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Our Special Mid-Summer Sale of
Women's Hosiery
Is a Most Interesting Event
SUPERIOR VARIETIES, but there's something
rise which is <>l much greater importance to our patrons.
It is SUPERIOR GOODNESS, which, with the
positive assurance ol always finding the kind of Hose
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of careful dressers.
On foreign markets and at home wo select our
Hosiery with a discrihilnatiiig care that precludes
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BEST when you buy at ''The Hosiery Store."
Women's Full Fashioned Hose?1 mp->rtc<! Sheer Lisle Hose,
rlnuhle mies, heels and toes, ? tth his'li spliced heels and deep IT
dil?blc gailer ti p-: in black, u hitc and tan. at. <JD C
I hrce pair.-, for $1.00.
Women's Imported Full Fashioned Hose \
very hue Lisle Hose, with reinforced soles, heels and toes: high
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pink, at 39c a p.iir; \\ hitc and blat k. a;. a pait. J UC
Women's Sheer Cotton Hose Si iml re- i ^ I
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Children's Socks -A trcsh new shipment, compris- 1
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at, a pair . 1 ? 2C
On sale in the Hosiery Section,
Former Chief Engineer May Be-rj
come Head oi Street Rail?
way System.
Friends of Calvin Whltelcy, former
ly chief engineer of the Virginia Hall?
way ind Power Company in this city,
.n.l now <. 11i? r engineer of the United
[{always an.I i:i> ? frc Company, ul
Baltimore, hnivi suggested his harm as a
suitable and competent person for elec?
tion usprfcsldeht oi the Virginia Itull
vJsij and power Company] to succeed
the late William Northrop. A meet?
ing tin board of tht company is toi
bi held in Ne\\ V.o'rk i.e. lit August, at
.vhlch llm< It is anticipated iittit the
matter of the presidency will be de?
termined upon. Henry \V. Audi rson.
vict'-presldent und general counsel of
Hit- company ha- been abroad for the
i kit v ?' kt, on a motor tour on the
Continent, and it is supposed that he
v- ill cortfer with Frank Jay Could,
kin principal owner, as tu bis withes
? ?: :? returning to attend trie i.n-.-t
itig of the directors, un a.oiuut of
. oi- law practice, it Is hot believed that
Mi Andel.sei. would consider the preis
l< he's', though he will probably re?
main as chief counsel, and possibly
:?? a la: ne extent, direct the financial
I'Olicj ?? the ciiinpaity, leaving the
With this idea of division o( duties
in mind, attention has turned to ??:
cuilng us president a practcal rail*
?ui it i a 11 The eotnpnnj operates
largi streot railway and lighting >ys
iii l.i'trniond,. Petersburg, Nor*
fl ik and Portsmouth and has other
piopcrtlc! In process of development.
Others Suggested,
besides Mr. Whlteley one of the sug*
g'esicd names has been that of s! W.
Muff, formerly general , manager Of
mi- lines, now connected with u street
railway system on Ixmg Island. The
iw "f i' U. Buchanan, the present
general manager, has been also sug*
-t.d as ttiat o! a capable and encr*
operutltvt: official. Yicc-Presl
uni Frit* .-'m. riling, who Is now In
active direction of the properties,, has
othci Irtrgi business interests, and
?hili his name is mentioned In OOnncc
I n w.th presidency, ii is not
known whethei hi could devote jII or
I s lime to tin affairs of the Company.
Mr. Whlteley his many friends in
Richmond. He married the step*
will kriown socially; While i.ls stand*
ailwa'y work in the We si before tak
B up i.-itlwa
? ? .
laaaull w Ith Knife,
Ulli? 11, ? i ? R::. -. . oUn i.'fl of ;ii| \y. - ?
day afternoon on the ebargi
ih'e Alle? Hopkins \vitli a with
i in ii or Sellins < hnrpn
Vesley Whl|low, colored;
up yesterday afternoon n
>? Station on charge Of
iskev without a license,
Knjov your vacation, but also
remember that it is well to save
some monev. One dollar *tarts an
Street Offender Easily Elimi?
nated?Girls Blamed Partly
for Trouble.
