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Colored Wash Goods
Beginning this morning at 8 o'clock tee shall offer
some of the biggest Wash Goods Bargains of this season.
Dimity Stripes, 19c and 1 O i c
25c Values, at - - - ? yd
A 30-i.?cli wide; beautiful suiiiincr fabric; shown in
floral designs, as well ris dots .mcl stripes.
1212 c Dimity Checks, 5c yd.
27 inches wide, in solid colors of yellow* grey, old
rose, navy, cardinal n? 1 reseda.
1 2)A c to 1 9c Voiles, 8c yd.
Stripe Voiles, iii cream, tan, reseda, Copenhagcii,
brown, li.^lit grey, <dd rose, ct<j.
Silk Spot Handkerchief Linon and
Genuine 1' laxons, I Oc yd.
These are regular 16 2-3c goods, 30 inches Wide,
very fine and sheer. Shown in clots, checks, figures and
Egyptian Tissues!^, ;c ' y
Imperial Tissues \ ' ~
Regular l'V and 25c values; >hown in stHpcs, lihci k
and plaids, to go Monday at 12 'iC a yard.
Wash Goods .Section.
At a hi Floor- ?Sixth Street.
First of Administrative Board
Candidates to Address Busi?
ness Men's Club.
The r,rst bf tht seventeen candidates
(i: the Administrative Hoard will give
the In tint ten-minute spiel bet?re the
Murines* Men's >'iut> this uftcrnoon at
2 o'clock. Being ul the head of the
alphabetical list Henry P, Heck,
Building Inspi tor, will go to the bat
lb-day. lie will be Introduced in a
tew words?the same words will be.
used to-inorrb,W, ihii best day and sc ohj
until all huve performed. Alderman
a. \v. Bennett will be the orator to?
morrow afternoon, and they win comb,
in th> regular rder, W. II. Zimmer?
man being the last on the list.
About i"0 business men take their
luncheon at the club every day, and
tlu hour of - o'clock was selected be
L'iiusi the largest number Is in the
rooms at that rime. Then- are hun
dn .? of voters who do not know the
candidates by sight. The face to fact
meeting will be of mutual Interest, and!
kfi a ii.an speaks So Will he be Judged.
It i.- tint expected, however, that a
candidate can reach great flights of
w&tory In ten minutes Besides, bus?
iness inen de not monkey with oratory.
They want facts, platforms, promises?
tibi quite so thin as Hie pit-crust wlilch
Manager Walford serves on the lemon I
trjeringue. and n rpcord ?.f stewardship. |
Hor Instance, . fr is unite possible in
ih. space '.f 6*00'seconds to tell exact
it' what the city needs, what they ought
16 have and what the city will get if
tl> speaker is elected on September 1?.
Tii. Candidat< is not required to buy
ti.i lir.ich at the club All he has to
"? Is to go to the but when bis name
iJentlemon, the club takes great
ii. r,s:re In Introducing Mr. Peck, who
will speak to you for ten minutes to?
rt"'>? Mr. Be. k. gentlemen; gentlemen,
Mr. Heck <It will be proper at lhl.1
point to applaud any and all candidates,
Daniel PilrloiiRh Struck bj i nr oi
-e\,n I'lnrs I.Ine.
morning at the Virginia Hospital ftoii
injuries ret i Ived I y in Ing i li tick I?;
a Seven Pines of the illohmoni
atei itappahanhbek Hlvbi Itallway Com
?Hl for t.'-c cll.v at
ar.-l found 1 he in.
T' : .. l< d a f I a 1 I
skull and Mevernl
left arm was ?
th? body about i ?
?houldei iolnt
a,til- .. ? ?
w.- in a sllghtl
Mo,, when he wa
> Inrenee i urils Improvli
or ?.
??, ? IH7E.WAIS1ST.
Little sinn- laid \>y c.n !i pay flay
will soon "row. One Dollar startr.
an account with us.
Directs Mathew Officials to Use j
Every Means to Capture
Woman's Assailant.
