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Clements Fears Knockout Blow
if Pending Measures Be?
come Law.
Washington. July 26.?Iii several
bills which have been introduced In
Congress as umcuilmcnts i(, the in?
terstate commerce act Coiuihtssionei i
Clements ol the Interstate Cotniiicruu
Commission sees knockout blows for
the commission iihd has loxt nu time
in < ntertlng n strenuous complaint to!
members <>f the interstate commcro i
committees of the House and Senate ;
in these bills which haye been In?
troduced by Representative Borland, of
1 oui'l, DrouHsuid, of Louisiana and.
baundtiH, ui Virginia, uro provisions,
it la declared, which will give Hie'
Commorcu Court, er it that tribunal
is llnaliy ubullshed. tin circuit courts, i
covered .1. ih< in ma) us well 8U bcfoi
Hie courts in the first plucc as to bu (
taken up aflei the Interstate Com?
merce Commission has passed on them.
Also when appearing yesterday after
noon before thi interstate committee]
of tin- House, in- tooli occasion to say'
that if a broad review of orders of the 1
courts til-- commission may just as well j
b< abolished at the same time.
In his opinion the twenty-live ;c?r<
employed in the upbuilding of the \
c< mmissiou will be destroyed by the.
enactment of any one of the bills In
tl? present form Representative
Adamaon, chairman of the llouic Coni
R'.lllee on interstate Commerce, an well
a. Senator Cummins, of Iowa, mail?
man of the Interstate Committee of
the Senate, a:-- also un?erMtood to be
of the opinion that the bills shnuld
Itot bo passed. j
The proposed li g'.Mauon allows ag?
grieved shippers, alleging errors of'
IdW, the rlgtit to appeal to the courts,
ti right which I" now denied their, un?
der the interstate commerce act, i.fter
the commission has ruled on a joint
in question.
Thus It Is declared thut If the pend?
ing measures become laws the chaotic
ndltlons In Interstate commerce prior
to Hie passage of the Hepburn bill In
, C will again be restored.
Prom the way matters have gone
recently, and the favorable report on
thi norland bill by the House Judiciary!
< 1 uimlttee, it is ur.diisi " d that ? tor;:
is etil Democrats of the interstate Com?
mittee have discussed hrlnglne the
mutter to the floor of the HotiSu with
tin avowed Intention of having the
v hole question referred to the'r com
Ulg combltiattons of business, It is
Kit Id, wo It Id like to see tn? proposed
i' r si.i-....11 go oft the statute books.
I for ?,... rea'son prominent Dehio
? : i- itre of the opinion that the sooner
t ? bontroversy ends the better for the
work of ihc interstate Commerce Com?
mission and the welfare "f the people
throughout the country. The eohibi- ?
t 1 :,s that own the ' tap line" rail
roads are understood to be especially
, ger to see tue bills pass, as the attl
t . :. of the Interstate Commerce Com- i
mission Is that the lines are not com?
mon carriers within the meaning 01
the Interstate commerce act.
nil Cdmmeri 0 Ciiurt refused to grant
relief to tlio owners of the lines, ami
on appal to the Supreme Court that
tribunal decided that neither the Coin
1 lerce Court nor any other court had '
Jurisdiction In any case dismissed by
tile interstate Commerce Commission.
Attorney Qehieral Wir.kershum his
expressed sympathy for the purposes cf
i 1? shippers, pointing out to Chairman:
Adamsun that und. 1 the law the peti?
tioning shipper ha" no rieht to demnnd
I, broad review- of the Interstate Com- j
? (Commission's acts, and that 1
when the commission refuses to act I
the shipper has no redress.
Speaking on this point. Commissioner j
ClcmClUS declares that the decision of'
the .Supreme Court limiting the power
of the lower courts In commission
1 ase? to pure errors of law has re
s ilt- d in a, uniform and workable
System of orders governing commerce
between the States, and to grant the
power of broad review by the courts
will be to lodge with the courts work
of administration that ean only pro?
perly be delegated by Congress to an
administration body like the commla
Thomas n. Ifamer >uH'it? Loss of Sev?
ern! Thousand Hollars.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Norfolk. Va.. duly 2?.?Fire to-night
destroyed the tobacco manufacturing
plant of Thomas B. I lamer, at Um
bert's Point, entailing :i loss of several
thousand dollars Water pressure on
the mains of the Norfolk County Water
Company was low. and the firemen w-, r,.
badly handicapped. The building and
Its contents Is a complete loss.
