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Social and
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Day, of Woodland
Heights, announce Iho engagement of
their daughter. Hilda, to Dr. Arthur
Hroaddu? Gravatt, of Luther, King Wil?
liam county. Tho marriage Will take
place In early fall.
'I'o Attend MISm Pcrklna'a lion-,- I'mriy,
Miss Helen Louise Hein/, I* :?
tcred at the Virginia Beach Hotel. Vir
glnla Beach, Later on Miss Heins
will form one of a houue party given
by Miss Helen Perkins at her cott ige
oh tho beach.
House Party at Gardner Cot taste.
Misses Emily McCabo and Marguerite
McKoo Thaw, who have been lit Vir?
ginia Beach for tho pant two wbi ks,
have returned home. The Misses Thaw
were members of an attractive house
party at the Gardner cottage.
I. n gage me ?? in Announced.
Mr. and Mis. Prank Tyler, of Ftcd
crlcksbJrg. have announced the en?
gagement of their daughter, Julia
Antoinette Tyler, to Julian Nlnde
BroWn, of King 'b orne. Va. Tho Wed?
ding will take place in the early fall.
The engagement has been announced
of Miss Virginia Carrlngton, da'ughtor
of Mrs. Nellie Carrlngtou und the late
Henry P. Carrlngton, of Lexington, to
Peter Williams, of Ta2ewell. The wi .
ding win take place on September I
l?r. Poster's Stag Party.
Dr. W. Hrowr.ley 1'oster. of Itoarioko,
was the host recently of a slag dinner i
complimentary to 1 >r Allen Freeman.'
of Richmond; Dr. Lumsdeh; of Wash?
ington; Dr. Bhaperle, of Blackstone.'
and Dr. Bray, of Mississippi.
Til. bmondera Entertained.
Mrs. Boyd Cobb. Misses Mamie Tyson.
1/ottle Holman. Marguerite Neal. Anne
Wright, Annie Button, and .Scott! But?
ton, Elder P. Reynolds. Arthur Chrl.
t!m. Charles A. Neal. 1". Hcrhdon und
Thomas Reddln were among the guests
entertained by the Misses Mary and
Annie Cobb at their beautiful country
Lome, "Oak Lawn." at Elmont. Va..
?luring the past week
I at.lul) Wedding.
Mr and Mrs. A. T Wiatt. of Glouces?
ter county, have Issued Invitations for
the marriage of their daughter. Eleanor
Haytop Wlatt, to Burton Belcher, of
Largo, Fla. Tho marriage will take
place on July 31.
t rlli?V. ittknmp.
Miss Annie Catherine Wittkamp. |
daughter of Mr and Mrs Bernard .!
tVlukamp. and Otto Thomas Crltz. for-]
merly of Ontario. Canada, but now of
this city, wore married Wednesday
morning. July 24. at S o'clock. In St.
Mary's Church by the Rev. Father Ed
wards. After an extended Northern
tour they will be at home to their j
friends after August IS at 735 Brook!
A venue
tn sad Out ,,r Tonn,
Mr nr.d Mrs. Elijah Rak. r. .Tr. nr.d
??men's $6.00 Summer Dresses,
2-quart Covered Glass Pitchers,
25c each.
The E. B. Taylor Co.
23 W. Broad Street and
Hill East Main Street.
Capable salesladies wanted for Dresses,
Gowns, Suits and Coats. None but ex?
perienced women considered for the posi?
20? East Broad Street.
Hopkins Furniture lo.?
7 West Broad St.
Cash or Credit.
l or the Little Tots to the Grown-ups.
detroit OAS lMNC.ES,
ALASKA refrigerators.
(ii. u hickory im ii nit i uk.
bold o.M.V by
Children's White Canvas
Button Shoes, $1.00
5th and Broad
IS._?-. .-:-1?
New Method Gas Ranges
? AT ?
July End Clearance
White Lingerie Dresses, all
sizes, six styles to choose from;
boid at S5.00 and <T>G) qq
$6.00; special to-day ^??*/?