Act'tig on Information furnished by
The Times-Dispatch, Governor M?tin
tjurly yesterday telegraphed to Com-,
mop wealth':; Attorney (tarnet and
Sheriff. Miller, of Mathews, authori/lns
them ti> offer n riiword Of ?-.">o for the
arrest of the assailant of Mrs Kilo
Miller, The tV'Vorhor notified both of-|
tielals that In would give all the help
the State coll 111 possibly retltlci t" Cap
ttirc (lie erlthitiul ami to provide for
his speedy trial, CSoveriior Mann said
last night that he had rt eclved it? ?
further intot matiou from Mathews
county, and did not know whethei any:
arrests had been made j
Telephone met sages to The Times-]
Dispatch last night from its eon. -
pendents In Mathews and Gloucester
stated thai the bloodhound sent front
tin state penitentiary had arrived, butj
thill heavy rains had prevented them!
from taking the trit 11. A furtliei cf
forl 'ii tl..- direction;' will be made lo
day. but the rain Is thought 10 IlilVO
ruined all hope of capture by that!
means. Ml - Miller Is said to be stif-!
ferlng gr.ally from fright and shock,!
While her mother Is now under the
Cure of a physician. The young wo?
man is certain that the man who at
lucked In r Is the same person who at?
tempted a similar crime a year ttge.
While there has been much excitement,
no violence I? feared, mainly for the
reason that It i- believed the assail?
ant has escaped. The search, however,
will be continued with vigor to-day.
I nlilentlfled Neuro Ii round to I'leces
Near \\ IlllniUSbllrg.
An unidentified negro was struck
and instantly killed b) Chesapeake and
Ohio fust truIii for Norfolk yesterday
lit a point abbul teii miles west of Wil
llamshurg. The train due to have
Ith imoiiil at 1hnOn was forty min?
utes late in leaving' 6ti account of
western connections, and was running
at a high rat.- ot speed at the lime of
the accident,
The man attempted in ross the track
In from pi the on-rushing train, dis?
regarding the shriek of the engineer's
Wius'tie, The iio.iy was lliernily ground
jto pi>..- beneath the wheels. The
train wns stopped and backed to the
j point of ii:,. accident. I''rngtiierits or
the body \\.:. not sttflicienl to hid
in ldentltlcatioti, save t,, show that It
I'had been a colored man, The train
proceeded to Wlilluihsburgi where the
i inductor t. tlfieid authorities of
} Vtnlinlithcc Doctor '.i.i Wax l?ln>
In- Ills DDI TrlekM.
? I M ft Iii Sin' l)r, Hawkins, ?
. nil} .1. ad. v. l.. ii Hi. tsurVeo
..ii oft 1 Ii t linl h>
ii i.. cat m SevernI
pricked him into
took him let the
he was fed unit
ivercfl. Officers ill
ihr Hocqnd t'onec Staiibn cla'm in
know v. ins ijrriwn, ami say that Mi.:
possum trick is one uf Iiis favorites.
'I ho |>..\ ? hohl?! !?? said to in Han
Death ?>? Ml?* Nannie H?cker Kdwsrds.
Mrs. Nannio Huckej awards, widow
Of Dr L/andon m Rdward*. for many
yearn a well known Inn of Rich?
mond, dien yt-stordnj nfternooh at 3:1$
o'clock. Til- funeral win tako place
i to-morrow afternoon at F> o'clock from
Uh? reuldonco. 10? Went Ulacs Streut,
Contests in Virginia This Year
Signalized by I n'gniiied
1 Hsciission.
Incumbents in First. Third,
Fourth and Sixth Districts
Have ()pp< '<it i? >n.
FoUr Virginia districts will hold
primaries this yjeiii to decide between
Democratic candidates for Congress.
These in.: the First, Third, Fourth
.iti.i s;xth. in every instance the in
cumbont is Kecking renotnlnntlon, und
has opposition.
For the most part, the congres?
sional campaigns o( this year tiro
Without spectacular features. Attacks
'?ii the records id the congressmen
have bccii practically unknown, Little
hitter luling has been developed.
Discussions have been bonllncd inosll)
to issiti s and not to personalities, in
this respect the lights have been inticll
more dlgntllet1 than others which have
been iind in recent years.
