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5lu?inei? Office.s;? K. Main Btreet,
'touth Richmond.tC? Hull Street
retvrtburf l'urenu....!0? N. Sycamore stri ct.
Lynchburi: Bureau.?:S Kiclith Street.
BY MAIL. One Six Three Ono
roSiUrtE PAID Y-arMos Mos. Mo
Dally with Sunday.|e 00 I .LOO ?1.50 .6;.
Dally without Sunday_ 4.00 S 00 1.00 .J5
bunday ealtion only. 1.00 1 00 .50 .JJ
Weekly (Wednesday). l.oo .60 35
By Time !>-DI?pntch Carrier Delivery Ser?
vice In Illchmond t.md suburbs) and Pu
wraburit? One Week
Bally with Sunday. 16 conti
Ba i wlth?ut Bunday.10 cents
Sunday only . 5 cents
January -T. 1905, nt Itichmoud.
lecond-clasa matter under act of
Ol March .', IS79.
it i'm I'HII It \ I 1,11(1 1I)S,
CCClit editorial the- New York
lb directed an appial to Wood
son, which, after alleging that
ucial status of our railroads
and attention to this matter
i t : uch vital importance to
pi rtty of the nation,
lines asserts that railroad costs
?trs of work and general conditions'
employment have deprived the car
is of an Increasing amount of their
?ources. The taxation oi railroad
?pii'ty. it points out. has also beetf
istantly more exacting. In the faco
those facts, this metropolitan daily
?ther asserts that the Interstate
mmeree Commission will not permit
> railroads to Increase their freight
i.-s. Cnless the carriers arc Ue
.-id front these conditions, th?
? i b fi ? Is that they will be starved
o a Htath of Insolvency. It com*
lias that tht railroads have been
t as i basis for securing pbhilihfl
by p illttclhns and demagogues in
past; arid Urges Governor Wilson
fac< tin problem In a statesman! iku
.! patriotic way and to torlhi; ibdlit
rlslatiye ami administrative r'bfnvios
ileli will guarantee subsist nice ii;d
eltor t" our transportation systems,
hoi agree with the Times 'n
and admlnla
.ntry Is bOUnd
has rreq'ufentiy nerinlUe.l It* stock*
Furthermore, by the Indefensible pr?c
tloe of the railroads in charging ad?
ditions and betterments to operating
expenses, or In making permanent lin
provements from surplus earnings, the
holders of stork In our transportation
systems have received large incre?
ments of value for which they haw
paid nothing During the past thirty
years the Pennsylvania lines have tak?
en $262,000,.i and the Baltimore, ?:id
Ohio $34,000.000 from earnings and
put it back into their properties.
During recent years some very
strong criticisms have been directed
I towards the management of our rall
i roads. The fact that they have hut
! been manag? d with . proper Jes
i "1 economy has led the Interstate C",i
, mercc Commission to state on several
occasions that 'ailroads when tppiy
lug for freight-rat.- advances must
furnish evidence of a reasonable
amount of diligence and efficiency in
th, i'r management. The recent liives
I tlgutloh of a congressional commit teo
.lias also disclosed the inlet locking
directorates of steel companies and the
carriers, which has resulted in the
railroads paying a gi-at deal niqrc
tor rails, cms, locomotives and ?tup
| plies than should huye been done.
As a matter of fact, the appeal
of the New Votk Times seems to be
bused move < n prejudice and the eon
stftiitly-repcated, but unprcA'eti, con
teuiions bl the curriers than upon the
facts lit the situation. Wo must con?
fess fiat their cry for help for the
railroads docs not arouse any sym?
pathetic response in our breasts af?
ter we have looked Into the (ticts. We
wish to recommend to the tr nspoi'ta- ,
tion companies liiat thi> manag1'
their lines with economy and ? tllciency, I
conduct their financial operations with
regularity nnd according to accepted I
principles of corporation finance, free ,
themselves from politicians and adopt
a trank and open nttltude in dealing ,
with the public. If they do this, they j
need four no unfavorable legislation,
my impairment of credit, or any fall- |
? c tp get their rates Increased when!
such advances are necessary.