Great Musical
Sunday Afternoon
and Evening
A most realistic rendition of
Verdi's masterpiece, "The Mis?
erere,'? front the opera II Trova
tore, mid-nature's perfect scenic
setting, by the celebrated solo?
Miss Helen Gorrana
Miss Ida Heltor.
Ctipported by the famous
Under the direction of
Professor Bernhard Terboner.
Music first?without hin?
drances, without need ot
let linicul knowledge, belongs
to the possessor of the
Play?play freely- play no?
bly, with divine expression.
Open your heart and let it
pour fort Ii it - mess igt s.
Waiter D. Moses
& Co.,
103 K. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in Va.
and N. C.
of rao?isio
Declaration That They Ate
"Narrow-Minded" Causes
Heated Clash.
Atlanta, fa* . July ;t ?cr.ticitma o?
Mnhodliu I? being "narrow-mlnde<1" and
"unwilling to h?lp" In the pork vt the
<~;ideon?. a national organisation ot travel?
ing lalcunen Along reiig oui ilneb. causvd
? heattd ejr.?h !n th* flrat i?J'? session
of Ihe national convention of tt.e order.
51. P. Afhebrook. of Ohio, who conducted
the afternoon acaalon. In the (ouiM of an .
address i*ld:
?J t.if observed In the court* of my
work that the Mithodt?t? are not w ::ins
tb help u? In our work go much a? other
denominations. I believe thrlr minister"
to he narrow-mind'd and too mu^h centred
In their own church. I d'-Jlr* to ask the
Method sit here 10 look Into this ouestlori
ol havi a resolution psiied a-, meetings
Cel.- . >. jr he* Initructlng their minis?
ter? to cordially help the Gideon? In their
In :< moment randerr.or.tim broke loose,
and a icore or more of the several hun
dredt of the delegates from all pins e,f the
Halted State? and Canada were on thi -
feei In proteft. An Atlanta deleitnte point?
ed out that Blehop Candler, of t.lln cltyi
had helped the organ zatlon In a time of
dire dlltrep?, AI thl? point * motion waa
earned to end the dl?cui?|on and refer the
matter In a committee of five, to report
to the convention to-morrow.
TM? afternoon the delegate! were given
?i barbecue at Cold Ppringf.
held on charges
San Francisco Man Accuses
Former Employes of Steal?
ing His Automobile.
New Tork. July :?. ?Mrs Clsio M
Perkins, housekeeper; Frederl? k i:.
Patterson; chauffeur, and Patrick
Walsh, valet, former employes It: the
household ol Nicholas ?I. McN.imura, of
Sun Francisco, were arrested h-rc late
to-day, charged with grand larceny
end beins fugitives front Justice. Mrs.
Margaret McNamara, wife of the bank?
et, with her two children. Chester, aged
ten, nnd Wilbur, aged twelve, -was
pie?ent when the arrests were mnde.
The arrests followed tho receipt of
.-, telegram from th- chief of police of
.-?an Francisco, which rliarged the pris?
oners with grand larceny. Mr. Mo-.
Namara swore out warrants for his
three former employes c harping them
with stealing; 'his automobile. San
Francisco dispatches to-diiy carried the
assertion .if the banker that Mrs. Sic
N tmara, on June 21, left home with
three servants and her two children In
a large touring car. Journeying through
Orepon and across country, and that
Ills only word from his wife since has
been In the shape of frequent and lav?
ish drafts on his bank account. He
declared Mrs. Perkins had acquired an
almost complete control over his wife's
rctions. The party was traced to Chi?
cago and thence here.
The arrests were made in a leading
betel, where they hnd. registered.
