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Succession of Swats in Fifth Produce Ihree Huns
While Visitors are Held Safe by Splen?
did Defensive Play of Locals.
V irginia League
itt-isi i ^ es nun? \ v.
VI ItMniioiid?KK'biiiiintl, II; Iton
\i Norfolk?Norfolk. S| \n>|inrl
N.\>*. o.
\i Petersburg?Petersburg i;,
?TAXillA'G <T < I l Iiv
< lubn. w on.
Itouuoke . 52
peternburg ... M>
'itrl* lltouth . . IS
lllchmoud . . ? . ?'?>
Norfolk . 10
vjioi i .Vens .. :::?
lost. IM'. \ !?:?,.
;ni .5U i .im
:i7 .57.'. ..".in
ms .."i
117 .570 .-IIIS
m ata
Rosnnk? at Klcbroond.
Newport N,-?,.. ni Norfolk.
Portsmouth ai Petersburg
nv GVS M \ l.lir.RT.
Also won!
vV.hlch Is merely stilting tersely Hi
thi Colts look tin Iiis I si. ;.. 1 ? i
four-game encounter Wiilch Is Sclit
tin- week-end attraction at tlie VV?
Und ball yard, a to 2.
|t v> Mi a momento :.- occasion us t
aenootboy wrote in ins prise essi
Next to the triumph of Grlflln o\
Jungk'.and and all its terrors is t
performance of George Cowan, who i
lowed the curtain to Ik- raised tor I
first tiiTir on bis Initial performance
u r.andler of the Indicator in this ha
IWIck. L'mps Cowan did partlcul?i
c'.. ver work, and aided tlie Colts mat
iri?lly when his aid was heeded Alse
but ?mps Cowan is trying hilrd
Sbreak into the ranks, and is caul
?everything JuSt as he sees it. so Wiia
Hie use of dilating further upon 1
end of the melee.
Two of Buck Pri-ssly's premier hut
ers were heeded to kfeep the Colts fn
making more than the three i nns whl
. lUnted for a victory. Kurie;. I ii -
was Seilt to cover in four tind ohe-thl
i : of play, Bert Oardln, the st
portpUW of the circuit, supplanting h
kin time "t stress and trouble. For i
piarvey Busscy had things breaking '
Qllfh. every minute "i the time; whl
{accounts for his victory. Two rt< il
^ilays put an end to sire scores :
Gt'oanokc, While and acctirate llel
Jrig made tlie danger periods less l?i
nuent. In every Inning l"ii th? eigl'i
the first man up for the Visitors ri .,
All of the scoring for both cl il
I l . fifth Lafltte hit to coiilre. a
J'.cileson was sal., when Fred Gruft I
him In the head i rylhs ?6 ha lidli
hunt. Graham score?) Lafltte with 1
hit. putting Cardin, who rah for Burl
son. on s.i;d Itogers's wild lies
to stop Gntiillh trying to steal allow
J im to count.
For the o.lts. McComas made uis s.
xvitii Carter's offering, and IIret and
ecuhil wen filled with Coll runnero,
Both runners advanced on Burlesuu's
wild pitch; and Gruff scored BUSsey
with Ms tilt, taking (Second en the
throw-In, wiiii. Carter occupied third.
Grlllla Walloped to left. his choice spot,
and i' ii t. i ami Graff counted with the
tu., runs, which t.o, onlj knotted the
The locals had opportunities galloni
iii'm. Kven more 1 r. qio ntiv did the
to he left stranded. in the second.
Holland was run down otf third, when
he had a splendid chalice 01 scoring,
in the very first BuMscy walked tin
first two men up, and yel too Tigers
follow* i. Graham was caught li< t w ? ? i.
pla> when Tri ssiv forced ?;t? >11 at seC
An unusual hut an . fi.-ctiv.- dbuldi
down; froth Bussey to Ori :: to M1 Co
which TO "many looked s'.f... 'Ui'iltto
hit a ringer to left, and whi n Teiinant,
hesitated a moment. Shields went to
MrCo.mnii, who. with the ai l of (Irldin
llii hmond.
Uasei fiurdln. Graham and
U 111 ]? i MCCOlllll? 10 Italev;
?;: ? t? M Conias to Raley to
? ''etnas to ?Iriffiii to Raley. Left
Mli ' mer. I, : ? Roanoke, i Hlts-f
Newport News, Getting, Only
Three Hits OiT Poole,
Is Blanked.
V.\ \: .ilktd ?wuy with thi lirst [UiTie, ?-l
\?Mv|tori x ?-????.