Wlllllti: lltn.s STITIIIS STASlil
The lion. Walter Koos, volt StubbSi I
doveriior1 of Kansas, hits an n'lnilrAbln
opportunity to show his loyalty to tb ? j
text of Ills, tile Progressiv.-, parte. "Let |
Hie people rule.*' In the Repubitcuri
piimary I'aCe for Senator In Kansas j
illc popular majority glveii <o Sen- i
ittor Curtis, tin- Incumbent, u gainst
IvhOnl Stuhtis ran On the nth. : liand. j
more Stul.hs men >v< re elected lb th. |
?state Legislatur.' than Curt;.- men.
Curtis l as a majority of the liopiilii.'
vole, out si.il.hs has a majority of the
One of in., cardinal teneis of th.-j
Progressive party, which war. founded I
sis ..th,u little <lovei iiors. is tip direct I
election of railed Stut. s Senators liy I
toishlp to go t" Curtis': Moreover,,]
the loildesl bowl at ti..' first Chicago
convention was that while the dele?
gates seated would vote for Taft, tu- I
that Roosevelt slmuld have t ic noini-]
nation i,oca use the people wer,- f,.r him. i
: ?? . . Opposing the poplll..t will'.'!
? '
lion th.it doesn't r. pies. nl tlin millie- ?
thine liai Hie Hull .Moos,, movein?*"-? j
-'in'.ild si tin.I at Armageddon ... S
?- ' I Ol
??' i
iy. i in.ii< ? . .| coi
tun or w .on.hi c
t is eomfortliiR
wOrfl?, 11
j ?Hoc Nliliicd for " <?< ,itn, Intktond of
[ ^li?iliuv thorrt hJmaolf. The sieiio??a
pher goes to a picture show. Instead
of knitting in trie evening,
the increased production of gold in
Extravagance In governmental cx
pcndltui es.
The vast suns of Interest that must
lw paid upon watered stocks. These
Investments on paper imply ho real In?
vestment of money, hut constitute a
paper lieu of so many per cent upon
the total revenues of the country.
Middlemen's profits. This theory as?
serts that somewhere between produc?
tion and consumption Lien- Is a 40 Ol
:,n per eehl f< c charged by the dis?
tributing agencies.
Inefficient farming, which falls to
get the maximum crop fron the land.
In the United States this is combined
with tin- exodus of farmers tn Lo- city
ami the gradual settlement of all Open
Over-production by machinery.
A combination of any or all of these,
But on the first of the month none
of these seems to answer the question,
Tin: ^: i p t oi l.
The Olenora correspondent of ihe
Frcdorlcksburg .lournal compl
feelingly about the Obstruction whi It
bad roads present to social int-teour-e
in the country districts. Ti e Spotsyl
\vere something terrible." In r.iei.
"your scribe thought that If the roads
In Hades were a- bnd, In would rather
not get a glimpse of that place."
After getting to Mine Rllll, the mud
loss,-.| travel.!- was afraid to tackle
the loads at night, and 50 had to post?
pone his return until the next day, and
lie observes that "it Is a groat pity
that the vot.-rs of Livingston dof< it< I
the bond Issue." After his experience
as a rounh rider over the highways of
Spotsylvanln and Orange, he bellovi s
thai "good romis -ire a groat progress
The only unusual thing about this
groan from Olenora is that it found Its
way Into prlnl Trying experiences on
bad roads are s<> common that most cor
the complaints of farm.-vs. who ftni?