The banker's wife and her children
were not disturbed. Thfit they Intend?
ed to sail for Germany on August 3
became apparent when steamship
th kets wet e found on the prisoners
The servants declined to make any
statement. It was supposed the auto?
mobile was dispose,! of on the road.
The police have telegraphed San
Francisco lor Instructions regarding
Mrs. McNamara and children. Until
ati answer Is received she will remain
at the hotel where she first registered.
Mrs. McNamara visited police head?
quarters td-nighi and talked with
Lieutenant Funston. In charpe of t!v
detective bureau. The latter said Mrs.
McNamara declared she was surprised
to learn that her husband caused the
dispatches to be sent which led to the
arrests of her servants. She said that
the automobile In which she hnd left
h'-me was her personal property, and
Intimated that she would have some
thlnp to say when the prisoners are
arraigned to-morrow.
SerloiiK Wreck Itrpnrfrd.
Rort William. Out.. July 2*.?A seri?
ous wreck on the Canadian Pacific
Hallway west of White Hlver Junction
Is repotted. Telegraph wires havi
been down nil night and no deta'ls
can be obtained.
Emperor's Condition
Is Somewhat Improved
Tokio. .Oil* 37.? A bulletin Issued
nt noon to-iln) on the condition of
Rmperor >Jnf?tiliito Miiystt
??After n period of restlessness
earlier in the day, iiih Majesty i?
rr-Mlnp easy. Hit lemprriitiirr,
taken nl II o'clock tills niorillngf wiim
us.7, pulne too nnd respiration ensy.
The general condition of the pntlent
In somewhat Improved."
KiirJIer In the iiiornlim the nt
lendlnir physicians declared thiit (lie
condition of the Hmporor wan urnd
linlly urovrlnur more critical. The
RtSO A. M. bulletin said' Uta Majes?
ty's temperature ivik 100,.", pulse
till) mill rrnplniHon 2H,
AI Unit hour n minister of (lie
household sold (tu,i artificial meth?
ods lo prolonu (he life nf the Rm
peror cere IipIiih: continued, nnd
(lull nil injection of emit solution
would hp tried durlnit (he dny.
Fifty Motor Boats Expected to I
Take Fart?Fraternal Re?
union Planned.
Alexandria, \'a., July 28.?Fifty
inatoi boats ar? expected to partiell I
put? in tin first nrmuu] regatta of I
the Al< candria Motor Uout ?nut>. which
will begin at 1 o'clock to-morrow uf- I
tot llbuli,
Nine events have been planned. The ;
ninth i* u run by th,- Alexandrla Moloi
lluul Club tu a pednt oh the river to
In iilgnuted by Commodore Harry I
i I ? principal event will be the I
speed boat race; designated as the I
eighth? This will t.ik? place lit -'.I
o'clock, tthd Is free t.. uII, It will |
>>'? over a course uf approximately
t ti im! <; It is expei led thai the ,
races will attract large crowds t"
ii:. rlvci front, and practically evvry
owner of 11 small craft on the river
will nttt-nd the regatta, fehlte nv'nv j
jwill witness the events from the J
a pnrudi ..r the Alexandria Motor Host
01 ill's M-<t, and the second event will
your number rae?." This race! will bo
dti as follows. Contestants will |
I bi required to find their numbers,
starting at the .same time, and the
i mi. rinding bis number and returning j
the same to the judges first to tie,
tht winner.
A race for cruisers forty feet in.
length or under will be the third < vent. :
Thin will be over a course "f appr?xl? |
niAtel; five miles. Contestants will in
rcq ilred to run over a measured course'
for the purpose of handicapping,
At o'clock the "tug-of-war." the
fourth event, will take pia<-?v There
are or.lv - few contestants In this mee i
up to the present time, although sev- ,
tral may enter to-morrow.
At I o'clock there will be a race for!
' class 1 boats twenty-six feet and un- :
i der. This will be over a course of '
approximately five miles. This race
:? limited tu members of recognized |
: motor boat clubs, and also t\ boats j
'with maximum speed of ten mil's per ;
I hour.
