ant said:
"As far as I can see. It Is as good
to-day as when it was put down seven
years ago. * * * I have yet to see
any street pavement that better fulrtls
tlie requirements of a good footing for
horses, smooth, even surface and dur?
ability. This paved street, a8 you
know, carries the heavy traftle of drtivs
and wagons carrying the heavv frelKht
to and from the city of Hampton and
tlie main wharf at this post, which is
equal to the average traffic in our large
Wilson Will Plnlah ills sp,.cch ,,f Ac?
ceptance To-Day.
Seagirt. X. J., Julv 2.%.?Word reach?
ed Seagirt to-night from Governor
Wilson's retreat that he bad made ex
cellent progress to-day In Writing Iiis
speech of acceptance mid cxpecVd to
finish It to-morrow and return to his
Bummer home here to-morrow ul^-ht
The Governor has several appointments
to receive callers lure Saturday.
The Governor's cottage was the
mecca of hundreds of visitors to-day,
most of whom did not know of bis ab
S< nee and came to shako hands.
Atlanta. Ga., Julv 25.?Exclusion of
the public from the trial, July 23, of
.Airs, fj.-ilsy Oplo Grace, accused of
Shooting her husband, Rugene II.
Grace, nt their home here March R,
has been practically decided upon. It
is stated, owing to the limited seating
capacity of the teniporarv courtroom
in which the trial will be held. It is
stated that both Judge Ij. S. Roan.,
who will preside, and Solicitor-General
lliiRb M. Horsey favor the admission
only of the court ofticinls. attorneys,
witnesses and newspaper men. Tho
approach of the trial has revived In?
terest In the case, and It Is believed
Should til - doors be opened to the gen?
eral public the courtroom would be un?
comfortably crowded thi'ouRhout the
Joseph S. Iiowman.
Harrlsonburg, Vn., July 2.".?Joseph
Bowman, twenty-five years old, died
yesterday south of town of rtrlght's
disease, if,, was a distinguished grad?
uate In music and a son of Crofessor
J. M. Rowman. a well-known music
teacher. Six weeks ago he married
Miss Bell If nicely, who survives him.
He also leaves a brother and two sis
Dentb of n Child.
Orange, Va.. July 26.?The Infant son
ot Mr. and Mrs. Vlrglnlus Randolph
Shackclford, or Orange, died this nrter
noon at 2 o'clock, ngeil eleven months.
The funeral will take place from the
housA to-taurrow, Friday, at 3 P. M.
Crowds Attend Funeral at Which
Bishop O'Conncll Con?
ducted Service.
In the presence of a large number
of relatives and friends, funeral ser?
vices over the body of Christopher
Manning-, Jr., were held yesterday at
tornoon In St. Patrick'* Church. Ths
great popularity ot the police commis?
sioner was attested by the |arg< num?
ber of people, who. unable to Buln
entrance Into the little church, stood
with bared heads In the street OUtSldO
Until the funeral rites wero over.
The Ht. Ilov. D. J. O Council, lll.-hop
of Richmond, conducted tho service
with the lieautiful solemnity of tho
Catholic ritual, assisted by Rev. n. J.
MrKeefry and Hev. James A. Bran
nan. Fifteen other priests stoo-l be?
hind the chancel tall and helped to
minister the rites of th.- dead. Soior?
wero sung by Anlhonto T. Soucrwald
and John Keenan, and twelve acolytes
In chorister'* robes united in the sur
Hlshop O'Connell spoke briefly but
Impressively of the Ilf,- ami character
of Mr. Manning, and dwelt upon tho
11 ft list thut had endeared him to tho
in embers of the church, lie pointed out
that his departed life had been of
b< rvlco to others, and that death could
bo awaited with content by thoje who
walked the straight, paths.
Tho Ilor.-il offering: were numerous
and beautiful. The Hoard of Polle?
Commissioners and Mayor P. C. Rich?
ardson attended In a body, arid a cor?
don of thirty members of the city po?
lice force, under Captain Up pi, to?
gether with a detailed mounted force,
accompanied the cortege. Among tho
< tllclal? present was Ralph Dudley, as
sletant superintendent of the Phil?
adelphia PInkerton's Detective Agency.
The Hoard of Polle; Commissioners
tuet previous to the ftliicrul and i p
polnted the following numbers to dtaw
Up refolutlrns of sorrow: W. Douglas
t'erd'.n. E. \V. Thorns* -.no II. M Hoy
kin. The resolutions will be present?
ed at the next meeting of the board
The interment was made In Mount
Calvary Cemetery. Trier? "ill be a.
r> <|iilem mass for the repose of thu
sotil in St; 'Patrick's uhurteh ihi<v
morning at S o'clock.
Among the clergymen present nt the)
funeral services were the follcwin
P.* v. James H. O'Reilly; Hev. Edward
Myers, Vlcar-Gcneral .?. J. Bowler, Or
Joseph Magri. or. iaiuih Smat, Rev
Charles Hnnnlgan, Rc\ Father Jerojiic
T...v. Father Charles, P.ev. I'athcr
Themas and Hev. William A McKe
fry, of Staunton, Va
The following were pall-betrersi
Actlvi?Lewis H H.V.ke, William II.
Adams, James .!. Pollard, Jam's" i
Sloan. E. w Thomas, w. Douglas Uoi
den. JameH I". Phillips and 0. 0. Hol?
de rfleld.
Honorary?Carl (on McCarthy, L /'
Morris. K.dward Eichel William B
Dunn. Charles E Rolling, Henry Mc?
Kinley. Fritz Sltterdinjf and H M
; Smith, Jr.
BA.-s?bled, at Ii-r residence, G
wardin Avenue, Thursday, July '.''>.
MUS l.Afl'.A R BASS., widow of the
late Thomas W. Mass
Funeral from the home SATUR?
DAY a' :> M f-n'' leaves one
daughter. Mrs. W. L. Ldrdley, arid
one son. Thomas H. Bass, and six
BARNS.?Entered into rest July I.,
A M. at bis residence. No. fas West1
r.raee Htreet. HARVEY CkVHtOE
Funeral notice later.
Meets close in front and
stays so 15^ 2 for 250
Cluett, Peabody Sc Co., Troy, K Y.
last Mountain
Norfolk & Western Ry<
Lynchburg, Bedford
And nil Millions between
Roanoke and Bristol
Leaves Richmond 11 A. M,|
Tuesday, August 13
Iteturnn Aukiin? 111.
Round Trip Fares
Ranging From $2 to $5
Special train?through coaches?be?
tween Richmond and Roanoke, con?
necting In both directions with regu?
lar train between Roanoke and Rrls
tol Full schedule and information
may be had at N. &- \V. Office, at Ninth
and Main Streets.
District Passenger Agent.
Reuben Thomas lipscombe
Financial and Manufacturera'
Exploiting only meritorious and mar?
ketable patents, etc. Selling only the
hiebest grade manufacturers' products in
the two Virginias and two Carolinas.
Established trade.
No. 115 North Eighth Street,
Richmond, Virginia.

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