the- roads so bad that thoy cannot haul
to market; tin- protests of preachers,
who >? ? ? t nialre their rounds or wTTo
are delayed: the maledictions of the
Intfl of ihe iviimen of th
vho nr.- prisoners at homo
ibors; tile complaints of
r< n, whom bad r<>a<u ker
ilayetl In or pre
: their eiillu upon
Itlon of the roads,
Ixih Dlsti
Know. In a card to th.- -. oil rs of
district he assures them of hi.-:
rtf.lt gratitude,'' and add; in his
felicitous wav "Ihe quantity of
rotes \v..s hoi I nc. but the quality
very flhc, 1 hilve already extended
? irVu.t Ulli Hons to t he nominee, and
my friends will join me in giving
hearty support in th.- criming
p.tlgn." There In gi null:. good
.ii.d geillai spirit In that. All the
Mbldletown Weekh
. including many law;
II Moos
? i faith"
next week. l,ui
bpi late it tvbtjld
two to make a quarrel?"
spettky ol "I rofesh or iVIlsun,'
t ii ail bin I.I. I ?. : . \ erj body k
w Inappropriate it would lie t<
sidcntlnl candid
[l-to-muuth sort
judging front hie latest Issue nf t'
I (mover Herald, the Hanover insti
fen(,s nr.- in ?1 run state of eruplli
early to pom out a hot lava of bi
tin \ waiting on a formal notlfl t|i
meeting like the presidential nom
llv ? 3'.'
On the Spur oi theMomcn
By Roy K. Moulton
The Iceman,
or all the anlti I: that roam
Upon the etti I nd call it home.
Or rovel In tin ' :i s '"?>?"?
r<i rather b< i ?? b'ohinn.
The desert IIa mis supreme*
At Beurln" folks lie's one whole team.
Hut still, this drenihi
I'd rather hi i id i< ??man.
lie bucks his ? ?-' " '" door
About tin- sli !>> hour of four,
Lets out a ye I in' theii son-.'- more.
This encrgoti '*'<
There eomcB fi rumble, then a whack.
As something In ivy hits oui" shack.
And sends cold shivers up our back?
.lust when a fellow's dreaming nice.
Me hears the ? rnti cry ?>: "li o! '
Which makes him think about the price
.lust when ii fejlow hits forgot
Ills troubles : lltlS go! a lot
Of money* for i>> buy a yacht.
i?f all the t he can stir
lie Is n Itlnit come to st;
The high hi mighty Icentti h.
He Is the gen I i it gets the: d
It matters not where he may >j
For Just one nitrier time or
I'd like to i the iceman.
Some Vnlttnlili
fruit Jars on ?
necessary to in i
hummer n. m >
the tlrst priiicl
should never
? 'an uverythii
your htisbnnd. \
tlthd to time.
11 is better "to
peaches before i
pits are hard I'
very he's vy .1.. I
tor. Canned i
Hint* on < nil III ua,
. i In cans open with
h of canning, ami it
v otl find excepting
? u may need hint from
remove lite pits from
nnlng them, for the
digest and form it
hen i iten in tlie win
lies, are mote to be
than censured.
Vceordlnu in 1 nclc Miner.
When Ans.
Iiis new house
he put In " i
tedd the book
hooks nil th.
look symmeti
found out fo
bookcase coin
''Quo Vadls."
cently, as the
i-itf, llfggliis,
champion i".i
township, has
i u nk PurUy, ?
lieri} from Wesi
to lie some pi
T lere may i..
u ? nriit' siisjm
plained what p
V.annoi |.
I. id . ?.11 i'rj foi
ler reel milch
nariti printed
large black let.
y, our hanker, hi
it twelve years a
illcerit library,
?nt he wan teil
. ? SO I hey wo
\\ bisk
l hing
'irn (i
I i >
In most
toward 1
In (|lllte l
one t.. |t(
? ? !
I. t w
\ iiNhltigfiih Ittirbern.
r, Out in front is this .
Milte ti r idiea 1 dtp ? i i lire, ui
il readies a point v. hi >-.?
the barber from u
. in the hands. In tills sin
if a haircut Is T cents. I a
? ? jpi ly of them, iiinl Ii u
- ?
silllig'toii barber shop is t'
? ??? l and spot ting centr
- riry to buy a n. wi pup.