Begin I hi. Week.
The first primary of the season will
be held Thiiraduy of tins week in the
Sixth Congressional District. The in?
cumbent, Carter Class, of Lynchburg,
is opposed by former state Senator
Don iialsey, of tin same city, and
by i it> Sergeant T ii. Tlllett, of Roti
noke. Mr. Ilalsoj has been a candi?
date for ne.uiv eighteen months, pre?
senting Iii? lltilllo at about the inline
mm with F. IV. Harper, who later
withdrew1, lie has visited the counties
jmlid cities and has made addresses.
'Sergeant Tlllett, while not so long on
spcechnidking, ha* made a careful
cuuvass, going from house to house in
sonit placei
j Hut It seems to be generally con?
ceded1 tint Congressman Class will be
rcnomltiuted bj not oiil} a large plu?
rality, but by an actual majority Over
both his opponent;, combined. The re?
moval of Halifax ami Charlotte coun?
ties considerably weakened the oppo
sitlon to Mr. oiass, and rendered Mr.
Ilitlsey's cause practically hopeless, j
according to the general view. He Is i
a very effective speaker. 1>ut It is |
lindcistood to- lias not 1? en able to
rally many people to his support. !
While Mr. Tillen will receive a large !
complimentary vote in ids home city, |
his success i Hewhere Is not expected. I
Many people think both Mr. Iialsey
ami Mi. TUlett are getting thctnsclves
In the public pyi lor a future occn
? tsiuh, lor it has been reported Hint
Mr. Glass's next term will b. Ills hist.
Third District Fight.
In the Third District, on August IS,
win be held tiie sound primary of
tb<- year. Congressman John l.Uinb has
lor his opponent former CiOVi rnor Au?
di, w liokson Montague, who became
it candidate on the same da> that Col?
on, l .lohn S. Harwood withdrew from
lit,- contest. Both candidates have
uindi many speei lies over tho district.
Captain bnmi. hrts. for the most part,
cunlliled himself to a discussion of his
record of s.xtecn years, while Gov?
ernor Montague bus talked of popular
government and advocated certain re?
forms which he deems desirably for
tin common good.
Clubs were organized early In tho
Campaign by the friends of each man,
and these ..lub-' members have been
doing more or less e(T. < tlvc work. But
alter the first meeting of Captain j
Lamb's forces little was accomplished I
'for probably a month. In that time I
the organization for Governor Moid |
I tiiguc w.is far advanced. Now both I
i have Hielt- lists of voters ami their j
j own conclusions as to the result. Both
I men claim Hie city of Richmond nnd
' t lie outside territory.
) Were one to ludge from the expres?
sions heard on tin street! and In the I
offices and In oilier places of the tilty
where men do congregate, It Would
seem that C.nvernor Montague has an
excellent chance for a large majority
in Richmond.
in First nhd Fourth.
The First District primary will be
held August 21. Former Mayor Samuel
R Buxlon, of Newport News. Is op?
posing Congressman William a. Jones,
??I Richmond county. Mr. Biixton ha..
loin c-.er the district to a large ex?
tent and lias nut many voiers. Jle
is expected to receive a large compli?
mentary vot. in his home city because
of his personality. But tt Is generally
believed that the majority which will
be registered by Mr, Jones In the dis?
trict will be very Inrge.
The last primary of the series will
be Hint In tin- Fourth District, and
will not come until September US. Con?
gressman Roheit Turnbiill, of Bruns?
wick, if opposed for ronomluntlon by
Judge Walter a Watson, of Nottoway,
until lately an occupant of the bench
of the Circuit Court. In tills Capacity
Judge Watson sat at the trial of
Henry Clay Beattle, Jr. for the murder
of his wife. He is well known
througolttit the district. Mr. Turnbull
was elected to Congress in 1916 to nil
lb,- Vacancy caused by the death of
I Congressman Francis Rives Lasslte>r,
Tl.. campaign lias barely begun !n the
I Fourth. Botli sldeS of course, claim
T1k.sc Who'll Lose 'Em
After .March 4, V\ Oil't
Starve to Death.