Eilzah Baker HI., who iiavo boeri
spending some time In Mathows, am lit
Richmond for a tew days on route to
the Virginia mountains.
Edward Hutchison. Miss Ktht 1
Hutchison aud Miss Jessie MeOhct an
upending their vacation i.t Waverlyi
Miss Fenny Page Davis has return. 1
from Houtton. where the imh bet
visiting for l he past two weeks. .She
was most delightfully entertained by
Miss Margaret Harris.
Misses Vioia Dlacont and Edith
Brauer are spending the summer at the
Peaks of Otter.
Mrs. Emma ?!. Greener. Miss May
Grat I,er arid William .1. Stout ate
among the Richmond guests lit the
Fulrlamb cottage, Wllloughby Beach,
Mrs Cora A. Hlx has return
< Ity, after an extended trip o
weeks North.
Mr. and Mrs J H. Long, of StSuri
ton. are visiting relatives In the city.
T. M. Hoopes h-s returned to his
home In Staunton, after a successful
year at the University College of Medi?
cine, In Rlchmor.d.
William Boyall la spend.ng some time
Gale Hill, near Charlottesviiie.
B. G, Smith and H. B Trundle have
returned to Danville, after Spending
some time In Richmond
Mrs. W. W Foster Is tha guest of
her son. Dr. V/. Brownley Foster, In
Boanbke. i
William Wild, of Fredcrtcksburg. has
come to Richmond to make his future
home In tills city,
Miss Kyle, of Richmond. Is visiting
Miss Margaret Minor at Gale Hill, near
Mrs. T. Slokelcy Coleman, who has
en ill In Blc.imund. has returned to
ir l.omu In Frcderlcksburg.
Miss Kathleen Btour.d and Holt
Lloyd were guests at an entertainment
given last week by Miss Joele Jcwctt.
? ?f Port Norfolk. Va.
Mr and Mrs. N. P. Cofer. Mrs. A. M.
Owathmey, Mrb Julian P. Thomas, Mrs.
W. L Clark. Mr. and Mrs. George M.
McMlnn and Mrs. Jestie McMlnn, of
Richmond, are at Virginia Beach. |
Miss Blackburn, of this city. Is the
guett of Mrs. W. Brownley Foster, of
Dr. and Mrs. W. a. Lambeth, of the
nlveratty of Virginia, huve sailed for
an extended tour abroad. They ex; e t
to return to the university the latter
part of September.
Miss Ellen Ball has returned from
a short visit to Miss Lucy Cullctt In
Miss Evelyn Byrd Ecldon. who has
been the guest of Mrs. J. S. Einstein.
7"S Wen Grace Street, has gone to
Virginia Beach.
Misses Ltndsey and Mary Powers and
little Lucy Sims are spending some
time In Winchester.
Misses India and Elia Thomas are
the guests of their aunt, Mrs. Lorney
Jones, in Roanoke.
_ j
John C. Ferneyhough has returned
to Frcderickvhurg. after a visit to his
brothers In Richmond. I
Mrs. T. M Culling worth. Misses
Phoebe and Lucille Cullingworth, and
Miss Ethel Evans, of this city, and
Mli|s Ethel V.'atktns. of Hallsbtro, Va.,
will ieavo on Tuesday for Squirrel
Island, Mo., where they will spend the
month of August.
Mrs. B. H. P.iakey and son, Ryland,
of SOS West Grace Stret. will leave to?
day for keysvllle to spend several
Miss Elizabeth Wittkamp, who re?
cently underwent an operator at the
.Tohnston-W??s S-nitcrtum. is rapidly
Misses Allese Wilson. Ruth Dodson
and Lucille Parham. Walter Burton.
Herten Wilson and William Ellltti
have returned to Crowe. Va., after a
pleasant visit to Richmond.
Miss Adrlenne Harcum left Saturday!
to join Mrs Arrlghi and Miss Jennie
Arrighl, who are at the Ocean View
Hotel for several weeks.
