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Rank ami Kile
Irli'llj f"omiitllt<?<? tins N<> Cluoritiii
I o Vmm riiiln < uns.-.
??'.ore money than he has anywhere
In -..-.lit. If ho Is to win the victory
which should tiwnlt him. The great
v .-. of the voters must bej reached, by
speakers, by prlutcd material; by or?
ganization. Tho amount of money
necessary to finance a national cam?
paign, covering more doubtful States
than ?wert, ever before to bo counted
in a national contest, is Immense. It
cannot come from the Interests, for
it w'll not be accepted from such a
source. Therefore, It must conic from
the people's pockets, and be given out
? i sheer patriotism! That If how it is
ml g now. Tho Times-Dispatch will
receive, acknowledge and forward all
The following amounts were received
t'rqvl??sly acknowledged. Sill is
Dr. L li. Apperson. Level Run. 1 6(1
John P. McGulre . 1 OC
Richard Evelyn Byrd. I ...
. I tu
vv. b. Smith . I 01
J T. \Vi Curtis . I Ol
i ius 'M.tlbf rt .. 1 Oi
German-American voter . jo Ot
. i
. I pi
. ic
\ lix t'opuil, I innvlllo . I o'l
! 'ormer Ri pu 1)11 can . l .*,
''. i ? i' I .ynchburg . j (j
M M. m.
J< hh ii. i>.
l.nbarer, pnnvlilo .
Is Id 11. tnocrat . , . .
Krlend of cause ..
It, 0, M . Shxb, Vni
lti-Muii Moose. Bpanoke
lease don't print name".
I f .vnehbure
D. L. Groncr, Successor of Judge
Lewis. Requests W ithdrawal
of Resignation.
District Attorneyship Goes to
Norfolk Atter Being Located
Here .Many Years.
Assistant District Attorney Hoheit It.
Talloy, ot the. Eastern District ul Vir?
ginia; will continue in his present of
llce at least until the conclusion of the
next October term of tho United States
District Court. Jn n Statement several
weeks ago he announced his resigna
ticn, to take effect September 1. Tho
UtillntShed state of much of the govern?
ment's business will necessitate his
remaining Iii Charge for toinu time be?
yond that period. I
When asked yesterday with regard,
to tho identity of his successor, Mr.
Talloy stated that lie hnd no idea who.
would bo appointed. I>. Lawrence Gron
cr. of Norfolk, whose appointment as
successor to District Attorney Luns
ford L> Lewis, was this week ratified by
the Senate, hus not made public the
natiio of the man whom he wiil recom?
mend for the appointment.
IIiih Itrrn VhUciI to Remain,
"1 have been reciuested by .Mr. Grori
cr to withdraw my resignation, and to
retain the assistant district attorney
ship as long as he remains in off! ?
sah! Mr. Tulley. "but I have been com?
pelled to decline because, as l stated In
Ottering my resignation; It draws too
heavily upon my tune. 1 shall, how
eVer stay with Mr. Groher until the
; ovcrhment business Is It) shupo and
until he has familiarized himself with
the details. In all probability 1 "ill
not step out before the conclusion of
tli.' October term ot cent
Although Mr. Groncr'I appointment
has already been cd nil lined by the
Senate, he has ti"t yet qualified for or
ilce. ITiltll he does s,> District Attor?
ney Lewis will be lit charge; .lodge
Lewis is now absent front the city on
Iiis summer vacation, and the office IS
in charge of Assistant District Attoi ?
hoy Tai ley.
Richmond l oses Dftlce,
with Mr. Groncr's (nullification for
office; the district attorneyship for the
Eastern District of Virginia will pas.-*
ironi Richmond, where it has been for
a liurhboi of years; to Norfolk.