Democratic Applicants Already
Selecting Quarters in New
Federal Building.
.r it'll the Democrats In Mchmond
who hope ami expect t ? ' old ullk'o In
the event of Wood row Wilson's elec?
tion would only conic across with con?
tributions to the campaign fund, the
amount being pent t?i natlonui hcad
ii?rirtors win be very largely In?
creased; Already the applicants are
I beginning! t? pick bin liidr Jobs. They
have beeil taking a keiner Intciest lit
; the llna| work on tin in ?? i.l-oilh o
building wbich will bo occupied next
month. At tho time tin ' ildlnjj was
planned there did not seem 10 b. much
1 chlinco lor tho election Of 11 Dotllb- j
luintic or a Hull Mo.,.-., r stricht. Now
the 'lope Is that Wilson will run llrst. '
With the Hull Moose and the old line 1
party tlirhting for second 1 lac. .
: For the information ill thos.i who'
I have not given the matter careful . bn
stderation it might be Said thai I "ere
will bo many lino Job! t" be given
iiwjy. The army of appll lilts has
been nnxloua to know who \*ill dis-.j
tribute the patronage. I. "ktim back
over the newspaper il|es : ? > ft till that .
tlti original Wilson b ? mid the
men who stood loyally behind I he New
Jersey Governor In Baltimore will liiiyo
llrst say. ?
Overlook Iiunortnnl Mutter.
Others who jumped int ? thi band [
wagon urtor Hoger Sul'ilvai t)t llli
t.ois. swung his delegates 1 Wilson
will not boss the dlstrll >n "i Job?;
But the candidates havi failed thus far
to enroll their names on the honor list;
Mr. Wilson cannot bo ? l< t il v.lt out
money, he can't accept it Er bin Ilia ;
trusts an I the I>Ik corj orations, ri tin- ?
rank and file must glvi ill manaigor'B
a lift.
.lust, now tho Repu 'llcani a;e he. J
twecri the devil and the ilei p sea. They ?
are apt to double-er-s. : ? nsi Ivca. In
the event that the Bull Moose should,
ha pen to win. nil ?l IMpiinit'j
cans In oftlce who helped nominate
Taft will he thrown si;- high. Which
reminds yoii that n tibi to Theodore
would not be at all stir] ing These 1
men who have held down the lobs for I
many years realise thai : ?? snug and
Comfortable quarters in ist bo given I
Up. They have one chance In three. I
and that on? chance is so slim it Is
hardly worth talking abi t Com mis- I
Blotter of Agriculture k?lner said yes?
terday Hint tye farming ? pportuiilty
in Virginia was never so rright as at 1
present. The season tins 1.11 good;!
corn and alfalfa net good returns, ;
w hile the mln. s an 1 th< cattle seotlori |
ate calling for help. finally, there- ,
for", those who must quit the swivel
chairs will not starve to death.
Won't Klcviitc Htarvinss Uaes.
And It might be weil to SugReBt In \
this connection that Democrats who
are starving' to death win net lie ele?
vated so hl?b and se suddenly that !
th.y will be in langer of death from;
heart disease. Mr Wilson Is nothingj
if not practical. Machine leaders hate
him because h. madi It n rule In New j
Jersey to keep a Republican In ofllcu I
if the Republican was better qualified
than the Democrat! applicant, lie re
verses the rule wh -ii might he said
10 apply lu the race for the Adminis?
trative Board, and he picks a man who
Is qualified.
There arc great pportun'tlcs In Vir?
ginia for the ariny which win be
stranded after Starch l. There Is no I
condition of affairs now existing
w ileh will force a man to go else?
where to earn hos dally bread. The
new post-office building gives promise
or be'ng cool 11 ! omfbrtable next
summer, and It n I be said to the
credit of Mr. Wilson that he never op?
posed the use of , i ctrlc fans when
conditions were Intolerable without
them. Generali: speaking, everything
is lovely, and elork will now call
the roll of thos' II inocrats who hope
to n,t Federn] ..." |es and who have
overlooked, neglected and failed to send
50 cents or ?i for t , campaign fund.