" I he I 'a pltol to find ,,'ut ? |tl
at rill, with so m iay lui
.'m pus i urns settling itll ti
iv, Presided; .Martin Vti
morning be for bi. litf...
lines two or three limes a
ltd who has shaved o.vei
lice, says he expects t? ||i
President William .1. Rryn
!>ect to live to I,. n1.,.,it" (1
her the world ever ^ i\v.
Prohibition ItcfiponMlhlc for lllease.
' "'" :., '''"' ?f Th.. Tlmeslib pate
great iiiilnfornied a ml i:
'' I hey' did hot knoiv a
''' 'th liinond TlmeB-pispntt'li,
iliori shows bow "Ign
li educated niav be soni
iif not the clasp credit!
is it Ion to prohibition* I
\be Martin
Lie 4 ~?^-r W?
I'm Wlljinm* WHS l!rf.';lli<l
? > '?' Iii? ' I.:.illt M l- | all.'lll-f
i 1 -? ?<? iithc hUo'h too effeininitto.
1 1 ' ' 'i try f (]8<BuD0 Hi" U'UHl
jbJatrit i,.t it uii.
By John T. McCutcheon.
(Copyright: )S12: By John T. MoCvtohtM.]
stead of tile country It was the town
of the once proud Palmetto stat. it
<lij.- thlil would risk anything to carry
l Si
drunkard, no here the
guilt) mu ni ' suffi r
\ ? rlile or the < n?c System.
To tii.- Kdltor oi Th.- Times-Dlkpatc
high regni'ij for the soundnesi .
(hut I read the edllbi lal entitled. Vit
adjust the Har Kxnnilnailons," wlih
appeared In your Issu? ..i AUgusi
questions asked at the last hat' eknii
Inatidh?' These qnostlotiti are befo
entirely free from all tin- object io
? t Inst t In in. Thei i itlohs covt
as well as could be done in their shi
'bother or not tin- ap|illeahl is stillU
lently a.-.ni ilnti i with tin certain
rbltrnry hud Indls-ponslhlo rules of!law
ml procedure, wltlioiil the knowledge
r which It woui.i i?. Impossible for
i-etly answer aiiv question in the form!
f a statement of facts. Question tin.
?. - What is a bill of reVlew?" I'or
live nl ."lit necessary? What is the
imitation on filing a bill of review?"
Question ten: ".\ recovers Judgment I
ta Ins I I;, execution issues on the I
udgiiienl within the year from Its ren-I
p.on. and Is returned "no effects"
iy the Sheriff, lion h dies, what are
ho proper proceeding to revive thisi
iidgmcht against R's administrator,
lid within what time must the pro?j|
codings be had to prevent bar of the I
The fit's I questions is one of defltll-I
ions, the latter oh a statement of
lets Dries Th.- Times-Disptitch sup- !
lose that (lip latter can be answered I
? I igle without a memory of the r lies
iiy nioi o than cm the former. Or (hat I
lie IIrat Is HOI important because || Is
.i question of definitions?
If i'T-ho Tiini s-1 dspat'-h has always,
itlvo itoil rigid examination for ad
ii1hh|oii t.> the bar.'' this examination'!
? i)d irn el v. Ith its unqualified tip
irovai. it is excellently well con1
?elveil t'i test the Biiiess of an appll
II.i to practice law in this s<ate. There j
s no i|iiestlon among the number pro
mumlod which he might not have to
niswer to his client or to himself
vltliih tlie very first months of his
irnetice. Th,- Times-Dispatch follows
? , i- argument a recent apologist for
? in- of our law Kchools In saying that
lie leal for admission to the bar should
? -? the reasoning power of the nppll
?rint. nhd nol i- memorized knowledge
if ib.- law, Now th.- I ruth is that the
\.munition must test both. It Is
hull" to ex peel a person to reason cor
ectly about i science unless he does
mow thoroughly th.- data and cstab
Ishod rides "f that science. We ox
iect a child to reason about his arith?
metic, but we also expect him to com
n.i (., memory th-- multiplication table
md certain Indlspcnfllble rules
The Times-Dispatch could not have
liosen a boiler example to confute
t whole i intention than when it says,
Mint an applicant'can define burglary
In (he exact words of tin- text l.s not
naif so Important as that he can, from
ii statement of facts, declare wheth?
or hot a man has committed burglary."
