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Washington Climhs Step Higher Up
.Main ni ? )id btars \\ ill He UacK
on University Poot
ball Team.
nil Resort for l'r>
iiarv Practice.
pr< i ilcaitj
!: ihrli .-r t
\\A hie handicap was ti.i absence' of
[[heavy hacklleld material. Ali of the
I candidate? for these positions were
(light. One big plunging nnin behind
jthe line would have made a big diff< r
(enec in the team ?. 6ft' nsi
Much is expected of Tddii, the dash?
ing half back, who w lil !? id i ? . 1< vi h
this fall. There w u s rrii :? ilr that
the New York lad would not return to
jibe university In September, a. he
[graduated front t ? icxtdi ib depart
intent last June He will .nt. r the law
[school nest mouth, however, and may
[remain two years longer lo win his
li. I, ?!? . r.
> Mlnoi Carson I.i)? . manager of the
]tenm, is still working oh his schedule
lof games There is still nix big date
/,to he filled?-Saturday, November !>. on
(the homo groiiniis, the \vcek following
the battle with Vanderbilt. it \e very
probable ti it one! 01 irton midweek
games "ill be arranged. In fact, a
.contest has beeil practically scheduled
'with the eleven from the University of.
Bouth Carolina, ill thai Is needed >?? Ing
the approval of the advisors h<i ird of
the General Athletic Association, I're
llmln.iry contests arc wiih the same
[Virginia teams th.it were met 'aat yettf
I?William and .Mary. Raudolph-Macon
[and Hnmpden-Sidncy. The annual .
test with the Virginia Military Insti
luti eines .1 fortnight earlier.
629 E. Main St.
Richmond. Va
ItrsnltH Vrsterdn
No ganb i nlaj ed.
SIhikIIuk of t h?? < lu>>
N ? (i Vor!?
Chicago ,
lioVlou . .
\\ lirre Tbc> I In ? '!'??-IJnj .
Naps Find an Easy Mark
Jackson Steals at
Survivors cf Famous Rangers
Will Gather at Groveton
August 29.
mandant W. II. Chap?
men will be held at
it et
i .11 Run, which was tought on August
ISC2. Colonel Mosby ha? been in?
vited' ib attend, bill his \Vell known
keep him away from even a reunion
of hu own juen. The veterans will n.?
battalion, once numerous in this city;
count now little more than ti handful,
l'. it:: has carried the veterans away
until now scarcely ten 61 the originrtl
I company are known to bo in Richmond.
fobs 11. Jordan, who <iie<i carlj in the
summer, the iatest of the original
company to answer the final call;
I Among the survivors ?l Colonel
Mosby's men in the city are Colonel \V,
II, chapman, Krank Rohm, w. P Pal
1 tner. Thomas Hooker. Jack Hnrrell and
j Rev l.andon R. Mason. Ii 11.
Adjutant Edward Shacklctt expects
la large attendance and has ntadt ap?
plication (o the railways for reduced
I 1 - Members of the band arriving
for the retlnion from the North ami
' .-? nth will g-ct off at Manhssttsi where
j conveyance- w ill he in waiting to take
I them to Oroveton. Those arriving
J fI om the West w ill leave the cars al
Wellington, whence liny v ill he , ar
I rled t<i Oroveton through the country,
llumnr that l.ooo Wore Killed, Hut
tretiritle lietntu \ re Lurking.
] Constantinople, .\nunst 11. The Ih
torrtiptloti 01 telegraphic crimmuhlca
1 lion make... 11 very difficult to obtain
j accurate details of the disastrous
seismic disturbances w'hich occurred
I AtlCIISI '.' on both sides >>l the DllMii
I neiicfl. "... accurate ngures of the
I number of victims can yet be tabulnted,
[though some estimates place the death
list nt 1.000 and the Injured froth
?ton t<> A onn
in the low ,1 of Rharl. which ivas com
pletelv destfbved sixty persons were
Killed an I Iftfl inlured Klres are re
ported from manv lilies In which nU
1 numerous buildings were destroyed.
I 1 ISHtires opend to 0 leritrth of about
ja mile along the river tail' Rurgns.
I forty miles southeast of Adrlanople,
j.iiiii from tins, apertures hot water,
(sand, foam and sulphurous vapors were
I emitted,
I I'lverywhe're in the stricken stone
I there is terrible want ami -llsti-css.
I Appenls for doctors- and help are con?
stantly being received at the capital
ami the government is doin^ its ut?
most to satisfy them. The hospitals
her,, are crowded with injured per?