White Mini Ilei,1 ,,n 1 barge of Itnttblng
St reel in, 1 rrws.
Willie (llbson , ung while man
ivas locke! up last night at the First |
Boiled statin,. .. I with stealing '
dinner baskets be ? ic.o; to conductors
and motor!;,.'ii . 1 the BlrbmniKl and
Itappiihanuock III Rull way Corn?
aus-, ut the com ? barn's, Twciity
iilnth and I' Streets 'lihson Is said hy
the poii.e i? i,i . ,\,\ 0 (fonder arid
bus been up on siml ir charges before.
Accord'ng to th.- '.Ulcers he has for
the past several subsisted < n
tir.lv upon Innclii illchcd troni the
baskets and dinn< 1 palls' at tho ear
'barns. Policeman s. Lear caught
hhlhl In the net ol ' king away with
the . 01,tents of 1 1II1 ? ? r pail lust night
and brought him tu lie station house.
A Signature Worth $5,090.00
\ name on a Travelers' Check was the means of
the owner recovering five thousand dollars in a
package ?f bills found floating on the son soon after
the Titanic disaster.
WITHOUT tbis signature the mono\ belonged
to NO ONE; WITH the name <>n the Traveh i \ Check,
rightful ownership to the entire package was estab?
In our whole experience we can quote t<(> bettor
example of the efficacy and value ol such checks
while traveling. For a short or long journey, deposit
the actual cash in the
of Richmond, Virginia,
and take the American Hankers' Association checks
with you. They require no identification. They
protect you from any loss. They arc practical In?
surance against Carelessness. They help us give yo(t
WIN WITH 3,500
Politicians Think That Many
Voter- W ill Elect to Ad?
ministrative Board.
General Idea, However. Is That
City Will Poll Its Maxi?
mum Vote.
Willi seventeen candidates in the
Held for the live scats on the Adminis?
trative Hoard, and with the vote well
scattered uioiig the line. It seems more
than probable that several oi the win?
ners will Have less than a majorit;.
of the total r?te east. As to the total
Vote there are varying estimates.
Counting in Confederate soldiers, ex?
empt from payment at poll taxe.*,
there nr.- about 10.2.[uullflcd voters
on the lioolts, thin number including
colored vote rs. Republicans and men
ol in. party affiliation, While it Is
< ortuln that the Administrative Board
primary on .Septembei la win bruin
out tile largest vote east in year.-. <t
iloei not seem probubli that the total
w 111 c.\<.,i 8 01
Plgurlng im the Total.
One of the most a, "irate and ex?
perienced politician in the city pre
diets that It will not bo more than
7.300. Others bellovi that the "young
m.hi vol..' nail, tip ot tle.se recently
.?I' ngO, nieI who do not have t- pay
,?? II iaxcii /ma months before tili?
election, will swell the total und that
fully 8,fiO0 ballois will be east The
? ouiing primary for member of Con?
gress on August lwill be only a par?
tial index to the vole as there I- not
the )sani" general Interest in thai
election, there nr.- not as ninny people
at work to bring out the vote, und it
i' ill' s at a lime when many then will
b. on vacation. To avoid tin <1< lay
and trouble of voting many have paired
with friends. In that primary there
will prop.illy riot be east more than
1 000 votes In the city of Richmond.'
Last September In the primary fnt
election of members of the House of
Delegates, there \Vere ten candidates
"t Hi" live seats. All five of the
winners received a majority of tho
voi s cast. The veto i? (bat elec?
tion was tlarwood, 1,369; Cox, 3,191;
Montague. 51.050; Curtis. '.'.s:s. and
Creamer, 2.V".;. the itnsticcessful can?
didates ruhhing on down as follows:
Toncy. 2;tSt: Crerishaw, 2,128; .Steel,
i.360; Campbell, 1,162; Throckmortou.
TIT. The total vif cast was 4.T:-".
nets im I n11-1Inders.
There are popular men In the field
for the board, who will no doubt be
elected, but it Is not believed that If
S MM' ballots are cast, any one can Ret
or, many as 6,000. On the Other land.