Cp to the present time there at' but \
' few entrU-s for the sixth event, known |
as the "hobbyhorse race." It Is ex- I
pected that n number of youngsters
?,v ill take part in this race, and until
the time set. which Is i:15 o'clock, it
w in not be know n who the contestants I
will be. At t.no o clock there Will be
i a "battle royal with pike poles, and in
i There nre but four entries thus far
' for the speed boat race at 5 o'clock.
I They are as follow s; Eel, Victor Brncr
. r.ii. ,Ir. BeS, E P Bobev; Martha.
William Half pop; June ftug. C. VV.
. Adams
i ii n it eil rieht Before Court,
The morning session of the Corpora?
tion Court to-day. .ludce Ch!oh"ster. of I
, !'r. derlcksburg, presiding, was take:, j
' up in hearing arguments on the n...
murrer Cled by Urban s. l-nmbert in
the quo warranto proceedings ln.?tl-|
tuted by i'.obert s. Barrett for Mr. j
Lambert's s-at In the City Council
fri>m the First Ward.
Mr. Lambert was represented by
Judge .!. K. M Norton and Mr Barrett
was being represented by Judge C. E.
j Nlcol.
Fraternal Iteunlon Planned.
A big fraternal rcuntnyi. 10 which the
j lodges of this city and Washington
I have been Invited. Is planned for the
i we.-k's excursion, beginning Monday
; night, under the auspices of Alexandria
and Wnshlncton Lodges of Elks.
The societies Invited next week, he
I ginning Tuesday night, follow: Tues
i dnv. Odd-Fellows, Knifrhta of Pythlns.
Woodmen, Fraternal Order of Amerl
'ar.s. Daughters of Liberty Wednes?
day, Masonic night, blue lodges, chap?
ter, comniandery, Scottish Ftite. shrine
sr.i irrotto Thursday. Eagles Oerman
societies, I?ed Men and Junior (Uder
Of United American Mechanics; Friday
night. Catholic societies Knlrbts of
Columbus, Hibernians. Alhambra Sat?
urday night, labor organizations.
It is proposed to make Saturda)
. night, August ::. one of the biggest
nights of the week. r.n.. of the f?n- I
tu res during the week will be danc?
ing, whlrh will be under the auspices'
o' the Elk's' dancing- committee, with
Charles B. Marshall as chairman.
The controlling interest In the Alex
nndrla News, a daily newspaper pub?
lished here, has been sold to twelve
well known l.uslness men. These men
held a meeting last night and or?
ganized, with the election of the fol
lowlng officers and .-lire.-tors: J, Ran?
dall Cnton, Jr.. president; T.v. w. Do
Motte, vice-president; R. E. Knight.
?ecretnry and treasurer; ftenrge Jt
Hopkins nnd C. p. Tnvlor Burke.
Hundreds of sh"i? Exchanged Between]
Miners nn,i Deputies.
Charleston. W. Va., July 26.?In a
riot at Mucklow to-day. located in the
disturbed Paint Creek mining district,
i cne miner was killed when n party of
men on strike and deputies engaged im
a buttle. Hundreds of shots were ex-!
changed. OiTtslde the one victim. how.|
. ever. It Is not known that any one els.>
was Injured.
j That the situation in the Paint Creek
district Is more critical to-day than'
for any time since the miners struck.
? April i, was Indicated by orders sent
tf West Virginia troops In camp at
Mount Qretna, Pa., to hurry to the
trouble zone. A battalion left the !
summer camp In Pennsylvania immed?
iately, and is expected a*, the Paintl
Creek mines by noon to-morrow.
It la said to-night that the Bhooting|
to-day was not done by miners of the
Paint Creek district, but principally by
foreign miners of ndjo'ning towns. ItI
1- said many disturbers left the Paint'
Creek to-night under the cover of |
Sunday Seaside Outings
Round Trip lo Round Trip to
Newport News, Ocean Vitw,
Old Poiat, Norfolk,
Buckroe. Virginia Beach.
3?Fast Trains?3
Ever} Sunday, silto, it A. >L, 12 Noon.