With a Brbatl Street in ashing case
scarcely .iry mi the police blotter. and
an automobile mashing case which
promises to reveal much rottenness In
high places, Richmond takes her place
unwillingly with Washington and L><.
irolt in the masher news of the past
thj-ee weeks. VVhile the evil lias not
reached the proportions in ih's city
that it lias lb the national capital and |
Michigan metropolis, it has, attained
sufficient n ighttudt to give the puii.e
grave concern.
'"The problem -it the street masher la
a Coiiip?ratlveiy alinplc one compared
with that of the Automobile masher.'
said a member o? the Broad Street
?<|Uad, who p?llcej one of the most
congested corners of Richmond's GTcut
White \Vky. iGlve us another arrest
and conviction like that which fol?
lowed tin- Ill-started bet ot that re?
cruiting office attache three weeks ,i8--,
and the praL'tlce will die a natural
i death on this street."
i arlng i he Mnnhers.
"1 have noticed .1 Mi, Improvement
already. Ol course, the arrest and cor.-i
vlctlon 6| iuushei* can't kill the
cvlli it la too deep-seated. Hut it
help.-. Kvtiii arrest on this charge is
followed i.y a healthy Improvement m.
street deportment. One or two con?
victions mean a positive rcgehcrutlo.l
of public morals, for the coward of til]
cowards is the fellow who accosts un?
protected women on the street. I know
at least a half dozen young felloWs
who used to hang around th'a corner
cVery night and ogle the girls who
I passed, who noV< r appear now. 1 can
I only account for it in one way. They
I are cured.'1
The automobile masher la a com?
paratively reebnt addition to the prey?
ing fraternity. His kind has been
mndi possible by enterprising makers
who supply touring cars completely
equipped with tips, magnetos and
Speettotneters foi The low price
lias put an enticing > xcursldn vt-hlCle
into the hands . [ many '.-ho belonged
<n lilt) bit j . la.-.- m 1300,
i.Irls nre Illumed,
In Detroit! wh.-i, automobiles are
thick as ilies wen 'n Richmond bi ?
fore tie tidverit oi Surah Johnson, the
auto masher is a wi ll-known offender.
The advance guard of his class has
already reached IMchmond and will
hereafter i, tin attention of the
police! Police Commissioner Uroul,
Detroit, In d 'cttsslhs me a no masher,
admitted the dlllh ..? ? ui police r<
llatlon and war Inclined to place much
lot the blame oh the gtrlsi
I "l bellevi thai there nr.- alwayt -i
lot of foolish gtrls " iiiild Commissioner
I Supper bj Maj..r Wurthnm to OlileerM
Ol I leid V rtlll.-l ? .
-t..joi *r. M. Worlhdm, e?nimander ..?
? , i . t ? Wise This w ill be tc
; '
ttnllou adjutant
. and has heeii
lir loiinB itiot. 1'iuni Vbroad.
ey W J Vbuj ,: l, i, paM.,
i-nai-. Methodist Church. has
r.e.i ,r.,).| Kngland, where he s
' " '' ?''!-'! '?? ilbli d his pi
Committees in New Body Will
Have Seven Members In?
stead of Twch c.
Colonel Grundy and Mr. Pollock
Slated t" ilead Com?
Although there has been no formal
meeting <>r the llulcs Commlttei of the
new City Council, winch was appoltili
several weeks ago, it has he. n about
(letermlnod that there win bo its little
change as is possible in the rules ot
the new Council from September 1 to
January 1. hut that the committee ?111
ask to be continued to prepan com?
plete new rules ami a. cpihpariyihg or?
dinances governing the work of the
Council after the Administrative Hoard
takes office. Kut" the present almost
the only Change will be to reduce the
size of the committee] from twelve to
seven members each. Tin new Com?
mittee on Streets, made up of one
Councilman and one Alderman from 1
ench ward, will have eight members,
under the rcdlstrlctlug plan, instead of
sixteen, as at present.
Until the rules lire determine.I. lip- j
potutments on the new cominltt 1 a aru
somewhat uncertain. though both ;
Presldent-Kloct A du ins, of tue lloard
of Aldermen, am! President Peters, of.
the Common Council, have done part
of the work of blocking out their list:;.
>onie Committee t Ii a 1 r nie n.