?rue fall of A irlanople to-tin5 re?
ported to Constantinople that the loss
of life there was.small. Tbie quake,
1 however, seriously damaged the pub?
lic bulidlncs of the cllv.
1 .?ter.lli
Noi I
l?N-E?TERS 00
Give Exhibition of OricnU-1
Playing in Game With
(iiirrrnmrnl ll?- ul Frnnl Royal Some
,.f ihr Greatest -Ire?.
the Warren Sentinel, ot Kr?nt Royal,
prints tii. following regtirdtnn the
government remount station which has
i,. en ? stablishi ?! there:
s h
if surprise that our
generally breed1
th> govdrnmeiit
st ml f."- is only
th< ? required:
the government
lehry of Navarre
?on hundreds bf
thousands of dollars on the turf, and
before Mr Relhionl gave them to the
noverhhient for the Front Royal re?
mount depot the stud f-<? was $1,2)0.
There are great possibilities Iti breed
i: t.. stich distinguished sires which
our farmers should not overlook.
and no
If an OptU
no fee is <
and < ?cta gon h
It I
Ti ll i Ii \ \ l< TS PI \ \
it \ ii. w ei n mit)
ii : \ m
lo. ohio. August li.?Convicts
sing the ?'trusty" sqtiad at work
State Hospital ground nt Lima,
nit < n a. hall game with a local
rofesslonnl team this afternoon,
d in prison garb, the trusties
he diamond before one of itv
erowds . vor witnessing a Lima
It gain.- 'An adniissloh was
d the proceeds oi Which was
pvt d to the convicts:
's" Y-2 price
$30.1 0 Men'- Suit ?. SIS.00
525.00 Men'.-, Suit-.SI2.50
S !2.5 ? Men's Suii -. Sil.25
S >0.i i i Mi h's Suits. SI0.no
Si S,( N! Men's Suit -.S7..50
50c Neckwear Special, A5t-: i for
Come Early; Watch Windows.
No. 7t3 E. Bread St.
??/frs ;- ,\mo j/fCAO irs.
See Window Display
The buyer Who knows the different
automobiles will own a
Car Co.
Allen Avenue and Broad Street.
?a York
.1 uv t
*? i tin- t lulu
i Inclnantl Bents Baltimore.
Lltlrhorc. August II.?Th? Citirtn
.Louis Couldn't Get But Four
Hits From His
? ? ? j
Louis. Mo. August II ?It took I
ri losing the entire series with the
ivns, his great pitching being ri -
islble for winning to-n;.; s game
> Onlv four hits tveri ::.a<:- i>:f
\\ nthliurton.
ikl, Woliar?, I..;. rll Clstldll.
<n.i ruler. Stolen bsies?AU?
?st.r. Milan '3!. G. Williams,
l-iofl Hamilton, J; off John
k our?by Hamilton. ?' i?v
Left on v>af*??st. bo tils,
Time. i:rA Umpires. Con
At Newark: Newark, . Rochester, j
irst ennici; Rochester. I; Newark. 0
econrl game).
At Rocky l'o nt: Providence-Toronto.
At lers-y city: Jersey city. 2; Mon
eal. :' f?rst game): Jersey city. -
ontreal, T (second game, live Innings,
> V \ I S iilttil's HA 1,1,
\\l> Ot?TS ItKI.KASK
Louisville. Kv. August II.?When
st Baseman Dayls dropped a throw,
allowing Mihni ipolls to score four
tuns after the side should have been
retired, ho lost hl? Job. He was ro
Ieased five minutes inter by President
Ornysbn, i
At Louisville Louisville. 10; St, Paul,
"ilrst game); Louisville. %< St. Paul,
(second gamcj).
At Columbus j Columbus, 1 ? Minne?
apolis, a,
At Indianapolis: Indianapolis . 2;
Kansas City, r (nrsi game)
At Kansas City: Kansas City. 2; In?
dianapolis, i tsecond game).
Peters Says It Is the Man, Not
the Method of His Selection,
That Is Important.