Kyor.y word in the technical doflnllldn
nf burglary Is not onh important, but
entinl, and mless the applicant has
in. exact definition at bis fingers ends
he ? "I! hnvi n precarious time In trust
imr to his reasoning powers to deter?
mine, from given Sffilemenl of facts,
whether or no; burglary has been inn
milted it can't he done. Unless n
man knows what burglary Is how can
in -.iv tvhejhoi ;t bus been committed?
Unless an applicant absolutely knows
I Um provisions or the statute of parole
. t ri ??mi nts he is on dangt tons ground
when lie comes to auswar a question
stating facts Involving the applicn
I lion of that Statute. To ask the an
Ipllcnnt '?what 1" tin limitation of an
lection on a contract under ae.iiv te.-tj
Know these Illings or wit do hot kno
tiiein, and our logical qualities, h'oit
ever highly cullivhti i. cannot SUppI
?im with ilio answer K we do not kn<>
it. if legi.nid ippl m ici ?
Ith the schools th u fet i it
t.. apologize f ot tii?- ftiin
examination. o.n< opbli if it
? in not instruct student* i\
ol their phasing the bn r
ih." With what hi. li ir< t
ciam,ii. The hat examiners inutit hoi
come down t., meet the schools, hut the
schools must up lo im . i ti em
King t;, orgb
Itlehiuond'N 1'ruxperlt) and Infi.
Tu the K-litoi Of The Tlmea-IMapuKii:
Sir,?Speaking Iii yum- I as no qi the
recent}*, erec t" 1 '? Richmond > ou
siilil: "|5U,OuO,000 is llie present value
Of till Structures In the ' ItJ limits,
exclusive of land. The report ol the
Building Inspector ol the investment
in buildings during the pant live
years ..t i2l,395,tl7C shows that fully
two-fifths of the entire city has been
built in half a decade'' (live years')!
And this In spite of the fact that wo
are in the fourth year oi thu Taft
administration, practically, ti.. entire
period of this unprecedented building
boom arid prosperity in the city' or
Cah it be possible? isn't it won?
derful? Can Virginians, aye. Rich
mbnders, grasp it and know the full
in. aning of it : Richmond la not
alone in her great prosperity, other
cities are, and. in fact, the ??ntlr.
south Is witnessing an unparalleled
condition of prosperity.
What are the main causes of this
present prosperity? Confidence and
Plenty of easy mon. y, and thu faitli
of the people in the protection ?.i
their money and property by the ad
minlft ra tIon at Washington, with no
present chance 6f adverse legislation.
Then, would it not be well to coii
tinue this cbhH'deriee and easy money
i.. i ontlnuliig .Mr. 'I'aft for four years
more as the head of the nation. It is
known of all men that he is safe and
Virginia is conservative: alway'.?
bus been, i'ct there Is no other peo?
ple to he found anywhere more pro?
gressive. Progressiv! meant, action,
not inaction. Men ?all themselves
progressives, and then do nothing els)
but sit In the stiade if In summer, or
some cafe if in winter, arid talk b!g
things, promising something for noth?
ing, thereby adding many to the
ranks of the discontented and never
to-do-well-,. Socialism and anarchy
Is rampant in ninny parts of tin- na?
tion, and they seem to l>o gathering
recruits by the thousand, advocating
government ownership in everything,
individual ownership In not blue, save
ills cr\vn labor, and no law or restraint
upon mankind, respectively. Hitch doc?
trines can he inn utterly abhorrent
to ,-veiy law-abiding, patriotic Vir?