N urfnlk,
Seouls to Walch Ayevs
??!>?.?.?..,. ?Hl iillfli HUIlillM
Itnunolci' Dil- nftrniiioti iiml tiiiothn
?Ictiirj I? c\iM'i icil. iI.miii.Ii Ibis :?
i>> tin mentis Ihr renl rciiHiuj \\h>
ihr doctor Im thr uclcctl. Severn!
Minus from the iiiiijor* ??III Im on
hiind tu wntt-h the iicrfnriiiiiiiec nl
iin hjjs i. n,m. Un^hiiiKtun ?vlll
hnv?. Seoul llinii! thr -t. I.ouli
t iiirrlciin? ??III he rrtireiiehted hy
-.?hui c . s. k. Ii'hiu r: Itnlttmnr? ??III
Ii live ii ii lur-i niiiiiir, ?villi? l'htln*
ilrltihiil VittIiiiimIk ?vlll senil himiic onr
In furnish im niilnloii. 11 Is under?
stood that iln- IMilllle.? Iinve ?ffi-red
sj.ikmi for Iiit. iiml Strnlu. ii
W nShliiRlon ??III meet the prices
iitTereil Washington ??III In- given
tin- iircfereucc.
joii.vsn.x ni:vi.\.\ns ?itu.ooo
I UI! ?I \ I 1 II \\ ITH M \ \ M : I I I
it. h with
After Long-Drawn-Out B?ttie
Brooklyn 1- Defeated,
b' tO 7.
Pittsburgh* July It took PtttshurRh
ronrtecn Innings t- beat Brooklyn t?-day,
.,, - to J Six pitchers, none of ihrm
eery effective, figured In ihc ?am?. Out 01
?even iimea :it the pint-' Huna Wagrter
111 ,1 two triple* ami a double. The
Brooklyn. Plttsduirgli.
AB H O A E AB 11 ?"> A K
S'oriheli. rf 1 a :i B 0 D?nllni rf. '-?Ott 0
j. H'lih. ;'o ?"? i i ?-' BCtrtrey, if... 7 0 2 u ?
Wlii it. i' 6 11 0 OWIieotl, Cf. 7 :t 1 o ?
Cutsh'W. :i. ? . .; ; l.Wngn'r. s? 7 3 :. s u
n Sillier ? i o to I o.i. Jlll'r. ib ? I IS '.' o
*t irk i> 3 10 2 OOlblon, c.l ? 0 9 - 9
Itoli si.it. i? 0 <> I 0
, , p.... 0 a 0 1
i 'amnltz, p i 1! 0 1 <i
tlivnit ... I I i 0 -1
fell, iirlkati il .
??? VI ? nuttKe'i. Ilonllti. .1.
ila? Vlox to M tiarthy i.. j. MUli r;
to Hummel: .1. Miller to Warner.
>ate* Brooklyn, I; Pittsburgh, I".
... ..n errors?Pittsburgh. 2; Hrnak
11..., -i iff Wariier. '? In 5 2-3 Innliigf:
I: off Kit lier. Struck out?By
? Rolilnson ' !?> I "a "ml! t. .":
? range, V.l.. July The second
arid last tiny 61 Hi- Orange Horse
Show brought out .,t least 5,000 people.
The day was riiU'i and the many visi?
tors greatly enjoyed themselves. Fine
horses 11 "in many States w, lo shown,
and the boxes were rilled to capacity
with prominent society people. Among
those in private boxes were Rev. C. >'
? tlllUWi II, of Marlin. Ti \ . Lev. C. J.
Mill and party. Orange; Dr. Lewis
Hulliduy and party, Orange: 1. II.
'?ray und party, Orange Colonel Wil?
liam Todd; Mayor of Westhuthpton, and
party Hon c C. Tnllaferro and party.
Orange; \\. W BUrgess and family.
?'tauge. Dr. F. ?; Scott. Orange; W. W.
Sah ord and family, Madison Run. H.
c". ',1'wymuii and family. Twyrnnn's Mill:
id. H. Ml ishitU, N'W York; 11 A. Telia-,
ferro, New York. Lurge parties from'
\N oodberry Forest. Charlottesville, Cul
peper. Washington. I). C Baltimore. I
Mil., and various other cities were in
at tendance. Summaries:
I....1 - s harness horses?iir. J.
O'H lein Keswtcki first; William l>u- ;
portt, Montiii 11er Karin, second and .
Colts?Chief Inspector. William l>u
poiit, Moiitpeller Farm, first; Rival,
?\ lliiaiu 1? ipont. Moiitpeller 1 arm. sec
bml; I'.xcelslor, VVlliiam l'upont, Mont
belie'r Farm, tlilrd.