I-"iib|, clean ride over rock bnllnxt
double truck. Delightful sail across
Hampton Loads. Choice of two routes
to Norfolk. Ten hours at the seaside.
Three hours longer at Ocean View
than via other routes.
Paasengera can leave Ocean View
nnd Bttekroe every hour until 7:30
P. M.
Connecting with fast trains leaving
Old Point 4:2,1 and P. M. C * O.
steamer leaves Norfolk -I and R p M.
Tickets also' on sale for all trains
Fridays and Saturdays, good until
Old Point. $3 00 round trip
Norfolk, tZ.p) round trip.
Virginia Beach, $3.25 round trip.
Ruosevelt Says Without i-argc
Navy Panama Canal Would
Be Useless.
Oyster Hay. n. v . Ju j ? a? at
tack on th-; Democratic majorlt} u tho
lioUsu of Represehtutlv. ,.? refusing
t< adopt the battleships program uaa
made to-day by Colonel llooiovell. Ho
d< clurcd that tho upbuilding ot' the
navy must no on If thin country 's to
in. in lain tt? position among tin- nu
Uutis ..i the world.
"When the Democrats vote down the
battleships,'' he said, "Ii tlley are
logical they should ula ? i t. to nbun
den the Panama Ciinul. it is an out
ragt from the standpoint oi th< na?
tional honor and Interest to k<> on ulth
th. Panama Canal at alt unless wu
both fortify it and keep up an *de
"I urthvrmore, any talk a., to what
v. abandon building up the navy and
show that we really hui ? ileltiier the
power nor the will. It the nee* shot.iii
evct come, to make our words good by
"Out in the row country In the old
Oays It used to be proverbial that the
man who was mostly ..|.t to net Into
trouble was the man who was always
ready to draw, but no-, to shoot.
"The man who never i-'ot'tnto trouble
was the man who heyer blustered, who
rtver was offensive, v. h . never wrong?
ed or Insulted any one, but who, as
everybody well knew, was entirely
competent to hold his own if attacked.
I believe in the upbuilding of the'
United State.? navy as an insurance of
"The voyage of our battle fleet
around the world was one of the k-cht
est moves for fw-ac that this country
has ever made. I hope that our people
will always act not only with scrupul?
ous Justice, but with the utmost gener?
osity toward all other nations, weak
::nd strong. I also hope that this will
make It evident that such action 's due
not to timidity on our part, but to
genuine love for justice, We will be?
come Impotent clthv to secure Justice
fot others or to seeute respect for
? urseives if we abandon the upbuild?
ing of the navy, f<?? the minute we
stop building up the navy the norv
begins to fo backward
Colonel Koosevtlt ,vas told that
William J. Bryan In his newsprtpot hnd
criticised him ns a reacilonary u-id a
"I'm mighty glad. " said the. Colooicl,
smilingly, "that Mr. P.ryan has heaid
' f Hamilton. It remlndr me -f a man
In Boston who was asked If he liked
to read the Eibl". 'I like It," he : aid.
?1 should say 1 do. There are no- ten
r.ien In Boston wjin could have written
that book." "
Preacher Says to Find Right
Mate She Should Go to
Work Incognito.
Grand Junction, Col., July zc.?L'n- j
daunted by the comment of Miss Helen
Gould on his recent sermon. In which!
he asserted old maids should he lso
lSted on a barren Island as a waste
product, tho IteV. Ulmer V. Huf frier, of;
the First Christian Church, to-day in?
sisted that old maids are a detriment .
and a menace to society, and advised
Miss Gouid to seek a mate Incognito
in the bacKwoods.
"Mis.-. Gould is a noble woman," ho
said, "but her nobleness would bo
greatly enhanced worn she mat l ied. 1
uon't attempt to dictate to Miss Gould
what she should or should riot do.