?ntll Ids recent appointment, Attor
ney Groner was United States refetee
in bankruptcy In Norfolk. He has ri -
signed the commission; and Is engag?
ed now In winding up the affairs of the
nice, it Is thought probable; that the
assistant district attorney's office will
r< main In Richmond, nlthough it ir
possible that a Norfolk man may re
. cive the appointment, in which cast
both offices wtll be located in the sou
The nisslstant district attorney is ap
pointed-'by the Atl?rncy!-Gonaral of tin
United State! upon the r'oconiinenda
tion Of the district attorney. It
though! that .Mr. Talley't successot i
Detect I Vf shot in Mining --trik,- I? Re|K>rl
fil mi the Mend,
(.'nnill"iitcM, nut No liimil.
? ?
tire of tli.wd to show itp was due
j been announced in the papers in tin
Frldny night, when a full nttentliinco
Progressives to Get Together for
Votes in November for
Bull Moose.
jobs, to place a
!. .1 with
ii imittci
n. p. !
a name
Announces Other Speaking
Dates?Lamb Kept on
Duty in Washington.
(>ov.rrnf>r'fl ndUrcsa ?.in thn I-.ihjio ot
Governor MdiilUKUc " ?1 Bpcrits ;.t At
win h< IMrod?eed l.y Or. lu \V; Milter
n ttddrcBB will b< made by floyoi
|l BUi to pi Opto ..! i) i'.:
: . liolRhtH and 8wah?b n
I .1 M nil Street. VVedrice.iiiy hi
mile meeting ?Hl be arranged
lub before Hie caiiiprtlBn cnd?.
Promptly Answers Inquirer That
Democratic Partv Alone
Can Solve It.
Talks of Peril to Country
Captain Lam!) I lets All
the Experience.
When tho question wnr hurled 'it him
from n citizen In tho audience nt nri
open air meeting last night: "Can't
you toll us something about tho trusts
an(] tho high cost of living?"?a ques?
tion probably eating at the Inqtiiror's
po.-ketbook nnd heart listone?former
Governor A. J. Montague was quick
to reply. lie said first, for that was
tho specific topic under discussion, that
secret sessions of tho committees ot
Congress wero the best friends of tho
trusts and monopolies. Then he add. .1
that tho time at his disposal was too
shoit to permit of extended discussion
of the subject.
"Rut. he added, "lite Republican
party Is In no position t i deal with
this question. It is lied t tho chariot
wheels of privilege. Throughout the
years it has been their ::.-?... Until its
wheels are blocked, it- voice is sil?
enced. We can ;it least know that
the Democratic party's l?els are not
blocked, and that Us voisu not quiet.
We know that Woodrow Wilson go> s|
Into this light with no strings of spe?
cial privilege tied to linn, and that his
cess means ah hones; effort on the
i>iiri ,.f tho people to solve the prob-,
h ms that present themselves Not that
i11 so tilings nre to be settled in a day.
lor their solution will bu in part with|
our children and our chtldn n's chil
tiood Crowd Goes Out,
The meeting was hei i Cary ?nd
Uowland Streets, where n platfdrlh had |
bceii erected, probably I ;?? pie weroj
present, and although standing! gave
thi speaker the closest attention. Gov-'
erh?r Montague's voice wat not In
good condition, but In- made himself
heard, receiving applause which lndi-i
cated that the audience was very,
largely with him. A run : Cohfedr |
etate voter ms from tl. ? SoldlorS'l
Home occupied sents on the platform.]
The speaker was introduced by Jacob
I'uiln n f.
There was one other Int. rruption.
perhaps not si) respectful. Governor
Montague was talking Inclination
and duty, saying that OhceJ In reply1 to,
n question as to what h< would do as
Governor if his child were cohvictedi
..f a crime, he had said he would re
sign his office. "Well, that would be]
speaker declined to quarrel, merely re -1
sponding that h?- would not sacrifice
duty to personal feuVi'ngs.
The Original Bandanna.
Incidentally; he told a good story ph
himself. While speaking in I'rankljh
count] he not: ? d that ail th- hearers
had bandahlin handkerchiefs. Taking
. tit Irs whit.- h ... kerchief to mop
his i.row, somebody asked, "\Vlierc Is
;? bandnnna'.'" . r a moment they,
itod me," said Gtovern >f Montague, f'uri
:.. I replied: 'l^ook t my head. 1 am,
niunlty.' "
-My friend. Captain L.nmb, of whom
? .
marked, "thinks h< i- superior ITi point j
..f experience. V\.:i. If one man has
iill t"e oxpcrlehci nnd something hap-1
t,. him. wli i- ? the country go?
ing to do? Is not sixteen years of exj
is it not time : ..m,. ,ne else Were get-,
the crowd laughed In id and long.