Frank A. Arnzti has returned home
from a visit of six weeks in Ocean
View, Virginia Bcacli and Atlantic
fi ty.
Miss Helma Louise, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Otto Bernhardt, who under?
went a serious operation at St Eliza?
beth'.; Hospital, has been brought to
her home, at 1211 Brook Road, in a
much improved condition.
Mrs. L M. Farley, accompanied by
Master LQoti Parle:-. Mrs. Tomnoy i,r.(i
little daughter; and Miss Mary Dugan,
are spending the summer at Bclt'ust.
Locust Crook, In Loula county.
Miss Margaret Beverlcy Welslgcr
l..is returned from Virginia Beach, and
has gone to the mountains of Virginia
for a week's stay.
Mrs Allen O. White and children, ac?
companied by her mother and sister.
Mrs. John Minor Buchanan and Miss
Rosa Buchanan, left yesterday for an
extended visit to relatives at Johnson's
Mr?. William J. Emmett and Miss
Margaret Hayward Emmett, of Wash?
ington, D. C. and Miss Mattle Rackley,
of Norfolk, are visiting Mrs. William
L. Tyler, of 2220 Stuart Avenue. ,
Misses Ida and Mary I.ynham, who
have visited friends in West Point for
Hi.- past two w.eeks, have returned
illss Marv Lvnham Is now on a visit
to friends In Brunswick county. Vir?
Miss Vivian Williams Is on a visit
to hoi home in Brunswick county. Vir?
Ml;:? Marguerite Bahike. of Highland
Park, hi.-: been visiting liier friends.
Mis* Matth Ho well, of Troy Hill.?. N.
.1 . and Miss Marlon Cobb, of ?Irren
Pond, N. 3. M!?8 Bahike was delight?
fully entertained* und was the guest
of several receptions given in her
honor by Miss. HoWell and Miss,Cobb.
Ml8s Hahlke Is. iiow spending a week
In Baltimore with her relatives. .Sip
George w. llahlkc and rons.
ps and George, who have been
Ing the part three v.-.-kv ,,i Bal
B, are expected to return to their
In Highland Park the early part
xt week.
Mrs. Maude Hamlin Is Accused
cf Having Murdered
Her Husband.
[Special to The Timos-lMspatch.]
Asheville, N, C. July US.?Mi a. Maude
Hi mlln, of Madison county, faces a
serious chargr, having been arrested
in thia city charged with administer?
ing a dose of poison to her husband,
which resulted >n his death about threo
weeks ago. Mrs. Haml'n came to Ashe?
ville a short time after the death of
her husband, hut has been taken back
to Marshall, the county beat of Madi?
son countv, where she will be giver,
a lv-arlng at an early date. Fhc was
arrested vl the home of a friend here
With whom she had made her hom?
since her husband, John Hamlin. died
The ease has created no little In?
terest in this section of the State, and
I the outcome of the trial !:; awaited
w'th Interest here Mr. Hamlin was
a farmer, and lived about two miles
from Marsnaii. So far as the public
knew he and his wife lived happily to
gethei until a short time ago. when
It Is alleged they had trouble, and
the woman remarked to a friend that
she 'ntended to - get rid of her bus
ban& He was sick only a short time,
and his death camo as a surprise to
his friends. Flncc his funoral the
neighbor- of the family have dls
I cussed the matter at length, and it Is I
raid that sufficient ev'denco was pre?
isen ted to the sheriff ef Madison to j
result In the woman's arrest.
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[Special to TTTe Tlrr.es-~iFpatch ]
Leesburg. Va . July it? e. Clinton!
; Potts, of MUlsbord, this county, was
the victim of a fatal accident last1
j week. Jlo started for the hay field j
early In the mornlntr. rldlnt; a horso i
and carrying several f'.rk.s In his arms,
one of which struck and frightened tho !
! horse he was riding. To get better
control of the horse he threw the forks
to the ground, which caused the anl
!mal to lunpe. trowinu him off. his head
jFtriklnp a pile of rocks, fracturing Ma |
i skull, from which he died without i
regaining consciousness.