Miss Gould has done mol e good tor ,
humanity than any other bachelor ttul
in this age, a?d she can still do un?
limited good. No womajj has don.- her
duty to the world until ?h" has borne
"Miss Gould Is In a peculiar position
because of her riches. .She cannot in?
sure she Is being wooed for lovo alone
The only way to solve this problem Is
for Miss Gould to accept a position 'ii
tha buck woods Incognito. Here she j
might Und the right one. a righteous. '
Industrious man who would love her
for her true self and not for wealth,
iter riches have handicapped her In the
real enjoyment of 'He, and I dare say
she Is not as happy in her private car
with her maids as is my servant girl, j
"If Miss Gould wants two weeks
of real enjoyment, two weeks of real j
happiness, let her disguise herself as]
u waitress and seek work In a restau?
rant, let her clerk In a store or work
as a chamber maid, anything so long
as she earns her own living and lives
on less than $10 a week."
ni l l< BUS KLIXTllH.
Vntlonnl < onvenllon of Insurance ( <>m
mlMNlonera End*.
Spokrine. Wash., July 2iV?The Na?
tional Convention of Insurance Com?
missioners, nt lt= closing session to?
day, selected these officers: V. II. Hard
Ison, Massachusetts, president. .1 H.
Voting, North Cardilna, vice-president;
Fit/.huRh McMaster, South Carolina,
secretary-treasurer; C, A. Palmer, Mich?
igan, chairman of executive commit?
Selection of the place for the next
annual convention meeting was left
to the executive committee, but an ad
journd mect|rig will be held In New
York December 22.
t i t i ro hissing aim,.
M|h? Snodgrnn* llellevcd to Have Been
seen l>> Hnllrnnd Conductor.
New York. July 26.?Information
which the police regnrd ns a possible
clue was furnished hy n railroad c. n
ductor to-day In the continued search
for D?rens Snodgrnss, who disappeared
from her sister's homo |n Mount Y.r
non a week ago Monday According
to this employe, l.ee A. Breese, whoso
run Is on the New York Central fast
mall. No. 21. between New York and
Chicago, n young woman answering
the description of Miss Snodprass hur?
riedly hoarded his train ns It wan leav?
ing thef Grand Central Station last Sat?
urday night She had' no ticket for
either passage or berth. She wore a
diamond ring on her left hand, was
nervous In manner, nnd declared she
was colnf- either to Chicago or Cleve?
land, preferring the latter city, to get
a position as nurse. Sh<* Is snld to
have left the train at. Cleveland.
Sloan Sold ?" St. |,oula.
[Special to The Tlmos-1 ilapatoh,J
Bristol, Vn., July 36,?Yalo Sloan,
right-fielder of the Urlatol team of tho
ie 11:
"The Best There Is in Sunday Reading"
By H. B. Marriott-Watson
A Mystery
Do you know who the men are
who keep the game straight? Do
you ever hear any sympathy for
them? Or do you feel, sometimes,
that a bombardment of pop bottles
is good enough for them? Edward
Lyell Fox, the famous sporting writer
gives you an insight into the umpire's
job?' ihe Guardians of Baseball s Honesty.'
But in this mystery story, by H. B. Marriott-Watson, we are
inclined at first to believe that the woman did actually die, although
we do not understand how she could be alive and dead at the same
time. If you like a mystery story you cannot miss it in this one.
His name is a guarantee of choice American humor. He is a
wonderful delineator of the small boy. He understands how their
minds work, and in Jimmy the Offis Boy's Next Novel,
he touches only the high spots. It
is real genuine humor stuff. The
kind that lasts. You can get it early
next Sunday in the
Sunday Edition of
by Robert Tarnacre
By Edith Sessions Tupper
Appalachian league, and a native of
Eaat Tennessee, has been sold to the
St. I.ouis Americans for delivery at
the end of the senson. The price paid
is $1,000. Sloan has distinguished
himself for his ability to land on nil
ituid on Blind T?re re.
[Special to The Tlmet-Oiipatch.l
Norton] Va.. July St.?Commonwealth *
Attorney IJcthan In conjunction with th.>
local nuthorit.es swooped down on Illicit
Ituuor dealer* In Norton to-day and last
night and mode n considerable catch.
Two white men an 1 on- colored mnn were
nned $100 i Sell and sent to Jail. Others
cave bond for their appearance _iit c.mrt.