It Is hardly prohnblo that any ..f the
B< Vcntceti candidates win fail below
iiOO votes, though It Is stated T^at beta
have been offered that at least three
would not poll as many ns C00 votes,
Kach candidate hias back of him his
friends, bis locality, his club, his
lodge or his union some definite
affiliation of men of who.... vote he |<i
reasonably cortnlni s> that It hardly
seems probabli Hint any one will run
below the 500 mark. Taking the field
us It is. and speaking from the >i iwi
I .Mil of practical polities. It Is the be?
lief of many people that any can.II
d.iti who can deliver at the poll* on
flection day from a.r.no to i.OOfj ballots
I* almost assured of being among 'he
llrst live When the last precinct is In.
Colored I'Tremnn lltidlj Hurt, Three
Ribs ItelnK fractured,
Robert Moore, of :nn West Moor
Street, a colored fireman in the employ
oi th. Richmond, Preder'okaburfj and
Potomac Railroad Company, fell from
r engine In the freight ynrd at f|
??' bo k last night, sustaining serious
Injuries He was treated bv Dr. Haw?
kins who responded with the City
A mbul? rue.
An examination at the Retreat for the
Sick, where the injured man was taken,
showed the fiat lire of several ribs
With th- possibility of Internal in?
juries. Physicians stated that he would
Lower Branch Wil lGive Way to
Smaller Body on
September i.
The las) tegular meeting of this Com?
mon Council w in i<e held to-night at 8
o'clock, with a huge docket of impor?
tant matters up for Una! action. The j
Coiineil i \pires by limitation on An-:
?jiisi 31; when more than one-half of
Hie members rctlri from public 11f< j
The incoming Council; to take office -m
September 1. "ill have only twenty j
instead of forty members, eighteen
of these an- at present in the City
Coiineil. Iii. two low members belli.-;
.lames .1. Pollard and .loseph I'.. Welsh.
Th.- Hoard of Aldermen has been.
??ailed for to-night at T::t<> o'clock to
take up the resolution approving the j
aw ud of contract for the paving of
Itroad street. Ti e Council has already
acted, and if approved by the Hoard of
Aldi'i'mcn io-hight, Die i ( solution will
he forwarded to the Mayor. The
Street Committee must inect and au
I thoilze Ih. chairman to sign the con?
tract before actual work can 1... begun.
i.Meantime more than halt of the sum?
mer season, during wi.eii it was hoped
that Ibis work could be done, has hi en
allowed to slip bj
A Joint session of the Common Coun?
cil and Board of Aldermen has been
called for 7:45 o'clock to-night to elect
'a police commissioner from Jefferson
Wnrei for the uhexplrcd term of the
Into Chris. Maiming. The lefforson
Ward delegation will present the name
of Dr. William it Parker, who win bo
elected without opposition.
The Committees on le.cai Assess?
ments and Ordinance, Charter and Re?
form nro called for to-night, just pre?
vious to the meeting of the Council.
Tho Committee on Improvement of
the James RJv*r win meet to-morrow
plght at 8 o'clock.
For Stylish Appearance and Long Service, Get
the Original Guaranteed
for ladies and misses. Soft, snug-fitting and sheer, in extra
light weight lisle and pure thread silk. Black, tan, white,
solid or assorted to the box. Every pair insured against
Gans-Rady Company
All Departments Will He Located
in Skyscraper \\ itliiii |
Next Two Weeks.
Within tlie next two weeks the gen
oral offices of th.- Chesapeake arid Ohio
Italwny will be transferred to the
1'lrst Nat'otial Udrik Building; the com
pany having leased thirteen floors in
I he new structure at Ninth and Main
Streets. Several departments have al?
ready moved In and Lhe work will con?
tinue as rap'dly as conditions will per?
mit. Meade T, Splcer will to?biy call
m the van man and everylhing (torn
President Stevens's office win ho
hustled out of the noisy quarters oh
the second floor of th- building nt
llighth and Main. When Mr Stevens
:<turns to the oily he w'll be com
fortatdy located "ii the eleventh iloor,
wltti a fin- view of the southsldc !>.
rath'r Ax tell, tirst vice-president, tin
treasurer, assistant treasurer and pthoi
officer* win im the same floor wTth
President Stevens. One >?' the clerks
who went to the top yesterday cunt,
doWn with the announcement that from
the roof ..no could command a splendid 1
view of the entire system. Stretching !