Itoadstei's?King, .1 N. Andrews,
.-.in., i s. t. I ii st; Ueimont Clt'ef, C. B;!
1'ii nc, Jr.. eulpeper, \'a? second: l'ine. \
w. i Marshall, Orange, third; Roy j
w likes, -I A Smith, Orange, fourth.
Horses suitable to become hunters?!
'?.r..> Uawii, Ur. R. M. Harris. Orange, I
.la.-.ge Hay. j. .i Daniel. Lahore.
King Andrew, j. .i Daniel. La- '
h?re third; Moonlight, Miss Marion I
DuPdnt. Montpeller Farm, fourth!
Huckhey stallions?Oxford King,]
Wl llitiri I'lipoat. Mo'itpeller Farm,I
lust. .Moi.ti...it.-: Sonaatiiti, William
I ??.-,?? lit. Montpeller Fa tin, secend.
Hack rie> stallions?Klrkbum Lady,
William Dupoiit, Montpeller Farm,
Urst Wclib} King, Dr. ?;. J. O'Brien.
I . :v i' l:. --? < ? ? r,<i Nellie, William Du-j
i ? !.;. Mohlpcllor Farm, third, Empress,I
Willium oupontj Montpeller Farm,
(Jriingi luntp hunters?Lady lilazen
A? C. WainberslO, Orange, first: Watch-;
lul; Mrs; Wi IV, OsboriiC, OSrd?iiSr.
villi second; Night cap. J. J. VVoodrlffi
Homcrsot, third; NViverly, J. N An-]
ilrews, Somerset, fourth.
Orange! county huntors--Lad.v Blase.
bU'm Lady. William Dupoht, Montpe?
ller Farm. flrstj! Km press. William L?u
ponti Mon pell r Farm, second; Mont-;
pell? 'il dys, William Oupont, M'ont
ptlier Fai-n. third; Fcrtunata, Wil?
li, .m Dupoht, .Montpeller Farm, fourth.
Light weight liuittcrs?Keswick; Jiil
i iiiii Morris. Keswlcki rlrstj Poet, W. F.
\. I bur, Warrentori, second: Pretty
M.i .1 \!r? Aii.-n Potts, Oardonsvllle;
Mill ward, Julian .Morris. Kes
I.uditK' p.ul: saddle loia. Miss
i'MariAii Du'pont'. Montpeller Farm, first;
Biiickei i: Mrs. All ri Potts. Oof
lie -i -I Fr?st, Miss Marlon
liiupbnt. Montpeller Farm, third.
Miirloti Diipontj Alontpellei' Farm, first:
I. /. . ? it a; Wllli?th I iiipont.
J.-.. M .1 ?:?:?? ? Farm; third. Fasnlon,
Poll} llimi ????? -B.il burii, William Tmi
pi ? '. L Moni eller Form, first: I'asn
i |on, Vi'il lain Dupont, Jr., Montpeller
ir'arhi seeond: '/anana, William DilpOnl,
Mm liei 1 trm, third: Jack, Wil
V ft
Suit Eods, Wsrth $5, $6, $8 to $10
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!n almost an endless variety of colors, im
designs and fabrics NOT ONE fyfl
Coat and Trousers made to your measure now for
Serges, guaranteed all wool and fast color, from $12.50 up to $30
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Tajlors and
714 East
Main Street
Results m the Big Leagues
Pittsburgh. s; Brooklyn. 7 (fourteen Washington, 4. Detroit, r. (first
innings game)
No ?.tit?r names scheduled. Washington. 7; Detroit, ? (second
gam< ).
Philadelphia. ::. si. Louis. (first
came >
Philadelphia, St. Louis, t (second
ga me).
Boston. 0: Clevoland, l.
New Vork. I. Chicago, ?"> (ton In
Won. I ust
Club. \V
Boston . 6
Washington . .
Philadelphia . . B
Chicago . t
Detroit . t
Cleveland ... I
New Vork_ 27
st. Louis . -'
Louis at Boston
Pittsburgh ;.t p
1 'Inciiiiia 11
t Brooklyi
ilngton at Cleveland.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
New Vork at St. Louii
Boston at Chic
Ham Dup?nt. Jr.. Mont pellet Kami;
Combination saddh und harne?*
I., im----J?la, Miss Marlon Dupont,
Motitpelici Parin, ?rat; Brocket! Hose,
Mrs, Alieii Potts, Gordousvlllo. second;
lviiic George, Mrs. Jul tri Morris, K.s
Wlqk. third.