Provided there Is no hidden poll
tics behind ih" suggestion of holding
;t preferential primary to nominate to
the City Council the choice of the
Democratic voters for Mayor of Rich?
mond. Pres'dcui R, Lee Peter?, of the
jComuidn Council; said last night thai
w as favorably impressed with tho
Plan. Mr, Peters sai.l ho had been
approached on the subject, but bad
reached no linal conclusion, as be de
^ir .i to think it over and to look more
fully nit" what such a proposition
would nnaii. Certainly be will op?
pose a pr ma'ry If it means any lengthy
<;? l.< v in filling tlii office of Mayor, Put
if the plan can he worked without
any undue delay, an.l be thrown open
to .ill candidates without favoritism
or special opportunity, he will favor
it and \v i 11 urge the Council to agree
to accept the nominee of the majority
of Democratic voters.
"What i am especially interested In."
said Mr. Peters. "Is securing a live
and progressiv! i in for Mayor, what?
ever may be ihe method determined
upon for his selection. The city needs!
at this juncture an active man who
will not merelj s:t iti his office and
s\-hi stich ordinances as the Council
semis to him, but who will initiate j
legislation, who will keep guiding
hand on .ill the departments of the,
hity govemmeni and their expendi?
tures, and who will he in fact as well
as iri law the' real head of the city
government. When such a candidate
comes itito the Hold. It will matter
lull whether he Is elected by the
Council as the people's representative
or by the people direct. It is the re?
sults that the people Wllllt. 'I'll.
method by Which the result is Obinlhed
can only he considered as a means
an end.*'
White Sox I ail to Conic t"
Scratch in Slugging
Four-Bagger Saved Team Froni
Shut Out in Second
Chicago, 111. August 11.? ill" White
Sox lont hoth uam.-s ??!'.< double-header
with the Athletics to-day; the first I)
t<. ?; ami the second ? t<> i. t'hc first
u ls a slugging match. Bender was
knocked "'it of the bos In the ninth,
but Philadelphia had already piled up
;, big lead against White, and the Sox
couidn't catch tip,
Ralph Crabb, a new twlrler, pitched
n good game and was eery eitecilve,
but Coombs was a little more so.
Bodle's home! run being the oniy run
scored ??'? Chicago, a triple play was
pulled opt' by i. Colilns. Johnson and
Rath in tht seventh inning or tht: sec?
ond game Scores;
( Iii. ago. Philadelphia
Mattlck. cf i - 1 a OOldrlng. if 3 3 1 0
II. I.o.-d. 3b ? 1 1 S 1 tB. Collins " 3 1 t ?
Hidlr. rf .. t ! 0 1 0 Ttak<r. Jb. .'? ! 3 3 1
.I.C?i'ns. P> I l to 0 OM'Innei im J ? M
M'lhtyre if t 0 l n Strunk, rf i ? 4 0 0
Johnson, til 1 3 3 0 n.I<ord. rf .'. 0 1 ? 0
a k. c. 3 l 3 3 0 Thomas, el I * H
'A'hlt*. n... 3 0 13 o Lapp. c.;. ? o 1 o s
?Berrans 1 1*0 ortender, p. i 0 a ;1 0.
? otti p i r' ? 0 n coombs, p n o 0 0 a
. .. it l" :. IS 1 Total?
:..! for White in elshth.
;erl for ricotte In ninth,
?ollln?. second base.
v">' inninKS:
n..r\- Huns- Ruh. Mattlrk. Bn.ll?,
- ---'.nlk. IterranJ. Barr?. Oilrir.^
E ? llrili, Bnflei <2). Mi tnnes 13.
Hits?..'' White. 13 in * Innin??; off
In 1 limine? Two l>.,s>. hits?
Mnttlck. fto.In- .Melnnes. Three h?..
Collins Untre ran ?St rank. Raferl
Its?Mttttlck E. c\dlln? (2), Thomas.
base--Thomai Bates on balls?off
off Bender. .'. Struck out?hv
r, "it by Coombs, I, Wild pltehos
r Cmpire*. O'Brien and Dlneeh.
SKI ilMi fi \>rE
4 hinan?. Philadelphia,
A B H O A n AB If O A E
:o. .. 4 ! I 5 0 Barry, .?.? 3 0 3 3 n
ti. rf S n 2 t. .1 (.;,jr!nc. !' I 1 I n 0
I ? 0 9 1 0 'B. Collins < : 3 3 0
12 3 0 0 nak?r. 3b. 4 0 1 1 0
is, |h 5 flft 3 OMTnnes lb 3; 0 7 it 0
I'. If. S 0 1 0 5 Strunk. . ' 1 1 1 n 1
i is ! 5 3 7 B.l.ord. rf 3 3 1 AO
ly, ' * 1 3 3 I Lapp. c... I t; 5; 1 0
T?tais . -? t 21 I? 1 Totals ..30 s 2! 15 0
'Batted for Crabb Iii the . iirhih.