Mr. potts was about flfty-elfrht years ,
of age. and la survived by his wife'
i and three daughters and two sons. j
j Last Sunday marked the completion
i of the fortieth year of the pastorate '
Of Dr. I. B. Lake with Ketoctin Rap-?
Cat Church, this county. This I? a,
remarkable record, and one which is I
; believed to be uncqualed by another
minister in the State of Virginia. It is i
said that there is another minister inj
the State whose fortieth pastorate with:
one church will expiro next November,
should he serve OH then, but Dr. !
Lake's pastorate her?? began four j
months earlier than his.
On Sctembcr 4 and :". tho Heavy ;
DraU Horse Show Society will hold
Its annual exhibition at tho Leesburs
Fa'r Groundn. A lcrpe number of |
entries are expected, and from an edu?
cational atandpo'nt It la expected that
It will surpass any show of the kind
ever held in the county before. e. B. 1
White, who is deeply Interested In
encouarlng the furmers of Loudoun '
county to breed horses of the best:
type, has beer, elected president of the'
' Eoclcty. and Is sparing no effort to
make this show a b'g success.
"RunnymMlc," t.io farm belonging to
I* M. Shumate, two and a half ra'les j
from Hamilton and four nnd a half
trom Leesburg, containing 241 1-2
acres, has been sold to Messrs. Albert.
& Colemnn. or" Jonesvllle, I.ee county,
for $19.000.
Miss Irma Lee Fitz Killed by!
Fall From Y. M. C. A.
[special to The Times-Dispatch ) i
Lynehburg. Va.. July US.?Miss Irm.i
Lee Fitz, aged twenty-two years, a I
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L Pits,
I who live r.t 1; and Withers Str. , t, tiled
1 Friday night from Injuries received
I in a fall an hour earlier front the
i western veranda of the club house at ?
1 tho Y. M. C. A. Island. The accident
is deplored by the ofllcials of the
V. M. C. A., and tho death of so popu?
lar a young woman has cast a gloom
over the ofllcials of tho associations
and frequenters of this popular re- ,
Miss Fitz was a native of Richmond,
but she has lived here for years, her
father being a locomotive engineer In
the service of the Chesapeake, and j
Ohio Railway.
The young woman, In company with
a relative or two and several young I
people, went to the river for an even?
ing on the river. The party remained
on the river until lute, returning to |
the clubhouse shortly after 10:30
o'clock. One by one the company gath?
ered on tin- western veranda', and as
they were about to ?epart for the city
Miss Fitz and Miss Hertha Royall, a1
daughter Of Rev. W. P. Royal), lln- i
Igered behind for a moment. Being f.i"
friends, 0?? <>f the COUplO put her urnis
|around the other, und they slopped,'
presumably for a brief chat. Either
? ib.- young women sat upon or leaned
on tlte balustrade, ono end of which:
1 pulled out of the mortise In tins post
'.nid both were precipitated to tie con?
crete pavement, which is about eight
feel below tin- level of the floor of
I the veranda.
I Mlsa Fit*, falling backward.*, struck
the pavement on tue buck of her head|
land the skull was fractured in such al
'manner that she was unconscious v. n
her friends reached her, and site did
not regain consciousness before death
Mis* Rbyall fell with her frU-uds. but
she escaped with Hille Injury, being
able to walk home later. Tile Impres?
sions prevails that miss Royall f-n
partly across Miss Fit/.. but there
seems to l>. a difference ?.f opinion
among members of the party as to
Will Tear Down Old Church.
Harrlsonburg, Va., July ;s.?On next
Friday. Fellowship Church building,
I.ear Lacy :;i ring, a historical bouse
of worship familiar to the Methodists
throughout Co- Baltimore conti r< . ???
will he torn down.