Horn blowers?Wfh. Dupont, Monlpe
llet- Parin, first; J. .v Tv.tocond;
F. M. Modcna, Soinorsi third.
Hunt club teams- Keswlck Munt
tfunj. .l?llnh Morris. Keswlck, tust
Hunt t.-.im. ,t. N, Andrew? Somerset,
Horses in harhets?Lmpresk ana
mute, wiiit.-.m Dupont, Montpelier
?arm, first: Nellie an 1 mate. William
IMip?nt, Montpelier Far hi second: For
tunata. William im; it, Montpelier
I arm. third: Pair. In <; .1 OBtleili
Kesivick, fourth.
Hunt .-lass with hound*- Hunt .-lass
hounds, .1. N. Andrews, Somerset, first;
l.astle Hill hounds. M -. Allen Potts,
M. p. h.. Gordonsvilb . si cdnd.
Green park saddli liracken Rose.
Mrs, Allen Potts. Gord uisVllle, first.
King George, Julian Mortis. Keswlck.
tecoml; /.an..mi. William DtlpOlit, Jr..
Montpelier Parin, third'. Millwood. Jul
. in Morris. Keswlck; fotii tit.
Ponten in harness?rSe>iuel, Dr ?5. .1.
O'Brien. Keswlck, ttrs; Serene, Dr G
?' O'Brien, Keswlck. ltd Sequence;
Dr. G. .1. O'Brien, Kcswick third.
Orange county hunters?Gladiator,
Thomas Atkinson. Jr. Richmond, drst:
Lady Blaise; A. C. Warnoetsie, Orange,
second: Lord Sunbrlght. M W Carter,
Orange, third: Desire. A*. W. Osborm
Gordiinsvtlle. fourth.
Horses in harness?Wembley King.
i>r. <;. j. O'Brien, KeswK-k, first; Mona.
William Dupoht, Montpcliei Parin,
ond: Wembley Lady; or o J. O'Brien,
Keswlck, third; Xanana. W'llldm Lin
ponti Jr.. Montpelier Farm, fourth.
Ladles' Hunters?Watchful, Mra. W.
W. Osbornc, GdrdonsvllU-. first. Tncon
lie. Julian Morris, K-Mvick. second
Keswlck, Julian Morris, Keswlck,
third; Proty Maid. Mrs Alien Potts
Gordonsv|lle, fourth.
Ladies' harness h irses? Wemblev
King, ]>r G. J. O'Brien, Keswlck. i.r.-t,
Mona. William Dupoi.t, Jr Montpellfc'
Farm, second; Weroblcy Lady; i?r. <..
?: O'Brien. Kef wick, third; Burgundy,
w llllani Dupont. M ntpeller Farm,
Greensboro. 6; tlieenvllle. 3.
New Orleans. 0: Nashville, i.
Birmingham, 6; Atlanta. .'.
Only two games scheduled.
Mi tinea polli
Montreal. 10; Baltimore, 5.
Rochester, -. Newark, 3.
Buffalo, 6; .lerse.v City, t (first ranr
Jersey City, it Buffalo, ft (secoi
Other flubs not scheduled.
Ma on. r>. Albany, 2
Savannah. '.' .Tai k onville, 1.
< 'olnmhia-'."olui:, prevented: C
luinbtis t-am arrived too late.
i clared that President Tuft could not
vi id such a who!. ii . ill as the Lit Fol
iette measure it 11 we're passed by both
] Houses and sent to him. He said tin
i LaFollette stibstitut'on formed So
closely with the Tariff Board's re
commendations that the President
would he compelled to sign it If It
were sent to li'iii.
The CUmmlns s 11 tltute wool tariff
bill, which represented the views of
many of the progcsslve .Senators, waft
defeat- . bj . :. overwhelming majority.
All Democrats and most of the He
i ubl leans voted against the bill. The
defeat of this a lbstltutc had been
anticipated, ind tin knowledge that
a compromise . ire had been pre
pared by the Republican leaders, to
t., offered as sooi the Cummins bill
was disposed ol aided in preventing
the so-called regulai Republicans from
supporting the Cummins bill.
Senator Pen rose, acting on behalf
Of the Republican members of the
[finance Committee, offered the Re.
publican Substitut' as soon as the
Cummins amendment bad been voted
down ft wan 1 .11 thut had been
prepared by Seniitoi Llppltt, of Rhode
Island', i?nd which had been clrcu
i lated early In the day among the Re?
publican members, both regul?r and
Received Wltb Surprise.
The Llppltt-Penrose bill "was re?
ceived in the spirit of a surprise by
the Democratic side of the chamber,
although the( lif mo! raftc leoflere wert
fully aware that It be presented as
counter move to their bill for a sweep?
ing reduction of the. woolen tariff.