Olli to tiie Oreat Lakes Aft-r Ms hea l
Was put under a pump the doctors
stated that he Would recover.
No lto?m Spare.
Bvcn with thirteen Moors th. Chesa?
peake and Ohio will have no room to
spate There will he no crowding,
howeyer, and nil departments will t.o
grouped under one roof, which will
greatly facilitate the work of the com?
pany I'. M Whitakei, third vice
president, us heretofore printed In Tin
Tlmes-Ulspateh, has moved his officer
to Richmond from Cincinnati The lease
on the new building Is for ten years,
and \n the future the dally rumor will
not come out of the West that the gen?
eral "fliers Will be transferred to Cln
i In nnil.
The Richmond. Fredarlckabtirg and
Potomac Railroad Company has also
leased two floors In the skyscraper for
its cenernl headquarters Officers are
mlchty gla l to got away! from the Byrd
Sin <t Ktat'on, where everything was
i ngestcd. Eventually t' ?? company
may need additional room, though h j
would not he surprising to tin I that j
the Chesapeake grid nht will b* f : " 1
to rent another floor Owing to nego?
tiations now peridlnir for t;.Onsoll-I
?l?tlon of the rirst National Rank and!
the Nations! Rank of Virginia, the , en
soli,luted hunk will not move Into I's
new home hefore fall In this eOnnee- 1
lion real estCtc rner> nre Interested In
lhe possible occupancy of the old home'
f'f the National Rank of Virginia,
though that property will not he Idle'
long after It 1? vnented
Glad to fiel Sei tied.
President Stevens totd som< nf his
friends the other day that tt weutd !
he ;i trreat relief to ed permanently!
ti\e<i in the new quarters Mr Stevens
has entirely recovered from the effects
of a recent operation,*and has actively j
assumed charge rf th.< system. Me;
has Inn? ago found that It wasn't .
wi -th wh'le to dignify the rumor, that
he would resign by constant denials, j
The directors expect him to remain i
Just as lonir ns he will, and the latest
reports have been given an official de?
nial so emphatic that they will hardly I
be revived. Tiie talk was particularly
embarrassing t^ M J. Cnplcs, fourth
vice-president. Mr. Citples has heen
co-oporatlng with President Stevens In I
e very possible way. and his friends ]
hope that the public will not continue '
to embarrass hirn he pretending to j
know that he was slated n-? Mr,
Stevens's successor.
But Branick Was Released After
Witnesses Had Clearer!
Him of Charge.
Willie Eubunk, a twenty-nve-ycar-oid
colored man, spent two hours at the
first Police Station last night, In the
Shadow of the electric chair, bill was
released after no less than twenty men
and women had declined to recognize
In him the murderer "f Itoberta
Mit. hell, who was killed at Seventeenth
and Ixiwncs Streets on the night of
duly 21.
1 llranlslc fell Into the tolls of the
law when three colored men caught
sight of him at Twenty-ninth and I'
St t ei ls and were convinced that he
was no other than William Murphy,
who is charged with lhe murder. The}
reported the matter I., iilllceis sh.
maker ami Toots, who nrrsted
Branick and brought him to the sta?
tion. a search of his pockets reveal?
ed nothing Incriminating. a number
of letters were found, all of which
w. re addressed to Willie Branick,
The prisoner wan locked up and offi?
cers sent out to round up hverybody
In the neighborhood who knew Willie
I Murphy. W ithin twenty minutes the
station house was full of a motley ar
irny of darkles, each of whom claimed
intimate acquaintance with the ihhr
I derer. ' In the crowd was Josephine
Lewis, nt whose house the murder took
'place She had known. Murphy three
year* and was prepnred to Identify
the murderer If he was In rttstody.
' "Dal ain't the nigger what killed
' Roberta Mitchell.'- ^ald Josephine as
SOOn its her eyes fell e>n the dlscopso
! Into darky, who was ushered Into the
room, ''Willie-Murphy was a heap bet?
ter jookln' nigger than that."