IE, Collins, second base.
Score by innings: R
Philadelphia .0 0 o 2 0 0 0 0 0?2
Chicago . a H ? o ?? (i ft?i
Summary: Ruh*?Bodle, Baker. Melhhes.
H|I??o.'f Crabb, t". In S Innings. Two base,
It?Old Ing Sn rlflce, hits -Mattlck. Barry.
Stolen l..i?.-? OldritiR. Home run?Bodle.
Botibli plays-Barry to B. Collins to Mo-!
Inn*?: E Collln? lb Barry tn Melnnes. Tri-1
fill play?J, '"oliin. to Johnson to Rath. I
11 a'"' "n nails?off Crabb. t. Struck out? I
' r*' ' " Coombs. I. Hit by plt. hed i
ii i.ora. passed bal|?Easterly. Cm-'
Boston, Mass . August u.?Boston's;
I famous quadruplets, all girls, wno have
now passed the seventh day of their
I lives In tiny incubators, have set a
! new record, according to physicians,
aS II is . aimed that the longest period!
that quadruplets usually live is four
day*. The babies, all perfectly formed.
; havi at least begun emitting healthy
litt'" squawks, and the nurses at the'
Dorchester Cottage Hospital to-day
felt that all .four babies will live.
the father, l". H, Sceiey, of 60 Saw?
yer Avenue, Dorchester, Is fully aware
that the first visit ..: the stork brought
him four daughters. But as for Mrs.
Sceiey, the news has not yet been
broken to her fully. At tirst sho '
thought she had one daughter and sev?
eral days ago she was told that she
Was the mother of twins, yesterday]
When "he had gained more strength \
she was told that I hey were triplets,
all girls It will be another week,
howiever, before the full news of the
quadruplets Will be told to lier.
The children all look alike, and the
mother has not seen any of them as)!
yet, non< having beeil removed from |
tin Incubator.
Annual Mountain
\\ III I I s( i.lMIt It, \ Vit RAI,
llltllH.I. \ Ml I \ I lit HI III II K
s r tniiv..
\ IA
Thursday, August 15
Round trip nates from Richmond
Stations Charlottes* ilte to Alton. ? ?
Stations Basic to Staiinton.J?.oo
Stations Mount Elliott to Cllffon
Porgo .$3;5U
Stations C?vlngton to White .Sul?
phur .*<?""
Hot springs;...H.?o
Natural Bridge .*t.j?
Train leaves Richmond for stations
Chnrlottesviile to White Sulphur and
Hot Springs, Inclusive, 12 noon, and
for Natural Bridge 10 A. M. Thursday,
August l".. arriving at White sulphur
; p, M. and Hot Springs S C. M.
Tickets good returning oh nil regular
trains not later than Tuesday, August
I'lve <.-,', days in the mountains. An
extended week-end outing to c. ,t ti.
famous resorts. The most popular ex?
cursion of the season.
Fans Arc Anxious to Sec
Heal Baseball
(.Special to The Times-Dispatch.] i
LynehbUrg, Vi.. August 11.?a report
coining direct from an oltleial of One
of the trains Of the Virginia Leae
y > tus t.j Indicate that already there
is a movement inside thst organlxa
,; to admit Lynchburg ;us a member
Of the circuit tor the season of 1913.
To accomplish uns the report has It.
.Newport News will bo dropped and
Managet J. j. Grim, of that team, who
owned the Lynchb?rg franchise for
two .ukI a half seasons, is to be given
nrst chance at the Lynchburg end oC
the reorganized circuit.
It is said that Newport News has not
proven to I.,, the bait town It was ex?
pected, although the tans there havq
hot had a i hance id net interested in
' race on account ?t a sorry club,
tet .it the same time, it is claimed
it a town that has not had ball
tor years ouirht to be willing to
patronize a loser for the (lr.-t season,
at least, .Such was tiie case when the
I'i tersburg fans got tho Portsmouth
franchise In 1510.
s\ nether it Is the Intention of the
Virginia magnates to attempt to coma
back to Lynchburg. or not. Is a ques?
tion, but there Is a question its to
;-:'t:.-.g the team under the ownership
of Orlm. There Is no question that tho
tans would support the club liberally
If It was up well In the race, but they
won; not stand for a second division
stand with Orlm at the helm, and ths
club could not possibly be a money?
maker. Orlm made a pork barr..-l full
of coin here In 100S and 1307. but ha ]
got in bad with the fans In 1508. and1
he was bought out by an association
whb h operated the teum at a loss until
the francnlse was taken awny from
t!>. city last June to get down to six
? tubs after the default In Danville.