The Methodists adopted a unique
plan to get the work done. A colos?
sal plcnlo?ait all day affair -will be
given In the grove, at which all the
pretty girls and handsome men f*>r
miles around will bo Invited. The
pirls will prepare a bounteous feast,
hut no man will , be allowed to have :i
mouthful of eat or talk to the girls
until he "gets busy"' nnd wins his
spurs in the work of tearing down
old Fellowship
Colonel Patrice de MacMahon
at Head of Crack Thirty
Fifth Infantry.
Ill I. V M.VIUll I-i: Iii: FONTI2XOY.
DE MACMAHON, who lias just
been appointed to the command
of the crack Thirty-fifth Infantry
li<glmcnt at Belfort, Is tho eldest son
of Marshal do MacMahon, who. after
being Viceroy of Algeria; during the.
lust decade of Napoleon's reign, was
the second President of me third
French republic.
Colonel do MacMahon hns Inherited,
alor.g with the family Chateau do la
Foret Ir the I.olret and the family
mansion in the Rue de Belchasso, In
Paris, his fathers title of Due de
Magenta, which tho marshal won In
\%?i> on the battlefield of that r.ame.
He does not. however, make use of
It. and will probably rofrain from do?
ing so; at any rate, until ho attains
tho rank of general. Hitherto ho has
been In commaiid of the First Bat?
talion r't the One Hundred and Twen?
ty-ninth Regiment of Infantry at
Havre, where he lived very quietly and
unpretentiously with his royal wife,
Princess Marguerite of Orleans, daugh?
ter of that Due de Chartres. wno, with
his brother, the Comte do Paris, served
on the staf.' ef General McClellan dur?
ing the American Civil War.
The colonel In appearance takes af?
ter ills mother, a sister of ho last
Duce de Castries, rather tnan after
his father; for. like her. he Is extra?
ordinarily pood-humored and disposed
to embonpoint. He and his wife have
three children, the youngest, a boy of
seven, who will Inherit the dukedom
and estates, and also two brothers.
gene, who is the black sheep of the
family, and who, after a most stormy
carer in France and the colonies?
a cause of much sorrow and expense
to his parents, the Duko and Duchess
of Magenta?finally vanished some?
where In the Orient, and Emmanuel,
who. a soldier l'ko Patrick, has for
some months past commanded tho
One Hundred and Fifty-fifth Regiment
of Infantry at Commercy. Both tho
soldier brothers have seen actlvo ser?
vice. Patrick in the Madagascar cam?
paign, whllo the younger won not on?
ly much distinction, but rapid promo?
tion. In fighting against tho Black
Flags In Toriquln, and In this wlso
obtaining a colonelcy even before
Patrick did. It Is a great mistake to
think that the family owe their no
bltary title of marqus to Napoleon
III It dates trom the mtuille of tho
eighteenth century, and the second
mhrquls received a scat In the French
House of Peers from Charles X. on the
occasion of his coronation.
Descended Of the ancient Anglo
Norman house of Fitzurse. whoso name
In Irish becomes MacMahon, both the
colonels are the great-grandsons of
an Irish physician who nettled down
to the practlco of h<s profession In
17i2 at Autun. Marrying a very rich
widow, he became through her the
owner of a large ostato In Burgundy,
was created a marquis by Louis XVI.
and died in Spain In 1776.
It was Iiis eldest son, the second
Marquis do MacMahon, who, by his
marriage to Mile, do Caraman. of the
ducal houro of that name, became
the father of several sons, one of TToi
younger of theso being tho already
mentioned marshal of France, Due of
The first marquis, the Irish physi?
cian, had a younger brother, .lohn,
who In 1730 entered tho Irish College
at Paris, with the object of becoming
a priest. Changing his rnlnd. ho also
turned to medicine, ntvl was appointed
a surgeon In the French army. Eater
he was attached In a confidential ca?
pacity to the French embassy at Ber?
lin, where he became acquainted with
Frederick the Great and Voltaire.
Returning to Paris In 1770. ho was
appointed chief medical oftlcer of the
Ecole Mllltatre. ami married nn Ameri?
can, a Miss bprlngham Clarko, of Phil?
adelphia; He also was medical ad?
viser to Benjamin Franklin In Paris,
receiving from that father of Ameri?
can diplomacy. In token of gratitude,
a gold snuff box bearing his portrait.