Demands were mridn from the Demo?
cratic side for more time to examine
the meoBure. and tl .? Republican mem?
bers of the Finance Pommittee were
criticized for submitting a measure
thai tho Senate did riot have time to
Senator Penrose made a formal
statement ns t.. (he effect the new bill
would have ii" adopted. He said It
would iiuike man.- Important reduc?
tions in the presi nt tariff rates on
wool nhd woolen products. On
blankets, he said, the reduction would
in from 1 2 per cent to 21 per cent,
on the higher grades and almost so
l><i/ cent. t,n the cheaper, 0rjAdcii,
which arc value, I ill from "0 to 40
? i nt: it pound Th? t.triit' on yarn?,
suid Mi. i'onrose, would be cut fro-hi
S per cent, to 46 per cent., the actual
reduction depending upon the varying
conditions In tin- market. In the sumo
way tile dun, - on Woo) top? would he
reduced 35 per cent, tu 50 per cent,
? in spite ,>f these very considerable
reductions." said Senator I'eiirose, It
is believed it will still afford adequate
protection to the two pr<at Industries,
wdol growing and wool manufacturing,
an.! that If it should he. enacted- Into
law it would enable the farmers and
ttje manufacturer and wage-earner
engaged in this industry to continue
t.. derive their livelihood from those
pursuits and at the same time would
noet tin demuiids on the pail of the
consumers for the revision of the
woolen schedule. This bill Is an -it
tempt I" inalti the duties on wool and
Woolen goods conform as nearly as
possible to the Information on that
.??:.ci which has been furnished In
lhc; rec.-nt report of the Tariff Hoard."
II.- further explained that the re?
duction in the bill ran from 10 pi r
. . hi .;i h >ini of the higher price
woolen goods to as milch as 11'.". per
cent, on lb. lower and cheaper grades.
Senator Penroso also said that
win!.- the Republicans had at ilrst be?
ll.] I: Imposslbli to gti together
on a bill that could be passed they
had finally agreed, after numerous
Conferences? that the new measure
inlghi unite all Itepuhllctins In i
. ;.? :t, and thus make possible an
? h mediate reduction of the woolen
tariff. If the House and the l're?i
iii ut would accept it.
The appearance of tin- Republican
tueasuie came after nearly seven
hours of desultory debate on the wool?
en schedule. Tile Democratic bill
passed by the llousu. which cut raw
wool to a duty of ilO RCr cent, ad
valorem un.l made sweeping reduc?
tions in ill woolen tariff tales, was
supported b> Senators Simmons and
Stun-; hut the principal debate cam.
upon the substitute measure offered
by Mr. Cummins, lie declared that his
bill followed closely the recommenda?
tion of the Tariff Hoard In its report
lie said the Democratic hill made all
average reduction of about :t.'. per
cent, on the entire woolen schedule
of the existing law. and that he be
? ? ed his measure was on the aver?
age about 10 per cent, higher than the
Democratic bill. Senator Stone as?
sailed Mr. Cummins for "deserting"
the attitude he had formerly taken
In favor of ad valorem "woolen rates.
In his new bill Senator Stone said
Mr Cumrhtns adhered to tin plan of
specific duty, a system which the Dem?
ocrat? Relieved IffordeC opvoruml
iick for undervaluations aad evasions
of the tarirr.
i! msmm
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Richmond, Vn
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give-away prices
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At $2.35 a Pair
we shall include $3,,00. $.1.50.
$4.00 values In several In?
complete lines of roguinr
goods, and all of our drum
mor s samples. $3.50 to $6.00
But Nationals Lose Firit of
Double-Header to
Washington. July :3.~The National? split
oven to-day in a loub.c-lic.idcr. Dc'.rult w
nlng the lirst Kam? by a ?eure of b to 4 und
the National* the second by u score of
lu ft. 'Ih... scores:
l ill- I 0 \Mi:
Waauinstoo. Detroit.
Moeltor, rl. 2 : : I 0 Do'van. rf I 0 0 0 0
roster. 3b...". n 1 0 0 Uu?h. as... ? lit 11
Milan, et... i l u tCobb, ef... 4 ? - t
?Junuii. lb., s u 9 ?> OCraw'd, if. 4 1 3 (
Morsen, 3b 1! o 1 S oDeal. 3b... J o 1 1
.Uns Ith. c.l 1 ?? 1 OMurlty. lb 3 0 9 (
M'Brlde, ss 4 0 J 4 0 Louden. 2b 4 1 3 I
shanks. If. 4 14? OSlanuge, c 4 I 7 I
Hughe*, p.. 1 o u 0 1 Dubut', p.. 111!