The retirement from the Council ut
the end ..f this term of 11 It. Pollard, |
Jr.. leaves vaciini tin- chairmanship or
the Committee on Finance, perhaps tic
r.'.osi important position in the Coun?
cil. The ranking member ot the com?
mittee, who Is assured of election as
chairman, i* Colonel Barton II. Grundy.
a member of the Hoard of Aldermen
from old Henry War.i. Colonel Grundy
has been a member >.f the Plnaii e
Committee for several terms attd lids
several times served on the budget
subcommittee which has prepared the
annual appropriation ordinance:
The election of Chairman Adams, '-t
the Committe. on Streets, as president
>>f the Hoard of Aldermen leaves vice*
Chairman Gilbert K. Pollock as the
ranking' member of the Committee <>a
Streets, and his election as chairman
Is generally conceded- His Intimate*
knowl.du-e of city affairs and "rdt
. ; an.I hi? clear primp of intricate,
legal problems affectlns franchises
which come before this committee,
make hltti Its leading- member.
I nilauf to Itemnln.
Chairman Jacob Umlauf will remain
at the head of the Commlttt.n Ordi?
nance. Charter and Pefoim. Over which
These three committees will be the
most important under the n.\v form of
government, the Ordinance ihd Finance
Committees retaining their present
duties, whip aft.-,- th.- Administrative
Board takei over th.- -letalis of Improv?
ing street-, the Street Committee of
th.- Council will still have to handle all
matters affecting franchises, all per?
mits for area ways and other Encroach?
ments which Involve a tax, :,ii local
assessments for improvements it the
expense ? f abutting property owne??.
and similar power? which tie- Council
cannot delegate.
I tei
?s somewhat divided as to whether
after Jnnuarj I. President Petors is
ion oi Hu departments, holding ' at to
such commlttccja could be referred any
recommendations of tin- Administrative,
I Board Kff< tiriB those departments
Commute. Public Improvements.
Prcildenl-Klcct Adams, of th. Hoard
of Aldermen, holds that this would he
a useless multiplication .,f committees
I departmental committees, ho propose*
In 'ir.i committee on public (mprove
hcei sary for the Administrativ? Board
i ?
Will .1. t wit h
.wing the Adinl
i Friends of Montague and Lamb
Produce Very Different
Captain Lamb Will Noi Tell
1 Iis Story?lias Rally
Aft. r the fashion of candidates for
?ftiee since the world began, both of
the meii who will ..li si in tho nrl
I tnarj ?f next Thursday for the Dctno
nomination tor Congress friAh
I the Third Virginia District, express
absolute confidence In the outcome.
Oovernor Montague's frlevid" assert
that he will, at the ver> hast, tie tiff
?Ith hts npponent In the counties of
the district, ami that if ?Hl register
a sweeping victory Iii itlehinond. Ad?
herents of Captain Lamb say this is
;>ll a tnlstalie, ami linn their candi?
date will carry the city by a small
majority und will huvi a long lead
over Governor Montague In every
Tht.' estimate? at. at least 2,600
votes npnrt, Indicating that somebody
will be very badly surprised when the
returns come In Thursday night. So
< Luifident are both no li that they will
win that tiny do not deem It worth
while t" .ro Into explanations of cam
paign utterances, which under other
< 'rciimstnhces and at nther times might
lead to ill feeling. Tht > feel, they
say. that nothing would lie gained by
exchange of public arguments,
lie V? on'l I eli it.
'"a several occasions Captain Lamb
litis stilted In his speeches that there
was i story lie Could t. !1 if he would,
out h. wouldn't. 1' Iis always been
1 rough! tip In connert'on with the ap?
propriation for tlie relief of the Rich?
mond Locomotive Works He says ho
will not release thlt story to-nighi.
not at any other Hint In the cam?
paign, leaving It In the limbo of un
uttered political anecd tes
Oovernor Montague, who returned
last night from Chesterfield County,
where h.- attended |ilchl< Saturday,
raid he had not read Captain Lamb's
criticisms of his party loyalty. He ln
dl tited that he would probably not re?
ply to them.
in a speech In Barton Heights list
w.ek Oovernor Montngui tveht over
tins vet y gr oil rid, saying that he had
never scratched a Democratic ticket
in his life, loved his party, approved
atio admired Us platforms, its policies
and its candidates, li- has always
, iid warmest trlbuti to Governor
t\ oodrow Wilson.
Itcnri- for Prlhinry.
Judges of election foi the cities and
co nttes ..f the district have been
selected bj the various party com?
mittees, according t? > ihc primary law.
x itrlous estimates as to th<- size of
th. vote nr.- mad.. A conservative
review of the situation seems to In?
dicate that perhaps 6,000 votes will be
polled in Richmond, and possibly -.