Lynchburg Is ripe for baseball next
season, but the man or men who hack
the team. If one Is located here, cannot
expect to more than break oven with a
team down !n the race. The fans have
had enough of that, bit they will turn
out in gr.-at numbers for a club Stand
in?, one, two. three.
Girl Masquerades as Man and
and Outwits Railway
! Los Angeles. August 11. -Masquerad?
ing In mule attire In order to outwit
the Santa Fe Railroad, playing the
part by associating With stockmen,
smoking a pipe and a big cigar, car-,
rylng a revolver and sleeping each
night In a box car with a number of
pets, which she was bringing to this
city for a friend, was the adventure
of Miss Kate Jensen, who left this ]
city yesterday for her home in Min- 1
ne a pol Is.
The other occupants of the car were
a prize driving horse, two alligators,
seventeen prize cats, a parrot and a
distinguished bull don with a Ions II?t
of blue ribbons to his credit. They
were the property of Miss Llllle Wil?
At the mention of the fact that a
girl was going to ride In the box car
the railroad officials declared it was)
entirely against their rules. Then tbe:
Plea hit Miss Jensen that she would
don male clothes and go anyway.
Eager for adventure, Miss Jensen
passed no opportunity At each stop
she would leave the car and Join the
crew. .
a'.ie declared that frequently she]
played pok.r with them?and won.
often she joined them In midnight
carousals in flpe local cafes of the
towns at which they stopped, but she
always drank ginger ale.
Seagirt. Aucust II.?Misses .lessi
and Eleanor Wilson, daughters of t.ov
ernor Wilson, abandoned tennis, goll
and motoring for ? day or settlement
work yesterday.
.Mis* fessle is the settlement worker
of" the 'family. For several years she
has been In the habit of devoting three
days a week In the fall, winter and
spring to the work of the ?Lighthouse
Settlement" >-f Philadelphia.
The nomination of Governor Wilson
to the presidency has not interfered
with her settlement work this year,
but -he learned that a number of chil?
dren in charge of ??Lighthouse Settle?
ment'' had been sent to Bayhcad, a
r. sort a few miles down the coast from
h. re
They are at Princeton camp, a sum
in. r outing Institution maintained by
the Princeton alumni and undergrad?
The Prlne.ton graduates who are
running the camp this summer took
Miss Jessie and Miss Eleanor to Bay
head to spend the day.
I Mini - PH l vu .it IS
\C? nilllKD \ It I ' Kl'TIOS
Detroit. Mich.. August II.?Ralph |
f'ralg. winner of the lee. and 200 inotn
?aces In tbe Olympic games at Stock-1
holm, was accorded an enthusiastic i
coptlon by the citizens 6f Detroit whcn|
he arrived home to-day. The reo
Oon was In ohnrge of leading business
men and athletes of the city. Among
those in the rcc?lyihg lino were Hugh
Jennings, manager of the Detroit
American League baseball team; Tyrus
Cobb and Jake Stahl, manage; of the
Boston American League team, t'ralg
has announced that he will never again
take part In big athletic events, but
w.ll devote his lime to business.
He Vdmirrn the Women, nut I* Inter?
ested Monti) In Sport".
Newport. It. I.. August II.?Newport
society is all ntluttcr lo-day with the
news that a real Italian prince is in
town. He Is Prince Oehnn'ro Carni
Ctoll, of Pome, and he thinks Newport
la on,- of the tlnest cities in all the
world, and that there are no hand?
some- women than right hero.
The prince has been stopping; at the
nitiencningor-King Hotel. He is or i
middle atte. an 1 of immaculate dress,
The prince nays he Is more Interested
In sports than In SOCloly, From hen
no plans to visit Martha's Vineyard, j
and then go to Lenox.
1 l ine Convention at Wood
leaf and Hear Dr. Alex?
ander's Address.
Wants Farmer-, to Save Money
by Buying Direct From
the Manufacturers.
Spencer, N. c, August 11.?Th?
midsummer meeting of, the Rowan
County Farmers' L'nion. which con?
vened at Woudlcaf Saturday, came to
u close yesterday will: a magnificent
audress to the farmers by Dr. H. Q.