Norton t>?lng a railroad point. I??an Invlt
liiK haunt (or net good* dealers, and every
few months c'.tunlng up I? necessary.
Two Judgments,
Judgment was entered yesterday :n the
l.nw nnd Equity Court In the cas? nf K.
M, nidrtljon Hghlnlt Torflg A Bsroody for
and !'i ?.!? ?? Solomon Baroody
ngainil E, M. Blddison for W.
Reuben Thomas Lipscombe
Financial and Manufacturers'
Exploiting only meritorious and mar?
ketable patents, etc. Selling only the
highest grade manufacturers' products in
ihe two Virginias and two Carolinas.
Established trade.
No. 115 North Eighth Street,
Richmond, Virginia.
Last Mountain
Norfolk & Western Ry.
Lynchburg, Bedford
Mm nil Station* between
Roanoke and Bristol
Leaves Richmond 11 A. M.
Tuesday, August 13
it et ii ? a ?< \ui; ii si 111.
Round Trip Fares
Ranging From $2 to $5
Special l rain?through coaches?be
I tweeh Richmond and Itoanoko, con?
necting In both directions with regu
I lltr train between Roanokd and Bris?
tol. Full schedule ami Information
may be had at N A W OlllCC, at .Ninth
and .Main Streets.
?District Pa Isens?r Agent
(Continued from Fust Page.)
opinion have accomplished nothing, The
Democratic patty lie said, ?ftere,! no
.solution of these problems, and us f?>r
the Democratic pint form, he flowed
it lightly, saying that It was written
by William J, Bryan, who did not
know what he wanted. The Republi?
can party, now that the men iti 'the
national progressive movement Ititve
left It, he nsserted. Is composed largely
of. the bosses and the financial 'liter-|
i iNM.it in seatii \i ro.
Several n%wbern People iltuili Injured in
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
N'ewbern. N, Co July W,?While en rout?
home trum Clark's Station late latt nltflr.
an automobile owned and driven by J.
Stewart, of this city, skidded and turned
turtle, tunning Mi. .Stewart. hta wlfu and
daughter. Miss SuthIi. und Mrs. Hill, who
Wer? with aim", beneath the machine. Miss
?Stewart ?a? thrown clear of tie cor and.
?a> bsdl) nru.sod and shaken u|>. How- I
ever. ?be bad the presence of mind to ,
iiimK- an attempt to release those pinned
I* neuth the machine, and t'.nslly sueeeuded
In doing so. When taken out Mr. (Bewarf
uai unconsclotts, while his Wife and Mrs.!
HUI wer.' padly Injured.
Miss st.wart walked back to Clark'a. a
d.stance of more than n mile, and tele?
phoned here for nld. A physician went ut
Once to the ?ecn. and brought the Injured 1
persons h< : and placed them In the hoapl-I
A telephone message from there this Bf-i
ternoon aluted that all were retting ?.< [
well n? could be expected. The machin?
vi at badly damaged.
i,ll\M> ?' I lit IMili l- I in i;
Charges Indirectly Urow Out of Slioollns
of Bass and Puce.
[Special to The Tiines-Dispatch.]
Dan\III*. Vs., July M.?John :i ck#, Buck
Lowrey, Tucker Hudson. Walsh Crawley
mid Walter Tucker were today lnJli-t.il
by the Federal gr.inrt lory n1 Houston,
the tlrRt four for operating an Illicit still
and the other for Sellins whlakey without
license. All of the men are connected di
rectlj or Indirectly with shooting J. U.
Bass md Jake Pace near Mt. Carmel on
Saturday last, when twe moonshiners,who
are still at large. '?? tlously wound.'.I them.
PAtxons iccocnts grrtiAiaiiT.
i ID Auditor Report* There l- no Shortage
und Ilm, Books Balance.
[Special to The Time'-1 > apatch.l
Par.ilile. Va . July -?' -The drat official
statement Issued In regard ;o the sluie of
the one Treasurer Payior's ?lty accounts
wai made to-day hy City Auditor Brydnn.