The MacMahons In France, like those
In Ireland, nr? generally understood
to be descended from Sir Reginald
Fitzurse. the leader of the four
knights of King Henry II. who slew
St. Thomas A. Recket, tho ArshblshoP
of Canterbury, on tho altar steps of
h^.i cathedral. Flbmrso means "son
of tho bear," a Norman-French equi?
valent of the Rjornson of the Viking
conquerors. The Celtlc-Irtsh transla?
tion of tills is MacMahon. It Is said
that nfter the crime Sir Reginald fled
to the north of Ireland and spent the
rollt of his days In voluntary exile, be?
coming the ancestor of tho Irish Mac?
Another of Becket's assailants was
Sir William do Tracy, whose d v.en
dants still flourish In tho w. st of
England, and from whom the Lords
Wotnyss and Sudeley aro both de?
scended. Do Tracy, so tho story goes,
tried again and ngaln to escape from
tho kingdom, but the wlnda of heav?
en refused to waft htm over the sea.
Furious storms always drove his snip
Mitam, the $?reat blood purifier, will
make you feel belter. The toxins of
faticriic are in the blood. Also acids r.nd
other itri?ants that inflame the skin.
Mtlnm will make you frc| ]rs* hot end
. tired. If you don't find it so, no cast to
I you.
The Official W.ttcr of the American
Druggists' Syndicate. Adopted as
euch because
hack against tho English coast, an<l
to this day tho following saying Is
i n: rent throughout the West country
about his descendants:
"The Tracyo have always the wind
In their faces/'
As for Do Brtto and Hugh do Mor
vlllc. the remaining assassins, they
managed, It Is said, to roach Homo,
whenco they were sent by the pone
tu do penance In the Holy Hand, but
were never heard of again after start?
ing on their pilgrimage, Hugh do
Morvlllo Is supposed to have died in
or before tho year 1202, at which tltno
certain ancient records show that his
two daughters assumed possession of
his estates as coheiresses.
l?ord Chcsham, who hug Just arrived
on these shores, with his undo and
heir. Colonel tho Hon. William Che?
ham, formerly of the Grenadier
Guards, for a tour through tho United
States and Canada. Is but eighteen
years of age. and good looking. II" !?
the head of tho Junior branch of the
Cavendish family, and lost his fath?
er (Ivo ycarg ago. through u hunting
accident, tho late peer breaking his
neck while following- the Pytchley
A few years previously his younger
daughter, Marjorto, a child whom ho
literally Idolized, also met death In
tho hunting field, by being thrown,
dropged and 3hockIng!y trodden down
by her horse. An elder son, a brother
of the present Ixird CheSham, was kill?
ed as an juicer of tho Seventeenth
Lancers In the Boer War. From this it
Will be eeen that there have been many
tragedies In the family.
The Boer War was mado the occasion
of tho restoration of the Into lord to
tho army, with the rank of ma)or-gcn.
oral. Ho had In his younger days been
a subaltern of tho Tervth Hussars.
King Edward's own regiment n3 Prince
of Wales, but had bean lndlscheet
enough to elope with the wife of hl3
I lleutenant-colonol. Some Insist that It
I wan she who abducted him. At any
. rato this affair was held by tho nu
i thorltlea ni tho War Department to bo
such a pleco of "Insubordination," "dis?
respect to a superior ottlcer." and
general disregard . f tho military re?
gulations, that ho was asked to send
In his papers. However, ho was con?
sidered by his fellow officers of tho
Tenth Hussars to have been abominab?
ly used, and moreover seeing that the
lieutenant-colonel was after all rnoro
ly art officer of Infantry, they loudly
declared that ho had not violated cav?
alry ethics, and therefore would re?
main ono of them, whatever was done
to htm.