?In the \. hit* ? ise > ? sterdnv.'" Bald i
Governor Montague "President Taft
v. i notified of nomination. Our
own pape . usually &6 careful to pre-'
sent great events In detail, gives this ;
affair, whic h sho'uli be of such im- :
rhnhse Imnortitnce, sn smr-ll a hoticO
Roosevelt's lippnH unity.
lie did not forge to chide former
President Rooseve whom he called
' that man of rem i .able ability and
1.(landless energy." He was sorry, ho
:. .?<) tl .-,t Mi .': olt did not dis?
cover man:- of tie- tilings he now re?
fers to. while Presl .t. It was a pity
that ho had u' t : . . : I that Mr. Root
and Mr Tail, 1 wh advisers and
members of his C .net. did not be?
lieve in popular ? ? nnient. and kick
of tli cut Out
rihme representatives; Haid Governor
Montague, .;? : , ? people in pu.bili
nnd again I tl ::. ft Therefore
he favored npei Ions of commit?
tee 1.. wilt (or i ? ? ,ng the people a
? ?! in'ce to again express their wishes
an i to se'i Ihn! t ? - representatives
[jarrled ihorii out himself, he was
hot afraid of t: ? i. the people to
in them nhd good ;| toward ih1 in.
the gri
wrong t any nan no matter how
Richmond Trust and Savings
Company Will Be Capitalize.1
at $i.oou,ooo.
Will Head New Institution,
Which Will Occupy Quarters
at 1109 East Main Street.
. ooks of subscription for the stock
of 1 ho Richmond Trust and Savings
Company, newest of Richmond's bank?
ing institutions, will be opened next
Wednesday morning at the olllc ol
John U Williams ? Sons, and will be
closed wiihoui notice The capital Btoi k
of iho new company, it was announced
yesterday, will be placed ot J'? .,'iOfl
Applications are already on 11 ?
more than $700,^00 of the capital stork
The banking house of .lehn 1. Wil?
liams & Sons, in a proscpectUs issued
yesterday, sets forth the plans and pur?
poses of the new company which In
slated to take over the trust Company
business of the Hank of Richmond, suc?
cessor to the old Richmond Trust and
Safe Deposit Company, Including
rlous trusteeships, the fiscal agein
transfer agency and the rcglati irshlp
of corporations.
? leaded by .lohn Skeltnn William*,
Although the charter granted Wed?
nesday to the Richmond Trust and
Savings Company named Thomas R.
Gay, president; II 11 Chitlkley, vice
president, and ?. II Brown, secretory,
as officers "f the m w instil :tlon. It l*
understood that John Skeltoii Williams
will be elected to the pres'dency of
the concern Mr Williams, besides l>.
ing n member of tit. -irm of John I..
Williams & Sons, bankers, was pres?
ident of the Bank of Richmond, ami Is
now vice-president of the National
Bank of Vlrir'r.ia.
The official Ftarr of the new company
bus not yet been, select) i. hut will be
announced shortly. Tiie dlrectbra of
the new company, it is espectcdj will
Incltldt certain new and Important tn
directors of the bid Bank of Rlch
iiion l
Located it! I IOU Kuril tlnlo.
The new Institution will occupy the
banking houses now- used . y National
State and City Bank, at 110? Kast Main
Street. The last named bank expects
to move from that location to 'is en?
larged ami hands mely equipped bank?
ing house at mi Bast Main Street
:k will be largely uvotsubscrll
the prospectus. .lohn i, Wiillii
tk of Richmond, . ? , iVi d In u>:
jstment, fliOUO.i in profits, bosii
' ? ?
he new company originally npp
a charter Under name of
e of a charter to it company \\
t name was opposed by the R'
nl Bank and Trust < ?? rnpaiiy. wl
med that the similarity In
iw ii mid a ch
ipaiiy with a
it w ,il now OP*
N.-ur.i Caught l nder Vlnducl w tili
l nrr> lots o H< \ nit er.