\ auBhn. d . 3 1 0 3 0
Totals ...33 ;.*:il 3 Totals ...3J 7:7 11 4
Washington .'.' 0 1 I 0 O 0 0 0-1
Detroit .0 1 I 0 0 0 0 O 0-5
Summary; Hum?Morller (2), Milan <j>.
Donovan. Hush. Cobb, Deal. DubUC. Two
liat? hit?Shanks Sacrifice hit?Deal. Sac?
rifice Hies Oandll, Morgan. Stolen bases ?|
Moeller IS), Milan, Deal. Left on bases ? j
Washngton, Hi Detroit, :.. First base on or-j
roll?Washington, 1; Detroit. 1. First base
on ball a?Off Hughes. 1; 6ft Vaughn. 1; oft* [
DUbUe, 4. Innings pitched?By llugr.es, S
and par! of third; by Vaughn. 7. Hlts-Off !
Hughes, 4; ofr Vaughn, 3 Struck out ?Hv
llugl es. 2. by Vaughn, 4; by Dubuc. 7. ;
Wild pitch ?Vaughn c.v Time o! game.
. 11? ? u;rs. Umpires, \Vcil?rvelt and Evans.
Attendance, :.
Washington. Detroit.
All II <) A E AH H O A B
Moeller, rf 4 1 10 0 'Donovan. 4 a 3 0 0
Koster, ">b.. to30 Oliush. ss... 1 1 2,1 I
.Milan, cf... 113 1 oCobb. cf... 4 3 3 0 0
Oandll, ib.. 3 3 :. 3 OCraw'd, if. J :? o o u
Morgan, .'bl c : 3 t Deal, ??,.'.? 0 13 1;
Alns'ith. c. 3 o 5 0 1 Jones, rf.. 10 10 0
Williams, el o : o 1 ?Morlsrlty. 4 0 7 1 1.
M Bride, bs 4 1 14 0 Louden. :b 4 2 1 s 0
Shanks, if 4 eon p Kocher, c. 4 1612
Johnson, p. 4 1 I I 0 Mullln. p.. 1 0 : I 9
Works, p : o o 1 o
Totals . SI 7 27 M t Totals ...M S 21 IT *
?Donovan, right field and tlrst b.is
r.Morlarlty, llrst base and right field. |
Washington .JOOOJOjSl '-7 :
l?..':oit .10 110 0 0 2 0-3
Hunimgryi Huns?Moller. Roster It), Ml-.
'.:,r. . McBrlde, Donovsr.. B-.:sr (2' Cobb,
Louden Tlne?.base hlt-Oandll. Stolon i
1 ? Milan. Morlarlty, foster. Double |
plays?Deal to Kocher t? Bush: Mullin toi
Deal. Left on bases Washington. ". be
I trolt. g. First base on errors ? Was!.In r'em.
First l<a*o nr. ball*?Off Johnson. 3; off
Mullln . elf Work?. 1. Innlnss pitched?
H. Mullln, V by Works, s Hlts-Off Mullln.
aff Works. < Struck out?By Johnson, *:
by Mullln 2: by Works. 2. Wild pitch?Mut
Johnson, Works Time of game., : 1.4.1
Umpire*. Evans and Wcitervclt. Afend
the horn., series hv splitting n double-header
With St. Louis, Scores. 3 to I and I to 3
I Iftt-T GAME,
?>t T.niiU. I'hllndrlnbln.
Ait ii n a r. ar ii o a r
Shotten. cl I M ( OMag'ert. If 3 1 . o |
Austin, 3b.. lie; ?Lord, rf... 4 0 3 o !
'Traf.. :b... 4 111 OCollinl, :b 3 1 0 3 I
Stovall. lb. 3 1 9 0 0 Raker, lb 4 110 1
Daly, ss-.-. 3 0 2 4 CM'Innl*. lb 4 111 t (
j Jarnsen, il : o : e 0 Strunk, cf. 4 o 4 e 1
It.Vpton, if 1 0 0 0 0 Barry, *?.. 3 14*:
? llogan. if.. " .' 2 0 ?tapp, e., . .- t 1 ~ 1
jKrlchell. c. 3 0 : ft 0Coombs, p 3 1 1 1 1
Mitchell, p. 3 0 0 1 0
Totals ..."0 3 21 S 0. Totale ...31 7** *
Philadelphia ."C020000 ??I
Summary: Ituns?Collins, Mclnnls. Barry,
Shotten. Austin. Two-base hits?Collins fj).
riatrlflce 111?Stnvall. Stolen base?<*nlllns.