Anybody who has visited London
known tho Burlington Arcade, extend?
ing from Piccadilly to Burlington Street
and Savlle Bow. Young Lord Chcs?
ham owns this extremely valuable piece
of property as well ns much real es?
tate Jn tho most high-priced residential
districts. Ho has also about 13,00'J
ncres around Latlmor, his country
place In Buckinghamshire, a grand old
Elizabethan mansion standing In a
park of over 1.000 acre*, that has been
the homo of the Cavendishes ever slnco
the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Charles I. spent quite a long ttmo
at Latlmer when a prisoner of Parlia?
ment, and according to contemporary
records won fond Of gazing out upon
the, peaceful view from the front of
the house, across tho river Chess, to
the woods of the Cheneys.
Tho mansion has been modernized,
though with bo much taste and dis?
cretion that while still very stately. It
is essentially homelike, with Its walls
all covered and clother with luxuriant
creepers. It Is full of family portraits
of great value, and of old masters,
Titian. Murlllo and Sir Joshua Rey?
nolds being well represented on the
I walls.
j (Copyright, 1912; by tho Brentwood
Eastern Shore A'cw?.
[.Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.J
Oancoek. Vs.; July 27.?The yield of
Irish potatoes this season. ? In many
Instances, has been simply enormous.
Twenty barrels, to tho burrol planted,
? s considered a more than satisfactory
result, >et this year many farmer.-)
have dug forty and fifty barrels. Abel
Nock, of Onloy, reports fifty-live bar
rels i j the barrel planted; John Brown,
of Blaxom, eighty-two barrels; Isaac
Somers, of Blaxom, l.lSfi barrels from
twenty-eight planted; John w. Taylor,
of (Atlantic UHy. af>2 .barrels front
three acres of land.
Several farmers in the county have
sold 6,000 '.|iarrtQs each, avfcratg?ngl
$2;00 per barrel.
From the station of Mel fa -iO.000 bar?
rels have been shipped.
The value Of land In Accomack Is
still on tho Increase Saturday the
lnml belonging to tho estate of the
lato Thomas B. James, sold at public
auction, at Mel fa, by the attorneys In
fact, brought $60,365?an average of a
hundred dollars an acre.
Peter Corbln, of Chlncoteague, while
out driving with ft lends was paralyzed
and died before reaching home. Ho
was seventy years old and prominently
connected on the Shore. A widow
survives. Mr. Corbln had been agi nt
for P. W. & B. B. R. CO., for th'rty
flve years. His remains were taken
to Blshopvllle. Mo., for Interment.
Tho citizens of Atlantlo D'strlct
Voted to bond the district for $10,000.
to bo used for the Improvement of
their roads. Saturday the Board of
Supervisors opened tho bids and ac?
cepted tho following: Farmers and
M ifchanta Natlonnl Bank, of Onley,
? at 4 3-4 per cent.; DnVlg 11.
Lewis $.'.000 at 4 1-2 per cent, and
Thomas P. Sclby. $2.000 at 4 ."-10 per:
The Eastern Shore District Sunday
School Conference will he held at
Hownlng's M. E. Church. South LeCote,
Tuesday and Wednesday. Among t)'-.
prominent speakers will be: Rey.
Thomas N. Potts. Rev. Asa Drlscolt.
Rev. 11. F. Gayle, Rev, G. F. Green,
Rev, G. W. May, Hon. G. Walter Mopp,
lion. A. S. Math?ws. J. C. W. Loather
I bury, Miss Ruth A- Kollam and MIsS
I A. ".May Mathewa,
I Three largo schooners are loaded
I with oyster shells at Wachaprenguti
for Falls River. Mass. The sheila Will
bo used for planting.
Voting Society Woman 'turns on tin:
with Fatal Result.
Jacksonville. Fla.. July 2S.?- Mrs
Harvey It. Payne one of the most pop
lulor young SOClOty women of this cit>
committed SUlcldO some time Frida;
evening in a vacant house in tho hear
of ib.- fashionable Springfield aubnrbi
Her body was found Into In the ifler
boon In a back room, where sho ha
turned on the gas. with fatal resnl'
It is believed that she rented th
house for that purpose. Mrs. Payr,
had been separnted from her hush.im
She wns a dangler of the late Damo
Oreenloaf, of tho Qreenloaf Sc Cfbsbj
Conpany. ono of tho Soutli's most ex
tnm.lv? Hi u? at liuikri.