I a chorus of tw.nty others supported
j her. and Branick brightened nercepti
i My. a searching examination of the
1 man before the bar by Sergeant Jeter
hailed to Incriminate htm, and he was
i given his freedom.
Director Spillman Assert- That
Farm and Cattle Display Will
Be Greatest Ever.
In Addition to ? premium i'st nf
moro in.in 150,.the .-it;,!, pa|r vs
social Ion has expended about $20 000
tor free! amuseirichts ai the bis aho ?
in October.
"Tills in.ans.'' said Director Soilimi
yesterday, "that the State Fair this
year win be larger and grander than
tivpi before. The stock exh'bitn W'ii
bo BO Tar in u.Iva;,,,, 0f tilt last ?,r...
that it is really worth mention tig,
Wi have ulr<ad> received requests for
application and entry blank? fro.fi
stockmen frobi all parts -.f the coun
M&hy will com* from dlftiabt
|'?inta, but tin- larger number w?!i be
Jrbm thin State, West Virginia, Mar ..
land and North Carolina.
"The new stock barns and pens ari
now in course of construction ,i ii
win i,e ready In a few Weeks Theji
new buildings \vll\ obviate the neces?
sity of the use ci canvas < ,,\. . , ,
as was the r<-:-ult of the larse exhlb'l
lost year.
' Our farm exhibits will be mti h more
numerous. Last yeat we had thirti
flve separat', county exhibits Th's
ynr there win be more '!:;?! flftv
In addition; there win . era oral
Hundred Individual displays
Man; l ree features.
"In the i ;k Industrial hall th"rc win
he one of the most complete Coll* -
tlons of exhibit* ever g.nhere.i
gether at one time at a Statt fait
Concerts will he given throughout the
day In this building, bj thi .Ma., (jay
band of twenty-flv? and Mint Ciilvcil
the v. .rri.i famoui prttnii donna will
"lug. Minj separate concerts will be
provided by tho man-, m is.hecrns
that will hjivc exhibits.
"Besides this tniistcal feature, th- ?
Will be lands ..f all nations along the
midway, and Harry Henry, "the m.m
the government will send ffoii I ?
snae. east of th- grandstand, between
/Ml visitors to thi fall e in s. ? ? r>? -.
drills by th. most famous and fear
less horsemen In the world.
"The fr.-e Show? embn. many of
the world's noted performers, and
there will b. some ol them In P I
nil the afternoon and evening 'j! every
day of t he w, .u.
' In a word." said Mr. Sp'llmuil.
"there will be something of everything
at the fair this ?innen, and we il
rendy feel pri lid of what the city of
Richmond will be able to show tho
list of the State and the countrj th<
Week of i Iftobi : '."
Police Culled mi to Help Keeper \rrro
.1 M Watklns. a whit, man about
thirty-live years old look on a big
b ad of good cheer yesterday morning
and proceeded to let pedestrians jn
Jefferson Park know how good he
f,lt. Complaint was male tn Pnrk
keeper A; E McGliee who tried to take
him Into custody, but Watklns re?
a message to the First Police Station
brought reinforcements, with the re?
sult that Watklns was locked up on
the charge of being disorderly and re
offi er,
Summer Excursion
Rates to point- North and West by rail
and water.
niciiMoxn TitwsKEit company,
fi09 East Main Street.
A Trial WillConvince
Our Work is Superior
Our new method oi "Moulding" col?
lars is a simple process, but one that "ives.
die very best results, makes your collars
last and c.ivcs plenty of room for your tic.
No tracked collars
Call .Monroe 19.58 or 1059.
M. Ii. Klorsheini, Proprietor,
M I N. Seventh Streut.
I he best roofing tin
for the money is
G. M. Co.'s "Pear!"
Roofing Tin.
Gordon Metal Co?
Richmond, Va.
For Unsinn?* Stationery,
u. s.
The paper that gives increased ?f
fectlvrness at no additional cost.
B. W. Wilson Paper Co.
Richmond, Va.
gute Dtsirlbiwors,

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