Alexander, of Charlotte, president of
the suite Farmers' L'nion. He was
heard with mucti Interest by several
hundred ?nuU'ily farmers, who have,
been and are making good in the pro?
fession. Dr. Alexander discussed eco?
nomic marketing of products, and ad?
vocated the use of a big grain eleva?
tor by the farmers and sloiage ware?
houses tor the housing of produce un?
til prices arc favorable. E?:onomlti
distribution was another thing dis?
cussed in an interesting manner by Dr.
Alt xander. Ho urged that county ware?
houses arc not the only need, but'
large central warehouses should be I
established at various centres through?
out the State. These should he used,
by the farmers as storage plants. Still)
another matter which was ably dis?
cussed was the proper distribution ot
manufactured producta. Dr. Alexander
deplored the credit syMein maintained'
by merchants, and hope for the "lay
when this will be discarded. This.
the speaker regarded, as a great hind?
rance to the progress of the country.
The present methods for obtaining any
article on the farm, be argued, are too
clrcultuous. from the manufacturers
to the Jobber; froni the Jobber to the
wholesale dealer; front the wholesale,
dealer to the retailer through a drum?
mer, and from the retailer to the con?
sumer, by which time prfapea have
grown to he enormoUH. The farmers
of the state, he said, tdiould have ono
agency for distribution. The farmer
should also seek and work out a more
economic method for buying the ordin?
ary neccssitle?. The State president
does not advocate the farmers going
Into the general mercantile business,
but he does insifct that there should be
a community of Interests In buying
School* lor farmer*.
The educational Int' rests of the
farmers as regards the farmci boys
and girls tsas handled In u masterful
way by the speaker, lie deplored the
i fact that while we have good schools
I they are inadequate In making good
farmers, and in that they rail to teach
the things that make good farmcj*.
The schools were declared to be too
citified to be adaptable to the needs of
the farmer hoy. The schools should
give Instruction In sell development,
plant llf<-. animal life, ami proper sani?
tation and many 0t1n r fundamentals
not found In the ordinary high school
eirriculum. and should lie made to
conserve the Interests of the 95 per
cent of the country boys und girls
who never see a college. The appeal
of Pr. Alexander was perhaps his
strongest effort of the occasion, and
a;- an evidence that his words met
witli the approval of Iii.- hearers was
shown by the hearty applause.
At the business session ,>: the conven?
tion T. D. Brown, win, lias been the ef?
ficient president of the Rowan Farm?
ers' l'nion for two years, resigned on
account of having been nominated to
the State Senat, in the coming cam?
paign. Ills resignation was accept?
ed witli regret, and M. O. M. Fisher, ono
of Rowan's best and most sucocssfhl
farmers, was chosen president. He la
in thorough accord with the union
idea and will lend the organization to
still greater success. .'. S. McCor
kle was elected secretary and treas?
urer. The next session of the union
?will be held In Salisbury.
Among the visitors was W. D. Pet*
bei, of Spencer, who made a short talk
to the farmers on the big Labor Day
celebration, which Is to be held In
spencer. September 2.
*tK? Woodleat Farmers' Local l'nion
entertained the visitors in great style,
serving a big dinner In the grove. S.
II. Wettnore is president, and Hi C.
Gilleatt Is business ag. ut of the local.
Rtirnpenu Vovelty m l.ubln,
Martlnek. the rng-doll manipulator,
will enter upon his second week in
America at the l.ubln to-day. If nd
vnnce reports are to he believed, Mar
tlnek has one ol the most Startling and
sctisntional acts in modern vaudeville,
! should pack tin- Lubln all woek.
Miss Kdythe Hosei a dainty little lady,
will offer a singing act of high charac?
ter Adams Brothers will introduce
som.- good comedy of the "black-face"
variety, concluding witli a screamingly
funny roller skatinir "stunt " Music'
lovers will be delighted with the ait
of the Sydnors, hi git class vocalists.
The motion pictures, always consid?
ered a feature at tho l.uhin. will he
shown at eneh performance.
Rngllshman Wins.
Newark, N. I.. August II.?In n t?n
mil. match race river i four and one
naif lap (Inder track in (he Vnllsburg
Stadtilm to-day. A. K Wood, of Kiig
land, defeated Billy Quell, of Alexan?
dria Bay. N. Y.. by two laps. The win?
ner's time was 56 minutes lir<-r, sec?
Gordon Motor Co.
flntutfe ntf nt?
LUBIN, This Week
\ \l nnvil.I.F. AT ITS BEIT,
TUB BtROl'KA.N SEN'satiom,

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