. outside, making a total of $ SOU
the principal speech of Captain
Lamb during the c mpatgn will be de?
livered by him u.t - IB o'clock to-night
Hi the hall of the Mechanics' Insti?
tute, at Kb-wnth and Broad Streets.
The meeting ?Iii be held tinder the
auspices of the John Lamb Club of Rich?
mond, Henry W. ?uo>l. president or
the club, will preside and may Intro,
fine. Captain Lah ? A band will fur?
nish in irtie.
Montague in iKhlnnri.
Uovertior Montague will address tnn
voters of Astiland to-night, and he ex?
pects to have a large crowd. Some
very active campaigning has been done
in the Hanover County metropolis
during t-. past f.w we.ks In behalf
? ?I in. former Uoverrior, and It Is
peeled t'. count both In to-night's meet?
ing and in tie- ballot boxes Thursday.
The other engagements for Gover?
nor Montague ini ude a speech at Cold
Harriott, Hanover County, to-morrow
iilalit. He will end his campaign with
an open-air address at Eighteenth and
Hruc.? Streets, Wednesday night.
Capttitn !.: :,?? will speak at Chester
nclti courthouse tins arternoon, ro
t irnlng to th? (it-, for the night m'ct
Ing, He will ad Iress the people of
Highland Park lo-iuorrow night, bat
no nhgftgl : .. lit a- yet for the even?
ing preceding th. primary.
I ornier rtlehmond Social Lender Will
lie Hurled In Hollywood.
Down go I Cotntesse de Slbour, wh ?
forty years ago was a centre of the
social life ..f rtlehmond, died Saturday
;,l N'arra ;?.?!!<?? tt Pier, The body will
reach Washington this morning, and
fllllel.il HOrVlCOS will l.e held there It
will be brought to Richmond this even?
ing, and will l interred to-morrow
morning in Hollywood beside ihm oi
her husband Count Gabriel dc SJbour,
v.l." died te.it elgbl y.-ars rtgb. The
comtcsac was etabty rears of age.
Flor : ft. ? : .~omte de SI hour
? t.i eonsiil of II republic of Kranee
in rtlehmond. .?, man of Independent
means, He hiis .and of an American
beautj and . ! power, he retained
the prisiiloh 1 1..-eini.se he pre?
ferred to 1.v. n,|s r jtv. Che tie
hours lived ,> fill and Cary Street.*
Theo wen- ? favorites, talttnc ac?
tive part in th- i fo ,,r th.- iltv, Later
they moved to M hlneton. where the
ertmte died.
Tin- dtiwnuer .tease Is survived bv
? wo soni i'i nt. I..mis de SI hour, of
Kranee, ni d I ore de SI hour, oi
\\ashlilgton , ctilptor, Itoth sons
wer? with he ? , n(. |n?L She was a
native ..r Philadelphia
<S? Man lad a Dollar"
WC ii?ve all heard the old catch story and been caught
trying lb figure bui the answer t" tlx ''Man and the Dollar."
Im) many a "? id luck -t'-ry starts ju-t that ?? i\ -willi a man
am! dollar
I \ <!\ fortune CT Itttilt hat! the saine foundation. It
tvas built I'll .?? principle and a ddlbiiS The first thing for you
to do i- to !?. \RN Till-. DOLLAR find deposit it in the
of Richmond, Virginia
V.'i- sire glad to explain the principle i- consists in the
instinct for saving, the ability t" (tonou F.iicccssfuily and
that vision .-. i11< h compreliiinds ? nniinin ial i n>r.rt unit v. I ."sc
Major Charles S. Stringfcllow
Was Practitioner of Law
Fifty-Three Years.
Won Distinction as Criminal
Lawyer?Funeral at St.
Paul's To-Morrow\
Charte? S. Strlngfellow; (or many
years one of the most distinguished
attorneys or Richmond; died yestcr
daj morning nt 10:30 o'clock at his
residence. 318 West Franklin street, in
his seventy-sixth year. The funeral
will he held at St. Pauls Episcopal
Church TueF.lay morning at 11:30
o'clock, and the Interment will he mad
in Hollywood Cemetery.