Double piny-Mclnnls to Harry to Coombs.
First base on errors?St. Louis. 1. First base
on bolls-orr Coomb*, Ij off Mitchell. S.
Struck out?By Mitchell. 2. Time of game.
: \ t"mi>!r. f. O'Brien and Dlneen.
St. I.ou'e. Philadelphia.
A r II fi A E ARU O A E
Rhotten, el t .' a OMag'ert. If a 1 0 0?
Alistln. SV 12 12 C Lord. rf... 3 1:00
Pratt. 2b... I I 12 OColllns, 2h 3 0 3 3 .'
Kuttna. lb. 4 ! 10 0 0 Baker. 3b 4 11:0
Daly, ss... 3 0 0 4 OM'Innts, lb 4 3 10 0 0
Co'pton, rf -' 0 2 1 0 Strunk, rf. 4 1 : 0 0
Mogsn. If.. 4 3 . 0 0 Barry, ss.. 1 0 3 2 0
Stephens, c _? 0 5 0 DKg.in. C..,. 4 0 7 6 0
llii'lltoh, p. 3 1 0 ; 0 Brown, p. . 10 1 0
Houck, p.. 1 0 0 1 0
V'oombs .. 1 0 0 0 0
rotals ...30 71!? H 0 Totals ...S3 I 17 13 2
?Batted .'or Houci: ir. ninth.
tBrown out In ntth. hit ty batted ball.
:t. Louis.0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0-1
1 Philadelphia . .0 0 0 2 0 eo I o?.t
Summary: Buns Lord. Baker. Mclnnls,
Daly, Comptoh, llogam Hamilton Ttve
bhse hits?Maker. Strunk, Pratt Sacrifice
hits?Comptoh, Stephen*. Double plays?
K itina (unassisted); Hourit to Bgikri to Mc?
lnnls. Left .11 bases?Philadelphia, ?; St.
Louis, ti First base on errors?St. Louis. ..
Pitching record; lilts?Off Brown, ;. |n <
?:.i. ::k:s. off llou?k, 2 In 3 innings E r
r. 11 -By Brown. 3; by Houck, S. by Hamil?
ton. 7. First base un balls?Otf Brown
I Off Hoiiek, 2; off Hamilton, 4 Stolen bases?
Mipgert. Daly Wild pitch?Hamilton <2?.
l'assed ba;i?E5.U1. Time of game. 2:10.
Umpires, Dlneen and O'Brien.
.V. w York. July 25.?The Wr.lte Sos took
the nna! gam* of the series here tills after?
noon after a ten-inning right by a icore of
<; to -t. Left Fielder Daniel*, of the Yankees,
?ih. Individual batting star of the day.
s*.< .rtag a home run, a three-bagRer. a
doiibie and a single out of four times at
hat Chicago's win glvts them an even
' r< Bk on the scries. The score:
( hlcago. New York.
B.-ith. 2b... 5 1 2 3 0 Daniels. If 4 14 0 0
'/.elder, is.I 4 2 4 1 OChase, lb f. : ; 0 t.
h'olllns, lbi 4 7 6 1 ist-r itt, ef B : I 0 v
I Lord. 3b... E 2 3 1 O/.inn. rf.... 4 0 1 0 A
CsChari, If. S 1 2 6 OSIm'ns. :h. a I 2 5 ?
Mattlck, if 1 1 0 e ullarfli. 3b :: 0 I 0 0
1 HodU, rf... 4 111 oMartln. ss. 4 (1 ;, 0
M lm're, cf l : '.' 0 0Sweeney, <-3 1 * | |
Sullivan, c 4 010 ."> OCald'ell, p 2 1 000
It. hi. p_ 4 0 11 nWarhop. p 1 0 i 0
Walsh, p... 0 0 0 0 o twolveri'h I a 0 0 0
LMaloney.. 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ...3S1JJ01J 0 Totals .,.J5 H*2>1J I
?Lord out In tenth for Interference.
IBatted for Wurhop in tenth.
?.Kan for Woiverlon in tenth.
Mattlck batted for Callahan In tenth.
??hlcagn .0 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 2-S
N. W York.1 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0-1
Summary Runs? Zelder. ?"olllns (I), Lord,
Mattlck. BoJIv. Daniels (J), Sweeney. Cald
well. Two-base hit?Daniels. Three-base
hits?Daniels, rolllns. /.elder Home run?
Ti.mlols Sacrifice hits?Sterrett. Zrlaei.