Diamond RINGS
Of superlative quality. Our price* art*
always the lowest.
Schwarzschild Bros.
Hammerstein Appears Without
Vest and Is Ironical About .
i London. July 28_Oscar Harr.mcr
' stein, who sailed for home on tho
Lusltanla, was interviewen while ha
; was walking up and down the plat?
form at E us ton Station, about half
an hour before the boat train left. Tho
Impr'Tsari'i wa., wearing a soft hat
Instead of his distinctive bilk, tilted
a certain anglo, and was without a
Vest. When the reporter called his
attention to this change*of attire, Mr.
1 lammer'-.t?!n s-nd: ?'Vea, they have al
' most got my clothes." Then ho went
j on Ironically:
"This I.'* disgraceful Hero I have
heen walking tills platform for half
i an hour, and nobody has served mo
: with a writ as yet. If there Is ono
j thing they are ablo to do In Knglnnd,
1 it Is to sorvd writs. I have a beautl
ful collection."
Ask.- I why ae wa?i going- bade to
New York, Mr. Ilamntersteln said ho
bud made up his mind late last night
to do ho. Besides that he know his
I son Will In was on the boat.
Oscar Raid rin would try to arrange
1 a combination for the productions of
opera In London and New York, and
fi It hopeful that ho would bo able t<7
bring It about, bit natura-Uy ha waa
unable to give tho plans as yet.
Tho presonce of Martin Beck, the
.vaudeville munpger. on the sajne boat,
started reminders that Mr. Hammer
stein was trying to fix up a combina?
tion with Beck.
Another passenger on tho, Lusltanla
Is Hugh 1 i. Baxter, of tho Now Torlc
Athb-tlc. Club, the former polo vault
champion, who. with his family, has
Just returned from the Olrmplo games
at Stockholm. Talking with the cor
? respondent, ho said:
"Two things Strunk mo at Stock?
holm: First, the perfect arrangements
1 as contrasted with those at London
four years n;ro, and secondly, the col?
umns and columns of oxeuses for fall
I tire to win prlr.cs. Tho Americans
! made no excuses."
1 Atlanta, Ga., July 23.?The clash in
' tho opening session of tho national
t convention of Gideons, tho religious
organization of traveling men, over
an attack on Methodists was cleared
up when M. P. Ashbrook, of Ohio, ex
1 plained his statements of yesterday,
j Ho declared ho had been mlsunder
I stood because ho was cut short In the
midst of his remarks, and had not re?
ferred to Methodists as being narrow?
; minded.
lt. M. Johnson, of Tennessee, replied
accepting Mr. As-hhrook** statement on
behalf of the Methodists, and the In?
cident was closed.
At the afti 5*0011 session A. B. T.
Moore, of Cedar Rapids, la., was re
elected president, oth. r officers named
wore Bdgar (""liver, Atlanta. Vlce-prest
dont; NclS It viand, r. Chicago, treas?
urer, re-elected Rev. L C. Smith.
Wisconsin, chaplain, re-elected.
Toronto. Canada) was chosen as tho
meeting- place for the 191rt convention.
Annual Church .alerting.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Lynchburg, Va., July 28.?The ono
hundred nnd thirty-fifth annual ses?
sion <if the Strawberry Association of
the Baptist Church will convene nt
the Rlvormont Avenue Baptist Church
Tuesday for sessions to last through
Wednesday and Thursday. The asso?
ciation repri ontn fifty-three churches,
with a moniborshlp of o.r.72 In the
Ctlon contiguous to Ly'nchburg.
i ' annual sermon will bo preached
by Rev, P. r. Robertson, with Rov.
Ii. I. Cawloy as nlterunte.
The convention combs to a close
Thursday at noon with reports on tho
recent Southern Baptist Convention.
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