Although retired from active prac?
tice for several years. Major String
fellow, as he was always called, was
Wldoiy known. II- was horn at M'll
wood, Clark County. Va.. on March a.
If-.IT. the son of Rev. Horace Strlng?
fellow and of Harriet Louisa Stroth r
Stringfcllow. II. received his -trl>
education at the Episcopal High School
at Alexandria, and at th. age of tlf
teen entered William ate! Mary Col?
lege, at Williamsburg, During his
later y.ars 111 college he taught l.atln
and Creek whjle carrying on his other
Studies. Kntering the law school >f
th- University of Virginia in lsr-T. he,
was awarded the Jefferson medal for!
oratory, and was admitted to the bat j
in 1?S?.
Practiced Rcfure N\ nr.
In November of that vcar he form- 1
n partnership with Messrs Oholsoh and
Watkins. o peter.si.ui?. where he prac?
ticed law m til bis enlistment In th<
Confederate army in the spring of 1361
dissolved the firm.
He entered the army as >< pt.vat. n
the Petersburg Hitler, going to Nor folk
w ith that'company On June 20, 18?1,
he was made captain and assigned tc.
dtttv In the adjutant-general/* depart?
ment, on the staff of Brlgadler-aencrafl
Sam II. Jones. Or, Octobei 7. ???2. It
was given the rank of major In me
same department, and in November.
1 set. was further prompted to the ran*
of colonel, under which title he served
throughout Hie war.
After Hi.- dos- of the war Major
Strlngfellow settled In Petersburg,
forming .". partnership with .lohn Mann
In 1S66 for the practice of law. the
firm continuing until 1881, when Majoi
Stnngfellow moved to Richmond,
where he had since made bis home. On
coming here he formed a partnership
with his brother-in-law. Major Rich?
ard U Peg ram, with whpm he prac?
ticed law until the partnership was
terminated in 1S9? by the Heath rtf
Major Pegratn. Major Strlngfellow
continued the practice of la-.v atone
until 190S, when he retired from active
Leaves Inrnr Fa nit 15
On April .'t. 1862, lit in.line! Miss
Maggi? Rur we II, daughter of Blair
Rurwell, of Indian Camp, Powhatan
County. She died in 1, S 9 2. Mijor
Strlngfellow la survived by the fol?
low '.iig children:
Blair B. Strlngfellow. of the tlr-.n
of Scott <t Strlngfellow: James W.
Strlngfellow. M*** Margaret P. String
f el low and Miss Maude W. Strlngfel?
low. of this city. Stuart P. St ring fellow,
of Atlanta; Mrs lijalr B.i.-weii. ot
Roancs, Va.; Mrs. Ramond Mantha, <.f
Canada; ..ml Horace Strlngfellow-, ??:
Detroit III i- also survived by two
sist.-rs. Mrs. Agn-s Ft Glllinm. of St.
Iyuils. and Mrs. Rizzle S. Watkins. of
Petersburg, and hy two brothers, P?b?
elt S. strlngfellow. of Florida., and
William Howard Strlhgfellov ? n..s
In the earlier years of his practice,
both In Petersburg ar.d after coming
I.. Richmond, Major Strlngfellow de
voted much of his time to criminal law,
with milch success, appearing coune
s,! in many rioted criminal . ases <>f
the day. some of which won for him a
wide reputation. In later years Iii?
practice was limited lo other branches
? ? the law Affiliated with several ??:
the banks, he was for many vears a
.lire, tor and counsel for the Merchants'
National Hank, and had In his hands'
during the years of his active practice
other large interests, heine advisory
counsel In rriahy Important ' ases in
which his name did noi appear, and
trustei tor several large Interests, all
of which duties he perform,,i with
ability .,r,d fidelity. He w-.s always
especially known for his oratorical
The list of pall-hearers has not yet
i.e. n completed, as a number of out
of-towh friend.- of the family are ex'
peeled to irt'lve here in tlmi for the
? tccor.l ?f t ?nillilnlen In Given at il<
illlest ,.r X oi, rs
Nine of tin seventeen candidates for
th- Administrative Hoard are at pies
< nt members of the City Council. The
I'lmes-Olspatch Is ro?|iios.fi i (o print
.how tiiey voted on the proposition of
^districting Hie city into four wares,
an.i on tio . hart.-!- mendmcnts creating
; th. Administrative Hoard.