. o ifter a careful and rlsM examination
of tiie books of the office, has determined
that there Is no rhortagc, and that the
t.nnks balance. There has been no further
clue received .is to the mliaing man.
Woman Kills Her Husband.
[Special to The Tliii.>j-D spateh.)
Charlotte, n r. .inly M.?Mrs. V. J.
Hartt! II. of .Merklennura county, killed
hrr liushanl near here to-day She explain?
ed she was enrneed at the conduct of her
hushand and her daughter hv a former
marriage. The HsrUells had been married
1 twenty-five year?.
PnOPRItl.Y "Tit AIX ItHOKI . '
Kentuekj Militiamen Protest Icalnst
I mini'at loo of tnnlaton Paper,
Annlston, Ala., .inly 2?.?-Kentucky
militiamen no longer take offense at
being classed list "moonshiners" nnd
"Wild-cat.terft" because of thefreouency
of such classification, but a delegation
of soldiers from the Kentucky regi?
ments now here for the HUmmbr
manouovres to-day filed a protest with
i local paper against the imputation
that they were not properly "train
broke. They object to the published
statement that scores ><( the soldiers
never had ridden a Haiti until the trip
to Annlston. Members from tho First
Kentucky, from Louisville, also insist?
ed they do not chew '?rabbit'- tobacco
or comb their hair with cockleburrs.
Activity was resumed at i'amp Pot
tus to-day with the arrival of three
reg'ments from Kentucky, the First
Alabama and the Second South Caro?
lina, Camp grounds are expected to
be in shape for routine work to-mor?
row. Colonel i T. Van Orsdale, of tho
.Seventeenth United titatea Infantry,
camp commandant, returned to Fort
McPbersoni near Atlanta, to-day, cnll
ed thtther by the serious illness of his
special notice:.
C. & 0. Sunday Outers
i'Wn steamers IN sf.1iv1ce
111 . I \\ ees
Old Point and Ocean View
To accommodate the larjre crowds of
Richmond exciirsibnlsts visiting the
sedsidi oil Sundays via C. & O., there
will be two steamers In service lo
iweeii oid Point and Ocean view. Pas?
sengers can Lave Ocean view every
hour until t::to P. M.. connecting with
fast trains leaving <>i<i point 4:25 and
S:30 p, M. Arrive Richmond 8:25 ami
10:15 p. M.
Kemarkable Christmas
Among the curious Christmas pres?
ent* uf mis year will be one for .i n.un
uf national reputation, which has been
all year in tho making
Way lust Januaiy the present was
de. ided upon, and u friend of the prom?
inent gentleman requested the Burreiu
Press Clipping Bureau, ov New Vnrk,
to wutch every paper In America and
10 lake vip ever} Item winch uppearej
i oncerning the man.
The clipping bureau people followed
instructions, and now present the his?
tory of one yeur In tho life of this
especial man.
The history ends Just after election,
snd the 20,(42 newspaper items found
llo.l?de uverythlug from a threo-llhei
editorial mention to full-page Illus?
trated stories. These have been mount?
ed on 3.200 great sheets of Irmh linen
paper and bound into three massiv?
At the head of each Item Is tifc; name
and date of paper clipped from, this
Information having been put in with a
book typewriter The woidj thus In?
serted amount to 163,2(2
In actual time, a very strict record
of which has been iupt. the work has
required ?Ixiy-f??r working days
.hroughout the >car, and has kept In
employment during that time thirty
people, a? readers, clippers, sorters,
mounters and Hilders. Every news*
paper of Importance la represented.
This is mcrel) ?? specimen of some oi
the unique- orders which get into tha
Burrelle Bureau, for the extent to
Which clipping* are used by Individuals,
and r.y bujlr.eti concerns seems to b*
There are many people in private na
well as In pilbllc life who need preaa
clippings anJ don't know 1*. It might
be well for ;he,m to look up this maa
Burrelle, who Is said to be so well
known la.it a letter ...... ., addressed
'?Burrelle. New York," Will 'each bin
witn uo delur?

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