John Thomas, colbredi wua iirfesl<
last night by I'oHcetnan B< r'tu
chn.rgieA with carrying a pistol Th
negro was disebvered sneaking iifouh
under th- Seaboard Air Line viudui
mid wneii ib.- Qltl< ei' iipproa? In .
pocket. Bertucel was so close that h
u..i the man and th. pistol or, pru.
tlcally lite came spot. Whiln he ?
before i -k Sergeunt Jeter, of th
-1 Poilci Station, rhbmiti -at I ths
tile gun was not his. find lidded th. t h
had never before been arrest, d. Tit
pistol was one of tile rheap vuriel
and was fully loa.I'd.
Agnes Pratt. John Pratt Belle Bl wi
Sarah James and Ailnlo. Scnit, all co
orod, wort arrested lusi night for belli
diKorderlv at 107 North Mneteent
Street Belle Brown was bailed;
William Harris \viis arrested ns
fugitive ftoni Justice from ciiesterftel
I county, lie will b,- heid In the Poll.
I Court this morning for officers of tl
-oiiiii.ru llnllunS I" VI?.?e Ms -lul
cry Department September :.
Beginning S?pten b. i I, ihn
tloiierj department ..f the isout
??llwn.v, hitherto located 'h Riclirh
i w ill >>?? opyn.ted in Atlanta; .1. i; I
son ii. in charge of this division of
; rh . ? ad's u ork in this city, ah i
11 loys for this purpose.? . ,
I t. . ii men.
? ?
pai'l ?? it evei ? montii !? tii. iitai
I nni tment in Richmond for lit ?
st"in|ifMl envelopes and postal
a n
Two Keys to Each Box
!t takes two keys to open a box in our Safe De?
posit \ ault, One is the master key, which we retain,
ii onlj half unlocks the boxes. The other is held
bj the renter of the box, and cannot operate the
lock until our key has been used.
This i, only one feature of the many details of
SI ( ! Rl i , \ SERVICE offered in the Vault of the
American National Bank
> on will lie interested in seeing how massive con?
struction und Ingenuity have been combined in cre?
ating this PRIVATE VAULT for you.
The spe< ial custodian in charge of our Vault will
he glad to show you the details, whether you have
immediate use for the box or not.
J'rit os. $.',.00 per year and upwards.
Fancy Vests, worth
reduced to,.
S Straw H its, worth
i ed?< t <! to . .
Gans-Rady Company
Announce for to-day a day of bargain selling, which
will make new marks in value giving.
Hundreds <>f Suits which sold up to $30.00
reduced to.
Suit- Which sold up to S2?.00
reduced to .
Fxtra Trousers, worth up to S4.50,
red tided to.
Blue and Black Serge Goats, worth up to $5.00
reduced 16 .
in S3.00,
Negligee Shifts, worth up to S?.00.
reduced 1
Negligee Miirt-. worth tip th $1.50,
All SI.50 Wash Suit- reduced to. 75c
All ?-2.5'. Wash Suits rctluccd to. $1.25
All S4.00 Khaki Norfolk Suit- reduced to.$2.00
All $5.00 Linen Crash Norfolk Suits rc luced to.$2.50
S4.Q0 and $4 50 Cheviot Knickerbocker Suit-. $2.50
S3 OP Cheviot, Worsted .ni l Bljn Serge Suit* reduced
to .. .$3.95
$7.50 and SS.OO I aiicy Cheviot-Worsted and Blue
Serge Suits reduced to . $5.95
Our entire stock of Woolen Knickerbocker Trousers at
iwir i Knit kcrl
13 All Si ')<? l?xtra Knit kt i
All .Si.5?) Extra Knickerbocker
ncrs of Richmond Distilling
Company Apply for Re?
lease on Bond.
by John A, liietrlch.
e Richmond r> is 1111 i n b
: ? ?