I lo vote on Hie four-ward plan war.
e(ghl to on., among the candidates
Messrs. Bennett, I. Le?vy, Fcrg?sson,
I Gunst, lllrs? hherg, llobson Moor,- and
svhlttei voting for th. ordinance, ami
.Mr. IHchnrds against It .Mr Moor
won much commendation at Hie tlmi
lor nls independent stand In refusing
to niiow ;. small c||(|ue of voters oh
I the Southslde at th. last moment lo
'on tat,- to him how in- should vote.
I ?'ii the charter amendments crenting
the Administrativ? Hoard the Cuneil
at tirst adopted th,- Hlrschhcrg sub?
stitute. Including the I ii.-. Police and
Health Departments under the new
noard Mr Hlrsehberg voted for the
i substitute, and Messrs Pcrgussoh and
Richards against it. both holding out
tor it.rlglual committee plan. The
Board of Aldermen adopted the com?
mittee plan, all six of the Aldermen
j caiioiuaies- -.Messrs. Bennett, Don
I li?gvy, Glinst, Hol.son. Moore and Wliil
tet?voting for ii
Tin- Common Council later concurre.j
In the action of the upper branch
adopting the commit te plan. Messrs
pergussori ani Richards voting aye,
and Mr, lllrschberg no
Reported llold-l p,
M a I'.agie, of ;,(tf. Rast Marsh ill
Street, reported to Hie Second Police
Mali.mi yeSterdaj thai he was held u|i
on Franklin Stroot, betwen Fifteenth
ami Sixteenth by two negro men ami
robbed of $f? In Silver and bills The
robbery, he said, occured at i o'clock
yesterda) morning, lie furnished the
pone, with a description of tile two
m< a.
_-, , ? .i i-i-T-rr:-. , , BSBSSSSaC
CHOICE $14.75
Several hundred of them are in this clearance sale.
New, desirable, high-class suits. It's the final reduc?
tion on these hne garments.
Gans-Rady Company
Last Regular Meeting of Old
Board to Be Held To
Morrow Night.
THc Board' Ol Aldfrmcn will meet to?
morrow night at s o'clock 111 it- last
tegular session before the expiration
of th. present Council The present I
Hoard of twentyi-four members will Ii-,
ieduced in i.|r... t., fourteen after ISep
t.mber l. The liold-ovpi members who
? ?main in tin Board an Messrs Wil?
liam li. A.lain.-. John H. Bill- .. r II
Donahoe, John F. Don Lenvy, W. J.|
t; Itnan. John it. Grimes, Burton 11.
i.iundy. Mur.n Gunst, 11 \v Melton.
John J Mitchell; a. <; Kelsen, .1. It.
Perdue mid Joseph K. Powers These
thirteen, with ordway Puller, the
Alderman elect from Clay Ward, com?
pose tb. tit? Hoard ? 1 Aldermen
Aldermen Atkinson and Moon have
teen plectfcd to s.-atv in tin- Common
Council beginning Sei>tembci 1 Aider
rneri win. 1 ? tii. troth th.- City Counclll
Ml that dale ar.- Messrs A. \'." Beil
r.ett. Frank L Butler. Samuel p. o..
wnrdlrt, ?mIki'h 1: iiobsdn, Joseph M
Kaln. Jatne? A. Moncure. P. I. Pat it-.,
n <; Retinoids and Itobert Whlttet, ,
six members of the present Hoard 61
Aldermen an- candidates !??: the Ad?
ministrative Board, Mcssh dunst and!
Don Lesivy being hold-ovci meml rt
niid Messrs. Bennett,- Mormon, Moon <
and Whlttet members whose terms < x
pira September 1.
F#icnd of Former Judge Made
Unfortunate Wager and Lost
Him Vote*.
I ll-Judge 1 enthtisiushi displayed b> 1
poetical friend n- said to have cost
I udgc Walter A Watson. of Nott< ?
a gooil ihun> votes in his contest for!
th? Democrntle nominal ion for Con?
gress froin the Fburih Virginia Dis?
trict. Tbl.? friendt . \ id.-ntly mis
Judged in- diffcrenci between a bet
made prioi to an election aid ...
registered far in advance.
Judge Watson resigned from the fir. I
cult Court bench, where he presided!