Bodlc. Stolen base?Danlels. Double plays
- Sullivan to Renz: Sullivan to Lord: Sulli?
van to Bath; Simmons to Martin 10 Chase
Left on bSSes??Shlcace, I: New York. s
Kir?-t base on error*?Chicago. 1 Illts-rifr
CSIdwell, S In S 2-3 Innings. First base on
halls?Off Warhop. 2; off Bens, :. Struck
out?By CSIdwell. 3: bv Warhop, 3; bv Berig,
l tilt by pitcher?By Caldwell, 3. Umpires,
Egan and Sheridan, Attendance, I.W.
Boston. July 16.?Vean (;Vegg, the ?lon?
ga ted Cleveland twlrlcr. to-day sent the
Red Sox westward with a 1 to f. defeat, and
Incidentally gave his team an even break
In the present series with the !o-a'? Col?
lins, who opposed Oregg. also pitched a
good gamr. but bunched hits In the second
Inning scored the run against him. The
Cleveland. Boston.
Peck'gh. ss 4 I 0 2 0 Hooper, rf 4 0 3 0
Olson. 2b... 3 0 5 t OYorkes. 2h. 4 1 2 ( 1
Jackson, rf 4 O 0 0 OSpeak'r. cf | ; fi n
flrlggs. lb. I 2 JO A 0 Lewis. If... I 110
Turner, Is. I ! 1 ! 0 Engte.- Jh.. 3 0 0 0
Blr'ham. cf 4 1 0 o a Stahl, lb 3 on o
Ryan. If.... 3 14 0 OWatrn'r. ss ? n 5 -
O'Neill, r .. 3 0 7 1 OCar gan. 1: 7 0 ; 0
CiregK. p .. 3 0 0 1 OColllns, ? 2 0 A 1
'Rail . 1 0 0 0
Di dient, p, Orioo
Total* ...IS 7 27 10 0 Totals . SO 127 11
?Hinted tor Collins In eighth
levelanrt .0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 ?.
Boston .0 0 n 0 o 0 0 0 o -
Nummary; rtun?tirigg*. Sloleh base nir
mlngham. Klr?t base on balls?On' Collins
1: off fiiega. I Struck oui Bv Reillent. 1
t>y i Jregg. A. (lacriflee bits Olson. O'Neill
Umpires, 1 onno;;j and liati. Attendance
Joe Laughlin's Return to Game
Puts New Life Into
[Special to Tiio Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Pctcrsbui k. Va.i .July -.'?.?Joe Liugh.
llh's return id the game after n month's
absence, due to a broken thumb, put
new life into the Champs, ami tnoy boaj
the Truckers to a fraszlo this, after?
noon. M inscr :i ml Morganrath were
plttud against each other, and whllii
the same number of hits wen- mad,, oft
each, Morgunralh kepi Iiis weil scat?
tered until the ninth, when llirco singles
earned the Truckers a run.
Manser was in lino form for four ln
nlngs, but tho liftli proved u Waterloo
for him, a double, live singles, a sac
rllb ?? and a fori ,- run on a base on balls
netting the Champs flvo mm* Keat?
ing'a Holding, Nixon's. Slmmons's and
Busch's batting and a sensational dou
blo play by Simmons and Barnett fea?
tured. Tlio score:
A.B. rt Fl. O. A B.
Simmons, rf. i l 3 :; 1 o
Blackst?ne, if.4 1 1 2 0 a
Busch, ss. 4 2 :'. 1 :i
Morrison. 3b.4 1 3 1 J
Anthony, cf.:: 1 0 I 0
Laughlln, c. 0 1 r, 3 ?
llowedoll. . 0 0 0 E 1
Barnett. lb. :t o | 13
Morganrath, i>. :: 0 0 i
Totals .30 6 10 37 17 1
A B, It It. O. A I".
<ckcr. rf. t n 1 1 n 0
Nixon, cf. 11-31
Watson, Hi. 3 0 0 1'
Castro, :ib. 4 0 1
Tttman, if. 4 0 0 1
Cooper, 3b. 4 n 1 f
Oarvln, 0. 1 o 1 :
Manser, p. 4 0 2 ;
Totals.35 2 10 24 13 0
Score by innings: rt
Portsmouth . 1 0 0 n 0 0 0 0 1 ? 3
l'etersburtr . a n 0 :5 0 0 0 1 ?_r.
Summary: Two-base hits?Simmons.
Morrison Three-base hits?Busch.
Rtoli ii bases?Busch. Keating. Double
plays?-Simmons nnd Barnett. Rn'-c oh
halls?off .Morganrath. 1; off Manser. -'.
Left on bases?Portsmouth, Peters?
burg, a. struck out?bv Morganrath,
fi; by Man^-r. Time of game. 1 30.
Umpire, McBrlde. Attendance SO"
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