<> violation of the law
iiH lind a dally output
Inder \Mll l lv n.I.
? ?
distillery and <
!>"! t of ii.s : ul?c
will then fix tl!
d III,? hot wee
The specific charge itgalhst thi dis?
tillery is that Manager Dietrich tin lost
l;'rlday Illegally removed from the sep
nratoi box ? nunntMy of spirits by
tnearia of a ruuher hose and hinket.
Tin- charge Wus preferf;?:d by .loin Mid
who if- government storekeeper;^
Str?hen tilth {'unions and i-.,-*,-, Awuj
in I liree flours,
mut ihm iia.iid icter. lie whb at one
1 ? o ill !>e|Mi'imeiit, an t pud fur several
Oil v <<?:, ? iiotiee ,,i ins ill uili Building
lea,,i i.., Ii. .?. Hi elt ni jticr appointed City
lilinir I'll) .-? r|ll Uli .lain.H i'. Smith, nil
Cits mill building*, in charge of (|*
lieailng plant hud Interioekini: a? Th?
appointment. .Mr. Heck .-aid. was made sol*
011 ni. r i M, Snnce hiiving .,n excellent
.:.! In both positions Ii? Ha? mal wnn
ihn city Me. wii, ,.?!?,, ,i City Hall
Juni toi Jan l?; IM*.
Tlld ,l<.iin Ol Mr. Mattln tvus entirely un?
expected. Ii, had b?.i Ute meeting ol
thi Cotinclj Conitnlttoe on Grounds and
Uulldlnki on Thursday night Ter ? time.
Slid, us ivam hi* usual custom, stood with
oilier weil known nun about loan at Eighth
and Ulead .Streets for .-erne time after
ws rds.
The funeral of Mr. Mat tin will take
placi on Sunday afternoon from the
Clove Avenue Rnptlst Church, lie was
unmarried, and Is survived by two
Suit Instituted.
suit was Instituted yesterday In the Law
and Kouliv i'nurt by O. B, Teen against
the Virginia Hallway and reiver Company,
fur damages laid at 110,000, No declaration
has been filed.
Mann and Ellyson Invited to
Witness Notification Cere?
monies Wednesday.
I C-bycrriof Mann and ?eutenah't-GoVi
? ri.or i Taylor ICllyson havt accepted
invitations to attend the ceremonies
?attendant to notifying Governor yVood
\ row Wilson of his nomination by tha
Baltimore, convention as the party can?
didate for President. Both have ac?
cepted and will be at Seagirt Wrdms
These Invitations come fiom both
Congressman <>:iii. .Tames, who, as
Permanent chairman of the National
Democratic Convcntloh, Is chairman of
the hotlltcatlon committee, and from
William 1*. Mr.CombS, the new .'lal.
! tnnii i.i in? National Democratic Com?
Ooverhor Mann hits seen much ..f
'i .v.: nor Wilson at tit- conference of
Governors and elsewhere, an.I on <!!f:'
I rent ballots at Baltimore be voted : r
I Him.
Borer A .lames, of Danville. *n
I imcd by the Virginia delegation at
Baltimore, as the delegation rricnibfi'
, of the committee to notify the nomi?
nee, atld !.. will diso be present jt
i Seagirt.
Bitec i^, point North and West by rail
' and water.
mcii.Mo.vn ?? ?* wsKisn company,
A Trial WillConvincc
Our Work is Superior
I Our new method .?!' "Motiltiinj;" col
' lars is a simple pro? ess, but one t'n.it pivos
the very liest results, makes your collars
la:.t and gives plenty of room for your tio.
No cracked cbllara
Call Monroe 195S or lOSl.
M. II. Fl?rsheim. Proprieto
311 N. Seventh Streit.
Get the tried and true kind?
G. M. Co.'s "Pearl"
Roofing Tin
It. is the best at the price.
Gordon Metal Co.,
I nr Business Stationery,
The paper that gives Increased ef.
fectivcnfss at no additional cost.
B. W. Wilson Paper Co.,
Richmond, Va.
Cole Dlstrlbutorr.

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