.luring th< nlai of liejnr> Clay Beuttic.1
.1. . In ordbr l" 111, for th' seat now
.ipled bj I..?:? Turnbull, ..? Hruns
wlck. His chances were regarded as
hi'ght in the beginning.
Sn bright wire thc.j that .1 friend
put up a large sum of money at two'
to one on the proposition that Judge
Watson would get 100 mujorttj. in th.
city of Petersburg This was herald?
ed until sum. citizens of -porting pin
divides took a chance and covered'
the hat.
Then, in ordet to make good, they
proceeded to work for Mr. Ttirnbnli
No one of them had theretofprc beeil
active; somi of them would ha\e Voted!
foi Watson. But they heeded the
For a time it began to look as :f
.lodge Watson would not ear ?. Peters?
burg at .-.11 Alarmed, his friends ral?
lied to his support. .iu<i to seme ex?
tent they untangled the Situation, sind
assert lie will win. Hut It is con cded
everywhere thai he will he the worst
fdi this Incident.
Gentry and Goldsby Ready to
Let Matter Drop After
FbllOWlhg all ami. al le l Teh e
yesterday afternoon between Chleif tii
Police Louis Werner ami Officers 1''. i
Gentry and S. T. Goldsby, It was an
nounced that the war .-pin; which
stirred th. two policemen in no Police
Curt Frida? morning ha 1 died down
I., 1 mod. rate zephyr, and that all
parties c?heer.I were nu.\iou?s tbi'.t
the whole niiilter I? permitted to die
an earl} death, it Heema 'hit 1.Ill
eers have 1.ail time to examine their
?differences In th. light >?! cool reason
and have rome to tin- conclusion that
em li was partly wrong.
The (|tiarrel between the t?.. police
oUlcers, as related in 3'he Tlmcs-Dls
pateh. wan dm- t?> im refusal ..f tioldsh;
to let Gentry look at .1 warrant for
arrest oi A. II. Anthony, whose ceso
was about to coin, up for trial, 'en?
try felt offended, and invited bis bro?
ther ti (fleer ini" the corridor to settle
the"? .natter In primitive fashion.
O'ddsby reported the threat t-. Justice
C'hiirchfteid, who held that it was 1
matter for ih? Police Commissioners
to settle
Ulli \nl \"k Investigation.
Officer Gentry scaled immediately
after the altercation Friday that In
would ask for ., full Investigation bj
the Hoard of Pollen Commissioners,
After yesterday's conference It wag an?
nounced that Gentry would 10,1 press
his request for an Investigation and
Is now content to let the mattet drop.
li is possible, however, tii.it the
Hoard of Police Commissioners win
Order an airing of the episode of ils
own initiative, it is not neccssarj for
complaint to he Hied before an inves?
tigation may 1.rdercd, any member
of the board having the right to ..ill
for one. Major Werner is known to be
In favor of letting the matter drop.
Policeman Standing in Automo?
bile Excites City on a
Warm Sunday.
Joseph Meade, very black anl tlxtecn
rear* old. tired a pistol .it .1 crowd or
boj-rj at Twonty-thlid atlvot and
Church Hin Avenue lit. yesterday
afternoon and then rod. away from the
><"'?' f-st as a horse and buggy
could carry hint Policeman imiiy
pn ..1 Into service a nearby auto*
licaa m a wild chase through the down?
town business section, finally Sanding
th- (ugitiVe at Fifth and Baker Streets.
ai ordIui; tu th- stbry told by Meade
t.> Sergeaul Jeter .it th- Second Police
Station, he, together with two other
negro boys. Uitiilel Far far, lig-td six
tieih and Walter f.d. man, aged sev*
ctiiecn, were driving along Church Hill
Avenue wtieii the white hoys login
"chiinklir " ro? k? at them In an
? f.1 it to s at. them off. he h.ild. ho
snapped an old pistol ho had along
with hint, and Hit thing AYed. He had
no idea it would shoot, and was the
most surprised one of th- hunch, How
?v.l. .i- knew he wjk In for it. and
thought that th- best tiling t-i do was
< tinned In liitnmnhllr,
Thi shooting tvaj reported t? ?fhcrrs
yVyatt ??ml Sw;eet, who chartered a
buggy standing hear ti e se n. and set
overtook th. fucitives .t Tenth and
Hank Street* and placed Farrar and
Coleman under arrest Meade, trnw
iltempted Suicide.
Summer Excursion
ir. d water,
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