Virginia, nor the South for that
matter, should all the radical de?
mocracy of the nation, which Is but
a stepping stone lo socialism| nor
that other radicalism, now riillyiiin.
uiid.r the cogimniiii of "I'mgres
siv'es." a short route to anarchy lls. lf.
Hut Virgin In ami the South should
aid lather thai heller class In the
North and West which stands with
Pr< id, ul Taft for a stable govern
lliietit, the Constitution, tin- laws, the
courts, the navy and the army, and
for the protection of our labor, prop
?rty and Industries, agricultural and
i manufacturing.
and many other ?ui
the wh'.l- Is compos* .1 ol
known u sil in written 12
I In a ' wa i .lr oi.. a. . :
l. Theri u stands "3 <o
v. i \ lato I Ingllt h bo 4. v. ;
Old Time < ierks.
It ? 'i ml* Mr. Nu . .. ai i.
? KcrnPrrs.
!<? in. i.- ahj fire engine which wiisl
throw a Ml ream to th. top of the NV.vl
Vork skyscrapers? if not) how do the!
IIrumen g- t at a blaze in the upper!
parts of these buildings? t, T. N
"A stream" could not be thrown ??>?
high, no matter what the power ->f S
th. engine, because it would dissipate!
into mist. There are contrivances ofj
tower* tg carry lire |?ese>up, but tins.-5
have never been made to run ht.-'hl
.enough to protect the skyscrapers unia
probably could not be so made. Tliel
construction of the buildings in quvs-J
jtion is fireproof to the last degree, 'ihdl
they are commonly provided with hal'i-J
way hose as far up as the water pres-j
sure will serve, and then with ohom I
11< a| extinguishers. Very recently ir.i
an unfinished building In New Vorkj
pot y.t provided with anything, a fire'
MoKe out about t'>"" feet from the'
pavivnent. :ihe newspaper statement j
was -Of." feet in the air on the forty-]
Beco'nd floor," to this the firemen had
to climb the stairs and carry extin?
inn KxnmlnallonM.
I- there any means by which the
board oi examiner* for license to prac?
tice law In Virginia may be mad, to
return examination papers lo the can?
didates? RUSSKLU
It is not likely that the board will
need to be made to return such papers.
We do lldt suppose that the law cm
Btltutlng the boaril provides for this
matter, but common sense does so, and
thq general view is that Individual ex?
aminers in inlversltles, etc, and publto
boards of examners must stand ready
:;i all times to make exhibition of
papers and ratings To decline to do
this would he to Invite suspicion for
the perfectly sufficient reason that, if
Hi, pUpers are properly marked and
graded the examiner has no criticism
to fear. As the board referred to is a
public Institution; it Is pobablc th<tt
all papers i>r longing to Its transac?
tions would be considered public dosui
ments and. so, would be open to ptib
lie inspection for a reasonable period,
Say, two years.
Knot mid Mile.
I'lease leil me whether n knot Is
the same as a mile. RKADKR.
? nie degrei (the ?.:,(i\u pain of the
circumference of the earth is dlvld id
into sixty equal parts, each a nauti'Pil
mile, the log line of a ship is of this
length and It lias 'knots" worked n n
it?about fifty feel apart?so placed
that the number of "knots" passing III
thirty seconds will equal the numbei
of nautical miles of the ship's s.i
per hour. The term "knot" has. how
ever, grown virtually to mean 'nauti?
cal mile." a length of about 8,036.7 (cot
nearly one and oiie-iifteenth land miles.
\\ hitp Pen (her.
What Is the sense In the usual em?
ployment of the l.-rm "whit.- feather'";
NORF? il ?n
The fact that the presence of a while
feather in a game cock's tail used to bei
regarded as i.-tain sign that he xr?tt\
not pure bred.
National State and
City Bank
nirhmond. Virginia,
Solicits Tour Account.
( apilnl, S l .oon.odo. Surplus, tuioo.ooo, I
liest by Test for forty years, |

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